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  1. so is that evidence that the election may indeed be rigged as the drumpf warned his supporters in pennsylvania? win win situation for him: if he loses “it’s rigged”, if he wins (god forbid) he wins.

    more of his adverse psychology ploy.

  2. important to remember these hacks were about stealing personal information

    election results and voting are not hooked up to the internet

  3. heeheee before the condom worked for Trump she said on tape he should release his taxes  of course she used the audit excuse and then Dana Bash said  what about the years that aren’t being audited

    such a difference from when she was getting a hand job from the clowns on All due respect

  4. jimmy carter emailed today on behalf of Hillary:
    During my 1976 presidential run, a young woman moved to Indianapolis to help turn out the Indiana vote for me. Forty years later, I will proudly cast my vote for that same woman to be the next President of the United States. [….]

    I’ve known Hillary for decades — and her record as a public servant is superb. In 1977, I appointed her to the board of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a nonprofit that provides legal assistance to Americans in need — she went on to become the first woman to chair the board. Over her tenure, funding for the LSC tripled, allowing the organization to expand legal aid to every congressional district, and handle 1.5 million cases for poor clients each year. As First Lady, Clinton continued to advocate for legal services funding.

    That’s a special thing about Hillary — when there’s a job worth doing, she doesn’t abandon it. Work she did decades ago, like founding Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families or helping start the Children’s Health Insurance program, is still changing lives today. Her entire career has been a fight for progress, and as our president, she’ll make sure we’re on the cutting edge of civil rights, economic justice, climate change, and more. She is the only candidate prepared to take us into the future.

    We owe it to ourselves to make her our next Commander-in-Chief. Donate now to make sure real American values are protected for generations to come: […]


  5. more from dana Milbank in wapo:

    The Russians have just given us an August glimpse of a potential October surprise.

    We learned earlier this summer that cyber-hackers widely believed to be tied to the Kremlin have broken into the email of the Democratic National Committee and others. The Post’s Ellen Nakashima reported Monday night that Russian hackers have also been targeting state voter-registration systems. And, in an apparent effort to boost Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, they’re leaking what they believe to be the most damaging documents at strategic points in the campaign.

    Last week, we learned something else: The Russians aren’t just hackers — they’re also hacks. Turns out that before leaking their stolen information, they are in some cases doctoring the documents, making edits that add false information and then passing the documents off as the originals. [….]

    This raises an intriguing possibility: Are Vladimir Putin’s operatives planning to dump edited DNC documents on the eve of the presidential election?

  6. KGC

    These particular invasions not a threat to votes, but not having a paper trail is.  There should ALWAYS be a way to do a provable recount is the election is ever challenged.

  7. Almost everything about this election…..   hell…  almost everything about American politics has become ridiculous…

  8. Katherine,

    I think it is a major mistake to trivialize Russian tinkering with any of our databases and the connective programming that makes those databases usable. Time-after-time we have had hacks result in substantial harm to our country that is not known for years because of a lack footprints leading to the hacked code.

    Saying that the databases have no physical connection to the internet, or rather the election programs don’t, makes no logical sense. IMO. messing with our vital electronic infrastructure constitutes warlike acts. Would-be hackers must get that message.

  9. no one is trivializing anything just pointing out that this is about stealing ss# and other things

    It feeds into the Trump narrative which is utter bullshit

    there is no evidence that our election system is under threat from anyone but Trump
    I think it is likely paid for by Trump to promote his idea of compromised elections
    People should be paying more attention to the disgusting Republicans and their attempts to purge voter roles.
    like Jeb did in 2000. This is just a feint to distract from what they are really doing to suppress the vote

    Republicans are disgusting pigs and they have completely sold out their own agenda to support a total asshole who can’t be trusted

  10. Trump the hypocrite suggested Colin Kaepernick leave the country

    but he loved Mohammed Ali

    Ron Fournier just endorsed Hillary Clinton

    Trump peaked earlier this week and now he is back to being the biggest loser

    I guess when Clinton took questions from black and latino journalists – that doesn’t count as a press conference because
    those journalists don’t count?

  11. New numbers out show that even with the condom, women don’t want anything to do with Trump

    He is not within any kind of range of winning
    to pretend otherwise makes you a liar –all of the political commentary


  12. “He is not within any kind of range of winning
    to pretend otherwise makes you a liar”

    kgc, fivethirtyeight collection of polls show otherwise unless you think only being 6 points ahead is a slam dunk for hillary.  anything under 10 points is worrisome and even that has its downside if people become complacent and don’t vote or throw their vote away for show of protest principle  thinking she’s going to win anyway.

    hope you aren’t accusing me or 538 of being liars. they’re pretty reliable in their calculation. I on the other hand have been known to exaggerate now and then.


  13. flatus & bink, “messing with our vital electronic infrastructure” indeed is very troubling.  everything is so dependent on it.  potable water, health care, fuel and many other basics… all need a workable internet to function.

  14. Rick Perry…Dancing with the Stars…he may pull ratings as well as the debates or not.  He is not getting a ruskie partner, however, Emma Slater will glide across the floor in Rick’s arms.  Will he wear his glasses?

    Putie’s plan is working…disrupting NATO to break-up the EU and continuing to plant false stories about immigrants…enlist the help of fellow billionaire candidates everywhere to instill doubt, incompetence about respect for the system.  They are the ones who rig the play.  Too many gullible citizens who are doing putie’s work.  What we normally think of as left and right?  It has changed to the Globalists vs. the Nationalists.  Global billionaires rigging the system by instilling jingoist nationalism (usually racist, isolationist) in the easy prey…it is why sanders supporters and trump supporters overlapped on so many issues.  Both campaigns using putie’s data…corrupted or not.  I hope the FBI has an October surprise.

  15. look at the state by state polls not the horserace

    and look at the forecast for 538 it was trending up for Trump but not now and even so his numbers so low  he is a big giant loser

    I stand by my statement – anyone who says the race is tightening is full of it (liar)


  16. our latest obits overlooked another star passing, a singer and song writer

    atinofoxnews:  Death of singer Juan Gabriel causes outpouring of grief in Mexico

  17. Holy Rural Healthcare.  I just returned from a drive to Silver City where hubby and I saw the ‘skin shaman.’  We have waited three months for this appointment with the dermatologist.  We have four dermatologists in Las Cruces and I have seen three over the years, but none will take my insurance anymore.  I went searching throughout southern New Mexico for a dermatologist who would take our insurance and found one in Silver City (about 100 miles away) and one in El Paso, TX.  Hubby and I decided to go for the bucolic as the drive to Silver City from Deming is beautiful and we can take the dog.  In the meantime way before our appt, hubby has a growing skin cancer which needed removal this summer…I suggested he go to urgent care and they sent him to a surgeon…bypassing the dermatologist as he could not wait.  Good news, not melanoma…it was cancer, but it was extracted.   Today, during my exam I am the one with the stitches…but I like the doc…very native American/Hispanic vibe.  Just a wonderful human and he loves where he lives and he spent time on the spiritual, diet, etc. to combat disease.  I can get my stitches removed by my PCP in two weeks or else go to urgent care here in LC…avoiding that drive.  The doc did all of the work himself and he closed the door with his elbow as his hands were full…my kind of guy.  Just like the old days.  More meat to the lab for me and hubby.  I have to give this rural healthcare an A+.

  18. just for fun here’s part of an interview with Samantha bee by daily beast titled Samantha Bee Is Shocked—Shocked!—That Trump Is Blaming Hillary for Anthony Weiner’s Sexting

    When I fill Bee in on Trump’s reaction to the Weiner news, she laughs for about 30 seconds straight.

    “Ah. Is it not… That is absurd. That is absurd,” she says, before continuing her uproarious laughter. “Oh my god! I’m sorry, I actually can’t stop laughing! I can’t. That he could blame Hillary for Anthony Weiner sending more dick pics to more randos…” she cracks up again. “OK. OK… I gotta think about this for a second. This is unbelievable.”

    We joke about how, if Trump himself was busted sending dick pics, he’d probably find some way to blame Hillary for it—since she is apparently responsible for all the ills of the world.

    “He probably would. You’re probably right,” she chuckles. “Please don’t ever let that happen. It will be so bad. I don’t think that will be survivable for me! Honestly, you’re making me want to retreat into the forest. I may not ever leave the Catskills now. I might just find a nice, cool cave and set up shop with my kids for the next couple of months. Someone will come and find us in the spring, after the thaw.”

    This is part of a longer interview with the great Samantha Bee that will run later this week on The Daily Beast.

  19. patd…he was scheduled to perform in El Paso this weekend and his fans went to the concert to honor him…really big name in this part of the world.

  20. kgc, please, it hurts that you think i am a liar just because it scares me that the drumpf is as close as he is… within range if Hillary voters don’t take the time to vote.  I worry that anybody is voting for him let a lone a few million (by april he had over 10 million poor delusional souls who voted for him).

  21. Enjoyed the comments to D-300’s last post about the debates…I thought of bringing Candy Crowley out of moth balls as she involved herself in the Obama/Romney debate.   Here is what she says about Hillary (from TV Newser, 2015)
    In the meantime, she’s following the 2016 campaign from an unusual vantage point for a reporter who’s been on the trail since Ronald Reagan–the sidelines. She sees Hillary Clinton as a survivor, a woman who “was hurt to the core of her heart” in public, and had to find a way to protect herself. As a result, Crowley believes Clinton is perhaps the least “known” of the potential candidates.
    Crowley, who says all candidates are guarded around journalists, found Clinton to be the most guarded. She recalled seeing then First Lady Clinton drawn into a dance in Morocco years ago when she suddenly became unguarded and “she seemed sort of completely free.”
    “I realized just how thick that plexiglas is between who Hillary Clinton is… and who her friends tell us she is–the funny, warm, embracing Hillary Clinton that you always hear intimates talk about– is not that woman that is in public.”

  22. well, the polling this election cycle is like a bad pair of underwear…too tight in the wrong spots and mostly up….you finish the phrase.

  23. I’ve often marveled at Pat’s unflagging pursuit of Excellence in Commenting……

  24. I don’t think anyone is complacent about the election but if it is going to called like a horse race let’s be accurate

    His support seemed to go up but now it is headed back down.    He is nowhere near being in striking distance

    and if you look at the electoral college math   he is toast


  25. Brexit…the bookies got it wrong
    The polls consistently indicated that there was a very real chance that Britain would vote to leave. Polling averages even showed “Leave” with a lead for most of the last month; over all, 17 of the 35 surveys conducted in June showed the Leave side with the edge, while just 15 showed Remain ahead.
    Yet at the same time, betting markets indicated that Remain was a clear favorite. The arguments for making Remain a favorite were understandable, but in retrospect, some look more like wishful thinking than a fair-minded assessment of the data:

  26. KC, in 3 weeks the 538.com chances for trump have gone from 3.6% to 24% and Hillary’s have gone from 96.4% to 76%.  I don’t like it, but the polls have tightened.  NBC/SM has been pretty consistent, but it has wavered. It shows trumpf making inroads among registered independents nationwide.  But you are right that when you look at the state-by-state numbers, it’s not looking so dire, and in fact her lead has increased in EC numbers.  RCP puts her at 272 EC votes based on D/leans D., with FL, NC and OH still in the toss up column (she’s ahead in each of them, but the polls are close).  Virginia, where her avg. lead is 13, is supposed to be a must win for trumpf to have a road of any sort according to pols like Sabato.  As of now it looks solidly Clintonesque.  Bad news for Amnesty Don.

  27. I can see where being overconfident can be a sucker punch, I’ve seen plenty of examples in various and sundry fields of endeavor…..but when I look at this coming election I cannot help but see that The Orange One, though capable of pulling off something wild and crazy, will never win this contest of wills and mucho monies.

  28. Pogo

    Yes that is true but now today the big giant blot of shame of the Republican  party is at 22.5 and going down

    and while he was greatly improved  he still wasn’t in the running I don’t consider moving from a 3% chance of winning to a 22.5% and dropping much to brag about. The Dems have to never let up and keep trying to increase the margins to do something about the house and senate.
    The media is trying to make it seem like Trump has a chance and we all know that is not true.

  29. KC, I agree.  Tightening ain’t winning, and the 76-24 chance of winning under 538’s model can’t be lightly brushed off.  I don’t want to run the risk that those kinds of numbers lead to complacency.  Hell, even though I might as well be pissing up a rope, I’ll be voting for Hillary here in by God WV. It won’t help here, but I’ll feel better in the morning when they announce Madame President the winner.

  30. I don’t think they will let up until he is pounded into the ground –and hopefully, we will never have to see him again

    The Republicans should be thinking about their future if Trump is who Republicans voters prefer

  31. based on the Trump campaign hire for field director – I’m guessing he’s going to block access to voting using traffic cones

  32. Pat is right to be alarmed, because the stakes are so high. The contrast between two candidates has not been so sharp since 1860. Ms Cracker is right because Clinton leads in the swing and swing-ish states of NH, PA, NC, FL, OH, MI, WI, & CO. She could keep IA and NV and flip IN, MO, and AZ, all of which are close.

    republican operatives are working very hard to depress the vote in red and especially the swing states, claiming that there isn’t a nickle difference between Ms Clinton and the deadbeat. The intent of this lie is to get the average voters in these states to excuse themselves from going to the polls. This is because rippers are perpetually enraged or fearful. Such people almost always vote. Dems are more easy going, and if there is only a small difference between the candidates, so the theory goes, some Dems might decide that it’s too much trouble to vote. The siren song of ‘No Difference’ is especially alluring to people who have to vote after a long day at tiring work. Who wants to stand in line to vote after standing on a hard floor for eight hours ?

    The cure for long lines in this election is to throw out the politicians who make voting lines long. You know who these pols are, and you know how to throw the creeps out. Do it.

    So, unless you live in AL, WY, or ID, don’t let any words or difficulties bar your way to the voting booth. If, however, you live in AL, WY, or ID, remember that there isn’t a nickel difference between the two bums, so you’ll be better off passing on this election.

  33. sturge, pogo, xr and bink, thanks.   [assuming, bink, that wasn’t a “you’re not as stupid as you look” backhand]

    my concern in addition to complacency is that the drumpf may pull out or be pulled out of the race in time for media and gopers to excite enough of the “anybody but clinton”  folks to go to the polls.


  34. Spot the Security Risk !

    flipper don married a professional stripper. Ms Clinton’s assistant married an amateur flasher. 

    Viewers of the professional are called customers*. Viewers of the amateur are called victims.

    *euphemism for ‘johns’  

  35. Pogo,

    The r.c.p. presidential map does show 272 for Clinton, but it hides important facts. Their ‘no toss up’ map shows Clinton at 362 with 176 for flipper – even more lopsided than Obama v muckain, because Clinton leads in Georgia.

    The 538 map gives Clinton 331 to deadbeat’s 207

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