So Long Mary

So many years ago I don’t remember how many my husband David (who adores Mary) wanted to go to her book signing down the street. It was a long line, of course. The whole time I was thinking will she do the hat toss for a picture. How many gazillion times had she been asked, would it be irritating. Naturally, she couldn’t have been more gracious. And flashed that trademark, unforgettable smile.


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  1. Hey…  look at that….  she has a Boston Red Sox hat.

    R.I.P Mary….  I loved your show.

  2. Mary Tyler Moore was so talented, but her comic acting and timing made her a favorite of mine.   A role model for the working woman of the 1970’s.


  3. Great picture

    I  loved that show

    Rhoda especially but  the whole cast was great.

    MTM was great in the Dick  Van Dyke show too

  4. R.I.P. Mary.  She was so wonderful in so many roles.

    We are dealing with amateur hour in the WH.  The weird gag order is one of the symptoms of clueless people.  We do not know what it really means and to do with it.  Fine, do not publish new regulations.  That is a given with new administrations.  Do not communicate with stakeholders.  That is one that is hard to figure out.  Say someone involved in importing goods calls a federal employee under the gag rule.  Their problem is their shipment is being held up at a port and they need someone to help get the shipment in.  The gag order states no communication unless it is dealing with security.  So much for a shipment of dolls.  Just give the executive order number and a phone number for the WH?

  5. Great picture & memory! Love the hat, love the show, love Mary RIP!

    I’d definitely like to meme what that guard might be thinking LOL!

  6. I also heard long ago that she was Sam, David Jannsen’s secretary in “Richard Diamond, Private Eye”.

    well, long story short, I added some cabinetry into the Guest House of a hundred acre creek front property across the street from my shop for some people who came down from Connecticut with scads of money…….the place had two gates…….one was a standardly nice iron job for the main entrance, but then around the way, there, was the second gate.  The owner’s husband, who was developing the place, well—he was a great bullshitter but he never missed a chance to tell me that the 2nd gates came from one of MTM’s houses in Connecticut.

    She had a great TV show.


  7. She’ll be sorely missed. I still laugh my ass off when I think of Chuckles the Clown’s funeral. And her performance in Ordinary People was a tour de force.  Also, Butch Trucks, Allman Brothers Band drummer and uncle of Derek Trucks (ABB guitarist extraordinare) also died yesterday. Not a great start for celebrities this year.

  8. Mary Tyler Moore began her show biz career as a dancer. She was amazingly graceful. I didn’t see the program very often. She was wonderful as Laura Petrie, too.


  9. I didn’t watch the MTM Show often. The Ted Baxter character, played to perfection by the late Ted Knight, drove me nuts. Now a version of Ted Baxter is the Usurper-in-Chief.

  10. In the Richard Diamond show she was never shown they only showed her legs and I think we heard her voice a couple times! Sexist early television at its best 🙂 I remember watching some episodes. I also loved the Dick Van Dyke show. It was one of my favorites at the time. I remember a lovely little movie she did with Elvis where she played a nun too. She was wonderful in everything she did.

  11. White House Insiders Say Donald Trump is “Demoralized” That No One Thinks He’s a Real President…

    he can go eat shit…

    KGC…  fixed your typo…

  12. Hats off to the National Park Service heroes who continue to tweet despite Donald’s orders.  Patriots, son!

    I nominate RR to be the trail’s official auto-correct person. 🙂

  13. Hello. I’m an old blog pal of Jamie’s. She turned me onto the site and I’ve lurked on and off for 8 or 9 years. Y’all fall into that category of people who are way more informed than I am, which is kind of intimidating.

    But I have noticed recently that my fingers have been jumping to the keyboard when reading through some of the comments. So I finally decided to delurk and see what’s what.

    I’m 52 soon to be 53, happily dedicated to my Lady of nearly 10 years. I’m a 2-time cancer survivor and a lover of CAKE, tacos, and cats.

    Be gentle.

  14. Hello, DaveB & TravisC !

    Glad to meet you here on the Trail !

    The next two years will be fraught with adventure. By 2018 your saddles will be well-polished, and your prose too.

  15. The Usurper-in-Chief’s example of massive voter fraud is based on a rumor about a past election supposedly voiced by a foreign golfer named Langer, who allegedly tried to vote and was rejected. From the rumor (or the voice of Langer in Orange Julius Caesar’s head), the deadbeat groper apparently extrapolated to

    1. an ‘alternative fact’

    2. a demonstrable ‘alternative fact’

    3. the 2016 election

    4. 3 – 5 M!LL!ON

    5. across America, rather than just in FL where Langer allegedly witnessed illegal voting

    6. the alleged illegal voting was by Hispanics (but apparently not Cuban-Americans)

    7. These Hispanics are alleged to be ‘illegal aliens’

    Henceforth rumors started (allegedly) by alien golfers will drive White House Domestic Policy.

    Classic Paranoid Schizophrenia. We have less than 2 years to get a Majority in the House and Senate that can remove the patient from office.

  16. I forgot to put in the URL :

  17. Thanks for the welcome XR!

    2018? That doesn’t actually seem so far away, does it? Pass me that saddle soap and I’ll sharpen up my spurs!

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