Vote Counting Time In America

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Closing Times

  • 6 p.m. – Indiana, Kentucky
  • 7 p.m. – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia
  • 7:30 p.m. – North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia
  • 8 p.m. – Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas
  • 8:30 p.m. – Arkansas
  • 9 p.m. – Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Wisconsin, Wyoming
  • 10 p.m. – Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah
  • 11 p.m. – Alaska, California, Hawaii, Washington

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126 thoughts on “Vote Counting Time In America”

  1. that lame republican woman msnbc has on has no clue — there is no hope for Trump

  2. Florida is at 8 PM due to the Panhandle.  Now I know you do not want to count those votes !!!!

  3. Craig – Do you really trust the assumptions and correlative values being used to build your hopes?

  4. Craig – Which of the Hillary networks are you watching?  Clinton New Network (AKA Corrupt News Network)  ABC (All Bout Clinton – lead by the intern from the Carter Admin)  Actually MSNBC in the AM has been the most fair and balanced, but as the sun sets so does their journalistic ability,…

  5. One thing about working on 3rd shift is that while most people are sleeping we find out the results and can complain about them right away.

  6. Just for pure curiosity, I still want to see what the women of Texas do.  I don’t expect it to turn blue, but I would like to see a good kick in an all hat no cattle pretend cowboy rear end if only to give Molly Ivins a good giggle on which every cloud she might be calling home.

    I dearly love the state of Texas, but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults.

    More from Molly

  7. I wake tomorrow and my world is not that moved either way!  Fun times to watch and important stuff but not the end of the world either way.  No hoping …..

    Hillary has bamboozled the Sanders followers as she is a moderate and in the pocket of the Saudi’s and Wall Street.  She is a bigger Hawk then Obama and is biting her tongue on his policy until she gets the votes.

  8. I just keep it on CNN, don’t like flipping and I keep losing the remote (Toby thinks it’s a chew toy)

  9. What is with the bullshit opinion poll results on the MSNBC crawl that is ONLY showing questions about the dem party? God, don’t drI’ve me to CNN (Faux is not an option  of course).

  10. So the Condom is going to be on MSNBC  are they going to ask her if she is going back to Ted Cruz or just let her spew more lies

  11. A rainy, rainy Election Day here, but many voted early.

    There were two, female candidates for POTUS on my ballot.  How about that, Susan B.

    (Not changing my name from blue to green, just my political affiliation going forward.)

    Whomever wins tonight, I think the 99% lose for the next four years.

    OK, party on.

  12. George and Laura did not vote for Trump (or Hillary)  so guess it is officially over


    Drum Roll – Does Georgia go Hillary????  Virginia ???

    The Answer in moments —

  13. Ping – She didn’t fool all Bernie supporters.  (We’re sooo over Bernie for supporting her, too.) Many moved to Stein or Johnson, some may be sitting out the general, and there may be some spite votes for Trump.  Keep fighting the good fight.  We’re not all asleep as to the danger Hillary would pose if in the WH.


    One polling place staying open late here, as the poll judge died overnight.


  14. If you laid the number of certifiable assholes, end-to-end, they would circle the globe, twice!

  15. If you stacked them on top of each other, feet-to-head, they would reach 1/5 the distance to the moon!  Good news for the moon!

  16. Settled in for the duration.  Wine and peanut butter. And now Tweet brings Rudy on.  Way to pissed in my oatmeal.

  17. Clinton’s FL vote total just surpassed drumpf’s .

    WVs poll closings coming soon.  Trump wins WV -you heard it here first.”-)

  18. Thank the I-4 Orlando community and all of our new neighbors that escaped Puerto Rico as they will go Dem.  Cubans I know in the South part lean towards Trump.  But they are the older cigar rollers….

    Hillary may win Florida

  19. OD

    I’m watching ABC.  Too much opinion and mouth flapping on the cable channels.  I’ll check in with MSNBC when Maddow is there for a touch of sanity.


  20. The Chickens are coming home to roost.  At least in the POTUS

    How is the Senate shaping?

  21. Hard to say Clinton will win FL. Tampa, St. Pete will be pretty important  to say nothing of Broward.

  22. Pogo – Good Point and the Pan Handle will come in late.  Crazy that it this close with these two.

  23. So Far my 340 – 171 forecast is holding up.  Keeping fingers crossed … It’s getting eek eek out there.  Thank goodness for the champagne.


  24. Riesling here…..   It’s a German thing… Angela?

    I just purchased a large share of stock in Pant Suit manufacturers. Put half of my retirement in…

  25. Rand & Rubio doing well.


    Since Hillary is really pro-TPP & pro-fracking,  it’s doubtful that Republicans will prove much of an obstacle to get true agenda.

  26. This easier.  Just google election results and it shows the results for Green and Libertarian parties, too.  Plus, no yak-itty-yak.

  27. Blue

    Not true.  She is a pragmatist.  You can’t get change if you can’t get the other side to play the game.  Hillary will force them to play and she will have Bernie backing her up not to mention a whole lot of sane GOP who want the Freedom Caucus given the heave ho.


  28. Jill Stein  a doctor who supports the anti vax-ers and other conspiracy theories

    Gary Johnson a complete flake

  29. I don’t see how Trump catches up in Florida, which means I don’t see how he can win this election.

  30. KGC

    Even his running mate Weld says if you are in a safe state vote Libertarian, but if you are in a contested state vote Hillary.


  31. Hope at the end of the day Hillary will put Americans First!!!!!  This is my one concern that she will be like Barack Obamanation and put others first.

  32. I had no idea who Jill Stein was until after Bernie dropped out of the race.  It seems that I would have heard of her before then since I’ve heard so much about her from one of my friends on Facebook since Bernie dropped out.

  33. Good evening all!


    Joined in just as Duckworth won, a very good reason to toast (I have wine).



  34. Don’t get your hopes up  old timer folks but Vanilla Birdies says she might put in an appearance.

  35. Are there changes in the Midwest that favor Trump as the changes in the South favor The Hill?

  36. Ah Hah Cross postings.  Vanilla Birdies complete with rabbits and maybe messages from 911 but wonderful in her own right.  Now I have to go rope in Chef Shiela.


  37. Rubio holds Florida
    And Hillary you are so blessed that Rubio did not win the Rep Primary

  38. She will have to fill you in on the details, but Birdie has been living a wonderful life.  We have missed her here because she is our younger contingent, but always wish her all that she deserves in the great out there.

  39. Wow – Google is amazing…

    So do the non major areas (not Orlando, Miami, Tampa) report later and bring Trump to victory?

    Cubs all over again?

  40. Ping, don’t get too excited — Palm Beach County has only reported 25% of the vote, where Hillary is holding a huge lead. And 20% left to report in Dade. So HRC will move back ahead, his stronghold vote is almost all in.

  41. Craig

    I keep saying the Texas women are pissed off.  It may not win the state, but look out all you yahoo cowboys, the ladies are coming after your asses and it won’t be pretty


  42. Howdy everyone … trying to catch up on the comments.   Craig, Clay thinks Pinellas is a problem and could swing it to T.  Hope he is wrong. Orange County Fl went big for HRC.

  43. Hey is Palm Beach County that also had the hanging chads?

    But hey the Friendly Trumps at high 90% but add them all together they may exceed the hanging chads

  44. Sorry, had to call a client.  Back now.  Welcome back VB.  Nice to have you back .   Tell 911 to get off the couch and throw his 2 cents worth in.

    What sources you picking up TX in, Poobah?

  45. Be interesting to test your number thesis in FL, Poobah. Gaps 170k for Trump now. Seems like a big gap to bridge for Hillary.

  46. MJ, agree that Pinellas surprising. But enough left in Palm Beach, Broward, Dade to make up the difference

  47. I think I would rather listen to the Nixon and Humprey election night marathons than the cable tv election coverage

  48. 800,000 to 1 million votes left to count in Florida, most in SE Democratic stronghold counties

  49. Craig,  Split – Big percentages in a few counties,  Small Percentages in lots of counties.

    To close to call……

  50. The Early wave seems to point to The Hill ary…..  The Networks seem to keep trying to make that happen.

    Going to Google

  51. Hey VB Can you drag in the significant other if only because we could use some music along about now.  I’m tired of worrying about this one from the Trump types:


  52. Imagine if Trump would have gotten on track 3 months ago and the news was closer to Neutral.  Trump wins big.

    But that did not happen

  53. I just polled the College educated Puerto Rican women in the Orlando area and they all voted for Trump

  54. Sorry, I was caught up in venting with my coworkers from the museum about all of this.

    Dan is regularly singing under his breath Jamie, I would be happy to share him with you haha. Oh he just walked in the other room to play guitar, I guess he’s had enough. It’s just me and all the woodland creatures now.

    And thanks Craig!!

    I just keep reminding myself that it felt like this four years ago during the night of the election…For hours.

  55. I keep checking the Stein, Johnson & “the rest” results.  Over a million people who couldn’t stomach either of the candidates pushed by the media.

  56. Evan McMullin said something about him winning Utah and blocking either C or T from getting to 270.  Really?

  57. Trump holding FL lead even as the SE counties come in:

    Miami-Dade 94.0% in
    Broward    74.5% in
    Palm Beach 93.0% in

    MJ, Clay’s call about Pinellas looks spot on. She badly underperformed Obama there.

  58. How can Virginia be in play with Kaine (or what is his name) on the ballet?  That says it all…..

  59. Oh now the Clinton Media is already finding excuses and blaming others for her behavior and that the race is this close.  ClintonNBC is so sick at this point.  Funny

  60. dvitale, the populous Democratic counties come in last in most states, so the results aren’t clear until they report — just like her pulling ahead in VA now that northern VA counties finish reporting

  61. Craig,

    Why so close in Virginia?  Kaine not respected?  Should have been a cake walk for The Hill

  62. Hey CNN – Yes – You are ignorant and arrogant

    ATT will most likely fire all of you and rebuild and bring journalism back

  63. KCG – I will still love you tomorrow regardless and hope you feel the same.  There are bigger parts of life and how we act among each other regardless of the President.  Same for all

  64. So far nothing has happened that says she will lose

    she never needed fla, Iowa or Ohio


    he doesn’t have a path

  65. Well we have one question answered.  votecastr didn’t work. lol back to the drawing board with that one.



  66. Losing Ohio and probably Florida puts the pressure on Clinton to hold Pennsylvania, and gain the lead in NC.

  67. Right at the moment despite a multi decade devotion, I really really hate the male of the species.

  68. The College educated Puerto Rican Women in Orlando project Trump wins President no less than 275 to 263

    EDIT – They do show the 269 to 269 with the house giving the POTUS to Trump. Craig if this happens what does Ping win?

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