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By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

In this new series watch as President-elect Trump marches a never-ending series of Republican, conservative politicians and talking heads into the famous Trump Tower set of the “Apprentice” to vie and compete for a small number of White House and U.S. Cabinet positions to run our government.  Starting Sunday November 27th, watch as camera’s go live in the Trump boardroom where potential nominees can be seen arguing policy and pulling out all of the stops to castrate their opponents and destroy the opposition.

Emceed by the soon-to-be former governor of Indiana, watch our prospective leaders be grilled by none other than Ivanka and Eric, of the Trump family.  Sparks will fly, feelings will be hurt – but the viewing public will be tantalized by this “show of shows”.  We’ll also see continuous coverage by the major network and cable media – posting a never-ending “candidate-watch” outside the front doors of the majestic “Big Apple White House”.


Where to watch:  All of your favorite TV and cable networks, online news sources and bogs.

When to watch:  Coverage will be continuous with never-ending post-interview coverage on all of the major entertainment news networks.

Series length:    November 9th, 2016 through January 19th, 2017

Don’t forget to check your phone for ongoing show “teaser tweets” from none-other than the President-elect”

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26 thoughts on “Now playing: The “Apprentice – the Cabinet Series””

  1. well, well, the fruit (or the nut in this case) doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    from cbs: Report: Letter reveals Donald Trump’s grandfather fought expulsion from Germany

    BERLIN – A handwritten letter has been found in a German archive in which President-elect Donald Trump’s grandfather unsuccessfully fought his expulsion from the country for failing to perform mandatory military service.

    Bild newspaper on Monday printed the 1905 letter located by an historian, in which Friedrich Trump wrote Bavarian Prince Luitpold begging the “well-loved, noble, wise and just” leader not to deport him. Luitpold rejected the “most subservient request.”

    Trump’s grandfather was born in Kallstadt, then part of Bavaria, and immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager without performing his military service. It was after he’d made his fortune there and tried to resettle in Germany that he was ordered expelled, and returned to the U.S.

    Rhineland-Palatinate state archive spokeswoman Isabell Weisbrod says Friedrich Trump’s birth certificate’s also in the archive.

    Politico reports Friedrich Trump changed his name to Frederick Trump shortly after arriving in the U.S. for the first time at the age of 16. He reportedly got his start in Seattle and the Yukon, running brothels for gold miners.

    Trump biographer Gwenda Blair wrote in the Politico piece about the president-elect’s grandfather that the junior Trump very much follows the path to success laid out by his German-born patriarch.

    “I found when I wrote a book about Donald, his father, and his grandfather, what has defined the current candidate for president more than anything else is a family culture of doing whatever it takes to come out on top and never giving up,” Blair wrote….

  2. so is the gop embrace of revised family values (multiple marriages, lying, cheating, profiting from brothels/gambling) as personified by their leader a manifestation of forgiveness or hypocrisy?

  3. daily beast:

    Hillary Clinton’s lead over President-elect Donald Trump in the popular vote now exceeds 2 million, according to reports. Dave Wasserman, of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, said Clinton has received 64,223,958 votes, where Trump has 62,206,395 votes. Still, Trump grabbed more than the required 270 Electoral College votes and prevailed Nov. 8. Last week on Twitter, Trump wrote: “If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily.” Despite Trump’s win, on Tuesday evening, a group of computer scientists, activists, and election lawyers urged for a recount in three states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, citing abnormalities in the results.


  4. nymag: Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States

    Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump, New York has learned. The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private

    ….The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000.  While it’s important to note the group has not found proof of hacking or manipulation, they are arguing to the campaign that the suspicious pattern merits an independent review — especially in light of the fact that the Obama White House has accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee.

  5. As of this morning, Hillary is now more than two million votes ahead of the President Elect.  Hillary:  64,223,958 or 48.1%.  Trump:  62,206,395 or 46.6%.  Difference 2,017,563  

  6. craig & david, be careful. remember Charlie who got stuck trapped there.

    “M.T.A.”, often called “The MTA Song”, is a 1949 song by Jacqueline Steiner and Bess Lomax Hawes. Known informally as “Charlie on the MTA”, the song’s lyrics tell of a man named Charlie trapped on Boston’s subway system, then known as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). The song was originally recorded as a mayoral campaign song for Progressive Party candidate Walter A. O’Brien. A version of the song with the candidate’s name changed became a 1959 hit when recorded and released by the Kingston Trio, an American folk group.

    The song has become so entrenched in Boston lore that the Boston-area transit authority named its electronic card-based fare collection system the “CharlieCard” as a tribute to this song. The transit organization, now called the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), held a dedication ceremony for the card system in 2004 which featured a performance of the song by the Kingston Trio and then-governor Mitt Romney.

  7. here’s the boston globe‘s take on the gao letter:

    Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Elijah Cummings issued a request Wednesday for a federal agency to review President-elect Donald Trump’s transition to the White House amid reports of chaos and disarray.

    In the letter to the Government Accountability Office, Warren and Cummings laid out a number of concerns regarding the transfer of power, including potential conflicts of interest related to President-elect Trump’s businesses and his family.
    Up to $9.5 million has been allocated by Congress for the transition, the two Democrats wrote.
    “Mr. Trump’s apparent conflicts of interest — and his behavior during the campaign and after his election — raise questions about the use of taxpayer funds during the transition,” they wrote.

    Warren and Cummings point to the lack of a true blind trust for Trump’s businesses and his meeting with three business partners from India among their issues with the transition.

    On Tuesday, Trump told The New York Times he was not required to place boundaries between his business and his administration.

    “The president can’t have a conflict of interest,” he said.

    The letter to the GAO also pointed to other reports of diplomats being hosted by the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., payments from the Secret Service due to Trump’s use of his own plane for transportation, and potential violations of national security protocol.

    Warren and Cummings asked that that review begin “as quickly as possible.” Trump will be inaugurated Jan. 20.

  8. DaveV…   very clever…

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone….  eats lots and watch some football.

  9. Well folks, after a week of real work (well… 2 1/2 days) the holiday is upon us.  Everyone have a good Thanksgiving, beware the dreaded tryptophan hangover and be safe.  I will check in from time to time as I recover from overeating, watch football, and generally screw around. I’ve been casually following politics this week with no real time to comment.

  10. DV: LOL between tears & trembles! Everytime I read about a new appointee or potential apointee, I do think about that show. None on them will last long even when “hired” because as soon as they disagree with stumpy he’ll say “you’re fired”!

    Pat: You beat me on both MTA and Lizzie 🙂 I’ve been making meat pie filling (Tourtiere) and cranberry sauce.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, have safe travels and happy gatherings. 😀 XX OO <3 <3 😀




  11. granny, just finished  traditional 1 package fresh cranberries, 1 whole seedless orange, 2 cups pecans and 1 cup sugar all chopped and mixed and in the ‘fridge for flavor marrying.  never was one much for the cooked or jellied styles, but oohh how I love the fresh along with a savory bite of turkey.

  12. msn from wsj:

    Donald Trump’s eldest son, emerging as a potential envoy for the president-elect, held private discussions with diplomats, businessmen and politicians in Paris last month that focused in part on finding a way to cooperate with Russia to end the war in Syria, according to people who took part in the meetings.

    Thirty people, including Donald Trump Jr., attended the Oct. 11 event at the Ritz Paris, which was hosted by a French think tank. The founder of the think tank, Fabien Baussart, and his wife, Randa Kassis, have worked closely with Russia to try to end the conflict.

    Ms. Kassis, who was born in Syria, is a leader of a Syrian opposition group endorsed by the Kremlin. The group wants a political transition in Syria—but in cooperation with President Bashar al-Assad, Moscow’s close ally.

    The disclosure of a meeting between the younger Mr. Trump and pro-Russia figures—even if not Russian government officials—poses new questions about contacts between the president-elect, his family and foreign powers. It is also likely to heighten focus on the elder Mr. Trump’s stated desire to cooperate with the Kremlin once in office.

  13. patd – there is a reason I keep listing the floater being bounced out of office first due to treason.  At some point even the R’s which stuck their noses up his stinking ass will decide they can lick no further.  Putin is no Hitler, maybe a Stalin wannabe, but not a Hitler, and they do not want Putin paddling up the Potomac.

    Well, banana plant did not like early this morning when the temperature plummeted to 29F.  Now to bed it for the winter and let it start up again next year.

  14. BB

    If you buy a banana plant certified to produce fruit suitable for banana splits, there’s a chance that they’ll winter over—in Miami.

    Have good Thanksgivings, all!

  15. The real legacy in jeopardy under the new Congress? LBJ’s Great Society.

    Good historical review.

    With majorities in both houses, congressional Republicans under the leadership of House Speaker Paul Ryan have signaled their plans to disassemble not just the Affordable Care Act, but also Medicaid and Medicare.

  16. Pat: It’s obscene that his children with no political experience are sitting in on these important political meetings. I think Keith’s newest video may surprise a few here.

    BB: The Resistance addresses how he may be ousted from power. It’s a funny video but frightening because it tells me that in a few months Democracy as we know it will be gone. Not a new thought, I think it really happened on November 8th.


    Hard to believe, this tradition is almost 50 years old

    Have a great thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat.

    and watch out for Officer Obie


  18. 50 years? God do I feel old…I can remember seeing it at a great little theater that seated you at seats with counters and served beer, pizza and sandwiches. Very civilized.  And I had hair.

  19. It’s bad enough that we have coal and oil companies littering all over the place. We gotta let adolescent folk singers do it too ? Litterbuggery, that’s what it is. If I’da found that boy’s name under that pile of garbage, I’d have hanged the kid. Plus, those father rapers.

  20. I’m preparing for a tryptophan hangover this evening. Gonna say screw the diet. Turkey, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie…if I don’t survive I’ll go contented.

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