1 : related by blood :  descended from a common ancestor or prototype  2 : essentially similar, related, or compatible – Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

Recently I have been overtaken by a tsunami of genealogical information. This is a good thing, as I have been in a drought for years concerning certain lines on both sides of my family. Might I add the info is excellent: Census Records, Marriage & Christening Records, Death Certificates. Stuff that holds up in the Genealogical Court of Acceptable Documents.


While researching my Mother’s Welsh ancestors, I came across a story about the ancestry of Hillary Rodham Clinton, specifically her paternal Grandmother, Hannah Jones Rodham. A map showing where Hannah’s parents were from was included. Her Father came from Neath; her Mother from Merthyr Tydfil. I recognized the region: it’s about 20 miles from Cardiff, where my ancestor grew up.

I don’t claim any blood relationship with Secretary Clinton, but our ancestors shared a common kinship in the experiences of growing up in Wales during times of grinding poverty & very few prospects. Leaving home for a new life in America was an opportunity that I am glad they took. This is not unique to my family, to Secretary Clinton’s family, to your family.

This is what made & will always make America great: a constant renewal of good souls looking for a better life & understanding the work & sacrifice involved.

 painting by Marie Wise
painting by Marie Wise

Secretly I am hoping next March the new President will have a vase of daffodils placed on a table in the White House. Not only as a symbol of the renewal & hope of Spring, but as a reminder that we all came from somewhere else & how that unites us. The ties that bind, not divide.

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  1. sjwny, yes, nice touch for day one, a vase of daffodils and maybe some leek soup for the 1st lunch.


    btw, re those leeks that the welsh wore to distinguish friend from foe, wonder if their leeks’ garlicky aroma also helped id them in the dark.

  2. Ms. Bologna hits the trail….today, food taster, christie and putie supporter, flynn get the briefing.  Let us hope that they are fed red herring and we will see if the secrets of the USof AA on Wikileaks within hours of the briefing.

  3. wapo 

    Donald Trump, following weeks of gnawing agitation over his advisers’ attempts to temper his style, moved late Tuesday to overhaul his struggling campaign by rebuffing those efforts and elevating two longtime associates who have encouraged his combative populism.

    Stephen Bannon, a former banker who runs the influential conservative outlet Breitbart News and is known for his fiercely anti-establishment politics, has been named the Trump campaign’s chief executive. Kellyanne Conway, a veteran Republican pollster who has been close to Trump for years, will assume the role of campaign manager.

    Two Trump campaign aides confirmed the staff’s reshuffle early Wednesday, requesting anonymity to discuss personnel changes without permission.


    Trump’s stunning decision effectively ended the months-long push by campaign chairman Paul Manafort to moderate Trump’s presentation and pitch for the general election. And it sent a signal, perhaps more clearly than ever, that the real-estate magnate intends to finish this race on his own terms, with friends who share his instincts at his side.

    While Manafort, a seasoned operative who joined the campaign in March, will remain in his role, the advisers described his status internally as diminished due to Trump’s unhappiness and restlessness in recent weeks.

  4. Here I was about to rant and rave over the Drumphs dive through the looking glass into the terrified, hate filled, racist world of Breitbart only to be greeted by my beloved jonquils.  Thank you SJWNY.  I shall now happily go work on my genealogical media files instead.

    The things that make you rant will pass.  Beautiful yellow flowers are forever.


  5. One small rant.  Patd needs to write the new Trump fight song:  Douche-land Uber Alles


  6. Jamie, i’ll try but was leaning more to rewriting “i’m a rambling wreck”.  in the mean time here’s the drumpf singing to his pal manafort

  7. To my eyes, Wales is a frighteningly beautiful country. How could someone not want to steal it away from its original inhabitants? The Welsh protect what’s in their hearts with a very difficult language to learn and master.

    I count myself most fortunate that my widowed, childless grandfather was invited to share his talents as part of a small musical group invited from Long Island to play in Wales. He met my future grandmother in Corwen, a town on the River Dee. It wasn’t long before a spinster named Williams arrived at Ellis Island. She and my grandfather celebrated their nuptials, and their only child, my Mom, was born a year later.

    Here’s to Wales!

  8. When they go low, we go high.

    Positivity, optimism, hope. These are truly American values  🙂


  9. SJ…  wonderful post!….  beautiful flowers!

    BlondeW…  that Bologna is one smart dog…

    So Trump wants to go the remainder of the campaign in his own style…  that clinches it for me…  he definitely wants to lose.

  10. I have a Welsh last name and a welsh terrier but I am not Welsh..the name was assigned to my father’s father when he arrived in Boston.

    But a lovely post never the less.

    Kelly Ann Conway is now campaign manager – I’ll be laughing all day.  She is one of the tired blondes left over from the first Clinton presidency.  She was on tv lying about opinion polls the one thing she is supposed to know something about.  She is going down with the Trump Ship I’m sure she doesn’t mind being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes — she probably thinks it is a good thing based on her on-air remarks


  11. Speaking of Akin and Kellyann Conway, Todd Akin was one of her clients when he was abandoned by the Republicans for his stupid legitimate rape comments and thumped by McCaskill.

  12. She is a tired old hag.  She looks sick and tired.  She looks like she needs to suck blood I’m surprised she was out in the day  light

    she is nothing but a political whore and probably given her willingness to suck up to Trump and Ailes the other kind of whore too

    She tried to promote the idea that women do not support Clinton and that Clinton is having health problems  so she is a liar and an asshole

    just right up there in Trump’s wheelhouse She looks like Ann Coulter’s older sister (although she is younger)


  13. from a discussion at 538 about whether Ailes can make a difference and can Trump win
    natesilver: You could argue that no person is singularly more responsible for Donald Trump, and the potential disaster he is for the Republican Party, than Roger Ailes. So it would be fitting, in some ways.
    micah: But couldn’t Ailes help get Trump to behave? Or, forget Ailes — what if Trump starts acting like a normal candidate? I don’t think there’s really any chance of this happening, but if it did, couldn’t the race shift to be more in line with the fundamentals and tighten? How many Americans haven’t even tuned into the election yet? [Editor’s note: After we concluded this chat,news broke that Trump was reshuffling his campaign staff further, reportedly elevating more aggressively minded people who don’t want him to temper his style. So, yeah, it seems unlikely that Trump will start acting like a traditional candidate.]
    natesilver: The problem is that Ailes, like Trump, exists in a bubble where they confuse the sentiments of 35 percent of America for the country as a whole.

    Before she starting whoring for Trump — she was working for Ted Cruz she is slimy

  14. here is the whore in march saying Trump is intimidated by strong women –this when she worked for Cruz

    not a problem for her because she is willing to say or do anything for cash or whatever

  15. wonkette
    Everything had been kind of quiet this week on the Trump front, with news that he hasn’t spent dick on TV advertising, while meanwhile Hillary is paying for TV advertising in all the places, because at this point it seems like she could potentially win ALL THE PLACES. But now Trump has his new Dream Team in place, he’s starting advertising on Friday, and all just in time for the Olympics to wrap up so we can get the fall primetime season going! Er, presidential campaign. Or whatever the fuck it is.

    Anycrap, are you guys ready to get out there and Make America Great Again, now that Trump has fully restored our confidence with these sexxxy new hires? We sure are, ayup, you betcha!

  16. lawnewz:

    …and Kellyanne Conway will take over as the campaign manager. But, it turns out Conway wasn’t exactly always the biggest Donald Trump supporter. According to Federal Election Commission filings examined by LawNewz.com, in September, Conway maxed out her donations to Ted Cruz, donating $5,400 to Cruz for President. Records indicate that Conway’s husband, George Conway, a lawyer, also maxed out his legally allowable donations to Cruz around the same period. According to filings to date, Conway has not donate any money to Donald Trump or his super PAC.

    The news isn’t entirely surprising as Conway was hired as a consultant in July after serving as President for a super PAC, Keep The Promise I,  that supported Sen. Cruz, and ran ads highly critical of Donald Trump….  

    Conway has been the president of The Polling Company, Inc. since 2005. She is also an attorney who attended George Washington School of Law.

  17. I think she is a pathetic example of the political equivalent of sex workers (not to insult sex workers)

    She prances around lying like the sack of shit she is — pretending to be a pollster but she is in reality nothing but a push pollster

    she should be judged by her candidates Akin and Cruz are two good examples.

    She appeared on Mark the Hillary Hater Halperins show and he let her lie on the air –she probably gave him a blow job before the show

    although it would have had to have been in a very dark room

  18. kgc, may I take your comments as gender free, not at all sexist and equally applicable to her new co-worker not-so-bright-bart?

  19. SJ, I too have ancestors from that area — parliamentary sympathizers who fled to America in mid-1600s after royalists ransacked their town (so my anti-monarch ways came with my genes)

  20. when you are on your third campaign manager  you arepretty much getting to the bottom feeders

  21. SJ: Lovely post. I keep meaning to dive deeper into my genealogy but keep putting it off. Since I’m not getting any younger I should really get on it :/ I have a few drops of Irish and Scottish in me but mostly I’m French & Canadian First Nations. No Welsh that I know of. There’s always been a story about my great grandfathers ancestors being some kind of royalty in France before that branch of the family settled in Canada but nobody has ever checked to see if the story is real. I guess it would make sense that they would flee France if they were facing some of the less than pleasant effects of the French Revolution. Canada would certainly be a much nicer option than a guillotine LOL!

    Love the daffodils painting! I can’t wait to see the first daffodils every spring. It always reminds me that the earth is always renewing and everything is cyclical. Warning to DT: What goes around, comes around (yes, I went there)

    Flatus: How Green Was My Valley is a beautiful movie. They don’t make them like that (movies with substance) anymore

    KGC: Don’t hold back, it’s OK to say how you really feel (roflmao)

  22. Troll surrogate Bore -is Epstyne must be the head of liars for trump he drinks that kool-ade every day

    he keeps quoting phony polls and claiming the race is close –tightening up   – for the gooper candidate who is losing AZ and Ga yeah those two states are close


  23. Just came inside to hydrate. The yard work is done. Just have to go outside to blow-dry the concrete and asphalt areas then into the shower. Weather station shows 96 deg with 78 deg dew point. RH 56%. First day of school for the kids in our local school district. Sue’s started on Monday. She says her kids were thrilled to be with her; I know the feelings were mutual

  24. So, the russian story killed comrade manafort’s regime. That doesn’t mean we should ease up on the Kremlin Candidate. We should keep beating trump and the repubs over the head with manafort’s political cadaver until even the maggots flip over to Johnson.

    The deadbeat’s first big campaign investment came last Fall when he pumped money into the wobbling Bratbite falsehood factory. That cash infusion allowed Bratbite to gnaw savagely at the ankles of front runners Jebus h, the Canadian candidate, and little marco. That worked well, because quite a few rippers still paid attention to Bratbite. 

    In the general election it is hard to see any value Bratbite brings to trump other than that Stepon Banana is not comrade manafort. The job for trump now is to gather in Indies, plus those disaffected rippers whom trump, with the aid of Bratbite, savaged in the primaries and convention. As Carville would say, That dawg don’t hunt.

  25. The manafort story is (or ought to be) that the security crazed rippers failed to see that they cuddled a kremlin agent to their heartless bosoms in the same way that the bush/cheney/rumsfeld junta took the ayatollah’s spy, achmed chelabi, into their confidences. Bottom line, rippers scream for expensive locks on the windows while welcoming the thieves in at the front door.

    If necessary, remind folks that reagan/bush gave advanced missiles to the ayatollah, chemical weapons to saddam hussein, training and Stinger missiles to osama bin ladin. And, now repubs want you to think that they are the go to guys for security.

  26. Do you think Mike Pence goes to bed each night imagining the next day he will be the candidate….gee failed governor to presidential candidate

    I guess it is better to be a losing vp candidate then a loser gov  probably better speaking and lobbying fees

  27. Katherine, rather than bring those workers into it, why not just say that she volunteers when others decline.

  28. Donald Troll’s speech last night was supposed to help his appeal with minority voters yet he gave it in West Bend Wisconsin one of the whitest places on earth to a totally white audience   is that the first piece of advice from the new team

  29. Today it looks like trump could lose all the states muckain lost in 2008, PLUS AK, AZ, UT, TX, MO, GA, & SC.

    If so, the Electoral College vote will be 458 – 80. It can happen, but only if we work hard for it.

    Anywhat, trump has definitely lost his election rigging.

  30. I just heard Clinton say there should be universal access to broadband. I support that and I have supported it since the ’70’s

    The Communications Act of 1996 has thwarted public use of all kinds plus incentives for universal access

    While she is fixing the access issue she should also return the fairness doctrine and remind everyone that cable and broadcast television use publicly owned assets

  31. I think it would be fun to see if Trump could get zero electoral college votes

    50 States for Hillary   no states for the women Hating Trumpettes

  32. Clinton has opened a wide lead among women in particular — 58 percent to his 35 percent. Among college-educated women, she leads Trump by 19 percentage points, 57 percent to 38 percent.Kelly Ann Conway  women aren’t supporting Clinton.  I guess she is calling all the polls and all the reporters liars.

    Once again the Trump campaign response to bad news (new team same as the old team)  don’t believe your lyin’ eyes

  33. on fox they only list the states where trump is leading

    most trump surrogates are angry old white men – people who feel threatened by people who don’t look like them.

  34. All current human mtDNA originated from a single population from East Africa. Wales was merely a brief rest stop for a few people, a very few of whom are still there.

  35. KC,

    Great example of drumpf’s political tonedeafness.  I heard today on MoJo or saw it on the crawl or something that West Bend’s population is 1% AA, which is what Wiki shows.

  36. Women LOVE me ! – The Serial Husband  of Queens

    Women LOVE me ! – Also, the bad roger ailes

  37. I got distracted by the jonquils so KGC has done a magnificent job of saying everything I was thinking.

    Standing ovation & little gold statue for BEST PERFORMANCE IN RANTING

  38. Bannon apparently likes to live in the past
    pre civil war South

    troll says dems have failed the black community and that may be true..but the failure is to protect from people like trump

  39. If Clinton were to run the table,  538 – 0, trump could truly claim to have been un-rigged, dismasted, & masticated. In achieving such a landslide, Clinton would equal George Washington’s record electoral sweep.

    As long as the Aryan men of Idahos 4th Reich keep Shepria Law and prefer the company of sheep to women, there will always be that red blot on the landscape.

  40. Brooke Baldwin yikes you suck no wonder we usually watch MSNBC at least they aren’t completely stupid


    Thank you and I thank all the little fingered annoying people who made it possible.

  41. Was ben ‘magic hands’ carson present in West Bend to provide a visual aid for folks who never saw a Non-White before ?

  42. X-R

    I don’t think so and Troll didn’t point out his “friend” in the audience.

    I think people need to make up a whole bunch of phony web sites all having to do with Trump’s personal life

    the real truth about Troll  finances health personal habits and make up whole scenarios that is what they are doing to do Clinton and they have a whole slew of phony polls trying to drive down national averages

    I hope the media isn’t so concerned about their ad revenues that they don’t tell the truth

  43. long article in atlantic, but full of info:
    Hillary Clinton’s Media Machine
    A campaign with a reputation for avoiding the press finds new ways to generate positive publicity in a digital era.

  44. This would be truly progressive legislation :  take statehood away from AK, ID, MT, WY, ND, and SD, and get rid of their 12 ripuplycanthrope senators. 

    The way things are going, Brownbackistan will soon be a failed state too, and ready to be returned to the bison. That would leave 86 senators, split 44Ds- 2 Is – 40rs. After the election it would be about 49Ds – 2Is – 35rs. I could live with that.  

  45. The Trump Crazy Town Train has rolled in …….The Trump people are unbelievable and Brooke Baldwin can’t control her guests  unless  of course chaos is what she wants  either way she looks stupid
    It looks like Trump surrogates have been told to be aggressively disruptive and to prevent any actual discussion and of course lie

    will the media put up with it or will they say no to the new Trump media policy

  46. The things that have gotten Troll in the most trouble are when he has been himself

    so I hope Trump is Trump – that will guarantee this election will be about him and Clinton will be elected

  47. XR,  I completed the sentence for you.  

    “…trump could truly claim to have been un-rigged, dismasted, masticated & expectorated.” 

  48. omg a little slow on the uptake  the story is Manipedi  there is more to the Russian connection

    and they are cutting their loses

  49. I think anyone appearing for  Clinton should go in with a big chip on their shoulder and begin with personal attacks on the Troll’s rep  as nasty as you can get on the issues of course

  50. Thank you, Pogo. That is a nearly perfect end to the sentence. Defecated would be a nice word too.

  51. XR, you’re welcome.  Kinda depends on whether you see it as a “chewed him up and spit him out” or and “ate him alive” kind of thing.

  52. Ms Cracker, I agree completely !

    trump only has 2 pitches left : security and white male supremacy. The point should be made that mr. tough security is too damn stupid to know a russian spy when he hires one to run his business. Next, compare trump to the despised and hated bush/cheney/rumsfeld, whose every thought were instantaneously conveyed by mole achmed chelabi to the ayatollah. Take away the trump/repub myth of tough security, and trump only has the white male supremacy pitch left. This could get trump’s support down to 20% or less. republican lobbyists would be jumping out of windows.


  53. Over the past 4 years at least 15 republican/tory fake news orgs (newsmax, faux newscrap w/wsj, barrons, times of london, bratbite, drudge, blaze, liberty, clearchannel, moonietimes, WaExam, tribune group, the enquirer, daily telegraph, etc) plus the heritage foundation, the freedomfoundation, the hudson institute, the eagle foundation, etc, etc,and add 8 Phony congressional harrassments, and you have literally $$$B!LL!ON$ worth of anti-HRC propaganda produced since 2012. I repeat, $$$B!LL!ON$ ! All this is more than was generated by repubs for the muckain and rmoney presidential campaigns combined – just to derail Ms Clinton !

    All this time, effort, money, and perverted deviousness has gone down the tubes in a rush. What does this say about repub’s (in)ability to manage re$ource$ wisely ? I think the answer to that is just as obvious as the fiscal irresponsibility of the bush/cheney crowd. repubs are penny-pinching and pound stooooopid.

  54. When I get my family tree cleaned up I will let everyone see it.

    Here is something to think about.  Presidential.  Declaring a major disaster is what the president does.  Right now the lower third of Louisiana is under water.  Does the guy with the coonskin, orange, on his  head to call this?  At least President Obama did, and very fast once the rain was falling.

    I am an American Red Cross Disaster Services volunteer.  I am waiting to learn if I will be deployed to Louisiana, I should know in the next twenty-four hours.  The people there are in a great hurt.  Many have just recovered from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, both of 2005.  Of everything that has happened to our country since 2000, the destruction of the Gulf States by hurricanes is beyond belief.

    I only ask that you volunteer to help our country and our fellow citizens.  If you wish to support the American Red Cross you should know that it is only funded by private contributions.  Here is the link for a lot more information about our charter. http://www.redcross.org/about-us/history/federal-charter

  55. Tuesday a boston globe editorial called for the Clinton foundation to be shut down if Hillary is elected.  wonder when they’ll editorialize about the shut down of drumpf corp.  has he even been asked about removing himself and immediate family from the corp’s international dealings in case he (god forbid) becomes you know what?  why are the questions and demands only made of her.  questioning puts doubts and suspicion in people’s minds and therefore should be equally asked of all candidates.

  56. kgc, just for you… your favorite person of the day

    For the second time this summer, Donald Trump has made major changes to senior campaign staff, hiring Stephen Bannon as CEO and promoting Kellyanne Conway to manager. Judy Woodruff speaks with Robert Costa of The Washington Post about what the campaign must do to rally suburban voters in swing states, and with Conway about health care policy and the candidate’s desire for “warriors” he can trust.

  57. SJ
    Terrific post.

    Love your political commentary.. Not only is it spot on but its funny too.. Such a pleasure to read you…?

  58. now that the nsa has been hacked (the most recent addition to several hacks of high gov’t systems), people may begin to appreciate hillary’s use of her personal system which so far has not been hacked (tho’ some have fantasized but not proven that it has)

  59. from npr: ‘Shadow Brokers’ Claim To Have Hacked The NSA’s Hackers

    Matt Suiche, a security researcher who analyzed the code that has been publicly released by the Shadow Brokers, tells NPR’s Aarti Shahani that it does appear to be a compilation of tools used by the NSA.

  60. Sat Conway was all about how no women are supporting Clinton

    Today she says men don’t like her………make up your mind Kellyann

    And apparentlyConways job is to babysit the candidate

  61. Rachael Maddow just took apart the Hillary is sick bullshit

    Now she is doing the same o Trump’s relationship with Breitbart

  62. Good  to see the Clinton campaign is fighting back on the sly innuendo crap that Troll and the Trollets peddle. In response to the liar charge – she should take the best example of where she hasn’t dissembled and use that to point out she is the one who has been victimized by the media and he rode to victory on a compliant media because now that he is being fact checked we know he is a liar big league!

  63. tony & Everyone,

    Thanks for the kind words. Even if we’re not related, we’re all in this together. 🙂 We share common dreams, common goals. If we work together, everyone benefits. That’s pretty darn neat.


  64. Breitbart Candy:  White Supremacy core with Anti-semitism Ribbons wrapped in a cool misogynist shell.

  65. Joan Walsh with a downright scary tweet:  “I’m telling you all, as Trump goes down, the ugliness will go up. Some of the crap that’s been sent to me in the last 24 I can’t share”

    Considering some of the stuff sailed in my direction despite strict mute/block, she is absolutely right.  Nov 9 could get ugly.


  66. abc news: “What Has to Be Proved for Perjury Charges Against Hillary Clinton”

    The perjury statute (18 U.S.C. 1621) makes it a crime for anyone under oath to “willfully” make statements “which he does not believe to be true.” The false-statements statute (18 U.S.C. 1001) makes it a crime for someone to “knowingly and willfully” provide false or fraudulent statements.


    ….Comey said, “There is, in my view, not evidence … beyond a reasonable doubt that she knew she was receiving [or sending] classified information.”

    While some may believe a “reasonable person” in Clinton’s position must have known, “The ‘reasonable person’ test is not what you look at for perjury or false statements,” Comey said.

    The Republicans’ letter this week laid out three other statements from Clinton — made under oath — that they say “are incompatible with the FBI’s findings.” However, the letter does not address Clinton’s intent at the time she made those statements.

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