Woman Card

Woman Card

By Jamie, a Trail Mix Contributor

I get a kick out of all these pundits saying that no one is excited by Hillary. I just want to bang their know-it-all heads together. No we aren’t “excited”. We just love her.

Every woman who has ever dealt with a couple of children 20 months apart, a full time job, a house and a cheating husband who thinks it is all “woman’s work” wants to strangle them in their comfortable news chairs. Every woman who has ever lived on welfare while explaining why she didn’t use her non existent credit card to replace the dead auto part that made her late to work wants to skewer them with the nearest ice pick. It is a long, long list of “every woman” experiences and like the lyric in Les Miz “Just as well they never see the hate that’s in your head”

Hillary may have been born upper middle class, gotten a great education thanks to a brilliant mind, married well, established great connections, made a success of her life and is now reaping the rewards, but we are all looking below the surface of what it took in coins paid from her soul that it took to get there.

Yes there is a “Woman’s Card” and a whole lot of us are pulling it out of the deck in order to Trump and take the trick.

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  1. Jamie, thanks for the thread.  was curious about the “born upper middle class” tag you gave her so looked up in wiki on hugh e rodham. the first man in her life looks like he started out rather humbly (a stark comparison to drumpf’s dad):

    Rodham was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the son of Hugh Rodham (1879–1965) and Hannah Jones (1882–1952). His father was English, an immigrant from County Durham, while his mother was born in Pennsylvania, to Welsh immigrant parents one of which was from Merthyr Tydfil; both were descended from lines of coal miners.

    Rodham attended Pennsylvania State University and was a third-string tight end for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. He joined the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from the College of Education in 1935, at the height of the Great Depression.

    He briefly worked for his father’s employer, Scranton Lace Company, then freighthopped to Chicago without telling his parents. Rodham found work there selling drapery fabrics around the Midwest, sending the money he made back home.

    In 1937, while Rodham was making a sales call at a textile company, he met Dorothy Emma Howell (1919–2011), who was applying for a job at that company. After a lengthy courtship, they married in early 1942. Hugh Rodham enlisted in the United States Navy. where he became a Chief Petty Officer stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Station, performing training duties for sailors headed for the Pacific Ocean theater of World War II.

    After the war, he began what was to prove to be a very successful career in the textile supply industry, starting with Rodrik Fabrics, a drapery fabric business located in Chicago’s famous Merchandise Mart building. His company made drapes and window shades; customers included offices, hotels, airlines, and theaters. Rodham later opened a fabric print plant building on the North Side. He entered politics once. Hoping to work his way into Richard J. Daley’s Democratic Party political machine in order to capitalize on a downtown investment he had made, he ran for Chicago alderman as a Democratic-leaning independent in 1947, but was decisively beaten by someone running on the regular Democratic line. According to some family members, this episode led to his strong dislike of the Democratic Party for the rest of his life.

  2. Great post and I also think there is still a lot of resentment especially among boomer women about Obama and the treatment Clinton received.

    Who can forget “99 problems…”     Not the same people but the same attitude.

  3. Patd

    Thanks for doing the research.  I was basing my “upper middle class” on Hillary’s experiences with Wellesley and Yale neither of which are cheap.  It does sound as if daddy did a whole lot of hard work to get her there.  Certainly we know about her mother’s travails that must have provided the incentive to see the children make a much better life.


    I do remember the 2008 wars and the idea that the positions should have been reversed.  Having been through the last eight years, I think the stint as Secretary of State has become a major benefit for Hillary and the combination of Michelle, Malia, and Sasha have gone a long way toward forgiveness for the “99 problems”.  ?

    And now the “woman card” has turned into a whole deck for your contribution pleasure.  

  4. The response to Mr Trump’s comment about the Woman’s Card with a Woman’s Card was brilliant. Whichever staffer thought that up, ?. This is how you respond to attacks: with perfectly pitched humor. Hover above the miscreants like a cheerful little bird, just waiting to unload. To all Campaigns: listen, learn, laugh. Catch more Voters with honey than vinegar. ?

  5. A very positive post, Jamie…and thank you to patd for more info on her early family life.  As we age, our childhood and upbringing really start to show!

    Republicans beginning to make peace with Trump as nominee


    WASHINGTON (AP) — They thought it was impossible. Some still fear it. Others can barely believe it. But leading Republicans are beginning to accept the idea that Donald Trump will be their party’s presidential nominee.
    In the wake of the businessman’s commanding wins in five Eastern states this week, a growing number of national Republicans and GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill say Trump has taken on an indisputable air of inevitability. Some argue they should get behind him now and abandon the “Never Trump” efforts still nursed by some establishment Republicans. Embracing Trump, these Republicans say, may be the GOP’s only hope of blocking Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.
    “Donald Trump is going to be our nominee,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott wrote on Facebook this week. “The Republican leaders in Washington did not choose him, but the Republican voters across America did choose him. The voters have spoken.”

    “Republicans now need to come together,” Scott wrote, warning that continued opposition to Trump “will be nothing more than a contribution to the Clinton campaign.”

  7. GOP Votes To Block Obama’s Action On LGBT Job Discrimination
    They passed a “religious liberty” measure that would let federal contractors refuse to do business with gay people.
    By Jennifer Bendery

    WASHINGTON — Republicans quietly voted Thursday to gut President Barack Obama’s executive order barring workplace discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of federal contractors.
    The House Armed Services Committee voted 33 to 29 to tuck language into the 2017 defense authorization bill — must-pass legislation — that blocks the president’s 2014 executive action that makes it illegal to fire or harass employees of government contractors based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Instead, the amendment applies a broad exemption that would allow contractors to openly discriminate against LGBT people based on the contractor’s’ religious beliefs.

  8. Craig, your comment on the last post — be very careful about raising ancient rape charges.   A good warning, but I expect it to be pretty ugly and divided in the general.  In the 2014 midterms, my state along with Colorado were inundated by the vajayjay politics via postcard, tv, phone calls…it was a bit too much even for me.  I live in Steve Pearce country and his submitting comments were plastered everywhere.  I realized that in too much emphasis on female rather than male can really alienate half of the voting population.  It is also changing for younger women.  Udall did get re-elected in my state, but Colorado?  Might be demographics as Colorado does have a large number of young males.  Balance may be hard to achieve when Trump will make this a male/female thing more than Clinton.

  9. I sure hope the DNC platform mentions agricultural marijuana…a wonderful job creator.  HRC needs to address the reason we have to eat IMPORTED ‘don’t panic, they’re organic’ hemp seeds.  Weed is just that!  Easy to grow.  And fast.  Wake-up dems as we can be a world leader in the marijuana industry.   USA!

  10. wooohoooo Blonde Wino and the same job creation is available in the clean energy field

  11. Bill Maher questions Donald Trump’s masculinity, calling him a “fucking bitch”

    Marlowe Stern

    It looks pretty sure now that it’s going to be Hillary vs. Donald Trump. That is your national election. On one side, a hysterical woman, and on the other side Hillary Clinton.”

    Throughout the program, Maher criticized Trump for claiming that Hillary was “playing the woman card,” that if she were a man she wouldn’t get five percent of the vote, and that “women don’t like her.”

    “Uh, no Don, women don’t like you. They don’t like you big-time,” said Maher. “Have you seen [Trump’s] numbers with women? He’s like menstrual cramps in a suit.”

    Later on, during the panel discussion portion, Maher called Trump a “fucking bitch” for criticizing the fact that President Obama didn’t have someone to greet him at the airport in Cuba—something that Obama clearly brushed off, yet a “thin-skinned” person like Trump would get pissy over.

    “Tell me what is masculine about Donald Trump, because I don’t see it,” said Maher. “I don’t see anything masculine about this guy, the most thin-skinned, erratic, non-logical, whiny person in the world—that’s the old woman’s stereotype, not the present—but I don’t see what is masculine about him.”

  12. Trump’s platform is based on the belief that 20th Century America is the way to go.  Rather than create jobs for modern times he wants to subsidize buggy whip manufacturing that has gone to China

    He is not a job creator He refuses to acknowledge the success of returning companies to America ( re shoring). He is allowed by a lazy and stupid media to lie how Republican of him and the trump asskissing reporters

  13. OK, Woman’s Card.  Play it if ya got it.  Question is whether the woman’s card beats a Trump card.  Sexual history aside, getting into a spouse competition with Hillary won’t work out well for drumpf. I’m pretty sure Bill is a bit more accomplished than Malania.  Plus he’s Hillary’s only one, and I suspect the tenures of the 3 Mrs Drumpf’s may have been overlapping. Will need to do some tabloid research in anticipation of the slime drumpf will sling.

  14. Last May, hubby’s Colorado childhood friend stopped over while traveling.   He brought his daughter with him to help with driving as she was in the military and on a break.  She was assigned to the Nimitz which was in dock and going through asbestos clean-up.  They stayed the night along with his two dogs.  I spent more time with his daughter as hubby and friend talked about childish stuff.  She detailed her career and how the she performs with her team in getting the aircraft to land…her team is up next for piloting.  It was fascinating to learn of the redundancy and teams used in getting the aircraft in the air and landing safely on the ship.  She has met Obama and won awards, but it was her Mom who was thrilled at meeting Obama.  Not so much for her.  It actually hurt me to hear that.  I told her that I never expected that in my lifetime I would have been held back as when I was her age, I was told I could do anything.   It didn’t happen for me and here in my retirement, I could proudly say that I supported two and a half men while making 70% less salary than my male counterparts.  I told her I thought the men I protested with would also see my cause…never happened with the baby boomer men.  She told me, well, look at me…your cause worked.  There is was!  My success would show-up in the millennials and in reality, they had no loyalty to the cause and it was weak thank you.   However, I do love this woman.  Meagan is awesome and humble and brave.


  15. Jamie, great post. I live in Park Ridge where Hillary grew up and she did live in the country club area, considered upper class. In fact in 1997 they named the street her family lived on Rodham Corner.
    Hillary was a student at Eugene Field Elementary School from 1953 – 1957 and Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School from 1957 – 1961. Hillary’s first three years of high school were spent at Maine East High School where she was a member of the National Honor Society, student council and debate team. She was elected Class President during her junior year. In 1964, Maine South High opened and Hillary was a member of its first graduating class. She was a National Merit Scholar and received the school’s first social science award. Classmates voted her “girl most likely to succeed.” In 1965, Hillary left Park Ridge to attend Wellesley College.

    At the time I moved here in 1970, it was very Republican, and is about 50/50 now. She did win the primary here in Park Ridge over Sanders.

  16. Thank you for the added info Mamaknows.  It really helps to have the background on the girl that went so far in creating the woman.

  17. mamaknows, thanks for the neighborhood insight on her.  you said “She was a National Merit Scholar and received the school’s first social science award.” did she have any monetary scholarship support for college and law school, ed loans, work during schooling or were the college years completely paid for by her parents?

  18. KGC…thanks for the warnings on the meds and I glad Mr. Cracker thrives.  Hubby’s female cardiologist has been a find…she went through all of hubby’s meds and made changes…omeprazole?  He was told to wean himself off of the drug.  He was advised to take a magnesium supplement.  He was also told to go off of a ‘rapid flow’ type medication.  His irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, etc. have gone away.  I like his doc…less pills.  He also take a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water when his stomach is too acidic…the doc said that is fine.

  19. Jane Sanders hems haws side steps and generally tries to scratch sand over the pile.

    Speaking Fees from 2014 article

    Donald Trump:  $1.5 million per speech for 17 speeches
    Hillary Clinton $200K
    Bill Clinton $200K
    Tim Geitner $200K
    Bill Bernanke $200 – $400K
    George W. Bush $150K
    Condoleeza Rice $150K
    Larry Summers $135K
    Al Gore $100K
    Sarah Palin $100K

  20. Hey Patd, I don’t know about scholarships, but I think from reading Bill Clinton’s book I remember him talking about how poor they were when they first got married and that they were paying off their student loans. By the way, thanks for all your great posts. I don’t post but love to read all everyone has to say and never miss a day.

  21. Thanks for the post, Jamie. Hello mamaknows, interesting background info

    That Trump speaking fee caught my attention. In the link they say it was a single source series of speeches. Makes more sense, couldn’t believe he’d get that much on a regular basis. It was more like a job than a speaking gig:

    “$1.5 million per speech at The Learning Annex’s ‘real estate wealth expos’ in 2006 and 2007”

    I have never understood what The Learning Annex is, btw.

  22. Trump is playing an entire deck – Of course all the cards are marked because cheating and other bought advantages are the only way he wins

    Naturally Trump is the Joker  (he even resembles the Joker in the movie)

    I’d like to hear him describing his ideal America.  We are already know he would like to live in the 1950’s or possibly the 1850’s


  23. At tonight’s dinner, I understand that Bernie will have an audience with President Obama Ist.

  24. IMO it’s unworthy of us continuing conversations about former President Clinton’s infidelity as it causes unwarranted pain in the two women closest to the situation and their totally uninvolved families.

  25. agree, Flatus, unworthy — but Trump has already made it clear Bill’s past and Hillary’s handling of it will be on his table, which means it’ll be on everyone else’s, like it or not.

    Interesting thing is, and sorry how this dates us all, but that was long enough ago (Monica story broke in 1998) that voters age 30 or under today would have been 12 or under then. So they didn’t experience it live, could all just be boring history book stuff to them — or, it’s new and interesting. Not sure which.

  26. Everyone knows Bill had no impulse control around women  Much like John Kennedy and a long list of other men in public office.    Apparently everyone but Harry Truman.   Is Donald Trump calling Jackie O an enabler and what about Mamie?  Or Eleanor?



  27. Jamie

    Thanks for the link, I just bought Mrs Jack a womans card of her very own. along with a deal me in Tee shirt.I also bought a few extra cards for her to pass around.

    I wish they did a greeting card with the womans card so I could send it to a few Republicans  I know for a gift. };-)



  28. I glanced at the teevee and there was Bernie sitting at a linen-draped head table with an imposing microphone in front of him, and a moderator standing at a lectern to his side.

    I was taken aback. I have never seen a president, or presidential candidate, addressing the people while sitting down except in a fireside chat or oval office type of setting. That includes FDR who was always standing when speaking formally despite his legs being paralyzed from polio.

  29. that lawsuit naming Trump and Epstein really does sound like a bogus dirty trick, if his lawyer is correct here, and they say he hasn’t even been served:

    “Weird is just one way to describe this lawsuit,” said Alan Garten, Trump’s attorney. “We’ve done some checking, and the person who filed it isn’t the same person whose claims are spelled out in the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s address is a false address. The plaintiff’s phone number is a false number. It’s outrageous.” — Miami Herald

  30. Craig

    That’s why I included the update from Breitbart which carried the same information.  It isn’t catching fire on Twitter either, a good indication that nothing buy nothing will come of it unless there is a great deal more new news.  The whole DC Madam thing seems to have died an unnatural death as well.  Neither scandal (?) has much of a ring of truth to it.


  31. Getting a bit of a head start on Serendipity Sunday as I just made a very pleasant discovery.  Bright Star opened on Broadway to praise for its score but to mixed (at best) reviews for the show.  The show creator is Steve Martin and the blue grass is really growing.  The Soundtrack became available digitally yesterday with CD to follow in May, and it is just great fun listening which you can sample here:

    Bright Star Original Cast Recording


  32. flatus, sounded like the background music in a ken burns documentary.  reminiscent of civil war music or an old hymn.

  33. flatus & craig, an opponent playing the infidelity card is according to hoyle if it’s the candidate him/herself that’s been proven untrustworthy.  as I said earlier it’s a very different matter when it’s the candidate’s spouse (ex-spouses, friends or family)…. unless the candidate was a willing broker (pimp) and benefitted from the bad behavior of course. 

  34. So, Pat, how do we send Trump a massive unblockable fuckyou of social disapproval every time he does it?

  35. last night on  pbs newshour:


    ….the politicians, to fight a strong force against someone as compelling or aggressive as Donald Trump, you have to believe in your cause. You have to believe in what your belief system is. You have to believe in your standards.

    And Republican self-confidence has collapsed. And so what’s striking to me is, they are disgusted personally. They feel he’s going to be disastrous for the party in the long term, but, for some reason, they’re incapable thinking in long-term reasoning.

    And the argument I made in my column today was that this is a Joe McCarthy moment. For 20 years after, you are going to be remembered for where you stood at this moment. And Republicans should be saying I’m — even if it’s out of self-interest, I will not be on the side of that guy. I will register my disgust with that guy, so 20 years from now, my grandchildren will be able to say, he was on the right side.

    But so few are doing that.


    brooks article in nyt:
    If Not Trump, What?
    Donald Trump now looks set to be the Republican presidential nominee. So for those of us appalled by this prospect — what are we supposed to do?

    Well, not what the leaders of the Republican Party are doing. They’re going down meekly and hoping for a quiet convention. They seem blithely unaware that this is a Joe McCarthy moment. People will be judged by where they stood at this time. Those who walked with Trump will be tainted forever after for the degradation of standards and the general election slaughter.

  37. Pat, Brooks remarks are so prophetic. I remember when McCarthy was Televising his inquisition, went to a friends house and her mother was doing her ironing in front of the teevee–that was what it was like. In our house, there was nothing but contempt for him. Thanks for being so spot-on in your exemplar.

  38. I made a small donation to Hillary yesterday and look forward to receiving my woman card in the mail.  It will be fun adding it  to my campaign button collection.

    I wish our presidents would skip the White House press dinner.  I have always found it to be a demeaning event.

  39. I am afraid that this will be an election that damages relationships between family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc..

    It has the potential to be an election that divides the decent from the indecent.

  40. wonkette:

    Another day, another Grand Imperial Wizard Dragon Skeksis Night Elf Cyclops of the KKK comes forward to talk about how super great he thinks Donald Trump is. This time, it is the leader of the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Virginia, who has refused to give his real name for reasons probably totally unrelated to not being proud of his totally normal beliefs. Dressed in his finest bedsheets, said Imperial Wizard told WWBT News anchor Chris Taylor that the KKK had sure gotten a bad rap based on the OLD DAYS, and that now they were just some nice dudes who like to play dress up and would really prefer to not interact with black people ever. They’re not “white supremacists” he explained, but “white separatists.” Because hey! Nothing creepy about that!

    When asked which candidate he supported, the Imperial Wizard said “I think Donald Trump would be best for the job,” noting that “the reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes in, we believe in. We want our country to be safe.”

    His second choice, he said, would be Kasich, explaining that although he agrees with what much of Ted Cruz says, he could not vote for him because he is not a real citizen, as he was born in Canada. Surely, that is it, and not the fact that Ted Cruz is not a white person!



    flatus, yes, chilling how this virulence is spreading. just like in the days of joe McCarthy and even more like when the brown-shirts began.  bet there were people then shaking their heads in disbelief just as we’re doing now.

  41. crooksandliars:  Rep. Peter King: Ted Cruz ‘Gives Lucifer a Bad Name’

    Rep. King said, “I fully agree with John Boehner. And maybe he gives Lucifer a bad name by comparing him to Ted Cruz. Listen, what John Boehner was most concerned about was Ted Cruz perpetrated a fraud and a hoax when he brought about the shutdown of the government on some kind of a vague promise that he was going to be able to take Obamacare out of the budget or to end Obamacare.”
    I and many other liberals have called out Ted Cruz’ bogus plan to shut down the federal government over Obamacare, that cost this country 24 billion dollars so it was great to see a Republican echo the same sentiments.
    Peter King continued, “Ted Cruz knew it would never work — that it was never going to work but he went ahead and did it anyway. He shut down the government. It cost the government money. It served no purpose whatsoever other than to boost his name identification. So, I agree with John Boehner on that.”


    TeeVee Trumpsters (mostly women) are vigorously arguing that his record hiring and promoting women is better than the Clinton Foundation’s. Anyone possess the energy to research that?

  43. boss, right off the top of my head looking at the top heads of both orgs – Clinton foundation headed by 1 man and 2 women vs drumpf headed by 2 men and 1 woman (that is if he really is letting eric and ivanka run things which I doubt)-  the foundation wins heads down.

  44. My source for non-profits is give.org run by the BBB. The Clinton Foundation review is undergoing update (they have received all requested information from the foundation). Here is the Foundations self reporting:

    https://www.clintonfoundation.org/about/frequently-asked-questions. 87.6% of their revenues go towards programs. That strikes me as being remarkably good. I think it prudent to wait for the give.org report before I draw firm conclusions.

  45. Well some how I doubt that given that almost 50% of the listed leadeship team of the Clinton foundation is women 10 of 22 and the President of the company is a woman, Donna Shalala

    Where as Trump organisation is 2 out of 7 in their leadership roles of those 7 4 are Trump and his 3 kids .

    But as we all know Trumpistas never lie.



  46. So HRC is supposed to respond to every lie no matter how silly.

    It is the same old trick,


  47. Given the Cotton Mather, “Burn the Witch she has a mole in the wrong place” crud that has been thrown at Hillary for the past 30+ years, I now just assume total innocence.  It isn’t a case of where there’s smoke, there must be fire.  It is a huge dust storm courtesy of a whole lot of hot air.


  48. No because just like you did here,  they will just come up with another lie.  And so you get in a repetitious loop much like the python sketch

    Don’t address the lie, address the liar.



  49. One thing that might not be taken into consideration when comparing salaries is that the Clinton Foundation is international.  A large percentage of their staff are local hires from many of the poorest countries in the world.  As such they pay top of the line but in sync with the salary structure and laws for the country where employees are hired.

    Employee Benefits

    Fully audited Annual Reports and Financials

  50. Take a look at all of Trumps “deals”  no women anywhere

    The speech money is his income he is the worst of the Wizard of OZ and the Emporer with no clothes he is NOT a successful business man he lives on your taxes

  51. Craig

    Jack is right.  It is a hopeless cause.  Every time you prove something didn’t happen, you get “but it looks bad” and then another attack.  Prove that didn’t happen and you get, well we know they did something.


  52. Unless I missed it I have not yet seen the Clinton Foundation answer claims that women’s pay there lower than men’s. Cool if we want to assume it’s a lie without knowing the truth, disregarding the tax filings showing the case.

  53. Clinton allies should be attacking Trump – no lie should be left standing and he should not be allowed to walk alway with a wink and nod from the disgusting stupid things he has said  He must be crushed

  54. OK Jamie , Whsky, ignore it.   I just can’t help remembering the Dukakis team living in denial in 1988, choosing to ignore the issues that cost him 17 pts in 6 weeks

  55. You’re just seeing one very select group–the executives. In total, they are being paid a pittance. Two and a half million for the whole bunch. They’re volunteers, already!

    For tax purposes, what is best for the people drawing the pay? More to mom? None to dad? Equal to each? None to either? They take as little as they need to get by. Get a life, Trump, asshole. Try doing it as a way of life.

    Look at Chelsea’s educational qualifications. Look at her job responsibilities. Now look at her salary, asshole. Get a friggin life


  56. Craig

    I’m saying that unless we know that they are paying less for women than men for the same job, fine.  But the majority of their employees around the world are women and that would reduce the averages.  Without knowing the details of those employees status, it is almost an impossible ask.  Top officers within the Foundation would be a different matter and as I said, same job same salary would be a different matter. You also get into the area of personal privacy.

    Lets just say I have my doubts that a champion of the Lily Ledbetter legislation would pay unequal salaries for the same job.


  57. Latest charges are carried by clowns such as Alan West.  Here is a conversation that took place about the charges:

    Are they doing the same job?


    [–]Hror 632 points 17 days ago

    The foundation’s highest paid executive is Frederick Post, director of “sponsor and marketing,” who has built the foundation’s assets to $247 million. He received $484,000 in annual compensation.
    The highest paid woman is CEO Virginia Ehrlich. Her pay is only $201,000, less than half that of Post’s.

    Seems that they’re not.


    [–]grewapair 180 points 17 days ago

    Revenue producing jobs always pay more than operations. Always.


    [–]muffinhead2580 53 points 17 days ago

    Concur completely. I had a couple of years when I made more than my CEO. I was running the sales group, as the rainmakers we were very well compensated.

  58. I never liked James carville, still dont but he was unsurpassed at hitting back on the Clinton’s behalf. Time to turn him loose and let him smack Trump in the political solar plexus a few times.

  59. And, should we go overseas and unilaterally insist that they change their relative pay customs. Think back to that book Ugly American, that described what happened when we messed with other peoples’ ways of life.

  60. Have someone go down and keep an eye out for Bernie. Let him know that the Prez will meet him in room 208 at 2045.

  61. It’s not supported by their financial data.  Let’s wait for the BBB report. Will Donald let the BBB go through his tax returns? The Clinton Foundation has given them (give.org) theirs.

  62. I’m not kidding.  The foundation is a different entity, or human, as scalia’d say. The foundation stands to lose $B!LL!ON$ over a human lifespan.

    A$ $pending is now $peech, thi$ lo$$ of $pending power is al$o a human right$ violation. Look$ criminal to me.

  63. Craig

    Again that article is from four years ago.  There have a been at least two top to bottom audits of the foundation since then.  I agree that they should be prepared for these attacks, but I do firmly believe that they are total garbage.

    Away from politics I also take a major interest in global charities.  To say that the Clintons have a favorable reputation outside of the US would be a major understatement, particularly in the work with Orphans in nations devastated by AIDS.

    When you have a group like the right wing nut jobs who have the simple goal of trying to destroy someone, facts and decency be damned, it is very, very hard to defend.

  64. It seems like Trump is driving the narrative and the Dems need to stop that

  65. Somebody get me a very large cat.  I need one to scratch sand over a pile of Trump


  66. If I were ED, I’d demand $4B!LL!ON$ plu$ retraction, AND admi$$ion$ of lie$, purcha$ed in all US primetime tv market$ for $even $traight day$ plus the $uperbowl 1$t Quarter.

  67. Jamie, I have to laugh.   My only dramatic venture was as Lucifer in my HS senior production of Dante’s Inferno.  It was an adaptation I cannot recall the author of.

  68. Besides the the foundation suing, Ms C should also give her version of the Falla speech, explaining the foundation and revealing how immoral and underhanded dt & ripper$ are.

  69. Trouble is Jamie, I don’t know for sure, but I have not seen audit statements or IRS filings from the Clinton Foundation since those reforms were put in place 2 years ago. Feel strongly this is a ticking time bomb. Last audit showed they spend 12 million dollars a year on travel, more than a third of it for Bill alone.

  70. “Carly and I, and, Heidi and the girls and I…”

    -Ted Cruz playing the woman card

  71. Really old bubble gum in my campaign collection…with a lesson.  Craig is correct.

  72. Craig, I’m amazed at how many piddly things you trot out as “ooooh danger! danger!”

    Your first one took me 15 seconds to throw in the garbage bin, I assumed  your next one to be equally frivolous.

    As to the pay Flatus is right.



  73. Jamie

    From the HUffpo/factcheck .org link (btw, she shoots!!!! , she Scores!!!! )


    The Clinton campaign doesn’t dispute the accuracy of the Free Beacon data, but it argues the data and methodology lead to a misleading conclusion.


    Translation for the impaired

    From Mark Twain(I believe)

    Figures don’t lie but liars sure as hell figure



  74. Craig

    What google told me is the Republicans have been trying to get traction with this for over a year. if it hasn’t hurt her so far, it isn’t going to hurt her in the general election where anything Trump will say about womens issues will ring false except for the true believers.


    If you need to worry about something worry that  the occupy movement and it’s anti Trump protests make the world look like 1968.

    HRC really doesn’t need that.


  75. Well, watching the WH correspondents dinner. Obama did well.  Wilmore is over the heads of most of the hall.

  76. BTW, Donna Shalala left a job where she was making close to a million dollars a year. So I suspect the Clinton foundation pay structure has shifted a bit.



  77. Jack, my concern is that most voters have paid no attention during the past year and come August this stuff will resonate unless it is dealt with, asked and answered, now.

  78. we watched a bit of the correspondents dinner and larry wilmore had a steven colbert moment

  79. resonate with who?

    voters is very broad and she only really has to worry about a narrow slice  after all the yellow dogs on both sides will vote for the party and the battle will be fought in the subrubs (as usual) But for anything you have brought up being a problem? I don’t see it given her opposition.

    What the foundation has done(and remember they are extremely transparent ) is chicken feed compared to what is going to fly out against Trump. Just looking at the way he ran his businesses, no doubt he has some major skeletons out there.

    then there is the fact that  in the Sex wars Trump is the gift that keeps on giving, (honesty, he just can’t help himself.)



  80. OK Jack, nothing to worry about. I gave up debating similar points with Dukakis. Gore and Kerry staffers. Roll on.

    Bill ’92 understood paranoid anticipation, and rapid response to bullshit. Not sure these HRC 2016 kidsters on her tean, who weren’t there, get that. Too busy doing high fives for beating a socialist cartoon they should have wiped off the map weeks ago.

    If they could barely handle Bernie Sanders I’m sorry if I am not confident about these goofs against Trump.

  81. Wilmore learned the hard way what every comic has discovered about this dinner: the president can always afford better writers.

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