Trash Hillary Night

“Making America Work Again” was supposedly the theme of last night’s GOP convention. I suppose that to some extent that referred to creating jobs, not too sure. But, absent a jobs plan for anyone other than Donald Trump himself (who was officially nominated), the real theme on the second night was more like “Make Hillary Bleed” — fueled by a parade of speakers who blamed her for everything except perhaps Melania’s plagiarism (oh wait, the Trump campaign manager had already done that during the day).

Only Don Trump Jr’s eloquent speech avoided explicit Hillary bashing, touching on a handful of policy items but still — on the jobs front — only offered assurances that his Dad would put Americans to work because he built lots of buildings.

The preponderance of the evening’s remarks seemed more aimed at driving up Hillary’s negatives, rather than building up their nominee. Toward the end of Chris Christie’s frenzied attacks on Clinton, the crowd repeatedly chanted “Lock her up! Lock her up!” So, it seems that hiring prison guards for HRC was about as specific as it got last night for an actual GOP jobs agenda.


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  1. trash?  looked to me like they were more in to recycling.

    same ol’ same ol’ over and over

  2. Someone on Twitter posted a pic of the person controlling the teleprompter during Carson’s speech.



  3. The spotlighting of Hillary’s weaknesses, crimes, etc., is exactly what Berniecrat’s are not rallying around her.  I’m not sure who the media is polling, but every thread I’ve read shows they are talking about a 3rd-party vote.  Some of us have not quite given up on Bernie being the nominee; he never said he was suspending his campaign, so his delegates are still his delegates. (What was the BS with Alaska last night?  All votes went to Trump (even though they only gave him 11 at roll call) because the other candidates suspended their campaigns.

    A few Berniecrats are now so ticked off after he endorsed Hill that that are saying they’ll vote Trump, but it’s a long way until November.

    I really do think that the GOoPer’s convention has made an excellent case for Bernie to be the Dem nominee.

    Ping – I’d love to see a Dem floor fight and Bernie being thr nominee.  It’s the only chance we have to beat Trump.  I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary for all of the points made over the last, two nights.  Only hard-core Clintonistas can deny her huge negatives.  In their hearts, I think they know all of it is true, though.

    Again, November is a long way off.

  4. I stopped by here on Saturday night and I thought I time-warped back to 2008. It was kinda feisty that night. 🙂

  5. Yep, empty your poison sacs, hillary haters.  Fill the hall and let the overflow hit the bernicrumbs who are staging a fart-out at the dem convention.  I think that stinks!

    Must cling to science and there is great news!!!  Remember those holy stem cells the pugs refused to the public good earlier this century?? Well, seems we do not need that stinking knee, hip, etc. replacement and the subsequent malpracice lawsuits that follow — stem cells to the rescue!!

  6. I was surprised at Baio’s tribute tweet to Garry Marshall..2nd Father and mentor to Scott?  I thought Marshall was a dem.

  7. phew….    glad I watched the Red Sox game instead…..

    and yeah…  Trump did have a lot of buildings built….  but the question is…  did he pay the workers who built them?

  8. When 3rd Parties start running candidates for local/state elections – and winning – they’ll be a credible alternative. It would be great to have more voices in the mix, but these folks don’t seem to like the heavy lifting involved.

  9. Does anyone think the Fox talent threatening to walk when Ailes leaves will follow through? Still waiting for Hannity to make good on his promise to be water boarded. ⏳

  10. sjwny,

    Even then they will get absorbed by one party or the other., it is the way the system works.

    Not that third party movements are futile look at the progressive movement and populist movement in the late 19th century.


  11. It sure was a hater fest of ignorant people. Fortunately they went so far that it will back fire.

  12. Yep, let the Hillary haters, especially the supposed Bernie supporters be fed by the GOP. They can deny they hate and are just responding to facts but their lieing.. All of these so called crimes have been investigated by the GOP and yet they still spew lies!! The ones i have read or know have never really supported Dems since Obama became the first black President.. Lol, they aren’t a thing like Bernie, I don’t believe them it’s all a facade they really fit in with today’s GOP.. Would have never supported Bernie if he hadn’t been running against Hillary.. Bernie in truth despises them and has disavowed them.

    A floor fight is a delusion another in a long list of them.. Ah but that’s what hate does to these poor souls..

    I say to them, Bernie or Bust loser’s vote for Trump and be proud. Don’t hide behind Bernie, COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doesn’t matter how many facts are put out there to the Bernie or Bust crowd, links to back them up, they refuse to see and will never be guided by the truth..

  13. whskyjack,

    These 3rd Party folks seem to appear in four year cycles but do precious little otherwise to build their base. It really makes no sense to vote for them (other than in protest) if there is no there there. If for some reason one of these Parties won a position of importance, they would have to ally with one of the established Parties. Negates the whole point of voting for them.

  14. It was just the same old noise heard for 25 years from the rabid right, facts be damned.  Groups such as the  California Republican Assembly and campaign advisors for losing candidates figured out a long time ago that there was a great deal of money milking the ignorant out of cash by feeding their basest prejudices.  It has now resulted in millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on totally useless, unending “investigations” that are little more than assaulting witnesses with Drudge Report and Breitbart News inventions of nefarious acts fed by every wacko “pick your favorite hatred” group .  All of this is supported by books and movies of fact deficient drivel from weasels such as Dinesh D’Souza.

    This has resulted in the election of some of the most mentally deficient and/or opportunistic Representatives that Congress has ever seen and States where voter suppression is a governmental mandate.  Despite Hillary holding up and being cleared of all but the most benign acts to the point of even the FBI calling her “severely careless” but having to pull back and admit that no she did not receive or send classified emails.  She just “might” have.

    On top of this all the right wing garbage has been swallowed whole by a large percentage of Bernie people (and the Republican Bots who infiltrated and stirred them up on Twitter).  Bernie is absolutely sincere in his beliefs.  He has also been totally ineffectual, as are all third parties, for 40 years.  Nice dream if you can get it, but in reality only feeds into the two mainstreams of the major parties whatever there might be.  Until they build from the bottom and take over one of the biggies, that is all they will remain.

    I only hope Hillary can weather one more of these outrageous storms and finally make it to the WH.  Whether or not she can do anything with the mess is a Scarlett O’Hara “I’ll think about that tomorrow” situation.

  15. msnbc  ack  Brian Williams needs to go somewhere anywhere   take us out of our misery

    and take Nicole Wallace with you

  16. I guess when the party of ideas has no ideas they resort to slogans. If “lock her up; is the best line they can come up with they are as bad at slogans as they are at ideas. It’s official, the GOP is suffering from cerebral bankruptcy.

  17. well….  someone has to link to Alexandra Petri.

    My favorite comment on the convention so far….  “it’s like a giant informercial with the theme to Jaws playing in the background.”

  18. Jace, “cerebral bankruptcy”  That is PERFECT!  I’m stealing that phrase.  With the Trump GOP it appears to be a Chapter 7.  No amount of restructuring could save them at this point.

  19. Without a competent, cooperative Legislative Branch, a win by Secretary Clinton will be important but really difficult & made unnecessarily annoying by obstructionist Republicans. McConnell crowed about his “achievements” last night. Vile man, vile policy.
    But it works for them so why would they change?

  20. Let the delusion continue on both sides.  Globalization, war and returning vets causing a few problems ?  Blame the black man and the woman. Sadly, many of my dem friends are passive racists and misogynists in the name of the righteousness — left and right (which are directions, not moral decisions).  Note to self:  continue one woman war with the term “right.”  It is either correct or incorrect…wrong judgement, sane judgement.  Let us not let the radicals on both sides hijack the term ‘right.’  I heard a young woman vowing to squash some nazi-movement protected by the first Amendment.  She didn’t care…wanted to wipe them off of the face of the earth, denying them the right to protest.  Then the pugs get all crazy about the second amendment and the shoot-outs continue.  Wait until they all finally get to the third amendment.  When trump’s extraction squads start living in former immigrant houses after they expel the alleged illegals?  Occupying forces to quite the barrio!

  21. Oh, and by the way, when Jeff (What me Worry?) Sessions announced Alabama’s delegate count he noted that Alabama is the home ot National Champions Alabama and Auburn, then referred to Trump as a winner and a warrior – of course he had to be making the connection with Auburn – I wouldn’t want Trump associated in any way with my alma mater.

    And how’s this for a delay in mail delivery?  Yesterday I received in the mail the April 23, 2014 edition of Sports Illustrated.

  22. pogo, I have oft heard the employees of the post office read some citizens’ magazines…perhaps your copy made it to the federal uni-sex bathroom library.

  23. Party of law and order…ignore Comey’s expensive and thorough investigation…can’t put her in jail and he was emphatic about that…so the Lynch mob of the convention will put her in prison and wait until they get their hands on Michele for her telepathic plagiarism.  Just like the birth certificate announcement in the Honolulu paper.  There are supernatural forces at work here…just ask Dr. Carson.

  24. Theresa May seems reasonable and charismatic.  Article 50 will not be invoked this year.

  25. Meridith McIver and Barron trump admit googling political speeches to help Mom Melania.  It was mostly Barron, Meridith stated.

  26. Jamie…me, too.  Vilsack an orphan from Pittsburgh — a true American story.  I like that Kaine speaks Spanish, but it means nothing to an electorate filled with immigrant rage.  Jeb spoke Spanish and trump mocked him.  When I first moved here, many Hispanics used to mock uber whites who spoke Espanol.  Speaking the language doesn’t always translate into feeling your pain.

  27. Tony – There is no “hiding behind Bernie.”  Hillary is just a horrendous candidate/human being and she no more deserves to hold office than does Trump.   If he benefits from her record of (refer to the last, two nights of speeches about her),  that is her fault.  Her fault for being a failure as SOS; her failure for using a private email server to avoid FOIA; her failure for ties/favors to foreign entities via the Clinton Foundation and State Department; her failure for taking Repug stances on issues until Bernie’s popularity pushed her to SAY she was moving left.

    There is no reason for a Berniecrat to vote FOR Hillary.  Maybe you can convince some to do it to vote against Donald, but she is so flawed a person that it will be a hard sell.

    I still think that this week’s convention is emboldening Bernie’s camp to push a floor fight.

    If Bernie is not the nominee, then I still plan to vote Green.


  28. Turkey’s Ergodan regime now detainning and physically abusing political dissenters.  Check the coverage of it if you’d like a preview Trump’s America.

  29. ps – Bigger things to worry about than Hill it Donald.  His name is Ted Cruz and the year is 2020.

  30. I love seeing the Faux news breaking headlines repeated over and over by trumpettes and bernicrumbs.  Barron trump should write their laments, too.  Sore losers, sore winners.  Get over yourself, Amerika!

  31. “…she is so flawed a person.”


    One can’t keep their hands clean and win the Game of Thrones.


    …but seriously, Blue, you’re not disturbed by an arena full of men goaded by leadership into chanting “lock her up”?  What else would you imagine such people could be persuaded to do given legitimate authority?  I can assure you it would be nothing compatible with a progressive agenda.

  32. Ok, if Patsi were here to debate you, Blue, I wouldn’t, so just imagine what she would say, and I’ll shut up.  Good day, all.

  33. Ah-ha!  “Queen does not want it’s music associated with ANY mainstream or political debate in ANY country.” Rolling Stone

    The “poison” that reached TX is Hillary.  Her record is what has fouled the water of her own campaign.  Trump is also foul.  Pick your poison if you choose to, but I will have fresh water, thank you very much.

    Donations to her campaign make me laugh.  She does not need them; her constituency is the 1%.  Waste not, want not.

  34. I know Patsi would have words for me.  I would stand by my decision.  I will not be cowed into voting for Hillary.  Trump, bad; Hillary, bad.

  35. As I have stated, no one will ever make you drink septic tank water.   One vote…one opine.  Nothing more.

  36. Jamie

    Thanks for the link to the Vilsack story; I would support him enthusiastically. My emotional choice is Warren. Pragmatically, the Dems can’t afford to relocate senators from the Congress until we tally where we stand after the election.

    The print copy of the 25 July New Yorker arrived yesterday. In it is an excellent article by Hua Hsu (pg 63) that delves into the identity politics that is fueling much of the Republican redefinition of its base.

  37. Raging Heathens. The rippers are like a Roman mob screaming for a crucifixion.

  38. well, the repugs have given me a case of the heebie-jeebies.  I am triaging with wine.  I hope sane America votes for sane females as I have read that by the end of this century, a matriarchal society will appear and the more estrogen into the society?  A more peaceful existence.  I belong to the party of peace….old hippies dying out, but not forgotten.

  39. Is it a bird?  Is it a plane? No, it’s a unicorn!

    Floor fight my ass.  And Blue, vote Green.  They’ll appreciate your vote.

  40. Sanders was a machination of the gun lobby last century…bern lost because he did not realize that assault weapons really were not needed by Vermont hunters.  He paid his dues to the NRA and the Sandyhook parents took him to task.  He lost.  Another sore loser.  Bern was never a gracious man or a dem.

  41. “As I have stated, no one will ever make you drink septic tank water. ” – Ms Wino

    Unless you live in Michigan, near Love Canal, in New Orleans, or in Woburn, MA, of course.

    republicans consider mercury and lead to be vegetables, and want poor people to get lots of such nourishment.

  42. Donald Trump makes entry to the theme from Air Force One. I would call him gold plated trailer trash, but I’ve met too many more decent and thoughtful people in trailers than he could ever aspire to become.

  43. In her piece at WaPo today explaining how Hillary can win over republican voters who feel about trump as Blue feels about Hillary, Jennifer Rubin, a rightie if there ever was one, gives a succinct description of trumpf that is so spot on I almost can’t believe it comes from a Repug.

    Trump lacks empathy, intellectual curiosity, patience and tolerance — some of the critical traits of successful presidents. He disdains “losers,” reveres power and feigns religiosity. These deficiencies go far beyond politics. 

    I’s say that pretty much sums it up.

  44. From the article jamie posted fact checking trump:

    Kasich is tied with Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist, who is a fierce advocate of a government that works for the people, who also scores 51% of true and mostly true statements. I point out his ideology because the right has been taught scary things about Sanders, yet here he is at the top of the truth pile. Something to think about.
    At the top, with a 52% true or mostly true rating is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,who also has a long record of fighting for the middle class and poor, working families, women and children.

    Basically the top three are tied, with Clinton, Sanders and Kasich being the most honest in the 2016 field. These are the three grown ups in the race.

    Trump sits a whopping 9% true or mostly true.

  45. Hey guys…  I’m gonna have to depend on youz to let me know how tonight goes at the convention.  Rick and I are going to a family party for our niece who’s up from Virginia.  We’re going to the family camp.  Here’s a picture of the place taken by said niece from the deck…


  46. Meet Toby — Dad’s new pal we just got from county shelter. She’s a Labrador/Basset Hound mix (called Bassador), 5yrs old, 32lb, stray (original name unknown) — settling in nicely. Now sleeping thru our afternoon thunderstorm.


  47. Poobah, good looking dog, and any dog that sleeps through thunderbumpers is the mellow kind of dog we should all have, unlike my mutt.  Bassador, indeed. 🙂

    You should check with the moderator – he might be able to explain how to post a photo right side up.

  48. Craig

    Always good to help the homeless.  If he starts dancing with her, I’ll suspect it is a revival of To Dance With the White Dog

  49. Pogo…  believe it or not….  black fly season was almost nonexistent this year and due to a severe drought when those pesky mosquitos should have been breeding, it’s been a light year for them too.

    Hey Toby….   who’s a good dog….   you’re a good dog!

  50. Toby…gorgeous, shiny lab hair.   Bassette hound? I hope she finds her voice…is she barking?

  51. pogo, ha, I never have mastered the right side up thing

    Blonde, hasn’t barked yet,  one reason we liked her was she barked less and quieter than others in the shelter. Wore herself out chasing squirrels and lizards when we got home, had a bite to eat, and nap time. Ah the dogs life.

  52. Aw, welcome new puppy. 🙂

    rr – Thank you for trying to cow me to Hillary’s side of the boat.  That’s as close as anyone has gotten. 🙂

    Tony – By the same measure, I could say Clintonistas would not be so happy with a male candidate with Hillary-sized negatives.

    I am not a Repug just cuz I don’t like your candidate. You are not just supporting her because she is a woman, but because you see something in her that I don’t see.

    Trump used to be a Dem.  Hillary has repeatedly taken Repug stances on issues, unlike Bernie.

    It’s a long way until November.  Something could still transpire to change one or both parties’ candidates.  The Clintons could have something on Trump to take him out of the race.

    Anyway, I am one, little vote that won’t matter a hill of beans.  Don’t worry, be happy.

  53. She’s a cutie. A good companion.

    Guys – Tell you what, I will limit my comments to whatever weird spectacle comes out of the GOP convention, since we’re all set with our views.  How is he going to top the second-coming/shadow puppet thing from Monday?  Will he defy Queen and use/abuse their music, again?

  54. I am glad Toby can sleep through thunderstorms.  So many pups are scared of noise…

  55. Although I would enjoy a few hours of hate mongering, including at least one who is getting the Secret Service visit, I need to watch the Tour de France rerun.  More enjoyable, even though I already heard the stage result.

  56. Ooh, LeTour. A great antidote to the color blind convention. 18 of the more than 2200 delegates are black. Who needs to see color? There’s really only one color to see there.

  57. Trump has zero, zip, nada black voter support in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Really shows his hard work to attack attract people of color, any color, is having issues getting going.

  58. John Kerry, al gore, and jimmy carter were telling the truth.

    and even Dukakis, Mondale, and Eugene McCarthy……

    McGovern would not lie.

    ome thing my Hillary knows is why those guys lost.

  59. I grew up fifties, sixties, viet nam, seventies, and I saw all that shit…….

    never have I seen such a celebration of the brazen yahoo and his unscientific anti-education raison d’être …..our media is treating these numbnuts as if they ever at one time had a thought in their fuckin’ heads……..

    Making Socrates drink that hemlock………that was the Last Straw.

    im sick of a bunch of asshole reactionaries.

  60. more on the ghostwriter who should be heeded when he calls drumpf a sociopath and other such understatements.


    Schwartz didn’t like Trump, at all, for any reason, but the money to write the book was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, this meant spending a crap ton of time with Trump and learning all about how awful he was, while trying to make him seem likable in the book itself. He even tried to put a positive spin on his tendency to lie all the damn time:

    When Schwartz began writing “The Art of the Deal,” he realized that he needed to put an acceptable face on Trump’s loose relationship with the truth. So he concocted an artful euphemism. Writing in Trump’s voice, he explained to the reader, “I play to people’s fantasies. . . . People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration—and it’s a very effective form of promotion.” Schwartz now disavows the passage. “Deceit,” he told me, is never “innocent.” He added, “ ‘Truthful hyperbole’ is a contradiction in terms. It’s a way of saying, ‘It’s a lie, but who cares?’ ” Trump, he said, loved the phrase.

    WOW! That certainly sounds familiar! In fact, it sounds like his whole campaign so far. “TrumPence 2016: It’s A Lie, But Who Cares?” It also kinda sounds like what Trump is saying about the book now, which is that he wrote it himself. Basically no one involved with the publishing of the book is backing him up on this, but he’s saying he did anyway.


  61. staffer who fell on sword saying she wrote the plagiaristic passages was beneficently spared the axe… the turdman more than likely was the culprit….. and no doubt has received (or been promised) a yuuuuge bonus.

  62. Jamie

    Thanks for the chart and your wonderful comment this morning.. Man, if it wasn’t for the facts i gather here and around the net i might believe the right wing nonsense too.. I sent that chart to several people. I will never understand how the facts are there, from a non-partisan source and yet, nope it’s no good..

  63. Obscene attacks on Hillary Clinton and pro-Trump merchandise which even The Donald won’t like (because he isn’t getting a dime) – welcome to the RNC’s unofficial souvenir stands


    One of the badges, a parody of a description of KFC with Clinton described as ‘two fat thighs, two small breasts…left wing’ has prompted a complaint from the company, TMZ reported.
    A spokesman for the firm told the site ot ‘does not endorse any political candidate and certainly does not support offensive, derogatory portrayals of any person’.

  64. Peter Thiel Will Reportedly Say He’s ‘Proud Gay Man’ During RNC Speech
    Kristin Salaky

    When tech billionaire Peter Thiel speaks at the Republican National Convention Thursday, he will reportedly say that he is a “proud gay man.”
    An anonymous source familiar with the nature of Thiel’s speech told the Washington Post that he will make the statement, making him the first openly gay speaker in many years at a GOP convention and the first to say those words.

    While Thiel is a Trump delegate, he will reportedly say that he does not agree with everything the GOP does and thinks that its focus on LGBT issues and witch hunt over trans bathroom bills is a “distraction,” the Post reported.
    The PayPal co-founder would be the first openly gay speaker at the GOP convention since the Philadelphia convention in 2000, when former Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) spoke.
    Thiel made headlines recently when it was revealed he covertly funded former wrestler Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker Media, which bankrupted that company.

    I have no respect for the man at all.. Theil goes to speak before people who have come up with the most conservative anti gay  Republican Party platform in years, well sorry then he’s part of the problem.. Being there supporting Trump means you support all of his bitterness and bigoted ways..

  65. Having too much fun with our new dog to watch tonight, in case anyone is moved to write us a thread for tomorrow.


    “If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience,” Cruz said. “Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”


    After that he was booed off the stage. 

    Gotta give Cruz some credit for guts, to go into the lions den and speak your piece.


    Popcorn anyone?

  67. I hear that Lyin’ Ted got booed because he said “vote your conscience”.  Can’t have that, can we?

    And I hear Rush playing at the Q.  I know Geddy Lee would not approve of Rush’s music being used at the Pugn Nat’l. Convention.

  68. Dan Savage Has Had Enough Of ‘Pasty White’ Jill Stein Supporters
    Only privileged groups can afford to risk a Trump presidency, the podcast host argued in an epic rant.
    Daniel Morans

    “I have a problem with these fake, attention-seeking, grandstanding Green/Libertarian party candidates who pop up every four years, like mushrooms in sh*t, saying that they’re building a third party,” Savage opined.
    “Where are the Green Party candidates for city councils? For county councils? For state legislatures? For state assessor? For state insurance commissioner? For governor? For f**king dogcatcher?” Savage continued. “I would be so willing to vote for Green Party candidates who are starting at the bottom, grass-roots, bottom up, building a third party, a viable third party.”

  69. Chris Christie questions Ted Cruz’s integrity. Is it just me or is there something terribly wrong with that picture?

  70. Robert Reich has a message for Bernie supporters who equate Hillary with Trump


    May I have a word with those of you Bernie supporters who consider Donald Trump to be no worse than Hillary Clinton?

    You’re dead wrong.

    As I said when I endorsed Bernie for president, I view Hillary as enormously qualified to be president of the political system we now have. She is smart, capable, and experienced. I endorsed Bernie because I thought he would help create the political system we need. But Bernie will not be the Democratic nominee.
    This does not mean the end of the movement Bernie advanced. That movement was never about Bernie; it was about reclaiming our democracy and our economy. And that movement will live on, and it will grow. It needs your continuing activism and your tenacity.
    You are, of course, entitled to support anyone you wish to. But if you don’t get behind Hillary you increase the odds that Donald Trump will be president.
    That would be a disaster for America and the world. Trump is a menace. He is not just unsuited to being the president of the United States – a bigoted narcissist who incites and excuses violence – but his presidency would threaten everything this nation stands for: tolerance, inclusion, freedom of the press, equal justice, and equal opportunity.

    A Trump presidency would make it far more difficult ever to achieve the progressive goals you and I share.

  71. Jace

    Nope, nothing wrong with you. Its  Christi and the rest of the Republican’s. Really Christi of all people questioning someone else’s integrity. I swear, its like i see up and they see down..

  72. Ted Cruz managed to get even homier.  And that weird little grin.  Eeesh.  Look out 2020.

    Looking forward to Bernie’s speech on Monday.  Grateful there’s no such thing as smell-o-vision for whatever night Berniecrats have their “fart-in.”  Weird, but I do love Monty Python.

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