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donald-trump-double-kissOMG!…  they actually did it.  The people who voted in the Republican primaries voted for Donald Trump to be their nominee.  As we’ve been saying on this blog, this has been in the making for quite some time.  You can’t keep telling your peeps that government is the problem and then do nothing.  The peeps have fought back and are now shoving the change the grand old party has been promising right up you know where.  So let’s discuss this dilemma and while we’re at it…  have ourselves a big bowl of popcorn!

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  1. The most important thing is to show that Trump is not successful because of his business ideas but because he is corrupt

  2. Did anyone see Lester Holt interview Trump on the evening news last night?  Trump was calm, able to clarify his stance on issues without back-peddling.

    The Clinton campaign should be OMG-ing.  Bernie is the only one who can beat Trump.

  3. He will be if Hillary is his opponent.


    Growing embryos outside the womb.  Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.

  4. Sanders is really out of his mind with delusion now- here is a recent tweet.”Trump must be stopped, and we’re the best campaign to beat him. I am confident I would win.”

  5. Bush, Romney pullouts strike me as an insult to their own party voters who have made this decision, giving Trump more running room to remake the party without them — and possibly not in a good way for Democrats.

  6. Click on image to enlarge

    Income inequality or income robbery?  The 2014 average income including capital gains for the Bottom 90% was $33,068, with Income Equality it would have been $43,688 or 0.757 of Equality.  The 2014 Top 1% was $1,260,508, with Income Equality it would have been $598,128 or 2.107 of Equality.  And the 2014 Top 0.01% was $29,032,034, with Income Equality it would have been $598,128 or 4.156 of Equality.  The Bottom 90% symbolizes 148,529,700 ‘tax units’, while the Top 1% embodies 1,650,330 and the Top 0.01% represents 16,503 ‘tax units’.

    When a system allows the Top 0.01%, 16,503 ‘tax units’, to extract $363,829,995,150, an average of $22,045,894, from Bottom 90%, 148,529,700 ‘tax units’, an average of $2,450, a good case could be made for income robbery.  Is it not better for the economy that 148,529,700 ‘tax units’ to have an average of $2,450 than 16,503 ‘tax units’ have an average of $22,045,894?

    Income inequality refers to the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner among a population. In the United States, income inequality, or the gap between the rich and everyone else, has been growing markedly, by every major statistical measure, since 1979.  Robbery is defined as to deprive of something unjustly or injuriously.

    Tax Units equals the total the number of people aged 20 and over minus the number of married females.  ‘The World Wealth and Income Database’ by Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Suez is based upon Internal Revenue Service data.  Married women can file tax separate returns, but the number is ‘fairly small (about 1% of all returns in 1998)’.  Piketty and Saez therefore treat the data as relating to tax units.
    Top Incomes over the Twentieth Century:
    A Contrast Between European and English-Speaking Countries
    Edited by A. B. Atkinson (NuYeld College, Oxford, England) and
    T. Piketty (PSE, Paris, France)
    Page 168 (PDF page 186)

    Income data is from ‘The World Wealth and Income Database‘ June 30, 2015, update, by Atkinson, A. B., Piketty, Thomas and Saez, Emmanuel.

  7. Craig,

    I agree. A lot of GOP heavy weights are thumbing their noses at the wishes of republican voters. Worse still is that most of them had a hand in creating this mud pie, and now they think by walking away they can convince folks that their hands are clean. That insults everyone’s intelligence.

  8. Craig ,

    I get that Trump sets the tone for the convention but if he loses bad won’t much of the power revert back to the state chairmen?

    There Trump is unlikely to have many supporters.


  9. p-i-T

    “Save the family farm” was the cry that resulted in a tax structure that enabled the massing of these horrendous fortunes that crossed families and generations escaping the confiscatory estate taxes that were intended to prevent the accumulations of such wealth and the abuse that follows. Now that we can count the remaining family farms in our country on the fingers of one hand, that phony rationale is gone. It’s up to a Democratic Congress to reestablish the historical tax rates that enabled the growth of our country.

  10. Jace, what that article misses is that Romney’s real problem was he did not turn out the white vote as needed. White turnout in 2012 was several points below normal. This conventional argument I keep hearing that Romney’s near 60% of the white vote proves it’s not enough to win the election always overlooks his weakness in turning out the white vote. Non-white turnout (especially blacks) reached peak levels in that election, surpassing white turnout on a percentage basis. Can Hillary maintain that? Reverse that scenario and Trump could win, particularly in a key state like Pennsylvania, which I think is going to be the decider.

  11. Well, WV is feeling the Bern today.  He’s got 3 events in WV – one in McDowell County (if there ever was a hell hole, McDowell County is it), one in Charleston and one in Morgantown.  Mrs. P was up in Morgantown and wondered what the hell the crowd of “college kids and hippies” were doing.  Then she noticed the signs.  They will be happy to get inside I’d wager – it’s a very cool, some would say cold, rainy day in West by god Virginia. I’ve said before, Bernie will win the WV primary despite his no coal, no fracking, D+ NRA rating assault weapons ban support. Go figure.

  12. Craig

    The GOP created its White Male constituents with a combination of gerrymandering and voter suppression that allowed for the takeover of state governments.  On top of that they layered the religious evangelical stupid party.

    Preach ignorance and hatred for 30 years and you get a do nothing Congress and finally a God awful candidate like Trump.  Everything that is  bad about the US comes raging out of the pit.

    Good going guys.


  13. Oh the problems of being a democrat.  Bernie could draw some of the white independent vote trump will need (Bernie’s certainly ridden a white vote wave so far) and Hillary would (will) draw the minority vote that trump is actively alienating and that Bernie hasn’t had much luck with.  Do I think Bernie could draw enough of the white indie vote to more than make up for the minority vote he would n’t draw?  Nope, I don’t.
    And I heard an interview with Jeff Weaver today – the guy’s still thinking that Bernie can get the nomination even if he can’t beat Hillary in pledged delegates.  Jeff, the supers are not going to swing to Bernie because he polls 3 percentage points higher in a hypothetical match up against trump than Hillary during the primary season. The rules are something like this:  first you win more pledged delegates than your opponent through the primary system, then the super delegates back you, then you get the nomination, then you get to run against the Repug for president. There’s no delegate bonus for doing better in hypothetical head to head match ups with the Repug presumptive nominee.

    And it ain’t just me saying it. Here’s Greg Sargent from today’s Morning Plum:

    “* SANDERS ADVISER DISSEMBLES ABOUT SUPER DELEGATES: Related to the above: Sanders campaign manager Weaver is now claiming that there was a huge shift of super-delegates from Clinton to Barack Obama in 2008. Glenn Kessler looks into the claim and finds it’s bogus:

    “The record shows the opposite. Just 10 people switched from Clinton to Obama before the last primary votes were cast. The number grows to 28 if you include people who switched just before Clinton dropped out on June 7.

    “Once again, the super-delegates are not going to switch from Clinton to Sanders. It isn’t going to happen.”

  14. Poobah, if my memory serves me correctly, this is a bit of a backtrack for Ryan.  I believe he earlier said he would support the Repug nominee.

  15. I guess promising to put coal miners out of work forever was a good idea, despite her tearful apology in WV. Democrats don’t give a crap about poor whites, that’s very clear. Good luck with that.

  16. BiD, Trump is a showman.  In previous centuries he would have been selling snake oil, or saints body parts, or even indulgences.  His expertise as a bully helps him make the sale.  He would even sell you the pen he makes you sign the special contract with.  There are few civilized means of taking him down.  As a large bully he controls by leaning over and calling you everythign that makes you the weakest being there is.

    What will he do against HRC?  I expect she killed John and Bobby Kennedy, MLK Jr. and possibly Hoffa.  Or at least that is what Trump will say scream and shout.  He has no low, so you cannot attack him that way.  How do you best a bully?  I know how I did it throughout grade school.  That is not how to do it as an adult.  But, you have to consider that Trump is not an adult.  Do you talk down to him?  No.  His voters are talked down to all the time.  Do you walk over and punch him in the nose?  As satisfying as that would be, that is playing to his better points.  You find a way to have him arrested and put in jail in Somalia.

    But, is it better he be away and not the candidate?  I am still trying to figure that out.

  17. All good points Blue. But my view is that Trump is speaking the language of modern usage, dumbed down that it might be. Hillary sounds like ancient history. This election feels like a realignment none of us will like.

  18. Craig

    Again the slant.  She has repeatedly talked about retraining and assistance as coal mining is no longer an environmental option.  Fossil fuels are coming to an end and with it the jobs that have supported families for generations as well as killing family members for generations.  So pick and choose words, take out of context and then slam the lady for not saying something exactly the way you want her to say it when you want her to say it.

    The sooner those mines are closed and the sooner those miners aren’t dying from the products of those fuels the better.  It has to happen.  The problem is how to do the least possible injury to the people while getting it done.


  19. All of those points they gave Hillary for positions she’s held, well, many of us also look at decisions she made while she held those positions…and her final tally is a giant negative.

  20. blueINd, the clintons never hesitate to toss anyone away no matter how loyal they have been

  21. BB – I think the Clinton’s had something to do with faking the moon landing, too. 🙂

  22. Okay I’ll bite:  Why?

    She’s married to a sleaze but so are a lot of women.  What else is wrong with her?

  23. All if the sage in the world won’t clear the stench of the Clinton’s involvement in so many questionable things.  Huma, Teneo Group, US State Dept…connect the dots.

    If Hillary is the nominee, Trump will win. He will have an easy time of taking down her campaign.   Have no doubt about that.

    As much as her supporters love her, many more loathe what she stands for and will not vote for her if she is the nominee.


  24. Flatus,

    I had forgotten the “Save the family farm” cry.  I remember several people my dad knew that sold their farms to developers for subdivision.  Dad’s sister married a farmer and it is still in what was her family today.  I had asked a second cousin 10 years ago about how he did with the farm bill from the fed and he laugh, that’s only for the big boys, not the family farmers.

  25. Yep connect the dots from conspiracy theory to conspiracy theory to mud slinging to lies repeated so often they become urban legend to believable suppositions to accusations a fact rinse and repeat without so much as a single shred of actual proof of any kind

    Welcome to the world Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Rupert Murdoch, Faux Spews and their ilk.  Truth be damned, there’s millions to be made in the big lie and millions who will believe them as long as “some people say” is considered testimony.


  26. Craig, something I have been thinking about for years due to being a Detroit and Motown born and raised person.  What is out there for all those who now have to live a crummy life now.  An episode on West Wing about Josh having to tell the representatives of a union who were tossed under the bus by Bartlet is the truth.  They are gone because they are not worth saving.  Maybe their kids will be the next American middle class, but, maybe not.

    Those people (and maybe readers of Trail Mix) are pissed off (sorry NC) about no longer being middle class.  They have no options to being in the middle class.  The Republicans promised salvation if they prayed enough.  The Dems promised they would make the Congress work for them.  And, the Supreme’s made sure that the uber-rich win.

    So, we end up with a candidate which lets them feel their pissed off life will be redeemed by his idiocy  And, another candidate which promises them the glitter covered unicorn.

    And, one candidate who has been through it all and can steer our country forward.


  27. Click on image to enlarge

    What could be better than an economic growth (GDP) of almost 3.5%, balanced federal budgeting, and a trade balance surplus?

    The Bottom 90%

    From the chart titled ‘Bottom 90% Share of Total Income Including Capital Gains 1917 – 2014‘; As far back as 1917 the Income Share of the Bottom 90% was hovering right around 60% in advance of its march towards a low of 50.71% in 1928 just before the Great Depression.  With America’s entering World War II after the Japanese Navy’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the Bottom 90% exceeded a 60% Income Share in 1942.  The Bottom 90% maintained an Income Share above 60% for the next 43 years until 1986.  The Bottom 90% increased its Income Share to 65.78% in 1951 and continued in a range of 67.69% (1953) to 65.15% (1968) above the 65% through 1981 (65.46%).  The deterioration of the Income Share for the Bottom 90% started in 1979 and the assault has continues for 33 years until reaching a low of 49.4% in 2012 and 50.15% in 2014, which are worse than the 50.71% that occurred in 1928.

    The 31 year period (1951 through 1981) includes Democratic Presidents for 14 years: Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter and Republican Presidents for 17 years: Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, and the first year of the Reagan Administration.  The next 33 or 34 years (1982 through 2014/2015) includes Republican Presidents for 19 years: Reagan, Bush (GHW), and Bush (GW) and Democratic Presidents for 14 or 15 years: Clinton and Obama.

    What are some of the Economic differences between the 1951 through 1981 period and the 1982 through 2014 or 2015, when available, period?

    Time Period Comparison

    Please note that all dollar figures are CPI-U All Items 2014 adjusted.

    ■ Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
    GDP grew, during the 1951-1981 period, by 183.11%, an average annual rate of 3.460%.  GDP grew, during the 1982-2015 period, by 114.42%, an average annual rate of 2.287%. The average annual GDP growth rate for the 1982-2015 period was 66.1% of the 1951-1981 period.

    ■ Federal Debt
    The Federal Debt increased during the 1951-1981 period by $153.3 billion or 6.071% at an average annual increase of $4.9 billion of 0.237%.  During the 1982-2015 period the Federal Debt increased by $16.2 trillion or 605.625% with an average annual increase of $477.1 billion or 6.009%.

    ■ Trade Balance or the Net Exports of Goods and Services
    We had a Trade Balance surplus that totaled $172.2 billion for the 31 years, 1951-1981, an annual average of $5.6 billion. For the 34 years, 1982-2015, the Trade Balance is a deficit of $13.3 trillion or an average trade deficit of $391.8 billion per year.

    ■ Mortgage and G.19 Consumer Credit (Debt)
    Between 1983 and 2007, the top 5 percent saw their debt fall from 80 cents for every dollar of income to 65 cents, while the bottom 95 percent saw their debt rise from 60 cents for every dollar of income to $1.40.

    Mortgage Debt grew by 507.929% with an annual increase of 6.073% for the period 1951-1981.  The period 1982-2015 Mortgage Debt grew by 271.646 % with an annual increase of 4.050%. That is only 53.5% of the 1951-1981 period growth.

    During the period 1951-1981 we went from one car families to 2 or more car families.  Motor Vehicle Loans for that period increased by 453.603% or an annual 6.096%.  During the period 1982-2015 the Motor Vehicle segment grew by 231.185% or 3.804 annually.  The 1982-2015 auto loan growth was only a hair above half (51%) of the 1951-1981 growth.

    Federal Reserve reporting of Credit Card debt started in 1968.  It is difficult to do a period comparison with only 14 years of data that starts at $0.  Credit Card debt did grow at an annual rate of 25.8% from 1969 to 1981.  The average annual growth rate for 1982-2015 was 10.372%.

    ■ Federal Taxes
    The Federal Current Tax Receipts for the period 1951-1981 had an average annual increase of 3.261 %.  During the 1982-2015 period the Federal Current Tax Receipts had an average annual increase of 2.242%, a reduction of almost one-third (31.237%) from the 1951-1981 period.

    For the Federal Individual Income Tax, for the period 1951-1981, the highest tax bracket ranged between 91% and 70% with an average rate of 79.5% on income above an average of $2 million and an average of 24 tax brackets.  For the period 1982-2015, the highest tax bracket ranged between 50% and 28% with the average rate of 38.2% on income above an average of $342 thousand and an average of 6.4 tax brackets.  Federal Personal Current Taxes revenue grew with an annual increase of 5.326 % for the period 1951-1981.  The period 1982-2015 Personal Income Tax revenue had an annual increase of 2.255%, a reduction of 57.657% from the 1951-1981 period. We even, almost, tried a flat tax as it had only 2 tax brackets.  From 1988 through 1990 there was a 15% tax on income up to an average of $64,709 and 28% above that amount.  In 1991 and 1992, GHW Bush added a third bracket (read my lips).

  28. OMG!


    Thanks for refuting the fox news and right wing talking points being pushed here today on this blog by a select few regarding the Clintons. Makes me feel better after reading all the snark!!!




  29. Blue Bronc

    “One candidate who has been through it all and can steer our country forward.”

    That’s about it.  Pronounce me thoroughly jaded.  I honestly don’t expect a lot other than keeping the ship of state afloat long enough to try to iron out some of the current mess.  Not particularly hopeful as I think the globe may be running out of time to fix the mess human beings have made, but I know she will give it a good try.


  30. Great lines seen on the inter tubes:

    “Donald Trump couldn’t find the high road with a GPS and a Sherpa.”

  31. red in dallas- its not the stench of the clintons that needs to be smudged- its your negative, hateful , unsubstantiated bs.  i would ordinarily say malarkey- but that would be too kind. “As much as her supporters love her, many more loathe what she stands for and will not vote for her if she is the nominee.”  lol.  she is leading, has more votes than any other candidates.

  32. WaPo is debunking Fox BS.

    U.S. officials also dismissed claims by a Romanian hacker now facing federal charges in Virginia that he was able to breach Clinton’s personal email server. The officials said investigators have found no evidence to support the assertion by Marcel Lehel Lazar to Fox News and others, and they believed if he had accessed Clinton’s emails, he would have released them — as he did when he got into accounts of other high-profile people.

    Well, duh.

  33. Here’s the WaPo article on the current state of the email “investigation”.  As Bernie said about Trump becoming president,  AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

  34. Hillary’s email debacle about as significant as forgetting which bin is for recycling.

  35. I mistakenly hit the wrong button today and replied an email only to myself. Will be turning myself in to the FBI tomorrow and waive my Miranda rights.

  36. OSH, 3.1 million Americans who voted in dem primaries preferred “the stench” of Hillary to the BULLSHIT Bernie has been shoveling to his true blue (iD e.g.) believers.  I’m frankly getting tired of the unfounded and unsourced innuendos from the dead enders. A fu*king link to support the “factual” anal extractions would be a welcome change.

  37. I say let Bernie et al rage against the machine. The machine won already.

  38. Bernie is to Hillary as sap to fingers: Easily washable with mild detergent.

  39. HRC’s  coal comment is a classic  case of taking a comment out of context and using it to make a lie.
    from the CNN transcript the full answer.

    MARTIN:  Make the case to poor whites who live in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, who vote Republican, why they should vote for you based upon economic policies versus voting for a Republican?
     CLINTON:  Well, first of all, I was happy to carry those states you mentioned, and I carried the white vote in those states too, that voted Democratic now, I don’t want to get carried away here. 
    Look, we have serious economic problems in many parts of our country.  And Roland is absolutely right.  Instead of dividing people the way Donald Trump does, let’s reunite around policies that will bring jobs and opportunities to all these underserved poor communities. 
     So for example, I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country.  Because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, Tim (ph)? 
    And we’re going to make it clear that we don’t want to forget those people.  Those people labored in those mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories. 
    Now we’ve got to move away from coal and all the other fossil fuels, but I don’t want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy that we relied on. 
    So whether it’s coal country or Indian country or poor urban areas, there is a lot of poverty in America.  We have gone backwards.  We were moving in the right direction.  In the ’90s more people were lifted out of poverty than any time in recent history.
    Because of the terrible economic policies of the Bush administration, President Obama was left with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and people fell back into poverty because they lost jobs, they lost homes, they lost opportunities, and hope.  
    So I am passionate about this, which is why I have put forward specific plans about how we incentivize more jobs, more investment in poor communities, and put people to work. 

  40. Thanks for the context Jack. If she had nothing to apologize for, why did she? Seems like their wimpy damage control made it all worse and confirmed the apparent misinterpretion. If a lie, they stupidly managed to make it true. More bad handling. Needs to stop.

  41. She apologized for not being clearer and for the pain that caused. It’s a woman thing. Us guys don’t do that.



  42. Craig

    it shows why Clinton can’t do the unscripted too often because a quick google  found  a lot of reporters changing the meaning of what she said in her answer to the  coal miner especially in the headlines. Lazy or deliberate still sloppy journalism.



  43. Yes Jack, but her team obviously scheduled that West Virginia trip (when she should have been in Indiana) to make amends for something her folks could have easily beaten back with the context you quoted. Dude, why aren’t we running this campaign?

  44. lol

    Seems like Craig.

    Purely monday morning QB

    Knowing that it would come up have copies of the above with the links so folks can look it up. Hand it to the man then launch into your plan. Reporters are so curious that they would have hunted it down and done the story for you.

    I think a problem all campaigns have is the temptation to spin. After all those spokes critters are hired for that ability. so it is the first thing they do.

    Kinda like if you have a hammer you reach for a nail.

    Bed time see ya later.


  45. rippers’ credo : family values means fewer than 4 wives, and fiscal conservative means fewer than 5 bankruptcies.

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