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  1. Some past election numbers.  Hillary truly has won this thing.

    Click graphic to enlarge for detail

  2. IT IS MORNING IN AMERICA  ! Please pardon my exultant shout. Clinton was my 3d choice this year, and I am JUBILANT ! Jubilant that she is going to become my president, jubilant that she is going to bring nourishment to the down-ticket campaigns, and jubilant that America’s male chauvinist piggery will be turned into burnt sausages.

    Damn, this is a good day.

  3. 2007 – wavering between Hillary and Obama.  At a conference and almost crunch Obama in a hall walking and looking the other way.  The next day, same thing but at a union rally and almost crunch Hillary the same way.  Ended up endorsing Obama.  At the 2008 convention in Denver, I gave my up close tickets to the stage away.  I picked up a ticket in the South Stands, three rows from the top.  It was great.  The up close seats were for politicians and the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  I was up in the stands with people who were not in power.  Who were not represented.  These people, Hispanic and Black, cried for the man.  Color and standing were of no concern.  A man of color was elected.

    I had not backed HRC.  My original instinct was to support her.  Now she is the one.  I am so happy for her.  There will be a fight like nothing in the past.  There will be all sorts of hate and disgusting garbage from Trump.  But, he is digging his hole not hers.  She is the one I want in office during these difficult times.  I am proud to back Hillary.  At last we can say someone responsible will run the country.

  4. Loving the picture of Patsi.  She is probably passing out shots in heaven, so don’t count on your guardian angel tonight!!!!

    James Carville was just on MSNBC and basically saying what I have been saying for months:  He doesn’t believe Donald Trump will make it to the Convention.  Someway, somehow the  GOP will get him to drop out before Cleveland.

    Craig, Will you be going to Philadelphia in any capacity?


  5. Anyone who was here for the wars of 2008 will understand why I am totally over the moon tonight.  I had nothing against Barack Obama and think he and his family have graced the White House and brought honor to the Presidency while facing very difficult conditions.

    All that being true …. YAY HILLARY!!!!!

  6. Craig

    Fully understand but had hoped you would have Press credentials for an insider look at the goings on.  Enjoy making great dinners instead.


  7. Hey, what a great post! Renee you did good! All the ladies are breaking glass today…

    Was nice video chatting with you all today at the restaurant.. Love to you all…

  8. Jamie- Lorraine’s theory (woman in photo with me and Renee) is that Trump didn’t really want to be pres.  He never dreamed it would all go this far so is doing what he can to sabotage himself- allowing himself to walk away.

  9. it’s super Tuesday

    no, it’s superfluous tuesday

    hell no, It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  10. Nate Silver final projections for tonight:

    Favorites tonight in decreasing order of certainty

  11. I like Philadelphia. However, I don’t think I’d want to attend this particular convention. With the wrongwing bigots whipped into a frenzy of misogyny and disogyny, I suspect that there will be some unhappy incidents around Phillie.

    Btw, this summer is 240 years after the Declaration of Independence. Abigail Adams would have made a fine president.

  12. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Hillary is leading in EVERY contest so far tonight except ND . Smallest margin is 4% in NM.  Others are 8% or more. Bill was right today.

  13. Patsi…wish you were here to see this historic night.  I can see you smiling from heaven.

    Go, Hillary, go!

  14. Having to watch the returns with the mute button on. Just can’t stand the right wing hacks, and the pundits who still seem think that Trump is somehow legitimate. Throwing up in my mouth just a bit.

  15. I really don’t know shit about the Dakotas, but apparently the only thing they have in common is their last name. Oh, wait, ND is caucus. THAT explains it.

  16. A fine post from some pretty fabulous women…the winos are still celebrating here in New Mexico (clink).

  17. OSH,  he said bernie’s supporters were loud and angry because they know that after tonight they are toast.  Jamie put the quote on the Last thread.

  18. ok thanks pogo- didn’t know he said that again today.

    bw- cheers!  wish we could be all together- what a party that would be.

  19. North Dakota Caucus to Sanders —- Speaking of rigged systems.  It is a caucus and they are.

  20. So in ND with 73% of the vote in Bernie has 63% of the 259 VOTES cast in the caucus? Can that be right?

  21. Definition of Caucus:  Low turn out event won by whomever has the most people who have the fewest responsibilities and can take a day off work.

    And yes. The total vote for ND was 275 people

  22. To put it into perspective, Bernie needed to win 68% of each state in order to catch Hilary in pledged delegates. He has won one state, North Dakota, and he got 63% in that state. Based on the reported numbers about 320 voters will decide the ND caucus. If that ain’t rigged nothing is.

  23. Just gotta do another shout out for who should have been our first woman president … Abigail Adams: “If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies we are determined to foment a rebellion and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.”

  24. North Dakota is thinly populated. That population is demographically the oldest and most rural in the nation. The state has been strongly republican for the better part of a decade. Old people don’t want to 20 – 60 miles to caucus, so the western part of the state probably stayed home tonight. The active caucuses are in the three big towns, Bismarck, Grand Forks, and Fargo. I suspect that those caucuses are largely made up of college kids.

  25. Sound system needs work for Hillary event, national anthem singer sounded like she was submerged in bath tub.

  26. Well, my two cents worth on Bernie’s desire to change the Dem nominating system is that if North Dakota is any indication of what he would like to see as the Democratic model, screw him. And now, Hillary Clinton,  your 2016 Democratic nominee for president.

  27. RR and OldSea — she did a glass ceiling reference in opening sentences — you nailed it gals

  28. The lines in Hillary’s speech are fucking great. ” …means taking America backward.”  Shit.  I wish I had written that line.

  29. ND caucus 355 votes, all in.  Hillary has a 2000 vote MARGIN in SD, with 78% of the vote in and a 210,000 vote margin in NJ…with 91% of the vote in. What’s wrong with this picture?

  30. The secret service guy behind Bill let’s me know that ex pres doesn’t get the hungry young guys.

  31. California polls close in 12 minutes.   Wonder what that will look like.  Regardless,  bernie’s run is over.  Someone send Jeff Weaver a postcard to let him know.  (That is what you send a comic book shop owner, right?) His exit from the field will be the best result of tonight for me.

  32. I poured a bit of preacher Craig’s finest in a sniffer and am  thinking  about it all. First , the real goal is Hillary up on the podium, with her hand on the bible  swearing to uphold the constitution. That’s the day for a real celebration.

    Tonight I’m thinking of my sisters and their friends and the many barriers they broke down. Boomers wanted to change the world and the boomer women did it. The world I look out at at 63 is nothing like the world my grandmother saw when she was 63.

    So Hillary’s achievement isn’t anything remarkable, it is just what boomer women have been doing all their lives. From  a neighbor girl in 1971, who said “no I’m not going to take home ec. and learn to cook and sew- I’m going to the new votech and learn to be a mechanic.” and when the dust settled down that is what she did. There  are many many others who went out and demanded  access to education and jobs  did them and took the shit that went with being a pioneer.

    so my toast tonight is to  my sisters and  friends and all of you out there like them that went out and changed the world.

    Here is to you.

    As to Hillary’s accomplishment?  really, after all these years, isn’t it about damn time?

    Congratulations to HRC and  lets plan a real blowout celebration on Jan 20, 2017



  33. She’s shooting for a 50 state sweep. Jeez, this is thinking big. Of course, any state that has a female majority is vulnerable to Clinton Fever. I don’t think this is sexist of me; it is realistic. Think of the response among people of Irish Catholic descent to Senator John Kennedy’s candidacy. Those people were so proud that another descendant of Irish Catholics was running, they were beside themselves. Ditto African Americans when Barack Obama ran. It is just natural that women should be proud and excited about Clinton’s candidacy. Any state with a female majority and even a tiny minority population could be blue in November.
    While a 50 state sweep is highly unlikely, it is more than merely possible.

  34. Thinking about my last phone call with Patsi when I was trying to persuade her to get a nebulizer (she had no idea what I was talking about), just said, “I’m too tired to change.” And tonight she got what she wanted, without changing.

  35. Oh Boy   here we go.

    She was great tonight   I’ll bet a lot of Republicans are reading the Bloomberg article on how to dump Rump


    I think Clinton will carry Cal by a decent margin although not Sonoma County

  36. Chekhov on Bernie’s delusion: “Our Cherry Orchard is mentioned in the encyclopedia.”

  37. Jack,

    I agree with you all the way…sitting here thinking of my mom and four sisters…..thanks

  38. Not sure wtf was going on with the last few CA polls, but I didn’t buy the 2% bs.  They had moved way too far way too fast to be believable. Gotta see what LA County looks like. It hasn’t reported yet.  Btw, CNN has much Wonder coverage than MSNBC.  Can’t say much about Faux.  I’d rather not inadvertently be seen as a Faux viewer.  Ok, wtf, I’ll check in there.  Jesus H.  No sign the Bernie campaign slowing down? What about the report that he’s going to lay off 50% of his campaign staff? Isn’t that a sign of a campaign slowing down? Dick head Chris Stirewalt is on Fox. He was a lightweight right wing hack when he was reporting out of Charleston West Virginia 5 years ago. He’s no better now. I’m out of here. Okay back to CNN and MSNBC.

  39. OK. I’m calling California for Clinton in a landslide. Sanders took NoDak, and could still win Montana. But the night belongs to HRC.

  40. Wow, Hill kicking butt in CA, suspect that Trump assailt speech last week scrambled the outcome. Polls in field before that

  41. Craig several things happened this week.

    Big one Trumps full out racism. Trump raised the stakes, it costs more to do the protest vote if it weakens HRC’s chances in the fall.

    The Bernie bros have been very active and obnoxious.

    And yes she did a great speech.



  42. What ever the final results, Hillary has had an amazing night. The Donald is going to find it much more difficult to dominate the news cycles from here on out. Hillary can name the place and time. I suspect that she will do it with more frequency.

  43. and for the conspiracy minded, it is all the fault of the AP for calling the race yesterday for HRC

  44. It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician
    Ezra Klein

    This is the paradox of Hillary Clinton: She has achieved something no one else in the history of American politics has even come close to doing, yet she is widely considered an inept, flawed candidate.
    These two things are not unrelated.
    Twice now we have thought that it should have been easy for Clinton to do what no one has ever done before. Twice now we have dismissed her as a weak candidate and a flawed leader for struggling to break a barrier that no one else has ever come near breaking.
    America has hosted 56 presidential elections — 33 of them before women received the right to vote. Exactly zero of those elections featured a female nominee from one of the two major political parties.
    Until Hillary Clinton.

  45. So where is a good place for a Trail Mix get together  to celebrate  her inauguration ?

    Some place warm please.



  46. Tony

    that Ezra Klein article is great stuff and a good read, thanks for posting it



  47. Hey Jack

    Yes, good article, loved it.. Lol, January isn’t the warmest time in Florida but it’s still good.. ?

  48. Great idea Jack and really enjoyed your comment. Florida- near Craig and Tony?


    Woke up to some crazy quotes from Bernie posted on CNN.  What a schmuck.

  49. Now comes the hard part – GOV.  The 2008 Obama campaign did get out the vote, mostly for him.  HRC needs to do something similar but she will do down ballot.  Back then I was in the White House Project.  It was focused on getting a woman elected to the White House, but focused on every office and helping, training, women to run for office.  This year will be a good year for women.

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