And as the Campaigns Continue on, Both See the End

By Pogo, a Trail Mix Contributor

In Thursday’s Washington Post, Greg Sargent posted a piece with this title:  The End is Near: Clinton and Sanders Camps Signal Resolution.  It was inevitable wasn’t it?  While the ultimate outcome of the race may have seemed to be up in the air a month ago, now it seems like the outcome is all but certain and it’s time for the candidates to look toward the Fall election against … Trump.


The signs are everywhere this morning: The Clinton and Sanders camps are now signaling how the Democratic primaries might wind down without too much noise, contentiousness, disruption, and anger. Could things still get very ugly? Yes. But at this point, that’s looking less likely than the alternative.

In an interview with me, Rep. Keith Ellison, a top supporter of Bernie Sanders who is also the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, suggested the Clinton camp had some work to do in order to appeal to Sanders’s supporters. But he also carefully noted that Sanders would not do anything to imperil the party unity that will be required to defeat Donald Trump.

But Ellison added: “Every Bernie supporter knows that this Supreme Court issue is looming. We’ll have party unity….everybody has a responsibility to make sure there will never be a President Trump. Bernie has been around a long time….he’s not going to hand this country over to Donald Trump.”

Ellison’s a smart guy, and I certainly hope his words are prophetic. Bernie, of all people, should know exactly what is at stake should Trump pull off a win in November.  Hell, Citizen’s United has been one of his primary issues during the campaign.

On the Clinton side, the Post reports that a top Clinton backer, Senator Dianne Feinstein, is now calling for both camps to “work together, across our party, to have a platform that represents the views of Democrats.” And:

In 2008, after the divisive primary season concluded, Feinstein opened her Washington manse to host a secret unity meeting between Obama and Clinton. She said she would reprise that role for Clinton and Sanders. “I’d be very happy to offer that,” Feinstein said.

The other day, another top Clinton backer, Senator Sherrod Brown — who has great credibility among economic progressives — also offered in an interview with me to take part in any negotiating efforts to unite the camps. He even suggested that Clinton “should work with him on the platform,” and offered some areas of common ground they could reach on financial reform (an area of real disagreement), such as how to toughen up Dodd-Frank’s requirements for big banks’ plans to wind down in a crisis.

I have heard nothing of the sort coming from the Republican contestants or their surrogates.  Now that Cruz has picked Fiorina as his running mate there can be no doubt that he intends to continue to tear at Trump.  Tear away, I say.

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121 thoughts on “And as the Campaigns Continue on, Both See the End”

  1. repost of jack’s from last thread worthy of notice to dem pac ad makers who should also make use of the above FU picture of drumpf to punctuate the ads:

    Mean while Mudcat forgets that Trump has problems that for some strange reason his republican opponets haven’t used against him.

    Such things as the rip off school Trump U. Then there are the many bankruptcies where everyone else lost money but for some strange reason Trump didn’t. I kmow enough about dirty tricks in the construction industry to know that there were a lot of small contractors who got really hurt in those deals.

    Put those ads together with lots of working class whites getting the shaft by the great Donald, and just end it with “don’t be a fool, he doesn’t care any more for you than he did me.”

  2. Pat,

    Glad you reposted Jacks piece regarding Mudcats comments on Hillary vs Trump.


    I felt so much better after reading your wise observations regarding Mudcat’s opinions of 2016.

    Yes, i suppose perceptions are what your neighborhood and surroundings are. I have to believe we have moved past the day when the southern white male traditions are exceptable.. Still here in Florida where i live i don’t have to go far at all to see the Confederate flag waving.. Snapped this last summer but i could easily take a pic of one daily.. Not widespread but proof hate doesn’t die easily..

  3. Pogo,

    Great Post, well said.

    Trying to think who Mr Trump’s VP might be & draw a blank, other than: Donald J. Trump. In this year of wacky politics I wouldn’t be surprised. Who cares about rules. We don’t need no pesky rules.

  4. tony,

    The Confederate flag has quite a following here too. Geography means nothing. It’s all a state of mind.

  5. Video: Police cruiser smashed in post-Donald Trump rally protest in Costa Mesa, about 20 arrested

    “But Ian Smith, 24, who was inside the Trump rally, said it was filled with hate. He came out and saw hundreds in the street.
    “There is so much passion,” said Smith of Chino Hills. “We’re the new guard. This is our country now.”
    Some in the crowd also broke out portable speakers, blasting music and starting a mosh pit in the middle of the street. Others shouted profanities about Trump. Many waved Mexican flags.
    “I’m willing to be arrested,” said Blanca Melchor, 18, of Anaheim. “I’m proud. We have a voice. This is because of Trump and what he says.”

  6. Insiders: Clinton would crush Trump in November
    In the swing states that matter most, GOP insiders worry about a down-ballot disaster.
    “In the swing states that matter most in the presidential race, Donald Trump doesn’t have a prayer against Hillary Clinton in the general election.
    That’s according to top operatives, strategists and activists in 10 battleground states who participated in this week’s POLITICO Caucus. Nearly 90 percent of them said Clinton would defeat Trump in their home states in a November match-up.
    Story Continued Below
    Katie Glueck

    Republicans are only slightly more bullish on Trump’s prospects than Democrats: More than three-quarters of GOP insiders expect Clinton to best the Republican front-runner in a general-election contest in their respective states. Among Democrats, the belief is nearly universal: 99 percent of surveyed said will Clinton will beat Trump.
    In three of the biggest swing states—Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida—Republicans were particularly downbeat about the prospect of a Trump-Clinton contest.
    “There is positively no way for Trump to win in Pennsylvania,” said a Republican from that state.”

  7. reports of those protestors damaging police car raises concerns of trump-ed up trickery.
    have sneaky suspicion that drumpf or ted craze paid those protestors to be there.   been done before to make the dems look like hoodlums.

  8. OMG.  Things that make you groan and your eyes cross.  Drumpf speaking and waving papers he is reading and saying, “Listen to this.  It’s from a book”.  He doesn’t give you book title or author, just that it is a statement from a real book in print and everything.

    Well there you go.

  9. Excellent post, Pogo.

    I hope we can finally move on to the general election now.

    Tony, I don’t see confederate flags… but I do occasionally see big American flags flying from pick up trucks driven by white males around here.  Same attitude.

    And Patsi has asked me to give Mudcat a message from her…   God bless your little heart…

  10. Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Tease Donald Trump

    Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah were full of Donald Trump jokes on Wednesday as they talked about Trump’s comments in his primary victory speech on Tuesday, when he accused Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman card.”

    “Hillary does play the woman card, because she’s a woman,” said Trevor Noah. Addressing Trump, he added, “It’s the same way you play the racist douchebag card. It’s just who you are.”

    Noah continued, saying the other cards Clinton plays are the “legislative experience card” and the “secretary of state card.” He joked, “The only card she doesn’t have is a working metro card.”


    The Late Show turned it around on Trump, saying he’s playing the “man card. “Colbert pulled a man card out of his pocket.

    “All of us guys get one of these,” said the host. “They’re great. It gets you paid more, allows you to explain things to women about women and as a white man, mine’s also a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

  11. RR Thanks for playing medium for the message from beyond. 🙂

    Patd, Glad Hillary jumped on that trend for donations. Here is another one out there from Blue Nation Review

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="200"] Woman Card[/caption]

  12. must repost for emphasis.  too true, too very true… especially about the explaining things to women about women.

    “Colbert pulled a man card out of his pocket.

    “All of us guys get one of these,” said the host. “They’re great. It gets you paid more, allows you to explain things to women about women and as a white man, mine’s also a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

  13. SJ,

    Making the case for a Clinton-Warren ticket Gene Robinson says who knows, Trump may go it on his own.
    OK, now I’m pretty clueless, but something about this from the Post strikes me as odd.

    Federal officials fear that national security may have been jeopardized when the company building a sensitive phone-number database violated a federal requirement that only U.S. citizens work on the project.

    The database is significant because it tracks nearly every phone number in North America, making it a key tool for law enforcement agencies seeking to monitor criminal or espionage targets.

    Now Telcordia, a Swedish-owned firm, is being compelled to rewrite the database computer code — a massive undertaking — to assuage concerns from officials at the FBI and Federal Communications Commission that foreign citizens had access to the project. 

  14. pogo, just for you

    alexandra petri

    But what struck me even more was the news that Boehner and Trump had played golf together for years and were, quote, “texting buddies.”

    I can only imagine what this might entail. Here’s one possible conversation.



  15. Donald seems to have forgotten that ‘card’ carrying women make up slightly more than half the population and they play the ‘voter card’ in very large numbers. It’s called playing your ‘civic duty card’.

  16. patd, thanks – anyone here who pays attention knows I love me my Alexandra Petri.  Funniest writer at the Post IMHO.

  17. pogo, does the existence of that phone-number database mean a challenging opportunity for some 12 year old hacker out there some day shutting down the whole works just for the fun of it?

  18. Thank you, Pogo and Jack!  Jane Sanders is getting desperate and the agenda crap?  The Sanders campaign has tried to sully and take down Clinton, not her agenda.  And I hope that inner circle is unemployed pretty soon.  Like Boehner, the visit to the Pope was the beginning of the end of their movement.   Again, forcing a revolution and claiming all of the young people?  A ruse.  Although the name is now available, we do not want to become the USSR — United States of the Socialist Republic.  Sanders was always for himself and his campaign is lacking a moral compass.  Weaver preys on the elderly for his wealth…Rocha is creep.   He is not pure or even that popular beyond his regional appeal for the white elite…he really crumbles in the south and southwest.

  19. So yesterday here we had Mudcat, Dem strategist for John Edwards and Jim Webb, opining that Trump will win the election against Hillary because the white guys in his neighborhood – SW Virginia – won’t vote for her.  Today, Greg Sargent reports the following:

    * GOP INSIDERS FEAR CLINTON WILL DESTROY TRUMP: Politico talks to a range of GOP strategists, operatives, and activists in 10 presidential swing states, and finds:

    More than three-quarters of GOP insiders expect Clinton to best the Republican front-runner in a general-election contest in their respective states….Added a Florida Republican, who like all participants was granted anonymity in order to speak freely, “Trump is grinding the GOP to a stub. He couldn’t find enough xenophobic, angry white Floridians to beat Hillary in Florida if he tried.”

    There aren’t enough xenophobic, angry whites to carry Trump into the White House? Well, if there is one person who can find them all, it’s Trump.

    WTF?  Dem strategists predicting Trump victory and GOP strategists predicting a Hillary victory. “One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes yous small…”

  20. Renee, if you WANT to see Confederate flags, you’re welcome to visit WV – plenty of them here on front plates of cars and trucks, rear window screens for pickup trucks, flying on antennas and flagpoles in pickups – but the funniest one I’ve seen is on a flagpole beside what I can only call a shack that is on a flat lot by the river 20′ below the road and beside the retaining wall that held the road – the retaining wall that is collapsing along with the road.  I’ll try to get a pic – it’s worth  much more than a thousand words.

  21. The dems need to be focusing on voter registration.  I was young once and even well into my adult life,  I have voted with ignorance.  I am not proud to say that sometimes I guessed or got so tired reading the info, I just voted ‘no.’   Okay…we Americans can be as lazy or as less informed as we want, but we can vote.  Even if the youth vote disintegrates for the dems?  It is their America, too.   Let us get these US humans to the polls.  Many of the new Americans are recent citizens and hopefully know more about civics than many American born citizens.  

  22. Pogo…pretty obvious that some humans have the confederate flag tattooed on their butt…some full underwear-sized tats!   Let them have their symbols…easy to hide behind a symbol and than stand in full frontal to all Americans lying about what a great American you are.   Again, people who care more about the past than the future, things rather than humans.  I will be happy to leave them and their behinds behind.

  23. In fact, I will use that crappy flag of hate to clean all of those nose prints off of the glass ceiling.  

  24. BW, Jane is predicting a Bernie comeback.  In the string of caucus(6) and open primary(1) wins after Super Tuesday he got 67% of the delegates available (not counting super delegates) in the next 6 primaries, Hillary got 57% of the available delegates.  Over that stretch of one streak by Bernie and one streak by Hillary, Bernie got 6 fewer delegates than Hillary. If you factor in the super delegates AND you gave all the superdelegates for each state to the winner of that state, Hillary’s lead over that period would be 58 delegates (it will actually be more than that.) I don’t see it and reportedly Hillary’s camp doesn’t – they are planning to spend $0.00 on TV ads in most of the upcoming primary states.

  25. “Dem strategists predicting Trump victory and GOP strategists predicting a Hillary victory.”

    pogo, mighten those cries of woe be sop ploy to rev up the troops against the potential onslaught of their opponent?

  26. Trump really has to crank up white turnout to win. Romney won nearly 60 percent of the white vote and not just in the South. Even in big deep blue states he racked up majorities. But he didn’t energize enough of them to vote. White turnout was down a few points from past years and lower than black turnout in 2012.

  27. Can’t wait for the Trump general election rallies  Boner can introduce him at all the klan rallies

    It will be really easy to see the two Americas and who thinks which one is a good idea

  28. I disagree about Bernie and the con.  I think he is just caught up in election fever.  Even people with zero chance of winning can get this. I like Bernie and his work history is good and he didn’t come out of no where.

  29. I tend to agree with KC.  I have no doubt that Bernie believes what he is saying and is completely earnest in that belief.  History isn’t big on ballot driven revolutions, though, and in this here USofA in these times, a nonviolent political revolution fundamentally changing the manner in which wealth is accumulated and distributed is about as unlikely as me winning the lottery – and I don’t buy tickets so you do the odds. The good news is that with Trump as the GOP nominee, the likelihood of down ballot damage to the GOP may be pretty good.

  30. KGC

    I doubt it is him personally but rather his consultants.  The thing about Consultants is that their whole livelihood depends on gouging as much money as possible out of the true believers.  Some of them are quite ethical.  Others should probably be consigned to the fourth or eighth circles of hell except that both get very, very crowded during political season.

  31. Pogo,  Nice post compadre.

    KGC, You made my morning when you disturbed Patsi having her heavenly breakfast….asking for her to bless Mud casts little heart……scared Judy…..laughed out loud for sure…


    Blue, dont even think about trying to change things from the inside of the democratic party… cant….the Ds and the Rs are just going to rub off on you……if you jump into that barrel…..we need term limits to clean out that rotten barrel….way at the bottom are people like Dianne fienstien, john edwards, to name a cple……many, many more, i used to like Tom Dashel a lot, what turned him into a rotten apple…..CASH for him and his wife, while his freinds in the senate and congress voted for anything he wanted….only a few that float at the top……..and stay there, while the fans root and root for them….thats what i dont get. b/c they know this to be true

    What we need are people the get behind someone like (at the next opportunity) John Haglin of the natural law party….he had it all….local grass roots people in office, city and state….i voted for him for the first time when i became a citizen…….THE TWO partys made it impossible for him to get elected…..they rigged the system, and made it impossible due to the tremendous amount of cash that is needed to get elected…….a scam by the two partys……WE NEED finance reform….will either party do this?… on anything else……the only way is to keep looking for someone to break their hold- lock on the system………

  32. On a personal note, Mr C is doing very well.  If you are elderly like us please check the medications you are taking both prescription and OTC  many of them are not meant for long term use especially the antacids but are being prescribed because many have GERD. Prilosec can cause kidney damage and it has been a documented fact since 1992.   Doctors are not always on top of these things.

    Sometimes I think the medical profession is a bunch of cowardly losers and over committed

  33. Solar

    thanks for the shout-out but talking to Patsi this morning was RR she earned the attagirl

  34. Dang,

    The circle of Dantes inferno…….why didnt i think of that to describe the Ds and the Rs…our two party system.

  35. according to realclearpolitics charts:

    12,135,108 people (real live human beings) have so far voted for Hillary and 10,056,690 for drumpf.

    so at this point she’s ahead of him by 2+ million…. hopefully all (plus the 8,967,401 so far Bernie voters) will once more trudge to the polls to vote for her in November

    [seems it would be significant to the sanders campaign that hillary has garnered 3+ million more primary votes than bernie as well as drumpf having 1+million more than him]

  36. OK,  Spidy Gal…..atta gal…….I tried some chocolate pop corn….did not think that i would like it……but let me tell you, eating moose munch gourmet popcorn can get to be a habit…….

  37. .I tried some chocolate pop corn  solar

    try chocolate covered potato chips

  38. solar, i’m surprised that, with all the energy and passion displayed this election, another party —a coalition of the greens and the berns– wasn’t created.

    have always wondered what keeps folks like you and blueid and many others who do not like either party from forming a strong independent one. it’s possible.  ross perot almost made it happen.

  39. Pat,

    Energy and passion is not enough…look at Purple he has both and the smarts to lead.  That is what is missing….and like Perot….a lot of money…….that little sob chickened out when he  had the potus within reach…..he did not want what imo is the most important ingredient … serve, to help make us a better country….not just the most powerful one….

    The movement of Black lives matter also……is very energetic and passionate…..lets see where it gets them… thinking that R. E. wont get elected Mayor again…….a great example of getting er done from the outside…..

  40. XR,


    “g-night Solar”……thanks for tucking me in…..but it took a while to get to sleep…..can you read me a little story next time…..or just talk to  me for a while……


    solar & kgc, another chocolate goody to try

    if I remember right, didn’t sea have a spicy choc candy at her shop?  sounded really good.

  42. I drink to the two-party system almost daily.  I am old and coalitions make me ill and take more of my money…see Europe.   Quit whining, fellow Americans…there are other choices.  I think you just want to be bitter.   Some other choices.   During the general election, you can write-in your candidate in 43 of the 50 states.    Some cling to their guns and religion, some to their flags and polls (not poles…they are for strippers and they cling rather well) and I cling to my science and humor, as best I am able.

  43. Later, going for a drug test…..going back to work for a few months out of the year to support my motor home and seeing the sights….later


    OH KGC, that is great news about mr KGC……..tomorrow is world tai chi and qi gong day…..i cant link it…but please look it up……80 countrys around the world will be involved i sending a powerful cleansing, healing vibrations out to those that need them…I will be sending both of you some of them…..if you are out side around 11 am take a cpl of deep breaths, close your eyes and try  to feel nothing….but with the help of quantem phyisics ….i will be sending you some vibes… I will to all Craig, David and all Trail Mixers…….and also to Carol, Coreen, Chole(Emma also)….the big three Cs……dont forget

    World Tai-Chi and Qi Gong Day……later

  44. Last thought going out the door….hey is that a song…..grabbed my coat, grabbed my hat….something, somthing, got the bus in seconds flat……

    Sturg…just asking……I eat raw organic hemp hearts…..that not the same as mj is it?…….im thinking that the difference is like….. comparing a great Dane….no not a great Dame….a great dane to  a Chigua gua…………….Ahi Chigua gua-gua

  45. Katherine,

    Thanks for the update on the Admiral and the caution about docs and meds. When I go to a specialist I’m always asked who my primary care is. I give his name then add that he is incompetent. Usually they nod their heads knowingly and give me a more definitive exam than would normally be expected.

  46. The media will do everything it can to make Trump a credible candidate and the country clubbers who haven’t already publicly said they would never vote for Trump will hop on the Boner train.

    Trump happened because the Republicans have failed in their responsibility to govern.

    When Bobby Knight invoked Harry Truman and said Trump was like him, I thought Truman might appear to tell him he was full of shit.

  47. Hey, Solarman- good to see you.  I’m all in for term limits.  Now all we have to do is convince all those non-term-limited folks in the House and Senate to pass a bill telling them to get out after a while.  Love to see it, but I think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket instead…the odds are better.

  48. BW, when I was young and foolish I was big on the idea of third parties.  My buddy was a two party believer – which in my later years I’ve come to be.  I used to tell him when we’d have our good natured arguments that I agreed with his girlfriend, that he was from a town 60 miles down the road and 100 years back in time and his opinions were, too.  Who knows, 20 years from now I may change my mind and think that governing by forming coalitions among 3 parties makes sense, but I doubt it.

  49. Solar and Pogo

    Respectfully disagree on term limits.  This just hands Congress into the hands of lobbyists and civil service.  A much better solution is to put an end to gerrymandering with districts determined strictly by population within ones as square as geographically possible.  This makes it possible for people to have the Congress critter they want who is forced to live with them and knows the issues of a given area.

    Either idea would require a Constitutional Amendment to take effect nationally though some states are already instituting computer drawn districts rather than ones drawn by the party in power after every census.


  50. Woke up, fell out of bed,
    Dragged a comb across my head
    Found my way downstairs and drank a cup,
    And looking up I noticed I was late.
    Found my coat and grabbed my hat
    Made the bus in seconds flat

  51. Seems that i cant get out tha door…….Jamie….kinda agree with you but………..Can you put me on the same horse that Tony the Baloney is going to ride……havent seen him for a while….plus i will have to show him which side of the horse should cross the finish line first……sometimes he gets it a little backwards…….ha hahaa…sorry pal…could not help myself……ok over and out Now….

  52. Jamie, a big thanks….thats the one…would have bothered me all day long…..close your eyes….kisss



    Tony hasn’t given me a horse yet.  You might have to pick one for both of you.  Note to everyone:  Post position draw is next Wed afternoon.  Need some decision making before them


  54. Jamie is right about the unintended consequences of term limits re lobbyists.  maybe might work if we also could have term limits for lobbyists.  another potential bad side of term limits is the increased power of old pro legislative staff, especially committee staff, who tho’ unelected have great influence over how their elected boss votes.  the revolving door of pols to industry lobbyists also needs to be slowed down.

  55. Pogo

    Multiple parties make sense in a parliamentary system where there is a cohesive national and local interest for a majority party that is forced to form a coalition that considers local need.

    In a 50 state system where each state is a miniature country with its own ruler, a two party system works better with third parties feeding issues  into the huge whole.

  56. Latest poll shows electorate coming to terms with probable candidates.  Interesting that the male and female positions are exactly opposite

    Clinton:  Women 41% Men 35%

    Trump:  Women 35% Men 41%


  57. In California term limits have increased the power of the permanent committee staff and lobbyists

  58. well, if women continue to turnout at a higher rate then men and if women continue to favor hillary at a higher rate over drumpf, then she looks like a winner at this point in time.

    according to 538 charts, the Rasmussen poll is the only one showing a tie. all the others show she’s ahead.  is Rasmussen ever right?

  59. “The media will do everything it can to make Trump a credible candidate…”

    kgc, I agree because they want fresh blood, new characters to adore until they hate, new stories to tell.  they think Hillary is old news and boring. they forget or refuse to see that when she is prez (or when any woman becomes prez), things will not be same ol’ same ol’ coverage.  and imo Hillary in particular will not run things like her husband bill did nor like her former boss barack did.  brave new world out there awaits the old world media.

  60. It’s all about the ad revenue if the race is over who will watch anything

  61. Good points on term limits. Not gonna happen so it’s an academic discussion at the federal level at best.

    I am definitely in agreement on gerrymandering.  Not a worse practice that I’m aware of when it comes to influencing elections – except maybe oppressive voter ID laws.

  62. Rasmussen is always right as long as you assume they have given 2 – 5 percentage points on every issue to the Republicans. ?

  63. “…with third parties feeding issues into the huge whole.”   More like the huge HOLE, never to be seen, again.

    I hope Hillary gets her war-mongering, Wall Street-living, foreign-trade-dealing backside handed to her in November.  She and her terrible hubby can go retire somewhere nice and keep their hands offa things.

    Happy White House Correspondents Dinner Weekend.

  64. I think that the popularity of Bernie & Trump are the death rattle of both parties as the currently exist.

  65. chicago sun times:

    Rep. Tammy Duckworth Senate campaign gets a boost on Friday in Chicago from Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass.,…


    Warren and Duckworth, in a battle to defeat Sen. Mark Kirk R-Ill., will discuss President Barack Obama’s new “Fiduciary Rule” and related matters Friday at a “retirement security roundtable” at Grace Street Towers, 635 W Grace St.

    Duckworth and Kirk clash on this issue.

    The Obama rule will require financial advisors to put the customer’s interest ahead of their own, a move that could save money – especially for folks invested in retirement funds.

    Kirk opposes the rule, issued earlier this month by the Department of Labor saying in a statement, the rule, “if implemented, will severely restrict consumer choice in retirement planning,” a position on which there is much disagreement.

    The GOP-controlled House on Thursday, on a party-line vote, approved a resolution to prevent the rule, issued by the Labor Department, from taking effect.

  66. Death of the parties????  Not likely at least not because of Trump and Bernie.  Neither one is going to stick around after they lose
    Why not hook up with the Green Party


  67. kgc & bid

    who knows, maybe they will join together in a 3rd party.  between them they have convinced almost 20 million folks to vote their way.  interesting to think about a 3rd party full of very very angry people marching in the streets yelling “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

    will it be a Donald Bernie or a Bernie Donald ticket?  alphabetically, bs comes before the dts

  68. Blue

    At one time or another a combination of the Socialist Party, Progressive Party, the Labor Movement, Suffragettes etc applied outside force until they got inside action on things such as

    Social Security, civil rights, Medicare, aid to education, women’s vote etc etc etc

    It is a long and noble list and a time honored practice.

    The smaller parties cannot win, but they can change things until their ideas become winners.

    Still absolutely do not understand your total hatred for Hillary and Bill whom I genuinely believe are good people trying to improve the world, but that’s what you feel.


  69. Bernie Sanders would not be on a ticket with Donald Trump

    Trump Buchanan

  70. kgc, guess my “alphabetically, bs comes before the dts” joke was so lame you missed it.


    🙁 prolly shouldn’t joke about such things or i’ll get in trouble on the trail again 🙁


    The technician that took my drug test asked me if i drank a lot of water before going there…..i asked him for a bucket to fill….he had no sense of humor…..


    Blue, There is only one reason that I would vote for Trump…..would love to see the Miss Universe Pageant from the white house…….im envisioning now… many rooms in the white house….could do a special from every one….a reality show at its finest……..


  72. Grab yer coat and get your hat,  leave your worries on the doorstep, just direct your feets to the sunny sides of the streets……

  73. We must guard against complacency

    Trump must be crushed to dust never to rise again..if for no other reason then his birther bullshit

  74. Solar…I sure hope you did not ingest poppy seeds before your test.  To me?  Drug testing is bogus for most jobs.  When introduced in the 1980’s?  I lost a lot of good people to marijuana.  In reality, family stressors like divorce, death, etc. are more detrimental to job efficiency, performance, etc.  I also like what you eat — don’t panic, I eat organic, too.  Where is your hemp seed grown?  Blue and I both consume product produced outside the USA.  


  75. pogo, thank you.   and thanks for the collider news. there’s hope yet for mother nature when a little critter can do that.


    hmm, speaking of weasels shutting things down, ted craze and carly might have a chance after all to do in drumpf.

  76. Trump sure is entertaining.  I watched the coverage of the GOP Cali Convention and the protests.  I can bet this will show-up on Xfinity Watchathon next year.  Trump in his vaudevillian delivery hit the stage and said it was like “crossing the border.”  Then he mentioned border icon, Arpaio.   At this point in time, he really enjoys the entitlement benefits of secret service protection and tons of free press.  Who says an American with an immigrant past can’t make it big and eventually be huge?  We can only hope for the finale when the blowhard explodes…a la that Monte Python movie scene.


  77. RR, here’s hoping Nate has his act together and is right about this one. Have to keep an eye on 538 and see if he publishes anything that backs that up.

  78. Bern could pull a Ted and name Tulsi as his VP to remain relevant.  She needs the press and I understand she sings as well as Carly F.  If 2016 does come down to a vote on Obama?  The dems should take it…but, the economy is not growing…mostly oil issues, gambling casinos stuff& globalization pressures.

  79. solar,

    I love reading your stuff. Kerouac wrote & wrote on a roll of newsprint. Your spontaneity reminds me of him. No lines on your horizon ✔

  80. Solar,

    Hello and good for you going back to work for travel.. A nicer reason i can’t think of.. I saw the warm wishes you left to many of the old Trail members and that was nice..

    We need you in the Democratic party, work em over good.. Third party now how does that work again? Get registered Dem, vote for Hillary and be a part of holding her feet to the fire.. Progressives and real lefties got Obama elected and considered box checked. Not even voting in mid-terms.. There’s a way forward but my opinion is you work within the 2 party system.. Even Bernie a lifelong Indy became a Democrat to have a chance…

  81. Blondi,


    No, no poppy seeds….the reason that i was a little late getting out the door today….is that i decided to do a little re-search about Hemp hearts….they are only 0.001% of thc…so that makes them negligible….

    The hemp hearts that i eat are from manitoba harvest….think from Canada….very smooth and a little nutty.  I eat a small portion every day….along with quinoa from Bolivia, chia seeds, ground oat meal and ground flax……almost every morning…..cpl of other things that have the same benifits as hemp hearts are Awaganda blk pepper, and Mexican oregano…but not the same strength….and add some dates……, no im not asking you for a date….i add a cpl of fruit dates to the mix……full of energy all day long…..

    Sat night……cpl of buds and ………have a taste for Rum…..captain morgan spicy rum……..later


    Marco Rubio appears to be warming up to Donald Trump, saying Friday his “performance has improved significantly.” Rubio has also continued to withhold an endorsement of Ted Cruz, even though he previously praised him as the conservative in the race.
    Last Sunday on Univision, Rubio said it appeared Trump will lock down the nomination.
    “If he keeps winning delegates like he did the other night in New York, I think he’s going to reach that number,” Rubio said on Al Punto Florida. “But let’s see. There are still other states to go.”
    Rubio, who continues to hold onto more than 100 delegates, has said he disagreed with Trump about the delegate system being “rigged.” But Rubio did echo the argument that if Trump is close to 1,237 delegates, he should get the nod.
    Lol, more warming to Trump, little Marco is a fanboy!

  83. Sorry, Ashwanganda blk pepper that should read…….Tony……no thanks….no organized party of the other side of the coin for me…not much of a difference…….Remember……that the only winners in the Colosseum…..are the LIONS……not the micesssssss

  84. Hillary on CNN; ” I have a lot of experience dealing with men when they get off the reservation and the way they behave.”

    Can’t argue with that

  85. Clinton needs to stick to her policy not to respond to him on personal issues

  86. Agree that Clinton shouldn’t respond other than perhaps something mild such as, “I still have the husband I started with”.  It is better to let others fight the cheating husband battle for her.  Love that Elizabeth Warren went on a tirade about the “Woman Card” comment.


  87. KC, yep.  Getting folks off message with insults and frankly stupid comments that beg responses is his game.  Don’t play his game, I say.

  88. Hate to use Breitbart as a source but they are the only ones with an update on the original Daily Mail article.  Apparently Trump has been accused of rape when he was much younger in connection with the sex parties that Epstein ran for his more rich and famous acquaintances.  Could be true, could be false, could be Enquirer level gossip with a bit of something.  In any case Trump is vehemently denying and things could get noisy.

  89. And be very careful about bringing up Jeffrey Epstein. He and Bill are not strangers.


  90. When it comes to Epstein, I always assume that a large percentage of rich and powerful men have at one time or another put him in the “favorites” list on their phone.

  91. it’s a very different matter when the candidate is accused/ found guilty of bad behavior than when the candidate’s spouse (ex-spouses, friends or family).

    great up-roar when the mrs. drumpfs and cruz were mutually attacked….

  92. If I were ED, I’d demand $4B!LL!ON$ plu$ retraction, AND admi$$ion$ of lie$, purcha$ed in all US primetime tv market$ for $even $traight day$ plus the $uperbowl 1$t Quarter.

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