What, Me Worry?

Hey there, Bunkie, they say the big turnip’s got you down, you’ve lost it – whatever it was. Take heed of the old philosophers: not to worry, this too will pass.

And as it says in Matthew 6:34 (CJB) “Don’t worry about tomorrow — tomorrow will worry about itself! Today has enough tsuris already!”


79 thoughts on “What, Me Worry?”

  1. unless you’re in syria…. or no. korea, ukraine, maybe mal-a-ego.

    from abc:

    A suspected gas attack by Syrian Government or Russian jets killed at least 58 people, including nine children, in the north-western province of Idlib, a British-based war monitoring group says.

  2. mediaite:

    CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto told Anderson Cooper tonight that the news about Susan Rice allegedly being involved in the “unmasking” of Trump transition officials appears to be a “distraction” from the bigger picture on Russia.

    Earlier today, Sciutto said on The Lead that former intelligence officials from Democratic and Republican administrations told him that “based on what they know, this unmasking, if it happened, would not be out of bounds,” because of the approval process required and because unmasking is not the same as leaking.

  3. sjwny, sorry about that.  just a little tongue in cheek response to the dark cloud hanging o’er our heads lately like we’re all akin to joe btfsplk.

  4. hey guys, am sure craig would welcome any day more and better selections for threads from y’all than my lousey annoyances.  again, my apologies for adding to the glum and dumb.

  5. I’ve always had fond memories of that song, because it was Poppy Bush’s unofficial theme song in 1992, he played it in his limousine. It symbolized his cluelessness as Bill Clinton came along to chop his head off.

  6. hey pat don’t be so sensitive   — disagreement provokes discussion

    seriously Poppy Bush’s song…did Bar sing along too?  oy

  7. I wonder if any president ever adopted “Itsy Bitsy Teenie-Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini”

  8. Or “One-Eyed, One-Horned, Orange Purple People Eater”

    I know who DON’T wear short-shorts.

  9. Eric Prince goes from electrocuting soldiers to betraying the country and its all so very cloak and dagger.  Keep having the feeling that everyone in the Trump administration is living out his fantasies from old barber shop issues of Man’s Life and Soldier of Fortune. 


  10. omg  what song do you think Nixon played in his car  Mr Bojangles?

  11. I used to love those things from the 50’s where they’d have a “reporter on the scene” asking questions and the answer would be given in a snatch from some song or other.

  12. Sturgeone

    31 Flavors actually had a party dessert created for the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater.

    Cup cake paper form containing a scoop of Plum Nuts Ice cream with one M&M “eye” and the tip of a sugar cone on its head.

  13. I look for the Brits to start coming out with some seriously wicked comedy pretty soon……

  14. I find it hard not to be offended by the Millennial Feminists in their thoughtless rejection of those who preceded them in the endless battle for rewarding, fully-compensated, and equally recognized lives.

    Here are some words on the subject from Forbes

  15. A beautiful morning glory to the trail…

    Jamie, good read.

    While waiting for the arrests of the criminals within the WH and faux news, I am still clinging to my science.  Graphene is making headlines.  It is a cool substance, two dimensional in 3D world.  Today headline is graphene turns seawater into potable drinking water.

    On a personal note, the winos celebrated 10 years of marriage on April Fool’s Day (and they said it would’t last).  Dave and Craig are next on board.  Hubby was Pat Garrett on stage this weekend in the One Act festival.   Great part and I thought of you, Pogo, as Pat was from ‘Bama and hubby had a great time with the accent.  Pat Garrett was killed a few miles from here…historical marker on the site along highway 70.  Garrett was investigating the Fountain murders. He and Billy the Kid were actually gambling buddies before he became sheriff.

  16. Flatus, some of them certainly.  I found it interesting as Ms. Bordo pointed out in the book excerpt Jamie provided that Bernie! was allowed to (or tolerated for) tell his supporters what was and was not progressive and what was and was not appropriately feminist while Hillary’s opinions on those subjects were rejected by many millennial women.  I would not presume to tell any woman what is or is not feminist, although I would happily give my opinion about whether this or that is feminist, at least as I understand the term.  I do agree that the minimization of the Steinems, etc. of the world is a bit disturbing, but then again I saw their efforts unfold in real time (along with the advance then stagnation of the ERA), and could no more minimize the import of the 60s/70s feminist movement leaders than I could minimize the import of the King, Jackson leaders to the racial equality efforts of those decades. It’s easy to stand on the shoulders of giants and say, “Well that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Doing the work is a different matter altogether.

  17. Best to the winos on 10 years of canoodling bliss many more to come.

  18. Congratulations to the Winos.  Since the 10th anniversary is celebrated in tin, may I suggest foil party hat favors for all.

  19. nixon’s  limo drove past and I could swear I heard, “I’m your friendly stranger in the black sedan, won’t you hop inside my car.”

  20. patd,

    No hard feelings! Now Get off my yard, you pesky kids!

    Grrrrrr……. 😉

    In all seriousness, I believe that song was used (honest) in “enhanced interrogation” circumstances to, uh, get information.  I’d squeal to make it stop.


  21. We are just past 33 1/3 years of yoked life. Watching the old lady do, do, do, and do, just tuckers me out. She’s faster than a speeding bullet, more on rails than a steaming locomotive, and able to leap her tall wildling in a single bound.

  22. Anyone know why #45’s campaign kept playing Funeral for a Friend at rallies? I get why You Can’t Always Get What You Want fits in their world view.

    Remembering Nixon without any musical score. The clacking of typewriter keys used throughout All The President’s Men fits perfectly.



  23. I figger that every trumpster who is volunteering to give evidence, is only willing to do so under immunity or in hopes of screwing up their eventual prosecution.

    Therefore, it is not Mr Xrepublican who worries, but the Prince of Lies and Groping !

  24. Have to look at this moment of time as an opportunity. To paraphrase W, this is some weird sh*t. We can wallow in it or use it as fertilizer to grow a better life. Choice is ours, positive or negative.


  25. The accumulated works of Ray Stevens would be excellent to use for obtaining information.


  26. I wonder if Ray Stevens ever paid Brother Dave anything for using his shtick in the Ahab song.

  27. …a noble effort, patd.  That’s a good song, it was just overplayed.  I’m sure there was a time when people would hear, say, “Beethoven’s 9th”, and think to themselves, “oh no, not this fuckin’ song, again”.

  28. Have to look at this moment of time as an opportunity. To paraphrase W, this is some weird sh*t. We can wallow in it or use it as fertilizer to grow a better life. Choice is ours, positive or negative.  SJW
    I think this is the ticket to sanity.

  29. Meanwhile, we have U.S. Marines supporting Russian forces in a Syria supporting Assad, while our fucking joke of a President blames Assad for atrocities.  Ok, so why “we” there?

  30. Is Jared the Prince Regent to #45’s mad King George?

    I have no respect for anyone who joined this administration but gotta figure the current Secretary of State feels somewhat pissed by the appearance of young whippersnapper marking his territory.

  31. The people in the Allied Nations must eventually have felt oppressed by those 4 heavy notes of Beethoven’s 5th.

  32. ?Money makes the world go ’round, the world go ’round, the world go ’round ….. ?



  33. …no respect for anyone who voted for this administration, either.  Equivocators held in similar regard.

  34. Congrats Winos!…   hope you opened a special bottle for your celebration.

    I was ok with that song at first…  but I agree with Bink…   just overplayed.

    Reading the lead story of our new copy of the Economist this morning….   they are not amused with the Orange One.  It’s interesting to read what other countries think.

  35. msnbc is continuing to pimp for Pussy Grabber – perfectly happy to buy into the Trumpco lies and justifications

  36. bink, thank you. you’re probably right about the “9th”….a lot of grousing about being too loud, mostly beat not melody.  also bet folks back in bach’s hay day liked to complain about that ear worm “jesu, joy of man’s desiring”

    btw, anyone upon seeing the title of a song which annoys them need not click the play arrow on the vid unless they are into musical masochism.

    must say in the vid’s defense, that trio really really looked like they had fun making it…..and i’m partial to liltingly soft, gentle whistle ditties. hearing little opie awhistling off to the fishing hole always lifted the lowest of spirits.

  37. Happy Happy Wino ? Our anniversary is Thursday. Let’s cyber party!

    …and thanks to those who have posted threads coming up. This is a travel day for me back to DC so I appreciate the help.


  38. Dad yesterday at new Arnie statue at Palmer’s club where we think Dad is oldest living member. He turns 90 next month, doing well. As VA doc told him last week, “Everything we can control is under control, so go live your life.”

  39. This year will be 46th.  The last 15ish physically apart.  No reason to get a divorce, neither of us care to wed again and we are not bitter enemies.

    The daily grind of Russian involvement with the drumpf family and friends requires a special desire to know more.  What we can see is that the mess goes back decades and only the surface seems to be scratched.  The deep stuff is sure to stink even more than what is known today.  Drumpf tower seems to be the key scratching post.  If the floater thinks he is being bugged he should consider his friends.  They would be of very intense interest to many involved, includeing foreign entities.  Remember there is no need to physically touch the place to “bug” it.

  40. linked at 6:37 this morning was the story of Russia/Syria gassing children.  later, much later in the day, the administration finally put out a measly release about it…. in part blaming… wait for this… Obama.  nothing condemning the Russians and very little official condemnation of Syria.

    where is the outrage?  why have we become so complacent?

  41. “Bink will be Press Secretary.”


    Well, since there are no qualifications for any cabinet or White House position, and considering, at my worst, I’d still be less than half as offensive as the guy there now- sure.

  42. nytimes:

    Amid chemical gas massacre that leaves dozens of children dead in Syria, Bana Alabed appeals to Trump again

    Following news of a brutal chemical gas attack Tuesday in Idlib, a rebel-controlled city in northwestern Syria, a young girl who rose to international fame tweeting about her experiences growing up with civil war all around her has once again called on President Donald Trump to rethink his controversial travel ban. Dozens, including many children, were killed in Tuesday’s attack, and horrific images of dead and wounded children were emerging on social media in the wake of the massacre. The Syrian government was blamed for the attack, but, according to Reuters, military officials there denied being behind the strike and said the government would never use chemical weapons.

    Nearly 60 were killed in the attack and at least 300 were wounded, according to reports.

    Bana Alabed, a 7-year-old Syrian girl from Aleppo, who was evacuated in December and his now living in Turkey, has called out Trump’s travel ban on several occasions. On Tuesday, Alabed, whose Twitter account has amassed 360,000 followers not only documenting her life amid war but advocating for Syria’s children, tried to get the U.S. president’s attention again by posting a graphic and chilling image on her Twitter feed and tagging President Trump, who is also famous for his use of the social media platform, in the tweet. The photo she shared was originally disseminated on the Edlib Media Center Facbook page and shows the lifeless bodies of several young children who perished in the attack.

    “This is today in Syria in #Idlib,” Alabed wrote on Twitter. “Hi @realdonaldtrump do you love this?”

  43. Sturg, have they remastered any of his things? Ormandy had much of the same repertoire and played into the new-tech age. Szell and his Cleveland Orchestra played into the period when fine equipment finally was in many homes. Their portfolio is magnificent.

    We had an old magnavox and albums of 12″ 78s; Toscanini was well represented.

  44. outrage I think there is plenty of outrage – there is no outlet for the outrage

  45. Hate politics. Need to feel better:  Knopfler, Clapton, Sting, & Collins:  Money For Nothing

  46. Jamie, terrific choice. 2 of my top 5 rock guitar players. Just wonderful. Not a bad band. ?

  47. BW, I’m busy drinking Pinot Noir in honor of your anniversary. Thanks for the excuse.

  48. whaa???  a twist on the old “devil made me do it” excuse — those pesky rebels made us gas them?


    BEIRUT — Russian officials blamed Syrian rebels on Wednesday for a chemical attack which killed scores of people, many of them women and children, and has been widely attributed to the Syrian government. 


    The chemical weapons, however, came from the rebel side, asserted a Russian military spokesman on Wednesday, explaining that Syrian warplanes had been targeting rebel workshops on the eastern outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun.

    “The territory of this storage facility housed workshops to produce projectiles filled with toxic agents,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman for Russia’s Ministry of Defence, said in a recorded statement.

    His comments marked a rare admission that air strikes had taken place in the area. Moscow typically denies involvement in such mass casualty attacks, and has previously falsified video footage in an attempt to exonerate its war planes.

    Russia also blamed the 2013 sarin attack on rebels attempting to provoke international intervention.

    Syrian rebel commander Hasan Haj Ali told Reuters that the Russian assertion was “a lie,” saying the rebels didn’t have the capablities to produce chemical weapons and there were no military positions in the area bombed, either.

    “Everyone saw the plane while it was bombing with gas,” he said.

  49. “outrage I think there is plenty of outrage – there is no outlet for the outrage”

    kgc, yes so many outrageous acts, so few ways to effectively respond.

    interesting how dulled we here on the trail have come to political/social pain lately.  aside from my initial report at top of thread and about the little girl’s tweet taunt, yours was the only comment.

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