Hillary’s Press Dodge

According to USA Today it’s been 7 months since Hillary faced reporters in a full-blown press conference.

Perhaps taking unwanted questions from the media in an uncontrolled format is just another of those things politicians can avoid in what’s left of our so-called democracy.


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  1. boss, now that the “case is closed” according to fbi/doj and after tomorrow’s and next week’s house grilling of comey and lynch perhaps she’ll have one. even after that you know there will only be one topic anyway, her email. media will not address any issues of importance…too hard too complicated.

    hasn’t she had an unprecedented number of townhalls… you know actually talking and answering real questions from real voters? maybe more than any other candidate. and how many in comparison (including close range contact with people, length of time, open to audience questions) has the drumpf done?

  2. With the entire House in an uproar of “of course she is guilty and should be hung by her thumbs until she confesses to Benghazi er Email”.  Every commiittee, subcommittee and snack machine will be holding a hearing into why she is guilty but free on the campaign trail.  Benghazi er Email will consume millions of dollars to prove once again that the Benghazi um Email hunt and attack is worth every penny to each and every Republican running for office anywhere in the U.S.

    I agree she needs to hold some sort of presser to answer all the stuff that Comey spoke of.  But, timing is the issue.  I would have expected something yesterday after Lynch spoke.  Is she waiting until Trump pulls off some stupid stunt that pulls the news to his idiocy and buries her answers?  The aversion to general press conferences is an issue with her and Obama.  At sometime she has to do something, even a Friday afternoon would be okay.

  3. and compare drumpf’s disdain for shaking hands face-to-face encounters with the great unwashed to the many many times she automatically goes to the crowds for one on one hugs, selfies and handshakes.  like yesterday in atlantic city according to la times:

    After her speech, Clinton visited the picket line outside Trump’s Taj Mahal to show her support for union members protesting the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

  4. The trend is one-on-one with a hopefully “friendly” interviewer rather than face a battery of the uncontrolled. (Though Ted Kennedy certainly regretted the talk with Kennedy schmoozer Roger Mudd. Ouch.) Nixon faced the Press during his administration. Button/Bumpersticker/Tshirt makers & comedians were forever grateful. Somehow these memories must soak into any Politician’s dna.

  5. C’mon.  If Hillary were a Repug or a man, you guys would be screaming.

    Her avoidance of an inquisition by the press looks like he has something to hide.   Something she doesn’t want the masses to think about.  Come into the sunlight you little vampire; take the tough questions…and lie some more.

    Her ploy to make folks fearful of Trump do not work if you match up everything she, her hubby, and, their “foundation” have done in the shadows or missteps made public if not publicly.

    I’ll see your Trump University and raise you a Laureate U.

    This is not a pro-Trump post, it is a Hillary-is-every-bit-as-awful post.  (I still don’t think he’ll be their nominee, but if so, he will beat Hillary.  However, how long would it take for him to do something that called for impeachment or outright resignation/removal from office?  Not long.)

    The media keeps putting up stories (lies) about Berniecrats switching support to Hillary.  That is not what I am hearing and reading from Bernie’s supporters.  It is not where I am, clearly.

    Hillary panders, at best; mostly, she is just a garden-variety liar with a bountiful harvest every time she opens her mouth.

    As for the weird popularity of Trump, this is partially Hillary’s fault (and Obama’s).  The failed, foreign policy (she was unsuccessful as SOS) that created the refugee problem in Europe, which helped fuel Brexit, also helped Trump.  Hillary is patient zero.

  6. sjwny – I chose my interviewers very carefully.  I had my story and wanted it presented well.  Also, I did not do Fox national and local, and most of CNN. I have no problem with HRC choosing her interviewers.  She does not need a Trump follower reporter trying to take over the interview to attack her.  She needs to do something that is covered as a national interview though.

    Thinking about the timing of any interview by Hillary if I were her communications manager I would wait until after the House Republicans make fools of themselves once again today.  A late interview to cover the issues and how stupid the grilling of Comey is would be good.

  7. Alexandra petri: How to tell stars apart (A guide for Donald Trump)

    some of her suggested samples responding to his tweet “Dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in a tweet as the Star of David rather than a Sheriff’s Star, or plain star!”:

    In case he is serious, here is a guide for the perplexed tycoon.

    -Sheriff’s Star or Star of David: It can be easy to confuse these stars! A handy mnemonic device is to ask yourself, “Does this star have little nubs at the ends of its points, or was it used by the Nazis?”

    -“Plain Star” or Star of David: What is a plain star? Paul Giamatti? You can tell these two apart because if you send a picture of Paul Giamatti to a journalist, it isn’t a weird threat.

    -Starfish or Star of David: One of these lives under the sea, has five arms and appears on “Spongebob Squarepants.” The other one only appears on freeze-frames of “Spongebob Squarepants” episodes that have been heavily doctored by conspiracy theorists.

    -Jesus Christ Superstar or Star of David: Both are stars associated with the Jewish tradition, so I can see how this confusion would occur.

  8. Just an observation: the current state of affairs between Politicians & the Press can be traced back to Watergate. The Press did their job; Politicians suffered. Whether this is viewed as a plus for democracy or as a hindrance depends on what side of the Us vs Them moat you are standing.

  9. from wapo:

    CINCINNATI — Donald Trump said Wednesday that his campaign should not have deleted a tweet containing an image that had been posted weeks earlier on a white supremacist website and featured Hillary Clinton, $100 bills and a red six-point star with the text: “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” Although Jewish activists and many others have denounced the image as being anti-Semitic, Trump repeatedly said Wednesday that the six-point star is “just a star,” not the Jewish Star of David, and that media outlets that covered the controversy are “racially profiling.”

    “I said: ‘You shouldn’t have taken it down.’ You know, they took the star down,” Trump said to a crowd of several thousand at a rally on Wednesday night. “I said: ‘Too bad. You should have left it up.’ I would have rather defended it — just leave it up and say: No, that’s not a Star of David. That’s just a star.”

    For more than five minutes, Trump defended the tweet, uttering the word “star” at least two dozen times and keeping alive a five-day-old controversy that most leaders of the Republican Party had hoped would fade away.

  10. What if a Politician -intentionally- was available 24/7 to the media? Would this subconsciously sway Press opinion positively towards that Candidate? The honey vs vinegar train of thought.

  11. bid, you’ll like most of what jonathon turley writes in The Clinton University Problem: Laureate Education Lawsuits Present Problem For Clintons [Updated] except for maybe his concluding remarks:

    As an academic, I find both Trump University and Laureate to be deeply troubling stories. Yet, only one has been pursued by the media to any significant degree. I am not suggesting that Laureate as a whole is fraudulent.  It clearly is a large for-profit educational company that has far more to show for its work than Trump University.  Indeed, this is a huge global company with tremendous financial assets and profits.   Moreover, there are distinctions that can be drawn with a university like Trump that is based entirely on the presumptive nominee and his promises in advertising. However, the money given to the Clintons, the involvement of the State Department, and the claims of fraud make this an obviously significant story in my view.  The ridiculous amount of money given to Clinton alone raises legitimate questions.  This is a company that was expanding exponentially in foreign countries. The association with Clinton was obviously greatly desired by the company.  The question is whether the association with the Clintons resulted in any favorable treatment for the company or its affiliates.

    Update:  Walden University President Jonathan Kaplan was kind enough to respond to my query for a comment to this story.  He maintains that Walden has been misrepresented in terms of its program and success with students.  He noted:

    Walden University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and was founded in 1970.  We are committed to delivering quality degree programs and to focusing on student outcomes. More than 80% of our students are enrolled in masters or doctoral programs. Walden has programmatic and professional accreditations in key areas serving the public good such as social work, teacher education, mental health counseling, nursing, and more.

    Walden University takes its financial aid responsibilities very seriously and has worked hard over many years to be good stewards of federal financial aid. This is demonstrated by our three-year cohort default rate of 6.8%, which is well below the national average of 11.8%, including all nonprofit and for-profit institutions.

    Additionally, we have achieved a rigorous form of certification for social responsibility through Laureate Education and Walden University becoming Certified B Corporations® in 2015.

    Walden University is a part of the Laureate International University Network.  We are proud of our association with President Clinton and his role as honorary chancellor at Laureate from 2010 to 2015. It is unfortunate that this association has now drawn us into a political debate.

    I should further note that Laureate has claimed a higher than average success yet with its students and currently has almost one million students in its various schools around the world.

  12. On top of the GOP House deciding to dive in and assume guilt for fun and profit attacking their favorite multi committee victim, the State Dept throws in another monkey wrench by saying Comey got it wrong on evaluation of the “email chains” he cited.  This is why Bronc and I were going on about classification yesterday.  She shouldn’t have had a private server in her home.  It was a mistake.  She has acknowledged that.  It was not a crime and in all probability nothing that passed through it was actually classified material.  Careless yes.  Criminal no.

    On fearless leader’s subject du jour:  Just because the Press Conference has been the recent habit, doesn’t mean it is written in stone as the 11th commandment.  Hillary doesn’t like to be bombarded, yelled at, and forced to dodge slanted questions of the “still beating the wife” level.  She has regularly been willing to do the one on one  or small group questioning, even when uncomfortable of the editorial board type.  Maybe filming those would be more informative.

    The lady is a wonk.  She answers questions in depth with total expertise.  This is great NPR.  It is absolutely lousy cable TV.

  13. It’s fine if she can’t handle press conferences, Obama can’t either, but I think failing to develop that among his skill sets is one reason he lost so many battles. Standing up to rough questions helps defend and make your case.

  14. When Darrel Issa is in  electoral trouble  it is a very good day.  He could lose to a Democrat in Orange County

    I hope Trump spends a lot of money pretending California is in play -when Issa is in trouble  you know the state is going big for Dems

    How embarressing will it be for Georgia when it is the only state Trump carries

    According to a poll done by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:
    Democratic challenger Doug Applegate ties Republican incumbent Darrell Issa in a DCCC poll of likely general election voters conducted on June 15-16, 2016 in California’s 49th Congressional District. Each candidate receives 43% of the vote, with just 14% of voters undecided. In addition to consolidating 85% of the Democratic base, Applegate performs particularly well with Decline to State voters, leading Issa by 32 points among this critical voting bloc (51% to 19%, with 29% undecided). He also leads Hispanic/Latino voters, who make up nearly 16% of the district, by 26 points (56% to 30%, with 14% undecided).

    Republican Donald Trump is extremely unpopular in the district with a -26 net profile (34% favorable to 60% unfavorable) and poor performance in the presidential head-to-head. Democrat Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 3 points in this district (41% to 38%, with 21% undecided).

    It would be easy to blame Trump if Issa loses, but Rep. Issa is the poster child for the modern House Republican majority. Issa’s tenure as chairman of the House Oversight Committee was a complete disaster that featured show hearings and endless political witch hunts in an attempt to bring down President Obama. Issa wasted years on Republican conspiracy theory investigations into Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS.


  15. I imagine the Bernie deadenders at home in  their caves surrounded by clever Bernie products  covered in cheeto dust


  16. Pesonally I think she should let Comey speak for her on this issue   Anything she says will be twisted into gooper baloney And the goops on the oversight might want to look at what is happening to Issa before they do they same thing


    craig, so maybe you would rather see her submit to press mob throwing rotten tomatoes than having in-depth discussions?

    politico last month wrote:

    In 24 hours, Clinton conducted interviews with four major news organizations — The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal — and five major television outlets, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News.


    Reporters have long complained about Clinton’s accessibility. While her rival, Donald Trump, seems to spend most of his time talking to the media, Clinton hasn’t spent as much time in press conferences, preferring to limit her interaction with the media to interviews with local outlets. (She did recently conduct an interview with ABC’s Clinton campaign embed Liz Kreutz and held a short gaggle with campaign embeds this week, the 10th gaggle she’s held of 2016.)


    come to think of it, how many face to face interviews of same length has the drumpf allowed? he calls in, rarely submits to lengthy interviews, keeps his distance, controls time and place without having to be seen, and mostly just tweets.

  18. it’s time for an enterprising reporter to go deep and do a story comparing how much money, time, materiel, and personnel (as well as personal effort) it takes to primp and pimp the hair-dos of both candidates when prepping for said interviews.   we need another john edwards’ “i feel pretty” expose`  😉

  19. during his late night tweets and phone calls, picture drumpf in hair curlers, facial mask and getting mani- & pedicured …  maybe a nubile slave popping grapes into the great one’s maw between bully blasts.

  20. PatD, why not both? Exclusives with handpicked elite media, and the occasional mob scene, like question time in Parliament — most prime ministers got quite good at that, and helped themselves

  21. “like question time in Parliament”

    craig, and like those 11 hours before congress critters ain’t enough?

  22. trouble with the hand-picked exposure (for getting the truth) is the implicit chilling effect on interviewers who know this will be their last if they go too far and violate the ground rules (which ought to be disclosed, but aren’t)

  23. Prime Minister’s Questions is always a good watch.  A format which would be great to watch in the Congress.  President’s Questions  in the well of the House.  Until the Republican idiot “You lie”, it probably would have worked.  Now, there is a complete lack of gravitas and decorum in the House and Senate.  McConnell would never  allow a question be asked by the Senate benchers and Ryan would carefully talk for a the entire time.

  24. PatD, those 11 hours are a good example of why she ought to do that sort of thing, that was a big boost for her. The nuttier the questions the better you look, get credit for taking it on, strong in an unscripted setting.

  25. Comey is eating the GOP committee members for lunch.  The problem was not Hillary Clinton but the system that allowed “discussion” of classified material (not the material itself) in an unclassified system.  At no time did she send or receive the actual material on her private server.  This is negligence or carelessness within the system that existed but not criminal actions.


  26. tho’t provoking from cbs Commentary: Believe it or not, Christie is Trump’s best choice for veep

    Newt Gingrich should, at this point, be considered the front-runner for the Republican vice presidential nomination.

    That’s not to say that he’s certain to get the job, but he clearly wants it, and he reportedly has admirers in Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, perhaps Donald Trump’s two most trusted advisers….[….]

    So Newt or Christie, the has-been or the never-quite-was. And the case for Newt makes some sense. He knows Washington in a way few do. He still has plenty of friends in the donor community, such as billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who almost singlehandedly floated Newt’s entire campaign last cycle. He’s very smart, a brilliant debater. The Internet polls from Breitbart and Drudge that Trump loves have indicated that he’s the pick of his base. And he’s consistently proven himself a worthy surrogate, displaying the needed willingness to defend Trump’s boasts and pronouncements.


    And yet the case for Gingrich remains unconvincing. One of the arguments for picking Newt you hear is that he will calm down the Washington establishment that’s still understandably despairing over Trump. They know him. They’ve seen what he can accomplish and how bright he is.

    I don’t buy it. That is not the message selecting Newt will send, especially to the establishmentarians who know him best. He is not a steady hand, which they understand. Many in D.C. are fond of him personally, but his erratic style and at-times manic disposition are unnerving. Were Gingrich somehow the nominee this year, in fact, we’d all be talking about the same things we are now with regard to his veep selection: the guy needs an adult in the room who can keep him in check.

  27. Wanna bet they never call Loretta Lynch   wanna bet on how stupid the goopers really are?

  28. Director Comey is impressive…

    Trump had the worst day of his campaign yesterday with his 60 minute rambling rant.  In the coming months, the public will become more uneasy about this obviously disturbed individual…

  29. I wonder if the bernouts are listening to Comey and if they will have the class to admit they have been spouting gooper bullshit

  30. the deadbeat and the nude grinch make a perfect couple. The can boast a combined 148 years of unmitigated assholery.

    Call them The Old Couple.

  31. Trump lucky Comey is the focus today or everyone would be talking about the nightly rant
    He spent more time attacking Chuck Todd than Hillary!

    But the good news is that Newt will be on the ticket, which will serve as the nightly lead-in to the news every night on Trump Network. Bob Corker don’t draw ratings!

  32. Why should anyone talk to a media that has shirked it’s responsibility to journalism

    The media doesn’t deserve any respect

  33. “With President Trump, I’m ready to get off defense and go on offense. Trump is going to slaughter some sacred cows, and I’m ready for the barbecue.”   – blake farenthold, (r-TX)

    10 June 2016

  34. If the deadbeat and nudie run together, I suggest they adopt the Beatles tune Yesterday as their theme song.

  35. Pelosi: “We have an investigation of the investigation of the investigation. How long can this go on?”

  36. There was a comment late yesterday which is something I did not know.  Trump’s father had early onset Alzheimer’s. Looking back through the Tubes I came across several writings asking the question of “what if Trump has Alzheimer’s”.  Not that Trump would have it, but it would explain much about his actions.  If he is showing symptoms the problem is distinguishing his current actions from an insidious disease.  And, what if he does have it, alone or with the other diagnosis of Narcissism and other mental issues? Is it time to bring this possibility to higher levels?  Or has the GOP poured in too much Kool Aid to say something?

  37. HMMM alzheimers …now he could really could compare himself to Ronnie

  38. KGC – after the morning come to Jesus Alou (haysous aloo) meeting the RNC held this morning with the Trump, Issa compared Trump to George Washington.  I almost had to pull over to the side of the road because I was laughing so hard.

  39. Summoned to appear before the Republican-led House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Comey insisted again that Clinton “did not break the law” and that there was not enough evidence to charge her with a crime.


    “Did she lie under oath?” Chaffetz asked.

    “Not to the FBI,” Comey answered.

    Rep. Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican who chaired the House’s Select Committee on Benghazi, asked if it was true — as Clinton has long maintained — that she did not email any classified information. Comey said it was not.

    “There was classified information emailed,” Comey said.

    But only three of the 30,000 emails the FBI reviewed bore classified markings and those were buried in the body of the text, Comey said.



    “Republicans have turned on you with a vengeance,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat, said later.

    Maloney also asked if it was true, as she said GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed, whether he was bribed to let Clinton escape.

    “I know this is a ridiculous question,” Maloney said.

    “No,” Comey replied.


  40. meanwhile across the pond per wapo:

    LONDON — The race to be Britain’s next prime minister was whittled to two on Thursday, with Conservative Party lawmakers assuring that the country will have a female head of government — the nation’s first since Margaret Thatcher stepped down more than a quarter century ago.

    The contest will pit the home affairs secretary, Theresa May, against Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom in a race that features contenders who were on opposite sides of last month’s European Union referendum.

  41. mother jones:
    He’s No One’s Idea of a Liberal Hero, But Tim Kaine Is a Natural Fit for Clinton
    Behind the Virginia senator’s moderate reputation is a history of quiet progressive activism.

  42. Comey sure is tall — 6′ 8″

    Watched all 4 1/2 hours, my take: Most qualified and experienced candidate too dumb to secure her own emails?

  43. Transcript of the exchange between Comey and Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA):

    MATT CARTWRIGHT: You were asked about markings on a few documents, I have the manual here, marking national classified security information. And I don’t think you were given a full chance to talk about those three documents with the little c’s on them. Were they properly documented? Were they properly marked according to the manual?

    MATT CARTWRIGHT: According to the manual, and I ask unanimous consent to enter this into the record Mr. Chairman

    CHAIRMAN: Without objection so ordered.

    MATT CARTWRIGHT: According to the manual, if you’re going to classify something, there has to be a header on the document? Right?

    JAMES COMEY: Correct.

    MATT CARTWRIGHT: Was there a header on the three documents that we’ve discussed today that had the little c in the text someplace?

    JAMES COMEY: No. There were three e-mails, the c was in the body, in the text, but there was no header on the email or in the text.

    MATT CARTWRIGHT: So if Secretary Clinton really were an expert about what’s classified and what’s not classified and we’re following the manual, the absence of a header would tell her immediately that those three documents were not classified. Am I correct in that?

    JAMES COMEY: That would be a reasonable inference.


  44. “too dumb to secure her own emails?”

    just as dumb as her predecessors, the 2 prior sos

  45. I didn’t get that.  I got – she thought she was making sure there were no inappropriate documents as evidenced by the exchange over removing information and reworking memos to make them ok

    I think it looks like how the custom and practice of the State Department


  46. craig, true, so on that “dumb” scale where does she fit in relation to her opponent who is also running for prez?  dumb & dumber?

  47. PatD, comparing Hillary to Trump’s low standards when she screws up is a specious argument, a convenient distraction. She is going to be the next president. That’s the standard I am now applying.


  48. So out of 30,000 emails 81 contained in chains and improperly marked where they may never have been seen by Hillary since they were backup to a top of the sheet conversation is “negligence” or “dumb”.

  49. Jamie…  yes… Hillary is dumb…  and all of us are dumb to have voted for and supported her.  If we were smart…  we’d all have seen the obvious genius of Jim Webb…   we’re too late….     and dumb.

    oh yeah….   ~~~~~~~~~

  50. Jamie, what was dumb to me was using a personal server for official traffic and otherwise that apparently had less security than we have right here, and Lord knows ours ain’t perfect.  Certainly not a disqualifier for office but just plain dumb for someone presenting herself as the most qualified ever to serve in the White House.

  51. OK fine RR, Hillary can do no wrong and all criticism is misogynistic. I’ll shut up for now. I also would have been a lousy Stalinist, in the Gulags for life. However I do sincerely look forward to her presidency.

  52. Another donation for Hillary…check out hillaryclinton.com…lots of good merchandise!

  53. Craig

    It isn’t the criticism I object to as much as the constant double standard.  Up until very recently, thousands of government employees had private computers they used for communication with their offices.  Previous major office holders fudged all the grey lines between campaign & official business (Colin Powell’s were on AOL for goodness sake).  Copies of communications were actually stacked in boxes on a daily basis for “entry” into computer systems.  Budgets for all the various conversions have been slashed (look at VA record keeping)

    Through all of this a woman in her 60s who as talented as she may be & brilliant about issues and history etc. is supposed to be some sort of computer mavin with up to the second expertise in all things digital. The attacks just never stop.  There is always the assumption of nefarious dealings and ulterior motives.  Looking at those questioning Comey today with their snide leading questions, I kept hoping someone would subject them to a microscopic inspection of every minute of their lives and see how they hold up.

    Hillary has put up with this bullshit for almost 30 years.  I probably would have shot someone by now and it wouldn’t have been Vince Foster.


  54. Support of Blue Bronc’s theory from the New Yorker

    People think they are getting on the Trump Train
    but they are just going down the Trump Drain

  55. It’s so hot down here the crabs are jumping into the boiling water just to cool off…….

  56. Engineer so bizarre he’d make a Trump Train take a dirt road…….


  57. Dis train carry nuttin’ but gamblers, dis train

    Dis train carry nuttin’ but gamblers, dis train

    Dis train carry nuttin’ but gamblers, yahoos, sleaze, and midnight ramblers

    Dis train carry nuttin’ but gamblers, dis train


  58. Oh, what glory awaits some political cartoonist…….a scale model RR with Mr Trump sitting on top of a Cheetos shaped engine wearing a little engineer’s cap with the words, ” Make America Wait Again ”

    Trump Train

  59. Never vote for him but if he’s just out there making monkeys out of the GOP I can forgive him

    in this world that’s not so far-fetched…….

  60. Voice-over: Wait for justice, wait for equal rights, wait for a decent economy wait wait wait, for every decent thing you can think of…..

    Man that’s a treasure trove of shit the republicans would have you wait for…..


    get me Kubrick on the phone!

  61. What I saw, in the half hour I watched – Hillary made bad decisions re the server, but she didn’t lie to the FBI and he saw nothing criminal,, no evidence her server was hacked & Comey wasn’t buying what the pugns were selling and wasn’t going to be used as a political tool.

    Poobah, let’s agree it was stupid to use a non Gov server. Can’t undo that decision.

  62. Sturg,  didn’t Ozzy do a song about that train? 2nd song little rockers learn – just after Smoke on the Water?

  63. I also would have been a lousy Stalinist, in the Gulags for life.

    Craig…  nah…   only for 20 yrs…

    Hey Sturg…   whatever happened to that midnight train to Georgia…

  64. The Ozzy song we played  when  Joe Savage, the Snake Man ( google him ), had his assistant pulling the giant anacondas out of the wicker basket before the twin flaming alters ( house lights down ) (Shades of White Snake and Tawny Kitaan ) before ….

    ( different song )

    placing them around Joe’s neck so he could pretend that they were choking him symbolically to death and the rubes would clamor……

    was………War Pigs

    long about 72

  65. Sadly for the goopers (not really)  even if she did perjure herself no one cares and everyone thinks you are just a bunch of sore losers

  66. Actually the “different song” was a primal, jungle drumbeat of pri-mordial fear of snakes…….accompanied by many jungle noises from the trumpet, the feeding-back guitar, the Hammond B-3 (me) and a really creative bassman.
    All under the umbrella of the most monstrous strobe light money could buy.

  67. Midnight train to Georgia……..cash, billy Joe, Gladys and all them Pippers…….

    must be something in the water about Georgia and trains……none of my train rides EVER went south…….not once.   I figure that’s ok.

    just like Al Jolson never set foot in the south.


  68. “…comparing Hillary to Trump’s low standards when she screws up is a specious argument, a convenient distraction. She is going to be the next president”

    craig, hope for us all that’s the case, but I can’t forget that was the same conventional wisdom espoused just before carter lost to Reagan….. what? vote for a movie star? and a b pix one at that! you gotta be kidding!

    online definition of “specious argument” is superficially plausible, but actually wrong…..  i do hope you are right.

  69. The State Department is reopening an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and top aides, officials told The Associated Press on Thursday.

    Although the former secretary of state’s closest confidants have left the agency, they could still face punishment. The most serious is the loss of security clearances, which could complicate her aides’ hopes of securing top positions on her national security team if she becomes president.

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