Stop The Name Calling

Come Labor Day would be a good time for Hillary Clinton to rise above it. Why respond in kind to Donald Trump’s insults? You’ve got this thing, he’ll be soon forgotten. Ignore him. Build forward, positively. Let surrogates do whatever dirty work needs doing. And as for the debates, just pretend he isn’t there (still think you should skip them, nothing but pointless risk).


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  1. “as for the debates, just pretend he isn’t there (still think you should skip them, nothing but pointless risk)”

    craig, agree with ignoring the elephant at the podium but if the libertarians make the cut she’ll have to show up.  even if they don’t, she has to let il douche bag (sorry about the name calling… the devil herself made me do it) chicken out first.

  2. Jace, hope you found your blood pressure meds.  Take sturg’s and OSH’s advice – have a push up and don’t feed the troll. It’s like wrestling with a pig, you get dirty and the pig’s just having fun. Took me a while to figure that out, BTW,

  3. My first thought when I saw that Hillary was exchanging insults with Trump was WTF?!…  why even acknowledge his existence.  Agreed…  let Liz do the pounding.

  4. 1883 Krakatau blows up.  Kind of what I expect to happen to the carrot pulp for hair and brains fool very soon.  Maybe during the “debate” coming up.

    One thing about being as busy as I have been is I tend to not be current on the political scene as usual.  Sure I usually get to glance at the WashPo for a few seconds as I pull the paper out of its plastic sleeve.  But, that is not the same as sitting down and watching television or spending an hour online.  The weeks before, during and after the (former) Republican Party convention was great, I had a few more minutes to spend enjoying the meltdown.  But after that – busy.

    The positive effect is my television is not under threat of breakage caused by someone hearing a bombastic blowhard providing idiotic word salad and having shoes thrown at it.  Other good is that I do not suffer from not properly venting.

    Something good has come though.  One of the early “we need to elect Drumpf because all politicians are crooks and he will fix things” spouting people I know has become a Hillary voter.  Not supporter, but voter.  Although it took him several months to see the light, he did.  I expect we will learn of many more like him during the next few weeks.

  5. pogo, that pig of which you speak is a metaphorical one of course and not any of our dear friends here on the trail who seem to have succumbed (temporarily I hope) to those scary harry potter creatures called dementers (they who deprive human minds of happiness and intelligence).

    drumpf and company are like the dementers. according to wiki: Although they are implied to be sentient, this is left ambiguous. The presence of a dementor makes the surrounding atmosphere grow cold and dark, and the effects are cumulative with the number of dementors present. The culmination of their power is the ‘Dementor’s Kiss’, wherein the dementor latches its mouth onto a victim’s lips and consumes its soul or psyche, presumably to leave the victim in a vegetative state, without any memories and feelings left.

    we need an emergency “patronus charm” box on the trail to free them.


  6. renee, did Hillary actually call him a racist (in the direct manner he called her a bigot)?  hasn’t she said…. just as gary Johnson, paul ryan et al have and gotten accused of name calling… his rhetoric was racist and that he has welcomed (not disavowed) the support of white supremacists?

    one of those “i don’t hate you. I hate what you are saying, doing and what you stand for” thingies.

  7. Stop the name calling?  Gosh that would mean the Republicans would all have to be gagged

  8. Domestic Violence to Bridgegate, Trump’s Boys’ Club Expands
    Taylor Marsh

    SEXUAL HARASSMENT allegations against Fox News creator Roger Ailes coming from Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly and now Andrea Tantaros and other women didn’t stop Donald Trump from genuflecting to the rotund lothario’s counsel. Ethics-challenged man-children are the beating pulse of Donald’s boys’ club campaign.
    All the summer blunders emanating from Trumpland are doing Hillary Clinton‘s job for her. One week from Labor Day weekend, Clinton hits +10 in national polling. Double digits, baby, that’s the death knell for Donald’s candidacy. She was feeling it on Thursday when she didn’t mince words and settled in for the kill shot.
    Timothy Stanley, a conservative columnist for the Daily Mail, was devasted by Clinton’s speech and the fact she laid the Republican Party across the alt-right altar.

    When future historians write about the alt-right they may well quote Clinton’s speech. It was important. She drew a spurious line of influence from Vladimir Putin to Britain’s Nigel Farage — who addressed a Trump rally in Mississippi on Wednesday — to Trump himself, who is, said Clinton, the agent of the alt-right’s takeover of the Republican Party. – Timothy Stanley [CNN]

    Politico has the story on Steve Bannon, the latest Trump whisperer, and domestic violence “I Didn’t Do It, No, Really.” club member.

    The counts issued against Bannon in the domestic violence section include count 273.5(A), which according to the California Penal Code is “corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition” on a victim who is either a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, fiancé, partner, or mother or father of the offender’s children.
    Another count listed in the court records, 136.1(B)(1), is for seeking to “prevent or dissuade another person who has been the victim of a crime or who is witness to a crime” from reporting it to authorities.
    The third count, 242, was for battery, which is defined under California law as “any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.”

    Trump also has embraced disgraced former Christie aide, Bill Stepien, bringing him in as national field representative for the campaign.
    I’d bet that at the center of all the man-children coming on board, starting with Ailes, is Donald Trump, Jr. playing circus ringmaster, complete with dead leopard over his shoulders like a white man king in a land of no women.
    It’s the Ryan Lochte theory of male supremacy, which Trump laid out a long time ago. Can Donald stand on 5th Avenue and shoot someone without consequence? The political equivalent of careening wildly on his signature immigration position and expecting no blow back.
    Males who think they can do anything and get away with it, no matter how heinous the behavior or how boorish the boy-ness.

    As their opponent, they’ve drawn the political Diana, the huntress, in the guise of Hillary Rodham Clinton, protector of the have-nots. A woman who’s dealt with every level of cretinism the American patriarchy has created, to end up standing atop it all, poised to take power.
    The old order is over.

  9. Craig

    The point of your piece is a good one. So far i think HRC has done it just right.. I like the way she builds the case like a prosecutor.. Uses his own words against him. Not sure the media would go for her skipping debates? Already their dislike for no press conferences by her is growing. Lol, not that HRC is going to get good press coverage, not likely.

  10. “… corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition on a victim who is either a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, fiancé, partner, or mother or father of the offender’s children…”


    That really makes me feel physically ill


  11. The Trump Train is full of bullies and people willing to be Uriah Heep

    I’ll bet Kelleyann Condom thinks domestic violence is  myth

    The Dems should have Joe Biden talk about his legislation

  12. The most astonishing thing I have heard to come out of this election is that all the white people in Detroit left because Coleman Young told them to go.  If Republicans really believe that they deserve to be called stupid

    It is part of the narrative that Dems have failed the black communities kind of hard to have that conservation without discussing the role of the goopers in blocking or trying to block every measure to help the communities not too mention trying to keep people from voting.

    No wonder we can’t get anything done – these people are stupid and want to be.

    Steve Kornacki should have asked that incredibly stupid woman what her position is on the voting rights act and then it would be obvious even to the dumbest ass what is going on

  13. Pogo,

    Not to worry all is well. HRC made a mistake when she voted to authorize military action in Iraq. She has said as much. That said we were going to war in Iraq with or without the senate. The train had left the station and Bush, Cheney and company were the engineers. It is easy to fault Obama and Clinton for their actions in that region, but to do so tends to obscure the fact that their predecessors made any meaningful change in the region almost impossible.

    Sometimes a little push back is in order.

  14. I can’t imagine how one prepares for a debate with Trump. There’s just no predicting what he crazy new thing he might say. Maybe be ready with a standard “there you go again” type response. Apparently the Clinton camp having trouble coming up with a stand-in who can imitate Trump. Not even Clint Eastwood on acid can match him. Maybe Carville, but even he would have to get drunk first.

  15. I am soooo tired of this freakin election – and it’s still August.  I would love to see Andrew Jackson show up, take out his cane and beat the snot out of both these candidates.

    I’m starting to lean towards no debates.  Clinton should just say she won’t debate someone who has no positions, no policies and can only call others names.  What’s the point?  As someone said earlier, no upside for Clinton.

    Has the “Hillary the lesbian murdered Vince Foster” stuff started yet?  Only time.

  16. Stop beating Hillary up over our entry into Iraq. Sane people could support that decision based on that country’s past use of WMD (nerve gas) against Iranian forces and its own population up north. They continued to thump their chest saying we’ve got them in an effort to intimidate potential adversaries. B-43’s rogue vp and secdef cooked the books to magnify the threat that Iraq posed if left unchecked. Gen Powell was duped, next thing you know, the signed resolution was in hand. I did not support it; Hillary did. I do not blame her for the war in Iraq.

  17. Keef Olberman noticed something about the letter by the Trump doctor…….it begins


    He says.

  18. “Apparently the Clinton camp having trouble coming up with a stand-in who can imitate Trump. ”


    Maybe look outside the wine and cheese DC social circle.

  19. Well Ed Rendell but he is probably too lazy.  Apparently people who do it well really work hard at it.


  20. and the sparring partner will need to be someone comfortable with insulting her, that won’t be a fun job

  21. At this point in the campaign I’m especially proud to be a card-carrying supporter of the Anti-Defamation League, and of the Southern Poverty Law Center

  22. Half the people in Scranton could stand in for Trump.  Im sure she knows, since she’s “from there”, hahaha.

  23. Apparently the person in charge of naming hurricanes this year, seems to be a Disney fan. Since “Gaston” is forming up to blow, a little theme music.

  24. Since we’re on debate prep; I posted this a few days ago.  James Carville was being interviewed and was asked the question as to who would be Trump during prep.  He said that he didn’t know but it sure as hell wouldn’t be him.  He said that whoever plays Trump would have to listen to hundreds of hours of Trump speeches and interview — and he couldn’t stand to put himself through that.

  25. Went and saw David Crosby last night. My God what a wonderful show. Just him and his son, his son played piano, David sang and played guitar. As you might expect, he had words for Trump, being a political kind of a guy. Had great stories about his songs. His voice is still sharp, he’s very intelligent, and he’s very witty. If it comes to your area, you should really go see him. It’s a great show and it lasts for almost 2 hours.

  26. why me worry syndrome


    The Post reports that Trump believes that he is so talented that he doesn’t need to prepare or study ahead of the debates. Instead, Trump plans to show up and overwhelm Clinton with “zingers” that are being written by the team of Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes, and Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump’s arrogance and laziness are well documented, but the train wreck that he is setting himself up for could take down the entire Republican Party. Trump is going to step on stage with the entire world watching, and wing a presidential debate. Donald Trump is going up against the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency, and he isn’t going to prepare or study.

    Debating Hillary Clinton is a whole other universe compared to squaring off against the 16 dwarves that Trump survived against in the GOP primary debates

  27. Patd,

    Trump was a disaster in the GOP debates, but all the media could talk about was Trump thereby creating the impression that he had somehow won them, Granted his opponents were sub par, but even his most outlandish comments were covered endlessly.

    He will bully, browbeat and insult and anyone who doesn’t respond in kind will be considered weak.

    I would prefer that HRC simply say something along lines of ‘I’m not going to debate. What are you going to do,take away my birthday?’

  28. newsweek:

    Democrat Hillary Clinton called on Friday for voters to reject the “bigotry” of Donald Trump’s White House campaign, releasing a television ad criticizing his efforts to appeal to black voters and saying she was reaching out to people from all parties who are troubled by his candidacy.

    The ad shows video of Trump’s controversial pitch to black voters, in which the Republican candidate urges them to support him by asking, “What do you have to lose?” It also shows headlines about a racial discrimination lawsuit the New York real estate mogul faced in the 1970s.

    Clinton’s presidential campaign said the ad, released a day after she gave a speech accusing Trump of fueling America’s “radical fringe,” would air in the hotly contested states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

  29. David Crosby is also a twitter guy and he’s always answering personal questions about his life, loves, band mates, friends,  and the songs he’s done.

    And nicely enough, doesn’t mind pointing out that he thinks you may have asked a stupid question.

  30. Jamie, the second url that goes into life stages is really interesting. I can see myself and other family members in it. Thanks for finding it.

  31. She must debate him. It will be a wonderful experience that will show the world how she will handle petty dictators one-on-one. Weaklings need not apply to be C-in-C. 🙂

    She’s gonna whup your butt donnie boy.

  32. I disagree Flatus et al. She should just run out the clock, get this over and done. Debating Trump gives him a stage where he could do something totally weird that changes the game.

  33. Media griping about skipping debates no worse fallout than no press conferences. Public doesn’t care, even though they should.

  34. Going into debates as the presumed winner of the election presents nothing but risk. The only new narrative is that you lost the debate, even if you didn’t.

  35. she only has to debate him if he shows up. 

    strategy should be: talk up big how thorough the debate prep, encourage a lot of stories from different angles with different spokesmen (emphasis on men) heavily weighted in how formidable she is in the debate setting, maybe prez can recall his feelings during 2008 debates with her, plant possibility/float names of respected hard hitting journalists for debate emcees/interrogators (mostly those that may have done in depth drumpf expose`s) and scare him into chickening out.  then make huuuuge deal out of him being cowardly, afraid he’ll be trounced by a woman.

  36. and don’t do the empty chair deal. lay the whole blame of cancellation on his shoulders. sorry media, sorry 3rd parties, not Hillary’s fault for no show.  it’s that sniveling yellow bellied orange-haired huckster who’s let you down.

  37. Flatus

    The book that page is based on is Generations and goes from 1584 to 2069 showing how each generational type cycles into the next.  Fascinating reading.

    Strauss & Howe have since written a series of books expanding on the theories with the Fourth Turning & Millennials Rising


  38. Clinton should show up and if Trump starts name calling and trying to not discuss issues.  She should say

    my positions are on my web site  I not going to participate in  further depredation of our country. and leave.

  39. Trump is like a cat with nine lives. Any other candidate would be toast by now. The debates are a bad idea for Hillary, they will just give Trump another chance to find new life.

    There is no gain in addressing policy while your opponent is taking cheap shots at you, your record and your husband.

    Craig is right. HRC should simply smile and politely decline. Next question.

  40. “Media griping about skipping debates no worse fallout than no press conferences. Public doesn’t care, even though they should.”


    Agreed. I’m thinking, no tax returns no debates. It’s the sort of false equivalency that the media just love to promote.

  41. These debates are set up to present candidates on an equal playing field. Only Trump stands to gain from that. Don’t do it Hillary!

  42. Sturg, I believe that about him. Based upon the way that he interacted with the audience, I can believe very easily that he would tell you he believed you asked a stupid question. Some guy that one of them famous concert warwhoops and he told him he really needs to back off and only drop on weekends.

  43. craig, that same rationale goes for why she shouldn’t do pressers which you have accused her of failing to do enough of.  those only the media “stands to gain from” in her case.   debates have become a distorted/perverted form of pressers. 

  44. “no tax returns no debates. It’s the sort of false equivalency that the media just love to promote”

    jace, good idea but she better do it 1st before he does a “no release of xxx (take your pick of emails, speeches, murder victims, etc) no debate” and then chickens out.

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