resist-t-shirts-men-s-premium-t-shirtOK I tried. Donald Trump is an anomaly, an anathema, an outlier in all of American history. We cannot abide this lunatic. Despite my efforts to accept our constitutional choice, this just cannot stand. What tripped my wire? His tweet lying about the popular vote, that millions of illegals account for his massive loss of a majority vote. All we can do is resist, and here we will do that from now on. Bide your time. Stick to your principles.


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  1. “HOUSEKEEPING: I will be overhauling the site on Dec. 6, clearing out some old code and installing updated security measures, could be some temporary glitches.”

    boss, is this in prep to ward off our own pearl harbor, drumpfworld, and be in proper defense mode?  the trail doing the resistance thingy may land us as co-defendants and fellow travelers in the inevitable upcoming lawsuit twit vs truth.

  2. Hi Craig.I with you!  I have tried and tried too.

    The 1st Amendment is under attack for a fact and so , now is  medicare.

    Ryan announced quietly, he working with the administration  on phasing it out and privatizing .

    More to come and he’s  not even sworn in yet. WE ARE IN TROUBLE.


  3. Ah Chef Sheila, visit us often, need your voice. Right behind you in a few years, Pogo, just useless medical savings accounts for us. PatD, preparing for the worst.

  4. Jamie, I like the subhead of that article: “The last-ditch effort to stop Donald Trump is gaining momentum.”

  5. Washington Post: “Here’s a fun little thought experiment demonstrating the fundamental arbitrariness of the electoral college: Had two state borders been drawn just a little bit differently, shifting a total of four counties from one state to another, Hillary Clinton would have won the election.”

    VOX: “Make the Electoral College great again: let ‘conscientious electors’ do their job”

  6. for those who are into odd ball rescue animals… this vid in ny time op ed will interest you

    warning tho’ a bit depressing in some spots… actually most of it but funny in a black humor way.

  7. patd, lol.


    Now yours from the last thread “But burning-banners’ arguments ultimately founder on the rock of the First Amendment, which, if it means anything, means that the people have the right to express their views through the widest possible range of nonviolent means, even — or, perhaps, especially — those views that offend most deeply. ”  Exactly what the framers were protecting – speech against the government without fear of criminal punishment.  

    And Craig, your work on the site yesterday worked wonders. All is smooth and quick now.

  8. pogo, that was wapo’s editors who said that, not me.  they were talking about scalia opining likewise.  ironic, isn’t it?

  9. At first I thought the recount bit was useless and still think Frump will be the next prez.  But it’s obviously bugging the hell outta Frump and his supporters.  For that reason alone I say…  let the recount commence!

  10. Well Welcome aboard – now what.  What does resistance look like?

    I think it has to concentrate on the house.  People need to know what their representative is doing to end medicare and social security.

    The stupid ass goopers made a big deal out of “death squads”  well Paul Ryan is the head of the death squad.  Senior citizens died from medical issues that shouldn’t have been fatal before medicare.

    And let’s be clear all Ryan is doing is getting rid of old people — why does he hate senior citizens? His grampa probably told him he looks like Eddie Munster

    Trump is 70 does he collect social security and does he have medicare

  11. KC, he’d be stupid not to, so probably not.

    Trust me on this – they will screw medicare up for seniors if they privatize it.  The medicare portion of my premium going forward is $134/mo. for Part B, like everyone who elects it.  My supplement is $100/mo.  My private insurance premium for 2017 would have amounted to $1,400.00/mo. (half of the premium for me, Mrs. P and LP) plus a shitload of out of pockets I won’t have now.  That’s what privatization looks like to me.  Privatization is nothing more or less than a boondoggle for insurers IMHO.

  12. My medicare monthly payment will be $75 to the Insurance carrier over and above what is automatically deducted from my Social Security.  In addition I have a $15 copay for primary physician and $50 copay for specialists. Then there are all sort of fees for drugs, emergency admissions if necessary etc.  Outside of a bad back and an arrhythmic heart that needs to checked every few months, I’m really healthy.  Anyone who thinks that the majority of seniors after a life time of work, still pretty much pay their own way, just doesn’t understand the system.



    Latest Daily Total. Looking at the differences in the votes in the 13 Battleground States and the rest of the nation, it is easy to see just how out of balance we are in expressing the national will due to the Electoral College


  14. from our David’s shop, he’s on the case …

    Medicare will soon be on life-support if Paul Ryan and Donald Trump get their way.

    Trump and Ryan plan to turn over your health care decisions to private insurance companies. They call it “Medicare Modernization,” or “Premium Support.”

    We call it: Medicare Privatization.

    Which means A LOT MORE MONEY coming out of YOUR POCKET for a lot less health coverage.

    We can stop them. Contribute $5, $10 or $20 right now to the Alliance for Retired Americans.

    Will you be able to keep your doctor, or will you get shoved into an HMO? Will insurance companies take you? How much more will you have to pay in premiums and out-of-pocket?

    Together, we’ll protect your Medicare from the greedy insurance companies and Washington, D.C. lobbyists selling this snake oil. You earned your Medicare guaranteed benefits. We’re not going to stand for this swindle.

    Contribute today.

    Join the 4.4 million Alliance members fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security.

    Your support makes our work to save Social Security and Medicare possible. I’m proud to have you by my side. Thank you.

    Richard Fiesta

    Executive Director
    Alliance for Retired Americans

  15. Craig

    The link to the Alliance that you posted is in your name.  I’m sure others could change that but you might want to post a generic page instead.

  16. What else can we do besides donate money?

    A problem that needs to be addressed because it can be used to confuse people…is that many people can’t find a doc who takes medicare.

    We belong to Kaiser so no problem for us – but many people who live especially in rural areas can’t find a doc – especially since rural areas have a lower medicare payment schedule.  Which is a bunch of hooey.

    I think the best offense is to start talking about universal medicare.  Apparently Trump is a believer is some kind of universal care option – it makes financial and operational sense – otherwise you end up with everyone in the emergency room

    In the art of the deal — universal coverage is the best deal.


  17. ‘Let them eat ‘Cake’ translates to: ‘Let them eat French Fries’ which really means, ‘Let them eat Frogs’ Legs’ C’est la vie

  18. KGC, Pogo

    Both my mom and my mother in law are experiencing problems with Dr’s dropping medicare. In my discussions with the Dr’s each one said that 2017 has huge changes and that it is no longer profitable for them to take medicare patients. Neither one lives in a rural area but they are saying that new medicare price controls no longer make it viable for them to participate.


  19. Craig: You know I’m onboard! I’ve signed many petitions and donated bits of my meager SS$ to many groups offering resistance. The latest one, today, was to encourage Congress to investigate the many areas of corruption in trump’s past & present including looking into his taxes. I’ll keep signing & donating. I also follow all my Senators and Congressional Reps and will do whatever I can to always remind them to do the right thing when votes come up or bills are discussed. These are little things, but they are things I can do! #RESIST 

    I keep reading articles that indicate that in most states EC members are able to give their vote to the winner of the popular vote. Am I reading that wrong? If they can do that why would they not do it? Am I being naive thinking that should be a no brainer?

    A question for Trail hands from Texas…In view of their ongoing war on women, why do any women live there? I bet trump thinks this is a great idea!


  20. Another thing that will lead to the early death of more seniors is the Old People Killer Ryan would eliminate all the preventative services that are the insurers responsibility.

    The GOP = Death to Seniors

    My niece is a doctor in Phoenix with Practice One – when she opened her practice to medicare patients – so many applied she had to cut it off.

    Paul ‘I hate poor old people’ Ryan and his killer cohorts have made sure payment doesn’t represent true costs. He should call his bill the private insurance nd big pharma protection plan bill.

    The choice myth is the one – that to get the best you have to be able to chose. Another pile of shit. Mr Cracker had a whole host of bad things happen last year. We’d still be sorting through docs and he’d be dead. People have to have faith in their instincts – you know if your doc has your best interests at heart.

  21. Listening to everyone’s sad tales about both regular insurance and Medicare, I’m tempted to tell them all to move to Washington, but we are getting too much like California as it is.  I’m not sure why but given state regulations, insurance corp cooperation, three major medical alliances that I know of (Group Health, Multicare, and Community Health) the service is excellent.  On top of that service for both active military and Veterans is provided through Madigan that takes care of Joint Base Lewis-McCord.

  22. Jamie,  fascinating numbers those vote counts you linked.  seems pretty clear that 37 states wanted Hillary by far more than they wanted him and the 13 swingers wanted the drumpf by just a tad more than her.   that 829,194  sure is a poor paltry way to pick a prez.

  23. “in most states EC members are able to give their vote to the winner of the popular vote”

    granny, they probably mean the pop vote of their state, not the nation as a whole.  merely recognizing proportional vote would be the sensible step in those winner take all states.  but some electors signed promises under oath to vote a particular way and now can’t renege on their oath.

  24. Jax,

    I hate hearing stories such as that. When a bean counter figures out how much it costs to treat a patient, she includes all the fixed costs of maintaining the practice–costs that will be there whether or not the doc sees the old farts. Many of the Medicare patients joined the doc’s practice years before they went on Medicare–they’ve payed for the roof, the new x-ray machines, the automated lab equipment, the memberships, etc. And they want to replace these patients who have a genuine stake in the practice? Hell, no.

    Refresh the doc with the above. Then ask him to subtract those fixed charges from your current bills. And suggest to him that you will be the best patient she ever had. you will be on time for appointments, will take prescribed meds as directed and nothing else, and you won’t bug him. And that you will only refer wealthy young people to her practice.

    Then point out that your years of unquestioning loyalty to him deserve the same from her to you; that you will be out on the street for good if your loyalty isn’t repaid in-kind.

  25. The medicare repayment schedule is set by federal law and geography.  (zip codes actually)  True story an oregon congessman got his town’s zip code changed to get a better medicare repayment schedule

    Medicare is now a supplemental health insurance, not the real thing.  It has been artificially held back by republican regulations in an attempt to kill it.  An outright attack is just the coup de gras Seniors without additional insurance are consigned more and more to urgent care centers.

    Many doctors do accept medicare patients but it is the primary reason most people have additional insurance in order to get some one to see you — unless you are part of something  ppi, hmo etc

    Perhaps Trump will give lesson to seniors on how to negotiate with your doctor as part of the termination of medicare.

  26. Granny,

    Yes most states do vote for the popular vote winner in that state.  There is another alternative that hasn’t happened yet that gets around the Electoral College.  Eleven states have passed laws that allow tell their electors to vote for the National popular vote winner but they won’t go into effect until passed by states with a total of 105 more electoral votes join them so that at least half of the states in the nation use that method.

    You can check if your state is among them and if not encourage your state to join them.  


  27. Sarah Palin  Secy for the Dept of Veterans Affairs  Thank you John McCain  that cannot be serious




  28. Jax, that’s just the next chapter in what is becoming a long book on docs opting out of medicare.  I’m fortunate in that our local hospital and the system it’s a member of participate in medicare – we have an older population here and if they didn’t they wouldn’t be able to keep the doors open.  There are plenty of docs who don’t participate, and luckily my doc isn’t one of them.  They know how to make the books work somehow.  If I were a private MD I would have to think twice about participating in M/C.  Like KC pointed out, they artificially reduce payments below actual costs in many instances.

  29. Jamie: Yes MA is in the 11. I know I’ve signed at least one petition to make going by the popular vote nationwide. The system is so flawed and never has it mattered more 🙁

  30. KC, she wants Energy.  She was on TV yesterday blathering about coal and oil and fossil fuels God has given us to use.  If brains were dynamite she could not blow her nose.

  31. Jamie,

    My understanding on that EC popular vote measure is that it would be operable when states with a total of 271 electoral votes pass the law.

  32. Today is the 1,000th anniversary of the death of Edmund ‘Ironside’, King of England. From Wikipedia :
     The location of his death is uncertain though it is generally accepted that it occurred in London, rather than in Oxford where  Henry of Huntingdon claimed it to be in his sordid version of events, which included Edmund’s murder by suffering multiple stab wounds whilst on a privy, while tending to a call of nature.[6] Geoffrey Gaimar states a similar occurrence with the weapon being a crossbow, but with a number of other medieval chroniclers including the Encomium Emmae Reginae not mentioning murder, it is thought Edmund’s cause of death may possibly have been caused by wounds received in battle or by some disease, but it is certainly a possibility that he was murdered.
    Edmund was buried near his grandfather Edgar at Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, however the abbey was destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century, any remains of a monument or crypt would have been plundered and the location of his remains is unclear.
    Sic transit Gloria Mudi

  33. Form a line to watch the hypocrisy parade:

    Gen. Petraeus, one of the people on Trump’s list for Secretary of State, would have to check with his probation officer before leaving western N.C.

  34. I don’t think general betrayus can get a security clearance, any more than illegal immigrant Melania can.

  35. Just watched Trumbo (streaming on Amazon Prime) again. I watched it when it first came out last year but it was harder to watch this time. I was acutely aware of how quickly this country can spiral out of control when bad people come to power in Washington. Best line, when Trumbo meets one of the Congressmen from the “committee” in prison. Congressman “Well look at us both in jail.” Trumbo “Yes and only one of us actually committed a crime.” followed by sheepish look from Congressman. LOL!

  36. This is a test,it is only a not adjust your screens. Jace is messing around on his new iPad. Sweet!

    your regular programming will return momentarily.


    If the Electoral College actually does the right thing, you can bet that the bullies will demand a recount.

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