But Will They Hug

Bernie Sanders is set to endorse Hillary today, but the New York Times’ Amy Chozick wonders if it’s “too little, too late.” The Sanders “revolution is appears to be ending with a whisper rather than a roar.” Clinton is polling well enough among Sanders supporters, has secured the enthusiastic support of Elizabeth Warren and hired several of his former campaign staffers. Still, Chozick asks, “Will they hug?”

UPDATE (1pm): They hugged!


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  1. I lost all respect for Warren after she endorsed Hillary.  You can not pour pure water into the Clinton cesspool and expect me to drink that slightly-diluted, toxic sludge.

    Hillary will say anything, but we already know what she will actually do.  There will be no positive change for the middle class.

    I will vote my conscience.  If Bernie endorses her, I will not write him in.  The media can report that this will bring the party together all they want, but it will not.

    Green, Libertarian, staying home.   There are options on the table for abandoned Berniecrats.  None of those options are Hillary.  NEVER HILLARY.

  2. During the Comey hearings last week, I smiled when the pugs asked if Clinton or Obama tried to influence the FBI’s decision or investigation regarding Clinton…of course, Comey honestly denied any interference.  No one asked about the dem who did complain about the pace of the investigation!  Jane Sanders on CNN urging the FBI to hurry it up with their investigation!  The real question is whether Jane and Hillary will hold hands!

  3. Ha! You can’t scare me with Trump.

    1) I don’t think he’ll even be the nominee

    2) Clinton is no better than Trump.  Different, but no better.  But since he won’t be their nominee, it won’t matter.


  4. It is your America, too, BiD.  I think PatD thought you might want to join the other disrespecting Elizabeth humans in the Pocahontas ‘woo-woo’ cheer.  I must disagree with you that Clinton = Trump.  Just do not buy that crap.  No one will force you to do anything, drink septic tank water or anything before, during or after the election.

  5. “Whatever Hillary Clinton’s faults, she’s not ignorant or hateful or a nut,” wrote Mark Salter, who was a senior strategist to Arizona Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. “She acts like an adult, and understands the responsibilities of an American president.”

  6. Oh, I thought that was Trump blowing a kiss for not helping Hillary. Ha!

    If the best Hillary can do is SAY she embraces Bernie’s ideas (when she has been so far away on the issues until Bernie got traction) and fear-monger about Trumpet,  that just spotlights the real Hillary.  No unity.

  7. crackers – No, she just knows which lie to tell and when to hold her tongue so she won’t be caught in a lie.  She is an accomplished liar.

  8. Blue

    “…but we* already know what she will actually do.”

    Blue, I understand that you are angry and disappointed, but using the Imperial “we” as if I and others share your feelings mischaracterizes actual sentiments.

    I, for one, do not want to be included under the umbrella of that “we”.

    *–my emphasis

  9. Here is where I start clinging to science…and science has changed so much throughout my lifetime.  When I was at the university, it was Continental Drift which has evolved to Plate Tectonics, the Greenhouse Effect became Climate Change….coffee is bad for you, coffee is good for you, eggs are bad to eat, eggs are good to eat.  Pluto is a planet.  Pluto is not a planet.  Birds and dinosaurs are not the same.  Dinosaurs had feathers!  Yet, I never abandoned science, never punished it for changing its mind, evolving.  Yet, we crucify a stateswoman for a lifetime of service wearing many hats.  A typical woman…multi-tasking.  I fail to see the absolute difference between science changing its mind and attitude (sometimes with bad effects) and a human evolving over a lifetime.  I know science has harmed us with some of its declarations, so have humans, but the idea to evolve to the best truth for all humans.

  10. Wow you better let Bernie know that Trump isn’t the nominee

    I don’t think he understands that

  11. Now I am clinging to my humor (it has been feeble of late) and remember how we used to open the first comment with Woo-hoo?  BiD, you should insert ‘woo-woo’ instead!

  12. SF is one of the most diverse and progressive city in the nation and yet one of the worse police departments around.


    Civilian oversight is necessary and then there have to be real consequences for breaking the rules  —as in fired!

  13. “We” is the Berniecrats she will try to win over with a Sanders endorsement.  None of us think she actually cares about what we want, just that she wants our votes.

    And if Bernie endorses her, clearly he will also say anything.

    How do people with high ideals that are 180 from Clinton’s, decide to side with her just because says something different today.  She will do something different when she doesn’t need them anymore.  Her reputation is tarnished.  That’s why she needed Warren.  It made no difference; like or dislike Hillary, it changed no minds about Hillary.  It only sullied Warren’s rep.

  14. ^anti-Hillary before being anti-Hillary was cool (which means now I gotta be pro-Hillary)


    Maybe, she is just the right kind of corrupt for the corrupt society we live in?  Wrap your noggin’ around that one!


    As long as we are all getting gunned down in the streets, what does it matter?

  15. they hugged

    gosh blue must be out setting fire to all her Bernie stuff
    guess it gives new meaning to feel the bern

  16. BiD – so I assume you lose all respect for Saint Bernie when he endorses Hillary as well?  Enjoy your time on the political moons of Neptune.

  17. Blue,  Think you’ll be as right about the pugn nominee as you were about the Dem one?  Pardon me if I don’t rely on your predictions.

  18. Senator Sanders did a great job!  It is difficult after such a hard fought campaign.

  19. WaPo on the Sanders endorsement of Hillary.

    “Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process, and I congratulate her for that,” Sanders said. “She will be the Democratic nominee for president and I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States,” the senator from Vermont said in this battleground state, where Sanders and Clinton appeared side by side before a boisterous crowd.
    “We are joining forces to defeat Donald Trump and build a future we can all believe in,” Clinton told the crowd, borrowing words from Sanders’s campaign slogan, as she addressed the crowd.

    And as one Sanders supporter put it:

    “I’m not going to say I’m delighted,” said Brynn McDonnell, 24, a former Sanders volunteer in the audience, when asked about the endorsement. “I think it’s a political move he has to make.”
    “There are some Bernie supporters who want to go for Trump, and it’s important for people to understand that Bernie is the antithesis of Trump,” explained McDonnell, who recently moved to New Hampshire from Iowa.


  20. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Now we can finally give Sanders his teddy bear and pacifier and put him down for his nap…

  21. The Clinton refusniks should immediately start supporting Jill Stein to get her numbers up …let’s get those other parties into the debates

  22. I can’t possibly vote for anyone nominated by the party of sexist, racist, classist, religious bigotry. 

  23. Interesting and probably effective rhetorical device in Bernie’s endorsement speech. He basically gave his stump speech but prefaced every point by saying Hillary agrees with him

  24. Seth Rich was murdered shortly after 4am this morning. Rich was a fervent Dem who was put in charge of the effort to get as many as possible to vote.

  25. Ms,Cracker,

    Imo, the Greens are merely classist religious bigots. The anarchists would let the powerful eat the weak and destroy the environment. The repubs are the sexist, racist, classist, religious bigots, who would let the powerful eat the weak and destroy the environment.

  26. There’s nothing like a few months of anarchy to let people know who’s in-charge.

  27. Trump tweet..

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump
    Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.

  28. That’s a good analogy, but there is no way Trump knows how to use Twitter, or what an analogy is.

  29. politicususa: If the sight of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton standing together wasn’t enough to scare the right-wing billionaires, Hillary Clinton’s vow to force all candidates to disclose their donors should terrify the Koch brothers.

    While discussing campaign finance reform, Clinton said, “As Bernie as his supporters have argued so eloquently, we won’t get anywhere without overhauling our campaign finance system. It is past time to end the stranglehold of wealthy special interests in Washington, and get back to government of the people, by the people, and for the people. That’s why as a president from my very first days, I will make campaign finance reform a top priority. We will do everything we can to overturn Citizens United. And we will require everybody Democrats, Republicans, Independents whoever to disclose all of their donors, and while we’re at it, we’re going to creating a small donor matching system to make it easy for more Americans to be elected at every level of government.”

  30. we will require everybody Democrats, Republicans, Independents whoever to disclose all of their donors

    bet a lot of eager reporters are out there chomping at the bit to ask her “why wait, disclose yours now” but will (of course) avoid asking same of the drumpf, their very own media-made monster trumpnstein.

    at the top of drumpf’s list is newt’s sugar daddy sheldon adelson along with other off-shore types.

  31. “…there is no way Trump knows how to use Twitter”

    bink, but he’s the quintessential twit.  it’s his mother tongue.

  32. The FBI ought to be looking at the Seth Rich murder. Rich’s work was like a dump truck approaching the purple and pale pink states, and about to cover them with blue.

  33. Ad idea :

    Tired of waiting for the do-nothing republican Congress to get anything done ? Vote for the Democrats, they deliver.

    Democrats Deliver !

  34. Watching Dallas tribute and healing ceremony.  GWB gave a great speech and immediately kissed Michele upon taking his seat (before Laura).  Now listening to Obama….after the chief.  The chief of police of Dallas is the most interesting and fascinating humans of the day.  A man who saw mental illness, guns and blue men down in his own family.  Obama still delivers a joke like no other POTUS.

  35. “The FBI ought to be looking at the Seth Rich murder”
    x-r, absolutely…doesn’t sound like the typical neighborhood crime
    nbc 4 Washington:
    He was talking on the phone with his girlfriend when she heard noise on Rich’s end of the line, Mary Rich said. Her son told his girlfriend not to worry about it. 
    “There had been a struggle. His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything,” she said. 

    Hillary Clinton spoke about Rich on Tuesday morning, amid remarks in New Hamphire on gun violence.
    “Just this past Sunday, a young man, Seth Rich — who worked for the Democratic National Committee, to expand voting rights — was shot and killed in his neighborhood in Washington. He was just 27 years old,” she said. “Surely we can agree that weapons of war have no place on the streets of America.”

  36. “The chief of police of Dallas is the most interesting and fascinating humans of the day.”

    bw, really, really liked when he said this:

    The Dallas police chief, who is black, urged people upset about police conduct to consider joining his force.

    “Get off that protest line and put an application in, and we’ll put you in your neighborhood, and we will help you resolve some of the problems you’re protesting about,” Brown said.

  37. Well, Bernie said Hillary agrees with him.  She does not.

    A lot of disappointed Bernie supporters.  Most sound like they will be voting for Gary Johnson.  I’m more Green than Libertarian.

    No, pogo, no bonfires here.  🙂  No support for Hillary, though.  Doubtful that his endorsement will get her much support, she is such a tarnished candidate.   He just ruined his reputation.  That’s his problem.

  38. “Why is he swaying and swinging hands?”

    bid, hard not to in the midst of all that music.  that particular arrangement of “battle hymn” is really moving especially when you’re part of it….having sung it in a combined choir like that I can attest to its power.  hard not to be moved, physically as well as emotionally.

    on the other hand, maybe he fell off the wagon. sniffed too much of his palette paint 🙂

  39. BlueInD, yes that was weird watching GW swaying about, did seem like Laura trying to stop him.

    About Hillary, old friend, many times I’ve said I share many of your concerns, but ask you to join me in getting over it, for I do think Trump will be the GOP nominee and I do think he is dangerous. Keep on sharing your views if you disagree, for sure, just asking that you join me in accepting Hillary and hoping for the best. Still, I agree we must keep a close watch on her presidency.

  40. BW

    People in the audience liked that Shrub reached out to Michelle and that everyone started holding hands

    Shrub swaying?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  41. meanwhile back in critterville, from usnewsRepublicans Draw Few Answers From Lynch on Clinton Emails:

    “Elections are about choices,” said Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich. “There are only three working days left this month, and then we adjourn for seven weeks. How will my colleagues on the other side of the aisle choose to fill that time? Today’s apparently, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email takes precedence over gun violence and civil rights.”

    “If any of my colleagues are not yet convinced, it is because they do not want to be convinced,” he said. “In their zeal to call Secretary Clinton a liar or maybe even a criminal – despite that facts and despite the law – I fear they will have missed an opportunity to engage with [Lynch] on more worthy subjects.”

  42. I could not bring myself to vote for Obama a second time, and I certainly couldn’t bring myself to vote for Mittens.  I did not vote for prez in 2012, as I was doubtful that it made a difference.

    I feel the same way this time.  Clinton or Trump, the majority of Americans do not come out ahead.

    I can only hope that if elected, Hillary would prove me wrong about who she really represents.  Again, doubtful.

    The Obamas are on the runway. All other traffic at Love is stopped. Bidens, you’re up next.

  43. As chatty as he was with Michelle, I get feeling that W is the type of person you don’t want to sit next to in a movie theatre.

  44. “As” good as the DPD police chief was today, he was even more impressive at the presser the other day.   They were calling for him to resign not so long ago.  What a difference a week makes.

  45. Citizens for Justice is a long standing group in the Bay area, when I moved to SF in 1974 they were active  The main focus is the reform of the criminal justice system particularly the police.  I am glad to see more attention being paid to bad behavior in the police department.

    Not all cops are bad of course, but in almost every department there is a bad boy culture that lends itself to rule breaking and of course in the past and even today there are little consequences

  46. It’s about time, the burn went away a long time ago.  Considering the DT is somewhat quiet the Sanders Clinton final dance gets the headline.  Watching the local, D.C., news the current story is the Rich murder.  HRC used his death in her speech  too.  This is one that might get more attention than others.

  47. D.C. police claim nothing was taken from Rich’s home. How in hell do they know that ? Okay, the tv, his credit cards, his laptop, are all there. The killer probably had time to copy everything in Rich’s computer and phone, including the codes for previously hidden servers, and the passwords for everyone in the Clinton campaign.

  48. Hands and knees bruised, but shot in the back.  Did he know too much about something? The pattern of bad things happening to Clinton associates continues.

    Why was he outside before 5am?

  49. I said it before.   Why, I even Tweeted it.

    The one thing the ultra-Berniers failed to take into consideration was…..Bernie.

    they have placed all their eggs all in one basket only to have the basket disappear ….

  50. There are two votes…….and there is, no matter where else you vote, the only alternative…….not vote.

    Berniers are cute but now it’s time to make sure another cocksure dumb-ass republican doesn’t get elected to run the goddam economy back into the mud.

    I got REALLY sick of hot dogs during the last excursion into the fucking insane mindset of the GOP assholes.

  51. Yeah, I might go back and edit that one.  I get the nagging feeling that I should change it a little….. I’m thinking, instead of mud, I should say dirt…..

  52. I just saw the Bush hand holding arm swing moment —  just Shrub being Shub

  53. The murdered DC guy:

    It could be mos’ anything…….if that Hargitay girl were here she could figure it out pretty damn quick…….

    Subjunctive mood, condition contrary to fact.

  54. Sturg,

    Berniers are cute but now it’s time to make sure another cocksure dumb-ass republican doesn’t get elected to run the goddam economy back into the mud.

    Bears repeating.  RFLM…

    Btw, you’re in rare form tonight.

  55. Sturge

    You make reading here so much fun! I laugh and just love you a bunch…



    I think you are Champ ?? Umm, could be just wishful thinking? Whoever you may be i enjoy you..

  56. I keep threatening to myself to write a post about the year 1965……I usually begin by making a list of the pop radio songs of that year…..then of course, there was Ray Speights returning from viet nam…..his younger brother was our drummer……then there’s all that civil rights upheaval…..our first real gig in a genuine roadhouse…high school kid with his own $60 bucks a week for two nights’s work…….work?

    We were the hardest working kids in show business….


  57. I knowed it was a real roadhouse cause of the time they brought these four hardened criminal convicts into the auditorium and had them tell their stories…….well, turns out one of these guys was in prison for murder of a guy in The Ole Heidleburg……the joint we were playing…….I’m pretty sure it was that year when LBJ came out with a movie for all the high schools in the country to show at assembly called “Why Viet Nam”. It was killer.     I remember the cold open e’een now……..”Whaaaaaaaaaa Vet Naaaaaaam”.

  58. If ya ever find yourself talking to a bible person just ax them to check their Luke 17, 20-21…….and see if they changed “within you” to “amongst you”.    Most, of course, won’t be aware of such a subtle tectonic shift but bibular black belts may have a ready answer, and that’s always a good yarn.

    That right there separates the wheat from the chaff……

  59. I believe Justice Ginsburg has been misquoted. I don’t think she said ‘faker’. The word that fits is ‘fakir’.

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