Hurricane party time

A hurricane party according to wiki: is a social event held by people in the coastal United States who live in hurricane alley between Maine and Texas and is common in the Southeast. The event is held during a hurricane. However the guests are typically allowed to stay with the host for 3–5 days (weather permitting) and guests, in return, bring hurricane supplies such as radios, first aid supplies, food, etc.

Stay safe, folks.


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  1. Holy Matthew…storm surge of biblical proportions.  Stay safe on the trail my coastal mixers.   I contacted my cousin who lives in the W. Palm Beach area…I am concerned about my 94 year old aunt.   In 2004, when hurricane Frances hit Ft. Pierce where my Mom was in assisted living?  We had already started making arrangements to get her out of Florida and to New Mexico.  My sister from Pennsylvania was tasked with getting her packed and on the plane.  The hurricane hit the day before the she arrived…her hotel reservation was lost to the utility workers…the parking lot filled with trucks.  My sister paid to stay with my Mom and was given 1 gallon of water.  She did get Mom on the plane and none of us has ever returned to Florida…my parents retirement dream had ended and their beloved home, community, way of life was gone.   The night of the hurricane?  The residents of the assisted living facility were sitting in a hallway all night…dementia patients, patients in wheelchairs…how scary for them.  Please stay safe my friends.  And a shout-out to the utility workers…the humans who put it back together.  Florida is so flat…so many sinkholes…just the ocean taking over.

    (repost from last thread…something I do not normally do)

  2. bw, I also worry about those caught on the highways in horrendous traffic jams unable to escape to safety. no water, no relief from heat or mosquitos….

  3. Please stay in touch, mixers…but, do not use your samsung galaxy to communicate…the new takata of smart phones…which reminds me, the winos still have the air bag recall notice for our 2009 fusion on the fridge while we wait and wait for a call from the delearship…which leads to another warning…make sure you are not evacuating in a car with recalled takata air bags or the replacements which also explode…just like samsung galaxy replacement batteries.

  4. patd…lots of wild life also hunkering down…not just the feathered or furry kind.

  5. kgc…and diapers…maybe more of the adult sizes…astronaut quality.  (hurricane humor)

  6. I have a client who was supposed to fly out today from Orlando early this morning, and her flight was cancelled already. Orlando looks like it’s on the very western edge of the storm track projection, probably get a lot of rain, so hope your dad will be fine Craig.

  7. and of course a big donation to a group that only helps straight white christians

  8. How far above mean high tide is Mar a Lago?  Wonder what a 6-9 foot storm surge would do to a “landmark estate in Palm Beach”? I suspect Trump will be more concerned about that than the folks up the coast.

  9. we prepare for two kinds of disaster  trapped because of rain and evacuating because of fire — hopefully fire season is almost over,,but we hope it is the beginning of a good rainy season


    go giants



  10. Craig, just a thought – maybe your dad and Toby are due for a trip to Tampa/St. Pete to visit the Dali museum.  Sounds like it might be a good time to do that.

  11. pogo…I used to work in Palm Beach in the early 1980s…drove by Mar-a-lago every day when it was the Merriweather-Post property…Cliff Robertson was living there with his wife of the Post Cereal fortune family…it is the first mansion traveling north on the island where the road splits to the coastline….it is flat, but I remember the rock wall encircling the property…glass shards at the top of the wall.  The storm surge may reach 9 ft.

    Cliff’s wife? The very beautiful Dina Merrill.

  12. Listening to Guv Scott live. His warnings are pitiable when compared to those of Guv Nikki from SC. Remedial actions such as turning the major Interstate out of Charleston into a one-way highway were taken yesterday. South Carolina has learned these things thru bitter experience; Scott is talking like an amateur.

    After Andrew, between Miami and Key West, it was complete and total devastation. The only mitigation was offered by intact mangrove forests, those unsightly coastal ‘bushes’ that Yankees insist should be removed to improve their views.

    Any sign of cultural development was wiped from the face of the Earth. Roads, dwellings, signs mail boxes, fire stations, schools. People had no idea where their houses might have been much less their possessions.

    Understand, the developers don’t want people to talk about these sorts of things–bad for business.

  13. While I sit here with an absolutely gorgeous day in Maine, I am praying for those in the path of Mattew.  Everyone stay as safe as you can.

    KGC…  Gotta root for the Cubs this time around.  As a one time long suffering Red Sox fan, I feel their fans pain.

  14. meanwhile, punch-out at the brexit factory.   farage, the one with the teeth right out of the early Austin Powers days, is back!  false stories about farage preparing trump for debate surfaced last week.   This is how the UKIP works thing out.  It won’t be ladies night for several decades in the isles of Britain…where the sun sets, daily on what is left of the empire.  Keep building the wall around the british isles, my foolish isolationists.

  15. thanks for the concerns folks, they’re in the 4inch rain/50% wind speed cone, not too worrisome at this point

  16. thx, craig…I guess the worst thing is the influx of coastal humans into the area.  I hope dad and dog have enough food and water for a duration event.   I noticed Faux News cable has been advertising the ‘old bomb shelter’ food…yum, powder food of many colors in buckets and if anyone has Y2K water?  It is expired.

  17. poor Haiti — Hurricane Matthew has killed at least 69 people, the death toll in struggling Haiti alone rising to 65 (Reuters)

  18. Sturg, Flatus,……hope all turns out well for you…keep safe.


    Tony, you also….keep your head down and stay safe……OH! and dont worry about those dillos……they will be just fine….digging a safe hole next to your foundation…….haaaahaaaa sorry i hate when a laugh at my own jokes…. be safe pal…….

  19. the condom should explain polling to her boss online polls don;t mean much except your supporters have a lot of free time

  20. Jamie, looks like she stole your idea about saving soc. sec.

    npr: The Issues: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump On Social Security And Medicare

    “We need to get more money into the Social Security trust fund to keep it solvent far into the future,” Clinton told MSNBC. “There are a couple of different ways I’m looking at. And I’ll have to talk with the Congress to try to figure out what’s the best way forward.”

    One idea Clinton has floated is lifting the cap on income subject to the Social Security tax. Right now, income over $118,500 is not taxed for Social Security. If that cap were eliminated and benefits were unchanged, that would solve about 88 percent of Social Security’s long-run funding problem. (By comparison, adopting a less generous cost-of-living formula would solve about 20 percent of the problem and gradually raising the retirement age would solve about 40 percent.)

    Clinton has also suggested taxing capital gains and other investment income to help fund Social Security.

  21. bid, you may want to read this from a disappointed (just like you) Bernie backer. she says a lot of things that we’ve heard you say on the trail.


    I don’t like Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party. I’m voting for them anyway.

    I organized and rallied for Bernie, but I can’t let Trump win.

    [by Annabel Park is a documentary filmmaker and activist who manages the Facebook page Save Main St.]

  22. Jack

    Have you seen today?  Clinton is praising Kaine too much

    He does nothing but take cheap shots at Clinton and her campaign

  23. Lindsey this morning on cbs:

    South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham does not think Donald Trump’s plan to work out a truce between the U.S., Russia, and Syria can happen. Graham joins CBSN to discuss the conflict in Syria and the best options to defeat ISIS.

  24. FYI my good friend, occasional commenter MJ is in the direct target zone tomorrow afternoon. Asked her to check in.

  25. Nothing to say politically. I just saw the heading and came by to see if Craig or any other Fla members had any words of wisdom about Matthew. My son & his family live in Titusville which is pretty much ground zero according to all the latest forecasts. He’s being his usual self, thinking he’s invulnerable! Spoke to my DIL a while ago and she’s quite upset because he’s won’t leave. Her sister in Alabama invited them all to go stay with her. My concern is the children. If he’s going to take such a chance she should just take the kids to her sister’s place or at least to a shelter. I’m worried. I asked #1 son to call him but that probably won’t do much good since #2 doesn’t listen to anyone! Sorry for rambling!

  26. where’s our trail buddy blue bronc? on duty call no doubt doing good.  stay safe, friend, helping others to.

  27. cnn: More than two dozen former Republican members of Congress released a letter Thursday saying they cannot vote for Donald Trump because he “makes a mockery” of their principles.
    Though the letter makes no mention of Hillary Clinton, organizer Andrew Weinstein said some of the members will vote for the Democrat, while others will vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson or write in a candidate.
    “Given the enormous power of the office, every candidate for president must be judged rigorously in assessing whether he or she has the competence, intelligence, knowledge, understanding, empathy, judgment, and temperament necessary to keep America on a safe and steady course,” the lawmakers wrote. “Donald Trump fails on each of those measures, and he has proven himself manifestly unqualified to be president.”
    “In nominating Donald Trump, the Republican Party has asked the people of the United States to entrust their future to a man who insults women, mocks the handicapped, urges that dissent be met with violence, seeks to impose religious tests for entry into the United States, and applies a de facto ethnicity test to judges,” they wrote. “He offends our allies and praises dictators. His public statements are peppered with lies. He belittles our heroes and insults the parents of men who have died serving our country. Every day brings a fresh revelation that highlights the unacceptable danger in electing him to lead our nation.”

  28. Granny, he MUST leave. Try this argument: he is putting first responder lives at risk if they have to come save them. Titusville could get 9ft surge, massive flooding.

  29. I predict the hardest hit areas will be Trump strongholds  as Pat Robertson says -god will speak just kidding – There are a lot of current and past Trailmixers in Fla ..hope they are all safe –especially you AP

  30. Granny, I offer our Orlando home to your son and family if they’ll get out of there.

  31. I am really disturbed by widespread reports of those in evacuation zones staying put. So crazy.

  32. Even some who live there don’t understand how fragile and vulnerable Florida’s coasts are to these storms. After all the whole state was under water a gazillion years ago and it doesn’t take much to go back there.

  33. I sometimes think when we see satellite video, google earth and views from miles above, the storms never seem dangerous, but on the ground?  It scares me and I so sorry to hear of your stress, GM.  And a thought to MJ…grueling hours ahead.  I hope everyone has a plan.

  34. We stayed in our house through all 3 2004 storms that hit us … Charlie, Frances, and Jeanne.  It was pretty scary. This storm is going to be much worse and could take roofs off, not just a few shingles. ABC national news has shown up in my block. Not a good sign. People in the coastal area need to leave.

  35. some folks won’t leave because of pets…. here’s some help just offered

    wgcu news: Lee County Opens (Pet) Shelters for East Coast Evacuees

  36. We delivered one cat to a friend about 35 miles west of here and my daughter took the 2 dogs with her to her friend’s house.  One cat is staying with the house.

  37. MJ I’ve known you guys to be brave veterans of past storms, and your advice that this one is different, must be escaped, is powerful and telling for all east coast residents.

  38. Patd

    Can’t really take a bow for some of the ideas I put out in the ether.  Just listen to proposals and push the ones that sound practical.  If they really wanted to raise a humongous amount of money that almost no one would notice, it would be a fraction of a cent tax on every high speed trade zipping en masse through the Wall Street computers.

    That one is borrowed from just about every embezzler anywhere … Just round up a smidge and keep the smidge.  lol  Enough smidges and you have Carl Sagan level billions and billions ..


  39. Craig, I had assumed we would stay, and a few people in our neighborhood are, but Clay got very worried 3 days ago and started saying then that we would not be staying in the house.  I called my good friends Patti and Jay Golden, ( she was my law school roomie, Jay was Clay’s)’ last night to tell them that they are my inspiration and their story is allowing me to stay calm. They lost their home, boat, office, church, everything in Katrina, and they have continued living and being happy and loving life. Patti told me her two regrets were making sure the kitchen was clean before they left, and not having her best underwear with her!

  40. KGC

    Drudge doesn’t think Climate Change is real because it has been so long since there has been a major Atlantic storm.  It probably does no good at all to mention all the horrific damage of the Pacific storms and the fact that all that warm water goes round and round the globe.

    Too many dodos out there who think snowballs equal the end of heat waves.

    For all your conservative friends, I recommend following Katharine Hayhoe

  41. Craig: Thank you for your thoughts and kind offer. I just got off the phone with my DIL and she said they are just now leaving. Danny has a friend in Orlando who called them and offered his place as a shelter and common sense finally took over!! Thank God, I was really worried. Hope you will all be safe too. I know how slight changes in direction can have serious consequences with hurricanes. I remember being glued to the TV during Katrina. Thanks again!

  42. big test coming up in florida of how the various systems handle the expected power outages.  thinking of all the doctors and lawyers as well as the communications people who function now in a paperless world…  what happens when the lights go out, the batteries run down and there’s no way to recharge….  what happens to all the life-saving machines depending upon the grid?

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