Methinks the Roses still smell the same!

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

We all need to take a deep breath about the Trump campaign. The average Trump voter tis not going to change their mind – even if there’s video of Trump shooting someone in Times Square.

What matters is not the 30% on the left (which I would surmise for many of us; a category we fall within), nor the 30% on the right; right-wing bible thumping hate mongering confederate flag waiving mysogonistic homophobes — but rather the 40% in the middle. These are the people that vote according to their pocketbooks, the possibility of a promotion, the status of their health care, whether or not they’re about to go in foreclosure — you know, the current conditions on the ground – the personality, tone and tenor of the candidate, etc.  

sleepyVoterThey are just waking up from their caves — knocking the boulders from the entrance.  Walking into the sunlight after 3 1/2 years, taking a deep breath – licking a finger and thrusting their digit firmly into the wind.

When Trump tells African Americans that if they elect him, 95% of them will support him in the future; skippity dippity do bop!  Nonsense. No one from the African American coalition will jump up screaming “Eureka”!  The press wants us to think so – they get paid according to how many people watch their blabbering.

Fodder from the far right will continue to drip, like a sickly bacteria infested honey, into the gears of this election. The Hindenburg will land successfully when Trump’s “I’m a goooooood boy now” routine falls with positive adorations on anyone who is seriously considering switching their vote.

Trump is merely trying to get back some of the Republicans who have defected from his feeble attempt to be a statesman. But more importantly, he’s trying to give them an excuse to support him.  That’s why he showed up uninvited in Louisiana, to spend a minute passing out toys to the flooded even when asked not to make the trip. He’ll get some of them back — but not merely enough to win this election.

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107 thoughts on “Methinks the Roses still smell the same!”

  1. dv, loved it. good post.

    and rather fitting for these election times, “the flying bum” takes off… full of hot air.
    Gigantic aircraft takes historic flight

    August 21, 2016, 6:21 PM|The world’s longest aircraft took flight this past week in England. The helium-filled Airlander 10 is more than 300 feet long, and nearly 50 feet longer than the biggest passenger planes. Jonathan Vigliotti has more on the unusual airship.

    and Giant butt-shaped airship makes debut flight in UK

    The Airlander 10, the world’s largest aircraft, took to the skies for the first time over Bedfordshire, England, on Wednesday and completed a lap of Cardington airfield before safely landing, the BBC reports.

    At 92 metres (300 feet) in length, the helium-filled airship is 19 metres longer than the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger jet.

    The Airlander 10 has been nicknamed “The Flying Bum” due to its peachy behind’s striking similarity to the human rump.

  2. Reality could be that a number of people just don’t vote this year, for whatever reason. Still not sensing any “passionate groundswell” a la Yes We Can 2008. This flatness is worrisome, especially in light of the historical significance of Secretary Clinton’s candidacy. Protest votes given to actually sane candidates (Johnson/Weld) & the quadrennial Nosferatu (Jill Stein) may be appealing to those who want to vote. GOTV means more this year than ever…  as if choosing the Leader of the Free World wasn’t enough of a kick in the butt to get out & vote.

  3. Trump’s Hollow ‘Regrets’
    Charles Blow

    Trump thinks of himself as a great man — that is the premise of his entire sales pitch, that America has faltered and can only be made great again by the Midas touch of his tiny hands — but if current trends continue and he suffers a staggering loss on Election Day, his ego will be forever injured as he is assigned to history not as a great man but as a great disaster, a cautionary tale of what comes of a party that picks a con man as its frontman.
    Trump’s recitation of regret wasn’t so much a ruthless Saul to Apostle Paul transformation as an inverted Jekyll and Hyde monstrous illusion.
    There is something rotten at the core of this man that no length of script or turn of phrase can ameliorate.

  4. Even if I hated Clinton, which I don’t, I couldn’t vote for the Stein ticket because of her religious bigot/racist running mate.

  5. An Open Letter From Mr. Trump
    Maureen Dowd

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Trump is sorry. Trump is humble. Trump is scared. Trump doesn’t want to get crushed.
    So if I have offended anyone, or because I have offended everyone, I’m sorry.
    I’m sorry that I realized too late that all the great put-downs that helped me put away the 16 dwarfs don’t translate well to the general election.
    I’m sorry that I’m causing the Republicans to lose control of the Senate and I’m sorry they wish I’d never been born.
    I’m really not that sorry to be causing trouble for Paul Ryan, who’s going to lose seats in the House. He’s a prig and I wish he had lost his primary to that tattooed guy who likes me.

    Dowdy hits one out of the park today.. Of course she gets her digs in at the Clintons, what’s new?

  6. DV3C,

    The Indies (otherwise know as the folks who don’t pay attention) may be just awakening, but the racist, classist, religious bigots, climate deniers, flat earthers, and fanatical gunnites, have been busily pumping out filth for 3.66 years. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t know, f’rinstance, that Ms Clinton is responsible for the Civil War and Black Death.

  7. In response to Dvitale300 last post yesterday:

    I wrote Welcome To Iraq more than nine years ago.  Throughout the middle east we keep maiming and killing the most vulnerable while their family and friends grow up to strap on suicide vests.

  8. D300,

    Nice read. Thanks for posting. My great fear is that the large group in the middle will wake up survey the political landscape and go back to sleep. I’m afraid that there are going to be a lot of no shows in November.

  9. Holy middle of the road, being an average American…wanting the most for the middle class, not the directional classes (right or left), of the US of AA!  I am there!!

    Who knew Rudy Giuliani and Susan Sarandon were cross dressing twins?  Geez…hillary haters have started their own party and soon their own media empire.


  10. d-300…a very fine post…inspired by your chile comments, hubby and I bought 25lbs this weekend from a farm in old Mesilla…it was the first break in the rain and over the past week and a half?  Almost 4 inches of rain for us…about half of our yearly amount.  Monsoon, the drought killer.  While waiting for the chiles to steam and cook in the box before bagging for freezing?  I made a old recipe from Sunset Mag.  It calls for potato chip and green chiles!  It is delicious and anything with chips and chiles is addicting.

    Eggs on Potato Chips   I used oil and onions…added green chiles (4 pods), season with garlic and ginger…crush fresh chips and stir fry with cilantro or parsley and cover…make an egg nest in the mixture and crack an egg.  Add a little water to steam and in a few minutes.  Chip chile hash.

  11. Thanks for the analysis DV.

    I’d say attracting traditional non voters is Trump’s best chance, but his campaign has no infrastructure for herding them. So many of them that anyone who can motivate the disaffecteds can win just about any election. Pollsters know little of significance about them, the sleeping giant out there.

  12. Dv3, great post – there are segments of the 30% on either end that bleed over.  The AA segment in the RW 30%, small though it is under the best of circumstances for the RW ain’t buying it, and drumpf is offending them at a helter skelter pace.  Also, it appears a fair segment of the women in the RW world may not be on board with the puffy one. If drumpf can win on the strength of the less than college educated white male crossover vote from the LW 30%, and it’s greater than the RW crossover to Hillary, he may have a shot.

    Well, woke up to a refreshing 63F this morning.  A welcome sign of a Fall weather pattern that really can’t get here soon enough.


  13. Poobah, do low information Apprentice viewers constitute one of those traditional non-voter demo groups?

  14. Jack, from last thread – my dad had a KG coupe- I was a mere 5’11” and the back seat was pretty tiny for me – I kinda had to sit crosswise to be at all comfortable. My first car – had been my grandmother’s, was a 61 Plymouth Belvedere hardtop.  Ugly green, huge fins, generally just ugly, but it would spin tires really well. Had a rectangular steering wheel – clear with metal flakes in it, and push button drive.  But it had A/C, with funny vents on the top of the dash that would pop up like periscopes. Only car I ever bought ($200 in 1967) that I made money on when I sold it (sold for $250 a year later after I got a $200 insurance check after a guy slid through a red light into me.)

  15. “…her religious bigot/racist running mate.” -xrep


    …the Israel stuff?  I don’t see how anyone could argue that it’s not an apartheid state.

  16. Trump voters(sic) aren’t registered since they don’t believe in the government and don’t want to serve on jury duty:)

  17. U.S. politics are exclusionary and inaccessible to most citizens, that’s why they don’t vote (generalizing here, pardon).  Look at this blog as a microcosmic example: you had better be ready to argue and know your shit or you will get hammered (and this Trail is relatively tame).  Couple that with the phenomenon of party politics forcing participants to adopt philosophies with which they might not agree for the sake of those party priniciples with which they do, and yeah, most people just say “fuck it”.

  18. Trump cannot win – even if he gets every vote in Mississippi – it won’t get him a win in the electoral college – the blue wall is big and solid -The Clintonians will be working up to election day

    whereas Trump, the racist pig CEO of  his campaign and the condom don’t have a clue about what to do on election days – which for a lot of people starts in about six weeks

    I imagine the Trump rallies where they try to lead their followers to the polls and they find out  most of them don’t have proper id or won’t show it or won’t leave their guns outside

  19. So, now, in my mind, the questions become:

    “Why isn’t voting in the U.S. compulsory”

    “What faction would hold power if voting were compulsory?”

    I have my own answers, but feel free to share yours!   Don’t all post at once.


    *bows respectfully and exits*

  20. DV…  great post…   where’s Pepe LePew when you need him!

    Jack…  I don’t know if you’ve been on FB today…  but Carol has resurfaced.  It looks like she’s now a Jesus freak.  But if it gives her comfort, I say…  go for it.

    And thanks for all the well wishes again…  we should know more in a few days.

  21. Do we need to be worried about an influx of Trump voters that don’t register on the poll numbers/?

    Can there be a Trump effect?  The was in the primaries.


    From Politico

    Trump’s poll numbers remain dire, but he can point to at least one ray of hope for a turnaround: Republicans have continued gaining ground in recent months in voter registration in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Iowa, while the late surge in Democratic registrations relative to Republican registrations that occurred in battleground states during the final months of the 2012 election had not been replicated in numbers released in early August.


  22. for a look at non voter demographics: Pew Research Center (done just before 2014 midterms)

    They’re younger. Roughly a third (34%) of nonvoters are younger than 30 and most (70%) are under 50; among likely voters, just 10% are younger than 30 and only 39% are under 50.

    They’re more racially and ethnically diverse. Fully 43% of those who are not likely to cast ballots Tuesday are Hispanic, African American or other racial and ethnic minorities, roughly double the percentage among likely voters (22%).

    They’re less affluent and less educated. Nearly half of nonvoters (46%) have family incomes less than $30,000, compared with 19% of likely voters. Most nonvoters (54%) have not attended college; 72% of likely voters have completed at least some college.

  23. Bink, instead of compulsory voting let’s just say non voters aren’t allowed to use government-funded highways

  24. Motor voter regulations are a good start and in Oregon it is automatic.

    Not so sure about compulsory voting but although I love election day activities I support vote by mail rather than changing election day to Saturday

  25. The non-voters don’t sound like Troll voters although according to the Trump Twitter feed he is surging among black and latino voters kind of like he surged among The Gays

  26. Clinton should make a tv ad with all the tv commentators who are now saying that the health issues are false and then show Guiliani banging on about it..and then she should say …another in a long line of patently false chages/

  27. Bink,

    Stein’s racist religious bigot running mate,  ajamu baraka, goes out of his way to defame Israel, where Arabs can own property, travel, vote, and hold high office.

    At the same time he is silent about the ethnic cleansers or genocidal states of commieChina, russia, Sudan, Burundi, and Burma.

    Mere apartheit ? The stein cabal ignores the apartheit states of Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala, India, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Australia, the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Arizona, Gaza, and Palestine.

    The Arab Sudanese government has been responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Black people. baraka can’t be bothered. russia has murdered a hundred thousand Caucasians, Christian and Muslim. baraka could hardly care less. commie China has murdered M!LL!ONS of Tibetans, Uigurs, Cantoese, Korean and Anamese minorities, and Christians. baraka turns a blind eye.

    The actions of relatively benign Israel (and the US) are all that the racist religious bigot ajamu baraka finds reprehensible.


  28. Not to worry about Stein. She doesn’t even get counted in the projections. Johnson does, but Stein’s a no show. While picking the winner may have some (very little) suspense, if you want to pick the loser from the 4 running, she’s your pick.

  29. wapo story Why many veterans are sticking with Trump, even after he insulted a Gold Star family

    “I think there’s a pretty sour taste in a lot of guys’ mouths about Iraq and about what happened there,” said Jim Webb Jr., a Marine veteran, Trump supporter, son of former U.S. senator Jim Webb (D-Va.) and one of McAllister’s platoon mates. “You pour time and effort and blood into something, and you see it pissed away, and you think, ‘How did I spend my twenties?’ ”

    “There’s a mentality that they don’t want to see more of that,” he said, adding that he worried that a Hillary Clinton presidency would result in “continued adventurism,” given her record supporting interventions in Iraq and Libya.

    Two recent national polls since the Democratic convention show Trump leading Clinton among military veterans — by 14 points in a Fox News poll and 11 points in a McClatchy-Marist poll. By comparison, Clinton shows a 10-point to 15-point margin among all registered voters in both surveys. The demographics of veterans align closely with Trump’s strongest sources of support: More than 9 in 10 are men, and about 8 in 10 are white.

    His fans in the military community could prove critical in November in swing states with large military populations, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. In these three states, veterans represented at least 8 percent of the population in 2014, according to data collected by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


  30. more from above article quoting jim webb’s son:

    For Webb, writing in a candidate or voting “out of protest,” is not an option. For all of Trump’s perceived flaws, Webb said, he thinks he is the strongest candidate.

    “He is bringing a comprehensive re-examination of how we conduct business,” Webb said. “Whether it’s on taxes or it’s how we’re involved in the world, it’s very sorely needed.”

  31. “For all of Trump’s perceived flaws, Webb said, he thinks he is the strongest candidate.”

    see why one should not be complacent, convinced of a Hillary win or a democratic senate sweep.  jim webb’s son is probably well-read, sane and knowledgeable about the world…   not the typical drumpfhead we make fun of and say unkind things about.

  32. Jim’s son is obviously confusing trump with his father, who does have a clue about military action. Comprehensive re-examination my butt.  trump doesn’t know where he stands on the issue of military intervention – he just criticizes the Obama approach to the middle east, which he used to agree with (agreed to going into Iraq, agreed to just get out) and says we’ll blast the hell out of ISIS – “believe me”.  His first comprehensive re-examination will have to be of his own positions on intervention in the middle east and elsewhere.

  33. Jim’s son speaks for many Iraq vets who feel they were sent to risk their lives for a foolish cause. For those of us who bitched and moaned from our couches imagine how you’d feel if you were over there actually getting shot at, or shot.

  34. Trump hasn’t examined anything but himself and that is through a very distorted lense

  35. Pogo, regardless Trump we do know Hillary made the fatally wrong choice on Iraq and Libya.

  36. Poobah, I get that – got friends and clients who were there and they by and large back drumpf as well. My comment in’t aimed at Jim Jr.  It’s aimed at drumpf and the baseless BS he’s spreading.  Just hate to see people who ought to know better buying his expedient denials of the positions he took in real time by rewriting history.  At least Hillary acknowledges what her position was and that she was wrong.

  37. …at least her position on Iraq.  Libya, was different, and reasonable minds can differ on who was to blame for that catastrophe, and the aftermath was horribly mishandled.  But as deaths go, it pales in comparison to the 90 people who died in the US from gun violence that day (daily average of the 32,759 gun deaths in the US in 2012). And this is not an excuse for Hillary’s role, whatever it was in the Benghazi response – it is to provide a bit of perspective, particularly for the nuts who think the only amendment is the 2nd.

  38. Also those who rest all the blame for Iraq and/or Libya act as if Hillary operated in some sort to vacuum without input from others and operating with her own discretion in decision making while insuring her word was law.  Obviously Lady MacBeth single handedly has a goal of global domination and destruction.

  39. dailymail:
    Trump opens up new front in war against ‘Morning Joe’ as he threatens to ‘tell the real story’ of romantically linked hosts and calls Mika Brzezinski ‘neurotic’ and a ‘mess’

    ‘Morning Joe’ has drawn Donald Trump’s ire again after a broadcast full of jabs at the Republican nominee
    Trump tweeted twice about the show’s hosts on Monday, casting them as long-time boyfriend and girlfriend
    Called Mika Brzezinski ‘a neurotic and not very bright mess’ and said the show was ‘unwatchable’
    Monday’s program featured fired Ted Cruz operative mocking Trump and a long segment about anti-Trump New York Times opinion essays   

  40. also from above link:

    This year’s Trump-Scarborough feud surprised political observers who considered the two power players to be allies throughout the Republican primary season.


    so drumpf fell off the wagon.  his tweet addiction.  now, will he fall for all that bait lizzie has been dangling…. been awhile and the twit must really itch.

  41. Yes, CLEARLY Obama and Clinton Obama stampeded us into Iraq in ’91 and ’03. They are also responsible for bombing Pearl Harbor, the US attack on Ft. Sumter, and the rise of Islam.

    babywebb is an idjit.

  42. The deadbeat ought to be careful. Mika could beat the cheetos out of him. So could her 88 year old dad. scarborough … he could beat the plagiarism out of Melania. Maybe.

  43. Why would drumpf engage in tabloid level chatter when he’s supposed to be running for president?  Jeebus H.  Besides, who didn’t think Mika and Joe were doing the horizontal mambo?  Joe should send him a bill for the year of morning genuflections  they did to drumpf before he pissed Joe off when he wouldn’t answer a simple question and Joe hung up on him on air.

  44. Of course the very, very classy Drumph went on Fox to opine that state secrets aren’t safe since Hillary spills all to Huma who has bedroom privileges with the also Twitter sex addict Weiner and his Wiener.

    There are days when Donald makes disgustingly boorish look like an upgrade.


  45. He is bringing a comprehensive re-examination of how we conduct business,” Webb said.

    that is a pile of poop.   I have seen nothing new from Troll only a desire to go back to the 1950’s  And if his campaign is an example of how he manages a business …gotta say not impressed

  46. I am voting for someone who for once will make issues of low income women as important as those of  any industry.

  47. Vote for this–vote for NATO–the alliance that has kept us out of the III-rd World War; that flew air defense missions over the United States and Canada immediately after 9/11, and continues to support the same mutual defense mission in Afghanistan.

  48. Kidding aside, I’m with Ms Cracker. Poor women and children first. The job of this nation is to lift peoples capabilities, from the bottom up. If lazyass B!LL!ONA!RE$ need a hand up, let them beg in the streets and sleep on the floor at Dorothy Day for a couple of decades.

  49. I’m with Flatus.
    If putin needs to dismember NATO, make him do it by himself. Let’s see him begin with the Baltic States and Norway.

  50. Okee….  dokee…

    I’ll gladly vote against Webb and his mini me son….  I’m voting FOR Hillary! 🙂

  51. Fuck that Impure Weasel of the kkk, deadbeat trump.  Fuck jill stein’s black kkkliegel sidekick.

    I’m voting for Clinton. Sweetie is too.

  52. Then what are you voting for? Mostly what I see here is hating Trump as a rationale.

  53. Craig,

    I don’t know Webb’s son… and I do thank them both for their service.  When it comes to politics, Jim Webb is a quitter…  and I have no respect for that.

  54. I am voting for calm sanity from a probably moderate program with a woman already proven to work with both parties.  If I could I would toss the extremes of both parties out on their ear so that we stood a chance of actually getting something done.

    I want the woman to clean house. Hillary is liberal where I want her to be liberal: LBGQ rights, reproductive rights, education, health, and infrastructure.


  55. IM voting for  time……maybe before i die, there will be people)(politicians that actually care for all of those in the us….not just the ones in their particular party, and not just for the the team, ……Im voting for hillary cos she is the only choice that there is…..she is not as bad as the other choice, thats all…….i dont expect the country to move forward all that much under her reign ….maybe just a cpl of things that will make a huge difference….like universal health care….putting isreal under control…….and maybe close down some of the military bases that arent needed…….on and if she really wants me to kiss her ass….she  will………see how she can get these fkn cops to stop shooting us down…….there is more….but i know that she is not wonderwomen…..just an ordinary politician….that waited her whole life time for this…….her tenacity is a wonder…….

  56. Craig and WJack,

    I think you’re going to find a lot more hidden voters out there for the Clinton (or need i say ‘anti-Trump) side as well.  I am a high school social studies teacher – and since the beginning of the year, the current Presidential campaign has been a hot topic – but only with those Hispanic kids.  And what I find from my classes are that, almost the entirety of the Hispanic kids are adamant about stopping Trump.  They are truly afraid that he’ll deport their mom or dad, their aunt or uncle, etc.  The white kids are generally turned off by politics and not that engaged (unless they come from a rural ‘uber conservative’ family), and then they’re Trump all the way but don’t know why.  The remaining white kids (and the majority) couldn’t care less about the election.

    If the above translates to those kids who are a bit older and voters – I think you may see a yuuuuuge anti-Trump turnout in the young Hispanic voter community.  While I do not have any statistics to back this up, this is my observation.

    Craig – you’re right – all I really see on this site are the ‘anti-Trump’ sentiments.  But I do know that changing the political culture / direction in America does not happen overnight.  Change is slow / and to some extent needs to be slow.  It’s like changing the direction of an ice-berg.  Trump won’t change the system immediately – and if he tries he’ll only break off a few small pieces of ice – no harm, no foul.

    With that having been said – perhaps Clinton is the best candidate for the job.  Will all of her flaws and warts, if she is willing to continue the push for change – maybe that’s best.

    Blond Wino – i’m printing your eggs on chips recipe as I type.  Will try it in a few days – looks crazy.  Perhaps should be served with a Tequila Sunrise?

    OK – I’m through!

  57. Thanks for the response, xrep. He does seem to have a somewhat more broad perspective than you suggest, from what I’ve read, however.


    Sorry for opening the F-bomb jar, Boss.  It’s always me 😛


  58. “Then what are you voting for? Mostly what I see here is hating Trump as a rationale.”


    i don’t hate him, i think he is a reckless buffoon and i resent his candidacy and potential representation of me, personally, as an American.  He is also the most dangerous legitimate Presidential candidate in my lifetime, for a variety of reasons.  Reason enough.

  59. If she can only do one thing, one big thing…….let her give us a totally different way to elect our politicians…..from dog catcher to potus,……..get all of the dirty money out of our system….election reform is the first step…….all the rest will follow………I lied……one more….get religion out of our government….tax organized religion…….an like a magic wand… more money problems for anyone……, infrastructure…etc, etc….all taken care of……this is where all the liberal should concentrate on no….later

  60. “Then what are you voting for? Mostly what I see here is hating Trump as a rationale”

    boss, don’t you think your trail mixers can do 2 things at once? they’re perfectly capable of being for Hillary (or if not her personally at least for the things she promises and represents symbolically) and understandably capable of hating Donald (or if not personally, the things he says and seems to represent).  I don’t hate the drumpf, but i am scared of him, find him offensive, rather un-American and dangerously deranged.  I am very much for Hillary just as I was very much for her 8 years ago.  I like the complex, yes flawed as we all are, human she is and wouldn’t mind having a beer with her someday to laugh about all this craziness.

    it’s not a can’t walk and chew gum at the same time kind of thing

  61. I don’t hate Trump as a person. I hate his racism.  I hate his misogyny.  I hate the way he treats other people.  If he were someone in private life I would actually feel sorry for him simply because he is mentally crippled in some way, whether from childhood or experiences or clinical depression, I have no idea.  That depth of egotistic bullying is the sad mark of someone who has been seriously abused in some fashion.  What I do know is that unlike a Nixon who might have been similarly afflicted, Trump does not have the level of education, experience and accomplishments to provide any reason for election.



  62. More precisely, we have two people that have very dark sides to them.  I see hilllary not as shadowy as the very, very dark trump.


    Indians have a proverb: “there are two dogs in every man”……the light and the dark…….which one survives… depends on which one gets fed……i chose hillary…trump is unthinkable to me……..later ..

  63. I’m voting for the village that raises children, and against the corporation that bleeds the village just to bloat the CEO’s ego.

  64. I’m voting for decentralized solar power and against Big Oil tyranny, foreign and domestic.

  65. RR, yeah right, Jim is a quitter who took a grenade that blew up his knee to protect one of his men, then stormed the cave where it came from, and as recently as 4 months ago still having shrapnel removed.

  66. troll cancelling  events

    he wasn’t drunk  the other night

    he had a stroke

  67. Craig…

    I’ve obviously hit a nerve…   oh well….  I stand by what I said.   I do hope that Webb’s knee will heal.

  68. Jim Webb is a hero. He has a better claim to that title than either john mccain or Bob Dole.

    Also, Webb’s presidential campaign through the winter and early spring revealed that he doesn’t think about or speak to the concerns of very many Americans. Those whose concerns he spoke to seemed to be primarily straight senior males and vets. If 52% of the population is female, then Webb ignored the majority that could have elected him. I thought he seemed to be running to be elected head of the VA.

  69. That’s OK RR, you have every right to hit that nerve. Disgust with the corporate tool the Dem party has become not quitting, just an honorable man keeping to his postage stamp of principle.

  70. Last one and back to lurking…….We can overlook, excuse, minimize hillarus many faults….but cant do the same for Webb……wish he was still in it….he would get my vote…and i would not feel as victimized….this independent voter is not happy at all, resigned but not happy…….later

  71. Oops, not going to correct that at all…….Hillarus sounds about right…..t-rex sorta….ok over and out

  72. I’m voting for Hillary. That she is running against Trump just makes it that much easier. If she were running against any of the 16 other republican wannabes I would still be voting for her. My only regret is that I’m voting for her 8 years later than I had planned. Big changes may not come from the legislative branch, but rather the Supreme court.  I’m voting for her because I want to see a couple of decent appointments to the court going forward. I would be perfectly satisfied to see Citizens United overturned and the voting rights act restored. Damned right I’m voting ‘for’ Hillary.

  73. So Trump doesn’t appear anyplace but on Fox News. works for me. Let them be the only ones to cover him. That would be progress.

  74. Postage stamp of principal – I’m going to have to think about that for a while.  Perhaps in this seeded game of “I’m going to grind your ass into the ground because you have the wrong initial in front of your name”, it’s time to step back a bit and re-evaluate what the heck we’re in this for . . . just saying!

  75. Glad to see some affirmative statements for your candidate apart from trashing the opponent. Keep ’em coming. My concern is we’re about to elect another president half the country hates.

  76. Craig

    I really don’t get where you’re coming from????

    I HATE Trump, you bet!! Not the least bit ashamed to admit it either.. You know very well all the supporter’s of Hillary here and you know they would be supporting her no matter who the Republican she is running against, goes without saying..

    Trump is a menace so i use my freedom of speech and links to let other’s know. That doesn’t lesson the candidate’s message/platform i support in any way..

    Nothing to vote for?? I find that coming from you just shocking…

  77. Tony, I am just asking for reasons to vote for her, apart frim the endless rants against Trump. That’s all. We need a president we can truly support, not a default option.

  78. Somebody give me 3 historically significant and specific things Hillary has accomplished in her multi-decade career. Otherwise I’ll just support her because she’s a woman. And changing the subject to Trump’s failings doesn’t count for an answer.

  79. Craig,

    We have been giving details to vote for Hillary since 2008. The reasons to vote for any Democrat over a Republican i just can’t see as it being a default choice. I think it’s odd these same sentiments (from mostly straight white men) didn’t bubble to the surface in 2008 when Obama was the nominee.. President Obama “Hope And Change” was rarely questioned but now when it’s the most qualified women running with real plans, yes she has a website full of them well it’s just not enough?

    In all my voting since 18 i have voted for one Democrat i actually liked and was inspired by and that’s Bill Clinton. Sadly voting is about mostly Democrats vs. Republicans and the Supreme Court.

    I understand, you had that inspiration for Mr. Webb and i’m glad for you because it’s nice to feel for a candidate like that..

    Mr. Webb didn’t make it so you have a choice, do what i did in 2000, 2004, 2008/12 and go with the Democratic nominee and hope you’re pleasantly surprised by them or remain bitter about the system and the fact Mr. Webb didn’t connect with the masses.. Oh and of course there’s the doomsday option of voting for Trump like the Webbs… Knowing you as i do, doubt that will make you feel better..

  80. Why this leap of faith for someone who has been on the national stage for decades? I’m ready to jump but don’t know why. No record I can see to justify it. Foreign policy blunders, failed health care initiative, ethical lapses, on and on. What’s on the plus side? Wish I could find a reason other than our first woman president, but I’ll go with it if that’s all there is.

  81.  “Jim and his “mini me” fought for our country, a little respect please.”

    sorry craig but when you make stupid ass statements like those two have made you get no respect. You step into the arena and you take what comes. only assholes hide behind somebodies skirt.



  82. I will vote for HRC because she is solidly based in the 21st century.

    She recognizes that we need to invest in our people to compete in the world, She will promote open trade even as she recognizes that the American people do not support  the TPP. She doesn’t just advocate for gender rights but she changes the rules for them. She is a hand up liberal not a hand out liberal. Too many folks out there,  are stuck in the last century. the world has moved on and if we don’t realize that then we will become the world’s greatest losers. I don’t want to be a loser and i don’t want the  boys and girls that catch the bus on the corner to be in a world where the USA is a loser. It is a tough world and we have to get off our asses and compete HRC has demonstrated that she understands this. Most of the  folks on the right and left of this crazy divide we call a political spectrum  have demonstrated they are clueless.

    She is stuck in the middle and  as a result gets it from both sides.



  83. BTW for those who say the 60’s were a better time then now haven’t a clue as to what it was like to be poor in the 60’s.

    It is so much easier now



  84. poor children’s health insurance

    the rights of children with disabilities to be part of main stream schools

  85. wow, stopped in to say hello and post an article about trump and trolls , and also my recent obama/hillary chasing but am stunned by recent comments here.  craig, where have you gone? am concerned.

    here’s the post-  i was mistaken, always thought trolls  referred to the nasty creatures that live under bridges- not trolling as in fishing. not quite sure how that escaped me all these years however…


    great post dvitale and so many  great comments too from you all- tony. jack, ppgo, pat, bw kgc, x.  keep up the good fight, sorry it has to be here.


    jamie- loved all of your post at 7:490- exactly how i feel.

  87. The dark side is so attractive…devoid of any light.   Keep kicking the old lady’s ass into the WH.  Vets voting for trump?  Melania an escort?  The discourse is a gossip mill.   Reminder to all intelligent humans…Hillary is not or has never been prez…so to put the whole DC government for the past 30 years at her feet is ridiculous…but, go ahead and continue to hate.  Seems to be all the bitter humans can do…keep feeding on the fried foods of resentment, the spoiled sweets of yesteryear and savor the greasy tidbits of loathing.   What standards are we living by?   I have worked for government and private industry…all the same flawed humans run both, but the government is a bit more level as the public is watching.  Of course we have secrets, lies and ammo…it is what has made America great, not the whining.

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