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  1. Trump went there, and then some, cue the Sexist Pig counter attack:
    (NBC) EUGENE, Ore. — An unrestrained Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton an “unbelievably nasty, mean enabler” who “destroyed” the lives of her husband’s mistresses during a rally in Oregon on Friday night. “She’s been the total enabler. She would go after these women and destroy their lives,” Trump said. “She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.”

  2. Craig,

    Wow! when a person has had four wives, numerous affairs, and your love life practically a punch line,can’t imaging that Trump would seriously go down that road. He’s preaching to the Hillary haters.Don’t know why because he already has them. Not a line of attack that is going to sway many if any undecideds. For Team Clinton, this a fastball right down the middle of the plate. Will be interesting to see what they do with it.

  3. Giving credit where credit is due, I thought Bernie did very well last night as did Maddow. A very sharp and refreshing contrast to the insanity coming out of the GOP.

  4. Oh, my…….my main man, the Zap………and a perfect selection.

    Here, Zap covers The Turtles……Flo and Eddie



  5. jace, drumpf’s fishing, laying a trap so he can zap her.

    his pattern from the git go is to call his opponent a name and throw out a bizarre accusation trying to attract media attention, a response from the opponent side-tracked from agenda, and media coverage of the schoolyard fights that ensue.  most of the time his taunts are things that could well be said about him thus deflecting them from him to his opponent.

    best thing to do is get there first and often and from different angles.  warren has been doing a good job. lindsey graham should get some credit for hanging in with the more colorful. hopefully, more like ubermann will come to the battle.  if Bernie is really worth his salt, he’ll sic his troops on the real target of his “revolution”

    and the best-est thing to do is to diminish the drumpf with humor. show the no clothed, tiny handed, childishly silly emperor for what he is: not a man, especially NOT a president, but a joke.

  6. ‘You heard wrong, cowboy’: Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough get into a Twitter fight by Colin Campbell

    Trump has praised the morning show, which is also hosted by Mika Brzezinski. During one interview, Trump created an awkward moment by saying, “It was great seeing you, and you guys have been supporters and I really appreciate it.”
    Scarborough, responding to critics, had previously rejected the suggestion that his show treats Trump with kid gloves.


  7. Trump would say things like that about his own mother if she were opposing him.


    A reminder of who is riding whom.  Since you guys never pay attention to Post Position draw times, if anyone would like to get on an empty horse, be my guest. 🙂

  9. The only person who should run as VP with Trump is someone whose surname is Borgia

  10. I think Hillary, et al. can handle a chump, probably without breaking a sweat.

  11. Olbermann came up with a trash tag for Drumpf #InYourHeartYouKnowHesNuts


  12. No, Maureen Dowd, Trump Didn’t Actually Oppose the Iraq War From the Start
    by Daniel Politi

    Here we go again. Donald Trump likes to say that he has good foreign-policy instincts because he was opposed to the Iraq War from the beginning and pushed back against the invasion. Problem is, that claim has been thoroughly debunked over and over again. He may have expressed some concerns after the war started, but not before. And, in fact, Buzzfeed even found a radio interview with Howard Stern in which Trump said he supported the invasion about six months before the war started.

  13. I researched this “enabler” charge back when Trump once briefly brought it up months ago. Could not find any mainstream report with details about her ever being involved in former aide Betsey Wright’s famous “bimbo eruptions” damage control against Bill’s accusers. But not surprisingly it’s an uncontested, oft-repeated assumption in conservative media, but without any real proof I could find. And those who worked with the Clintons who assert this stuff, like Dick Morris, who claimed Hillary and Betsey “blackmailed” mistresses to keep them quiet, are so discredited they’re just a collosal joke.

  14. Having lived with this nonsense for 20+ years, I just get so disheartened every time one of these “Big Lies” rears its ugly head and then makes the rounds one more time by people who haven’t heard them over and over again without proof.

    No one but no one thinks either of the Clintons are running around with wings and halos, but any “crimes” they may have committed are ones of ambition not prosecutable felonies.  At all times, they both seem to try to work to make things better for the people of the United States.  Profiting from intelligence, drive, and the affection of friends simply are not the crime of the century.

    Plus I’m pretty sure people are keeping an eye on the Big Dog these days, to make sure nothing is unzipped unless it is harmless.



  15. Patd,

    You’re right, but charges no matter how bogus need to be responded to or they stick. In this case HRC doesn’t need to say anything, her surrogates can do it if they will. Trump talking about fidelity or the lack of fidelity is low hanging fruit and someone needs to pick it.

  16. “Profiting from intelligence, drive, and the affection of friends simply is not the crime of the century.”


    So true, but we both remember a time when being an FOB was the equivalent of wearing a scarlet letter. Old prejudices die hard especially when they involve the Clintons.

  17. Derby Day


    I like John Nichols but his current piece doesn’t hold water.. Dems unified fine Obama/Clinton.. Bernie hasn’t brought out the young voters as much as Obama and over reliance on them is foolhardy. Of course John has been a vocal Bernie sympathizer in the media, cool but… To advocate for a Convention struggle wastes time in unifying the party.We know the end result, Hillary is the nominee! Republican’s are unifying now make no mistake.. Bernie needs to do as Hillary did in 2008. Do i expect him too, probably not as he’s been a Democrat for 5 mins and really doesn’t give a shit about the party..

  18. It is clever to focus on the enabler angle, makes it tougher to dismiss as just Bill’s issue. But like I say, no hard proof that I’ve found. There’s plenty to show his campaign and White House staffs actively tried to discredit, even pressure his accusers, but not that Hillary played a role in that. I do wonder if these old stories have some shelf life with voters now under 35 who weren’t old enough in those days to take notice.

  19. How is Trump going to make America Great Again (sic) when he can’t even make the Republican Party great again – Trump has turned the party of Lincoln into the party of David Duke

    he is a feckless fact less blowhard and will never be anything else the media in an effort to save their own lazy asses are trying to make him into some sort of once in a life time populist who in tuned into people’s frustration with government. But that is the lie He has tapped into the bigotry and ignorance of a certain segment of America yeah he should be congratulated for promoting hatred and ignorance not celebrated as some sort of intuitive political savant

  20. Tony,

    The problem won’t be with Sanders. He will do what all candidates do in the end. The problem is the ‘stay at homes’ who refuse to support HRC even though the alternative would be a complete calamity.

  21. Tony, regardless of some lover’s quarrel Scarborough and Trumper may be having right now, Larry Wilmore got it right when he said that Morning Joe is so far up trumps butt that they ran into Chris Christie.

  22. are drumpf’s divorce records available? any documents about settlements or pay-offs or slander lawsuits out there re his mistresses, female staff, ex-wives?  fodder for the folks.

  23. You Tube has videos of this year’s KY Derby horses.  Since my daughter’s name is Lani, I have to put the family fortune on him, but you can see your horses just by putting their name in search.

  24. Listened to the Prez doing the commencement address at Howard. He did a superb job of condensing polisci-501 into a 30 minute must listen for graduating students and others in that age group. It was well received.

  25. time:

    In a series of Tweets on Friday, Warren called Trump a “bully who has a single play in his playbook—offensive lies thrown at anyone who calls him out” after he described her claims to Native American heritage as “phony.”


    Friday’s back-and-forth is the latest in an ongoing feud between the two. Earlier this week, Warren accused Trump of building a “campaign on racism, sexism, and xenophobia.” Trump responded on Friday during his speech at a rally in Oregon, calling her a “goofus” and a “basketcase.”

    The progressive senator, who many Democrats had hoped would run for president this year, has been a vocal critic of Trump throughout his campaign and is speculated to be a vice presidential contender.

    “I hope corrupt Hillary Clinton chooses goofy Elizabeth Warren as her running mate,” Trump posted to Twitter on Friday. “I will defeat them both.”

    Warren quickly hit back, calling his attacks “lame” and slamming the presumptive GOP nominee for “racism, sexism & xenophobia.”

  26. Trump calling Clinton an enabler is clever and hopefully the Clinton’s will let it go

    He didn’t get a great reaction when he told the story  He does best with something that is three or four words..any thing requiring an explanaion is beyond the little tiny minds who support him

  27. Trump to bond holders — you are shit out of luck take less or eat me

  28. Senator Warren is doing the country a great service by calling out Trump at every opportunity. When she does that it takes the pressure off both Clinton and Sanders to respond. Regardless of who she supports she is going to make life easier for the eventual nominee and much more difficult for Trump. He looks foolish,sexist and petty by attacking her. Her name is not on the ballot let him waste all the time and energy he wants berating  her. Unlike Trump, she spells class with a capital C.

  29. Under a Trump administration the new mayor of London wouldn’t be allowed a visa

  30. potential line for late night comics:

    vincente, it’s not just trump’s tacos that are fake: los cojones y los conocimientos… oh yeah  and his phoney cabello

  31. Darn I will have to watch the derby on DVR. We made dinner plans with friends a while ago before I realized it was Derby Day. We’ll have to turn in my Kentucky Colonel certificate

  32. Me too, Craig !

    Hey, Rick, I’m counting on you to bring home a winner.

  33. tramp’s mistresses and wives and ex-wives all get along GREAT! like rats on tramp steamer from Yugoslavia.

    YUUUUUJ difference.

  34. Loved Warren’s response on being called “Goofy” … Is that the best you can do?  You with all the good words?

    She does call him out for being a severely limited little nothing of a man.

  35. what makes Trump think he can get the votes of older white women?

  36. the brits at the daily mail doing Donnie with this headline: “Dark tales of molesting beauty queens and raping his ex-wife. Claims of racism and cosying up to the mafia. As he gets ever closer to the White House… Trump is stripped bare”

    and with tidbits therein like

    Making money with few scruples runs deep in the family’s genes. Trump’s German-born grandfather, Frederick, ran a Seattle restaurant that doubled up as a brothel and his father teamed up with mafia-linked building companies to sell and rent homes to New Yorkers.
    Fred Trump was so penny-pinching that, after work, he would drive down to his building sites and pick up unused nails so he could hand them back to his carpenters the following morning. Presaging his son’s allegedly racist views, he was sued by the U.S. Justice Department because he wouldn’t rent out flats to black people.
    And nearly 90 years before Donald was lambasted for refusing to condemn his endorsement by a former Ku Klux Klan chief, Fred was arrested at a KKK rally in 1927.

    Over the decades, he has had run-ins with the authorities.
    They began in 1973 when the Justice Department accused him of trying to deter prospective black and Puerto Rican tenants by insisting there were no vacancies or pretending the rent was much higher. He settled the case, not admitting guilt, but was forced to place ads reassuring minorities. A decade later, Trump was accused of intimidating tenants he wanted to get out of a building on Central Park, cutting off heat and hot water, and failing to carry out repairs.
    His most devious ploy was to place newspaper adverts offering to house the homeless in empty flats in the same block.
    The man who now demands a wall along the Mexican border wasn’t always so hostile towards illegal immigrants. In 1980, he demolished an architecturally acclaimed Manhattan building, using 200 undocumented Polish workers.
    They were paid just $5 (£3.45) an hour, slept on site and weren’t even given hard hats. When they complained they hadn’t had all their money, they were threatened with deportation. Trump and others were found guilty of failing to pay the workers’ legal benefits, but the case was settled privately after he appealed.

    David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has followed Trump for decades, says he ‘is not at all who people think he is’ and is ‘appalled’ at the U.S. media’s failure to investigate him.
    ‘We have never had a major party nominate someone for U.S. President who has long, deep, enduring ties with mobsters, mob associates, a drug trafficker and various con artists,’ he says. ‘This is unprecedented in U.S. history.’

    and so on with even worse to read in the piece.
      a real tour de force of duh drumpf

  37. In my absence for the live race I’ll leave you with this pic of me (at about age 16) with the real Colonel Sanders. He and my grandfather were pals before he became famous, that’s Papa in the background.


  38. I loved those saddle shoes. All my friends made fun of them but I didn’t give a shit.

  39. Craig, Darn my eyes, in the photo up top, is that your Mom in what was her favorite hat? Sure is becoming 🙂

  40. The Florida State Primary election is on August 30, 2016.  U.S. Senate Democratic Primary includes Alan Grayson and Wall Street Democrat Patrick Murphy.  If Grayson loses to Murphy and David Jolly wins the Republican Senate primary, I will vote for Jolly in November.

    PolitiFact ruling:

    Murphy said Florida’s regulations on the payday lending industry are “stronger than almost any other state.”

    Consumer advocates, Pew researchers and the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have several criticisms of Florida’s law, including the high interest rate. Pew, an independent organization, says that Colorado has the best model law in the country. The Center for Responsible Lending points to 14 states — not including Florida — that cap interest rates at 36 percent as a better practice.

    There are ways in which Florida’s payday law is better than some other states, but there is not evidence that it’s stronger than almost any other state.

    We rate this claim False.


    U.S. Representative, DNC Chair and Hillary supporter Debbie Wasserman Schultz of South Florida is just another Wall Street Democrat that is in the pocket of big banks and isn’t looking out for consumers.

    U.S. Representative Dennis Ross, a Florida Republican, filed the “Consumer Protection and Choice Act,” H.R. 4018 in November in an attempt to prevent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFTP) from regulating payday loans.  Half of the 24 cosponsors are from Florida, including Wasserman Schultz, and nine of the cosponsors are Wall Street Democrats.

    Wasserman Schultz is among Florida lawmakers who have defended Florida’s payday law despite the fact that some consumer advocates have bashed it and say it traps the poor in a debt cycle. Wasserman Schultz’s position is to give precedence to the state law, her spokesman said.

    More than 200 consumer or civil rights groups — including the NAACP, National Council of La Raza, Southern Poverty Law Center and the Consumer Federation of America — wrote a letter to Congress urging them to defeat the bill. They argued that the bill favors an “industry-backed Florida law” and would hurt consumers.

    PolitiFact ruling:

    Canova says Wasserman Schultz “after taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks, has voted to prevent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from regulating payday loans and addressing racial discrimination in car loans.”

    Her campaign committee and PAC have taken $309,020 from commercial banks since her re-election campaign in 2006 — about 2 percent of the total. That includes $15,000 in donations from Goldman Sachs to her leadership PAC.

    The payday loan bill hasn’t had a vote in the House yet, although Wasserman Schultz is a co-sponsor. The bill would not prevent the bureau from regulating payday loans entirely, but it would cede power to the states, including Florida, which has its own payday law that some advocates have criticized as weak.

    She voted for a bill that squashed bureau guidelines that were intended to provide clarity about the law on racial discrimination related to car loans.

    We rate this claim Mostly True.

  41. I have asked in several stores about the traditional cream and brown saddle shoes…no luck…anyone know where you can get them…

  42. I won’t be a sore loser.  Bah. A curse on all the winners homes.

    Life is good. Sitting on a boat (and getting all the benefits of washing a 30 foot sailboat), enjoying a martini I would not even grace the street by throwing it on the street, and relaxing.  The Wi-Fi is working which is very good too

    And, then there is the narcissistic, pathological liar, and just plain fool to think about because I can read the news.  How do you attack someone who has no shame level?  I can’t come up anything other to make him spew bubbles like a baby when attacking him.  The tough thing is what will do that.


  43. OregonD – look up Zappos.  They are now part of Amazon.

    traditional cream and brown saddle shoes…no luck…anyone know where you can get them…

  44. Trump VP list full of all the Greatest—who hate the gays

    by Mark Sumner

    Trump has assured his followers that he’s going to do great with the blacks and the women. He clearly has a close relationship with many groups he can refer to as the. But the gays? Maybe not so much. Trump is lining up a list of great VP choices, the greatest VP choices. And they all seem to have something in common …

    Ben Carson … compared homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality, and said prison turned men toward homosexuality, proving being gay is a “choice.” He claimed that gay marriage would lead to polygamy and bring something akin to “the fall of the Roman Empire.” …
    Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama … among the most anti-LGBT senators in history, scoring a zero continually from the Human Rights Campaign, voting for everything anti-gay that ever came before the Senate, like a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and against everything remotely pro-gay, from a hate crimes bill to protect gays to the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”  …

  45. I like those results from Guam. Guamanians are super-patriotic Americans who have consistently done more than their share to protect our interests in the South Pacific while asking little in return.


    Barack Obama’s last campaign by Stephen Collinson

    The late-term boost in popularity is good news for a President whose achievements have often come at a heavy political price in a deeply partisan age. But it could be even better news for Hillary Clinton, who is preparing for a fierce general election clash with Donald Trump and may need to deploy a popular Obama to the campaign trail to drive up Democratic enthusiasm.
    Though Obama yet hasn’t formally endorsed Clinton, who remains in a primary race against Bernie Sanders, he was eager Friday to take on Trump and preview his arguments for the fall.
    “We are in serious times and this is a really serious job,” Obama said in his first news conferencesince Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee this week. “This is not entertainment. This is not a reality show. This is a contest for the presidency of the United States.”

    His remarks reflect the fact that though many Democrats and Republicans believe Clinton is favored to win given Trump’s high negatives with key demographics, lack of political experience and controversial rhetoric, the White House will take nothing for granted.
    “Our view is that he will campaign and he will be out there like the nominee is having the race of their life,” said a senior administration official on condition of anonymity to discuss internal thinking. “That is how you have to run in presidential elections.

    This is great news for Hillary. Having President Obama out there steady campaigning , Michele too, wow it’s the best outcome..

  47. x-Rep   Debbie W-S (It looks like Wasserman-Shultz and Wall Street are interchangeable.)

    Dems need to do some housecleaning, there.

  48. I disagree with high interest payday loans in general, and Debbie W-S might not be my first choice for DNC chair (I don’t have a strong opinion about her as chair) but it strikes me as a little silly to go nuts over 2% of her contributions over 10 years and to suggest she’s in the pocket of Wall Street as a result of that, much less that they are interchangeable. But then I don’t spend my time looking for RW tps to repeat.

  49. Doubtful that Repugz with Wall Street ties would be given the same pass. What’s good for the goose…

  50. My pick Gunrunner came in third. Should have put some beer money on him, could have afforded an upgrade to serious bourbon.

  51. That Nyquist is a heck of a horse. Not just the race but how he carried himself so calm and confident to the Winner’s Circle after a hard run, definitely the bearing of a Triple Crown champion.

  52. Flatus , I love to watch the animals run and yes stand by the rail on the final stretch and feel the thunder of the hooves.

    That said I haven’t been to a race in 20 years.


  53.  “after taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks, has voted to prevent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from regulating payday loans and addressing racial discrimination in car loans.”


    The two parts of the above statement  have no relation to each other. While each part may be true the whole is a lie. It is why I don’t pay much attention to fact checkers as they can’t spot the subtle lies in propaganda


  54. Pogo,

    Excellent comment and well said.. Ever since Bernie hit the scene the purity test he puts forward , well it’s impossible for anyone else to measure up. He set it up that way so his followers could feel that phony Bern.. I hate payday lenders as well, whole idea smacks of loan sharking. Still, let’s live in the real world, politicians take contributions some we can question their judgement on but that’s it. Don’t vote for them, our choice.. I’ve been investing in the market since i was 18, umm, am i interchangeable with Wall street and deemed a person of poor moral character?? Lol :0)

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    Working on a fix but for now only the link button gets the job done

  56. BiD,

    Debbie Wallstreet-Schultz deserves immediate retirement yesterday or even 4 years ago. She stinks up the party.

  57. Rick, up Nyquist, ran a great race. Triple for certain.

    Take on the Pharoah next year – Race of the Century !

  58. Happy Mother’s Day…loved the comments…congrats to Nyquist.  Craig, the photo of the Colonel!  Royalty!  I worked for KFC when I was 15 and there was a photo at the restaurant of Colonel Sanders with the crew taken a year before.  I stared at that lobby photo for a year.

    You cannot cure a narcissist and we do need to get rid of Trump.  I found this article interesting in its info on NPD.    Ms. KGC asks —

    what makes Trump think he can get the votes of older white women? 

    Trump thinks all of his ex wives and girlfriends will vote for him.



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