Ellis Island, the complete story

By Ping Pong, a Trail Mix Contributor

Lady Liberty welcomes and is only part of the story.  Ellis Island was the true gateway.  I suggest to you all that you return and tour the history of our great country.  It was not open borders and the screening was intense.  Only those of health and seeking to be Americans were welcome.  At Ellis Island take a walk down the stairs to the museum and pay close attention.  To be an American you also pledged your dedication to America.  Watch the videos, read the stories and get the truth.

Waiting to pass the test to become an American
Waiting to pass the test to become an American

Donald Trump is once again the target of a false narrative orchestrated by the liberal Progressive Left.  To change one element in a process that supports a policy is not a flip flop.  The one element regarding handling the status of illegals in a compassionate manner should be commended. Sadly, the simple minded MSM grasps at these false narratives to fill their airtime and also their agenda.  Donald Trump’s policy is consistent and is perfectly in line with the foundations of our country, to be a country again and not melded into the Progressive Left’s soup of failed policy.


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  1. Woo Hoo,
    Note – Donald Trump did address in his speech last night the illegal aliens here that are contributing to our society stating that once the criminal elements are resolved and the border secure to prevent more illegals, drugs and human trafficking stopped then this will be resolved.  This is a clear statement that there will be no mass deportation.  He is continuing to be consistent with his new message of compassion and evolving to meet the challenges.
    Sadly, again the pundits and MSM ran off in many direction putting false statements and projections of what Mr. Trump stated.

  2. you must have missed the part of the speech when he said  -if you are here illegally you must leave’so he has adopted the self-deportation and leaving people in limbo position of Mittens

    Ping you have chosen party over country.

  3. “He will continue to control the media and the stage.”

    ping, at least I agree with you on that part of what you wrote last night.  however, your “Why do so many not listen and twist the words?” applies to the media mishandling (Or rather not handling and ignoring) what Hillary says, her admissions for mistakes and the many issues she has addressed in detail.

  4. Kc, yes, he did say that.  Even Nicolle Wallace said that speech was an opportunity to appeal to more than the 40% who supports him day in and day out but it rather was directed at that 40%.

  5. ping, just to be fair and balanced on this ellis island thiingy, here’s a repost of Jamie’s from last night:

    Of course there were all those pesky racial quotas until the 1940s that applied to all ports of entry (Ellis Island wasn’t the only one).  Oh and following the Civil War and Manifest Destiny pushing from the Atlantic to the Pacific & Canada to Mexico, the US took in just about anyone with a white skin even Eastern Europeans (Emma Lazarus invited)… Jews still had a problem and we were birthing out own black formerly slave population so Africa  including Arabs could forget it as did the “obnoxious” Chinese.

    Have I destroyed all the romance of Ellis yet?

    Immigration Act of 1924

  6. oh and lest we forget, mr pong, I don’t think our native American brothers and sisters would agree with your glorifying plymouth rock or ellis island.

  7. Ping supports the policies that led to the death of Ann Frank and he probably believes Coleman Young told all the white people to leave Detroit
    When is someone a criminal before or after the trial or just when they are picked up –because as the Dumpster dimwit said they are criminals just for being in the country.

    Pay attention Ping — your class could be next to be picked on and deported…..

    He has promised, if elected, to deport millions of immigrants who are in the United States illegally, force Mexico to build a wall to secure the nearly 2,000-mile border and renegotiate the NAFTA trade agreement to make it more favorable to the United States.

    Related Stories

    Mexico wonders why its president is meeting with Trump

    Trump to visit Mexico before immigration address
    Pena Nieto made his invitation to both Trump and Clinton, who met with him in Mexico in 2014. The inclusion of Trump puzzled many in Mexico, who said it wasn’t clear why their own unpopular president would agree to meet with someone so widely disliked in his country.

    Mexico City-based security analyst Alejandro Hope suggested that Pena Nieto “wanted to invite Hillary, but that meant inviting both of them, and nobody thought Trump would accept first.”

    Pena Nieto has been sharply critical of Trump’s immigration policies, particularly the Republican’s plans to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. In a March interview, he said that “there is no scenario” under which Mexico would do so and compared Trump’s language to that of dictators Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

    Trump responded to Vicente Fox’s criticism on Twitter earlier in the day, saying the former president had, like Pena Nieto, invited him to come. Fox shot back with a tweet of his own, saying he had invited Trump to “come and apologize to all Mexicans. Stop lying! Mexico is not yours to play with, show some respect.”

  8. Trump responded to Vicente Fox’s criticism on Twitter earlier in the day, saying the former president had, like Pena Nieto, invited him to come. Fox shot back with a tweet of his own, saying he had invited Trump to “come and apologize to all Mexicans. Stop lying! Mexico is not yours to play with, show some respect.”

    thanks for finding that fox quote, kgc.  considering his lie about not discussing with pena nieto who pays for wall,  that makes 2 blatant lies within less than 24 hours.  why are drumpf’s lies not reported with as much vigor, disdain and repetition as Hillary’s misstatements?  double standard maybe?  bias maybe?  or is it “well, that’s trump.  what do you expect.  boys will be boys”

  9. Ping,

    Thanks for your contribution.

    , To change one element in a process that supports a policy is not a flip flop.  The one element regarding handling the status of illegals in a compassionate manner should be commended.

    We definitely heard two different speeches. Although, no surprise i know many god fearing Trump supporters here in Florida. Dictators have risen elsewhere before and Trump is a perfect fit here. Dangerous.

    Trump will not win in Florida as there aren’t enough of you straight white males left. Sure, i see more Trump signs, yep, so many accompanied with the confederate flag. Kinda says it all.. Just like with crowd sizes, signs mean nothing. Ask Bernie Sanders..


    The Duplicity of Donald Trump
    Charles Blow

    “Donald Trump is the internet troll of presidential politics. When he’s securely removed from the objects of his scorn, he’s tough as nails; when he’s in their presence, he quivers like a bowl of Jell-O.
    Such is the way of a bully.
    Furthermore, when he is surrounded by supporters who cheer his base nature, he amplifies the enmity. When the applause of hostility is out of earshot, he tones down his vitriol to a whimper.
    He is not only a bully, it seems to me, but also something of a coward, who lacks the force of his convictions — or who lacks basic convictions at all. He seems to be simply playing to the audience, whatever that audience may be. He’s amenable to the mood of any particular room.”

    Ping, like Charles said above, you’ve been played.. Gary Johnson is a better fit for you, in my opinion..

    Now for  the NEW BID, from what i read, BAT SHIT CRAZY HATER Trump is the best fit.

  11. I don’t get why Trump keeps saying Obama did nothing. His admin deported more people, hired more border patrol than ever, more than Bush.

  12. At least I can understand Clinton’s plan — extend Obama’s actions that would let people brought to the country illegally as children remain in the country, as well as to let some parents of U.S. citizens stay. Seek legislation that would allow most of the estimated 11 million immigrants in the country illegally to stay if they pass a background check, learn English and pay taxes. However, those who fail the background check or commit crimes would be deported.

  13. Craig

    Great point. I think it falls along the lines of nothing the black president has done is ever good or enough..

    Really, Grace my little tea party co-worker says Obama is the worst President this economy has seen since Jimmy Carter.

    No matter statistics(unemployment, stock market, jobs created)……

    You’re making so much sense, yes, Clinton’s plan along with Obama’s were able to understand. Like Charles Blow said “This is what every voter must remember: Trump has two faces and two sets of facts and too much latitude to spread his animus, anti-intellectualism and lies, and he must never see the inside of the Oval Office.”

  14. If I got it right, Trump is proposing to deport all whose visas are expired — that’s around 5 million. I’m no expert on this topic but seems to me the more significant target would be those who got here with no visa. Both sides are talking about deporting those with criminal records, but Trump sounds more eager to enforce that with more agents.

  15. Gov. Paul LePage of Maine Says Racial Comment Was a ‘Slip-Up’
    By Katharine Q. Seelye http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2016/01/08/gov-paul-lepage-of-maine-denies-making-racist-remarks/?src=trending&module=Ribbon&version=context&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Trending&pgtype=article

    Yep, another Trump surrogate, no surprise. Any Trump supporter, get online and listen to his message he left on voicemail. Not only racial comment NYT but several homophobic slurs… Trump doesn’t ever disavow any of them.. Wonder why? Oh yes, silly me..

  16. Now Trump is speaking to Veterans.  He’s hearing voices again … “I work with Veterans all the time”  “I Hear Such Stories”.  Now he is claiming to have respectfully dealt with the President of Mexico.

    I don’t know if the man is totally insane, thinks recording devices don’t exist, or just doesn’t give a damn because his racist followers will do anything he tells them to do.

  17. Thanks Ping for taking the time & effort to contribute a topic Post. Katherine Graham Cracker, you’re next batter up for the Trail Mix Team 😉

    The Proclamation of 1763: The British established an imaginary line running down the spine of the eastern Appalachians & told colonists now be good; don’t cross it. Yeah. Right. That worked out well … at least for American independence propagandists. (Btw, the demarcation line ran a hundred feet from the farm property where I grew up. There was a marker explaining the historical significance. Used to hop back & forth between the legal & illegal sides for fun.)

    People can’t be controlled. We move. We are curious. We exist in the hope that maybe the grass is greener over there & I can make more $, live better. We live in a culture of avoidance & finding a way around things. Human brains are wired this way. Plus, the utter hypocrisy of it all: Agriculture business would collapse without “illegals”; how many construction sites would come to a halt if we cracked down on this issue? Who are the prep cooks in your local restaurants? Who’s cleaning that house or watching those kids in the rich folks’ zone? These are people; last I knew there was nothing illegal about being, well, a person. Laws are crucial to order & quality of life. Maybe though instead of punishment we should look at the reality of the situation & ask how can we make this into a positive? These folks are here, they are contributing. Work with them, not against them. If you give someone a feeling of dignity & self worth, they are more likely to feel the same about you. Hmm…


  18. Patd- Agree that Hillary’s words are also twisted on some channels.  it seems that the bias of the network dominates and impacts the coverage.  Very few are getting to the true points of each candidate.

    Craig – Trump has complimented Obama on the deportation.  He will extend and complete the criminal deportation.

    No Citizenship unless you leave and come back in legally.  Otherwise you will have a path to legal status just not a citizen

    Tony – Come to Orlando and meet the real Trump supporters.  We are not haters and do not get caught up and live in an identity that we all hope all move beyond.  All.

  19. Ping, your passion in support of your candidate is commendable.

    I am only aware of two of my relatives having arrived through Ellis Island the first would be my English ggrandmother and the second my Welsh grandmother. My Irish ggrandfather arrived via Canada initially working in Erie, Pa. The rest were real pioneers arriving before 1650.

    De facto racial/ethnic quota systems were alive and well when I married Kumcho and when we adopted our kids. Fortunately, they were eligible for non-quota immigration by virtue of my military affiliation. They arrived through San Francisco.

    IMO a border wall is idiocy. First, it must be guarded then active measures must be taken to prevent tunneling beneath it, flying over it, and sailing around it. The damned wall will cost more than all the landmark buildings in D.C. and require at least as much money to defend.

    Now, on to my third cup of coffee!

  20. Compulsive liars are incapable of telling the truth.  Even if they’d prefer not to, they are compelled to lie.  Of course, when they are caught lying, they express remorse, and then lie again.  That profile fits the GOP nominee, perfectly.  I believe NOTHING he says, and neither should you.

  21. Thank you to our host and my friend for providing this opportunity!

    And thank you Flatus as I was not sure my passion was showing….  Having a strong America is a good thing,  just like having a strong Mexico will be good.  I like the message from the meeting in Mexico yesterday that is being pushed away and twisted by the MSM that together we can solve the drug problems.

    Why such the rush to not see the good?

    Why such a threat?

  22. “Why such the rush to hate and not to see the good?”


    … Because it’s thinly-veiled racism and you and the Trumpists aren’t fooling anyone.  You don’t like Mexicans, you don’t like Spanish- we get it.

  23. What neither side actually mentions is that the majority of Hispanics want to stay home.  It’s not easy leaving everything you know for another country where you don’t speak the language.  For as long as I can remember people went back and forth across the southern border every day to go to work, shop or attend school.  There are places now throughout the southwest where the economy has been injured because of the fence that now bars that easy access.

    If you provide decent wages and working conditions and give people a way to care for their families, they will quite naturally do what benefits them most.  If Corporations keep looking for the lowest possible cost for the greatest benefit to shareholders then they are cutting off their own noses to spite their face because they are destroying the people who use their products.


  24. Ellis Island, opened in 1892 (104 years after the ratification of the US Constitution), is hardly the foundation of our nation. I’ve toured the facility many times and would hardly say it is the model by which we craft our national immigration policy. The facility was the troubled, imperfect answer to a growing work force needed to fuel the continued industrialization of America. In 1892 we also had debtor’s prisons, Jim Crow laws, and male only voting. Make America great again, indeed?

  25. pong,

    1. Okay. For the sake of this mornings argument, I’ll stipulate that Amnesty don has made a profound flip flip. I’ll suppose for the next few hours that he no longer spreads his personal morbid fear of diseased Mexicans – as if Mexicans were the primary infiltrators of our borders. Now, his objection to the bush border system is only about the criminals.

    2. As we now know, Melania worked in the US without a permit to do so. Shouldn’t she be apprehended and deported for her crime ? Will that occur immediately after trump is sworn in or after divorce #3 ?

    3. Last night, you called people who post along the Trail liars. I’m sure you don’t want to be the kind of guy who accuses all judges with a Mexican ancestor of being crooked. So, please, as a favor, enumerate the lies, and let us know which of us told each one.

    4. While you’re doing us that favor, I’ll just sit here, waiting patiently.

  26. None of my ancestors went through Ellis Island – even the Turks were here in the 1880s.

    I understand that those criminous, disease-raddled, deadbeat Drumpfs came later.

  27. what about the models Trump shipped in with no visas from Europe and instructed them to lie

    I guess ICE should be looking closely at the Trump Agency

  28. August 31, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    The mythic romanticism of “Ellis Island” is amusing, as if Europeans fleeing war and economic collapse took some kind of character test on the way in.” -Me

    There’s the post that got Ping going.  I’m in your head, Ping!

    It’s dark and cramped in here.

  29. I’m going to associate myself with the remarks of X-R and Joe Stanley and applaud Bink for getting into Ping’s head

  30. Reviewing the fact checking of  the speech, I’d have to characterize it as primarily distortions with a few small nuggets of truth scattered here and there.  On the whole, it was BS.

    I have to say the Mook better up his game.  Yesterday Hillary made a mid-day speech to the VFW – it got scant coverage – dominated almost completely by drumpf’s Mexican trip and speech – both of which were covered in their entirety.  I watched Mark Penn blow it in 2008 and am getting a strange deja vu feeling this year.  Goddamit, put Hillary out there – in prime time and in front of reporters.  How fricking hard is it to see what this low profile campaign approach is yielding?

  31. Again not the fault of the Clinton campaign but the dishonest media

    they covered the rally because he claimed it was a policy speech which it wasn’t

    and the media which operates a lower standard then the Weekly Reader fell for it

  32. Send help!  I need a bobby pin, some cooking grease, a flashlight, a Q-tip or two, and something to eat.  No Mexican food, please, or the lid might blow right off.

  33. Wow!…  I get back from having a leisurely late breakfast with friends and have lots of wonderful comments to read here.

    Ping…  my ancestors (i.e. parents) didn’t come through Ellis Island either.  With all the paper, textile, and shoe factories humming here in the northeast, Canadians were welcomed with open arms with a job waiting.  My parents were here working (and having kids) for years before they became naturalized.  No one ever said they were here “illegally”…  no one said they needed to be deported.

    Joe Stanley…  welcome to the blog.

  34. Pogo, I watched Hillary’s American Legion speech live, in its entirety, on msnbc yesterday morning. It was far superior to Donald’s speech that he made today and it was better received.

  35. The GOP nom is looking rather unhealthy.  I don’t think he can handle the stress or rigors of office, even if he was qualified, which he’s not.

  36. The GOP nom is looking rather unhealthy.

    It’s hard to move around a big tub of lard like that

  37. Flatus – I agree that Hillary’s speech to the American Legion was head and shoulders above any of the bloviating drumpf did yesterday, and I’m certain it was more substantive than drumpf’s address to the group today.  Let’s see how much airtime he gets in prime time for his address to them then revisit this issue.  My point about that speech is that coverage during the day doesn’t mean much – people work, go to school and watch “daytime programming” unless they are retired or unemployed political junkies.  MSNBC yesterday evening provided cuts of Hillary’s speech and gave considerably more coverage to the Mexico address, and they and CNN filled the evening skies with the “Immigration Policy Address”.  Mook should have done a better job getting Hillary onto the stage during prime watching hours IMHO.

  38. trump…law and order…tough on criminals…believes women should be punished for abortions…mocks most of the citizens of the US of AA, continually, when he is a lying tub of rotting lard.  Tough?  Lard is some mushy, wishy-washy cheese….not strong.   Keep falling for putie’s progaganda.  Jingoist crap.

    trump praised NAFTA in Mexico City.  we have that on video.

  39. I have commented before that the statue of liberty should be moved to our southern border.  ping —  most of the immigrants coming over the southern border?  Cuban refugees….they get into the US of AA without those rigorous tests of Ellis Island and are citizens the second they enter our country.  What does your guy say about this?  It seems every candidate ignores this as they want the vote in Florida.

  40. Hey Mrs. Greenspan

    you let that fat pig Congressman Frank lie repeatedly — things you know are lies

    what’s up with that….. If the cable news outlets allow campaign surrogates to lie and run out the clock – it is the same as a campaign ad. If that is going to be the game plan – the Dems should bring out their most obnoxious supporters and let them loose.

    There is no evidence that she is slipping in Pa or Ohio — yet that is narrative —– Lying media— if Trump wins it will be because the media not do its proper role in a Democracy.

    Although it should be lesson to all of us about the importance of good education and teaching people to think. Every Trump
    voter operates on the level of a first grade education and has no ability to think for themselves – they parrot things that make no sense as if theyhad been handed the ten commandents. In my life I have never seem such willful mass ignorance (and the willingness of a compliant and selfish media to support it)

  41. My question, right now, who watches political crap if there is any other alternative programming available? My answer, right now, just the fully committed political junkies and college perfessers. The audience may broaden a little for next week’s ‘debate’.

  42. my maternal grand parents came through Ellis Island courtesy of the NJ Zinc Company…company town living for the former serfs of eastern Europe…Melania’s people.

  43. most Americans watch network national and local news — not cable…trump has gotten free press on those venues, too, and his children litter the local news telling us what he really means about the humane extraction squads and deportation.  Cable news is one big commercial.  Most watch local news for the weather forecast.

  44. The best thing for the Dems to do now is start annoying Trump from every which way.   Get him to explode and say more stupid things Keep bringing up the modeling agency and Melania’s entirely false persona

    Oh dear. I guess Donald’s bad day continues — members of his Spanish Advisory Committee are resigning

  45. The lead editorial in today’s WSJ is about “The Limits of Trumpism”. It is sub-titled “Candidates who run on his agenda are losing in Republican primaries. I saw no tears accompanying the editorial’s autopsy.

  46. The Condom must be having a good day.  She lied (or didn’t know the truth) all over cable news last week.   Anyone going to all her out on it.

    So I want to make sure I understand this.   The Condom is a law school graduate at the time the schools were making an effort to enroll women and now she has 4 children — but she only uses them as a prop. She is not now and has never been a stay at home Mom.

    And she has her own business  but she is not in charge and wouldn’t want to be as a mere woman

  47. Flatus, well, there is that.  Point well taken, and I plead guilty – although last night I really couldn’t stand listening to all of drumpf’s lies, so I found a movie to watch.

  48. “Most watch local news for the weather forecast.”

    bw, don’t forget local sports.  big deal to see yours or your kid’s school… and even bigger yourself or your kid… baseball, softball, football and if you are in the Midwest basketball is lingua franca.  can’t have a decent conversation over the watercooler if you don’t know the score.

    Clinton campaign did good with ads running during a lot of the local news and sports this summer.

  49. OK, Alexandra Petri hit this one out of the park – I think she broke a windshield in the parking lot with it.

    Mr. Trump’s trip to Mexico.

    We land. Flash frame: Us landing. Jump cut. We’re in the room. It has the features of a room, but a room in Mexico. There’s a man waiting for, a man with movie-star looks. Not me, a different movie star.
    Trump extends his hand.
    “Hello, Mr. Fox.”
    The other man looks back at him. Coldly. “Nieto.”
    “Not Fox?”
    “Peña Nieto.”
    “Then what is it?” Trump asks.
    “Nieto is his name,” Steve Bannon says.
    “Oh,” Trump says. “I thought that was you saying “no” the way the locals say it.”
    “No,” says the president of Mexico.


  50. As with many aspects of American history, the actual facts often do not begin to approach the ideal. Still, we keep trying, and that is our strength. Immigration policy certainly falls into that category, even if at time we seem to have quit trying to get it right. I think a significant number would agree that the current situation needs to be fixed. And, in fact, there was bi-partisan effort to tackle the issue in a major way through ‘comprehensive immigration reform, supported by Marco Rubio and John McCain, notably, on the Republican side. So the issue is not whether we have a problem, the issue is how do we remedy it in a way that is consistent with our values, strengthens our country and advances our democratic experiment.

    This is an issue that is easy to demagog and to appeal to populist sentiment. “America First.” “Anchor Babies.” “Rapists and Criminals who are robbing real Americans of their livelihood, while not paying taxes.”  “Terrorists and Trojan Horses.”

    The problem is that little of that rhetoric is factually true, and neither does it promote the kind of political discourse and compromise that could actually lead to solutions. Instead, it alienates those who believe we do have a problem, but refuse to engage as long as the hateful rhetoric brings back historic memories of episodes such as Exclusion Laws and the refusal of lifting quotas on European Jews in the 1930s.

    Donald Trump’s combination of nativism and nationalism, with Eugenic undertones, while in the populist tradition, seems completely unsuitable to identifying and solving the problems that do exist. Instead, it will stifle constructive debate and even the remote possibility of political action.


  51. Ping, I would love for you to tell me how you  square this:

    Declaring that “this election is our last chance to stop illegal immigration,” Donald Trump promisedWednesday night that “there will be no amnesty” if he is elected president.
    “You can’t just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized,” he said. “Those days are over.”
    Illegal immigrants already here seeking legal status will have “one route and one route only,” he said: “to return home and apply for reentry.” And of those who might try to live in the shadows, he said, “Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation.”

    With this:

    “In several years, when we have accomplished all of our enforcement and deportation goals and truly ended illegal immigration for good…then and only then will we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those individuals who remain.”

    Who would remain?

  52. And of course there was this gem:

    We also have to be honest about the fact that not everyone who seeks to join our country will be able to successfully assimilate. Sometimes it’s just not going to work out. It’s our right, as a sovereign nation, to chose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us. . . .
    Another reform involves new screening tests for all applicants that include, and this is so important, especially if you get the right people. And we will get the right people. An ideological certification to make sure that those we are admitting to our country share our values and love our people.

    This is all, what is the term I’m looking for? Oh yes, delusional bullshit.

  53. Greetings from the desert. Last night was another black eye for AZ. The angry white guys came through again, and we have a whole lot of them. On Tuesday, they voted in the Republican primary for Sheriff Joe, John McCain, junior Joe, Sheriff Babeu, for Congress.

    Two impressions from last night’s speech that has hardly been touched on:  Trump was talking to African Americans and Latinos through another all white audience about voting for him and his policies because as occupants of the lower rung of the economic ladder, immigrants will take their jobs; and, the further militarization of the border with new BP agents and new check points. We are militarized now. A person can hardly travel now without one or two checkpoints where you must stop, answer questions and have dogs sniffing you or your automobile. More than once we have observed cars being pulled aside and completely gone over with everything being unloaded on the road for inspection. Often, without probable cause other than ethnicity, profiling, or dogs barking. Many of these checkpoints are 20 or 30 miles north of the border. Trump wants more.

  54. Prof 

    That sounds absolutely terrible. What do the SPLC and ACLU say about it? Surely they must be able to support suits on an amicus curiae basis. Now I know what’s wrong with Brewer.

  55. pogo, not so sure he wasn’t talking personally about himself and his own history selecting suitable wives when he said:

    It’s our right, as a sovereign nation, to chose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us. . . .

  56. KC, back to your assertions the race isn’t tightening.  It all depends on time frames.  The 538.com odds re: who will win the whole shootin’ match are virtually the same as they were on June 30, with Clinton holding a 54 % edge in 538’s odds.  A month later, July 30, Clinton’s odds were 1 point better than drumpf’s which was an improvement for Hillary of 10 points from 4 days before that when trumpf had an 11 point edge. The biggest problem IMHO is that we get flooded with polling data that by its nature fluctuates.  On august 8 Hillary had a 93 point advantage and today it is 51.  Bear in mind – these numbers are not differences in poll numbers but are differences in 538’s prediction of who will win the presidency.  So it’s accurate to say the race has tightened as compared to 3 weeks ago, but that may or may not mean anything since the odds under 538’s model have swung pretty wildly over the past couple of months.  Trump’s best day was an 11 point edge, coming off his convention.  Hillary’s was a 93 point edge coming off hers – and it’s gone to a 50 point +/- edge, predictions wise, today.  Two months from now, who knows, but I kinda like her chances if I’m putting money on the race.  (Assuming Mook gets the campaign moving, puts her out there to get prime time coverage, and lets her do a presser or two.)

  57. businessi nsider: Charity watchdog gives Clinton Foundation the highest possible rating

    The Clinton Foundation received four out of four stars — the highest rating that Charity Navigator gives after a close look at a charity’s finances. The rating is based on annual federal tax documents. It was not intended to reflect whether Hillary Clinton kept donors to her family’s foundation at appropriate arm’s length or provided favored access as secretary of state.

    Charity Navigator is a leading and respected organization that evaluates and rates charities so donors can make informed decisions about contributions.


    Two of Trump’s charities are listed as unrated on Charity Navigator’s site because as private foundations they do not meet the watchdog’s criteria for evaluation.

  58. wsj washington wire: The Open Presser: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

    Mrs. Clinton’s aides point out that she has done hundreds of interviews in that time and that she occasionally takes questions from her traveling press corps. Her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, said Thursday on CBS that Mrs. Clinton “talks to the press everywhere she goes.”

    “I don’t see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go,” he said.

    But critics, including many in the press corps, say those interviews are less revealing than unscripted give-and-take with campaign reporters.

  59. daytondailynews

    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has set his feud with Donald Trump to music.

    The “Morning Joe” host and music aficionado wrote and recorded a song, “Amnesty Don,” that he posted on his public Facebook page. The country-rock tune attacks the Republican candidate for shifts in his position on immigration.

    The song begins with Trump riding in from the West “with fear in his eyes and a burnt orange tan. He said he’d build a wall for us and then he up and ran. When the cowboys smell the dirty con of amnesty Don.”

    The song goes on to pile up its share of sophomoric anatomical references.

  60. legal insurrection quotes morning joe:

    MIKA BRZEZINSKI: In joint remarks in a press availability after the meeting, Donald Trump said he and the Mexican president did not discuss his promise to make Mexico pay for the wall.

    DONALD TRUMP: We didn’t discuss that. We didn’t discuss who pays for the wall. We didn’t discuss. We did discuss the wall, we didn’t discuss payment of the wall. That will be for a later date. This was a very preliminary meeting. I think it was an excellent meeting.

    . . .

    JOE SCARBOROUGH: If that’s the center of your campaign, how do you not get the job done when you’re there?

    MIKE BARNICLE: He said that six hours later

    WILLIE GEIST: He did, he showed up, and for anyone who doubted it because of what he did in Mexico City he went to Phoenix and said it about ten times. 100% they’ll pay for the wall.

    JOE: Exactly! But he was just there a couple hours earlier and he had the guy in front of him across the table. And you know what he was doing? [makes gestures of nervously shaking]

    MIKA: Oh my God. Can you guys just stop?

    JOE: He choked! No, he choked! No, no, no. I can’t stand people that choke under pressure.

    MIKA: And you think about the Brent Scowcrofts and the Bob Gates and the Kissingers of the world and the meetings that we’ve covered and this is a joke. We’re trying to make this into something it’s not. Can we please just get it over with. I’m going to continue.

    JOE: Get what over with? What are you talking about?

    MIKA: This stupidity. This ridiculous session a fringe alt-right Republican candidate had with the president of Mexico about a wall that’s never going to happen. Please, let’s not pretend this is some sort of foreign policy discussion. This is stupidity.


  61. Maybe a full press conference would stand a chance if the questions weren’t exactly the same old crap that she or representatives (not to mention several written articles) have had asked and answered for years while everyone played word twisting games, limitation of context and general obfuscation of anything resembling an actual picture of the candidate.

    I’m not saying control the questions but rather get the press to have the decency and actually do their jobs and serve the voting public by not wallowing in gossip and innuendo.  How about doing something useful and ask about policies, positions, and methods for accomplishing goals.

    We really don’t need to know if she is firing her loyal and trusted aide because grubby hubby has very bad habits.

  62. I’ve only heard one commentator point out that in his speech Trump called for decreasing non white immigrants to the United States.  The White Power racists and “America Firsters” have their candidate.

    The rest of us will have to vote for a good woman, or some third party.  Any vote for Trump is “We know what he is, what does that make you?”

  63. “Midwest basketball is lingua franca” – Pat @ 1:53 pm

    Is that the game with the enormous orange puck ?

  64. Jennifer Granholm was amazing on MSNBC program “The Lid”.  She really tried to rip the brunette anchor whose name I didn’t catch who tried to argue with her about the unfair coverage.

    They won’t push back on the Trump spokesclowns but give someone like Granholm a hard time when she points out that the report they are highlighting has already been corrected for lies and misrepresentations.


  65. Much appreciate Ping Pong as our resident contrarian. We were in Little League together playing for our sponsor Olde Dixie Fried Chicken. Remember his help in resisting the owner’s wife’s determination to call us “The Chickadees” — our uprising succeeded and we were called “The Rebels” instead. As I recall we were no damn good but had a good time.

  66. Olde Dixie Fried Chicken in Pinecastle FL recently closed, hope somebody preserved their fabulous sign.

  67. For some reason the bloater has never quoted saint reagan:

    As the nation’s attention turns back to the fractured debate over immigration, it might be helpful to remember that in 1986, Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration reform bill into law. It was sold as a crackdown: There would be tighter security at the Mexican border, and employers would face strict penalties for hiring undocumented workers.

    But the bill also made any immigrant who’d entered the country before 1982 eligible for amnesty — a word not usually associated with the father of modern conservatism.

    Flatus – almost all my ancestors made it to the colonies well before Elis Island, or the year before Ellis Island, depends on which branch of the tree. There are a few accounts saying at least one of them was here before the English.  Oh, and those are not the ones who were on the shore greeting the newcomers.

    Oh there were so many saying how “presidential” the floater was, going to that place he hates. And then turning around and trashing the place, which left them stumbling on their own horse apples.

  68. Being a contrarian is very different in my estimation. But then, I am always contrary.

    Mr pong claims that the deadbeat started a conversation. Sure, but only between his original self and his flip side. It is not a national conversation so much as a White Nationalist conversation with a White Ultra-nationalist. Or, is that an Ultra-White Nationalist ?

    And, it’s good to have the pongster around, even if (ala Ms Clinton & deadbeat donnie) he refuses to answer uncomfortable questions.

  69. With the speech and visit of yesterday?  trump has jumped the wall.  the election is over if he cannot get the Hispanic vote.  Today Hispanic staff and supporters have been dropping-off like fleas from a dead dog.

  70. I don’t want to hear any more about how someone is only voting Clinton because Trump is so bad and if  she loses it’s her fault

    If you don’t like her don’t vote for her.   Take responsibility for your vote.



  71. All the fantasists posing as journalists (sic) have their knickers in a twist because Clinton won’t talk to them

    I wouldn’t talk to a bunch of people who hate me either especially ones posing as journalists

    starting with the twerp sitting in for Tweety   who does he think he is…he works for MSNBC  not the news

    As for the polls tightening….no one ever thought it was going to be like it was while Trump was bashing the gold star family
    But people are acting like she is losing.

    The reason people believe lies about immigration is because the media let Trump lie

  72. No matter what she does the media hates her…everyone thought the best strategy was to let Trump beat himself make the campaign about him

    pretty much the line from EVERYONE.   Now she is being bashed for doing that.  After she had the press conference at the Black and Latino journalists event.     It wasn’t that she didn’t answer the question  -it’s that they don’t like her answers but that is a far cry from not talking to the press.  You creepy phony Chris Cilizard  –Hillary Hater along with that scum Mark Halperin — everything is a wisecrack or smarmy aside about Clinton.  I think they are jealous of the Clintons  they all wish they were Bill especially the Troll Donald Trump.

    Bill Clinton had a lot of press conferences reagan very few — whatever you think – there is no law requiring press conferences or any kind of requirement or regulation saying you have to answer questions from lazy unimaginative people who have an over inflated sense of their own self-worth. Their value might higher if they actually did their job.
    If they had done their job Trump would not be the Republican nominee — it takes some nerve to tell anyone else how to do theirs.
    She could do an interview with Charlie Rose – and wouldn’t have to say a word

  73. Flatus,  watching week 1 of college football.   God am I happy or what? But WTF is with South Carolina?  Vandy is having their way withthe ‘cocks in the 1st half.

    KC, love your posts.  Especially KFC versus kale.  Laughed my ass off.   There is one statement you made I need to finish..”The reason people believe lies about immigration is because the media let Trump lie” unchallenged.

  74. Thinking about my Mom and how thrilled she would be to see Hillary elected (throughout it all she called Bill “Mr. Perfect” and would get very annoyed when I criticized them). This is my favorite picture of her.

  75. KC, well, as an English major once upon a time and a critical ass all the time, I could have been an editor if I’d been so inclined. The fact that the press simply sucks and swallows trump’s lies without so much as a complaint drives me up the frigging wall.

  76. In line with the above comments about the press conference it was why I was so angry today in my comment re Granholm. If it weren’t so frightening it would have been sad on MSNBC today.  Kristin Walker had her talking points on today’s Politico Story and the AP story the other day and kept trying to get Jennifer Granholm to comment on it.  Granholm quite rightly said, that’s a lie to one that had already been taken down and that has been corrected as not factual on the other.

    Walker kept trying to talk over her demanding answers and for the first time, I actually saw Granholm trying to stay controlled.  She was truly pissed, half standing and leaning towards the camera.

    It was so obvious that Walker wanted some sort of “gotcha” and Granholm was insisting on telling the truth.

    Tell me again why Hillary Clinton should subject herself to lies and half truth questions from a group of people who want their 15 minutes of fame at her expense rather than what is good for the country?


  77. So the Trump Foundation launders money for political contributions.   Who could guessed that? And why haven’t I heard of this anywhere but here?

  78. Political contribution or bribe  – since it was Pam Bondi’s decision to pursue or not charges against Trump U

    Trump said the mistake was paying it through the Foundation  the bribe should have come directly from him

  79. Pogo,

    Something wrong with USC? They whupped on Vandy 13-10. Actually the team I worry most about is Ohio State, then

    South Florida, then Michigan and finally USC.

  80. Kinda amused by the title of this post.

    I had my say about Pings interpretation of Trump last night, no need to repeat myself.


    But I didn’t say any thing about the ” huddled masses ” mythic belief.

    Fact is very few of those passing through Ellis Island moved here because they were yearning to be free. They came  for a job. Most never intended to immigrate. They came for a while  to save up some money and go home.  A good many did. Read somewhere a few years ago the return rate was 30% A lot more probably planned to return but things happened, marriage , children, grandchildren and home looks a lot more like where you are at.  Something you  see a lot in the Mexican community is  folks who migrated here that  save their money and buy a house in Mexico, They live here and many never go back but that is the first thing on their list.

    So many times permanent residence seem like an accident rather than an intended purpose.

    They really don’t intend to become citizens, It is something you have to do if you stay long enough and want a say in what goes on around you.


  81. Mario Cuomo: “We’re supposed to love one another. And we’re supposed to make the experience better. That’s all the religion you need, really, to make a success of this planet.”

  82. Flatus,  when it was 13 zip I was wondering what was going on.

    KC, yes, Joy is very good at shutting down BS.

  83. Jamie, kgc, pogo,

    if she has a press conference, her every utterance is parsed, twisted and trashed. if she doesn’t hold a presser, she’s trashed but she doesn’t have to hold another to rebut the parses and twists.

    so holding one makes her a masochist and not holding one proves she’s sane.

  84. Pogo, actually I stopped watching after the first quarter. Coach Boom is supposed to be a good motivator–he obviously got the team/staff moving. Local media is ecstatic.

  85. here’s the full story on the Trump Foundation and the illegal donation and the circumstances

    but no coverage except for the Post…but still covering the emails and hoping to find something

    For a $25,000 bribe, plus $2,500 for the “penalty,” Trump saved himself $10 million, or more, in litigation and restitution liabilities that resulted from scamming working people trying to get ahead!

    And he did exactly the same thing with Greg Abbott in Texas with the same checkbook, the same fingerprints, the same staff, and the same lame lying excuse!

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