She says tomato and he says tomahto. Let’s call the whole thing off.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Respond to Istanbul Airport Attack:

“Can you imagine them sitting around the table or wherever they’re eating their dinner, talking about the Americans don’t do waterboarding and yet we chop off heads?” Trump asked. “They probably think we’re weak, we’re stupid, we don’t know what we’re doing, we have no leadership. You know, you have to fight fire with fire.”

It was unclear if Trump was advocating for the United States to allow the same kind of behaviors that ISIS and other terror groups employ. A request for clarification went unanswered by the Trump campaign.

Clinton — the presumptive Democratic nominee — responded to the attacks, meanwhile, with a statement of solidarity that harkened back to her days as U.S. secretary of state.

“Terrorists have struck again in the heart of one of our NATO allies — and all Americans stand united with the people of Turkey against this campaign of hatred and violence,” she said. “Today’s attack in Istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world.”

She stressed the need for the U.S. to “deepen our cooperation with our allies and partners in the Middle East” to confront the threat of terrorism.

“Such cooperation is essential to protecting the homeland and keeping our country safe,” Clinton said.

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57 thoughts on “She says tomato and he says tomahto. Let’s call the whole thing off.”

  1. Donald J. Trump
    If you want to know about Hillary Clinton’s honesty & judgment, ask the family of Ambassador Stevens.


    By Robin Wright

    Whom do you fault for the lack of security that resulted in the death of your brother, in Benghazi?

    It is clear, in hindsight, that the facility was not sufficiently protected by the State Department and the Defense Department. But what was the underlying cause? Perhaps if Congress had provided a budget to increase security for all missions around the world, then some of the requests for more security in Libya would have been granted. Certainly the State Department is underbudgeted.
    I do not blame Hillary Clinton or Leon Panetta. They were balancing security efforts at embassies and missions around the world. And their staffs were doing their best to provide what they could with the resources they had. The Benghazi Mission was understaffed. We know that now. But, again, Chris knew that. It wasn’t a secret to him. He decided to take the risk to go there. It is not something they did to him. It is something he took on himself.

  2. Thanks for the Robin Wright story, Tony. I have always admired her knowledge, courage, and communication skills. She’s the top.

  3. Slow day on the Trail. eh?  Much of my morning has been spent researching ancestors on my mother’s side to determine which one(s) might be my Native American ancestor.  Going back eight, nine and more generations removes anything modern from the mix.  Spelling, relationships are very fluid, language was more English than American, as was all of life.  Oh wait, click on bulb, they were Englifh.

    This morning was a wonderful relief from the constant blather from the morning news shows.  Typical is “Trump said blah blah hate ignorance stupid” followed by the clip of him spewing the same.  That would be followed, occasionally, the Republicans called her a liar and a bad woman, with the clip to back it up.  Followed maybe “Hillary was in poodunk” with a single picture of HRC with an odd look.  None of that this morning.  It was a quick mention on where Trump is and the same for Hillary.  Nothing about the nothing Republican $7,000,000 attack on her.  I guess they could not find a way to use a failed expedition into HRC life.

  4. Apparently Trump thinks that being outlandish and unpredictable are qualifications to be president.

    Note to the Donald; they’re not!!

  5. Too good not to pass along from buddy Anna Molly on Facebook (friend her if you go there):

    A brief, but detailed, paraphrased synopsis of Donald J. Drumpf’s succinct, but in-depth analysis of the current state of terrorism, as just overheard on MSNBC:

    “It’s bad, folks. Bad. Really bad. There’s something going on, and it’s bad. And we need to find out what it is. Because it’s bad. Really bad. And we need to be smart. And we need to be tough. Because it’s bad. Really, really bad. And if we don’t do something about it, we’re not going to have any country left, folks. Because it’s bad. Believe me.”

    And upon hearing Drumpf’s wise words, Republicans on the House Select Committee on Benghazi, who were just finishing up their 5-hour celebratory champagne lunch after issuing their comprehensive, 800-page Benghazi report in PDF format that you can print at home, stood up and cheered. “It’s bad,” they agreed. “Really bad. People died. Okay, now that we’ve determined it’s bad, we’re sure we can find a way to pin it on Hillary Clinton. Someone start working on subpoenas. Find out where she was earlier today. Did she sleep through the attack on the Istanbul airport? Her e-mails must have something to do with it. Can anyone get on the phone and book a hearing room? And we need to start drafting our report. Since none of us plan to show up at the Lunatic’s convention, we have the entire months of July and August to work on this. When we’re not campaigning, that is. By the way, can someone start working on the fundraising mailer? Our report should be ready just before the election. That oughta tank her poll numbers. If Democrats ask what we’re doing, just tell them we’re working on our secret plan for gun control, and they can feel free to use the House chamber for their little protest until we have it ready. They’ll buy it, if we buy lunch.”

  6. Blue Bronc

    My great grandmother Hannah Lucinda Province was according to 1880 Arkansas census born in 1848 in Alabama and got married in Illinois in 1869 following Civil War.  No record seems to be in existence of how she got through several states or met her future German husband who had served in the Illinois infantry on Union side during the war.  By family lore she was partially Indian and had relatives who survived the 1838 Trail of Tears. My DNA on that maternal line has a tiny percentage simply labeled as “other” than the predominant Scottish/English and smaller percentage German lines.

    In the one picture I saw of her, she was dark haired, darker complected, and hawk nosed.  Attractive but definitely NOT of European derivation, so I have to assume that was the “other” showing up.  What that “other” was from her husband’s parentage, my very Southern (in war and peace) grandmother preferred not to discuss or acknowledge.

    For my purposes, me and my very high cheek bones are claiming Pocahontas … lol


  7. tony, thanks for the wright link.  not just Benghazi but behind most of the atrocities we’ve seen occur right here at home, amb Stevens’ brother has it nailed and the buck stops at: ” if Congress had provided a budget to increase security for all missions around the world, then some of the requests for more security in Libya would have been granted” …in other words critterville is to blame for most of this mess here and abroad. 


  8. Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama will campaign together for the first time in 2016 when they meet in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday, Clinton’s campaign said.
    The joint appearance was first set for earlier in June in Wisconsin, but was rescheduled in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack.

  9. this was a good ad by lizzie back during her senate race.  short, to the point and comes across very credible.



  10. Craig… thanks for the Nate Silver article.  If Nate is correct this time too…  thank god this country has not lost it’s collective mind.  All anyone has to know about the difference between Trump and Clinton is in the quotes above.  One is presidential and the other is an orange asshole.

    And yes… I was a little hard on you yesterday. The continuing criticism of Hillary doesn’t bother me as much as some here. But your slighting of Warren did get my dander up. Let’s just say I was channeling my inner Patsi.

  11. Yep RR I am trying to make this one of my pro Hillary days. Didn’t mean to slight Warren, just Schumer.

    Off for my first doctor visit in 6 years. Nothing wrong but David and my Dad  think it’s past time to get a primary care doctor (have heard from reliable sources I turn 60 next month, but I never keep track of that). Picked the closest one in my insurance network, a pleasant .8 mile walk.

  12. wapo story  Sorry, Scott Brown: A DNA test can’t tell us if Elizabeth Warren has Native American roots  

    Nanibaa’ Garrison is a bioethicist and assistant professor of pediatrics at Seattle Children’s Hospital. A Native American, she earned a PhD in the Department of Genetics at Stanford, with a dissertation focused on ancestry. In a phone call Tuesday afternoon, she explained why Brown’s suggestion — and the Republican National Committee insisted on Tuesday that it was only that, a suggestion — wouldn’t do any good.

    “It’s really difficult to say that a DNA test would be able to identify how much Native American ancestry a person has,” Garrison said.

    That’s because determinations of ancestry are based on “ancestry-informative markers” — genetic flags that offer probabilities of the likelihood of certain ancestries. Most of those markers, AIMs, are “based on global populations that are outside of the U.S.,” she said, “primarily people of European descent, people of Asian descent and people of African descent.

    Those three populations are not enough to determine how much Native American ancestry a person has.”

  13. Jaime – If you have not found it yet, another website takes you to a new level in DNA analysis. has many tools including DNA samples from ancients.  You can find out your percentages better than in Ancestry.  Also, more cousins will be found, hundreds more.

  14. Patd

    As I said above.  I’m claiming the “Other” for Warren and me…. lol


  15. Blue

    I have a male cousin currently sending for the 23 and me that does more of that for my male line but he doesn’t share my female line so I may have to do another one than the Ancestry I’ve already done.  Thanks for the lead.



  16. And yet, a good deal of this mess is Hillary’s responsibility from her days as SOS, unless you’d like to just blame Obama.

    I found her “time to move on” statement about the deaths of our people in Benghazi particularly heartless.  Where’s the kindness and love that some have tagged to her name?    She’s careless and corrupt.

    With each day, I become more disillusioned with Clinton.  I can’t believe she still has some people snowed.  The willingness to give her a pass on absolutely everything tells me this is only because she’s a woman.  This is not the woman I want in the WH; she would be so horrible that she would likely be the last for many, many decades.

    I still don’t think Trump will be the Repug nominee.   The emails have not gone away, so Hillary may not be the Dem nominee, either.

    It’s been a weird season.  Wouldn’t it be nice to end it with two, completely different candidates for the general?



  17. All of my ancestors were middle class hunter-gatherers or used flint merchants around Olduvai Gorge.

  18. Dallas,

    2 completely different candidates ? How about Willkie and FDR ? win-win

  19. Short of an indictment, Hillary will be the Dem nominee, Bernie supporters’ pipe dreams to the contrary.  The difference between Hillary and Trump with respect to their parties is that Hillary’s party wants her as their nominee and drumpf’s party does not want him.

    Blue, while our preferred candidates are different, you and I have the same problem – no matter how we vote the pugn nominee will win our state, so except to make us feel warm inside, our votes won’t matter in the presidential race.

  20. blueid, from this story at daily beast last year, it sounds like chris’ frienda tho’t it was more than time to move on… the 7 million dollar so-called investigation was to them a travesty and insult to him. here’s a sample:

    This “investigation” now constitutes openly and defiantly urinating on the grave of Amb. Stevens. Many diplomats and friends of Stevens’s are aghast at this. “It’s a desecration of Chris’s memory,” says his old friend Daniel Seidemann, the American-born and Jerusalem-based peace activist who got to know Stevens during the latter’s time in Israel. “That this should be the ‘reward’ for the finest American public servant I ever met is a sad commentary on the decay of political culture in the United States. Shameless.”

    Hillary praised him [see vid below] when announcing his death and later called him an American hero speaking at ceremonies in honor of him.

  21. BlueINd, let’s just get over it. I share many of your concerns, but there’s really no alternative at this point

  22. Blue… you obviously need this…

    Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

  23. 1. The way I read the deadbeat’s economic speech, he means to bring the country back to life by raising taxes that he carefully calls tariffs. Has anyone in the media noticed yet that tariffs are actually taxes ?

    2. In a singsong litany of items at the end of the speech, d.t claims that under his leadership the US will craft (of Pittsburgh steel) roads, bridges, and skyscrapers. Steel ! Steel ! Steel ! It’s all very 1930s blast-furnace retro, as if he is were calling generations of dead ironworkers to rise from their graves and follow his lead into a better past. 

    Call Comrade Drumpfgashvili the Man of Steel, Saviour of the Red State, and the greatest leader in history. He brings prosperity to cadavers. 

  24. xR – Trump has no knowledge of America and the world outside of his bubble.  There are a few custom foundries around.  They could make decorative parts for the cast iron bridges.  I suppose the loon would put brigades of woodsmen/women to work hollowing out tree trunks for water and sewer pipes too.

  25. A modest amount of the old squint-eye turns this election into a zany madcap and farcical mis-adventure.

  26. Morning news schmuck: Oh, Trump said thus and such…….what are you going to do about it?

    Republican guest:  well, sometimes, thus IS such, and then again sometimes it’s not… have to take the thus and make of it what you will, while the such must be judged against what the common norm is considered to be amongst so-called common norm voters, and I think that’s the way you have to look at it.

  27. red- you are truly delusional, just a drag.  you have had such a personality change- honestly i suggest you go see a dr  that piece of advice is to the blue i use to know and enjoy.  now i will return to my policy of scroll by.

  28. I think what the deadbeat meant to say in his economic speech is that if he is elected the Great Depression will be only a memory.

  29. Sturgeone, your 6:18 pm post has the routine down to perfection. Do you by any chance write scripts for squawking heads programs ?

  30. Tweety thinks Trump’s message makes sense…well only if you are a knee jerk idiot
    Tweety’s guest fact checked Trump’s position and pointed that this isolationist policy usually causes economic problems and so on.. and even in the face of that the moroooon still went on to say Trump’s message was good even if totally false



  31. Did tweety say that it was good, meaning good for the campaign, or meaning good for America, motherhood, & apple pie ?

    Anyone who can watch tweety is tougher than I am, Ms Cracker.

  32. Anyone notice that the reading of the possible side effects takes longer than the rest of the ad?

  33. Do not take Brunhildin if you have breathed lately or plan to in the near future……possible side effects include diarrhea, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, and some users have reported feelings of terminal depression. If your private parts turn bright azure blue, cease taking Brunhildin immediately and if you have time, consult your doctor.

  34. Our bird vet, who does bird rescue and helps place parrots and other birds in need  of a new home(that squawking you hear in the back ground is Kiki a blue front amazon, murderous little bastard)

    Tonight she put out an emergency rescue email for a rooster and all I can think of is chicken and dumplings.



  35. Trump drives up numbers, Tweety needs those numbers to justify his paycheck, Tweety has been at this so long that his numbers are all he cares about.

    With HRC kicking ass the world is getting boring. I’ve notice a number of sites getting desperate to make this a horse race.

    Internet journalism or cable journalism both oxymorons. With strong emphasis on the moron .

  36. Sturg, you left out.” ..and in rare cases, death. In case of death immediately contact your physician. “

  37. Oxymorons for the moronic.


    You must actually know that the “what difference does it make?” sentence was in response to the committee hounding with multiple versions of the same question about reasons given for the attack asked during that 11 hour marathon and the very next sentence was (to paraphrase) “What do we do now so that it doesn’t happen again?”  Hardly the statement of someone who doesn’t care.

    I get really really tired of the right wing talking points accepted as truth by people who should know better.  You may disagree with her actions, but Hillary Clinton is hardly the devil incarnate about to doom the nation to Armageddon unless armed militia with “run Hillary” on their front bumpers destroy her immediately.




  38. Cable Journalism Oxymoron

    For those too young to remember TV News as it once was:  Walter Cronkite’s First CBS broadcast.

  39. You know, I got to thinking about the Benghazi thing and here’s my take:  On the day that four Americans died in Benghazi, 90 Americans died in America, all as a result of gun violence. The Republican Congress launched 8, or is it 9, investigations, spent over seven million dollars looking into the four Americans who died in Libya and spent $0 and launched 0 investigations into the 90 Americans who died in America as a result of gun violence that day. No I’m certain that the investigations into Benghazi were not political. Brought to you by the Republican congress, bought and paid for by the NRA. A$$holes, all.

  40. Oldsea, I’d like to tolerate differences of opinion here without labels like “delusional” tho I agree BlueInD’s scenario about different nominees is unlikely. Let’s all please get through this with limbs intact.

  41. Kikkoman teriyaki marinade ruined our dinner tonight. My chicken kabobs tasted like a salt lick. Then I saw the ingredients: 25% reccomended maximum daily intake of sodium PER TABLESPOON, 610mg, and 39 tablespoons in a 20oz bottle. That’s what, almost 24,000mg of salt? And I cluelessly, stupidly used the whole bottle to marinade overnight.

  42. Craig-she’s a big girl and knows exactly what she’s doing. part of that was directed at me- i responded directly. i don’t use her passive aggressive tactics. she is still going on about the emails- and that hillary might not be the nominee because of them?!!  delusional was kind. and not much different than snowed.

  43. craig- her post was so offensive in so many ways- basically she called everyone here , except for you and our few resident repubs “snowed”.  she reduces hillary’s popularity to being a woman then goes on to say the bit about decades??  the mysogyny she spouts is beyond the pale.  i have learned  to overlook her posts full of hatred  however i did fall into her trap  tonight.  my bad,  i will go back to ignoring her.

  44. I must say reading Ms BiD lately reminds me of reading Gordo.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that……..

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