Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

Had actually chosen something else for today, but this is simply too good not to share. Enjoy the music and enjoy your day!

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  1. that last snifter of brandy got to you, jace?

    you’re right tho’ it “is simply too good not to share” in the wee small hours of the morning

  2. just started watching “borgen” and so far really like it in spite of having to read subtitles. a friend out of the blue sent the whole 3 season series so i’m obliged to see it thru and give an opinion.  anyone out there on the trail have tho’ts about it?  here’s a 2014 review of it from npr  ‘Borgen’ Is Denmark’s ‘West Wing’ (But Even Better)

    every episode starts with a classical quote. example: episode 2 – The Prince knows that it is far safer to be feared than loved. Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 – 1527)

  3. the quote beginning the 3rd episode very apropos  for our present political scene:
    Denying the existence of a ghost will only make it grow bigger. Greenland Proverb
    ….The proverb makes the point that problems have to be faced head on, whether in politics or business.

  4. Jamie, I haven’t been to a movie in fully 40-years; and, I don’t watch pay per view or subscribe to movie channels. I have _large_ windows that overlook our nature preserve that Kumcho made from land and easements that Kumcho and I purchased from the developer shortly after we moved here. There is always something to see and hear, here 🙂

  5. Jace, I like that a lot. Miriam is an exceptionally good musician–better than the band. But, then, I think the world would have been a better place if Moog’s talents had led him in different directions.

  6. Pat

    I watched Borgen a few years ago, excellent from start to finish. Yep, the subtitles were annoying at first but as the story takes off, well soon i didn’t mind.. Same with Narcos on Netflix…

  7. Pogo,

    A set of pipes and then some. Something in the quality of her voice just knocks me out.

  8. that last snifter of brandy got to you, jace?


    Not quite. It was actually late afternoon with a delicious IPA.

  9. Spent most of yesterday at a local street festival in Belfair. Our drivers had a booth. Fill The Bus is one of their activities. They collect school supplies  to be distributed to the various schools in our district. Pens,pencils, crayons, notebooks you name it. Hopefully enough to fill a school bus, hence the name. Met a lot of very nice folks and was overwhelmed by their generosity and community pride. It was a very good day. Me thinks that the bus is going to be very full.

  10. Jace, does the government provide you with an adequate fleet of buses? They must face more challenges than yours in AZ did. I’m really glad, and not a bit surprised, that the folks there readily supported the ‘support the kids’ drive by your drivers–wonderful!

  11. now what?  more taxpayer money to be wasted on useless hearings?  more dunking and debunking to see if she’s a witch?

    from cnn:

    Members of Congress will soon receive notes from Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI over her private email server and they could be sent as early as Monday, according to sources.

    The FBI does not have a complete transcript of the interview, FBI Director James Comey told Congress in long testimony earlier this summer. She was not under oath, he added. But members of Congress will have access to notes taken during the interview.


    Clinton spoke with the FBI for more than three hours during the bureau’s investigation of her use of her private email server as secretary of state.

  12. Flatus,

    The state does a rather good job of funding school transportation. Buses are replaced on a predetermined time table that is based on a depreciation schedule. Our fleet and most of the ones I have seen to date is quite adequate. Older buses, of course. Antiquated buses never.

    Quite a welcome change from AZ.

  13. In Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish,

    En borg = a city

    Borgen = the city

    Presumably the city of the title is Copenhagen.

  14. Evan McMullin 2016? ~Great. He worked for Goldman Sachs, too.~

    Jill Stein is on the TX ballot!  Jill, never ever Hill.   (The Green Party is NOT a single-issue party, Moon McMullin!)

    Leon P is trying to deflect from those new emails, saying we should only care about the issues who face out nation.  Guess, what! Hillary’s deceiptful actions, her ineptitude as SOS, and, her cronyism are absolutely as important as what she ~says~ she wants to do.

    Hillary still has a huge credibility issue.  It’s not an issue of people perceiving her incorrectly; her words & actions are to blame.

    The last thing this country needs is Hillary as CIC. Power corrupts…

    I still think something will transpire to unseat Trump.   If the GOP could pull anyone else, Hillary would lose big.   Was Trump in it to help get all along?   Pence?  Maybe they could put Kasich on the ticket.  Dream team: Huntsman/Hayley.   They need to get this handled before the debates.

    If there’s no chance I can vote for someone who can hand Hill’s a$$ to her (dollar signs intentional), I’ll be voting my conscience. Go, Green!


  15. People should support the schools so teachers and drivers don’t have to buy supplies

    Every year teachers around here spend their own money to buy supplies  it is appalling

    Lovely start to the day thanks Jace   I see Trump is holding around 12% chance according to 538

    Nice that Troll thinks he can work the refs on the election fairness — nice to see him in the dumper

    He is resigned to losing and he should have Roger Stone put down

    Since none of their other bullshit has worked now they are trying to say Clinton has all kinds of health problems

    she looks better than he does – he is overweight look at that red face

    I’ll bet he calls for a lot of mulligans when he plays golf  hard to swing over that belly.  I’m sure his doctor is a liar like his tax attorney

  16. How flawed a candidate is Hillary that she had to employ the DNC to help her shut down Bernie?

    How flawed a candidate is Hillary that Trump has to practically self-destruct for her to get ahead?

    Shes absolutely awful.  Were she a man, she’d have been toast long ago.


  17. Trump won the primaries for some so eager for “RealDemocracy”  wouldn’t pulling him off the ballot subvert the will of voters

    Let the goopers go down with the ship  they built it.

    I voted for Jill Stein in 2012 — her appearance this year is dreadful  I’d vote for the Libertarian before  I’d vote for her.

    There are no decent goopers


  18. Sorry – don’t normally post these kinds of pics – but this is particularly clever being the Gettysbird address (stolen from George Takai).

    Craig – we pick up the little darling tomorrow night (getting it’s special innards removed in the morning).  I’ll get some picks up once she’s on her feet.

    All – sooooo, since Milwaukee is front and center on the new this morning, followed by the olympics; will Trump intentionally say something stupid / outrageous to take back the news cycle?  If he does – it may be quite telling.

  19. from realclearpolitics

    Former President Bill Clinton told journalists at an ‘Asian American Journalists Association’ meeting in Las Vegas on Friday that allegations that his wife mishandled classified information as Secretary of State are “A load of bull.”

    “First of all, the FBI director said, when he testified before Congress, he had to amend his previous day’s statement that she had never received any emails marked classified,” he said.

    He added: “They saw two little notes with a ‘C’ on it — this is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard — that were about telephone calls that she needed to make. The State Department typically puts a little ‘C’ on it to discourage people from discussing it in public in the event the secretary of state, whoever it is, doesn’t make a telephone call. Does that sound threatening to the national security to you?”

    “Do you really believe there are 300 career diplomats because that’s how many people were on these emails, all of whom were careless with national security? Do you believe that? Forget about Hillary, forget about her. Is that conceivable?”


    I’ve been counting House and Senate seats. An immense change can occur between now and election day, but as I things on this Sunday morning, the rip ups will lose 38 representatives and 5 senators. An additional 7 repub senate seats are shaky, but probably won’t flip. This political typhoon will give the Democrats control of the House (D 229 – r 209) and Senate (D 49 + I 2 – r 49).

    And, things could still get much, much, better.

  21. Dems will gain senators in IL, WI, PA, NC, and NH.

    The rip up senatorial candidates in AK, AZ, MO, IN, OH, & FL have no reason to feel secure.

  22. “An immense change can occur between now and election day”

    xr, by the way things have gone since this time last year, you can bet on it.  “immense” might even be an understatement.

    makes it all the more important for dems to get out the early voters as early as possible.

  23. nat’l conf of state legislatures site shows early, absentee and mail states. it notes: Early Voting: In 37 states (including 3 that mail ballots to all voters) and the District of Columbia, any qualified voter may cast a ballot in person during a designated period prior to Election Day. No excuse or justification is required.

  24. Yuge!!!!!!!

    I thought the bar couldn’t get any lower than Shrub, but those goopers never disappoint.  John Kasich is going to do everything he can to make sure Rob Portman gets elected and everything he can  do make sure Trump loses Ohio.  I cannot imagine the emotions Kasich must feel when he thinks about the things Trump said about him.   But if not on top- a close second must be the need for pay-back.  I’m sure Little Marco feels the same.   I noticed Texas is pale pink on the 528 map I’m sure Lyin’ Ted is too busy trying to revise the constitution to help.

    So Bill called facts not n evidence. I get the feeling the right has overstepped with Hillary Clinton and now she is bullet proof

  25. huffpo:

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) gave Donald Trump a piece of her mind when she was asked about the GOP nominee’s repeated taunts of her as “Pocahontas.”

    “He thinks somehow, if he calls me names, that I’m gonna shut up,” Warren said in an interview with Boston station WBZ that aired Sunday. “And I think he’s got plenty of evidence now that that’s just not gonna happen because that’s the way you gotta deal with bullies, you just stand up and punch back.”


    “Donald Trump is out there on so many fronts stirring up as much hate as he can,” Warren said. “It kind of fits with who Donald Trump has been from the very beginning.”

  26. XR,

    Would never have believed it, but I still think that AZ is going to flip that senate seat. Too many republicans weary of McCain and too many more rapidly tiring of Trump.

  27. At this point, I can’t imagine what a Trump orchestrated Oct surprise might be

    Pretty much any flimsy excuse to promote a bad idea about Clinton is fallen on by the media.  They should be fact checking themselves

    Mark Tucker Halperin is a prime example  happy to repeat any crappy insinuation without then talking about the outcome.   He is a Clinton Hater masquerading as an advocacy journalist but if that’s the fitting description then it should be edited to include the term tabloid.

    The health claim seems to be falling on deaf ears

    I wish he would get mad and quit. Trump that is
    And allegedly Kelly Ann Conway (who was literally twitching) is a respected opinion pollster. Not if her appearance was any example. She was push polling and lying. I think the campaigns are entitled to their own surrogates but media outlets can refuse to have the biggest liars.

  28. The Dems are going to turn out Democrats and do everything they can to change the House and Senate

    The Republicans will all be in therapy on election day.

    I don’t think complacency will be a problem

  29. “I wish he would get mad and quit. Trump that is”

    kgc,  only if he does that the day of the election. am sure the republicans have a plan b ready and waiting to take his place if he does chicken out before.  the media will then be so excited about the turn of events that plan b will take on a glow —false tho it may be– of rescuer and garner the votes of those reluctants who were choosing hillary the lesser evil in their eyes.

  30. from nbc news: Data Expert Suggests Trump’s ‘Own’ Tweets Are Written by Other People

    Looking only at tweets sent from an iPhone or Android device, Robinson’s analysis showed there were distinct differences between the types of tweets sent from the two devices, including style, tone and the time of day.


    Tweets from the Android phone were mostly sent in the morning and included emotionally charged words such as “badly,” “crazy,” “weak,” and “dumb.”

    A sentiment analysis revealed Trump’s Android account uses about 40 to 80 percent more words related to negative feelings than the iPhone account.

    Does the Android user, who Robinson says must be Trump, wake up on the wrong side of the bed and fire off his angry tweets before he calms down and switches to an iPhone in the afternoon?

    While anything is possible, Robinson said there is a clear distinction that shows at least two different people are sending tweets from different phones to Trump’s account.

    The iPhone tweets come in the afternoon and early evening and include messages heavy with campaign hashtags, such as #trumptrain or #makeamericagreatagain. They were also 38 more times likely to contain a photo or link, Robinson said.

  31. BID

    If Hillary were a man, she wouldn’t have been subjected to the past 25 years of garbage courtesy of a conspiratorial and lying GOP.  Unfortunately they have been spitting out those lies and conspiracies for so long that even normal, decent people repeat them as absolute truth.


  32. Patd

    There are also zombie accounts that sound exactly like Trump even to language usage.  Identifying them is a bit of fun to be had as they disappear quite quickly.


  33. KGC

    The Donald Trump spokesclowns must have had brain transplants.  The pattern is so obvious that you wonder why interviewers don’t just cut their microphones.

    Get question, immediately change subject, twist to spout some spurious charge against Hillary, keep talking loudly and fast until end of segment so nothing more can be asked.


  34. “Was Trump in it to help get all along?   Pence?  Maybe they could put Kasich on the ticket.  Dream team: Huntsman/Hayley.   They need to get this handled before the debates.”


    Oh, you sweet summer child.

  35. A lot of the apathetics i talk to rationalize their lack of intent to vote by suggesting The GOP nom “won’t be able to get anything done, anyway”, because with their simplistic logic, congress will stonewall him.  They are unresponsive to my assertions that said buffoon will have broken every treaty and have launched 100 nukes by noon on election day, so maybe i need a better argument.

  36. “Oh, my sweet summer child,” Old Nan said quietly, “what do you know of fear?
    Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the snows fall a hundred feet
    deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the long
    night, when the sun hides its face for years at a time, and little children
    are born and live and die all in darkness while the direwolves grow gaunt and
    hungry, and the white walkers move through the woods”
    George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones   

  37. Get question, immediately change subject, twist to spout some spurious charge against Hillary, keep talking loudly and fast until end of segment so nothing more can be asked.”


    How True. Either make up some lie about Hillary, or blame Obama for invading Afghanistan. It is long past time for the networks to stop booking these people. They add nothing credible to the conversation.


  38. So Trump quits. It’s Not long before early voting and absentee ballots are printed. It may never be too late for him to quit, but it is soon going to be too late to get any other name on the ballot. A write in campaign on a national level? Not going to happen. Republicans missed their chance to dump him.

  39. Nothing says Sunday serendipity like taking a drive to the donation center to drop off some clothes and stuff for the local charity, and finding a stand that is selling fresh, roasted on the spot, Hatch green chilies from the Mesilla Valley of New Mexico – by the case.  Tis the season.  Relleno’s tonight!

  40. I’ve got a couple of Alaskan Malamutes.  They hate each other and have to stay separated.  One inside and one outside in our spacious, air-conditioned game room that’s now a dog room.  To keep them from getting lonely I have this little cheapo am/fm radio that we keep on for them.  Only problem is that there is no progressive radio down here in South Texas.  So I’ve had the radio tuned to the local neo-con station.  After a couple of weeks of listening to Hannity, Beck and Trump; Spencer the Malamute wanted to get the hell out of that room so bad he did this to the door knob.  Maybe Trump is affecting animals as well???

  41. Hatch’s chilis flame roasted are dreams here.  Over in Laurel someone does buy a truck load and flames them in a parking lot (just like home), but I do not know when they show up.

    Let me put some more scare out there.  What if people vote down ballot and not for president?  I know it will happen for a few, but with good party work it will not be very prevalent.


  42. Bronc, I certainly hope it doesn’t become chique to vote for Johnson because we ‘hate them all’.  This is something that the Clinton campaign needs to, speedy quick, put a game plan together to combat.  I read a lot of posts about voting for the lessor of two evils, but alas, that’s not really the situation.  This is about voting for someone with a checkered and questionable ethical past, or voting for someone who wants to unlock the 7th seal and bring forth end times (;o))

    Can you imagine this nutcase Trump deciding to authorize the use of battlefield nukes in Syria?  Or perhaps he drops a 20 megaton bomb on Kim Jon Un because he called trump a ‘fathead’?  Even if the military intervenes and doesn’t execute the order – we would then be living in a third world ‘junta’.  I see nothing, absolutely nothing positive coming from a Trump administration.

    I don’t think the end result would be millions killed in a nuclear exchange, but rather the largest constitutional crisis we’ve seen as a country.  The solution to this might be to give Hillary 4 years – and see if she’s got the metal to do the job.  Press the reset button as a country.  If she does good she gets 4 more years, if not – we replace her with a statesperson.

  43. Lot of interesting reads out there this weekend.

    I notice that southern Louisiana is getting hit with flooding.  which makes me wonder how our old trailmixer CT or Carol is faring. I know she has been having many health problems and I see where she doesn’t post on facebook any more. I know several people used to post at her blog, can anybody up date me.



  44. “I couldn’t be more honored to be campaigning shoulder to shoulder with a man who I believe is going to be the next president of the United States,” Mike Pence

    There are times when I start to feel sorry for Pence , then I remember what a prize he is.

    Then ehhh not so much.


  45. Jack,

    Pence is such a fool. Trump probably can’t even remember his first name. Talk about an after thought.

  46. Gee, I hated missing the latest BIDBS from TX.

    So it looks like tRump (drumpf) may not even be authoring some of his own hate speech.

    BTW, where’s Bernie been trying to do everything he can to make sure drumpf isn’t elected president of the United States?  On the shores of lake Champlain?



    OK this is a bit long and too apocalyptic for my taste, but an interesting read none the less. From the article. Emphasis mine.

    If statistics lie, it’s often because averages hide. The stagnation of living standards conceals the phenomenal increase in income and wealth for the richest Americans. It also conceals the remarkable decline in income and wealth for the poorest Americans. That is true for many Latino and black Americans, who are more likely than other demographic groups to be doing the kinds of blue-collar jobs that have seen wages decrease in real terms. But it is felt especially keenly among white Americans with high expectations, limited qualifications, and declining hourly wages—that is to say, among some of Donald Trump’s most passionate supporters.


    Trump’s supporters expect him to change this how? More importantly, why? He has been a beneficiary of this type of economic dislocation.

  48. If Hillary’s campaign manager was getting paychecks from Russia, we would have six or eight congressional investigations and around the clock news coverage. Conservative radio and blogasphere would be all Hillary all the time.

    So much for Trump’s claim of poor press coverage. What a crock of s–t! If he had gotten the type of coverage he so richly deserves he would have been toast months ago.

  49. 80 years ago a third party candidate for president, republican renegade Senator Lemke, with the strong financial and organizational support of two nazi German agents, fr. charles coughlin and rev. gerald l.k. smith. Neither coughlin nor smith had registered as agents of a foreign government as required by law. The Roosevelt Administration apparently calculated that arresting the two would look like a dirty campaign trick, and only harm the President’s chance for re-election.

    Now we see this unregistered russian agent, manafort, running the trump circus. The Obama Administration apparently calculates that arresting manafort would look like a dirty campaign trick, and only harm Ms Clinton’s chance for re-election. Still, it would be nice if Homeland Security were to detain the man for a few days, and detain his bank accounts and records for a study.

    When Ms Clinton is called once more to answer before the House anti-Clinton Committee, I hope she brings up the fact that the other 8 time & taxpayer dollar-wasting investigations exonerated her 8 times, already, and that their failure to investigate the russian spy in their candidate’s campaign looks really fishy.

    “Just how many more of you republicans have sworn allegiance to russia ? Is that what this 9th investigation is really about ? Helping the kremlin take over Washington DC ?”

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