Under Other Than Honorable Discharge

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

The one thing a transgender soldier, airman, sailor or Marine did not want to happen is to be discovered as transgender.  Before June 30, 2016, if you were found out you faced being tossed out of the military.  That was bad, you did not want to leave except at the end of your enlistment.  If you had a nasty commander you might end up with an “Other Than Honorable” discharge, that made being discharged even worse.

transgenderMilitaryYou spent your entire military service in a deep lie.  Afraid of being found out.  If you lived off base you had a closet to hide in when off duty.  But, you probably would not invite anyone over.  If you lived in a barracks you were stuck unless you had a separate room.  But, you were always afraid of inspections which might find panties in your locker.  You were always looking over your shoulder if you went to clubs or on a date.

Today, July 1, 2016, life has changed for those in the military who are transgender.  Think back over the sequence of changes which have hit the Pentagon during the last years.  Gays and Lesbians, okay to serve.  Women allowed in combat MOS.  Transgender service men and women allowed to serve openly.  Read the last two sentences again.

Taught to kill in basic training and then kill in other ways in more training.  That is every soldier’s life.  It does not matter if you wear a skirt or coat and tie off duty you learn how to pull the trigger on duty.  In America that has been going on since the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Many transgender people have served honorably and many of died fighting for our country.

A question is asked about why enlist in an organization which you know does not want you?  For some, they have a deep sense of patriotism, a sense of duty.  Many see military service as a way to see the world.  More than a handful see it as a way of proving to themselves, and others, that they are man enough or strong enough or tough enough, and not feminine (denial of being transgender).  And, during wartime, combat is a way to commit suicide covered in glory and a flag.

Today I am so happy for so many transgender people in uniform.  They no longer need to hide who they are.

Yes there will be push back by some.  But, it is the military and the orders are issued to treat trans soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines the same as every other soldier, sailor, airman and Marine.  You do not disobey legal orders in the military.

For so long this day was a dream.  A dream that I expected would never come true.  Now, this day is so happy.  A deep relief has come over me as it has many others.  I know of others who cannot know of this day, they are dead.  The cause does not matter anymore.

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Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. A brilliant post, BB, thank you. And the next Sousa somehow seems appropriate:

  2. Yes, I echo Flatus’ sentiments.  That piece of paper may ease the burden for Trans soldiers, but it will open them up to other burdens – my experience with GIs is that tolerance is in short supply.  But I hope I am proved wrong.

  3.  A day before it was due to come into effect, a federal judge has blocked a Mississippi law permitting those with religious objections to deny wedding services to same-sex couples and impose dress and bathroom restrictions on transgender people.
    U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves found on Thursday the wide-ranging law adopted this spring unconstitutionally discriminated against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and others who do not share the view that marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Reeves issued an injunction blocking the law that was to take effect on Friday.

    Take that, bigots.

  4. And one last post before heading to the South for a week in the sun – trump (idiot presumptive nominee of the repugnican party) said the other day that if Scalia had been alive, the Texas decision would have been different.  Apparently trump thinks that 5-4  is a different decision than 5-3.  Arithmetic much, donald?

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  6. Pogo, it is up to the leaders in the field, the colonels and top NCOs to make this work. And if the colonels don’t provide the committed leadership that is required, their sgts major, master chiefs, and chief master sgts must push them out of the way and educate the less senior officers and the senior NCOs on their own. And if the top NCO is the problem, vice versa. Zero tolerance on this one.

  7. Some of the strangest and funniest hate posts are from those professing to be veterans or active duty.  They toss out phrases and terms that might make sense if you watched the movie.  If you are or have been in the military you can smell them from the first sentence.  I will not profess to encouraging idiots, but I will not admit to ignoring them. As a trans person I learned to live with them and not show them things I have learned in life.

    Keep in mind that the active duty troops are 18 to 24 year olds who know and are friends with LGBT people.  Their superiors are 20 to 35 year olds, who know and are friends with LGBT people.  Those who are upset about LGBT people in the military are not actually in the military.  Yes, there are people such as the Marine Corps commander who are not happy about being told that LGBT people will be in his command.  He will accept there will be LGBT people in his command or he will retire.

    It is ordered that LGBT people will serve in the U.S. military and so we will.


  8. It is really hard to have it both ways, but the GOP & Media really give it a good honest try while adjusting their tin foil chapeaus … Bless their hearts.



  9. All the best to whskyjack & everyone helping him.


    Blue Bronc,

    Excellent Post.

  10. From Politico, an interesting read about a complicated woman.

    ut five years before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage and President Obama lit up the White House in the colors of the rainbow, Hillary Clinton and her staff at the State Department made a change that for thousands of people was exactly that—revolutionary. Clinton enacted a new rule making it easier for transgender people to register their identities on their passports. Sexual reassignment surgery was no longer necessary; all that was required was a doctor’s note. At the time, this was the most pro-transgender action by the federal government ever, and—coming a full six years before the Pentagon announced transgender troops could serve openly—it stands as one of the most progressive things Clinton has ever done. In a single stroke, she made the passport the best way—for some, the only way—for American citizens to prove they were who they were. For transgender people, it was—according to recent conversations I have had with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experts and advocates—“huge,” “enormous,” “monumental.”

  11. Carlos Santana homered in the 19th inning off infielder Darwin Barney and the Cleveland Indians set a franchise record by winning their 14th straight game. Wow the man does get around.



  12. Thanks to everybody, who pushed the button,  I will be sending you each a personal thankyou later.

    I suspect  Pastor Murillo and Juan are going to be surprised when we tell them of your generosity.



  13. Flatus, I’m sure you’re right about the leadership’s role.  My brother in law was a career Army nco.  I’ve got my doubts.

  14. let’s hope the colonels do the right thing.. congrats bb – another battle won..

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