Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

We’ll greet this morning with fanfare! The ‘Masterpiece’ that you may well know and the rest of that masterpiece that you may not. Enjoy the music and enjoy the day!

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51 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. Jace…   now I’m AWAKE!  I’d like to play that here Nov. 9th…   seems fitting for the first female prez.

    Yaaaaaa….  the Cubbies won!  GrannyM…  I give a slight edge to the Cubbies for the WS…  but if the Indians win, I’ll be happy too.

    I see we now have Spencer’s cute nose watching over us…   DaveV, give that dog a treat.

  2. davev, spenser is one handsome dog.  surely would get a tail wag from my billie bob, the bitch with balls


    ( an epithet applicable perhaps in the political realm )

  3. Jace, as always a great selection.   And you’re right, other than the lead melody…?? Thanks.

  4. So the choose file button to attach an image doesn’t work?  Shows a file chosen but won’t attach it.

    Ooh, ooh, it worked. That’s my mutt Livvy. 12 years and counting.

  5. Jace, I pushed the launch button on this morning’s music and didn’t know whether to stand at attention or to march around the dining room. Well done!

  6. I’m glad the Cubs won; that will make it much easier for the competitors to concentrate on baseball rather than multiple time zones.

    I well remember my Indians last victory in ’48. We were a very proud community. So much has happened since then. Our manager at the time also played shortstop. He was the Series MVP. I don’t know the names of all our players. But, if someone says he played with the Tribe in ’16, I’ll nod my head knowingly.

    May good sportsmanship triumph as well as stellar fan behavior.

  7. I shall console myself for the Cubs win by stating simply … At least the Giants are staying home.


  8. Kelley Ann Condom the Trump soldier willing to lie and nnow appears only on Fox now  complaining about the media coverage

    Hey we can talk about the big crowds Condom and how they don’t mean anythingI haven’t played the Sunday selection yet

    when Mr. Cracker gets up


  9. pogo, congratulations on mastering the photo post.  took me quite awhile to get the hang of it…. now i’m the trail poster pest.

    a gooddog pat to livvy.  is that short for Olivia or feminine for livy the historian ?

  10. “when Mr. Cracker gets up” kgc, have it ready to blast forth… it’s the opening to “masterpiece theatre” and a glorious brassy herald to a good morning for him.

  11. I just heard some lame Trump supporter say he will carry Virginia

    He can barely carry Georgia

  12. Jace: Love the Sunday morning “Masterpiece” 😀

    Renee: I agree it would be a great choice to play when Hillary wins.

    Pat: Now I’m curious… Was that the song that the crowds were singing after the game last night? I couldn’t tell what they were singing, it didn’t sound like anything I’d heard before. Hearing the one you posted, I’m not sure it was the same song. Do the Cubs have a theme song? I know in ’04  the Dropkick Murphys had done an arrangement of an old song “Tessie” for the Red Sox which became an anthem that year. It was even at the end of the movie Fever Pitch. Ahhh nostalgia!  Now on to the World Series! It’s good that the teams won’t have to travel. Go Cubs! Go Indians! I may be fickle!

    Loving all the puppy love!

  13. Music and lyrics by Steve Goodman  kind of  sad storyBaseball season’s underwayWell, you better get ready for a brand new dayHey, Chicago, what do you sayThe Cubs are gonna win today. They’re singing…Go, Cubs, goGo, Cubs, goHey, Chicago, what do you sayThe Cubs are gonna win todayGo, Cubs, goGo, Cubs, goHey, Chicago, what do you sayThe Cubs are gonna win today. They got the power, they got the speedTo be the best in the National LeagueWell this is the year and the Cubs are realSo come on down to Wrigley Field. We’re singing now…Go, Cubs, goGo, Cubs, goHey, Chicago, what do you sayThe Cubs are gonna win todayGo, Cubs, goGo, Cubs, goHey, Chicago, what do you sayThe Cubs are gonna win today. Baseball time is here againYou can catch it all on WGNSo stamp your feet and clap your handsChicago Cubs got the greatest fans. You’re singing now…Go, Cubs, goGo, Cubs, goHey, Chicago, what do you sayThe Cubs are gonna win todayGo, Cubs, goGo, Cubs, goHey, Chicago, what do you sayThe Cubs are gonna win today. 

  14. Got to go with the home team for me — Go Wyandottes or whatever NE Ohio Native American community of your choice

  15. In the Clinton first 100 days she should do something about the Flint Water Crisis including having the governor charged with violating the civil rights of all Flint residents.

  16. Let’s charge Snyder with everything possible.

    for awhile Trump supporters thought Tom Hanks had endorsed Trump

    I’ve heard some reporting that goopers are ahead in voting in NC
    apparently not true

    Among the early in-person ballots, 55 percent are from female voters, with registered Democrats being 60 percent, registered Republicans 23 percent, and registered unaffiliated being 21 percent.

  17. Patd,

    If this all works the way we think it will I’ll search high and low for a work befitting the election of the first woman President of The United States.

  18. Patd, it’s short for Olivia – LP’s 1st girlfriend.

    And when I tried to link a photo again it told me that the jpeg photo was an unsupported format and needed to be a jpeg.   Go figure.

  19. from people:

    Clinton watching the Cubs’ postgame celebration. Clinton, who went to Cubs games as a kid, is joined by Connolly Keigher, a big Cubs fan.


    “When I was a little girl, I quickly caught on that being a Cubs fan was more of a tenet of religious faith than any kind of passing fancy,” she said in a 2014 speech to the Economic Club of Chicago. “Once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan.”

    However, Clinton explained that she became a Yankees fan because she needed a successful team to “counterbalance the experience of losing every single year.”

    “I alternated my affections because it was just too hard only being a Cubs fan. But absolutely a Cubs fan,” she said. “Someday, some day it will happen.”

  20. Patd,

    The award for Best moderator of a presidential debate goes to Hanks hands down. So subtle and so perfect.

  21. Jack: Thanks for sharing that…So sad, but he had an amazing sense of humor about his situation.

  22. KGC “I just heard some lame Trump supporter say he will carry Virginia.  He can barely carry Georgia”

    Particularly now that all the women are fighting back.


  23. The Vikings lost. I am disconsolate. Fortunately, HRC will triumph on election day. That thought and Sweetie’s love buoys me up (sort of, a little, I guess) on this evil day in Vikings history.


  24. Sturge

    I had not heard Goodmans version of that song, Though I’ve heard many redneck bar bands try it.

    It is by far the best. Thanks for sharing.



  25. I never liked Ruffles and Flourishes or Hail to the Chief – even before nixon had them played every time he stuck his nose out the window.

    I prefer to hear Fanfare for the Common Man as Ms Clinton makes her triumphal entrance, perhaps followed by the march of Love for Three Oranges

  26. I gotta say I love John Prine. Aren’t too many writers out there who sort of touch some of the things he does. Probably my favorite song of his is “Hello in There”  Or it might be “Angel From Montgomery.”  Bonnie’s cover of it is sublime. And there’s “Paradise” or “Sam Stone.” Hard to choose; he has so many great ones.

    So way back when I was going to the University of Alabama a friend of mine opened for John Prine when he played in Foster Auditorium, no, come to think of it it was in the theatre in the English building, but I digress. Prine put on a wonderful show. When I was talking to my buddy afterwards he said yeah I met him just before I went on and he was drunk off his ass. Like I said he put on one hell of a good show, drunk or not.

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