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I feel compelled to write a piece about the Broadway show Hamilton. The reason is that I just finished watching the PBS special that originally aired on 10/21/2016 called, Hamilton’s America! This is an amazing behind the scenes look at the show, it’s creation and, most importantly, the history of our country.

hamiltonI was watching the Tony Awards in June and was enthralled watching Hamilton win award after award, totaling 11 by the end of the night. I’ve seen various snippets of the show on YouTube and heard most of the soundtrack. I’ve seen/heard enough about it to know it’s something that I’m interested in. I will definitely see Hamilton the moment any local theater group presents it, as I have done many times in the past for other shows. It won’t be the same cast, but the words and the power of the piece should be transferable to any theater production. It’s tough to be a Broadway lover when you can’t get to Broadway, but we make do.

If there is anyone who, like me, thinks they know about Hamilton, the musical. If you’ve heard anything about Hamilton, seen YouTube videos, think you know what it’s about, even if you were lucky enough to see in live on Broadway you must watch Hamilton’s America!

Not only does it showcase the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda who is described as a modern Shakespeare, and the other creators and cast, but it’s a history lesson. I would venture to say that it’s one of the best history lessons I’ve ever had about this group of founding fathers.

It was impressive how much the cast had imbued themselves with the history of the characters they were playing. I was blown away by how well they not only knew their characters, but how well they understood them, warts and all. I think what makes Hamilton unique is that they show how human and flawed the most revered people in history can be, but they also show that their flaws don’t cancel out the good that they did.

There are many familiar people in this program talking about our history and Hamilton, the man and the show. You’ll all be happy to see our favorite Senator from Massachusetts 🙂 She’s brilliant, as always. President Obama has a lot of very eloquent things to offer as well.

I could go on, but I don’t want to spoil it. I really want you all to try and watch Hamilton’s America if you can. If you have a Roku, it’s on the PBS station until 11/18/2016, that’s where I watched it. I believe it may also be on the PBS website and may be time limited there as well. It’s runs for 1:22.

I hope you love it as much as I did and I’m looking forward to some discussions about the show, the people involved, the history of our country and how this all still applies today and anything else that it moves you to talk about.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Granny, thanks…
    Hillary Clinton Is Blazing a Momentous Trail
    Eugene Robinson
    Not enough has been made of two obvious facts: Hillary Clinton, if she wins, would be the first woman elected to the White House. And it will have been the votes of women who put her there.

    Think, for a moment, about what a remarkable milestone that would be. Consider what it would say about the long and difficult struggle to make the Constitution’s guarantees of freedom and equality encompass all Americans. The first 43 presidents were all members of a privileged minority group — white males. The 44th is a black man, and the 45th may well be a white woman. That is a very big deal.


  2. Granny, thanks for the Post. Yes I guess I should watch Hamilton’s America, because the likelihood that I’ll ever get a ticket to Hamilton is somewhere between slim and nonexistent.

    To another issue, Hillary needs to get out front on this reimbursement that the Pentagon is asking from California National Guard members who were paid bonuses to reenlist to go to Iraq and Afghanistan. She needs to demand the reimbursement stop immediately. And she needs to do it before the idiot drumpf does it.

  3. Clinton ‘appalled’ by effort to recoup veterans’ bonuses

    By Cristiano Lima

    “I am appalled that National Guard officials are attempting to recoup money from soldiers who accepted bonuses a decade ago,” the Democratic nominee said in a statement released Monday night in response to the reports, which first appeared in the Los Angeles Times.
    Story Continued Below

    “These troops deserve our support and our deepest gratitude; they served admirably and upheld their part of the bargain. It is unacceptable to now subject them and their families to undue financial burdens thanks to to mismanagement from the California National Guard and rigid bureaucracy on the part of the Pentagon.”

  4. pogo, what’s behind the reneging on bonus, inspector general reports? congressional committee oversight pressure? somebody’s gored ox?

    watch how the 2nd part* of Hillary’s statement will no doubt be twisted somehow to accuse her of not backing the military and slamming the guard as a whole.

    *”It is unacceptable to now subject them and their families to undue financial burdens thanks to to mismanagement from the California National Guard and rigid bureaucracy on the part of the Pentagon.”

  5. As it turns out, women actually can be president…of other countries. Sam and Madeleine Albright find out more.

  6. Some days I smile.

    These students at Liberty U take on Jerry Falwell jr president of the university about his support of Trump in a well reasoned piece in Wapo

    Trump is the antithesis of our values; there is no reason to revisit his vices here. Most non-Christians recognize Trump as amoral and self-centered. If we ignore this fact and buy in to his promise of strength, what will it tell the world about how seriously we Christians esteem our values?

    Thankfully, there are other options in 2016. Elections are not about choosing the perfect candidate, but about choosing the best candidate on the ballot. We ought to take a close look at all the options and vote for the candidate who best embodies our values. This person may have little chance of winning or not be a traditional option, but such a vote would not be wasted. A wasted vote is one that contradicts one’s conscience.

  7. Five will get you ten that they knew they were being bad when they took the bonus that is being recouped. Why? Because they had already received one generous bonus covering the same period of service.

    The government could forgive the interest that is being charged, and make the repayment terms reflect the financial predicaments that the individuals find themselves in. But, to forgive the improperly claimed/paid bonuses would reward the wrong set of values.

  8. I just saw this in a comment at WaPo’s Fact checker and have to share it.


    Four score and seven women have accused me of groping them in a certain location. Babies. It is hardly conceivable that I would proposition them, as none of them are even close to a four, or equal.   

    Now we are engaged in a campaign, which I will challenge, unless I win, whether or not this nation, or any nation, long endures. Especially Mexico. Fat, horrible, disgusting nation, that one. I’m going to sue Mexico for fatness, believe me.   

    I met Hillary–Crooked Hillary!–on three battlefields of that campaign, and all the polls were wrong. Wrong! Except Rasmussen, gotta love them. We met and I loomed behind her, I stood menacingly behind her, I dominated behind her, in order that my eggshell-thin narcissistic fragility might endure. It was totally fine, totally, that I might do this.  

    But in a larger sense–and I mean big, big league, gigantic–we cannot loom, we cannot menace threateningly, we cannot dominate this stage. Without good hair. And sniffing, lots of sniffing. And interrupting– a lot. And gradually losing one’s entire sense of equilibrium, until one is shouting, screaming & insulting their opponent in an inevitable eruption of narcissistic rage.   

    The world will forever note, will forever remember what I say here. If they forget, I’ll remind them, constantly, until I receive the constant drip of praise & admiration that I need like life’s blood itself. It is for me to receive this praise, & for you to give it–the great task that I give to you, to give to me your last full breath of devotion–to me.   

    So that I will not have left my six-foot self-portrait at Doral in vain, so that I will awaken to a new birth of grandiosity, and that my ego–of my ego, by my ego, for my ego–will be honored as our nation’s last President, before I become bored & engage in some vain impulsive act to cause all of us to perish from the Earth. 

    It was posted by a commenter named DocinDC and he put this link up with it.  goo.gl/8smpVS


  9. patd,  I don’t know what’s behind the bonus recoupment – I’ve only so far seen tv spots on it, and I just read the LATimes article linked above. I suspect Flatus will have a bit more insight and could post a link to a definitive treatment of the issue.

  10. A liberal activist and organizer coordinated with reporters from the conservative news site Breitbart during the primaries to cover his disruptions of events for candidates such as Sen. Marco Rubio.
    Aaron Black, an associate with Democracy Partners and a former Occupy Wall Street organizer, worked with the pro-Trump site Breitbart, tipping it off about his stunts, exchanging raw video and coordinating coverage, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.
    “He worked directly with Breitbart’s political team on the ground in the primary states to sabotage Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz, and elect Trump as nominee of [the Republican] party,” the source told POLITICO. “[Black] was coordinating with [Breitbart’s] top staff to rabble rouse against Rubio at rallies.”

  11. Dem women poised for record gains in Trump backlash

    More women appear set to win because they’re running Democratic in what’s shaping up to be a Democratic year. But this wasn’t entirely happenstance: Before making her presidential campaign official last year, Clinton brought in Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List — a group founded 30 years ago to support female Democratic candidates — for the first of many conversations about recruiting and promoting other women running in 2016.


  12. Question for you political experts regarding the state of California and the Pentagon or whatever forcing military members to repay their re-enlistment bonuses. Does Obama have any kind of power to do anything about that? A friend of mine posted a story about that and commented “What a monster our president is!” Anybody?

  13. Corey, I’m not certain, but I suspect the bonuses were authorized by legislation and that the Pentagon is bound by it.  I would think the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Treasury could order that the collection efforts cease if Pres. O told them to, and dared Congress or DOJ to sue them if they didn’t like it.

  14. Reading a follow up article at the LATimes, there is bipartisan support in Congress to stop this.

    “These service members — many of whom were sent into combat — are now being forced to make difficult and painful decisions to pay back thousands of dollars they never knew they owed,” said Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside), a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. “The solution to this ridiculous situation is an act of Congress.”

  15. GrannyM…  wish I knew more about Hamilton.  You’ve piqued my interest to learn more.

    Pogo…  Trump’s Gettysburg Address….   ROTFLMAO!

    Thank God…  only 2 weeks left!

  16. There was fraud involved in the bonuses  someone has gone to jail  But the people receiving the bonuses were not part of the fraud

    the bonuses were only supposed to be paid to certain occupations and skills not through out the guard

  17. I suspect we are not getting the whole story behind the National guard bonuses.

    Cory, one point, The President over sees a 2 trillion dollar budget. These bonuses are a really small part of it. So if your friend is looking for an evil person he needs to look for a much smaller fish, burrowed somewhere in a dark corner of the pentagon. (hows that for completely mixing metaphors in a blender?)  Obama has real problems he is trying to address. Like getting a sane person elected President.



  18. So here is my thought, if these bonuses were written into the enlistment contract then I don’t see how  they can come back and demand repayment.  It was an offer accepted in good faith. The fact that  the government didn’t intend to make the offer is irrelevant, if it is written up in the contract then they did make the offer. If the Bonus was part of the contract then the service men should owe nothing they acted in good faith. But the contracting officer, who signed off on this ,may owe a lot


  19. Many thanks to GrannyMumantoog for taking the time to write. Pilar’s Post was lovely & welcome also. These two works come from within.

    If Hamilton can spark an interest in our history as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series did in reading books, Thank You. We as a species tend to be so wrapped up in the here & now that we forget the reasons why & how we got here.



  20. Jack, you are right on target.  One soldier who brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the soldiers who received the bonuses had his debt forgiven.  The Pentagon said it was forgiven because he accepted it in good faith.  He had repaid all but $5000 when it was forgiven.  DoJ then moved to dismiss the suit as moot.  Talk about cynical!

  21. The payments are the result of a written contract between an individual and the government. The amount of the payment(s) and the timing of them is specified and is based on whether or not there is a shortage of the individual’s skill projected over the time-frame of the contract. The individual, if already contracted for that period, cannot opt for a better deal. Likewise, the individual cannot quit nor change availability or specialty during the period except under conditions specified in the contract.

    To suggest that the already contracted troops were duped into accepting money to which they weren’t entitled for future service which for which they were already contracted and rewarded suggests that they were unsophisticated individuals unfamiliar with the military pay system. To which I say, bullshit. They tried to game the system and got caught.

  22. while i was just engaging in a little fantasy with my comment about voting for Trump if he guaranteed term limits and enacted campaign financial reform…..it was just that….a little bit of nothing……relax, the two party system wont let anything like that happen……another one of my fantasies is to  have at least 3-4 partys to vote from…..they would need proof of not being a robot……i have a few fantasies….but the reality is that i will be voting for Hillalry……will wait 4 year and see what she does for all of the country……what is best for the whole country is what-what was behind my comment…….but  in really thinking about it for a few hrs………and there were someone to guarantee these thing the next time around…..even if it were to be the first Mexican, Indian……..not even all of the anger that i could muster, would keep me from voting for the those vital needs that imo would cure the country………..

  23. Granny M

    I meant to ask if anyone else had seen Hamilton’s America.  For all those who didn’t, it truly is a must see for the genius that is Lin-Manuel, the history behind the show, and what it takes to actually get a major production to Broadway.

    In the meantime, the book on which the show is based Alexander Hamilton by Chernow

  24. I may not live long enough to see it, but a film of Hamilton with the original cast has been made and will be seen sometime in the next decade.

  25. They say that Hamilton was not a president…..but


    If the United States Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776 and the Constitution in 1789, and if George Washington was not inaugurated until April 30, 1789, who were the presidents for those first thirteen years?

    The truth is, the United States had 14 presidents who ran the country through the first government, the Continental Congress, which started in 1774………lots of fun can be had by fantasizing a  little……….even if it was real and not fiction……later

  26. People who should not be seen in public after this mess include Kelley Ann Condom and Sarah Huckabee —

    turns out trump’s big crowds in fla are his employees

    Jill Stein is endorsing Trump what a fool

  27. Mr Sturgeone,

    I never noticed that you were vain, but I may need a hearing aid.

    I know you have a trebled soul.

  28. Craig: Thanks for adding the picture. I wanted to add something but wasn’t sure how…problem solved 🙂

    Pogo: Same boat here, I have to live my love for Broadway vicariously watching YouTube bootlegs & local productions 🙁

    Renee: I didn’t know much about him either until I watched Hamilton’s America. We owe him a lot!

    sjwny: There is a scene in Hamilton’s American of M. Obama talking to a group of young people who are so excited about Hamilton! That is one of the things that struck me was how this is connecting with the younger generation.

    Jamie: You just made my day! Can’t wait to buy the film version of Hamilton! Is the release being delayed? If so, why? Thanks for adding the videos too. I should note that when Hamilton first burst onto the scene and was talked about so much a couple years ago, I wasn’t sure it would be something I’d want to see. I hate rap and hip-hop so I didn’t think I’d like it. After seeing Hamilton’s American and all the videos I’ve watched & hearing the music, I can now see how Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius created something that just works. Hamilton’s America really showed me how each type of music was done in a way that helped tell the story of the character by the actor who was performing it.

    Solar: You are so right! That is one thing that struck me in Hamilton’s America…how much of what we take for granted now is actually something he created! He didn’t have the title President but he accomplished more than many Presidents we’ve had.


    That reimbursement thing seems totally wacked! If you sign a contract in good faith, you shouldn’t have to repay anyone! How is this even an issue?

  29. Back in ’48, the Tribe had one of the greatest pitchers ever, Satchell Paige

    “I use my single windup, my double windup, my triple windup, my hesitation windup, my no windup. I also use my step-n-pitch-it, my submariner, my sidearmer and my bat dodger. Man’s got to do what he’s got to do.”


  30. Flatus, I’m not so harsh on the recruits.  Seems to me they took what they were offered by recruiters who were not being clear about what they were offering.  The delay in the Pentagon seeking reimbursement raises doubts in my mind.  My understanding is that one of the recruiters is in Kansas now. I expect to see action stopping the reimbursement effort.

  31. Ignoramus re military law here. Is there something like a statute of limitations ? Or, is it like the IRS – a threat for all eternity ?

  32. Solar

    Before the  adoption of the constitution there was no United States of America. there may have been organisations with the same or similar names but Our country started with the constitution. That makes  the 13 organising states older than the country.



  33. Craig…  I just sent you an email.

    Solar…  well…  sometimes it’s impossible to tell if you’re serious, joking, or just fantasizing.  Whatever…  I just like to kick your ass every once in a while.  Judy told me you needed it.

  34. Pogo, I don’t believe these were recruits. Rather, they were fully trained individuals who did not have enough retention left on their current enlistments to complete an oversea assignment.

    The purpose of the bonus is to fully recoup the government’s investment in the training of these individuals by incentivizing them to reenlist. With the fraudulent payments, they were ‘double-incentivized’; once each under two separate programs for the same time period. They are lucky they aren’t being tried for fraud.

  35. Oh yeah, Oh yeah………dont kick too hard….dont have a lot of padding any more…….can you just paddle me a little instead……or maybe that would be Seas job………



    Thanks for that….and thanks for reminding me to look a little further into things……..just a little more thinking on my part and……..



  36. Holy term limits…………Jamie…..thanks for that link…..some of them only lasted a cpl of days…some a cpl of months..and some a cpl of years……….loved it!

  37. I don’t see , and it may be that I just don’t understand, how accepting a bonus that incentivizes me to reenlist for 6 years that I have no obligation to reenlist for otherwise is fraud if I fulfill the 6 year reenlistment.  If I opt out early, I get it, but if I stay I can’t see the fraud.  I do understand the job specific restriction, but I’m not sure the military didn’t have an obligation to enforce or at least clarify the soldiers’ obligation to remain in that job or forfeit the bonus.

  38. Here’s the fraud. It’s 1995 I accept a bonus of $10k under program ‘x’ to re-up for six years in 1996. Three months later, I accept a bonus of $15K under program ‘y’ to re-up for six years in 1996. There is only one of me. The government hoped to get enough re-ups under program ‘x’. They didn’t meet goals so initiated program ‘y’. Soldiers having $10k under program ‘x’ received their incentive. If goals had been met early, they could still keep their $10k so long as they filed for it before program curtailment. Who knows, if everybody waited a little longer, there might have been a program ‘z’ for $22k. Would these fraudsters then be trying for a total of $47k? “Wah, I didn’t understand…”

  39. Under those circumstances I see where there would be fraud.  But it’s not clear from what I read that the issue was re-enlistees receiving 2 bonuses.  If they did, I agree with you.  But I don’t see any of that in the LAT articles (and here)

    But there certainly was fraud.

    Army Master Sgt. Toni Jaffe, the California Guard’s incentive manager, pleaded guilty in 2011 to filing false claims of $15.2 million and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison. Three officers also pleaded guilty to fraud and were put on probation after paying restitution.

    Sounds to me like it was a top down, not a bottom up, fraud if it was fraud at all.

  40. Pogo, Flatus,

    Cpl of thoughts: I have to agree with Kath…..it was not the recipients fault.  They would have had recorded payment of the first 10k re-up for 1995 along with any pay increase, promotions etc, etc on their pay records….when they get married, housing, it all goes down on paper……a way of keeping track of them….it should have been caught right away?





  41. This I know, the facts are unclear. With the scenario as I described, I believe the individuals would be responsible for repayment of the principal; waiving of the interest would be a reasonable accommodation.

    If the facts are as the L.A. Times has described things, a special bill should be introduced waiving repayment of everything and replenishing the coffers of those who have already repaid.

    I don’t understand the Master Sgt being in federal prison unless she had her hand in the kitty. Why just her and not the officers?

    We are not being given the whole story.

  42. fantastic 4 page endorsement!  gives good breakdown of her policies.  very positive.

    new Yorker:
    The New Yorker Endorses Hillary Clinton
    The election of Hillary Clinton is an event that we would welcome for its historical importance, and greet with indescribable relief.

    ByThe Editors

  43. excerpt from above for a taste:

    Hillary Clinton’s vision and temperament are the opposite of her opponent’s. She has been a pioneer throughout her life, and yet her career cannot be easily reduced to one transcendent myth: she has been an idealist and a liberal incrementalist, a glass-ceiling-smashing lawyer and a cautious establishmentarian, a wife and mother, a First Lady, a rough-and-tumble political operator, a senator, a Secretary of State. Her story is about walking through flames and emerging changed, warier and more determined. In her intelligence, in her gimlet-eyed recognition of both the limits and the possibilities of government, she’s a particular kind of inspirational figure, a pragmatist and a Democratic moderate. We wish that Clinton faced a worthy opponent: she deserves a less sullied, more substantive win. But her claim to our support goes far beyond the nihilism of the alternative. It is also notable that she has chosen as a running mate Tim Kaine, a highly capable politician with a record of genuine compassion;….

  44. World Series 2016

    Red Sox fans have a lot to root for on both sides:


    Tito..Terry Francona   Manager

    Brad Mills                 Bench Coach

    Coco Crisp                Outfield

    Mike Napoli              1st base/DH

    Andrew Miller           Pitcher


    Theo Epstein            President of Baseball Operations

    Jon Lester                Pitcher

    David Ross              Catcher

    John Lackey             Pitcher

    Anthony Rizzo          1st base

    Good luck to Tito’s Indians

    Good luck to Theo’s Cubs

    Should be a great series no matter who wins. But it would be fun to see another “curse” bite the dust 🙂

  45. BTW, Flatus, I plan to watch the Tribe and the Cubbies slug it out in game 1 tonite.  At least I’ll do check ins to see how it’s going.  You?

  46. Flatus, good question.  ~~~ I’m sure the facts would support the unequal treatment of officers versus the NCO ~~~, and I do agree with you on all counts in your 2:40 comment.  There are obviously facts we aren’t aware of wrt the bonuses – I suspect they will be fleshed out before long.

  47. the problem with the Obama care opposition is a lot of people are happy with the coverage

  48. Pogo

    I’ll be watching and recording our Indians (Fox@2000Eastern). Being at a game you know instantaneously when something is happening–not so with teevee. That’s why I don’t feel disloyal in not watching every moment if something else comes up–like bedtime.

  49. Flatus – bedtime may be an issue, as is tonight being opening night of the NBA (thank god it’s back) and the Cavs hanging the Championship banner.

  50. Pogo: Ha! Good one! 😀 It broke my heart when we lost Andrew Miller. I think he was injured at the time but I thought he was worth waiting for. Lester had a resurgence after he left so I’m happy for him. Lackey is fun to watch but he’s at the end of his career. I hope we get a great ace for next year, they’ve made some bad trade decisions over the years that’s for sure! All started with the Babe who was actually a pitcher when he was in Boston :/

  51. So for once the series has an interesting twist – it’s between the 2 teams with the longest championship droughts in the leagues.

  52. Well-timed “16 For ’16: The Contenders” tonight, profiling Geraldine Ferraro & Sarah Palin. The series lets the Reporters that covered the various candidates give background. Lynn Sherr was excellent talking about Ferraro.

  53. I s’pose I should be watching the history making baseball game instead of playing games with our Music Man.

  54. Good night so far for Believeland.   Cavs up by 22 halfway through the 4th an the Tribe up by 2 bottom of the 4th.

  55. Cook Political Report Predicts Dems Will Win Up To Seven Senate Seats
    Lauren Fox

    The Cook Political Report reported Tuesday morning that Democrats will take back their majority and win five to seven Senate seats in November.

    Cook Political Report’s Senate analyst Jennifer Duffy wrote that it looks like Republicans have finally reached the point where they can no longer simply run their own races. They are being drowned out by their presidential nominee Donald Trump.

    Duffy wrote that ever since a tape surfaced of Trump discussing making unwanted sexual advances toward women, Republicans have been slowly sinking in polls across the country.
    Democrats needed four seats to win control of the chamber assuming Hillary Clinton wins the White House (thanks to the vice president’s tie-breaker) or five without her.

  56. Here’s a little amusement for those not watching the game. Lizzie was asked about Curt Schilling:

    6 inning about to start Indians 3 Cubbies 0

  57. Perez homered again, this time scoring Guyer and Chisenhall. 6-0 Cleveland, and still the bottom of the 8th.


  58. Sweetie’s Grandma is dancing in heaven. She listened to every Indians game on the radio from the early ’20s to the mid-’90s.

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