Trump And Wife

Your live thread here for tonight’s Trump appearance at GOP convention to introduce his wife, Melania. Rebellious Renee serving the popcorn. Jace hasn’t set up TV in his new home, relying on us for the real story. Enjoy (or not).


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28 thoughts on “Trump And Wife”

  1. Jace – Turn on your radio; NPR is covering it. PBS has too many reporters in the booth and they all want to talk over the speakers.  Switched to NBC.

    Maybe Donald should’ve picked Rudy for VP.  Pence seems like soggy bread.

  2. Is it God in the clouds ?! What an entrance.
    I think Freddie Mercury was rolling over in his grave.

  3. Good job by Melania I guess she is going to say that Clinton is a fashion killer

  4. looking forward to the Melanoma vs. Bil debates

    I think they would end up having sex right there on the floor

  5. Bill had best wear the Sax Shades at the Melania debate ’cause the cameras will follow wherever he’s a-lookin’.

  6. Who brings a baby to a Republucan convention? Someone call child protective services.

  7. Frances Folsom Cleveland would’ve chewed her up & spat her out for breakfast. Frankie was a gal of substance.

  8. Jeezaloo, I thought Corey Lewandowski was Niedermeyer.  Now I think it may be Flynn.

  9. Ask for forgiveness, not permission.  🙂

    Do you think she had a calming effect on any of the renegades?  Is she a uniter?

  10. Feel bad for Gen. Flynn, conventioneers deserting his faltering speech for free booze. His worst night since Obama fired him.

  11. Maybe Donald’s entrance was supposed to appeal to Evangelicals.  That’s what the second-coming will look like, right?

    Three more speakers to go tonight?

    Too late for me.

  12. me too, Blue, looking at the empty seats, conventioneers agree. Joni Ernst coming up, she’ll be able to do the Clint Eastwood empty chair thing with the whole convention floor. Even the protesters are bored.

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