Sunday Serendipity

Burn the Floor heats up the ‘trail’. Great music, great footwork and costumes. The perfect break from politics. Enjoy the music and the dance, but most of all enjoy your day!

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  1. the perfect music to celebrate with


    Madam President  ..even our local doomsday person has finally said it looks like Trump is toast

  2. Came here is a panic …. It’s Sunday.  Where’s Jace?  Thank goodness just got lost in posting shuffle.  Great dance numbers.  Thank you as always Jace.

    Twyla Tharp – Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out”  Politically what will be will be, might as well dance.


  3. What’s the scoop with Nate Silver over at 538?  His site says that Trump has a 35% chance to win the election.  For real?  The polls and numbers (including heaving early voting numbers) don’t say that to me.

  4. D300,

    Clinton has been and remains such a prohibitive favorite, I think Silver and others are trying to give themselves some cover in the event that the thing goes south and Trump wins. They fear a 1948 and want to be in a position to say that they urged a note of caution.

  5. kgc, that’s an old (and in the case of this election…ancient) 538 article dated “Aug 9, 2016 at 6:30 AM”

    here’s what nate wrote yesterday: Election Update: The Campaign Is Almost Over, And Here’s Where We Stand

    Overall, the range of national polls has narrowed a bit, although it remains wider than what we saw over the past few campaigns, with Clinton ahead by about 3 points on average. [….]

    Thus, while Clinton’s a 76 percent favorite to win the popular vote according to our polls-only forecast, her odds are more tenuous — 64 percent — to win the Electoral College. (Her chances in the polls-plus forecast are identical.) It would not necessarily require a major polling error for Trump to be elected, though he would have to do so with an extremely narrow majority in the Electoral College.

  6. I’m assuming Nate Silver has a proprietary algorithm to calculate his predictions, but if it’s anything like those used in sports (and I’m pretty sure it is), he is using it to run simulations of the election based on moving polls of each states’ electorate.  So, when you see “65/35”, the former won 65% of the simulations run with that data set.

  7. Also, be advised that any such algorithm is always going to be functioning with old, typically out-dated data. Translation: it’s entertainment.  Vote, for best results.

  8. We may all need a stiff drink of some sort Tuesday (I’ve got very hopeful champagne).  Just to mellow it all out … Baryshnikov, Sinatra, and the choreography of Tharp

  9. Woo Hoo!!!!

    FBI Dir just informed Congress “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Sec Clinton”

  10. Comey is still toast what  craven piece of slime
    Mrs Greenspan as usual follows along leaving her own trail

  11. Two things amaze me with Comey announcement, first, I am amazed that anyone would have 650,000 emails in their account, 2nd amazement that they went through all of them in a week!

  12. and who knows if or how many of those that were said to be huma’s weren’t planted…. easy enough to do in all the time they had.

    also if I were icky weiner’s lawyer I would look into all the unsuccessful fbi entrapment cases out there

  13. Great music today.

    just had two young men from the Democratic Party knock on our door and ask us if we were going to vote for Clinton.  We had two young women do the same thing several nights ago.  First time in living here for 35 years that anyone from either party has knocked on our door.

  14. This result is the argument for not releasing  statement before you know anything

    he still sucks

    Kellyann Condom is the petty princess of the nonsensical comeback that sounds good but means nothing


  15. Jace – completely agree.  Silver is padding the landing.  Is it possible that all the polls were misleading the trends?  I doubt it.  The ‘silent majority’ does not exist.

    Just went down to the sailboat and back, a solid 370 miles.  Very few political signs of any flavor this year.  Normal years have lots of signs for all candidates up and down the pole.  There were more bloater signs, but that goes with where I drove.  But, no where near the number of Romney or McCain signs of prior years.  Hillary signs were about equal to floater signs, but of interest was most of them were the small signs, not even the size of regular yard signs.  Bloater signs were for the most part large, smaller than a 4’X8′, but larger than a yard sign.  It is like proving his small hands are really big because his label is big.

    Champagne is chilled and ready.

  16. WTF? Most of the emails were duplicates!  If Comey didn’t owe someone an explanation before he damn well does now. This did not all take place in a week. 650,000 emails? Not even the FBI works that fast. This was a crock of shit from day one and it smells even worse now if that is possible.

    Comey would do well to start gathering his personal belongings. The office will belong to someone else shortly.

  17. November 9th – Obama fires Comey.  Why not!  What are they gonna do – impeach Obama?  The aftermath of a Clinton win will probably be very very nasty.  He won’t go down graciously.

  18. I will celebrate with bubbly. the election of the first woman POTUS deserves nothing less.

    That said governing in the aftermath of this election is going to be a painful, ugly process that will require many Bloody Marys. This hangover is going to be a beaut!

  19. D300,

    Comey must think that he is something special. Most ordinary folks would be able to see the handwriting on the wall.

  20. Comey has them all mad at him now.

    My favorite is Chris Cillizza. the man who never tires of writing about the “Clinton email scandal”

    He thought he had  all kinds of easy filler coming up.




  21. I’d still fire  Comey. It looks like North Carolina and New Hampshire Senate seats that could very well have flipped Democrat were saved by the last nine days following then reopen letter from Comey.

    KC, I’m not sure how you could have picked up that August Night Nate silver article at this point. When I go to this site on my phone it only has articles from the last couple of days. I figured I could probably hit the tab and go to others but older articles aren’t obvious.

  22. Woo hoo is right! Can’t make up for the lost early voting, but sure am glad they didn’t wait until after the election.  And definitely like the fire him on the 9th plan…

  23. comey could atone for this (no matter who wins) by requesting the ag appoint a special prosecutor to look into possible hatch act violations by ny and dc fbi offices.  perhaps remind people of what happened to colin powell acting on trumped up intelligence. powell’s reputation has been restored… somewhat.

  24. Reno 911…she is gone.  Janet Reno passes.  She is immortalized in so many ways and she is part of the Woman Wall in two of my favorite tv shows…Parks and Recreation and The Last Man on Earth.  A true hero…and the meeting between Lynch and Bill on the tarmac?  It was about Janet, I believe.  Both were fans of Janet and had visited her while sick and Ali has just died of the same disease.  Farewell Janet.


  25. bw, yes. janet reno was a terrific woman. integrity and courage personified.

    it was good to see her remembered in one of Hillary’s ads about 1st women

  26. Practicing the Clinton shimmy here.  There will be another woman on the Woman Wall…it is getting close and after such a visceral election cycle, I am so looking forward to the Madame President…the First Gent.  Supporters have not been allowed to wallow in any luxury of potential winning and today I feel I can breath again.

  27. bw, I like the idea of a new take on flotus being referred to as the “first laddie”

    bbc US election: What will Bill Clinton’s title be if Hillary wins the presidency?
    It’s a question that has followed Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign and launched thousands of Google searches. What will Bill Clinton be called if she is elected president?
    On the global stage, Mr Clinton’s potential role is nothing new. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s husband, chemistry professor Joachim Sauer, is referred to by his own name while financier Philip John May is married to new British Prime Minister Theresa May. Like in Germany, the UK has no title for their leader’s spouse.

    But in the US, where the couple is traditionally referred to as the president and first lady, the answer may not be so simple.

    Though there has never been a male presidential spouse in the White House, the official title for the role of a husband of a US state governor is First Gentleman.

    The US currently has six first gentlemen.

    The term, in fact, became a trending hashtag on social media during Mr Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Google also reported that the question about the 42nd president’s possible title spiked in searches during that hour.

    But FGOTUS (First Gentleman of the United States) may not sound as smooth as FLOTUS, the acronym used for the first lady.

    Some have suggested First Dude or First Laddie, a nod to Mr Clinton’s Celtic heritage.

    “He said the other day that it was fine for all this talk about me running to break the big hard glass ceiling and become president. But he was running to break the iron grip that woman had had on being spouse of the president. And so I think part of what we’ll have to figure out is what do you call the male spouse of a female president,” Mrs Clinton quipped on Jimmy Kimmel Live last November.

    “Now, it’s a little bit more complicated with him because people still call former presidents Mr President. So I have to really work on this.”

    “First dude, first mate, first gentleman, I’m just not sure,” Mrs Clinton added.

    She was right. As a former president, Mr Clinton will always be referred to by his previous title, which means they would become Mr and Mrs President – or in the case of a Hillary Clinton administration – Mrs and Mr President.

    But Mr Clinton has also weighed in, telling supporters at a campaign stop earlier this week: “I don’t care what they call me as long as she wins,” he said on Tuesday.

    “I’ll be the First Volunteer. I hope to be the best free labour she’s got.”


  28. big doins in philly tonight!


    Bruce Springsteen is set to join a powerful lineup of guests that includes President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi on Monday night in Hillary Clinton’s final rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

  29. FGOTUS would be pronounced, what, goatus, with a silent F?  First Gent… sounds ok to me, with or without the leman extension.

  30. pogo, just so long as it’s not pronounced “fug-us”
    which sounds too close to what some drumpf supporters will be saying.


  31. So the shows aren’t showing as much of trump, but kelly-ann is on everywhere spewing her particularly incomprehensible lies.  Same shit, different liar.

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