Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

My favorite of the Brandenburg Concertos. Great for any day of the week,but perfect for a gorgeous Sunday morning. Enjoy the music and enjoy your day!

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  1. jace, beautiful.  also like his 2nd brandy which was the theme song for buckley’s firing line.

  2. BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil (AP) — Love her or hate her, Hope Solo’s dominance as a goalkeeper is undeniable.

    Solo came up big in her historic 200th international appearance as the United States fought off France 1-0 on Saturday in an Olympic group match at Mineirao Stadium. And she did it while facing boos from Brazilian fans still riled up about her social media posts about the Zika virus.

    “What’s important to me is that I played the best quality of football that I can play, and that hopefully our team makes it to the final,” Solo said. “If they (the fans) are having fun, great. I like a loud stadium. But it really doesn’t mean anything to me.”

    Solo became the first goalkeeper, male or female, to reach the 200-cap mark in international play. She also became just the 11th U.S. player to reach that number of appearances.

    USA! USA! USA!

  3. santa monica observer:
    Romney, McCain, Bush, other major Republicans Set to Endorse Libertarian Gary Johnson for President
    Rebel Republicans Will Hold an Event in late August to Endorse Johnson & Weld over Clinton & Trump


  4. Jace, I really liked that package! It’s so nice hearing Bach having to listen to hear the harpsichord rather than covering one’s ears to blank it out. Clearly, Voice of Music is a group to follow.

  5. Jeez take a day off to hang out in the renaissance and you get stuck cleaning out the stables when you return.

  6. Pat

    Lol, i slept in 8 am, unusual  for me but i stayed up till 1:30 watching “The Americans”.. Politics has me so far behind in TV viewing ?

    The biscuits look good, ugh so many carbs!

  7. Hillary’s Summer of Love
    Frank Bruni

    And we’ve seen, in recent years, what sharply drawn lines and perpetual warfare between the parties bequeath: legislative paralysis, debased discourse and the precise public disgust with politics and politicians that has given rise to Trump. Here we are, stuck and miserable.

    Clinton’s summer of love isn’t merely a stunning narrative twist. It’s an opportunity, in the nick of time. Despite our supposedly intractable partisanship, a swelling group of highly visible leaders is putting country before indiscriminate allegiance to their party. That’s an invitation for Clinton to do a bit of the same. Of all politicians, she could be the one with the best chance to move us a few crucial inches beyond this wretched sclerosis. Who would have ever predicted that?

  8. Born in Atlanta, Ga., Oliver Hardy spent high school and college vacations trouping through neighboring Southern states with vaudeville acts and minstrel shows. His father insisted that he study law and Hardy graduated from the University of Georgia Law School—and went into show business.

  9. Meet The Millennial Men Who Love Hillary Clinton
    Her success as a candidate doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of women.
    Catherine Pearson

    Dave,* 28, a vocal Clinton supporter from New York who admits he sometimes feels like an outlier, says that when he talks to people who are anti-Clinton about why he personally supports her, they tend to diminish her accomplishments.
    “When I talk to people about her success, they will quickly attribute it to her powerful husband. But if you dig in and study her life and accomplishments, you see that every inch of progress she’s made has been earned, and every time she’s gotten knocked down, she has gotten right back up,” he said. Dave likens her to the protagonists in the sports movies he grew up loving, like Rocky and Rudy ― a true underdog who has persevered and is on the cusp of what was once thought of as impossible.

    Then there’s Joshua Inocencio, 26, from Texas, who was a fan of both Sanders and Clinton early on in the primary season, but as of last fall became a full-fledged Clinton supporter. He is gay, and got into arguments with friends who objected to Clinton’s changing position on same-sex marriage, among other things. But ultimately Inocencio was swayed by her policies and by her gender.
    “I really value someone who is as detailed as she is on how she is going to accomplish everything. She’s a policy wonk, and that’s what I look for when I look at candidates,” he said. He’s found it striking that many voters will support a candidate, like Trump, who is inexperienced politically while Clinton must be extremely qualified.
    “I do think that some ― not all, but some ― of the vitriol against Clinton does have to do with the fact that she’s a woman. Policy-wise and culturally, we do not treat women well in this country. Having a woman become the most powerful person in the world will be hugely significant,” he said.

  10. “Maybe the guy with the five dollar orange rug is gay.  It would explain nothing.  But what if he is?”

    blue bronc,  lol, others have also wondered or at least played with the idea like this from queerty:

    In an election season that is so miserable you just want to hide under a rock, thank God for comedians mining the news to make us laugh in crazed relief. For example, the DonaldJGayTrump twitter account, which imagines how he’d tweet if he was a catty gay man.


    Don’t tell anyone, but the secret identity of the account’s owner has leaked: it’s Matt Rogers, a gay comic and UCB performer. It’s remarkably similar to a Trump lip-sync video series, in which Trump’s terrible speeches are overdubbed with a fey lisp. Those are the work of actor Peter Serafinowicz, who is oddly enough also the voice of Darth Maul.

    Donald’s South Carolina victory speech. No words were changed.

  11. I’m a black tea drinker, plain, please. But I’ll serve up whatever beverages you fine folks desire. “Trail Mix Diner open ‘Round the Clock” –>imagine this in neon. Because I am. 😉


  12. Clinton Path To Victory Centers On Perennial Battleground States
    Thomas Beaumont

    Clinton Path To Victory Centers On Perennial Battleground States

    Despite the 2016 campaign’s unscripted form, Democrat and Republican pollsters alike said in the past week that Florida is competitive and is expected to stay that way into the fall. The largest share of single-state spending in Clinton’s most recent ad buy came in Florida, at more than $4.2 million, and that, plus an aggressive pursuit of Latino voters, may give her a narrow edge.

    In Florida’s Orange County, which includes Orlando, the Democratic edge among registered voters has grown by 15 percent since 2008. Since late last year, roughly 1,000 Puerto Rican families a month have relocated to Florida due to the U.S. territory’s fiscal crisis, many of them concentrating in and around Orlando’s heavy service-sector job scene. Bilingual teams of Clinton employees are registering first-time Puerto Rican voters at grocery stores, malls and community centers.

    Republican pollster Whit Ayres said Trump’s problems in Florida go deeper than his lack of advertising and overwhelmingly unpopular standing among Latinos. He said Trump’s recent criticism of the Muslim family of a fallen U.S. soldier is not likely to sit well in a state with 22 military installations and more than 1.5 million veterans.
    “The attack on the Gold Star family makes it unlikely for him to expand in Florida beyond where he is right now,” said Ayres, an adviser to Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.
    While Trump may not have a path without Florida, Clinton can lose the state and still find another way through the battlegrounds to reach 270. That’s no doubt why from June 8 through Monday, Clinton and Democratic groups supporting her will have outspent Republican groups by 15 to 1 in those states, according to data from Kantar Media’s CMAG political advertising tracker.

  13. patd,

    NPR had an interview with William Weld recently. He is sane & passes my ultimate Politician criteria: Would you live next door to this person? If the Observer report is on target, Johnson/Weld might be a safe harbor for actual Republicans to vote & not feel icky. Seems this endorsement would hurt the Republican Nominee more than Secretary Clinton. I’m OK with that.



  14. Oliver Hardy was a good dramatic actor too. Successful comedians have a good basis in drama. Timing matters.


    Sending out Greetings to blueINdallas & Purple In Tampa. Hey guys, your seats here are empty & the food’s getting cold.

  15. yeah, hurry up bid & purp & rest of the gang.  last one here has to do dishes and that aint’t fun dunkin’ tin cups in icy mountain cricks let alone burying the compostables and bagging the tote-out Leave No Trace garbage.

  16. Another fun day here in South Texas.  100 degrees with a 110 heat index – yippy!  Maybe I’ll hook up an IV and mow the yard.

    I was driving down one of our main streets yesterday morning and about every 500 feet were 3 or 4 people waiving signs that said “Jesus says all lives matter” and “love your bible”.  So inspiring!  I hope they feel fulfilled now – I’m sure it’s the topic of most sermons going on in town this morning.

    By the way, I was noticing that my small handful of Facebook friends who are uber-right wingers have completely stopped posting their “Hillary is Satan and personally killed the Ambassador down in Benghazi” crap.  Ya’ll noticing that as well?

    Jace – thanks for the intro post.  I love Mozart.  I played in a woodwind quintet (French Horn) for a while and really got into Haydn.

  17. Thanks all for the comments on this morning’s post. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Am I too late for breakfast?

  18. Oliver was in a John Wayne movie once…..bout going and getting massacreed at the Alamo or bout like that

    The Kentuckians?

  19. Jace….  thanks for the Bach…   LOVE the Brandenburgs!

    SJ….  I’ll take some of that tea if it’s Earl Grey.

    DV….   yes, I have noticed a recent absence of any political posts from right wing friends on FB.

    Going to spend most of this lovely Sunday lounging on our patio and reading a good book.

  20. Looks like I missed breakfast. This guest-hosting very distracting but we have had a lot of fun. Here is David and his nephew Michael at the Babe Ruth exhibit, National Portrait Gallery

  21. jace, but his days in that house might be swapped for another house, a white one.

    from towlerroad:

    Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort says he misspoke on Thursday when he said that he would soon be supporting Paul Ryan as a candidate for president.

    Manafort made the comment about Ryan when responding to questions about Trump’s refusal to endorse Speaker Ryan in his primary race. Manafort told CBS This Morning, “Look. I support the speaker and I know after next week, I’m supporting him as a candidate for president, too.”

    That response immediately drew laughter from Manafort and the show’s anchors, all of whom appeared aware of how big of an unforced error Manafort had just made.

    Politico reports:
    Co-host Norah O’Donnell remarked, “Oh, there is talk about that!”
    “Please talk into the microphone,” co-host Gayle King added.
    The other co-host, Charlie Rose, asked, “So Donald Trump is getting out of the election and Paul Ryan is jumping in?”
    Manafort added at the end of the segment, “I’m going to get in trouble on that one.”

    This is not the first time during this election cycle that Paul Ryan has been mentioned as a possible presidential contender who could wrest the party’s nomination away from Donald Trump. In April of this year, when Trump had virtually locked in the requisite number of delegates to win the GOP nomination, speculation grew that Ryan might be considering throwing his hat in the ring because of a video he released that looked an awful lot like a presidential campaign video.

  22. everyone ready for my latest worry wart? this could get so lopsided Clinton team will need to worry about some of their voters taking it for granted, staying home.

  23. craig & jace, not to worry about breakfast. those beaten biscuits are like hardtack. they’ll last forever. maybe throw in some tough jerky to finish off whatever teeth y’all have left after the biscuits.



  24. boss, my worry exactly.  if not stay home, some will think it’s a safe bet that drumpf will lose so they feel free to do a throwaway protest vote
    … déjà vu 2000 all over again

  25. Craig with you on that concern.  GOTV is critical this fall.  In particular when looking at the goof supporters.  It is looking like the thirty percent who vote Republican no matter what (The Dems have the same on our side so it is not a slap at the R’s) who will be voting for him.  If they vote and the Dem’s lose thirty percent to stay at home then the race will be too tight to call.  GOTV will have to put the fear of the end of the United States if they do not vote into them.

  26. No Clinton voter or Democrat is staying home with the Republicans in the dumper there is a chance to take back the senate and make real inroads in the house majority.  As long as the Dems do not put Donna Brazile in charge of GOTV   They should put Dr. Dean in charge

  27. “As long as the Dems do not put Donna Brazile  in charge of GOTV  They should put Dr. Dean in charge.”

    Joe Biden. For the sake of Democracy, get this guy on the road to Get Out The Vote. I’ll donate $100 for ice cream if it helps. Heck, $200.


  28. flatus, king Arthur, of course. 100% employee-owned.

    King Arthur Flour is America’s oldest flour company, founded in Boston in 1790 to provide pure, high-quality flour for residents of the newly formed United States. More than 220 years later, we’re the nation’s premier baking resource, offering everything from top-quality baking products to inspiring educational programs—all backed by the passion and commitment of our dedicated employee-owners

  29. flatus, beaten biscuits aren’t your usual warm and fluffies (which I prefer – the flakier and buttery-er the better). they were meant like johnny cakes (aka journey cakes) to travel and store well.  I think of them as cousins to dumplings.  harkens back to days of yore.

  30. nytimes:

    Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mr. Kaine also said Mrs. Clinton and President Obama would together decide how to proceed with Mr. Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court, if she won the presidency in November.

    Perhaps Mr. Kaine’s most surprising comments were about the fate of Judge Garland. He and Mrs. Clinton strongly support Judge Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court, but the judge’s future remains unclear in the Republican-controlled Senate. If the Senate does not act on Judge Garland, and Mrs. Clinton becomes president in January, she would have to decide whether to stick with the choice of Mr. Obama, her close ally, or to pick someone else for the vacancy.
    Mr. Kaine, who represents Virginia in the Senate, said the fate of Judge Garland “will be for the president and the president-elect to decide,” adding that it was up to Republicans in control of the Senate to bring the nomination to a vote. Asked if it was a 100 percent certainty that Mrs. Clinton would stick with Judge Garland’s nomination if she were elected, Mr. Kaine sidestepped the question and said that the onus was on Republicans to hold a vote and that he would vote in favor of the nomination.

  31. It slips my mind (oops did not mean to give the moran an opening) how many openings are forecast for the Supremes next year.  Ginsberg is one.  Hopefully the five Republicans would retire.  I think the number is three.  in eight years it could be five, Ginsberg, Breyer, Kennedy, Thomas plus ?.

  32. Hey Boss,

    Perhaps another worry – dems get so convinced that Clinton is going to win they swing over to Gary Johnson.  I know, the current models show him pulling more support from Trump than Clinton – but we’re early in the cycle.

  33. Looking at the “journey cakes” recipes always reminds me of ANZAC biscuits.  They were purposefully designed to travel 10,000 miles without spoiling.  Within 10 minutes of being out of the oven, they are as hard as rocks, but dipped in hot tea they become a wonderful bit of delicious that is impossible to describe.
    ANZAC Biscuits
    ·       1 cup quick cooking oats
    ·       3/4 cup flaked coconut
    ·       1 cup all-purpose flour 
    ·       1 teaspoon baking soda
    ·       1 cup white sugar
    ·       1/2 cup butter
    ·       1 tablespoon golden syrup (light molasses acceptable)
    ·       2 tablespoons boiling water
    1.  Mix oats, flour, sugar and coconut together.
    2.  In a small saucepan over low heat, melt the syrup and butter together. Mix the soda and the boiling water and add to the melted butter and syrup.
    3.  Add butter mixture to the dry ingredients. Drop by teaspoons on greased cookie sheets (or baking paper).
    4.  Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 18 to 20 minutes.

  34. 2 cup flour, 1 cup instant potatoes, 1 egg, 1/3-1/2 cup water (eyeball it), tbspn salt.  Roll out thick, cut into bits, roll bits with tines of fork.  Easy, but messy and tedious.


    If i see my instant potato trick on twitter, i WILL find you…

  35. For those who like super flaky biscuits.  Use any way including Bisquick to make the batter, but handle as little as possible.  roll out ONE time only as thin as possible and then fold, fold, fold at least four times before using biscuit cutter.  Brush top with meltet butter and bake.  Out of oven, they will naturally split along the fold lines for whatever spread you like



  36. My Grandmother’s recipe for everything that needed to be flaky was to put the can of Crisco in the refrigerator.  When you cut in the cold Crisco it melts and makes flaky crusts.

  37. PatD

    Dumb me. What I was really meaning was what type of flour. I suppose if I’m going to try them, I’ll get some old-fashioned southern flour made of soft wheat. But I will use the kitchen-aid. And lard instead of butter. I always use un-iodized sea salt in my cooking.

    It was evidently common practice for British sailors to tap their age-old biscuits on the table before eating them. The tapping encouraged the resident weevils to depart.

  38. We used Fluffo. Made great baked goods. RIP, hydrogenated fat product. Your pie crust was the best.


    Twitter suspended the account of “Meredith McIver” because it had doubts whether she/it was an actual person. So the person blamed for the Melania Convention Speech joins the ranks of other imaginary workers in the Trump World. Ha, who would be his “Staff” in the White House? Peter Piper, Tom Thumb, Peppermint Patti, Ado Annie, Chatty Cathy…

  39. Watching “The Highwaymen” concert from 1990.  Only Willie and Kris are left and they are distinctly aged and Kris provided some darn fine scenery.

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