Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A wonderful Horn Concerto for a beautiful Sunday morning. Enjoy the music and enjoy your day!

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  1. No doubt there will be a time in my future when I can sit back to read, comment and enjoy life on the tubes.  Even though I thought my work life would be relaxed once the new Customs ACE system was working, alas, it is not to be.  Additions, correction, reactions to the new system means I do not get a chance to sit back and admire the work done so far.

    HRC and Trump.  Although the numbers are straight forward, there are not enough angry white guys to overcome all the rest of the voters who will be voting for HRC, complacency is a Democratic trait.  Get out the vote is critical to the survival of the U.S.  Disenfranchisement will play a role in the voting too.

    Yesterday my mother was telling us about how many spellings of her middle name exist.  The good thing is she knows them and uses the one on her birth certificate.  She did not know what that was until very recently when she needed a copy of her birth certificate.  She was born in 1927, which is not too long ago, and the state she was born in did a good job of requiring births to be recorded.  My mother votes and is a reliable voter.  And, she can meet the requirements of her resident state to vote.  So many others cannot now.  We have a lot of work to go to get all people to vote.

  2. Bronc

    Some of the TX laws for women voting are insane.  If she registered to vote under her married name and her driver’s license is under a maiden name, it can eliminate her among other.  All names w/wo middle names etc must match.

  3. Craig

    Agree that HRC has to fight back against some of these Foundation charges if only to protect the good work that they do, but I got to thinking about this one last night:

    “Last audit showed they spend 12 million dollars a year on travel, more than a third of it for Bill alone.”

    First we know that he never travels alone.  It’s always at the very least Bill and four guys in sunglasses and ear pieces.  Second, he is probably their major negotiator with heads of government many of whom that I doubt are on regularly scheduled flight paths.  That means chartered planes.  Third unless they tease out every detail, there is no way to know what a plane may be carrying in addition to Bill from anti-malarial paint to AIDS vaccines in the cargo hold.  Even if the products are itemized under other categories, how they got from point A to point B is still Bill.  It’s all accounting.

    Like the Pentagon complaints that the Benghazi committee is asking ridiculous, speculative questions that are eating up their time, anything from a right wing source about the Foundation is in all probability complaints made for heat not light.  Still has to be handled but it is still nonsense.


  4. our dear fearless leader has a point with:

    If they could barely handle Bernie Sanders I’m sorry if I am not confident about these goofs against Trump.


    I do hope that there are a lot of anti-trump sound bites by respected gopers being assembled into very entertaining, funny but educational pac ads out there to perk up the masses and motivate them to vote for a change…. for a really big change.

  5. A beautiful morning glory to Mixers.  Good to see you surface, BB.  Your comment regarding your Mom’s middle name misspellings?  When researching my family history, I read a few articles about the illiterate clerks of days of old.  Many new immigrants into the USA spoke very little English and most uneducated Americans taking down the info?  Incorrect spelling could account for the differences.  Lots of things can go wrong at the border and clerk’s office.   Read more.  Jamie is the one who knows genealogy!

  6. I noticed Sanders is back to his mussed hair look.  I am with Craig…HRC has her mis-handlers and she has survived them.  Bernie is more of a DNC problem and Clinton crew always works to protect the soft, underside of her belly.  I don’t blame them.  Times change, humans age. She is still the best for the job.

    In retrospect?  Repugs should have had a stop Ted movement.   Just as the dems should have had a stop Bern movement.  Two of the most polarizing sitting Senators in our face with their extremes.  They neither have a mandate or enough votes to push.  Time to flush, but they will hang in the bowl to the bitter end.

  7. BW & BB

    Spelling even among the well educated did not become settled until almost 1800 and even then could be really Wonky.  The language was in full flux stealing words from Latinate and Germanic sources left and right as Vikings, Celts, Angles, and Saxons mixed and matched from old to middle and beyond. Words were invented at the drop of a diphthong with good old Will “Shakespear Shakspeare Shackspeare Shakspere” being responsible for about 1700 of them. In 1755 Ben Johnson came up with the first semi-authorized English dictionary but even that hardly settled matters.

    The story of the first Oxford English Dictionary is fascinating since one of the authors was insane which is how I get when confronted by a homophone slip up between my brain and fingers.

    It doesn’t help that people such as Mark Twain came up with unique constructions that allow you to spell “fish” as “ghoti”

  8. “If they could barely handle Bernie Sanders I’m sorry if I am not confident about these goofs against Trump.”

    patd, good highlight from Mr Crawford pointing out a fact concerning Secretary Clinton’s Campaign. They never saw the Sanders wave coming, were caught flat-footed & at worse were dismissive, which turned off potential Voters. They eventually won the nomination war but at what price? I hope the Clinton Camp learned the following: Adaptability to challenges or diversions in their path; anticipation of what issues the Trump Campaign may throw against them & annihilation in a swift manner of any/all crap that comes their way. Be out front & own the issue before the opposition can use it against you. We all know that one tweet, no matter how baseless or outrageous, grows legs & walks forever once it gains a retweet: Atwaterism, version 2016. Don’t give the opposition the tacks to throw in front of you.

  9. Deep Mind Google’s AI to start working UK’s medical records.  Matter of time, folks, before AI is embedded in every aspect of our lives.  2025…I’ve read that most homes will have a robot by that time — 9 years!  Pew predictions.

  10. hooray hooray the first of may…..outdoor f–king begins today.

    we’re too old for that -so it’s outdoor dominoes for us

  11. It was a bitter cold day yesterday at downtown chicago….rain and windy ( maybe a good name for a city no-the windy city no?) parked in an underground lot about 3/4 mile away from 65 e waker drive (had to have our tai chi day inside)…….when we got there Judy said “look at  the Trump Building”  it was right across the st……I forced a little peek at it…..all glass and mirrors with his name on it…….how appropriate i thought…….he is all that, smoke and mirrors…..I dont want to see this fk in the white house… im asking myself if Bill C would have been president if it wasnt for the “War Room”….Carville, Begela, George S…….were feeeeered of……and b/c of that they were also believed imo…… Hillary should not answer all of the things thrown at her….but someone should……I also get a little peeved when i think about Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry……




  12. Sure is an emotional election year…those little AI emoticons are working overtime.

  13. Hey I agree that the Clinton camp underestimated Sanders….  but the right wing attack machine….   come on.  You’ve had to have had your head in the sand to think that the Clintons don’t know what’s coming their way come the general election.  Hell, even the old crap about Vince Foster was dragged out here the other day.

    patd…  the hell with Star Trek being 50 yrs old…  I can’t believe how old I am…   🙂


    Renee,  ive never been a star trek fan at all…….How old are they again?  and individually……..a lot of them,  most of          them after all this time are still virgins, and they never dance…..boriiiing….

  15. Thank you for the Mozart, Jace. Horn players don’t get many opportunities to show-off their skills and the versatility of the instruments they play. Here’s more about the horn itself:



    Now to Wednesday morning, find a horse to ride on Saturday.  Nyquist is still the favorite, but lots of possible value as at least 10 or the group is evenly matched so lots of room for an upset.




  17. “Speaking on the condition of anonymity” is always a confidence booster. Rats, meet sinking ship.


  18. Ted …can’t say I’m not enjoying this.    I wonder what Marco is thinking?

  19. Marco is also drinking a lot of tea and trying to read the leaves.  Trouble is, he’s not a medium, he’s a Little.

  20. in newsmax april 11:

    In an interview with USA Today, Trump said he has a mental list of potential vice vice presidents but will not reveal it. When asked about giving Rubio, a Florida senator who suspended his presidential campaign in mid-March, a job in his administration, Trump wouldn’t rule anything out.

    “Yes. I like Marco Rubio. Yeah. I could,” Trump said.

    “There are people I have in mind in terms of vice president. I just haven’t told anybody names. … I do like Marco. I do like Kasich. … I like Walker actually in a lot of ways. I hit him very hard. … But I’ve always liked him. There are people I like, but I don’t think they like me because I have hit them hard.”

    and today in bilbaoya:  Marco Rubio On Warming To Trump: He’s ‘Improved Significantly’

    On Sunday, Rubio said in an interview with Univision that it appears Trump will clinch the GOP nomination. “‘But let’s see. There are still other states to go'”. You have someone here who has all these votes, very close to get 1,237, let’s not ignore the will of the people or they’re going to be angry.

    “Look let’s not divide the party”. “And delegates may decide that on that reason they decide to vote for Donald Trump“. “That’s why we elect delegates”.

    Rubio added, “I’ve always said that I will support the Republican nominee, and that’s especially true now that it’s apparent that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee”.

  21. Yep. Newspaper ink bothers me, but it wouldn’t be Sunday without it.

  22. Once the republicans get squeezed completely out of any kind of viability, the Democratic Party can split into two reasonably sane factions and do good stuff.

  23. Show me the money!

    People should take the Trump Pronouncements very seriously and analyze them carefully.

  24. given that 2/3 of Bernies money was small donations(no need to report), a rather amazing number unless the Reps were robo feeding the Bernie machine.

    May be the republicans who have been full in for Bernie have pulled the plug.



  25. Trump is a master of the big lie and so far it has been working.

    That is why you have to address the liar not his latest lie or you will spend all your time  explaining why you aren’t a wife beater.



  26. The other day I was talking with my boss-boss and something came up about computers and programming.  I told her I have been programming computers for almost fifty years.  That is incorrect, the actual number of years is just over fifty-one.

    The spelling of my great-great-great-great-great grandmother’s name changed every few years.  Schooling was not extensive in the 1700’s rural Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia peninsula).

    Today was fun.  I left for breakfast in Annapolis and ended up eating breakfast in Ocean City.  That area belonged to several ancestors in the 1600’s and 1700’s.  And, for a special treat an hour in the Nanticoke Indian Museum to view the displays and a nice talk with the volunteer there.  It has been a good day.

  27. Would love to see how closely Trailmixers are related.

    Have a good week.

  28. Pogo and I are twins by different mothers but don’t tell anyone

    I’m the good looking one.


  29. Sanders: I’m Entitled to Superdelegates
    By Gideon Resnick

     “Those superdelegates ought to seriously reflect whether they should cast their vote in favor of the vote of the states,” Sanders said of the prized delegates in states where he won majorities in the popular vote against Clinton. Despite assurances that he will back Clinton if she is the nominee, Sanders continued to suggest that the Democratic National Convention will be contested. He said that with continued success in upcoming contests, superdelegates will begin to come to his side as the Democratic candidate better suited to defeat a Republican candidate.

  30. Hah, jack, you always say that.  Your mom liked you better.


    If the super delegates in the states bernie won went for him he would reportedly pick up 77 delegates.  Sorry, but he’s full of crap.

    As i commented at WaPo today, yes were I a super delegate I’d certainly be convinced to support the candidate who has been a democrat for a year, has won fewer states, fewer votes and fewer pledged delegates than HRC who has won the most votes of all candidates because he does better against trump in some national polls but has fewer votes than trump in the primaries so far. And accusing me of being a central part of a corrupt system is a great way to butter me up.

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