Corporate Blackmail Welfare

What an expensive PR stunt for Mr. Trump. His VP-elect/Indiana Gov. Mike Pence rigs a deal for taxpayers to pay off Carrier to stay in his state.

Is this the latest new normal? Corporations blackmailing government for welfare.

Bernie got this one right:

“In essence, United Technologies [Carrier’s parent] took Trump hostage and won. And that should send a shock wave of fear through all workers across the country.” — VT. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Washington Post)


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  1. as teddy r would say carry a big carrot along with a big stick.  the $10,000+ Indiana taxpayers paid per job saved was the big carrot and the big stick, lucrative fed contracts, will be paid for by all of us.
    Mr. Trump, too, played down the role of the incentives. And he said he did not directly raise the $5 billion to $6 billion in federal contracts United Technologies receives, much of it from the Pentagon.
    But company officials are acutely aware that its Pratt & Whitney unit, among other things, supplies jet engines to the Air Force’s most advanced fighter and many other planes, making it much more vulnerable to political pressure than other, lesser-known manufacturers that have been steadily closing shop in the Midwest and moving production south of the border.
    “It may have a played a role in their equation,” Mr. Trump allowed. “I never mentioned it. I didn’t feel I had to.”

    can’t see that much to crow about if the twit saved less than half the jobs scheduled to go south…. and that was only at one plant at one company.   and by the way, who paid for the expensive trip out there and back so he could wallow in applause?

  2. meanwhile back in the fun world

    Bloomberg: This Motorcycle of the Future Will Also Power Your Home

    First released in late 2014, some 60 Johammers are storming across Europe. While it’s the first electric motorcycle to cover more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) on a single charge, what comes next might make it even more revolutionary. The next generation, now under development, while parked might also double as battery storage behind home solar-power panels. A prototype—think of a Tesla Powerwall on wheels—is already in use in Switzerland.


    Two versions of the J1 are available. The top spec J1.200 costs 25,000 euros ($26,750), capable of traveling 125 miles on tough terrain, and 186 miles urban—more ground than a standard Harley-Davidson Sportster can cover. A full recharge takes 3.5 hours, but it can be blast-charged in 80 minutes.

    “We’re at the stage cars were at 100 years ago. The infrastructure was limited but it grew quickly,” says Hammerschmid. “The same will happen with e-vehicles, and it won’t just be gas stations used for recharging.” Homes, workplaces, shopping malls, parking garages—all will become places to recharge.

  3. Having a flashback, but doesn’t Elkhart, Indiana owe President Obama an RV or two of gratitude for saving its’ collective ass?

    Speaking of flashbacks, on this date in 2001 Enron filed for bankruptcy. Wonder how many of the small fry even know what that was all about. Or care.



  4. Fahrvergnugen! The motorcycle looks neat but I would be happiest if I lived in a community where I could walk to work, the store, etc.  Driving would be for fun, not destination.


  5. imo the twit has jumped the shark with kelly anne and rudy…


    solar & our other trail marines, any experience with “mad dog” mattis  you care to share with us?  no so sure twit’s comparison of him to patton is all that much of a complement if meant on a personal level.  patton wasn’t exactly miss congeniality.

  6. politico on some of his more memorable  quotes: 

    “I don’t lose any sleep at night over the potential for failure. I cannot even spell the word,” he once said.)

    Reporters who have followed the arc of the four-star general’s 44-year military career from the sands of Iraq to the halls of the Pentagon have dubbed his many pithy statements “Mattisisms”; his legion of admirers call him either “the Warrior Monk” or “Mad Dog.” One Mattisism — “be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet”

  7. I see a difference between Obama bailing out a critical failing industry and paying off companies threatening to go offshore. Carrier is profitable, just wanted to make more money with cheap labor.

  8. slate:

    On Thursday, CNN aired a segment that demonstrates how the incoming president’s direct repetition of blatant falsehoods is likely having an effect on the electorate that is potent for current and future propaganda purposes. Analyzing the life cycle of this particular lie helps demonstrate the elaborate feedback loop through which conservative media and the Trump campaign invented elaborate myths of voter fraud, which then were apparently regurgitated after this election as supposed proof of voter fraud in 2016 by previously fringe media outlets, which were then apparently cited by the President-elect, whose words have encouraged his voters to believe the popular vote was stolen.

    In the CNN segment, a Trump supporter argues that 3 million people voted illegally. “Voting is a privilege in this country and you need to be legal not like California where three million illegals voted,” a Trump supporter told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

  9. Trump praised Mattis for being so much like Patton, who wanted to start WW III, and Eisenhower knocked him down.

  10. patd, that is one sweet scooter.  I’ve never seen a forkless front end on a motorcycle or a front wheel mounted on a full swing arm.  I’m very curious about the steering on it.  Regardless – that’s a neat looking bike and being electric I bet it’s a hoot to ride.

    The Carrier bribe is particularly concerning.  As patd notes, Carrier is part of United Technologies – you know, the guys who build the jet engines for the F-35 Joint Forces fighter? “It may have a played a role in their equation,” Mr. Trump allowed. “I never mentioned it. I didn’t feel I had to.” Right.  Bullshit. Apparently it took a $7M bribe from the people of Indiana (who’s the governor there?) to keep that production line and the Carrier jobs in Indiana. Lessee, $7M/1000 is what, a payment of $7,000 per job? Not sure where the $10,000 figure came from but it’s certainly in the ballpark.  Interesting way to keep manufacturers from leaving.  “Stay, we’ll pay you, and oh, about that P&W single source contract, we may be looking at it…”

  11. What is more interesting than 800 jobs not going to Mexico, 300 were not going to be moved, are the 1200 jobs where are going to be eliminated.  On top of this, it was Pence giving Indiana money to Carrier, not the floater using his money.  Yeah, I super impressed at the floater taking credit for giving state tax payer money away.  There is a reason most politicians avoid treading into buying companies to stay put.

  12. SJWNY

    In response to our discussion about how Trump would compare with previous Presidents, here are four of them.  I tried to pick informal rather than prepared or scripted speech.  Can you imagine Trump in any of these circumstances where he wouldn’t sound totally deficient.

    Ford & Carter

    George H W Bush

    George W Bush

  13. BB, I may be dense this morning, but I can’t follow that 9:23 post. Could you provide a link to the source material?

  14. patd, I went to the Johammer site.  Interesting.  The specs sound a lot like my Honda 750 ACE, but electric and 110-150 pounds lighter.  Similar performance specs (sluggish by motorcycle standards but respectable and comfortable to ride), but with a top end speed limited to 75 mph (Honda claims a 120 mph top end for mine, but no way I’d have it over 85) which is pretty remarkable considering that mine is the culmination of over a century of m/c development and the Johammer is probably fairly the result of a decade or so of electric m/c development – and of course was redesigned as a more modern bike in 2004.  It takes 2.3-3.5 hours to charge for the 150-200 km range of the two models.  The range/recharging time is the current bugaboo with all electrics – I’ll be so happy when the next big battery breakthrough happens).

    A little more research and it appears the steering is a two-arm affair kind of like the 1930 Majestic. You remember that don’t you? 🙂

  15. oswegodemocrat: 2016 Recount Update: Republicans Freaking out in Wisconsin, and Greens File for Hand Counts in Michigan


    Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate, filed a petition for a recount in Michigan on Wednesday, after a state board overseeing election results certified that Donald Trump won the state’s race by 10,704 votes, or a margin of just 0.22 percent of the 4.7 million votes cast. The Greens paid a $973,250 filing fee for a recount that is expected to start on Friday.

    The state will hand-count these ballots, which is the standard Stein and a cadre of computer scientists and election experts say is the most accurate way to verify the results. That’s because the high-speed scanners used in Michigan (and much of Wisconsin) can misread ballots and are vulnerable to hackers seeking to adjust vote totals. After Election Day, for example, “there were 75,335 under-count tallies—votes that machines did not record as selecting anyone for president—nearly double the amount recorded in 2012,” the Greens’ press release said.

    “America’s voting machines and optical scanners are prone to errors and susceptible to outside manipulation,” said J. Alex Halderman, a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan who has helped the Greens by filing legal statements supporting a hand count.

    “Paper ballots, like those used in Michigan’s elections, are the best defense we have against cyberattacks, but that defense is only effective if we actually look at the paper trail after the election,” he said Wednesday. “That’s precisely why we need this recount—to examine the physical evidence, to look under the hood. A recount is the best way, and indeed the only way in 2016, to ensure public confidence that the results are accurate, authentic and untainted by outside interference.”


    whhhaaatt!!! and they declared he won by only 10,704?  why haven’t we heard more about this little tidbit:   After Election Day, for example, “there were 75,335 under-count tallies—votes that machines did not record as selecting anyone for president—nearly double the amount recorded in 2012,”

  16. nbc: Elizabeth Warren Demands Answers on Trump’s DC Hotel Lease

    Two top Senate Democrats are pressing the government to explain how Donald Trump’s federal lease to operate a luxury hotel near the White House can go forward despite what they call the “unmanageable conflicts of interest” presented by the president becoming his own landlord — as well as a provision that bans government officials from the deal.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts joined with Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware, ranking Democrat on the committee that oversees government operations, in sending a letter Thursday to the General Services Administration, which in 2013 awarded a lease to the Trump organization to redevelop and run a hotel in the Old Post Office Pavilion on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Trump committed $200 million to transform the historic building into a hotel, and in return received the exclusive rights to run the hotel and keep the profits for a period of at least 60 years.

    While Trump has said he will hand off control of his real estate empire to his children, he has not said whether he will transfer ownership.

    First, critics say, that would mean the Trump organization would be negotiating annual rent payments with federal bureaucrats who work for Donald Trump.

    And second, the GSA lease includes a standard provision stating that “No…elected official of the Government of the United States…shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom…”

    “Federal procurement officials include this clause in lease agreements to avoid the appearance of favoritism or preferential treatment toward federal officials,” Warren and Carper write. “GSA officials managing the agreement are required to balance their duties to execute the terms of the contract entered into with the building’s tenant while also protecting the interests of the building’s landlord.”

    However, the senators continued, “once President-elect Trump assumes office, he will oversee GSA and have the authority to appoint a new GSA Administrator, which will effectively make President-elect Trump landlord and tenant at the same time. Terms of the agreement also require annual disclosures of sensitive financial information and for GSA to renegotiate rent adjustments and other payments to the Trump Organization. Such a scenario will present unmanageable conflicts of interest for career GSA officials and President-elect Trump and result in a breach of plain language of the lease agreement.”

    Warren and Carper add that the GSA’s relationship with President-elect Trump “is also complicated by two provisions in the Constitution prohibiting the President from receiving additional ’emoluments’ salaries, fees, or profits — from either the U.S. or foreign governments.”

    They point out that Article II, Section 1, Clause 7 of the Constitution, states: “The President shall…receive for his Services, a Compensation…and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.”

  17. McCain’s defense of Phoenix University (a for profit school that screwed army vets) is appalling

    The Army allowed them on bases to recruit students and now these students want to go on the graduate programs or law school and are finding that “real” schools won’t accept their degrees.  The army is at fault as well as the fake school administrators.

    Is this more of the Trump effect — anyone can start up a phony school and collect student fees from the feds and provide no service.

    Right now the biggest problem is what can get through the thick skulls of the Trump supporters and the Republican Party who think they are going to get something out of this.  Right now Trump has made the media (except for Fox and Trump TV) irrelevant. There is tons of stuff on Trump…plenty of reporting on why the Carrier deal sucks (not even including all of Trump’s own revisionist history.)  But it is not getting through because Trump told them and they have chosen to believe it that the media is lying and against him because they represent the monied interests.

    Someone -something – has to have an equal voice to Trump and be heard.  And perhaps the answer is many voices

    Trump is the ultimate Republican –  he doesn’t think his “factual” statements have to be true — except in his mind.

  18. Jill Stein is now officially the Ralph Nader of 2016. Stein votes/Trump margin: MI: 51,463/10,704 PA: 49,678/46,765 WI: 31,006/22,177

  19. Jamie

    Although true – I think we need a broad coalition on the left and we should look forward

    Wall St Journal  pooed pooed Trump’s deal and instead of getting the best deal — the American people got the worst deal.

  20. I’m going to Publix in about half an hour. On the top of my list are that basic old person’s standby–Lunchables. On sale this week, buck apiece. Anybody need anything?

  21. whatta ya wanna bet those misreading high speed scanner voting machines are diebolds.  remember this old story from 2003 in ny times: Machine Politics In the Digital Age

  22. Pat: From what I’ve read this morning “mad dog” mattis seems to absolutely love war. I’m stocking up on spam and powdered eggs :/

    Jamie: I had to laugh when I read that article about trump blocking so many people on twitter. He probably thinks that if he blocks someone it means nobody can read their tweets because he’s that powerful. He’s actually the devil but hasn’t a clue. If he takes office & takes over @POTUS I will stop following that twitter account. I don’t follow the devil so I won’t follow him when he takes over that account. The end of the article gave me a new hashtag to use. I don’t tweet too much anymore but I’ll be using #BlockTrump along with #RESIST in the future!

  23. Flatus, if you haven’t left yet, I could use a package of english muffins and a half gallon of almond milk. Thanks.

    Burgers on english muffins for lunch, when you get here.

  24. mother jones:

    Just thought I’d mention it. As of today, she leads Donald Trump in the popular vote by 2.56 million votes, a margin of 1.89 percent. In the three key swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin that gave him his victory, Trump’s combined lead is less than 80,000 votes. By any measure you can think of, Trump has the narrowest victory of any president in the last century; the smallest mandate; and is by far the least liked.

  25. politico:

    Allies of Donald Trump are trying to freeze recount efforts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — three states in which the president-elect narrowly beat Hillary Clinton — as they seek to preserve the legitimacy of Trump’s win.

    A team of Trump attorneys filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania late Thursday requesting a dismissal of Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s recount effort, arguing that she lacks a valid claim and merely “alleges speculative illegality.”

    On Friday morning, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a lawsuit to stop the recount there, a move that came hours after Trump attorneys had filed a complaint to block the proceedings.

    And soon after, a pro-Trump super PAC filed suit in Wisconsin, insisting Stein’s recount push could “unjustifiably cast doubt upon the legitimacy of President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s victory.”

    While there’s no indication of coordination among the pro-Trump entities and the Republican state attorney general, they all filed lawsuits against Stein’s recount efforts within 24 hours or so.

  26. XR, I’m so sorry, just read your shopping list. I did buy Thomas bagels–a good assortment of them–the ‘everything’ bagels might work with a beef patty. I’ll bring some of them and a case of Yuengling; see you in a few.

  27. Jamie,

    William Henry Harrison talked for an hour at his inauguration & died shortly after. The next White House occupant may not expire after his speech but the experience may be even more painful. For us. In so many ways.

    Do we have any great orators today? Anyone who could make a living just by talking? Or is this a lost Art from the 19th century?





  28. I see some Clintonistas are still looking for someone to blame. Look at the stupid campaign awready !

    There. I feel better now.

  29. Look at the stupid campaign awready !

    xr, yeah, that stupid campaign got more votes tho… can you imagine the landslide avalanche had it been less stupid?


    upto now according to  upi  Hillary Clinton‘s popular vote lead over President-elect Donald Trump has surpassed 2.5 million, according to an independent analysis.

    Cook Political Report on Friday said Clinton had 65,250,267 votes compared to Trump’s 62,686,000 votes.

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