Abogados Beware

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

What with the violent behavior such as “Donald Trump Supporters Scream Nazi Salute, ‘Light the Motherf–ker On Fire’ at Black Lives Matter Supporter” (described by the wrap from last December) and the shouts of “lock her up” and “execute her” of a similar mob reported by msn last Friday, it’s not inconceivable that their next chant come post-election day (whether they win or lose) will be to do in those who believe in the rule of law and upholding the constitution.

Although “kill all the lawyers” is usually said in jest, these days you can’t be so sure.

Revolutions, insurrections, coups and such have generally begun this way.  Same-o same-o sentiments ran rampant even back when the Bard penned the line and as the wall street journal noted:
The line comes from Shakespeare’s “Henry VI, Part 2” and is spoken by Dick the Butcher, the dopey henchman of rebel leader Jack Cade.
According to the attorneys’ interpretation—one supported by many but not all English scholars—Shakespeare’s point is to portray lawyers as the guardians of the rule of law who stand in the way of a fanatical mob.

It could be argued that Shakespeare was tapping into fears of insurrection and civil unrest among the noble classes. But, he said, the proliferation of lawyers also generated resentment among commoners who couldn’t afford them and viewed them as aligned with the powerful elite.

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79 thoughts on “Abogados Beware”

  1. Uh oh. Hmmm, Canada, Mexico – tough choice.

    (My last comment from previous thread) :

    So the shows aren’t showing as much of trump, but kelly-ann is on everywhere spewing her particularly incomprehensible lies.  Same shit, different liar.

    Oh, yes, WOO HOO.

  2. If Will had written Henry VI these days, the meaning would not be so subtle.  Nowadays people just hate lawyers. Guardians of rule of law? I like the way that sounds, but, umm, not so sure I’m buying what the Bard may have been selling, depending on who you ask. 😐

  3. So up lifting!  So supportive of Hillary??

    And do we find out that these are once again paid operatives from the Ugly side of the DNC!!  Most likely

    I am at least glad that this post is not on the She is cleared again bandwagon.  No She was once again confirmed to be untruthful, careless, put our country at risk.   But without intent?

    I cannot wait for Wednesday and see who really values a higher power,  their family and friends and themselves.  This is a very interesting cycle.  Where is Dr T Wayne Bailey to lead the arguments! Think they would objective still?

    I hope the personal attacks go away quickly and the end of identity politics.


    Hope all have a good day….


  4. Just saw this last two minute Trump commercial last night.  Quite frankly it scares the hell out of me.  Could they have pressed anymore global conspiracy buttons?  Maybe I’m too sensitive, but all I could see was 1939 Germany

  5. From previous thread:  Pat D “pogo, just so long as it’s not pronounced “fug-us”

    which sounds too close to what some drumpf supporters will be saying.”

    It could be even worse than that with the pronunciation “EF Gotus” which you know would be spread all over the alt-right sites.


  6. Holy Shyster!  The mythinformation about yesteryear and lawyers and merchants and pre-alt right, a Shakespearean tragedy or poolpah?

    Meanwhile, microsoft is updating a huge security hole discovered by google.  I understand the russians have been cyber attacked.  Warnings are out for a fluster of false internet stories to start flourishing before the election — the kind you can see on faux news on any given day. Voter suppression continues while fake voter fraud stories abound.  Tomorrow will be exciting.

  7. ‘I’m With Her’: The Strengths of Hillary Clinton
    Nicholas Kristof

     I’ve known Clinton a bit for many years, and I have to say: The public perception of her seems to me a gross and inaccurate caricature. I don’t understand the venom, the “lock her up” chants, the assumption that she is a Lady Macbeth; it’s an echo of the animus a lifetime ago some felt for Eleanor Roosevelt.
    (When Roosevelt spoke up for Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor, a letter in The Los Angeles Times thundered: “When she starts bemoaning the plight of the treacherous snakes we call Japanese (with apologies to all snakes), she has reached the point where she should be forced to retire from public life.” Strong women sometimes drive people nuts.)
    In fact, what makes Hillary Clinton tick has always been a 1960s-style idealism about making the world a better place.

  8. Wow, 15 hours to Election Day. Resurfacing after a busy weekend. Our Yard Sale big success, sold everything except what we had no right to expect to sell (like a beat-up Samsonite suit case from the 1960s). Nice memorial service at church yesterday for members who passed in last year. Mom’s pic looked great on the big screen as they read off the names.

    Back to politics: Lots of conversations around here (Orlando) fit a pattern. Non-partisans, and “mild” partisans on both sides demoralized by this campaign. As one said, “I think it’s had an effect on public mood in a profound way. Not much faith the country can hold together no matter who wins.”

  9. Voting With My Head and Heart
    Roxane Gay

    “I am excited about Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate and soon to be (I hope), president of the United States. I haven’t written this too many times in the past year. This is not because I am apathetic. In part, I haven’t had the energy to deal with the inevitable harassment that rises out of demonstrating any kind of support for Mrs. Clinton. I’ve also been torn. I like, admire, and respect so many things about Mrs. Clinton. She is fiercely ambitious, intelligent, funny, interesting and complex. She prepares for everything she does like her life depends on it and in many ways, politically speaking, it does.”


    What a thoughtful piece.. Speaks from the heart, mine too.. I just will never get the hate for this women.. Grace the other day fresh from Fox and Bret Baier’s piece saying indictment is imminent and she could feel blood and was giddy. Like Ping she lives in a total right wing bubble where everything but Fox or right winger rhetoric is suspect.. Same thing last time Romney/ Obama, Grace swore Romney would win in a landslide.. I kept telling her, read a varied bunch of publications, news outlets, you’re in a bubble.. Nope, so the same, Hillary like Obama before her and her husband before Obama will be illegitimate in their eyes.. They will never measure up…

  10. Oddly missing from CNN IS the SNL opening with Outfront’s Erin Burnout showing the fbi, putie and the kkk kissing trump and CNN ignoring it per usual.   Term limits for the media and as for the doom and gloom, Craig?  Not seeing it here.  Clinton’s winning is not upsetting for everyone and if we survive this attack from the alt right?  Says something positive about Americans.


  11. tony…lots of misogyny to go around.  the catholic church comes to mind.  the catholic fbi (guiliani) fanboys come to mind.  The movement to disavow the last eight years of Obama and to disavow a woman as president will not go away.  The pornographic candidate, trump, is the leader of everything birther…women need to be punished for abortion, obama wasn’t born in the US of AA and gender birth is essential to bathroom use.  Birth control is evil as it gives power to women…so say the catholic church.  There have been many rhythm method babies born. Women are the problem…just like humans of color.  Not the last angst or cry of the old white man.

  12. Blonde, difference here might be the bombardment of tens of millions of dollars in Clinton camp attack ads, they’ve done few positive ones about her

  13. speaking of florida on election day, a woman attorney friend of mine will be serving as a trained poll watcher all day tomorrow in Tallahassee.  she’s among quite a group of attys that have volunteered.  she’s a bit worried about her safety as she has been assigned to an area not necessarily friendly to lawyers to say nothing of the antipathy to uppity women.

  14. true, craig, and we have our two dem Senators already sitting in New Mexico.  Our repug gov is termed-out and trumped-out.  very little from steve pearce…he is so cheap as the RNC money went to battleground races and his seat is gerrymandered secure.

  15. I saw this at the end of a Politico state of the election piece Just kinda tucked in as a last sentence.

    [Trump] promised one more shocker was still in store. “We’re going to have some surprise on Tuesday,” he predicted.

    Hang on to your hats, the Russians  still one more nasty leak from wiki leaks.


  16. Yeah…  the country is nervous.  Yesterday I went to a craft fair to see several friends from my guild.  They told me it was very slow and that all their fairs this fall have been that way.  They think this upcoming election has people on edge and that right now…  no one wants to spend much money.

    Currently I’m reading Margaret George’s “Elizabeth I”…   love the parts with Shakespeare.  He was writing about the political scene of his day.

  17. it hasn’t changed for months…keep kicking the old lady’s ass to the White House.  When it happens, it will be a great moment for many women who know the agony of ‘da feet’ kicking us every day!

  18. Ping, cynical and sour grapes all at once?  I like it.  At the risk of being one of the first to be killed, she’s not indicted and in our world – you know, the US legal system – she is innocent.  Comey’s statements do not change that very basic tenet of our system.  But you, like the flaming orange idiot you support, don’t appear to care about one of the very basic underpinnings of our country.

    WaPo fact checking the final arguments: Guess who lies the most?


  19. jack, he might mean things like the threatened strike of philly’s mass transit workers which just got worked out.

    btw, i’m really really worried about my lawyer friend’s safety as she is assigned to an area not necessarily friendly to lawyers to say nothing of the antipathy to uppity women.
    it is particularly worrisome in that she will be travelling there alone before dawn and staying until after polls close in the evening… she’s unsure of parking availability closeby. the area is a likely drumpf enclave. with the predictable amount of guntoters in the vicinity also watching who votes.

  20. how horrible the times that one doesn’t feel safe even to display a political sign, wear a button, put a bumper sticker on the car.  to have angry people with guns handy makes it all the more scary and unlikely people (especially women) will indicate their choice of candidates.

  21. One could also read Trumps boast of a surprise on Tuesday as him predicting he’s going to win the election.

  22. jack and renee, doesn’t help that putin’s bombers have been buzzing the Baltics these last few days

  23. I am very curious to see how her victory speech and days following are crafted to start building a strong presidency. This will be an especially crucial transition period, and, hopefully nowhere near the utter chaos that her husband’s was in 1992.

  24. Today’s Journal has a very interesting story about the comings and goings of Santa Anna’s prosthetic leg. Page one below the fold.

  25. Pat , Renee good points.


    Pat as to your friend,

    I have great trust in the local poll workers to try and do what is right. There is the occasional mistake but I doubt if very many are deliberate.

    I also suspect the police will be doing overtime election day, just in case.



  26. Craig

    In 92 the Democrats had been out of office for 12 years. They didn’t have a cadre of Known ready to step up people so it took longer to identify and vet the people. Now they have people on the job who can keep the program moving forward as Clinton puts their staff in place.



  27. It’s outrageous that after creating havoc in the last 2 weeks and trying to influence the election, the FBI decide on the final day that they are now standing by their previous conclusions. The possibilities of what could happen after the election is over is not lost on me. I am sure Hillary will win, but I’m still frightened that the evil that’s been stirred up will not be stifled.

    I’ve been struggling with my spirituality this week. I hope somehow the divine spark (that resides in all of us) will be rekindled after this painful year of feeling like I’m fighting evil every day.

    For Janet Reno, first woman to serve as a U.S. attorney general. RIP

    For Hillary Rodham Clinton, first woman President of the United States


  28. Here we are friends, after all these years , 1 day away from electing HIllary the 1st woman POTUS! !! It is so very exciting, about to experience  the most important election day of my entire life.  I did a food tasting at a kitchen shop here Saturday  (Le Roux Kitchen- marvelous store) and women were talking Hillary, some brave older women were wearing big Hillary pins- it was a lot of fun- everyone praising Hillary, horrified with the media and of course Trump.   Anyways, plan on taking the day off- voting (gonna try to get young Finn for the morning so he can join me at the poll.)  Then maybe lunch, don’t know, am thinking I might post on an island fb group to see if Hillary supporters are looking for a pub/restaurant to meet up.  What are all your plans?


  29. I did the exact same thing in both video attempts…one worked, one didn’t, go figure!

  30. Jamie, a bunch of those fake stories including the one you mentioned above made it in today’s the fix at wapo
    “This is a real news story about fake news stories”

    by the way they warn you about clicking onto them. just trying to copy that part of the article was enough to lose connection twice.


  31. I hope the people of the 3rd district Utah wake up and fire Jason Chaffetz   He has spent over 7 million dollars trying to inflate his fame   I am sure there are things the district could have used.  He’s a big fat fake he has no core.  I read somewhere that Mark Cuban has started trolling Chaffetz   lol

  32. Hillary probably won’t take Texas, but I really, really want to see the numbers for the women voting for her.  With luck it will scare the good ol’ boys into something resembling sanity.


  33. Mrs. Greenspan  ack ack ack  Trump has no chance in Michigan  stuff it  go home to Alan.

  34. OSH…  I will go vote sometime mid-morning (Rick has to take his Dad to the doctor, so he won’t get to vote until the afternoon).  Probably stick around the polls for a while.  Then I’ll go to the liquor store and buy my favorite NH wine (cranberry by LaBelle) to crack open later that night.  Rick and I will probably get take out for supper (this woman wants the day off even from cooking) and then watch the returns together.

    If I were on the island…  I’d love to go to Nancy’s for lunch with you.

  35. Face it Andrea you re going to look like a fool at 9 pm eastern when Clinton is declared the winner

    you are irrelevant  you add nothing to the conversation a robot could do a better job

  36. Renee- sounds like a great day and would love Nancys too- however a bit cold.  Think I’m gonna lunch at offshore- with a 1/2 pint and peanuts!  Just posted on fb a get together – will see if anyone shows.

  37. Hillary Clinton’s final Ad for the 2016 Presidential Election is a 2 minute Positive spot with the Candidate Speaking Directly to the Camera.

  38. Poobah,   Perhaps to counter the tens of millions of dollars of free time trump has gotten of his rallies where he spends the bulk of it on negative, and more often than not, false statements about Hillary?

  39. Hallie Jackson let Jason Miller who is a blimp lie lie lie

    The use of “surrogates” on cable is stupid and adds nothing to the conversation  The Trump surrogates were especially obnoxious and must have gotten a monetary reward for every lie.  By the end of the campaign – an Trump surrogate speaking meant and instant channel change.  I hope never to see that Delagado woman – she sold her soul for a time in the sun.

    Trump’s staff doesn’t o him any favors when he shows how ignorant he is. Polling places stay open for anyone who was in line at the time it officially closed.

    Trump has added to the level of myth and ignorance about voting in this country.

  40. granny and all other uberman fans, hope you liked that barn burner above by ko *38 put out earlier today.  am looking forward to his *39. should be a humdinger

  41. OSH…  crap….  Nancy’s is closed for the season. Googled that place you mentioned on FB…  it looks like a lot of fun.  Have a great time!

    Hey Jen…  you’re daughter done good…  HA!

  42. I predict the outcome will be known by 6 pm California time and the networks wll tie themselves in knots waiting for the polls to close in CA..even though Trump has zero chance of carrying the state or Washington or Oregon for that matter.

  43. I just hope none of them jump the gun on broadcasting numbers before poll closings out west.  I can understand not waiting for HI & AK as their college numbers don’t sway the election, but doing it before 8:00 PM Pacific would be “rigging” the election.


  44. kgc, i’m with Jamie on that hope they wait until polls close before calling the race…. every single vote for hillary needs to be made so trump is trumpled, trampled and trod on for good.

  45. The newsers will be champing at the bit to call FL, NC, VA, PA & OH at the first possible moment.  Polls out west won’t be closed when the results from those states start coming in.  Could suppress the vote of those waiting in line.

  46. Pat: Just hoping Olberman doesn’t pop an artery before the election. He certainly didn’t hold back on the F bombs in last one LOL!

    I agree with all who are hoping they (sleazy media) don’t announce projected winners until after the polls are closed!

  47. pogo, just to show some care and not every body hates lawyers:

    INTERNATIONAL BE KIND TO LAWYERS DAY was established as a holiday celebrated annually on the second Tuesday in April. This date was chosen because it is strategically sandwiched between April Fool’s Day (April 1st) and U.S. Tax Day (April 15th).

  48. this would be funny if it were not so serious considering the finger on the button thingy.  wapo article quoting a nyt story:

    “Aides to Mr. Trump have finally wrested away the Twitter account that he used to colorfully — and often counterproductively — savage his rivals,” the Times wrote. According to the report into the Republican nominee’s last few days on the campaign trail:

    Taking away Twitter turned out to be an essential move by his press team, which deprived him of a previously unfiltered channel for his aggressions.

    On Thursday, as his plane idled on the tarmac in Miami, Mr. Trump spotted Air Force One outside his window. As he glowered at the larger plane, he told Ms. Hicks, [Hope Hicks] his spokeswoman, to jot down a proposed tweet about President Obama, who was campaigning nearby for Mrs. Clinton.

    “Why is he campaigning instead of creating jobs and fixing Obamacare?” Mr. Trump said. “Get back to work.” After some light editing — Ms. Hicks added “for the American people” at the end — she published it.”


    President Obama, campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Florida, did not pass up the chance to get in a few digs at Trump on Sunday.

    Apparently his campaign has taken away his Twitter.

    In the last two days, they had so little confidence in his self-control, that they said ‘We’re just going to take away your Twitter

    …. Now if somebody can’t handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear codes. If somebody starts tweeting at 3 in the morning because SNL made fun of you, then you can’t handle the nuclear codes.

  49. nate at 538 an hour ago:

    The polls are coming in fast and furious — and there are signs of late momentum for Hillary Clinton, whose lead has increased to roughly 3.5 percentage points over Donald Trump. Her chances of winning the Electoral College have ticked up to 69 percent in both the polls-only and polls-plus models, recovering some of the ground she lost after FBI director James Comey’s letter to Congress on Oct. 28. We’ll continue to update our forecast through early Tuesday morning.

    But even if Clinton’s win probability inches up by another percentage point or two, she’ll still be the probable but far-from-certain winner. That means tomorrow is going to be very exciting — not only because the result is uncertain but because an unusually large number of states will potentially have a say in the outcome.

  50. Mr Crawford, hoping you’ll post that lovely video of oldseahag & RebelliousRenee “breaking the glass” first thing tomorrow. What joy they have for Secretary Clinton. Everyone here has different opinions (Yeah! diversity is fresh water in a stale pond) but I have faith we rejoice when one’s hopes & dreams succeed. Not ashamed to say I teared up when I saw that video last summer; I know how much it means to these two great ladies ( & tony too.) Tomorrow belongs to all the Clinton supporters old & new. I salute you. Whatever happens, I respect your passion & unconditional belief in this Candidate.


  51. Of interest for those who never knew him or cared, tears are him.  But no longer as far into the shelled nuts jar.  Glenn the tearful has changed (maybe/perhaps/possibly).

    Great news. I finally have my complete 3/4 inch socket and wrench set.  Can’t live without it.  Yes, it is needed if you own a truck.

    Trying to make up my mid about attending a district election party.  Probably not. They will be starting before I go to bed.

    Unless there is vote rigging by the bloater and his squirrels, tomorrow is history.  Again.

    Can’t wait until a Gay, or Lesbian, or Bi-Sexual, or Transgender person is sitting in the oval office.  I need to add the word “out”.  There is the possibility at least one president has been G/B.


  52. patd, nothing like being between the dumbest day and the most dreaded days of the year.  Funny, I’ve never had anyone mention that day before – must be the holiday distinguished by its nonobservance. Sort of a desuetude thing.

    BB, I inherited a 3/4 socket set – Amazing how much extra leverage the bar in that set offers over the one that came with the 3/8 set I’ve had since I was a teenager.

  53. Pogo, unless you have some extremely heavy duty equipment with massive fasteners, settle for a 1/2′ along with a 1/4′ and the 3/8′ that you already have. Have a breaker bar for the 1/2′. That bar can be further extended with a steel pipe. At that point, you are risking shearing something that you will regret having forced. A torque wrench is a must have for reassembly. Torque ratings can normally be found on-line. Who was it that said, “Give me a long enough lever, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”?

  54. Bb, I’ve got all that.  Between me & my dad we bought just about everything we’d ever need to work on a car, a truck, a motorcycle ,  eyeglasses … now I have the tools but don’t have the time or knowledge to do much on vehicles, especially those from the past 20 years.

  55. Hey Tweety

    we do not have uncontrolled immigration that’s a Trump line and not true.  Obama has done quite a bit to provide

    direction on immigration and the goopers have blocked better measures.   Tweety is a stupid angry country club Republican with pretensions to something else.

    He and Mrs. Greenspan could go and no one would miss them.

  56. Hillary’s last campaign appearance is pretty impressive .   makes trump seem so small in comparison…and orange.


    An interesting read about Israel and US relations

    The collapsing political triangle linking Adelson, Netanyahu and Trump

    Netanyahu is beginning to understand that, after supporting Trump, Adelson has become more of a liability to Israel than an asset.


    Netanyahu respects and fears Hillary Clinton, much more than he ever did Barack Obama. He may be starting to realize that for him as prime minister, and for Israel’s interests, the Trump-supporting Adelson has finally become more of a liability than an asset.


  58. KGC

    I have managed to go this whole election without once seeing tweety’s face let alone hear his voice.. IMO any one who watches MSNBC or FOX get what they deserve. Most days I throw CNN in with that mix.



  59. strange weather.

    We are in the second week in November and I’m still getting vine ripened tomatoes.

    Our average killing frost is October 15th


  60. Shall we do some predictions for the Electoral College?  I made a prediction in my High School classes today – it’s on the white board.  I predicted a Clinton win with 324 electoral votes.  If I’m close I’ll be getting a whole bunch of donuts from the kids.  If not, I’m spending some serious $$$ at the local donut shop.  ;o)

  61. 323 –  9 less than Mr O in ’12. and 42 less than his ’08 total. 

    Shoulda been a much bigger score. That’s what playing defense did. sigh

  62. 2020 will be 535 -3. WY  will prevent her from running the table.

    Pray for rain and sleet in the red states and clear balmy weather in the purple. Speaking of purple, g’night Mr Tampa.

  63. 3/4″ is needed for doing heavy work on the trucks.  And it makes running anchors into the ground very easy.  For exercise lifting a couple sockets or the wrench will do very nicely.  1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″, just the little ol’ lady next door socket sets.  Metric, SAE, various oddball stuff that fits on them too.

    Now that this article is ready to go to bed a final note.  HRC won the voting of those little hamlets which are the first to vote.  Yay!

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