America’s Odd Couple

president-obama-hillary-clinton-to-hold-charlotte-campaign-event-at-convention-centerWatching the once bitter rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton together in Charlotte NC yesterday it seemed actually genuine that they have morphed into partners and friends. Even they came across surprised at their evolution. One never knows about politicians and their capacity for amnesia, or at least encouraging public amnesia, when it suits their purposes. Still, Obama delivered a rather amazing stem-winder in support of Hillary, seemingly heartfelt and passionate — almost more persuasive than some of his most famous speeches for his own campaigns.

Question is: Can Obama deliver his coalition when he is not on the ballot? His midterms indicate he cannot.


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  1. Oscar and Felixia never looked better.   Obama and company will bolster Clinton all the way into the White House.  Meanwhile, speaking of coalitions?  The dems have their own Hiroo Onoda in Sanders.   The guy needs to go back to his job he is being paid to do.

  2. craig, nbc news seems to agree with you with their headline this morning “Obama Boosts Clinton With Charm, Vitality That Once Defeated Her.”

    another angle from that story:

    It’s been at least a century since a sitting president has campaigned like this for a favored successor, and the White House has been held by the same party for three consecutive terms only once since the fall of the Third Reich.

    Clinton seemed to have history on her mind as well, nodding at the possibility of following the first black president with the first woman president.

    “Nobody who looked like Barack Obama or me would have been included” in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, she said, commenting on the recent Fourth of July Holiday.

  3. In 2008, after the convention, the dem party re-introduced the Obamas to the electorate.  It was a beautiful PR job because the dems were unified, maybe even electrified.  And it worked.  Getting Grandma to the WH may not be the hormonal, sexually charged excitement of years past, but Grandma will be an amazing POTUS.   It energizes me and I am positive with the dems.   Instead, the repugs after their autopsy, serve-up the Donald corpse.  The party of negators and dead meat.   You can smell their stink all the way to New Mexico.

  4. So GW & Tony were the  bizarro world’s FDR & Churchill? We may never know how many people died, will die or have their lives otherwise destroyed because of Bush/Blair. As we await the naming of the 2016 VP candidates, may the specter of Cheney loom large & be a lesson learned.

    Yeah, right.

  5. Writing an article on the Affaire de Email that I will try to get done before leaving town.  Purely from the aspect of having handled classified info, it seems that James Comey was as harsh as he could possibly be.  Of course this will not be enough for the usual suspects who want to spend millions in uselessly damning the Clintons, but he did what he could to protect the innocent by being mean to her.


  6. again this mornings news barely covered yesterday’s obama drama in north carolina but mostly played and replayed and over-played Hillary past statements that she didn’t send classified stuff juxtaposed with comey saying she did.

  7. I say he can turn out voters as long as Donna Brazile is not in charge of GOTV

    so he got his son in law to say some of Trump’s best friends are Jews….lol

    Corker said everyone loves trmp…down on the plantation

  8. wapo editorial board:
    FIRST, A shout-out to the investigator: In examining the use of a private email server for official business by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James B. Comey appears to have navigated treacherous waters with the commitment to principle and rule of law that any citizen could wish for. The FBI investigated thoroughly. It came to its conclusion in time for voters to factor it into their deliberations. Mr. Comey leveled with the American people, reporting to them even before reporting to his own bosses.
    And the conclusion he came to strikes us as being as sound as the process: Ms. Clinton was “extremely careless,” the FBI director said, but did not engage in the kind of intentional or willful mishandling of classified material that would warrant prosecution.

  9. Not having read the FBI release, and no intention of doing so, I will hazard that almost everything on the drives was everyday email.  The classified, which the FBI did state was classified to some level when it was sent, is disconcerting.  However, was it sent with the classification header and other identifying information (I have a clearance, and have had for many years so I understand this stuff)?  The questioning of the staff should have helped answer that question.

    One piece of the puzzle that has not been discussed beyond a cursory sentence or two during these days is what did the practice of prior Secretary of State’s do with there personal email.  We know Rice used her own.  Was this passed on to HRC as something she should consider?  During the last nine years technology has changed many fold especially with security.

    I do not support the use of personal servers anymore, I did run mine for many years, but switched to commercial servers as technology improved, mainly for security.  During the last few months my website has been under attack, so much so that I needed to add another level of software to prevent the hackers from accessing anything.  Even this last weekend they were at it.  However, the hackers today are using software and tools unavailable during her years as SoS.  It is possible that her servers had enough to protect them.  Stating that she could have been hacked was somewhat irresponsible, everything can be hacked with enough time and money, i.e. OPM and VA and a whole lota businesses.

    Did she make a mistake with her own email servers?  Without any doubt it was dumb and a mistake.  It is now a done deed and over with.  Will the Ryan investigation into the FBI result in anything.  Of course not.  Just another, Bengahzi the Movie (sorry Craig, I could not find it on Trailmix).

  10. BB

    Here is the short version of the pertinent point.  Anyone who has handled classified email can see why he couldn’t charge for the simple reason that there is no way to tell if she ever actually saw any of the classified material in the chain not did he give any indication of who originated, forwarded, or specifically referred to anything in the “CHAIN”.

    30,000 Emails inspected by FBI

    110 of those emails consisting of 52 email chains contained classified information at time sent or received.

    8 of those 52 chains contained Top Secret info

    36 contained Secret info

    8 contained Confidential material


    For the uninitiated “Confidential” is the ham sandwich level of classification.  No matter the stamp, you can usually find them in newspaper articles, library reference, these days wikipedia etc.  You can make paper airplanes out of most of them without harming anything.

    So basically .0147 % was deemed mishandled with no proof that there was any intent to do so nor was there any evidence it was ever seen by any negative entity though that was a possibility give that much of this might have been forwarded from Clinton’s Blackberry.

    From the GOP point of view as good an excuse as any for a new witch hunt, kangaroo court, and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.  Let the games begin.


  11. bb, it’s been reported that both colin powell and condileeza rice used their personal devices (and probably a bunch of the congress critters who are on the intel committeees if they’d ever admit it)….  so the fbi would be obliged imo to go after them and a few lower level folk if they charged her.

  12. patd – exactly what I was thinking.  Just saw that Ryan is calling the FBI Director to testify to Congress this week.  I suppose he could tell them something about what the Chinese read off their emails, but that would say the U.S. can read what the Chinese are reading.

    It would also be interesting to know what Trump is using for servers.  And, whether they are hardened.  That could be where Anonymous would be going and not telling us.

    In the federal government we are directed not use personal email accounts.  But, the reality is often there is no other way to send a copy of an award home, or something to ourselves or the boss at work.  People who are not in offices or connected to an office face the same problems.  There are workarounds to maintain a level of security though.

  13. Now and then a big story comes along that I avoid like sour milk, like Hillary’s “damn” emails. Mine eyes glaze over right past the headline and maybe a sentence or two.

  14. Craig…  ditto…

    although to be fair…  an awful lot about politics is making my eyes glaze over lately.  Perhaps the conventions will wake me up.

  15. The problem is that the story isn’t Clinton, it is the State Department handling of emails but because of  the Republican’s attempt to destroy Clinton  the most likely Democratic  nominee, nobody is holding the State Department accountable.

    It wasn’t just Clinton who was careless but also many lifers at State.



  16. As to Obama’s coat tales………


    This is the first time I have seen him out and campaigning for any body but himself.

    The lame duck Obama seems to be a free of all the constriction that the  former Obama had.



  17. I think it’s pretty nifty that the Liar of the House and the ripper caucus are pitting themselves and their brand against law enforcement. bush/cheney ruined the puglies’ reputation for tough foreign policy with their disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the pugns’ congressthugs are putting themselves in the camp of the cosa nostra, alqaeda, and anti-cop protesters. This should make for great down-ticket tv ads.

  18. Jack,

    Right. Of course the senior people in all of the departments, not just SD, are in their 60s, and being senior, are not exactly swift and savvy in the use of electronic gizmos and security measures.

  19. re Craig’s comment that the Prez couldn’t deliver in the mid-term elections, Obama’s approval ratings are 10 points higher today than they were 2 years ago. He can now make a difference with the Indies in swing states. He might even be able to make a difference in South TX, GA, and SC.

  20. The Republicans are stupid Comey will make mince meat of the committee because they only know talking points and he has been through all the material.  At the end of the day, the goops will be painted with the picture that they have used public money for strictly political purposes and insulted another Republican.

  21. The goops have to ask themselves  – Comey is protected he has no obligation to do anything but his job.   Why would he protect Clinton

    He has no reason to do that

  22. Clinton should add up all the money and time spent on her and Bill in the various witch hunts, fake factfinding and other ridiculous politically motivated craptastic bullshit over the years

    You have to ask yourself why the Republicans are so afraid of Clinton –any Clinton

  23. Agree, RR, maybe the conventions will get me going again. Meanwhile, I’m going back to Jupiter. Warning: I’ll probably do another space nerd thread tomorrow unless somebody comes up with something else.

  24. btw, I haven’t deep searched so maybe I missed it, but can find no sign Obama has said a word about Juno — which really irritates me, if that is so.

  25. There are a bunch of Obama tweets on the Juno mission –does that count?

  26. The House investigation of the FBI.  Now that make some of the pugn members look like the idiots they are. I suspect Comey’s days as FBI director are numbered.

  27. Pogo

    He’s about 3 or 4 years into a 10 year term

    If I were a stupid gooper giving him a hard time I’d be worried about the FBI investigating me

    If I were her I would let Comey defend the report and decision

  28. The British inquiry into the Iraq war is something to behold.    Link to the report through WaPo.


    As for Dems booing Bernie for not endorsing Hillary yet, they just don’t get it.  She is not a Dem, except on some social issues (and only moved that way because it was helpful to her).  More importantly, she is a tainted candidate.

    Furthermore, I believe they are putting all of their eggs in one basket which is labeled Trump.  I still think it’s possible that something will happen to present a different GOP nominee.

    Even if Trump is the nominee (and the Dems are depending on Herr Bigmouth’s unpopularity to help Clinton), she doesn’t have any appeal on the issues Bernie has presented so well.   I see a lot of folks writing in Bernie, Stein, Johnson..,or just voting “none of the above” by staying home.

  29. NASA actually made th Google “top stories” list.  Ahead of T Swift and everything.

  30. jack, lol at your “sqanders” misspell. it aptly and succinctly reflects the sentiment of this from the article linked:

    “It was frustrating because he’s squandering the movement he built with a self-obsession that was totally on display,” said a senior Democrat, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

  31. Corker now the elder statesman of the Republican party is a used car salesman who used racist ads to get elected to the Senate

    Except for the fact that he looked like Trump’s puppet he would have been a great running mate No reporters seems to want to say that Corker is short


  32. any bets on media dropping their incessant chatter on the goper email outrage to report on the special announcement by prez keeping 8400 troops in Afghanistan or the blair/dubya dastardly doings?

  33. Clinton’s current strength shows she is getting all but the burnt-out deadenders

    It’s always interesting to see Republicans defending Clinton and Dems attacking her using past their sell by date gooper arguments

  34. kgc, aren’t all the prospective brides of trumpenstein a bit on the height-challenged spectrum compared to the monster?  some even tubbier.

  35. I think Mike Pence is closer to his size but Newtie has such a big personality

    Chris Christies arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  I hope not  4 months of that

  36. The presumptive Republican nominee said Wednesday that his campaign’s pool of potential running mates stands at 10 people, and more “very big names” want to be considered.

    He tells the Fox News Channel: “A lot of people are calling me that you wouldn’t even think about. They want to have their names thrown into the hat.”

    Trump made the comments shortly after two prospective vice presidential picks, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker and Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, seemed to bow out in media interviews. Trump met with both in recent days.

  37. Jack

    Thanks for the article.. Bernie, def past his sell by date. I’m not concerned what Bernie does or doesn’t do anymore. Bernie has lost respect from those members like he has so many of us. Only a small inconsequential few of his supporters won’t support Hillary and that’s fine. I think HRC has support of 89% of Dems and that’s great..

  38. Obama killed the STS.

    A fun day was spent with my mother.  I showed her how to look at her DNA, and how to find all sorts of cousins who are all over the world.   Showed her how DNA is compared and described why I am not exactly like my siblings.  We went over a few family trees to show how our cousins trees are similar, but very different.  Ah, science.  I now have a folder full of pages to scan for her.  And a bonus, newspapers from the U.S.S. Idaho, October, 1921.  My grandfather served on her.  An added bonus, receipts from the military institute my father was enrolled in.  It is interesting how expensive clothing issue was in 1943.  My father graduated and was immediately in the Army.  Knew how to ski, so the Army made him a ferrier (horseshoeer).

    Damned if cell phones are not a catcher of murderers in blue.  It is a shame they are failing training (at least I hope so).  I do have a son who is a cop, so I have concerns for his safety and life.  As I put it when I was running for office, every time I hear of a cop injured or killed, my stomach does a drop and flip-flop while I try to find out where and who.


  39. My apologies to Bernie Sanders…I heard his name on the roll call on C-span and as he joined the dems in blocking the vote on the Cruz’s sanctuary city bill.”  He is back in the fold and I have seen a few headlines that Bernie and Hillary may do a joint event next week.   Bern needs to get his words out of the trumpmaniac’s pie hole.


  40. deadbeat donald doesn’t need a running mate. He’s GREAT enough to be two great ones all by himself. Believe me, he’s really GREAT.

  41. Who would submit to a gigantic maggot like the bad roger ailes ? Even a slut like tweetybird matthews would reject him.

  42. X

    Yep, Ailes is a maggot and then some.. None of whats come out surprises me.. Look at the women on Fox so called news.. All forced to wear short skirts and play ball with the sexism.. Hatful from the top at Fox..

  43. At Fox news the old question, ” who do you have to screw to get this job” is more than rhetorical. It’s fact.

    Fox News motto. ‘You screw, we decide,’

    They were always such a class act. Not!!

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