Is There Any Discipline In The Trump White House?

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

Really, can’t anybody just shut the F#@$ up, just for a few seconds?

I just read this WaPo piece:

Inside Trump’s fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations

This is a detailed account of Trump’s weekend, right down to minutes before the piece was written. It even had conversations with his golfing partners. It is an amazing piece of reporting, or it would be any other time and about any other administration, but with these goof balls it is just another day sharing stories with the press. The Trump people’s hatred of the press is all window dressing. In fact they love to gossip with reporters. If you are a Washington reporter and you don’t have your pet Trumpista by now you need to get in a different business.

LOL, Just sayin’………………………

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40 thoughts on “Is There Any Discipline In The Trump White House?”

  1. jack, looks like the turnip’s old pal, ruddy from newsmax, has taken on the louella parsons/hedda hopper role in our continuing soap opera “the old and the reckless”


    bbronc,  you observed last thread:  Mr. Peabody must have learned from his Russian friends that they were under surveillance and had been for years. BINGO!   kellyanne yesterday when asked about where he got his recent info, she replied he has “global” contacts.

  2. from ap via msn:

    The senior Army officer tapped by President Donald Trump to be his national security adviser faces questions from senators during a rare closed-door meeting amid intense scrutiny of the White House for alleged Trump campaign contacts with Russian officials.

    Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster’s appearance before the Armed Services Committee, slated for Tuesday, is unusual because national security advisers aren’t subject to Senate confirmation and typically don’t testify on Capitol Hill. But McMaster’s situation is different. He elected to stay on active duty rather than retire from the military and generals of his grade need the chamber’s approval when they’re promoted or get new assignments.

    Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the committee’s Republican chairman, said members will vote at the end of session on whether to recommend to the full Senate that McMaster retain his three-star rank.

    McCain said Democrats on the committee and even a few Republican members wanted McMaster to appear before the panel. But McCain, who called McMaster an outstanding choice, sought to cast the session as more collegial than a normal committee hearing.

    “It’s not like testimony,” McCain said. “It’s more of a meeting than a hearing.”

  3. Did you mean, “The old and The Feckless”?     Auto correct must have gotten you, eh?

  4. sturge, pays yer money and takes yer cherse… both applicable as defined on line

    reckless:  (of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action

    feckless: lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible

  5. “kel[liar]anne yesterday when asked about where he got his recent info, she replied he has “global” contacts.”

    So now watching Fox Noise is having “global contacts?” Or did he call his boys?

  6. Having a relaxing time, but following all the shenanigans.  LMAO at all the pundits that thought frump had actually become presidential!

    Thanks for linking that interesting article, Jack.  Naaaah… He won’t shut up… No brain connection there.

    Rick and I are going to a wine tasting and tour later today.  I’ll drink some in all of your honor.

  7. pogo, by “global” I took it to she meant his bare chested buddy on horse back (via fsb, svr rf, gru)  and/or bibi (via mossad).

  8. sturge, john oliver would say “stupid” would be more accurate than feckless or reckless

  9. KGC

    Mrs Jack and I are doing much better, thanks for asking.

    Part of it is that spring is here and flowers are blooming. February always sucks and this year it really dumped on us.

    living on the edge of the great plains spring always means interesting weather. We had some last night. Lots of wind and some really big hail. I picked up several stones that measured 1 in to 1 1/4 inch. Biggest I’d ever seen. I saved some for Mrs Jack to see when she gets home. She is spending the week in NYC. She bought a new car several weeks ago. It is  outside at the airport parking. She is wondering what it looks like now.

    But no tornados here but one did some  real damage to one of the outer suburbs about 20 miles east.


  10. The rivers these hollow men go to….those rivers won’t be polluted.
    They have estates, and gates, and powerful hollow friends. And really great free insurance along with their tax cut gifts.


  11. well, at least mandy thinks the turnip has a heart

    The 64-year-old sat down to speak with NBC News Monday after traveling with the International Committee of the Red Cross along one of Europe’s migrant routes.


    His connection to the crisis is also rooted in his own family history. Patinkin is a Jew whose grandfather fled the Nazis in Poland, and whose grandmother escaped the Russian pogroms.

    “I wouldn’t be sitting here if America hadn’t opened its arms to refugees,” he said.

    And while Europe has been rattled by a border crisis over the past three years, Patinkin is most animated by the mention of President Donald Trump.

    Does Patinkin believe that he could change the president’s mind? Would Trump be swayed if he were to travel to the Greek islands and witness the human suffering firsthand?

    “I know it would get through to him. I believe it,” Patinkin said. “I believe it because Donald Trump is, first and foremost, a human being. And human beings have hearts and compassion and morality and ethics and I believe, at Donald Trump’s core, he too has that.”

    He added that, for all the people he reaches through his activism, “the man I want to get to more than anyone” is Trump.

  12. poobah, I agree with your conclusion:

    What Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that the presidency really isn’t like running his own company, a thinly-veiled dictatorship. Past over-reaching has moved it in that direction, but the truth is that the job’s actual constitutional powers are technically quite limited. Meaning that the nation tends to only allow questionable expansions of presidential powers based upon an intangible authority rooted in widespread popularity and earned trust.
    Trump has neither. Which could be a good thing, if you believe in putting the presidency back into its constitutional box.

    but (and you knew a but was gonna butt in) this line before it is very very iffy to ever become reality with this bunch for they are both witless as well as will-less:
    A disrespected president, especially among his own party’s lawmakers, might just give Congress the will to reclaim its voluntarily abandoned war powers.

  13. It becomes a mite hard to find common ground with someone who is convinced that you are attacking The Plan to Save Humanity.

  14. When the tweeter on the red button strikes, ‘our’ Congress will be caught sucking up vintage champagne in the cloak room.

  15. He kept saying for his definition of a Great America this was the last chance…after this too far down the road to being second rate forever.   Why are we in danger?  Immigrants, bad trade deals, poor people and not white people.  People who think they should make a living wage and of course sexual deviants.

    People who support him are not looking for economic parity they are looking to put themselves at the top of the heap.

  16. While the beast of the apocalypse maps ragnarӧk onto the Book of Revelations in the office next door, the false teacher with the tangerine face works busily to poison the waters, land, and air, as promised in that ancient book.

    Wonder not if thou shalt be plucked up in the Rapture. Rapture hast come and gone anon. Yea, and the images of those accepted on high wert displayed on thy milk cartons also. Yea, thou art shit outa luck.


  17. Jack

    Is there is discipline in the Pussy House?  Only as associated with bondage

    Glad to hear spring has arrived always good for a pick-me-up

    Good to hear your voice again

  18. I disagree very slightly with the distinguished trail hand Ms Cracker. The suckers’ point is to establish a caste system, in which they believe they will end up at or near the top of the heap, as it were.

    bannon’s aim is to precipitate a ragnarӧk/apocalypse/Mahabarata. When the tiny tangerine finger descends on the red button, you shall never hear the music of Mozart again. But then, bannon will never hear wagner again, either.

  19. What we have is a clash of civilizations : the Western World vs the neo-Vikings.

  20. I hope campaigns are being waged in the open house seats  the only thing that will convince the goopers is defeat

    House GOP to poor people

    Too bad so sad you should have gotten a better job or saved more money



  21. Main street merchants of old China carried gourds or jugs looped to their belts. The gourds or jugs were for peeing in, in the event that the merchant was in the shop and unable to dart out to the little shed in the alley.

    Aristocrats and well-to-do business men had a servant to carry the very fancy jug. It appears to be the repub dream to have servants who will tote their piss around.

  22. Discipline : Every morning you must have a glittering bit of fluff ready to distract the ‘newsies’ from whatever may actually be happening. This is an old New York custom, used when one goes out shoplifting. It’s something like 3 card monte, the shell game, and the wallet drop. In this case we’re seeing the Big Room Con, which you will remember from The Sting. However this is reeeeeeaaaallly bigly big Big Room ! The question is, which which con is skinning whom, and is there anyone on the planet who is not someone else’s designated mark ?

  23. Ms Cracker, HA!

    But, just between you, me, the NSA, and WikiLeaks, I wouldn’t trust christ christie with a jug of piss.

  24. Off year elections seldom go well for the party in power. Let’s all hope that pattern continues. As it was the pugns lost seats, albeit few, in both chambers as PG won his tremendous EC victory.  Without a dramatic WH competence turnaround in the next 2 years (and there’s really no sign of that yet) we could see good results.

  25. This latest WikiLeaks release probably effectively ends any hope that Snowden had to return to the US and not spend the majority of the rest of his life in federal prison. Tough shit.

  26. a little tidbit that the critters don’t want us’ns to see while they ram thru their repeal n replace bill


    Concealed within the 123 pages of legislative verbiage and dense boilerplate of the House Republican bill repealing the Affordable Care Act are not a few hard-to-find nuggets. Here’s one crying out for exposure: The bill encourages health insurance companies to pay their top executives more.

    It does so by removing the ACA’s limit on corporate tax deductions for executive pay. The cost to the American taxpayer of eliminating this provision: well in excess of $70 million a year. In the reckoning of the Institute for Policy Studies, a think tank that analyzed the limitation in 2014, that would have been enough that year to buy dental insurance under the ACA for 262,000 Americans, or pay the silver plan deductibles for 28,000.

    As part of an effort to rein in soaring executive pay, the ACA decreed that health insurance companies could deduct from their taxes only $500,000 of the pay of each top executive. That’s a tighter restriction than the limit imposed on other corporations, which is $1 million per executive. The ACA closed a loophole for insurance companies enjoyed by other corporations, which could deduct the cost of stock options and other “performance-based” pay; for insurance companies, the deduction cap is $500,000 per executive, period


    that above  and more of their tinkering covered/explained by  cnbc:

    The proposal also would remove the $500,000 cap on the amount of executive salaries that insurers can deduct from their taxes as a business expense. Under the bill, insurers could deduct the executives’ full pay. […long article but informative….]

  27. I wish Congress & Trumpco would work on getting us healthcare, instead of health insurance.

    Health insurance policies aren’t with the paper on which they are written anymore.

    As for that douche in Congress, Chaffetz, who said folks might need to spend money on an insurance policy instead of a new smartphone….he’s just another bubble-dweller who doesn’t understand for some it would be a choice between rent & food or an insurance policy.   They won’t be covered & will end up in the ER, the most expensive way to provide care.  The insurance policy wouldn’t cover them properly, anyway.

    BananaNazi doesn’t need to worry about an apocalypse here; folks will just die off from lack of access to healthcare.  Scandinavian countries will survive.

    Congress + insurance companies = death panel.


    *Nice piece on Huffpo.


  28. And the piece of garbage the GOP rolled out is just a worse version of Obamacare.

    They didn’t even get rid of the mandate.  You still get penalized if you have a coverage gap of more than two months.

    It’ll never pass anyway (and it shouldn’t), but for all of the wrong reasons.

    What about everyone else whose insurance policies cost more and cover less each year?  What happened to erasing the borders between states to make bigger pools and reduce premiums?  Heck, just close the loopholes in insurance policies so the bastards actually have to provide coverage.

    Coverage is rejected.  It can’t be applied toward your deductible.  You end up paying more than what your policy states is maximum out-of-pocket. Doctors and hospitals fall out-if-network.

    This country has great medical professionals and facilities.  Only the 1% can easily access them…and that is by design.   They are culling the herd.

  29. I’m not sure if tax breaks for employers who contribute to/provide coverage for employees will ensure better policies or not. They’re focused on ACA, but the whole system needs an overhaul.

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