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  1. So Long Ted

    Yes, Pat, i thought it was telling.. Rachael was definitely all in for Bernie. I think she’s seeing the other side of Bernie now..

  2. Adios Ted!  I will be glad when we no longer have to hear about his father’s immigrant underwear.

  3. Overstayed DNC house guest, Sanders, should be next…but, he keeps talking about his agenda…he is looking more like a mooch now that the money is drying-up.  He had no chance to run as an independent and has done a good job of hijacking the dems.  I blame DNC Debbie…she is not a good leader or very perceptive.

  4. The best get for Maddow was finding and interviewing Bill Bogert after running his commercial from 1964:  Confessions of a Republican that helped defeat Barry Goldwater.  It is so applicable to this year, that it is downright scary.  Even the mention of the KKK.


  5. Jamie, that was sooo chilling.

    today’s menacing drumpfsters spouting hate are reincarnations of all the hate spouters we’ve seen before. like a scary locust specie that goes underground after the election and every four years emerge noisily destroying everything in their path.

  6. Two weeks ago Indiana seemed competitive. Perhaps it still is, but I have my doubts. If Trump gets an early call and wins big Cruz is all but toast.Me thinks Carly didn’t help him much, nor did running all over the state with Mike Pence, who is the very poster child for the republican establishment, that Trump supporters detest so deeply.

  7. Jamie, btw, there’s another race during derby week called the ken-ducky derby.  here’s a clip of the 2012 event:


    in addition to horses and ducks, they’re also racing steamboats on the ohio in one of the oldest river traditions,  Kentucky Derby Steamboat Race . Come aboard the Belle of Cincinnati and be a part of riverboat history as it races the historic steamer, the Belle of Louisville.

  8. The radio station that I worked for had a ducky race for charity every year at the local water park.  We would “sell” the ducks for a donation and then dump thousands of them into the wave pool and let them do the rest until the winners made it down a chute.  It was always lots of fun as kids would hop in after the fact to “rescue” the losers.


  9. The Tony nominations came out this morning.  Hamilton can pretty well back up the truck in June to cart away all the little gold statues.


  10. The morning joe types seem to be unanimous in their ridicule of Cruz for engaging the Trumpsters at his rally. I see nothing wrong in it. In fact, I think it shows the mockery Trump is making of our electoral system. Good for Cruz. I hope it gets him a bunch of votes.


    Jamie the ’64’ clip is amazing. “either they’re not republicans or I’m not”

    The rational mainstream republicans didn’t leave the party the party left them, all that was left were the practitioners of the politics of paranoia. They took over the party then and they own the party now.

  12. SJ, Flagler has taken enough abuse over the decades. It is a seasonal economy that argues for low wages that make cost of living inexpensive for snow birds. That along with ubiquitous air-conditioning that makes life bearable during summer months.

  13. Flatus,

    Just joking on how one state plays such a key part in our Presidential elections. Henry Bradley Plant was a cousin on my mother’s side, so we can take *some* credit/blame too.

    19th century industrialists really were the men who built America.

  14. blueINdallas wondered if we Trail Mixers were related; a fun question. Besides H.B.Plant, my maternal cousins include Aaron Burr, Benedict Arnold & Jay Gould. Most of the Gunpowder Plotters were shirt-tail cousins. Finding out these facts can be adventurous, as relatives of the past tended to prune the “offending” branches away. Discovering this stuff today is a combination of Uh-Oh/ laughter. Somehow Great-Grandma failed to see the humor …

  15. Poobah, brand damage, brain damage…there’s a difference with the GOP?

    I’ll have to review the “put coal workers out of business” backtrack link.  I heard she apologized for phrasing it that way.  It’s a dense subject and one of the 2 gube candidates here is running on a “not giving up on coal” message.  Tell it to Columbia Natural Gas.  CNG is putting coal workers out of business much more than non carbon based energy sources, although wind appears to be growing here – there are windmills on a lot of ridgelines. The coal industry has concocted the war on coal marketing campaign to cover for the market forces that are marginalizing coal in the region and to elect pugns. It ain’t going away anytime soon, but every Kw produced by another, cleaner and/or cheaper source is one Kw not produced by coal.

    I doubt that Cruz goes anywhere other than on the campaign trail anytime soon.  After watching him try to engage with Trump supporters, I can’t see reality creeping in.

  16. haven’t run the math but if memory serves, win Florida and all the states Dems have won last several elections, and she’s done. can live without entire south, much of the Midwest including Ohio so long as she wins Pennsylvania.

  17. flatus, i too “think it shows the mockery Trump is making of our electoral system” and give ted some credit for facing his opposition close range which is something that the drumpf doesn’t do… in fact he doesn’t even schmooze much up front and personal with his rowdy supporters.  they’re always kept at guard arms length.


    drumpf even praised the guy even tho’ he would have had such a protester removed from the scene if not condoned being beaten at his photo ops.

  18. Not sure if he was related to Benedict, but I have Thomas Dickens Arnold (1798-1870) Tennessee Congressman elected as an Anti-Jacksonian to the Twenty-second Congress (March 4, 1831-March 3, 1833); an attempt was made by Morgan A. Heard to assassinate him on May 14, 1832, as he descended the west steps of the Capitol; was made brigadier general of the Tennessee Militia in 1836; moved to Greeneville, Tenn.; elected as a Whig to the Twenty-seventh Congress (March 4, 1841-March 3, 1843); chairman, Committee on Claims (Twenty-seventh Congress)

  19. pogo, coverage on that Hillary coal miner confrontation in daily mail apologizing “profusely”
    Clinton released a $30 billion plan last fall aimed at aiding communities dependent on coal production and investing in renewable energy there. She’s promised that her husband would focus on revitalizing the region.
    But her efforts haven’t been helped by a remark she made during a CNN forum in March, when she said she would ‘put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.’


    Tomorrow afternoon 2:30 pm Pacific Time is the Post Position Draw for the Derby.  Pick your horse before then please.

  21. Janie

    Put me down for Danzing Candy to finish the race

    I think my last years pick is still trying to find the finish line.


  22. I cannot believe anyone thinks that  Bernie Sanders would serve on a Donald Trump ticket and that it is even a good idea

    Republican voters it turns out are incredibly stupid

  23. Well it took a lot for Bernie to lose Rachel Maddow, but he managed so I wouldn’t put a Trump VP nod past him if he thought that was the side his bread was buttered.

  24. I wouldn’t put much credence in anything Maddow says. The only “Progress” Maddow cares about is the progress of $ into her bank account. She sees which way the tide is going & rides that wave. Integrity never haunted her conscience, provided she even has one. Smart lady, shallow soul.

  25. Jamie…I would like to ride with RR on Brody’s Cause.  My Mom’s maiden name was Brodi, Brodie or Brody depending on the document.  She was born in 1922.

  26. Jamie, Cohen says in that Globe article you linked exactly what I have been saying for the past month.

  27. Eventually Jane and Bern will realize what their campaign has been saying behind the scenes…the super hero has been exposed and the money is drying-up.  A revolution with polls, no more. Sanders would melt in November against any repug.  If he wanted the independent vote?  Run as an independent.  Rejection is not easy on a swollen ego.   Feel the burn…democratic rejection.

  28. sjwny

    Have to totally disagree.  It was Maddow who kept the Flint water crisis alive in the face of a whole lot of government stone walling until it finally got the attention required.

    You may not agree with her, but she knows what she believes and is more than willing to put her mouth behind it.  Plus she is brilliant and funny.


  29. Jamie44,

    We can agree to disagree regarding that woman 🙂 That’s what the remote was made for.

  30. Senator Cruz tore into Mr Trump earlier today. Pathological Liar, philanderer were a few of the kinder words he used about The Donald. Somehow I’m thinking this just made Mr Trump bigger & bolder. When will they learn?

  31. SJWNY

    No problem.  She has been off the deep end lately and it’s nice to have her back since hers is the only show I still watch regularly on MSNBC.

  32. Cuba cruz would do better to call trump a ‘queer’. That’d swing the hate & cruelty crowd back to him & his mean little godling.

  33. cruzty failed to be sufficiently cruel & hate-filled.

    What a LOSER.

  34. Sjwny –  We may be related through Burr (grandmother 10 generations back was a Burr), but probably through a lot of folks we’ve never heard of before.

  35. blueINdallas,

    If any of your ancestors lived in the Fairfield, Connecticut area 1600s/1700s, odds are we’re related somehow, if not through blood than through marriage. Options were limited, happens in all small settlements.

  36. Welcome back.  Ted Cruz finally had a meltdown against Trump.  Too little too late.  The incredible ignorance of Trump just astounds me.  That people will vote for him is terrifying.

  37. I’m asking Mort Sahl if he’s heard of any connection between Oswald and Papa Cruz in New Orleans, Dallas or elsewhere. His answer will no doubt be entertaining.

  38. This is rich…. Wolf Blitzer mentioned CNN is fact-checking the National Enquirer Story. So far has not confirmed.

    Shoot me.

  39. Anticipating Mort Sahl, mortonie, quoting JFK the movie: “Even the shooter didn’t know.”

  40. Pogo, exit polls say 39 percent believe “Cruz stole Lucifer’s wallet.”

  41. What will we do without Ted Cruz? I’ve already watched all the Hitler movies

  42. He seems to be on his way to the supreme court according to Trump. That’s why Papa Cruz had Scalia smothered. It’s a Texas thing.

  43. Huge development in my Pigeon War. I have a Hawk family in the neighborhood. They eat those suckers and their eggs. Nature at its best.

  44. Yep, mortonie, what was the deal with the pillow over Scalia’s head and no autopsy? Let the conspiracy theories begin. Where was Hillary that day? Trump’s next insane fantasy?

  45. I keep hoping some GOP leader will develop the cojones to say that Trump is totally unfit for the office of the Presidency and that there is no way they can support him.

  46. Jamie44,

    I’m thinking any GOP Leader who did as you wished would soon become a former GOP Leader. Now is the time to start sucking up, not calling out.

  47. Programming note: American Masters, PBS, features a documentary about Janis Joplin.


  48. Are we starting a special death watch for the repub Party this evening ? 

  49. When Pearl wailed that I broke her heart, I knew what a low-down, no good, rat I was.

  50. On the who is kin, any body whose roots go back to colonial days will find quiet a few cousins out there

    sjwny, My maternal grand father has roots back to watertown Connecticut, just a piece up the road from Fairfield they then migrated to just  southeast of you in the Jamestown NY area. Then His father moved to Kansas where he meet my Maternal grandmother, she can trace her roots back to  early plantation VA and to the Cherokees.

    on my fathers side I think they all have been one step ahead of the law since they fled Wales to live in Holland.  Most all of them settled in the Ozarks in the 1830’s and 40’s.

    Jamie, some of  my ancestors moving out of Tenn. in the 1830’s were Heard



  51. jace,

    The rational mainstream republicans didn’t leave the party the party left them, all that was left were the practitioners of the politics of paranoia. They took over the party then and they own the party now.

    In 1964, my first voting year, I was in college and was a registered Democrat.  I did vote for LBJ as Barry Goldwater did scare me because of a threat of a nuclear war on Vietnam.  When LBJ, on March 8, 1965, sent two Marine battalions of 3,500 troops to escalate the Vietnam war, I knew I had been hoodwinked.  After I got out of college and moved to New Jersey in 1967, I switched to a registered Republican. Today I am a Florida “No Party Affiliation” register voter.  As a Keynesian economist I thought Ronald Reagan’s Voodoo economics was pure crap, which it proved to be, but he was a far superior leader to the weak spine Jimmy Carter in 1980.

    There was no love lost with Ronald Reagan’s administration and religious conservatives “Moral Majority.” The Washington Post quoted a high-ranking Reagan staffer, Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Deaver, who said the only way any Religious Right leaders could enter the White House would be through “the back door.”  On abortion, school prayer and Justice O’Connor, Reagan contained the religious right without giving them victories.  But the religious right conservative wingnuts did swallow the GOP whole.  Then they kicked out anyone who was not 100% pure with their agenda.  Apparently a number of them joined the Democratic Party.

  52. I’ve been”wowed“………imagine being able to ask Mort Sahl something…….I’d freak just to ask him what time is it……..

  53. Trump mentioned nominating Cruz yesterday, maybe in humor. It never occurred to me before that.

  54. Dear Ted,


    How many times do you have to get your ass kicked before you realize that it is time to fold up your tent and go home?



  55. CNN projects Bernie wins Indiana. Pitiful. She needs to clean house. No more swiffers.

  56. Mr Crawford,

    Laziness, Arrogance on the Clinton Camp’s part or a genuine anti-establishment message from the electorate?

  57. Yep, no brainer that Trump would hit Hillary for that ridiculous coal miner remark.

  58. SJWNY, I dunno, can’t explain it. Perhaps both factors you mention. All I know is I am not confident her team is ready for what’s coming.

  59. Poobah,  I agree. 3 days in IN and it would be Clinton v. Trump now, but NOOO,  now she has to listen to a month of BS BS.  WTF were they thinking?  A saying about counting chickens comes to mind.

  60. Trump put Cruz down tonight. But Hillary is like a landlord who can’t serve the eviction notice.

  61. It’s like they can’t anticipate the future, which is mother’s milk for a campaign. You can’t count on your opponent to goof, gaffe or self-immolate. So far Mr Trump is indestructible.

  62. Yes Pogo, for pete’s sake she beat Obama in Indiana 2008. It couldn’t have been that hard.

  63. The Republican Party has now through Election Day to run their Presidential Campaign. For a Party in disarray, they sure have a leg-up on the Democrats.

  64. Umm, i seem to remember Obama not cleaning house in 2008 till the very end(Hillary won California).. Oh and i don’t think arrogance or laziness had anything to do with it.. Hillary in future must run the table to be successful, lol, my bad that’s Bernie task..


    I doubt if she had won Indiana Bernie was going anywhere so hear him we must.. Lol, i remember in 2008 at this time the drumbeat for Hillary drop out was getting louder, umm us Hillary folk don’t dare go there because that just wouldn’t be fair..

  65. Pogo,

    M*rk Penn. Boo. Hiss. Yuck. What a sleaze. And I say this as someone who didn’t even support her.


  66. Sj, I’m seeing the same wrong headed political strategy that Penn gave her in 2008.  Open comment to HRC, beat Bernie first.  At least fuhchrissake run tv ads.  Trump will be waiting in July.

  67. Mark Penn collected his $12 million from Clinton 2008 and is long gone from this campaign. Others are scamming them now. What I hear is there is a fierce debate within her camp about how to deal with Trump. That’s a recipe for indecision and hesitation. Not good.

  68. For Republicans I would say the country doesn’t even come in the top ten

  69. Funny how conservative right wingers and GOP elites so convinced now of Hillary’s inevitability. Weren’t they the ones who said Trump would never get the nomination?

  70. I have ranted about Clinton’s team before. g r r r r r r r r r 

    Have trump’s last 7 years of tax records on my desk in the am !

    G’night, dammit.

  71. I just HATE how we’ll have to listen to bernie’s surrogates yammer on about his resurgent campaign…He’s now won the last two contests…it’s unfayuh that the super delegates aren’t voting for him as the nominee…wall street…

  72. Jamie- was gonna go with dancing candy but will now go with mor spirit please

  73. well that sucks that we have to listen to sanders yet another month anyways…  loved the article you posted jamie about sanders and reality.


    the trump people on cnn are absolutely horrifying, they too have a reality problem

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