Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

After this week nothing seems quite appropriate. May this bring you a few moments of peace and tranquility. Bless you all.

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  1. Blessed are they who post beautiful music for heathens to hear for they bring wonder to those who yearn for wonder.

  2. jace & pogo, yes beautiful way to start the day.  had to smile tho’ when clicked on there was an ad just below j.c. saying “we buy new and used instruments”

  3. May there be Peace in the Mass. Jace, thank you for making such a thoughtful choice–a virtually impossible task when LGBT folks still fear for their existence.

  4. Trump in the Dumps
    Maureen Dowd

    His obnoxious use of ethnicity only exposed the fact that Republicans had been using bigotry against minorities and gays to whip up voters for decades. The G.O.P. would love to drop Trump now because it prefers a candidate in the party’s more subtle racist traditions. (Or even a candidate savvy enough to heap disdain on the 47 percent of government freeloaders at a ritzy fund-raiser without having a bartender tape it and leak it.)
    The neocons calling Trump a fascist would certainly prefer a more militaristic candidate. Trump realized the Iraq war was misbegotten long before much of the media cognoscenti in New York, and he was willing to hold W. accountable for being asleep at the switch before 9/11 and using a bait-and-switch on Iraq. Even though he ranted about the press, he was also far more available to the media than the cloaked Hillary Clinton, who has yet to give a news conference this year. But he undermines his accessibility when he incites nastiness against reporters at his rallies and revokes The Washington Post’s credentials for a headline he doesn’t like.

    Dowdy writes a good one today and still finds time for a Hillary jab!

  5. The Republicans’ Big Hot Mess
    Frank Bruni

    What a total, utter freak show this promises to be, and not in the manner that Republicans feared just months ago. They wondered then if the convention would be contested, with Trump and Ted Cruz dueling for delegates. Now they’re looking at four excruciating days that will be light on appropriate speakers, short on cash and long on God-knows-what other than the music of Trump’s voice and the shimmer of Trump’s hair.
    He’s in a bind. He has expressed the desire for an event incorporating more show business than usual (shocker!), but bling doesn’t come cheap, and neither corporate sponsors nor individual donors are coming around in their usual numbers to contribute.

    Will Tightwad Trump foot the bill himself? That’s hard to envision, given how many vendors he’s stiffed over time. And how loath he is

    to paying taxes. And how grudgingly he’s been known to follow through on a charitable donation. And how exultant he’s been about not pumping huge sums into his campaign.

    The pall over Cleveland reflects an animosity between him and other Republicans that’s only getting worse. There’s no way to overstate how extraordinary all of this is.

  6. Tony

    Her Dowdiness has become like “Where’s Waldo” … Hunt through the column to find the latest jealous, woman scorned slam at one or both Clintons.

  7. Happy, happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads on this blog!

    When Monty Python wrote the line of “Blessed are the Cheese makers” in Life of Brian it has turned out to be somewhat prophetic…    as it applies to drumpf and his followers.

  8. Jamie

    You bet. I always scroll down first to find the Hillary or Bill snark and it never fails.. No matter how far off topic she is she gets it in her piece..

  9. from wapo:

    Although Hillary Clinton has clinched the party’s nomination, Sanders retains one of the trappings of a top-notch candidate. A team of agents still guards him at his home, where they’ve constructed a small watch station on the property. They travel with him on commercial and charter flights and use a motorcade to whisk him through cities he visits. And they recently marched alongside him during a gay-pride event here in his home town after the Orlando shootings.

    Such round-the-clock protection can cost taxpayers more than $38,000 a day. And with the potential for the Secret Service to be watching over Sanders through the Democratic convention in Philadelphia five weeks from now, the taxpayers may get stuck with a big security bill long after his campaign receded from the daily cable-news cycle.


    Even with an expansive 2016 presidential field — mostly on the Republican side — Sanders was one of only four candidates to receive protection from the Secret Service during the primaries this year.

    As the spouse of a former president, Clinton was already covered for life. And at various points, the service started providing coverage for Sanders and two Republicans: Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and now the GOP’s presumptive nominee, and Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who dropped out in March after disappointing showings in the first nominating contests.

    By law, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has the authority to grant protection to “major” presidential candidates who request it, after consultation with an advisory committee of congressional leaders. Often, the candidate will have received threats or has reason to believe that an additional risk exists.

    There is no formal trigger for ending a candidate’s protection, but that typically happens once a candidate “suspends” his campaign or otherwise makes clear he is dropping out. A candidate is also free to relieve the agents of their services at any time.


    hey bern, those taxpayers who’re paying 38 grand per day for your security are the 99% you say you’re so concerned about… the 1% hardly ever pay taxes (just ask donald and mitt)

  10. Well having a dad’s day with LP. Painting the athroom in his new apartment listening to SNL reruns. Not bad all told

  11. Have had a very pleasant Fathers’ Day. Sue treated me and her hubby to a very pleasant breakfast at a local establishment. It was a beautiful morning–crisp and clear with temp in the 50s. Now they’re in a top-down drive to Charlotte. Now I’m sitting here keeping track of Pogo’s and my two Cleveland teams. Nice.

  12. lizzie giving ’em hell again.  from mediaite: Elizabeth Warren Destroys Scott Brown and Trump: ‘Celebrity Apprentice Meets The Biggest Loser’

    Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Party superstar Elizabeth Warren has made it her mission in life to roast presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump like a 200-lb chuck shoulder, and on Saturday, Warren served him up with a side order of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. In her speech at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention, Warren sounded the now-familiar notes about Donald Trump as a “thin-skinned money-grubber,” but found fresh inspiration in former opponent Scott Brown, whom Trump once floated as a possible running mate.

    After “apologizing” to the crowd for defeating Brown, thus sending him off to an unsuccessful senatorial bid in New Hampshire, Warren mocked the possibility of a Donald Trump-Scott Brown ticket with a series of crack one-liners that referenced the controversy over her Native American heritage, Trump’s and Brown’s shared weirdness about their daughters, and one particularly Hillary Clinton-centric barb: Let’s face it, nobody knows more about losing to a girl than Scott Brown.

  13. Flatus,

    It’s always a great day when someone beats the former St Paul Saints (now doing business as the Chicago white sox). comiskey was also a loud-mouthed deadbeat.

  14. x,

    When you mention vanished teams it makes me think of the St Louis Browns and the Washington Senators. For sure, there are others as well. It’s all the damned selfish dollar. Bastards. And now everyone wants new stadiums paid for by the folks here.

  15. Thanks to all for your comments on today’s post.

    Feel sort of like I’ve been in a cave. Packing and bundling and getting ready to move. All is where it should be except for my nerves.

    If all goes according to plan we will arrive in Gig Harbor WA. next Sunday. Talk about serendipitous!

  16. Another fitting tune Jace, thanks.

    Father’s Day festvities here in Orlando: Had dinner tonight at one of Dad’s favorites, LongHorn Steakhouse. Tomorrow, all day at VA hospital for xrays and checkups. Tuesday, Father and Son trimmings at Supercuts. Swimming in the pool between thunderstorms, breakfasts on the porch watching birds and other critters play in the natural Florida habitat we (and Mom) spent 45 years nurturing — and plenty of naps.

  17. Speaking of profiling, it appears as though Bill & Hillary might fit the profile of doting grandparents.

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