Leave the Democrats Alone

By KatherineGrahamCracker, a Trail Mix Contributor

Ok, the loss of the election is the fault of the losing side, but in fairness, clearly, the refs were worked and there was outside interference and then the stupid vote has to be accounted for.

The election is over. Clinton is not coming back. In the special elections since Pussy Grabber was elected the Democrats have fielded excellent candidates. Money and support is coming in, but from certain quarters the Democrats can do nothing right.

Get over it. Move on. The blame for pussy grabber lies with the Republicans for suppressing the vote and for selling their souls for power.

Like Dorian Gray, they have some nasty pictures in their closets.

I think the most important issue we face is that around 40% of the country is blatantly racist. Trying to pretend that’s not true isn’t helpful. There should be bad consequences for being a racist. Instead, we elected one president. Everything he does sets back the advancement of equality by decades if not more.

If people don’t get over their need to punish people for allowing Pussy Grabber to be elected, we will just end up with more like him.


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  1. I would like to echo the invite to all lurkers to drop in.  We tend to be quippy more than snarly so you should be relatively safe.

  2. As one who does a lot of griping about Democrats, KGC, I take your point, well put.

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  4. In line with today’s topic:  Democrats Reload for Georgia
    Party’s traditional wing looks to unite with grass roots behind Ossoff’s candidacy, though splits are evident
    As one who gets rubbed the wrong way by the Berniacs every time he spouts on Twitter, and the fact they won’t shut up with the Russian memes even after this second bruising campaign, I will try to keep the artillery aimed at the opposition. GRUMPHHH

  5. Patd

    Thanks for the reminder of one of my favorite E. L. Doctorow books:  The March 

    In 1864, Union general William Tecumseh Sherman marched his sixty thousand troops through Georgia to the sea, and then up into the Carolinas. The army fought off Confederate forces, demolished cities, and accumulated a borne-along population of freed blacks and white refugees until all that remained was the dangerous transient life of the dispossessed and the triumphant. In E. L. Doctorow’s hands the great march becomes a floating world, a nomadic consciousness, and an unforgettable reading experience with awesome relevance to our own times.

  6. all that remained was the dangerous transient life of the dispossessed and the triumphant

    sounds like our current climate, jamie

  7. Good handicapper analysis of the top 20 point earning horses for the Derby.  If all enter, this is the field, but there are another ten horses ready to take the place of anyone who drops out for any reason.  Anyway look it over to see if there is someone you like for May 6.

    Kentucky Derby 2017:  Early Full Field Analysis


  8. Some of the greatest damage done to the non-white communities of US is done by the police.  Pussy Grabber and Noregard are busy eliminating any hope for reform and instead promoting the old school military style of policing.

    Democrats are providing the only leadership on criminal justice issues.

    Noregard apparently is shocked that people aren’t applauding his anti-marijuana stance.

    Of course pot is one of the major tools the police use to harass young black men.

  9. Even though expected, this one is devastating to the old timers.  For those who remember 9/11 survivor (almost) and his beautiful daughter Vanilla Birdies here and under their real names of Jim & Arabella Friedland, Jim’s journey on the planet has come to an end.  Here is Arabella’s wonderful tribute to her dad.
    Epilogue for my dad, the writer.
    There is no way to imagine my life without my father. There is no way to imagine life without my father. There is no way to imagine New York without my father. There is no way to think of music without my father. And as of this afternoon, just before one…There was no way I could not let my father go. A comment that has followed me since adolescence, is when people tell me that I should really write a book about my childhood. I don’t know about that. But here I sit, at my father’s desk, on my father’s computer writing about him.
    My father came to Manhattan in 1978 after college. In a city that had been left behind to burn and blossom, he found and even befriended so many of his heroes. My dad spontaneously bought Ginsberg a cake in the West Village as a thank you. Ginsberg thanked him with a kiss and proposition. He walked through the halls of the Chelsea, Arthur C. Clarke standing muumuu bedecked in a doorway. Was surprised by a naked Robin Williams arising from his friends couch — unable to distinguish one shag carpeting from another. Marched through the West Village with its raspy Mayor of McDougal singing “Picnic Time for Teddy Bears” at the top of their merry lungs. Somewhere in this great wide world is a picture of Bernadette Peters kissing my dad with her perfect mouth full of manicotti. Parties surrounded by models and artists at the photography studio he had with his two also incredibly talented friends. My father threw out half serious ideas to a non committed Warhol at a table full of cartoonists while Taylor Meade pouted and Gerard Malanga preened. Had his nose reset on a bar bathroom floor after an altercation with a Hells Angel. Kissed an irate Hunter S. Thompson on his head after Thompson harassed him. Fed lines to Jim Henson on talk shows, and spent evenings with an older Leonard Bernstein singing songs and talking about life and death.
    My father loved to talk. He was verbose and spontaneous and funny. He was sharp and cruel and funny. He could make you feel like your thoughts and feelings and tastes were wonderful or unique and of the utmost importance. He could also let you know that they weren’t. That you were wrong. VERY wrong.
    My father began his career as a buyer. A buyer who left little signs all over Macy’s to entertain himself. The notes led to his becoming a copywriter. His copywriting led to him becoming Creative Director at Island Records. And that led to him becoming the writer he wanted to be. And to theatre. And to all the freelance gigs that have left him anonymous but permanent in so much pop culture. My early childhood is set firmly to the Island Records catalog. When Bob Marley passed away, without a will…My father was put in charge of his estate and foundation. He traveled to Jamaica to reconcile deals that Marley had made by handshake with so many people to use his image. He was threatened by Spike Lee…Routinely. My mid childhood was spent to the sound of his own music. My father became a playwright and a lyricist. And with that, I began to appear in his work. My earliest memory of my father as an artist is dancing in a construction paper cat costume. I Isadora Duncaned my way through the apartment while he dutifully pretended to take notes while trying to make a deadline. I remember late nights of typing, singing, regular daytime naps and meetings that I sat in waiting rooms during. P.S. Barbra Streisand’s office was bizarre. I remember a general feeling that my father was my partner or that I was his. And that he was very, very big and but also kind of a kid too. And that I was supposed to be on his level.
    My father was frustrating. My father could overwhelm. My father wanted everyone to love music and the arts like he did. My father could listen but he wanted to be listened to. To be understood. He wanted to collect all of the music. He did. My father stressed knowledge. He knew so much. He stressed taste and intellect and he stressed finding meaning in your work. In your life.
    When I was fourteen my father was diagnosed with cancer. My teen years were spent trying to evade my parents history while simultaneously running directly into it. Being hurt and scared that my father was ill. My father decided to be an advocate. He volunteered at Gilda’s Club and spent time with children who had been recently diagnosed. In his twenties my father had volunteered in any way he could to help AIDS patients. He lost many friends and peers during the AIDS epidemic like so many people of my parents’ generation. During treatments my father was often put with new patients. He would calm them. He made wonderful friends. He lost them to cancer.
    As I’ve gone through my twenties, my father had a secession of emergencies…Each becoming more alarming and dangerous than the last. My father survived everything. But every emergency chipped away at him physically. My father has had over 100 rounds of chemo. His doctors called him a professional patient. They also told him they didn’t know how he was still alive. I do.
    Because he was my father.
    This afternoon just before 1pm my father died at Mount Sinai Hospital. The same building I was born in. In lieu of any flowers, please consider making a donation to the Harvey Milk Foundation or Gilda’s Club. Please listen to Mahler. And re-read War and Peace. Pet a dog. And to quote my father:
    Be a hero. Love somebody.

  10. I’m so terribly sorry to hear of Jim’s passing – I loved the banter with him here.  Damn. The only bright side is that he doesn’t have to put up with his cancer any longer. Make that brightish.

  11. Oh, Arabella, should you be listening to Gustav Mahler as I am writing this, please understand I am shattered by the enormity of your horrendous loss.

    Your Dad shared a corner of his life with us; there is little doubt that we here were mightily impressed by his ability to put into words the tragedy that befell your city on that terrible day, and the struggle with which he and others were cursed.

    I know that you will always be welcome here in our group as a full-fledged member in your own right; come join us as you feel the urge.

    With greatest sympathy,

  12. Craig

    In response to any attempt, the Dems should say – medicare for all

  13. I’m amazed that over at WaPo there’s not RW uprising about O’LIEly being fired from Faox and that there’s not left wing uprising to support Berkeley’s decision not to hold Ann Coulter’s speech there – in fact, most seem to argue that she shoudl be allowed to speak.  Strange times.

    But what is NOT surprising is that drumpf has hung out Iran as his shiny new object to distract from his disastrous North Korea reaction (to say nothing of lying about sending the Carl Vinson to keep NK in check.  I wondered what the gang who couldn’t shoot straight would come up with to distract from ongoing coverage of Wrongway’s effed up SEA response.

  14. So very sorry about 911 survivor (sort of).  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him here.  What a wonderful tribute, Ms Arabella! May you cherish memories of your dad for many, many years to come.

  15. Mr Pogo,

    The deadbeat must have confused no Korea with no Vietnam or no Rhodesia. They all look alike : they aren’t trump golf course candidates.

  16. KGC….  THANK YOU for saying something about all the sniping going on here…  it was getting tiresome.

    Pogo….   my understanding is that youngsters in college today that say they are left leaning have gotten very intolerant.  It’s something to do with not being able to cope with getting their wee little feelings upset or hurt.   But then sometimes the adults on the left get their panties in a knot too.  Thinking about Bill Maher recently having Milo Yannopoposomething on his show and the left hating on him for it.  It was the first time I had actually been exposed to the little shit’s schtick…   I was grateful to see what a fool he is.  How can one really make judgements if one goes out of their way not to get exposed to such stuff.   Suck it up cupcakes….  listen…  and then make reasoned arguments for your point of view.

  17. I am a regular Fox News watcher — five minutes every five years. I think I may have missed the 2012 viewing but I did switch in last night for two minutes of vitriolic hate speech directed at our own citizenry. That does it for 2017. If I’m still around in 2022 I’ll…

  18. Renee, you may be right.  While I have a son in college, it’s hard to say which way he leans.  He thinks drumpf’s a clown and he doesn’t think war is a good thing, but he’s not very politically interested beyond that.  Of course he hears me and Mrs. P discuss stuff so I suspect he may have internalized some of what I think is a somewhat left of center view of the world.  I hope…  He does have a bit of his parents’ penchant to argue about just about any topic, so there may be hope for him. Ican say that by any prior generation’s standards he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body and doesn’t seem to have any idea that his female peers are anything less than his equal.

  19. XR, on my trip to Korea several years ago I wasn’t a bit surprised to see how suburban golfers coped with urban growth. They created driving ranges atop medium height condos and other buildings. I believe they had targets marked on nets not too far away. Clearly, they are avid golfers–it’s just that land is at a tremendous premium close to town and transportation routes. I would guess becoming a member of the local golf club would be a big deal..

  20. Mr Flatus,

    Oh, yes. The So Koreans like golf, but they are rich and modernist. I was referring to the no Koreans, who are poor, and with the exception of their weaponry, rather medieval.

  21. Pogo…  yeah…   youngster are more accepting of racial, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation differences than we were.  But differences of opinions…    not so much.  Their outrage is running amok, IMO.

  22. KGC: Really good and timely! The only chance we have of unlocking the stranglehold the GOP has on the country is to stop sniping, forget about who’s to blame for the 2016 election fiasco and stop the other approach of cowering in the corner. There are very few dems willing to take on the GOP and yell foul any time they lie, evade, show their true colors of racism, misogyny, war mongering and love for the rich and powerful at the expense of the rest of us. While Liz Warren is always out there, front and center walking and talking the talk, where is everyone else and when will they step up and be willing to challenge at every opportunity? I love her but we need young blood with just as much fire and gumption.

    Jamie: I hope you do better with your cold/virus/whatever than I did. Two weeks in and I’m still not 100%…but close 🙂 I’ve started catching up on cleaning, dishes etc. :/ The cold type symptoms have subsided to just an occasional residual coughing fit but my appetite is still down and I still have occasional queasiness. You seem to be more lively than I was, so that’s a good sign. The first week and a half I spent either sleeping or wishing I was sleeping! I don’t think I’ve slept so much in my life 😮 Wishing you well and a speedy recovery <3   PS: Lovely tribute, didn’t know the man or his posts and couldn’t fink any links online to him but he sounds like someone worth celebrating.

    I have a couple videos to share with the class.

    First, this is a great admonishment to science deniers from everyone’s favorite astrophysicist:

    Second, I ran across this one while looking for something else but it’s amazingly prognosticative (is that a word LOL) Mr McWilliams should change his name to Nostradamus. I think I’ll dedicate this to PingPong and ask what inquiring minds everywhere want to know…Ping: Pray tell, and please enlighten us, who is the ‘Real’ Donald Trump?

  23. My point of view on Democrats is focus first on winning the damn elections dammit, then do policy.

  24. Jamie, re the hotel in Taiwan. I wonder if they have the elevators programmed to stop at each and every floor without human intervention on the sabbath?

  25. Arabella, your beautiful epilogue would make a beautiful 1st chapter in a beautiful book  about a beautiful person.

  26. I haven’t read 538 since the election but I did today to see what they have to say about Ga 6 and today it is a toss up– which is pretty darn good.

    I hope they are planning on doing some polling on how to utilize the fact that she is basically looking for an office and she has embraced  Trump.  Really she has run for about every office in Georgia    And again polling to see what issues he should address.  Handal worked for the money grubbing Susan G Koman foundation and was responsible for some poor policy choices and left her post abruptly. I guess the basic question is run against her or run against Pussy Grabber

    I think he can win although it will be tough.  The National party should provide $$$$ and people to run the GOTV


  27. 50/50 in the GACD6 runoff is a great start. 50% + 1 is all we need.

    I’ll also take Always Dreaming to win the Kentucky Derby, and Hence to place. I’m still debating about show.

  28. Jamee,

    Classic Empire to win; Always Dreaming to place; Irish War Cry to show and throw in Gunnevera and box them. (This should guarantee that none of the 3 top horses will do squat on Derby day). If I’m limited to 1 make it Classic Empire – Renee and I can split the “winnings”.

  29. I’ve been thinking about the fool’s verbal garbage about the “great armada”.  We know he does not do security briefings, by his own admission.  He probably has not found his way to the special room in the basement for the security meetings.  What little he does know about anything most likely came from watching WWII movies.  He probably would wear a super duper flashy uniform with lots of gold braid and jingly medals (his dream when he is dictator for life).  Due to his emotional and literacy level of a third grader he fails to live in a real world.

    I do not think he actual knows what the Carl Vinson is.  More importantly  he had no idea where she was and where she was heading.  He failed to talk to his military handlers.  He failed to talk to his intelligence people.  He may have picked up her name from some TV show and was told the fleet was in the Pacific.  But, that had little impact as he does not know where the Pacific is.

    Overall, he is an imbecile with the temperment of a four year old.  And the knowledge of a six year old.  Hopefully a psychiatrist will release an analysis which will be front page.

  30. The First President in the History of the World to Lose a Nuclear Carrier Task Force.

  31. A great tribute for 911.

    My main memory  is him detailing all the drinks and concoctions he consumed to strengthen him for his fight against the beast. That was 10 years ago so they must have helped.

    Peace for him and his family.



  32. KGC

    Good post.

    It is a strange world, Wednesday I was listening to the  Georgia election news and everyone was talking like the democrats lost. It was a big WTF moment.  IMO the  Dems  have had two huge victories. To get votes in the high 40’s in the Kansas and Georgia  election was unbelievable. for them to be spun as a loss on national media was a failure  of the national democrats messaging ability. BTW I was watching  CBS and reading politico and wapo wed.


  33. Jack – the most important failures of the last few decades was keeping the media from being consolidated into the hands of four or five companies.  The good thing is the floater has reengaged investigative reporting, as seen in the reports about what a loser the “president” is.

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