100+ Days To Election, Where Are Trump’s Tax Records?

Media, do not let this man get away with this. Don’t cover a thing he says or does until his tax records are made public. This is not a partisan issue. Simply about basic accountability.


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  1. oh goody, a count down.

    I can see it now: “mr drumpf, this is the last debate and you still have not provided the American people with an opportunity to compare your taxes with mine, to compare your plans with mine, or to disclose who is really footing your bills and directing your campaign of fear and hate.”

  2. bink, boy that’s a relief. was afraid that incantation changed a few princes and princesses to frogs and frogettes instead of the other way around.  ‘course it would have been nice in the case of hannity and o’reilly and co. but they prolly don’t trod the trail with us and my incant can’t reach their out-of-sane-worldness.

  3. and bink, thanks for this.  hope it makes the rounds every time drumpf gets free media coverage. [would make a good pac ad too if the dnc is listening]
    craig, if you can reduce this shot to a photo it would be a good substitution to use at top right instead of the stock one you have of drumpf.

  4. Writing Her Own History
     By Frank Bruni

    Mothers and daughters and children in general: Clinton and the people who talked about her kept coming back to that, and while the intent was obvious — to communicate that she wasn’t all stiffness and steel — the tactic verged on overkill and was a discouraging confirmation of sexist double standards.
    A man doesn’t have to prove first that he’s been a model father to be allowed to ascend to the pinnacle of his career. But apparently a woman has to show that she hasn’t shortchanged motherhood in order to get the green light.

  5. Craig…   I agree with Pogo on this topic…  the media isn’t going to stop covering Trump, but they should.  But hey…  I heartily applaud your effort.

    As for our resident troll…  I stopped reading her stuff about a week ago.   I like reading well thought out positions even if they are diametrically opposed to mine.  I used to love watching Firing Line.  The spewing of juvenile crap doesn’t cut it with me.

  6. “I used to love watching Firing Line.”

    renee, the joy of watching the dueling buckley and vidal.  fun to read 2015 nytimes article “Buckley vs. Vidal: When Debate Became Bloodsport” and remember what the word “conversation” really meant:
    “Before partisan panels, split-screen shoutfests and brash personalities became ubiquitous on cable news, there were two men who despised each other sitting side by side on a drab soundstage, debating politics in prime time during the presidential nominating conventions of 1968. There were Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Jr.

    Literary aristocrats and ideological foes, Vidal and Buckley attracted millions of viewers to what, at the time, was a highly irregular experiment: the spectacle of two brilliant minds slugging it out — once, almost literally — on live television. It was witty, erudite and ultimately vicious, an early intrusion of full-contact punditry into the staid pastures of the evening news.

  7. Craig – If you’re being held against your will, blink twice.  ?  You sure have changed your tune about the Clintons.


    Trump & Hell meet in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. He has his tax returns and she has transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall Street.  There’s a handoff and they walk away.  (We’ll have to rely on an outside party to provide those emails Hell deleted in order to avoid the FOIA.)

    By the way, she slammed Trump by saying America is already great.  Now she is saying the status quo isn’t good enough.  Which is it?  Oh, that’s right, in Hell’s world, both can be true because nothing is true.

    And now, in Harrisbug, she says she going to create “millions of jobs” more than Trump.  Is she saying she, alone, can fix it?

    The real question is, where will those jobs be located? She’ll flip on TPP. She’ll flip on everything.

    The refusal of folks to see her for what she really is makes it look like her supporters are actually pod-people; husks of real people programmed to do her bidding.

    Alright, Hellbots, have a good weekend.

  8. I was such a Firing Line Fan.  That and any of the Oxford debates we were privileged to see when one of the big names took on an opposing team.


  9. from cbs Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine kick off battleground bus tour

    “We’re going to be visiting a few places where people are making things,” Clinton said. “I find it highly amusing that Donald Trump talks about ‘Make America Great Again.’ He doesn’t make a thing in America — except bankruptcies.”

    At their second stop on Friday, a visit to a K’NEX toy factory in Hatfield, Pa., Clinton went further, ticking through examples of Trump “ruining” small businesses that provided materials or other services for his organization.

    “I met the man who installed the glass in one of his casinos,” she said, explaining that Trump’s organization then refused to pay the company in full for its work. “What do you mean you’re not going to pay?”

    It’s an attack on Trump that Clinton and her running mate are likely to repeat as they make their way across the two states, which are both expected to be important battleground states in the general election. They will also cast Trump as an outsourcer who hasn’t — and won’t — invest in American jobs.

    “We don’t resent success in America,” she said, “but we do resent people who take advantage of others in order to line their own pockets.”

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