Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

If Sunday mornings are for romance, then here it is. Beautiful song, beautiful lady, and an arrangement that won’t quit.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the day, but mostly enjoy the one you are with!

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71 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace, romantic yes, but also somewhat the story of this election

    “Some things that happened …
    Seem to be happening again.

    And so it seems that we have met before…”

  2. carl Hiaasen:

    The next time he says something mind-blowingly idiotic — and it could happen again today — ask yourself why he keeps doing this.

    Is it because he can’t help it, or because deep down he wants to lose?

  3. Does the blow hard even know what he is saying.  Each interview starts with the reporter stating “you said . . .” and he says he did not or it sounds like something I would say.  He does not remember.  But, when told what he said he goes even further.  Lost in space.  Gas head.  Lights out nobody home.  And, those are to avoid saying what I really think of him.

  4. abc news:  Winning Ticket for $487 Million Powerball Jackpot Sold in New Hampshire

    renee?  if so, get a lawyer, don’t tell anyone and wipe that big smile of your face.

  5. bb, thanks for refraining from saying his name.  am trying if at all possible to keep it out of the internet-sphere.  “drumpf” will be as close as it gets for me.  someone on the trail warned us during the half-gov craze that it helped her with every mention of her name.  perhaps we can in our little way let the air out of the gasbag, either by poking holes in it or not filling it up any more to begin with.

  6. “Forget the President,” said Oliver, who watched all of the DNC speeches from his dressing room at The Late Show, “Tim Kaine is where it’s at.”

  7. and speaking of oliver’s step-dad, new York times:
    He carries multiple harmonicas in his briefcase. He has played with members of the Dave Matthews Band and the Grateful Dead. And he has been known to show up unannounced at bluegrass jamborees around his home state, Virginia, simply looking to jam.

    Meet Tim Kaine, vice-presidential candidate, senator, former governor — and mouth organist.
    His time in Virginia has left him steeped in the history of bluegrass and old-time music. Hopping up and down the 330-mile Crooked Road that winds through the heart of bluegrass country in Virginia, he has memorized dozens of standards like “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” and “Man of Constant Sorrow,” along with newer songs like “Wagon Wheel.”

    “He’s comfortable on stage,” said Woody Crenshaw, the former owner of the Floyd Country Store, about an hour’s drive southwest of Roanoke, Va., where Mr. Kaine has performed numerous times. “He has a feel for the old-time music of these mountains.”
    Mr. Kaine has made music an important part of his political life. He has often “sat in” at bluegrass open jam sessions while campaigning and in office. During his Senate campaign in 2012, he held a promotional contest, “Harmonica With Tim,” in which one lucky person would win not just a dinner with Mr. Kaine, but also a one-on-one harmonica lesson. He had a bluegrass band, No Speed Limit, play his inauguration in 2006 (and he hopped onto the stage for a few songs, naturally).

  8. Patd…  nope….   we never buy tickets.  The only time I think of the lottery is when someone else mentions it.

    DV…  nice analysis of the 2 campaigns on last thread.  And I agree…  the Clinton campaign should not throw insults back at dt (he only deserves lower case).

    Jace ….   nice selection…

  9. “nope….   we never buy tickets”

    renee, good cover… keep it up [wink wink]

    btw, your use of “dt” is so fitting.  according to wiki:

    Delirium tremens (DTs) is a rapid onset of confusion ….. . People may also see or hear things other people do not.

  10. Peggy Lee was known as “Miss Peggy Lee”, and was the inspiration for the Muppets’ Miss Piggy, a stylish self-assured blonde with a sense of romance.  The Divine “Miss M” Bette Midler did a wonderful tribute to Peggy and included “He’s A Tramp” in her stage act.

    Peggy was nominated for an Academy Award for an excellent Jack Webb acted and produced film, “Pete Kelly’s Blues” where she sang the song I always think of first when I think of Peggy because of her wonderful performance.

    Added bit of trivia.  Jack Webb loved jazz so much he kept his ex-wife and her husband employed for decades. (Julie London and Bobby Troup)


  11. dvitale300

    In your comment in the last thread you noted dt’s lack of reference to any family members.  Not only does he never mention them, but he fills commentary with unnamed, seemingly imaginary “friends” always preceded by constant I, I, and I.  His total focus is on his own undeserved self aggrandizement.


  12. Thought filled choice, Jace. It came out right at Christmastime of 1941 as millions of American men and women were contemplating their futures in the face of another World War. For them, very poignant.

  13. Caption ideas for Trump Taxes photo top of sidebar?

    Today’s from PatD: “Only 99 days left and still no release. What are you afraid of, Donald?”

  14. Jace

    Thank you for today’s music.  Not saying it is one of my all time favorite songs, but I have recordings of it by Peggy, Carly Simon, Dick Haymes, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Harry Connick, Jr., and Rod Stewart.  Deja vu is a wonderful feeling.


  15. Taxes:    Honey Badger don’t care…..Honey Badger don’t give a shit…..

  16. craig.

    love it. the creativity on the trail will surely shine.  wish that photo of the drumpf could age and uglier-a-fy as the days tick by like the portrait of dorian gray.

    the 99 days to go also brings to mind many good times on high school band bus raucously singing “ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall” and particularly bad times listening to newscasters counting the days iran held hostages…drip by drip doing in the reelection of jimmy.

  17. ha, that came to my mind as well — “ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall”

  18. sturge, I sure agree the drumpf is like the honey badger “don’t care…doesn’t give a shit. …it just takes what it wants”

  19. What is the Trumpster scared of?

    From the IRS website

    Any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof:

    Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years

    Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)

    Or both, together with the costs of prosecution

    Lock him up!!



  20. dv, you said earlier that Hillary should apologize for mark’s name calling in his “Leadership is not yelling and screaming and intimidating,” Cuban said. “You know what we call a person like that in Pittsburgh? A jagoff”
    too many are making similar if not worse disparaging remarks (the warrens, late nite tv comics and a lot of just folks like us) , too many for her to apologize for individually. should the campaign (or she herself) make a blanket appeal to layoff the jagoff and play nice?


    [for the record according to wiki: Jagoff or jag-off is an American English derogatory slang term from Pittsburgh English meaning a person who is stupid or inept.  It is most prominent in the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania areas.  The Dictionary of American Regional English defines the term as a “general term of disparagement.”  It is an archetypical Pittsburgh word, conjuring warm and nostalgic feelings among Pittsburgh expatriates.]

  21. You just cannot make this stuff up!

    So in response to the Clinton ad where the Donald mocks a disabled reporter, Trump said that he would never do that and that he spends millions every year putting ramps and elevators in his buildings and campaign events.  He finishes his statement with:

    “Number one, I have a good heart. Number two, I’m a smart person.”

  22. “Whether it’s the Police Chief of Dallas County or Mr. and Mrs. Khan, the Clinton approach has proven to be an effective and well received strategy for her campaign.”


    I think you have it right.

    Trump’s willingness, indeed his inability to refrain from belittling those who dare to disagree with him is breathtaking. Referring  Senator Warren as Pocahontas, making fun of a disabled reporter, or attacking Mr. and Mrs Kahn, it will continue through the campaign.

    Craig is right when he suggests that HRC doesn’t need to spend time taking on Trump directly. Surrogates can perform that task much more effectively, and they are sure to get a response from Trump. The more time he spends responding to such attacks the less time he has to attack Hillary. More importantly his attacks often become the story of the day. Team Clinton’s motto going forward should be ‘Let Trump be Trump’ If they can focus on a new story every day, he is sure to respond. Job done.

  23. DV: …Number three, it’s the law! Sorry DT complying with mandatory ADA standards doesn’t make you a humanitarian!

    Jace; Thanks for the tune. I played clarinet for many years as a girl. We had the complete works of BG in our house. It was a big box set that, as I picture it, was like a big portfolio with a dozen or more LPs in their individual sleeves.

    Jamie: I love Miss Peggy Lee too! I remember Pete Kelly’s Blues and now it’s in my head so I will be searching through all my movie apps to see it I find a copy floating around out there somewhere.

    Re DT, the immoral tool, He has the audacity to equate his “sacrifices” of building businesses and giving jobs to people with Gold Star families and the men died serving in our military. He has no control over what comes out of his mouth. If it pops into his brain it just spews forth, unedited. One of my favorite lines this week is from Stephen Hawking: “He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”


  24. the numbers are out – clinton surges ahead   media refuses to abandon trump

  25. alex witless cries over Mrs. Khan’s editorial but goes on to pimp trump


    Clinton is up 9 points in pa no matter what troll ed rendell says

  26. alex witless-what keeps trump afloat   asshole guest  –the public’s anger at dc   that is not the answer


    the answer is racism…

  27. so the new attack is keep talking about clinton’s trust issues  what about trump’s??   His are worse and the journalists(sic) don’t mention it

  28. drumpf’s man manyfarts didn’t do well at all on “face the nation” when asked about the nasty comments re khans, particularly about mrs. khan.  tried to dance all around it.

    however, Bernie did really well. great line when Dickerson asked him about his sour face during Hillary’s speech.  from the hill: “I always have that look on my face”

  29. the guardian:

    Almost, but not quite, lost in all of the noise surrounding the back-to-back presidential nominating conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia in July was the fact that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) celebrated its fifth birthday.

    What does this have to do with election day? Well, depending on who wins, it might not get a sixth.


    really depends too on who wins the senate, not just the white house.  only sure thing is it will bite the dust if [god forbid] we get the dts.

  30. Dr Larry Sabato from UVA  ”

    trump has two paths to victory   1  Flip Ohio Pa Fla 2 (or not Fla) but Michigan Wisconsin

    so in other words he has no path

    better start talking about the olympics now

  31. I need to take a break from writing today.  Thanks to the bull’s rectum with serious mental issues my brain is off vacation mode and pouring forth with a long dammed up enthusiasm.  I-595 to Annapolis is finally outlined.  My autobiography, My Autobiography #72, received much needed verbiage.  If you write your own autobiography, you can write anything you want.  Same as doing your family tree, you can make all the branches you want and all your ancestors to your liking.  All that along with a more esoteric few hundred words to appear sometime.

    So for exercise I will dig into the 78’s for a few Peggy Lee records.  I think I have one of the 10″ albums too.  Thanks for the Sunday Serendipity.


  32. Trump’s apologists can’t explain away his disgusting remarks and behavior, because there is no legitimate explanation for it.

    The real crime here is that the networks and the cable channels continue to interview them. You can’t spin a shit pile and make it into anything but a shit pile. Simply stop booking them.

  33. KGC,

    Does Sabato say anything about Nevada? I believe that HRC will win there in spite of Trump’s home field advantage. Probably get New Mexico and Colorado as well.

    I think that he is toast in Ohio because Kasich isn’t going to lift a finger to help him.

  34. Jace

    He did not talk about the West

    He talked about the two paths for Trump

    The media fluffers for Trump –get some other ratings magnet and start telling the truth

  35. Trump was on with George Stephanopolis this morning.  The discussion was over Russian involvement in the Crimea.  A careful read will highlight how ignorant this guy is.
    TRUMP: It’s ― look, you know, I have my own ideas. He’s not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He’s not gonna go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want ―
    GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, he’s already there, isn’t he?
    TRUMP: OK― well, he’s there in a certain way. But I’m not there. You have Obama there. And frankly, that whole part of the world is a mess under Obama with all the strength that you’re talking about and all of the power of NATO and all of this. In the meantime, he’s going away. He take ― takes Crimea. He’s sort of, I mean ―
    STEPHANOPOULOS: But you said you might recognize that.
    TRUMP: I’m gonna take a look at it. But you know, the people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were. And you have to look at that, also. Now, that was under ― just so you understand, that was done under Obama’s administration.

  36. So Chuck Todd thinks there is a horse race

    he must be a charter member of Liars for Trump  asshat

    two paths to victory and both are nearly impossible

  37. That last one is a goody cause you can really hear those Nashville professional harmony singers hard at work…….makin’ they mamas proud…..

  38. Today was the first time someone pointed out that John Kasich isn’t going to lift a finger to help and will keep all the money to help Portman they have already dumped Trump  How is going to win Ohio?  Chuck Todd  has proven he is a corporate tool and is willing to manipulate the truth for the sake of ratings for the campaign

    The court is striking down the gooper attempts to prevent people from voting – November is going to be a sad sad sad time for Republicans. Darrell Issa is going to lose. How sweet is that. They are going down with the Big Dip

    Patricia Smith is a whack job and to compare her to the Khans is beyond the pale  Republicans suck I hope their party is done

  39. Ok, pray forgive me for just one more……

    honorable mention, just for George, Johnny Paycheck and the guitar player……

  40. ( talking bout Jack Green’s hat, not Moe’s……)

    You had to be damn good to sing harmony with The Possum, and that’s one thing Johnny was…..damn good…..he wadn’t much at life living, but put a bass in his hands and put him on stage and he could sing you down thru hell and ride you back on the Gospel train…….

  41. Patsi knew…….Johnny, back when he was Donnie Young, was a Denver player who caught on playing with the big country stars and wound up with a contract.

    And one of the few country stars to actually go to prison…

  42. how many lies did Trump tell today

    the NFL story in an outright lie

    He isn’t leading in the polls

    His entire stump speech is a lie

    and on other things he may not be lying but he doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about
    and they are tied in Georgia can you say 1964

    Isn’t time te goopers said You are fired

  43. Dv, the ADA requires that drumpf put in ramps, etc. to make his buildings accessible.   BFD.  Big heart my ass., his ass hooligan comments about the Khans suggest otherwise. Smart person, the jury’s out on that one.

  44. Looks like Hillary’s bump was 5 points if PPP  & Reuther polls out today are right as reported by RCP.

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