The End of the Bannon-er Republicans ?

By XRepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

With the sudden eclipse of Steven Bannon what shall become of the racists and religious bigots, the altschul recht (old school right) movement, which seems to have lost it’s entre to the White House? Will they blame this reversal on International Jewry, Jared, and George Soros – the “new Rothschild” bogeyman? Will they rather bemoan the insidious power of a woman (powerful women – shudder!) to influence Trump’s weak brain? Or will they simply blame Bannon as the obnoxious and arrogant idiot that the rest of us see and abhor?

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59 thoughts on “The End of the Bannon-er Republicans ?”

  1. xr, jeff secessessionist  is still there. perhaps with lesser talent to stir up the hateful, but has doj tools within reach for mayhem.

  2. What will SNL do now that the real Donald Trump is getting the attention?  All of this talk is built by the deep desire to hide the failure of Hillary.  Bitterness

  3. And how about Jon Ossoff and his claim of the victory for the ages?  What did he win?  Nothing

    Oh – I get it, he is of the generation that redefines success.  So for you JON OSSOFF HERE IS A CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION !!  CONGRATULATIONS.

  4. Good Morning Patd,  Hope all is well.

    Of course it is getting worse, for those that do not want The Real Donald Trump to be a success.  The Resistance is simply great marketing to build the opportunity to attract the marketing dollars.   Certainly no journalistic value.  The party of the bitter.

  5. So you think the 60% of repugn who did not vote for Handel will be excited and vote for her in June … early voting or rush back from Disney?

  6. Ping — tell us more about the “Real” Donald Trump. What are we missing? (and, welcome back)

  7. Two month campaign now for GA runoff, gives Dem time to move in, pay property taxes in the district.

  8. Interesting results in GA.  48+ is a very good indicator that things are not all the good in GOPland.  That is a couple to a lot more points than predicted.


  9. Xrepub, I’m not sure Trump would miss Bannon, politically speaking, was never convinced Bannon is that big a deal to the right wingers. Maybe he became one with all the publicity, but it shouldn’t be hard to keep them fed without him.

  10. btw posting that blurb yesterday about ossoff was not so much about the residing outside his district but about the ease of discussion about his living with girlfriend.  shows how much closer the political world has come to the real world.    candidates no longer have to be or pretend to be the epitome of the ’50s father-knows-best character.

    not that long ago such a thing as a divorced candidate, let alone a twice divorced self-admitted philanderer, could never be a candidate let alone be elected president.

    the times they are a changin’

  11. you don’t have to live in a congressional district to run……shall we review the sitting members who did that

  12. Jon Ossoff will have a tough time but not like Bannhim…whose candidate finished a dismal 4th

    the gooper winner is the Haroldetta stassen of the goopers of ga…I think Ossoff will win. ugly and messy but still he will win

  13. I keep chuckling about the aircraft carrier group (sorry if that nomenclature isn’t exact) that was steaming away from Korea as drumpf was telling the world it was steaming into NK territory to make us safe from his Korean brother from a different mother. Somehow Captain Wrong Way Peachfuzz  comes to mind.

  14. goopers idea of distraction is to keep talking about Obama and Hillary…but people keep looking at the real donald trump and it is a disaster

  15. wapo: A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department does not have any U.S. attorneys in place

    The 93 unfilled U.S. attorney positions are among the hundreds of critical Trump administration jobs that remain open.


    Filling the vacancies has also been complicated by Sessions not having his second-highest-ranking official in place. Rod J. Rosenstein, nominated for deputy attorney general — the person who runs the Justice Department day-to-day — is still not on board, although he is expected to be confirmed by the Senate this month. Traditionally, the deputy attorney general helps to select the U.S. attorneys.

    Rosenstein, who served as U.S. attorney for Maryland, has also been designated, upon his confirmation, to take on the responsibility of overseeing the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and any links between Russian officials and Trump associates after Sessions was forced to recuse himself.

  16. What will SNL do now that the “real” drumpf is getting the attention?  First, what the hell are you talking about?  But I digress.   I’m just guessing that they will get to exercise their writing and comedic skills again instead of just staging vignettes depicting the first 90 days’ self parody he has given them.

    And now, the news:

    On Russia, Trump and his top national security aides seem to be at odds

    “Things will work out fine between the U.S.A. and Russia,” ­President Trump declared on his Twitter account last week. “At the right time everyone will come to their senses & there will be lasting peace!”

    What I said about SNL, maybe I’m being premature.

    Well, I guess it’s Wednesday.

  17. Xrep…  oh I’m sure the KKK, feminazis, and whatever flotsam comprises the alt-right will never blame one of their own.

    Pogo… when I read about that aircraft carrier group…  all I could think about was the cartoon character (it’s name escapes me) that says….  “which way did he go?…  oh boy, which way did he go?”

  18. as trevor noah noted Monday night, looney tunes theme song very fitting for drumpf and co. administration

  19. not just not knowing which way the boats are going, this from vanity fair: It might seem like trivia that’s only a little harder than your average Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader question, but it turns out that our president might not know who is in charge of North Korea. After an interview in which Donald Trump seemed to reveal that he doesn’t know that Kim Jong Un and his late father, Kim Jong Il, are two different people, America must contend with yet another reality of this presidency: our leader could send us to nuclear war without even knowing whom he’s fighting against. It’s a harrowing prospect—but late night was determined to find the comedic silver lining.

    Published on Apr 19, 2017

    Stephen’s Tuesday monologue was taped in front of a live (for now) studio audience.

  20. The entire Pussy Grabber family needs to go waste of time and space

    what was Melanoma wearing to the egg roll.  She looked like she was wearing the costume she has for when tiny hands wants to play catholic school girl.

  21. RR, I saw a pic of drumpf in Captain’s regalia with a young Ivanka on his lap in front of his yacht. To me, and particularly after this last little sailing north, no sailing south debacle, Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz is Donald Trump or vice versa.

  22. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  No good news for Pussy Grabbers
    Bob Gray made allegiance to Donald Trump the cornerstone of his campaign, and he may have suffered for it. He got about 10 percent of the vote and came under a barrage of criticism over his pro-Trump bona fides.
    And Bruce LeVell, head of Trump’s diversity coalition, got less than 1 percent of the vote. He also put Trump at the center of his campaign and even made a last-minute trek to the White House to visit with the president, who didn’t endorse any candidate in the race.

    The pro-Trump route was always a risk in Georgia’s 6th District, an establishment-friendly stretch that he carried by less than 2 points in November.
    It wasn’t a good day for big-name Republican endorsers. Or for self-funders.
    Judson Hill never gained much traction beyond a few Cobb precincts, and his endorsements from Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich didn’t get him very far.
    Dan Moody had an even worse night. The former state senator pumped more than $2 million into his own campaign, had the support of U.S. Sen. David Perdue and some of the most formidable operatives in the race. Yet he still hovered below double-digits.
    Fox commentator Sean Hannity endorsed Amy Kremer, whose bid for office went nowhere. And ex-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski stumped for LeVell, who similarly struggled.

  23. Ossoff and the Lost Armada are stepping all over my topic. Some folks have no sense of timing.

  24. Yup… that’s the voice that was going through my head…  thanks for finding that cartoon, patd.

    who is characterized by his below-average intelligence and overall gullibility.

    that be the money quote….   you could say it about frump and/or his avid supporters.

    Xrep…. we do it to Craig all the time. If it’s good enough for him.. it’s good enough for you 🙂

  25. Sorry X-R

    But there is the Bannon connection – he supported actively Bob Gray -just another example of how politically tone deaf he is.

  26. xr, bannon who?  🙂

    btw, thanks for walking the thread topic plank. watch out for the rotten tomatoes and irrelevant rants. please don’t take it personally. we can’t afford to lose anymore folks or the trail will turn to a mere footpath.

  27. This is great – some of the best reporting on Banhim….Cosmospolitan Magazine

    “That’s why there are some unintended consequences of the women’s liberation movement. That, in fact, the women that would lead this country would be pro-family, they would have husbands, they would love their children. They wouldn’t be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England,” he said, referring to historic women’s colleges. “That drives the left insane and that’s why they hate these women.”

    sounds a lot like some of the quotes from Kelley Ann Condom

  28. “yeah yeah Ronnie was divorced….” – Pat

    In ’80 I ran into a fellow, I’ll call him Bob, I’d worked with a dozen years earlier, who in the old days couldn’t support Rockefeller because Rocky was divorced. I asked Bob who he was supporting this time around, and he answered, “Reagan’s my choice.” I reminded him of why he wouldn’t support Rocky in ’68, and he nodded gravely. It was a matter of morality the 1980 version of Bob assured me.

    “Then how can you support Reagan,” I asked, “he’s been divorced.”

    Bob’s jaw dropped. After a bit he said, “Well, you haven’t changed. Still causing trouble.”

  29. Renee and Pat, my feelings weren’t hurt, except that I wish Ossoff had taken the nude grinch seat. People are going to write about whatever is biting them in the butt at the moment, and that’s just fine with me. To deep-blue me, even Mr Pong’s glittering deepest pinko fluff is fun.

  30. trump makes history again, becoming the first US president to lose an entire fleet.

    Pass it on.

  31. With the sudden eclipse of Steven Bannon what shall become of the racists and religious bigots, the altschul recht (old school right) movement, which seems to have lost it’s entre to the White House?

    XR, that’s a good question. Off the top of my mind, I’d say they should move back to the upper mid west, sing old songs and drink lots of pilsener. And after sobering up, plan for replacing Trump, hopefully in a way faster than 2020. In the meantime, they will have their upper mid westerner, the speaker, urge that Trump’s CoS find positions for their sorry buttz.

  32. From WaPo – “House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz announced Wednesday that he will not run for re-election to his House seat in 2018.”

    Good – he’ll become Utah’s problem again.

  33. pogo, sure would like to see his critter wages docked as penance or token reimbursement for all those unnecessary Hillary email hearings he cost us.

  34. from  billboard: Bruce Springsteen & Joe Gruschecky Take Aim at President Trump With New Protest Song

    Bruce Springsteen and Pittsburgh musician Joe Grushecky are sending a strong message to President Donald Trump with a new anthem called “That’s What Makes Us Great.”

    The track — a gritty song Gruschecky wrote after the inauguration in January — lifts the President’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan as an answer record taking lyrical aim at the administration’s positions on immigration.


    Here are the song’s lyrics:

    They come from everywhere
    A longing to be free
    They come to join us here
    From sea to shining sea

    And they all have a dream
    As people always will
    To be safe and warm
    In that shining city on the hill

    Some wanna slam the door
    Instead of opening the gate
    Aw, let’s turn this thing around
    Before it gets too late

    It’s up to me and you
    Love can conquer hate
    I know this to be true
    That’s what makes us great

    Don’t tell me a lie
    And sell it as a fact
    I’ve been down that road before
    And I ain’t goin’ back

    And don’t you brag to me
    That you never read a book
    I never put my faith
    In a con man and his crooks

    I won’t follow down that path
    And tempt the hands of fate
    Aw, let’s turn this thing around
    Before it gets too late

    It’s up to me and you
    Love can conquer hate
    I know this to be true
    That’s what makes us great

    In the quiet of the night
    I lie here wide awake
    And I ask myself
    Is there a difference I can make?

    It’s up to me and you
    Love can conquer hate
    I know this to be true
    That’s what makes us great

  35. patd, what did the House spend on the serial investigations of Benghazi?  I figure he’d have to work as a critter for 100 years without pay to recoup the taxpayer dollars wasted.

    Oh, and I like the lyrics.  A bit more insightful than a slogan on a cap.

  36. KC, gee, I hate to see O’LIEly go.  wonder how big that golden ‘chute was… I bet he’ll just write a bunch more stupid books.

  37. Tucker Carlson taking over O’Reilly slot.  This should be good for a few nights of comedy plus cringe factor.

  38. what did the House spend on the serial investigations of Benghazi

    pogo, you can get some idea from just these two paragraphs in an old 6/2015 article in the  observer: “Benghazi Investigation Spends Fortune to Harass Hillary Clinton”

    Over 13 months the Benghazi Select Committee has spent more than $3,500,000, exceeding the budget of the entire House Intelligence Committee. This figure does not include significant expenditures made by the State Department and Defense Department to find and declassify material requested by the committee or the expense of witness travel for those who work for the government.

    While exact dollar amounts spent by federal agencies are unavailable, details released about other declassification processes shed light on these costs. In March 2014 the Defense Department informed Democratic Rep. Adam Smith, they had spent “millions of dollars” and “thousands of man-hours to responding to numerous and often repetitive Congressional requests regarding Benghazi.” Currently the State Department has 12 full-time staff members paid between $63,700 and $150,000 reviewing Hillary Clinton’s emails “a process that could cost more than $1 million” according to the National Journal. The total cost for these document queries could run well into the eight figures. For example, the IRS spent $14 million responding to Congressional investigations into accusations it politicized the tax-exemption application process.

  39. Tucker has done very well in Megyn Kelley’s old slot.   talk about resurrection

  40. Jamie, speaking of cringe and Carlson, this article should do it for you

    April 10, 2017 Issue       New yorker
    Tucker Carlson’s Fighting Words
    On Fox News, an unlikely star thrives in the tumult of Trump-era politics.
    [….concluding paragraph….]

    In conversation, Carlson often returns to an unusual disclaimer: “I’m not a deeply moral guy.” Maybe this is his way of playing the rogue. Maybe this is a debater’s ploy—a way of insisting that some principles are so clear that even he can see them. But with Carlson it is wise to consider another possibility: Maybe he means it. And maybe he is right. 

  41. Seems an update to my vision of this place might be in order.

    Our lurkers outnumber commenters by about 10-1, and amount of time on site per reader unusually high. Those numbers haven’t budged much in all these years, and I think it speaks to the value of what’s found here.

    For the record, I value quality over quantity regarding comments. Accordingly, I do little to broadly promote the site, for fear of encouraging drive-by shooters who ruin so many blog comment pages. Also, I prevent search engines from spidering our pages to reduce hacking, spamming threats. Rely instead on word of mouth, which has served us well so far.

    In other words, this ‘aint Walmart, but your local hardware store where everybody knows your name.

  42. Well if I become more incomprehensible that usual, my apologies.  I’m chug-a-lugging NyQuil and just who brought the bugs into the bar anyway?


  43. patd

    My complaint against Tucker is simple one.  Way down deep he’s shallow.  He’s like the glib high school student who really knows nothing but absolutely necessary basics who gets patted on the head for echoing what teach wants to hear, complete with compliments and general smarmy approach.  Sort of a not quite so obvious Eddie Haskell.


  44. xrepublican,

    Bannon does not look well. Seriously. No snark meant. Glad he’s diminished but he might have been out of the picture sooner than later due to natural causes anyway. ( That sounds terrible, but he really looks ill. I wish him no harm, just a never ending vacation on Uranus or Neptune. )

    Glad to see you writing Posts.


  45. 3 …. 2….. 1 …… Next inexplicable best seller: Killing O’Reilly.

    Martyrdom awaits, to one slayed by brave women, the bottom line & bailing advertisers in a facts optional account of a bully who bullied his way to the top bullying anyone who stood in his way as he built a career spouting bull.




  46. Well, Poobah, glad to hear that there are people looking in other than just us few that actually dive in. To those lurkers that just don’t believe that they are either up to or want to jump into the pool, just do it.  Some people may think we bite … most of us bark then gum you to death. We kinda started as a virtual  coffee shop with virtual muffins. Unexpected old, young, black and female presidential candidates caused consternation and breakups. The thin skinned left. What remains are folks who are comfortable arguing and being wrong. So hop aboard.

    Oh, by the way, screw O’LIEly.

  47. What remains are folks who are comfortable arguing and being wrong. So hop aboard.pogo

    and that’s the truth

    remember our motto — Often wrong ..never in doubt!

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