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  1. nbc news: Karena Virginia Becomes 10th Woman to Accuse Trump of Sexual Misconduct

    ….the “shock turned to shame,” Virginia said. She said that for years she felt she was to blame for the incident because she was wearing a short dress and high heels at the time.

    “I have been fearful of bringing unwanted attention to my loving family and me,” Virginia said. “But in the end, I feel that it is my duty as a woman, as a mother, a human being and as an American citizen to speak out and tell the truth.”


    Virginia said many people had advised her not to come forward, fearing she would be attacked by the Republican nominee. But she said Trump revealed “his true character in his own words” on the tape.

    “I now understand that I was not to blame. Mr. Trump, perhaps you do not remember me or what you did to me so many years ago, but I can assure you that I remember you and what you did to me as though it was yesterday,” she said. “Your random moment of sexual pleasure came at my expense and affected me greatly.”

  2. For anyone traveling to D.C., your GPS will not work correctly.  Get used to “at the next left turn make a legal U turn”, and then keeping doing it. Or your GPS may be indicating nothing while you drive and drive and make turns and find yourself doing the Dupont Circle crawl.

    Am I upset that HRC will be our next president?  No. She has baggage, but nothing like what things would be like if the bloater had gotten controls to our country.

    20 days and happily counting.

    So the media was taken for a ride – again.  When will they learn?  If a floater says something extremely stupid at night, do not expect a “major news announcement” at noon the next day to have any “major news” or “announcement”.  Rick Rolled and deserving it.

    Fall is arriving.  It should be here  about 5:23pm tomorrow.  Uck


  3. abc news: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump to Trade Jokes at Al Smith Dinner After Nasty Debate

    For one last time before Election Day, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will share a stage — and it could be pretty awkward in the wake of a contentious debate Wednesday during which the candidates traded insults and never shook hands.

    Tonight, the two presidential nominees will attend the annual Alfred E. Smith dinner in Manhattan where they are expected to deliver remarks poking fun at themselves.

    The dinner — a white-tie fundraiser put on by the Catholic Church, in honor of former New York Gov (and first Catholic governor of the state) Al Smith — is a longstanding tradition for presidential candidates.


    Part of the tradition of the event — which was even the subject of an episode of the “The West Wing,” titled, “The Al Smith Dinner” — is for the nominees to deliver humorous roasts about themselves and their opponents.

    The light-hearted nature of the dinner could be challenging in an election year that has become so divisive.

  4. I will not provide another don trump joke, the last one was enough for years.  Something left over from my grade school days.  But, as far as I can tell he has no sense of humour, his enjoyment coming as others are hurt or humiliated.

    And for the good news, a few of those who follow oddball business news are saying the floater’s business holdings are showing the effect of his hate and rage.  Down either 7.8 or 15%.  And this in a rising business era.  If it was a flat rock I would back a cow up to it so she could do what comes naturally. So may he fail once again, or keep on failing, we will not know until his tax returns are freed from captivity.

  5. He’s gonna use all this to shoot the moon……….I’m reminded of Vito’s question, “Is he willing to risk everything?”

    He wants to be president like I want to hear Pat Boone sing Mustang Sally.

  6. Then again, I don’t think he he had the slightest idea about what a pummeling he was going to receive……he does have his persona to guard……70 yr old guy don’t need all this agitation, anyway…….it’s the time of life to sit under an old oak tree and bat around the grand kids…….maybe those high-falutin city folks don’t think that way…….

  7. Done deal…….yes and now that his scam has been over done…….i think that the world will tell him that he is “fired”……like you said…put the fork in him…he is done……..

    In continuing with what is going on in the Latin world……On Sunday…..on a very popular show…Don Fransisco….world wide popularity…….they opened up with the following monologue:

    “Don Fransisco…you have some email: Love your show….its incredible…have never seen a better one, signed, your mother”………then one more……Says that Donald Trump Gives a shout out to all Latinos……….and that he wants to shut you all out………..take advantage….get them to vote for the down ticket also………I dont know who are the 16% of latins that are going to vote for trump….but im thinking that it all has to do with religion….specifically the abortion issue…..

    E Prof…..if McCain loses……gonna buy u the biggest cervesa that they make……and im  hoping that-that shit of a sheriff does also….could be times are a changing by you a little …..later

  8. I think Trump is starting Trump TV win or lose  he wouldn’t remotely think it would be inappropriate.

  9. I would never advertise on trump tv……..if trump tv happens….boycotting it should be the ist commandment ……the 2nd and the………ok ive talked a lot in the last few……..over and out for  a while…..

  10. I’ll gladly celebrate our first woman President but I fear we have not heard the last from DT. He’s done quite a lot in less than 2 years. What has he accomplished? He’s shown how vulnerable we are to other countries influencing our political system and made a mockery of our Democracy, he’s unleashed the lunatic fringe, and he’s led the way for other crazy people to run for public office at any level.

    That last part was made clear this week when I read that Curt Schilling has announced that he will run for the Senate against Elizabeth Warren in the next election. Years ago I had some respect for him, but in the last few years he’s demonstrated that he is just as crazy as Trump. Beware if there are any wackadoodles in your state, they may be running in the next election.

  11. Trump has wanted to run for president for years   One year he didn’t because he would have had to give up the apprentice– so you can see where his priorities lie

    I think he is going to recede into private life — the bad news  Don jr is going to step up  he’ll only start with a million stolen votes from Dad

  12. Trump  booed at the Smith dinner… and Rude-y doesn’t like a thing she said…right after she joked his ass.

  13. HOUSEKEEPING: We had another spike in traffic beyond what I pay for, brief outages might occur. I can’t afford bumping it up another $100 a month, already paying that and losing money.

  14. I’m seeing presidential pink as a new color  was she wearing fabulous rubies>

  15. KGC

    It will probably be all over the news shows tomorrow, but basically he first didn’t poke fun at himself, then his “jokes” about Hillary were sort of okay, but then he went into full attack mode not even trying to be funny.  Got booed several times.  Faces behind him were something else.


  16. BTW Alan Dershowitz, who was involved in Bush vs Gore, says Trump doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about when it comes to challenging the election. As he noted it was Bush v. Gore, not Gore v. Florida.

  17. For those who remember 9/11, his duaghter has grown up into quite an artist.  She is still very opinionated as well as inheriting her father’s writing talented.  Today she posted this:

    Arabella Luna Friedland
    2 hrs ·

    One thing that I am both grateful for and entirely horrified, angry and down about is how much this election has exemplified: Our ability to repress people and facts while bringing out all of the sexism, racism, classism, xenophobia and homophobia that this country can possibly muster. In the name of what? America? God? Guns? So why am I grateful? Because in this absolute horror of the Republican party gone entirely stupid, in a world where the KKK is endorsing a candidate and where a man can stand on a stage and not only give a completely grotesque and incorrect version of late stage abortion and then refer to his opponent as a “nasty woman” but also use “hombre” in describing another people…I am struck by the feeling of not being alone. Every moment, every anecdote, every threat made towards a person or a people has reached down and brought out some of the worst memories for everyone I know. Whether through being maligned because of your race, your gender, an assault or your religion and/or identity whether legally or personally. It’s alienating in so many ways. And yet because of that, so many have stepped up and given their memories of what this country has either given them (wanted or unwanted) or taken away. And the real horror in my being grateful (the disaster! tremendous! bigly isn’t a word, I’m not using that. NOT A WORD.) is that it’s true. We’ve all been assaulted and worse, we’ve all been told it wasn’t real. Or that we brought it upon ourselves. By being Black or Muslim, a woman, an immigrant or just a problem for someone else. So I am grateful to you all, for being brave for something you shouldn’t have to be brave over. Again and again. And that through this horror show, as awful and revealing as it may be (and possibly the only election I will not be able to speak to people after), we aren’t alone. Even in the worst of ways. Or hopefully in the best.

  18. Solar, Sweetie is planning on kidnapping me, and going to some warm place. She doesn’t know where yet. Anywhat, no Nino’s Inauguration Party for me.

    P.S. I love goat. In stew, tacos, or shishkebab. With lentils, or squash, smoked, or cooked in onions and red wine. Yum.

  19. “HOUSEKEEPING: We had another spike in traffic beyond what I pay for, brief outages might occur. I can’t afford bumping it up another $100 a month, already paying that and losing money.”

    boss, what can we do to help?  what is the “traffic” in the “spike in traffic”? more visitors? more posts? too many links? too many vids? Russian hackers?

  20. Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump deliver remarks at the Al Smith charity dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan.

  21. In Debate, Hillary Clinton’s Clarion Call for Women Thrills Many
    Farah Stockman

    On Wednesday night, however, Mrs. Clinton made her case to younger women on subjects that polls show matter most to them: sexual harassment, marriage equality and women’s rights.
    Amanda Silberling, a junior at the University of Pennsylvania who is a campus advocate against sexual assault, watched the debate with a group of students while making T-shirts that mock Mr. Trump over the sexual-assault and harassment allegations against him.
    Ms. Silberling said she favored Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary campaign, but that she went from merely opposing Mr. Trump to avidly supporting Mrs. Clinton during the debate, as Mrs. Clinton repeatedly took him to task on the issues of sexual assault and abortion rights, including for late-term procedures.
    “For women, politics gets complicated when people try to place ownership on what a woman can and can’t do with her body,” she said. “It does reassure me to have a woman in office who understands what it’s like to be a woman.”

  22. Yup…  us bitches are gonna vote in droves for the bitch in chief.  So take that Donald J. Rump….  you will be taken down by your worse nightmare….   by all of us bitches!

    Bitches of America….  Unite!

  23. Patd, it’s just more visitors. Our web hosting package with the server company is just right for handling the traffic we get except on rare occasions, see no need to upgrade it. Nothing to do, just be patient and try again when you get an error page.

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  25. So, last night at work, 2 guys were talking about Clinton. Talking about how she brought up Putin and Russia during the last debate. One guy talked about what a bad guy (bad hombre?) Putin is and that we had better not get Russia angry with us because they could attack us at any moment. The other guy agreed and said, “I could totally see Russia attacking us. They’d probably come through Alaska when they attacked us!” I decided that I’d had enough. I interrupted and said, “Russia wouldn’t attack us. We have too many of their hockey players. Also, they WOULD NOT attack us by going through Alaska. Sarah Palin lives in Alaska and she can see Russia from her house, so she could alert us right away if Russia tried to attack us by going through Alaska!” That ended the political discussion right there.

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  27. Pro-tip: if you have X and Y chromasomes, remove the word “bitch” from your vocabulary.  That’s not a rule, just some friendly advice.


    Also, my content is my contribution.  Get some of those old oil, logistics, and infrastructure sponsors from CQ, because who the —- goes to CQ since you left?

  28. Don’t worry, once this election is over, all the people supporting Tone-Deaf Trump won’t, because there will be no obligation to do so, and he ain’t exactly charismatic.

  29. Well…  this bitch is having a bitchin’ time watching what Bill Maher refers to as “the whiny little bitch”…  aka Trump… melting down like that bitch witch.   Have a great day!

  30. Maybe I’ll roll some quarters…


    Step up, lurkers!  Pay for this wit, available only here!  Where else will you get xrepublican-caliber puns and analysis?  Patd-quality links and appeals-for-reason?  Whyskyjack-grade distilled folksiness? NOWHERE, and you know it.


    (…and that’s just scratching the surface)


    Good day, all.

  31. So any new Wikileaks disclosures that will drive a wooden stake through Hillary’s heart come out today?

    Bink, thanks for the pro-tip.  I will also try to drop bastard (which really has come to have a gender bias toward men) and attempt to substitute asshole or some other gender neutral descriptor for people in whom mean and stupid coexist.

  32. Apparently a surprise for Tim Kaine and  Donna Brasile —I hope it doesn’t include pictures

    I don’t see anything in the emails that isn’t common campaign discussion – Trump wouldn’t know because he doesn’t have a campaign

    Kelley Ann Condom is not a nice normal person – to protect a hedge fund manager and to make money she paints a picture of women that only exists in Trumps mind. In fact she is bottom feeding scum.

  33. The problem with these wikileak leaks is that they are out of order with no context.  Several have proven to be a whole lot of nothing once those elements were in place except for the distortions that will live on forever in the fevered swamps of the alt-right craniums where their missing brains have left empty space.

  34. xr, technically a trans-bitch ?

    does that mean you were born a prick but identify as a bitch now?

  35. Kaine’s judgment is really that poor?!  I’m hoping it’s not, as I’ve been impressed by him, so far.


    Hey, let’s joke around with the “N”-word, next, because progressives are down with the struggle!

  36. Jamie, not only out of context and sequence, but perhaps altered a bit?

    earlier quotes from kaine and brazile at cbs newyork:

    Kaine has questioned the authenticity of WikiLeaks’ releases and said the emails were hacked as part of an effort by the Russian government to try and influence the presidential campaign.

    “One of the emails that came up this week referred to me,” Kaine told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “It was completely inaccurate. And I don’t know whether it was inaccurate because the sender didn’t know what he or she was talking about it or it had been doctored.”

    He continued, “Anybody who was going to try to cyber-attack and then try to destabilize an election, you can’t trust that they’re going to maintain scrupulous honesty about the content of what they’re dumping out for the world to see.”


    Brazile told Fox News that the emails released by Wikileaks were “doctored.”

    “I have seen so many doctored emails. I have seen things that come from me at 2 in the morning that I don’t even send. There are several email addresses that I once used. This has not been verified,” Brazile said.

    Brazile denied getting any questions in advance of the debate.

  37. bink, if you referring to my lame joke to xr, I have you know it was in no way racist!  a tad sophomoric I admit.

  38. craig, could this have also affected the trail? wapo:

    Why Twitter, Spotify and other major online services may be inaccessible

    A key part of the Internet’s infrastructure was hit by a series of attacks Friday, causing major services such as Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb to be inaccessible for some users.

    The attacks targeted Dyn, a company that helps people connect to websites, with a huge amount of traffic in an attempt to knock the service offline, according to Dyn’s director of internet analysis, Doug Madory. The first digital assault appears to have started around 7:10 a.m. Eastern, and Dyn said it was resolved at roughly 9:20 a.m. A second attack began around 11:50 a.m., according to the company.

    The service that Dyn provides is called the Domain Name System, or DNS. It works sort of like a phone book for the Internet — translating URLs into the numerical IP addresses for the servers that actually host sites so your browser can connect to them.

    The type of attacks targeting Dyn are commonly known distributed denial of service, or DDoS attacks. The effects were intermittent, and many of the details remain scarce, although the first attack primarily affected users on the East Coast, according to Dyn, which is based in New Hampshire.

    Dyn is one of a handful of major DNS service providers. Friday’s attacks highlight how that structure can mean an attack on one company can disrupt huge chunks of the Internet all at once.

  39. You don’t go to a doctor to get your car’s oil changed, and you don’t go to a mechanic to get bloodwork done.  Leave the comedy to the comedians.  If you aren’t one, be grateful, because an ability to craft jokes develops from a lack of other, more valuable social skills.  I’m hilarious, you’re* not.


    *Don’t be offended- I just insulted myself, and complimented you**.


    **addressed to no one, in particular, and everyone***, in general.


    ***if you are, indeed, funny, none of this is applicable to you****; please disregard.


    ****Yeah, you.



  40. Presumably because it’s so easy  to lose track, Alexandra Petri has provided a list of drump’s rigged things.

    Television: Cable news networks have put me on television and just let me talk, unrestrained, where people can listen and make up their minds about me. Clear conspiracy.

    Rallies: Some of my rallies are not as large as they should be. This is because of rigging.

    The sun: Sometimes it is not bright AT ALL, and other times it is TOO BRIGHT and shines directly into my eyes. Rigged.

    Suits: Suits should flatter your body. But when I put them on, they look bad, as though I have forgotten to take the coat hanger out. Suits are rigged.

    Bernie Sanders: He should agree with me because he said the word “rigged” often, and now I say the word “rigged” often, but he doesn’t. He is rigged worse than the rest of them.

    Mike Pence: Mike Pence is rigged. His hair is too white, as though one time he saw something that terrified him, and sometimes when he looks at me and through me, I worry that I was that thing.

  41. cbs: Cardinal Dolan: Clinton and Trump were kind to each other

    As the three were preparing to enter the dinner, Dolan asked the two to pray with him while they waited to be announced, he told NBC’s Lester Holt on the “Today Show.” Afterward, Dolan said Trump “turned to Clinton and said, ‘You know, you are one tough and talented woman,’” and Dolan said Trump added, “This has been a good experience — this whole campaign — as tough as it’s been.”

    “Whatever happens, we need to work together afterwards,” Clinton responded, according to Dolan. The two at least shook hands after the dinner, which they have not always been inclined to do after their debates.

    Dolan said he was “very moved by the obvious attempt on behalf of both Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump to kind of be courteous, to get along, to say nice things privately to one another.”

    The cardinal also acknowledged the awkward moments in their monologues and the lines that didn’t land well in the room. “The audience has a good sensitivity, first of all something’s funny, secondly, if somebody’s a bomb, but thirdly, if something is a little out of line,” Dolan said. He didn’t point to any of the jokes in particular, but this joke from Trump about Clinton was met with some booing:

    “Hillary believes that it’s vital to deceive the people by having one public policy and a totally different one in private,” Trump said, setting up the punchline. “For example, here she is tonight in public, pretending not to hate Catholics.”

    “The audience more or less accurately, I think, reflects the sentiments that are going on,” Dolan said.

    Some of the jokes delivered by both candidates likely fell flat for another reason, though.

    “The butt of their jokes was the other person,” Dolan told NBC. “The characteristic of the evening is self-deprecating, humble humor, and that seems to be a tougher and tougher goal to achieve as was obvious last night. For all of us.”

  42. “The characteristic of the evening is self-deprecating, humble humor, and that seems to be a tougher and tougher goal to achieve …. For all of us.”

  43. The Goopers are entirely responsible for Trump   they let their crazy right wing run the show and he is what you get

    With the help of the media.  I think Less Moonves has a lot to answer for

  44. I have to laugh at the crawl at MSNBC. It’s touting the trumpet as having his best fundraising month ever. He raised about 54 million bucks. Hillary raised 77.

  45. Jamie & Pat: re Kaine email hacking “Anybody who was going to try to cyber-attack and then try to destabilize an election, you can’t trust that they’re going to maintain scrupulous honesty about the content of what they’re dumping out for the world to see.”

    I’ve alluded to this myself. You have criminals/spies hacking private, personal info on behalf of a foreign government! How can anyone think they would worry about accuracy?

    Pat: Cardinal Dolan certainly was kind in his remembrance of their exchanges. Wonder if he quoted them correctly or if he’s looking back at it through rose colored glasses. Also, why would Hillary have to work with Stumpy after the election????? That one through me. Seems to me Dolan may have missed a few things because Stumpy doesn’t know how to be self-deprecating. He thinks he’s perfect.

  46. Listening to Curt Schilling spewing word salad on MSNBC.  What a fruitcake.  He is way more floater than the orange floater.  Schilling needs to crawl back under his rock.  He is going to take up the floater flag and take on someone (I think Warren).  I did not know all of us were elite, effete, out of touch snobs who have no clue how America works.

    Of interest to me is he dug up and presented the old America is no longer great because professional politicians will not let the honest hardworking man win an election.  or some strange thing like that.  Because they cannot remember their American history classes they do not remember that young America was formed by politicians.  Their farms, plantations and businesses were run by people who knew how to run things.  The fantasy of the farmer unhitching his team and leaving the plow in the field to go to town to do the government business and then return the next week is bogus and stupid.

    The lack of a definition of a “professional” politician is not to hold back the flow of muck from the far right.  Do you know that because he is a white male he is automatically a racist?  I did not, but in his fevered brain he knows we do (I am guessing those who are not far right KKK, Birchers or white supremacists).

  47. Matthews tried to kiss Schilling’s baseball – but instead he got a face full of right wing Republican bullshit nonsense!  He looked a bit taken aback, and the look on his face was cool!

  48. Bink, you proved that you have what it takes to be the perennial star of the Al Smith dinner.

  49. Good morning…holy hack!   Early voting stats.    The internets are calm and the cyber wars started about two weeks ago.   I did get bad news as my sister-in-law has passed away.  She had been in NIH clinical trials since 2011…she made so many trips to Houston from California over the past few years. She is coming back to Santa Fe next month to be buried next to my late BIL.  Both were doctors and had an earlier ending than most.  Just another passing and she did not get to see the first woman president.  I have no idea if she voted early.

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