Ladies of the Lilies

Rachel Alexander
Horse of the Year 2009

By Jamie44, a Trail Mix Contributor

On Friday, the ladies watching will wear pink hats and another beautiful lady will wear pink lilies.

The first running of the Kentucky Oaks was on May 19, 1875 when Churchill Downs was known as the Louisville Jockey Club. The race was founded by Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. (grandson of Lewis Clark of the Lewis & Clark expedition) along with the Kentucky Derby.

The Oaks and Derby are held on the first Friday and Saturday in May. The two races are the oldest continuously run races and the only horse races to be held at their original site since conception.

While the mint julep is the drink of the Derby, the Oaks official cocktail, the Oaks Lily, is much prettier and equally as potent.

  • 1 1/4 oz. GREY GOOSE® Vodka
  • 1 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix
  • 1/4 oz. Triple Sec
  • 3 oz. Cranberry Juice
  • Mix ingredients and pour into stemless wine glass with crushed ice and garnish with a blackberry and lemon wedge.

At time of writing I don’t have the post positions, but the fillies will be among these 17 horses.

Miss Sky Warrior
Ever So Clever
Sailor’s Valentine
Paradise Woods
Abel Tasman
Daddys Lil Darling
Wicked Lick
Jordan’s Henny
Someday Soon
Summer Luck

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104 thoughts on “Ladies of the Lilies”

  1. pogo, is this the bit you liked last night?

    Published on May 2, 2017
    In one of her first interviews since the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton throws shade at President Trump and reminds America what competency sounds like.

  2. Patd, yes. My favorite line was Noah saying after 100 days of trump it is refreshing hearing a politician speak in full sentences about complicated issues.

  3. Thanks Pat

    Everything came through last night, so click on the image to see who is sitting where on whom.  NBC will broadcast this race on Friday afternoon.


  4. Anyone else catch Mulvamey give his demonstration of what the funding negotiated was going to do at the wall? Showing that picture of construction that was going on where a piece of chain link fence is being replaced with what appeared to be pre-fabricated wall sections? That that’s what’s going on right now at the border? When in fact that was funded and begun last November and the picture he was showing were taken on January 25?

  5. Well…  since we New Englanders use the word “wicked” as an everyday adjective…  Jamie I’ll take Wicked Lick too.  What the hell…  we’re riding the same mount for the Derby…  may as well for the Oaks too.

  6. pogo, also thought the comparison of the reliable working (but ho-hum) iPhone to the volatile explosive (but entertaining bells whistles and shiny things) Samsung was apt.

  7. I noticed many have spoken out about the incident and hope the question is raised – how could someone feel comfortable doing that and why didn’t the people around them notify stadium personnel and have them ejected?

    KGC…   it wasn’t “fans” or “them”…  it was ONE drunk asshole sitting in the center field bleachers.  And the fans sitting around him did notify security and he was thrown out of the park.  It happened late in the game.  And yesterday morning the principle owner along with the president of operations for the Red Sox issued a public apology to the Orioles and the player, Adam Jones.  Later that night when Jones stepped up to the plate for his first at bat, the Fenway fans gave him a standing ovation.

    It was an ugly incident…  but IMO, handled correctly by the Red Sox organization and the fans.

  8. Patd, you are correct. There were so many good lines in that five minutes that it’s kind of hard to pick out one or two that really shined.

  9. Bloomberg: “Putin Meets Erdogan as Russia Pursues Syria Diplomacy Blitz”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin continued his diplomatic push for a plan to establish safe zones in Syria backed by peacekeepers as he began talks with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Wednesday.

    Russia and Turkey can “change the destiny of the whole region” together, Erdogan told Putin, who said relations between the two countries are acquiring a special status. The meeting is taking place a day after Putin discussed the plan for safe zones with U.S. President Donald Trump in what the White House described as a “very good” phone call.

    Putin and Trump agreed to step up efforts to cooperate on resolving the Syria conflict and the fight against terrorism, according to U.S. and Russian statements. A senior U.S. diplomat is attending two days of Russian-led talks on Syria that started Tuesday in Kazakhstan and include discussion of the safe areas.

    Syria’s opposition is skeptical about the Russian initiative, which calls for the creation of four buffer zones patrolled by forces that could include troops from Russia, Turkey and Iran. The areas would be set up in the northwestern Idlib province, Homs province in the west, the East Ghouta suburb of the capital Damascus and southern Syria.

  10. the call calls for another caption contest


    “so next weekend at mar a lago, tee off at 7, you, me, assad… duterte or lil kim carry the bags?”

  11. Holy World Press Freedom Day.  flynn and erdogan are more relevant today than ever.  As one who clings to humor and science, the assault on free humor continues.  #free turkey media.   From the article depicting turkey’s continuing crackdown and jailing of cartoonists.

    “Kart’s woes began in 2005 when then Prime Minister Erdogan sued him and the Cumhuriyet newspaper over a 2004 cartoon that depicted the politician as a kitten ensnared in a ball of wool. The complaint of “public humiliation” was upheld and minor financial damages awarded. However the Supreme Court later overturned the decision, sending the case back to the lower court, where it was dismissed.”

    sound familiar?


  12. am curious why this story (as reported 2 weeks ago in ny mag ) has gotten such little press and maybe the good senators today will ask comey about it:
    Report: Obama Rejected Comey Op-Ed on Russia’s Election Meddling
    The New York Times, following an extensive investigation into the conduct of FBI director James Comey over the course of last year’s U.S. presidential election, reports that President Obama rejected Comey’s proposal to publish a late-summer op-ed announcing that Russia was trying to undermine the vote. According to the report, after it became clear to the FBI that Russia was attempting to intervene, Comey wanted to “inoculate” American voters from that possible influence by alerting them in an op-ed that the Russian meddling was happening — though he did not plan to announce that members of the Trump campaign were also under investigation with regards to the issue.
    President Obama, according to the Times’ sources, thought that acknowledging Russia’s attempted interference would not counteract their influence, but magnify it, causing American voters to doubt the election’s legitimacy. Then-candidate Donald Trump was already loudly and frequently claiming, without evidence, that the election was rigged, and the White House did not want to be seen as stepping in on behalf of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
    Obama shot down the op-ed plan, but the administration did not permanently dismiss the idea of alerting Americans to Russia’s interference, they just decided the first news of it shouldn’t come from Comey, on his own in the press, before a formal intelligence assessment could be completed. Comey, having already created an election controversy by publicly shaming Clinton earlier in the summer over her use of a private email server while secretary of State, apparently thought he was uniquely credible to discuss the Russian efforts.
    But then, in early October when the Obama administration revisited the idea making a public statement about Russia’s meddling, Comey objected, saying it would politicize the FBI to sign on to an official assessment so close to Election Day. “Officials in the room felt whiplashed,” according to the Times, but since Russia’s meddling was a national news story by that point, Comey apparently no longer felt it necessary to speak about it himself.
    Obama administration officials and Comey would differ again, later that month, when Comey, in an extraordinary breach of Justice Department protocol, decided to publicly announce that the then-closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email server was being reopened, less than two weeks before Election Day. What was different in that case, according to Comey and his associates, was that the FBI director had promised Congress he would update them on any further developments.

    also would like to hear what Obama would say about it now and if he feels any regret or takes any responsibility for not letting comey publish the original op ed?

  13. ‘kitten ensnared in a ball of wool’

    It is always the pussy that gets these demagogues all wound-up!

  14. patd…Prez Obama did not pursue corruption as he should have throughout his tenure.  he did further a progressive agenda against the tide of repugs and that sucked most of his time.  the very thieves that blew a trillion dollar hole in the world economy in 2008 are now in the cabinet, the WH.  they are there by an electoral college win and they cannot lead as there is no popular mandate for the repugs, they lost the popular vote.  dems need to be digitally sneaky to win the next round in the electoral college which is becoming less and less tied to the popular vote.  supposedly this is Obama’s next project, voting.  I wish him success.

  15. One more thought on World Press Freedom Day?  cable news is entertainment and as sophisticated as we are?  the joke is on us to rely on the cable, internet and networks to tell us how to vote, fake news to direct our moral compass and emotional instigation to motivate hate.  Facts vs. fantasy.   The corruption of the media should also be a concern. Things are moving quickly, but Fox (Faux) News has been dismantled…the corruption being exposed.   Today, the trumpence WH is an extension of Faux News, the new headquarters for the organization.  spicer is the new tucker carlson. It is their new lair and no one notices.  Legitimatizing of faux news this past election cycle caused a lot of this problem  Allowing Wallace to anchor the debate in Las Vegas?  Downfall of the election commission whom bannon squatted upon during the opening moments.  many faux news faces in the WH — the latest to leave is Gorka.    And the judge investigating faux news?  fired.

  16. Jamie,  amen.  hand me another brick.

    “I take absolute personal responsibility for losing the election”

    HAH!  uppity woman, you know you can’t trust what they say… everyone knows their  “no” really means “yes”

    “I was the candidate. I was the person who was on the ballot. I was very aware of the challenges, the problems, the shortfalls that we have”

    and “Did we make mistakes? Of course we did. Did I make mistakes? Oh my gosh, yes”

    soooo what. we pundits and we the media report and shout headlines saying just the opposite, saying she doesn’t accept any blame. you know in your heart she’s lying about accepting she made mistakes even if she isn’t. we know better.

  17. Yes, I was listening this morning when Joe stated just the opposite of what Hillary said.  The problem is this – in republican’t world if what your opponent sez is not EXACTLY as you would have them say it (In this case that the mistake she made was not focusing on Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin), you simply LIE about what she actually did say.

  18. Speaking of twisted and in-natural baloney : just in case you missed it, here’s a snippet from the article Ms Pat put up at 8:53 : “Then-candidate Donald Trump was already loudly and frequently claiming, without evidence, that the election was rigged….”

    Well, of course it was rigged ! The lying, perverted, subsidy-sucking, deadbeat, pussygrabbing, racist, russian toy is in the White House, isn’t he ?


  19. The reason Castro decided not to run is because there is already a strong Democrat in the race

    Rep Beto O’Roarke   …a good progressive candidate


    Sturgeone Practical Joke is still in the Derby so you are on him.  That form was for Friday’s Oaks & Summer Luck will only run if another filly drops out.

    Post Position Draw and Odds were just announced.  Click to enlarge Kentucky Derby Entrants


  21. Senator Hirono is taking Comey to task

    He is scum.  I wonder if his name will come to represent the worst kind of hypocrisy in public office

  22. This guy doesn’t favor corporations and is a member of Congress and seems like a good campaigner.  He has  a progressive voting record.   Can’t wait to hear the objections.
    Some people call Beto O’Rourke the “Kennedy of Texas” because of how he inspires people and is seen as the future.
    Others call him a giant slayer because he knows how to fight and win a David-and-Goliath style campaign. He did it in 2012 when he defeated a corrupt, corporate Democratic incumbent in a primary. He told CNN, “I was running against 100-1 odds.”
    A recent poll shows Congressman Beto O’Rourke already tied with Cruz after launching his campaign a few weeks ago.
    The Texas Democratic Party chair told the Austin American Statesman that Beto O’Rourke is “‘a great candidate right now who is drawing huge crowds all over the state of Texas,’ including parts of Texas where Democrats don’t tend to draw big crowds.”
    The Texas Tribune’s analysis of Beto O’Rourke’s bid to defeat Ted Cruz noted: “O’Rourke could have the makings of a Bernie Sanders-type fundraising operation.” And that’s good news because in Texas, that’s what it’s going to take.
    This race will be a top progressive priority in 2018. Can you help Beto defeat Ted Cruz, and add his progressive voice to the U.S. Senate by starting a monthly $3 donation to his insurgent campaign?

  23. Jamie put me down for  Thunder Snow

    Pat, the flooding is all down south. Water runs off those hills fast then it ends up in St Louis.

    Been very busy this month, The city gives neighborhoods the opportunity to contract for the mowing on lots they have taken back for taxes. So we decided to give it a try as we think we can do a better job and make the neighborhood look better.  We have about 60 lots. This month was a lot of work as we had to pick up all the trash and cut back the invasive crap that has been ignored by the previous contractors. It will be easier as we go along. The hard work has been good for me, blood sugar numbers are down and so is the insulin I need to take. Now if my joints can just hold up. };-)

    It also,  gives us 60 new spots to garden, our yard is full, the house we bought next door is now full. LOL yeah I know,  My name is Jack, I’m an addict. But, we went to a seminar on using native plants in landscaping put on by the Missouri Conservation department. Those conservation folks are good people, not only do they have expertise but they have a dedicated sales tax to fund them, Now if I can just get them to share………..




  24. Jack

    You could also have community gardens or even urban farms  you have enough space – they have proven commercially viable in places Cleveland, Detroit and Youngtown which is considered the birthplace of urban farming

  25. kgc, so what does the new health dept lady think causes breast cancer in men? condoms, vasectomies, viagra… or masturbation?

  26. jack, kgc’s right about that’s a great opportunity for community gardens.  here’s what’s been happening in Louisville according to

    courier journal Refugees help urban farm take root in Louisville.

    common earth gardens by catholic charities.

    Louisville Grows partnered with Gate of Hope Ministries International, a refugee resettlement organization, to develop the Hope Community Garden at 1400 Bicknell Ave.
    Louisville Metro Housing Authority is currently leasing seven acres to Louisville Grows for this community garden, and the rest of the property will eventually be developed by KentuckyOne Health into a community recreational wellness space.
    Gate of Hope recruited 35 resettled refugee and new American families that live in the neighborhood to participate in the Hope Community Garden. Each family received a garden plot, as well as environmental education and agricultural training. Additionally, Louisville Grows recruited ten garden members for Hope Community Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which distributes weekly boxes of produce to 25 subscribers. Louisville Grows staff support the CSA growers with the resources needed to run a successful and profitable CSA program.

  27. charmin yoest made only a tiny little itty bitty mistake. Breast cancer can cause abortions.

    Lay off the yoest inflection at HHS. She needs the money.

    Carry on.

  28. Jamie, I’m confused. Is my pick Tequilita in the Derby or just Oaks?

  29. Craig

    Your pick is Tequilita in the Oaks on Friday.  You haven’t given me yours and David’s pick for the Saturday Derby.



  30. Mike Bloomberg has a piece in WaPo today calling out drumpf about the bring back coal BS.  Excerpts:

    “But that decline in power plants isn’t the main culprit behind the decline in coal mining jobs. There were 220,000 jobs in the industry in 1980. In the decades that followed, as production increased, jobs declined, because technology and automation made it possible to extract more coal with far fewer miners. When production peaked in 2008 — before coal plants started closing en masse — only 82,000 jobs remained.
    “There are now about 65,000 jobs left. That number will continue to fall in the years ahead, as technological advancements continue to displace workers and as cleaner and cheaper forms of energy continue to displace the industry itself.
    “The transformation of the energy market away from coal and toward cleaner energy is bringing extraordinary health and economic benefits to the nation — there are now about 500,000 Americans working in the solar and wind industries. ”

    Facts like those cited above are lost on our so-called president and the so-called governor of WV, and upon the folks that bought the snake oil (or is it coal oil in this case?)  they campaigned on.

  31. craig, if you’re into supporting something different, derby horse patch may fit the bill. plus you can communicate with him on twitter….  more horse sense in that account than some other tweeters we could name

    wapo:  A one-eyed horse named Patch has a chance of winning the Kentucky Derby

    Patch looks a lot like the other Kentucky Derby contenders — he’s a sleek, muscled, 3-year-old thoroughbred. At least, he looks like the other racehorses from the right side. On the left, where others have an eye, Patch has an empty, ping-pong ball-size socket.

    Patch lost his eye due to an ulcer that never healed; he came out of his stall one morning with a swollen and tearing eye, his trainer has said, and no one knew why. The eye worsened and eventually had to be removed. Fittingly, and a little eerily, the colt was already named Patch.

    As an underdog with a great story — and a Twitter account — Patch is easy to pull for, and he’s proving to be a fan favorite in the days leading up to the race on Saturday. But as a one-eyed racehorse, he’s neither unique nor even the first to run in the Kentucky Derby: One ran in 1982another in 2004, and another in 2007.

  32. so-called president – Mr Pogo, Esq.

    The term usurper is quicker to type. And, loser is even quicker.  There’s no sense wasting more time on the poo than is absolutely necessary.

    Btw, I kinda like that yoest inflection. It’s a terrific sticker text, and I’m giving it away to everyone who wants it – absolutely FREE !

    But WAIT ! If you pass it on to your friends, TODAY,  I’ll throw in a copies of SPY!SIR! Bannonov Republic, and FLYNN!FLAMM at no extra cost.

  33. put me down for Lookin at Lee in the Derby, assuming they mean Robert E

  34. I really don’t want a Yoest Inflection for myself or to pass on to a close friend.  Now Bannonov Republic and Flynn Flamm have a certain right wring to them.

    Craig I’ve got you for Lookin At Lee.  With Lanerie up even from Post one, might have a chance.  At least as good as my reason for J Boys Echo since one of my favorite Louisa May Alcott novels is “Jo’s Boys”.

    Does David want a horse for either Friday or Saturday?



  35. Jamie, I’ll take McCraken on Sat. in the Derby. Refraining from making a Fri. pick so I don’t get addicted to gambling 🙂 – thx!

  36. I could have been a really rich man, if only I’d learned to converse with horses rather than Germans.

    ‘Course, horses prolly lie through their teeth, too.

  37. There is a lead problem with farming urban lots, particularly ones that were main thoroughfares from the ’20s until the 70s. Exhaust from vehicles that used leaded fuel poisoned many lots in urban areas. Farming those lead-‘rich’ lots necessitates using masks and gloves to guard against poisoning.

    Children should not be allowed anywhere near those leaded lots !

  38. our olbermann rant for today

    Published on May 3, 2017

    American reporters are too afraid to demand answers

  39. My parents loved Kumcho as if she was their own. That love was reciprocated and enriched all our lives.

  40. x-r

    Interesting point about lead in the lots.  I’ve never heard that issue discussed in relationship to the vacant lot issue.   Many cities have now adopted the policy of taking abandoned lots and community gardens are among the biggest uses.

    Lead poisoning has terrible results.   I hope we aren’t creating a whole new set of problems with urban farming.

  41. Katherine
    There is no way that I would have allowed myself to fall for a Republican

  42. Flatus

    I didn’t think so

    the sucky Giants beat LA again and again

  43. Laundry days are so much fun. Two loads completely done, two in process, and two waiting their turn. Then I’ll go out in the garage and take care of my work rags; good cotton rags can be recycled indefinitely.

  44. A rip up lycanthrope just challenged me. Don’t you know why the major health insurance companies are pulling out ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ?!?

    Well yes, I do. 1. They are getting into the big coal boom, while it’s still cheap. 2. They want to make health care cheaper for Americans. 3. They think selling Ivanka wear and tv kitchen gizmos is more respectable. 4. They are moving all their business to commie China. 5. All that tedious accounting and actuarial work is killing their souls. So, they want to join the circus. 6. The health insurance business was good for a start, but the mortuary business is permanent. 7. They’ve always hated Americans.

  45. It’s real, but maybe the  Scarzinski nuptials will also help ratings.  Here’s to the cappy hupple, I guess.

  46. Pelosi floor speech against Trumpcare on CNN now, kicking ass. One of her best.

  47. Pelosi to moderate Republicans voting for Trumpcare: “You will glow in the dark on this one.”

  48. My faith in Nancy P has never waned. I don’t know, I just like the cut of her jib…….

    Joe and meek could save themselves a lot of trouble if they just didn’t.

    but then, love is wonderful the second time around [who’s counting] but there’s that troublesome line about ” with both feet on the ground “.   That could be problematic for them……..

    I’m sure they will keep us posted.

  49. I can see it now:


    Joe and Mika getting divorced.  Will continue to do show, just like on TV.

  50. trumpcareless passes in the House.

    Well, shucks. You can’t make an omelet without killing off 25 M!LL!ON sick people.

  51. How many House Gop voted for TrumpCareLess hoping Senate makes it disappear so they can brag about the vote w/out facing actual consequences of it becoming law?

  52. Passing TrumpCareLess might be the House GOP’s dumbest political miscalculation since impeaching Clinton.

  53. I wish Elvis were alive, and in the House of Representatives……..HE would have done the right thing.

  54. Craig, to your question, I’d guess about half of them. Remember when the gold standard was a bipartisan bill?  Guess this ain’t one.

  55. yep Pogo, this vote was a cynical deceit to their base, even by Washington standards.

  56. And of course in the Rose Garden Trumpster had to declare once more that he is President.  Unfortunately we know that and wish it weren’t so no matter how many times he tells us.

  57. better odds than my derby and oaks picks

    from raw story’s “Senator leading Russia investigation sets odds of Trump impeachment at 2-to-1”

    Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has privately told friends that he sets the odds at 2-to-1 that Trump will not complete his full term — although he told The New Yorker he was not referring specifically to the Russia probe.

    “My guess is that there’s only between 50 and 100 Republican members of the House that are truly enthusiastic about Donald Trump as president,” said Taylor, head of the libertarian think tank. “The balance sees him as somewhere between a deep and dangerous embarrassment and a threat to the Constitution.”

    Several lawmakers have questioned Trump’s mental capacity, and bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate that would give medical professionals more authority in assessing a president’s fitness — and not everyone agrees that invoking the 25th Amendment is more than a “liberal fantasy.”

    “I believe that invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment is no fantasy but an entirely plausible tool,” said Laurence Tribe, professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School. “Not immediately, but well before 2020.”


  58. also from raw story ‘We sued you for that and won’: NY attorney general exposes hypocrisy of Trump’s ‘religious freedom’ order

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) called out President Donald Trump on Thursday for being guilty of violating the same religious freedoms that he now seems to be extolling.

    In a White House ceremmony with conservative faith leaders, President Trump signed an executive order that will reportedly give churches more freedom to engage in politics.

    “We will never, ever stand for religious discrimination. Never, ever,” Trump said at the signing.

    Schneiderman, however, refused to let Trump forget his own history of religious discrimination, noting that New York had been one of the states to successfully sue over a travel ban that targeted Muslims.

  59. True story – Mid 1990’s Mika B. is host of CBS Up To The Minute (UTTM), an over night news program.  It was part of the early Internet world as there was a real email address to the show.  Mika B. was leaving on pregnancy time to be unpregnant.  I emailed to the show that someone should keep us (online UTTM viewers) up to date on how things were going and when she delivered and information about her first baby.  The online version of the show did let us know how she was doing and when she brought her new baby into this world.

  60. Doesn’t ‘religious freedom’ protect sharia law, too?   Hmmm.

  61. The only way fix health care, is to provide HEALTH CARE.

    The insurance industry will be the death of us all.

  62. See……..old Imus practically invented drive-time morning radio……he was on the air in NYC in 72 6-10 am……….he developed a team which could not be matched: Charles McCord, Bernard McGuirk, Lou Ruffino, Rob Bartlett…….radio guys each and every one……..Imus flirted with tv, little bit of c-span, etc……all the radio guys who go to tv……..they seldom last……but when Imus took his radio show to MSNBC……it stuck, cause it was a wll-oiled machine, so to spake…….And as usual, with mr Imus, the foot entrees the boca and suddenly there is a vacuum in drive-time tv……..guess what…….

    morning Joe and Meeker walk into a ready-made paradise of television.


  63. Not to take anything away from Imus, but I remember Arthur Godfrey as being the dominant morning personality in the 40s and 50s. And then there was another show, the Breakfast Club ?Ralph Edwards on for a couple of hours in the morning. And AFRTS had their programs–not as good as VOA to my ear.

  64. The FCC is still taking comments on the Chairman’s proposal to set up a multi tier internet. Under this proposal the folks who don’t pay a ransom demand will get horrid service.

    If you haven’t already, please support internet neutrality at > Proceedings and Actions > File a Comment in a Proceeding (Click on Learn More > Submit a Filing > Type in 17-108 in the top rung of the comment ladder, and continue down the ladder until you get to the bottom. Make sure that you support change in Net Neutrality ;>)

  65. Well, if I had a preexisting condition and I was not on Medicare, I’d be nervous.  I note that the top 5 states for such things went all in for drumpf – WV, KY, TN, AL &  MS.  Hope the idiots who wore those goddam red caps are feeling good now.

  66. XR, thanks – i’m on it. (Not that the drumpf FCC will give a damn what PEOPLE say)

  67. Pelosi served notice today. Swing district Republicans in her crosshairs. You go girl, bitch them out.

  68. I remember Arthur Godfrey and ?Ralph Edwards? in the am on am. I didn’t like Godfrey’s nasal voice and am not fond (some of my pals would kill me for this comment) of ukeleles. Also, AG was always fighting someone. The folks in his town over his 1 am (like trump, AG seemed to sleep less than humans can) aircraft noise, tobacco industry, Julius LaRosa, the network &/or stations that dropped him. All those whoop-de-doos probably kept his ratings up. I preferred to have my animosity served at lunch, thank you.

    I don’t remember any controversy at the Breakfast Club. A fellow could sleep through that show, but I liked it anyway.

  69. Nancy P –

    She is on it.  She has done a good job in every position she has held and is fun to work with.

  70. repug healthcare drowning citizens in high risk pools…

    pogo…there is a pre-existing condition in Medicare and after the initial enrollment period?  Coverage in a Medigap policy can be denied or increased because of a pre-existing condition by an insurance company after this time if you want to change your policy.   By the time most humans are 65?  Everything is pre-existing.   A yeast infection is considered a pre-existing condition!



  71. Awful Gdfrey as we used to call him at home, and Don McNeill on the breakfast club with Dennis Day and Pat Buttram, that was good radio……..

  72. BW, I stand on my comment. If ya got a condition it’s preexisting and you’re gonna pay outcha ass for insurance coverage. But the top 2% would get a big ass tax cut. Thankfully I think it’s dead before it even gets to the Senate.

  73. Sturge, Pinky Lee? God almighty, talk about a blatant from the (way distant) past…I barely remember Pinky. But I do remember “Oooooh! You make me so mad!”

  74. Blue, gotta love the Nan, nah, nah nah/ nah, nah nah, nah/hey, hey, hey/ good bye chant from the Dems. SCREW the repug ash holds who were offended. Poor babies. You will reap what you have sold. Dicks.

  75. Poobah, I’ve read a butt load of criticism about Colbert’s cock holster joke. I’m curious about your take on it. I didn’t take it as a homophobic rant. Wondered what your perspective as a gay man is.

  76. Thanks for the tips, Jamie – glad you’re sharing your helpful hints and not being cut-throat!

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