Cubbie Win Portends the Mother of all Miracles: a Woman in the White House!

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

As USA Today Sports proclaimed:
CLEVELAND –  It was the moment that time stood still, the earth quit spinning, and a beleaguered but loyal fan base stopped breathing.

Finally, after 108 years, the miracle everyone has been awaiting actually happened Wednesday.

The Chicago Cubs, after one of the most dramatic World Series games played, are your 2016 World Series champions.

Go ahead and pinch yourself, America, the baseball miracle of all miracles finally happened and quoted political blogger Ken Rudin:

“When the World Series goes to a Game 7, if the American League team wins, Republicans win the White House. If the National League team wins, Democrats win the White House,” he wrote.

To prove his point, he added this list:
1972 (AL team wins) — Nixon (R)
1968 (AL team wins) — Nixon (R)
1964 (NL team wins) — Johnson (D)
1960 (NL team wins) — Kennedy (D)
1956 (AL team wins) — Eisenhower (R)
1952 (AL team wins) — Eisenhower (R)
1940 (NL team wins) — Roosevelt (D)
1924 (AL team wins) — Coolidge (R)

That means Wednesday night’s seven game win by the Cubs of the National League over the American League Cleveland Indians favors a Clinton win.

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63 thoughts on “Cubbie Win Portends the Mother of all Miracles: a Woman in the White House!”

  1. la times:

    Even with her email scandals, Hillary Clinton is the only alternative on election day
    Almost six week ago we enthusiastically endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, calling her “an experienced, thoughtful and deeply knowledgeable public servant” while warning that Republican opponent Donald Trump was a “thin-skinned demagogue who is unqualified and unsuited to be president.”

    Since then, we have been fortified in our opinion by Clinton’s commanding performances in three presidential debates and daily evidence that Trump utterly lacks the ability — or even the attention span — required by the high office he is seeking.


    …Contrary to what Trump suggested, there is no reason to assume that any official emails found on Weiner’s computer will contradict the FBI’s earlier finding that Clinton’s use of a private server, while careless, didn’t violate laws against the mishandling of classified information. But even if a voter harbored doubts on that score, they can’t justify a vote for Trump. There is no comparison between Clinton’s carelessness in corresponding with colleagues and the recklessness that Trump would bring to the conduct of actual foreign policy. And that is only one of a multitude of differences between the two nominees.

    A victory for Trump on Tuesday wouldn’t just be a November surprise; it would be a national disaster.

  2. Patd, not EVERYONE has been waiting for that miracle.  I suspect Flatus will affirm that.  I love statistical correlations.  Makes it appear that completely unconnected things somehow are connected, and most folks don’t understand that even between related things there’s no causal link although the correlation between them may be 100%. Wasn’t Mark Twain born and died the years Halley’s comet visited?  100% correlation between Twain’s birth & death and Halley’s visit, but I’m willing to bet the farm that neither caused the other.

  3. Pat just did a little research

    It didn’t work in 1980 when the Phillies  won

    1988 when the Dodgers won

    1992 when the Blue Jays won

    1996 when the nasty Yankees won.

    So just like 538 says Trump still has a chance to win.


  4. I’m glad to learn that Halley’s Comet didn’t kill Mark Twain. Will it finally be freed ?

  5. I remember an eruption of baloney that Dukakis would win because no sitting veep had won in 150 years. There were a thousand reasons to think that ghwbush couldn’t be elected – his inability to speak a simple sentence in English for example – but the 150 year tradition wasn’t one of them.

  6. Pat’s view is just as good as Nate Silver’s and I think it is a good one to go with

  7. I’m disappointed in the outcome of the Series–but I remember ’49 when we buried our pennants and other accouterments of our ’48 victory in the outfield of the old municipal station. I think that was harder than the loss last night.

  8. Pogo: After months of negativity, disgust, anger, fear and general angst please permit a few moments of joyous levity and hope! I think most of us here would understand that Pat and Ken Rudin aren’t alluding to the “fun facts” as being actual facts! As a low carb aficionado, “Correlation does not equal causation!” is one of the mantras for those of us who hate looking at poorly done “studies” that supposedly “prove” the status quo.

    Jack & Flatus: I think the key in Pat’s post is series that went 7 games.

    Flatus: Condolences on your loss last night. I know both the “joy of victory and the agony of defeat” victory is much sweeter, especially when it’s a long time coming. Hang in there 🙂

  9. I’m sure that Sweetie’s grandmother is satisfied that her team took it to extra innings in 7th game and only lost by one run. Her beloved Indians showed that they really belonged in the World Series.

  10. Granny sez,

    “As a low carb aficionado, “Correlation does not equal causation!” is one of the mantras for those of us who hate looking at poorly done “studies” that supposedly “prove” the status quo.”

    Me too.  Only effective diet that allows me to shed pounds is a low carb one. Nutrisystem was just bad food with very little result, and I ain’t gonna starve myself.  I HATE foregoing bread, pasta & dessert, but I was able to lose 12 pounds (of a goal of 20) by cutting those things out last summer.  I do cheat a bit – I love to eat PB at night watching TV, and I eat vegetables and beans in excess of what the Atkins folks would suggest (I figure it’s good for my colon), but Mrs. P would like to see me weigh what I weighed when we met 24 years ago, and at this rate I’m 7-8 pounds away from that.

  11. Meanwhile, 2016’s worst team in baseball, Minnesota’s beloved Washington Senators, are purging their front office. I’ve got a hint for them : if you hire one pitcher capable of keeping his ERA below 5.00, you’ll have one pitcher who can pitch better than 5.00. Imagine what an improvement that could be !

    This is what you get when you build a new stadium for a team.

  12. Granny, oops, missed that thanks for the correction.

    Pat—- “Never mind” (/ Emily Litella)

  13. flatus, I understand your pain, but wouldn’t losing the series be worth winning the white house…. and relegating drumpf to the outhouse?

    at this point, i’m clinging to all straws, signs, good omens available in hopes of a Hillary win.

  14. Hallie Jackson the dumbest person on tv and she talks fast so she can get in more stupid remarks

    she must have really dirty pictures of someone to have retained a job because she is incompetent and cloaks her incompetence by repeating the outrageous lies of anyone who comes by –she is like Rita Cosby without the Marilyn Monroe affect but just as ridiculous.

  15. I think at this point the Trump campaign in league with  the FBI have conspired to help Trump win and if not win make it a disputed election.   Trump has been talking about Weiner having Clinton emails on his computer — how would he pull that out of his ass?    He is not that smart and neither is anyone on his campaign he brought it up and a lot because he knew this was coming – he had inside information – but he is making up the part about classified because he doesn’t know.

    I rarely wish ill of anyone but I hope Comey gets boils

  16. As if Wells Fargo didn’t have enough problems – they are part of the financing of the Dakota Access Pipeline

    I saw America’s Embarrassment was shooting off fireworks at a Florida rally — I think that it’s premature …

  17. Probably thinks Hispanic Floridians will be excited about the fireworks and will vote for him.

  18. those fireworks reminded me of the fiery smoke and mirrors scene in wizard of oz just before they pulled back the curtain

  19. MSNBC perpetuates the big lie – that black voters aren’t turning out…..Big Fat Lie

  20. words have meaning

    I don’t think Obama is desperate

    and I hope Clinton bans NBC

  21. well, ping, here’s a fellow conservative’s view on your hero:
    Right Turn opinion
    McConnell lets the cat out of the bag: He can’t restrain Trump

    At least we’ve dispensed with the fiction that a party unwilling to stop Trump before his election would act as a brake if he got to the Oval Office. McConnell is right in the sense that any president is the most powerful politician in the country. And that’s the problem. Once elected, Trump’s already humongous ego would know no limits. His ignorance coupled with his authoritarian tendencies would make him even less amenable to reason and persuasion. He would see his election not only as a mandate to abandon scores of conservative ideas (e.g., fiscal discipline, trade, respect for the rule of law) but also as a green light to use his executive powers to settle scores, punish enemies, evade congressional scrutiny and round up millions of people.

    McConnell has committed a quintessential Kinsley gaffe. (“A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.”) Trump would become the most powerful person in the Free World and the head of a party. The GOP would literally become his party. His pronouncements and positions would be echoed by and defended by the entire GOP apparatus.

    That leaves fretful voters to ponder: Shouldn’t they make doubly sure Trump never gets to the White House? On the off chance he does, should they make sure there is at least a Democratic Senate?

  22. The largest moon in decades.  The Cubs win the World Series.  Comey tries to kneecap HRC.  Sounds pretty good for electing a woman to the White House.  I just saw a poll where HRC was 100 points over the Bloated one.  It is pretty sound as I polled my two cats, dog and myself.  I never said a poll of actual voters.

    Tomorrow is Friday.  It is time to start a poll on what the FBI will dump out to trash Hill and Bill.  From past experience we know Friday’s are for the highest level, and Monday’s are for the lower, no name, GS-5, to tweet out some stuff about Bill.

    Can you imagine the cork about to blow in the floater’s head.  He has been struggling to stay on message all week.  So far that is about as long as he can hold it in.  HRC and team should start talking about how he is broke and afraid to let the real billionaires know it.  “Taxes are for the little people”


  23. cnn:

    Melania Trump says she’d work to improve a social media culture that has gotten “too mean and too tough” — riddled with insults based on “looks and intelligence” — if she becomes first lady.
    But she didn’t make any mention of the Twitter activities of her husband, Donald Trump, who has relentlessly attacked his political foes, journalists, critics and other entertainers for years with demeaning comments based on their appearances and intelligence.


    Not mentioned: Her own husband’s long history of cyberbullying.

  24. “the cork about to blow in the floater’s head”

    bbronc, he let off a little steam on twitter today when he told the prez to “get back to work” in not so respectful a fashion… whistles blowing big time. 

    realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago

    Looking at Air Force One @ MIA. Why is he campaigning instead of creating jobs & fixing Obamacare? Get back to work for the American people!

  25. Melanoma just using a well used page in the Trump Playbook

    take your worst attribute and pretend it’s everyone else’s problem

  26. Pat: That last sentence/question in the Keith Olberman video is chilling!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. questions to media who complained about Hillary’s accessibility:

    are media still riding on Hillary’s campaign plane and is she available for questions or at least within sight for their cell cameras

    and are media still not allowed to ride with the drumpf on his very big roomy plane nor allowed to be in or near his presence on the ground sessions and are some still banned by him?


    get use to the shut out if, god forbid, he becomes potus

  28. Pogo

    Of course Twain did say he came in with Halley and would go out with Halley.  If not causal it might be indication of prognostication. 🙂


  29. Maybe Twain was a Presbyterian…….

    Trump will not win the election

    The Poles will be spread permanently further apart.

    But:  it will soon not be so cool to be ain ignorant anti-science racist buffoon….

    The Poles, Ignatz and Guilderstern, will wonder why they’re being brought into this

    Can you imagine if the history of the world ended up with Don Trump as the new Augustus Caesar?


  30. Patd

    Great homework and post!  I was also looking at the colors of the teams thinking the same outcome.  Polls still show Hillary in the lead.  Will this also be another streak that is broken with a Republican win?  Only a few days remain and the twist and turns continue.

  31. KCG and other FBI conspiracy believers….

    Do not worry about the FBI as Justice has been working hard to hide the truth from US – the American People.  What happened to the most transparent administration in history?  What a JOKE !!

    Hillary all negative and sounds like the looser that she will be on Tuesday.  Weak turn out for Hillary so she calls out the great speaker (loosely leader) Barack Obama-nation.

  32. do the math Ping the biggest losers on Tuesday will be the people who bought Trump’sbull shit and won’t understand why the majority of America has rejected them and you and elected her.



    Your proof of this? A link from a reputable publication or interview of a whistle blower?


    Do not worry about the FBI as Justice has been working hard to hide the truth from US – the American People.  What happened to the most transparent administration in history?  What a JOKE !!


  34. Jamie, Sam ain’t around to ask about Tuesday.   Pity.

    Right, HRC has gone all negative.  Good thing we have drumpf going all positive.  Love his positive message about Hillary being unable to govern while  shackled by criminal investigations. Very positive message. Give me a break.

    Trump – take our country back .   David Duke – we’re losing our rights. The line connecting those dots is short and straight.

  35. Ping, I see you’ve gone all Breitbart on us.  Bannon is smiling .   His work here is done.

  36. Hello Russia .   Thanks  for the help .

    Anyone catch the Melania speech?   Delusional on steroids. My response to his purported “concern” about factories that were closed in PA, NC & OH is … Chinese steel, Chinese ties, Indonesian shirts & Mexican suits.  Thanks for the help Donald. And she’s going to make cyber bullying her focus.  Sez our country has become too negative.   Hey, Melanoma, good start would be to shut Donald’s twitter account the fucking down.  That alone would reduce cyber bullying in the US by 35% in one fell swoop. I wonderived what the word for irony is in Slovenia .

  37. Well, old Pinger……I gotta hand it to ya…… seem to be the only right winger guy who deigns to comment here with CC and the lab rats…….I’m witcha on dat, f’true…..

    I  cannot understand how you came to hold those beliefs you espouse……..

    I mean, Dude……you went to School…….didn’t they teach you nothing?

    It’s a mystery.

  38. Pat: Melania Trump is a moron which is just how Trump likes his women…stacked and stupid!

    Pogo: Sorry, I skipped over your earlier comment about low carb. I do it for  health. About 15 years ago I was told that I would be on insulin by the end of the year (pre-diabetic) and I had other health issues too. After a lot of research, I went low carb and my health completely turned around. All my health markers (blood work) went to normal or better than normal. I haven’t taken any meds in years and almost never go to the doctor.

    Ping: It looks like you’re ready to go buy guns and fight in the revolution Trump is itching for. There are many ways he can bring the country down, that one scares me the most. I’m sorry you’ve fallen for his hateful, racist, violent messages.

  39. Tony,

    President Barack Obama-Nation promised the most open, transparent and truthful administration in history.  (wait I am watching MSNBC and CNN, Be back in a minute as they are pointing to big changes )

    OK Back to the fact that the Truth is suppressed.   In time it will all come out in the wash but looks like Hillary will still be victorious.  And I will get up on Wednesday and the world will still be fine.  Why – I do not put all of my eggs in the central government and also Hillary is not far left,  She is in the back pocket of wall street and most likely a bigger hawk then Trump.

    Love you all today and also on Wednesday.

    Still going for Trump !

  40. Trump is not Hateful, Just the media and Hillary robots and minions can only try this distraction as they (You!) refuse to accept the truth about Hillary.  She is getting so shrill. I guess being under multiple CRIMINAL Investigations will cause this result!!!


  41. People, please, with everybody ganging-up on Ping, it’s no wonder that he’s shouting. Most of us here have already voted; the points on either side of the circle are moot for many of us here. What isn’t moot is, we will have a President-Elect on Wednesday who must effectively figure out how to govern what is now a highly polarized population. Seems to me that we will be doing that individual a service, and offering some hope to our fellow citizens, if we help the P-E get off on a somewhat even keel.

  42. We are fortunate that overwhelmingly, people who post here are respectful of differing opinions.  Occasionally, each of us falls short of this standard.

    Unfortunately, there will always those who wish to disrupt.

    My advice is the same as it was in 2008…”Ignore the knotheads”…


  43. I ordered Hillary campaign stuff from Friday and it

    arrived in the mail today…the union bug is on all materials…

    I also encourage everyone to go to to donate…even 1 buck helps!!!

  44. Ping ,

    Here’s how this works.


    Clinton wins Hispanics- Game

    Clinton wins African Americans- Set

    Clinton wins Women- Match.

    Clinton wins Colorado. Game

    Clinton wins Nevada- Set

    Clinton wins Florida- Match.


    These out comes are not going to change between now and Nov. 8th no matter how much the FBI or Trump might wish it so.

  45. Sturgeone: Thanks for asking. All it means is that I have a fertile imagination for making up names 😀

    Ping: “Trump is not Hateful” Have you ever actually listened to the words that come out of his mouth? I could link you to dozens of videos of him talking, since that’s all he ever does besides tweet and grope women. I’m just not going to waste Craig’s bandwidth on something most of us already know. Look him up!

    Flatus: If someone is going to support a racist bully, they need to be able to survive a few reality checks. I don’t think Ping would be goading us on if he wasn’t enjoying the effect he’s having.

  46. Local TV news station just gave a primer on “How to Write In a Candidate if you don’t like the other choices.” I can honestly say first time I’ve ever seen this happen in any election year here. Anyone else had this type of story covered in your region? Holy cow, weird year gets stranger.


  47. This might be silly musings but thinking a gracious plenty of the Republican Nominee’s supporters won’t vote because they would have to register. If you register, of course, the government has your info. Oh dear. This is awkward.

  48. Hey Ping, blueINdallas, hope you’ll stay around. I’d love for you to write about what you like doing, what are your interests outside politics. Wouldn’t be surprised if we have more in common than not.

    Seriously, we should do a Politics-Free Detox Day after November 8th.

  49. “Seriously, we should do a Politics-Free Detox Day after November 8th.”

    sjwny, only possible if it’s not a gore v. bush replay.

    in any case we’ll probably be too exhausted from watching the late votes trickle in, have over slept from too much victory party OR  trashed the tv, ripped out the computer innards, maybe even kicked the dog, either moved to Canada andor buried our heads in sand for another 4 years.

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