Delusional or Deceptive?

This Bernie Sanders fundraising email strikes me as a cynical attempt to continue bleeding his faithful to finance a ponzie scheme.


Craig –

Coming out of last night’s results, in which we won Rhode Island but came up short in four others, I want to pose to you three things that I know to be true:

Young people – the future of our country – continue to vote for our campaign in overwhelming numbers. It’s remarkable, and honestly quite humbling.

When we compete in open primaries that encourage the participation of independents, new voters, and young people, we do very well.

What remains in front of us is a very narrow path to the nomination. In the weeks to come we will be competing in a series of states that are very favorable to us – including California. Just like after March 15 – when we won 8 of the next 9 contests – we are building tremendous momentum going into the convention.

That is the reality of where we are right now, and why we are going to fight for every delegate and every vote. It is why I am going to continue to speak to voters in every state about the very important issues facing our country. Our country cannot afford to stop fighting for a $15 minimum wage, to overturn Citizens United, or to get universal health care for every man, woman, and child in America.

I’m asking you to help me continue to lead these fights. We have an FEC deadline on Saturday and another primary on Tuesday. Every vote we earn and every delegate we win is a testament to our ideas, to our movement, to our political revolution, and our willingness to take this campaign for the Democratic nomination all the way to the convention.

Will you contribute $2.70 to help us continue to speak to voters about the incredibly important issues facing our country? Your support right now before two big deadlines will send an unmistakable message that our voices will still be heard.

There is no doubt in my mind that what you and I have done together up to this point is nothing short of historic. And I know that if we are going to work together, we will continue making history.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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  1. He admits the path is narrow, but he knows what he stands for.  He knows we must aim high, rather than watered-down goals.  Ultimate change may only happen incrementally, but you have to know what you ultimately want to achieve, too.

    Bernie’s message is important, as is shown by the support he has gotten.  Some voters may have been cowed into casting their votes elsewhere even though they actually wish he would be the nominee.

    His popularity this campaign season (which nobody expected) has pushed the other Dem candidate to say she leans more to the left.

    In order for him to (at the very least) make sure she doesn’t backtrack to the right, he has to stay in it.

    If he is not the nominee, you will see a huge group of voters who will either write in Bernie in November, vote for the Green Party, or, just stay home.  (Just as the Repugz would have voters write in Trump if the RNC plays games.) If the Dem platform does not reflect The view of Bernie’s supporters, there is no reason for the DNC to expect us to fall in line.

  2. Take the $2.70, go to the local grocery store’s “Buy 2, get 3 Free” sale then make a visit to the local Food Bank.

    Senator Sanders should be in Legacy Preservation mode. I never saw him as a potential President as much as someone who cleared the path, took the hits so the next generation of Progressive Leaders would have an easier time in running. Senator Sanders found the Cumberland Gap for modern Progressives. He’ll never pass through, but deserves to be honored & remembered for what he has done. He tapped into an angry, disillusioned populace & instilled a feeling of pride & worth, plus giving the Democratic Party hierarchy a great big “Not so fast, please …We have something to say & you’re going to listen.” ( Wag finger here. ) Whether the Party hacks listen is another thing: ball’s in their court now. Guess we’ll find out the morning of November 9th.

    Elizabeth Warren, the Torch has effectively passed. Keep it lit, hold it high, never let it go out.

  3. newsmax quotes lindsey graham:

    Trump “has no understanding of the world and the role we play,” Graham told Cosby.

    “This speech was unnerving, it was pathetic in its content, and it was scary in terms of its construct,” he said. “If you had any doubt that Donald Trump is not fit to be commander in chief, this speech should’ve removed it. It took every problem and fear I have with Donald Trump and put in on steroids.

    “Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave after this speech,” he said.

    Graham also had a grave prediction for GOP hopes in November if Trump is the party’s nominee.

    “He will get absolutely annihilated,” by Democrat Hillary Clinton, he said. “We are going to get killed if he is the nominee.”

    Trump Deals the Woman Card
    by Gail Collins

    “Trump, in return, sniped at Clinton for “shouting.” Chatting with the hosts on “Morning Joe” post-primary, he said: “I know a lot of people would say you can’t say that about a woman, because of course a woman doesn’t shout. But the way she shouted that message was not — oh, I just — that’s the way she said it.” He also proudly announced that he was about to get an endorsement from “the great Bobby Knight,” former Indiana coach who once told an NBC interviewer that his theory on handling stress was, “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”
    We would not be bringing up Bobby Knight’s checkered history today if it had not been for the gender comments. Trump is the former owner of a deeply unsuccessful football franchise. (Make the New Jersey Generals Great Again!) He is going to be endorsed by a trillion sports stars, and if we vetted all of them for sexism, we really would have no time for anything else.”

  5. alexandra petri: With Fiorina nod, Ted Cruz’s presidential fantasy escalates out of control

    But then it hits you. None of this is real. This is all your imagination, trying to spare you pain. The more detailed and hopeful the fantasy scenario, the less likely.

    You never made it off the sinking ship. Your campaign is still dying. You are still standing on the stage with Carly Fiorina hoping the cameras will point your way.

  6. “Repeal that damned 19th Amendment!” – bet the Trump Campaign is thinking this. Daily. Afternoonly. Nightly.


  7. Again, nothing for the dems downstream with Bernie…selfish to the point that 2/3’s of the dem party are rejecting him.  More money is doing nothing more than taking it from the humans who need it most.  As a sitting Senator, get back to work as you have some economic probs in Vermont.  Do your job to push your agenda.  HRC is unemployed right now, move aside so she can have a job.  It is the socially democratic thing to do. 


  8. It’s 3:00am and the phone in Prez Trump’s bedroom rings–
    a. What the hell is the Horn of Africa?
    b. Ask Ivanka
    c. Ask Carli
    d. You’re fired!

  9. Bernie did provide one excellent lesson.  Whether or not any of his followers were paying attention is up for debate.  The above statement indicates that even he, didn’t get the message:

    Political parties are private clubs.  The best way to prevent outsiders from messing with party stances are closed primaries.  As long as that is the system by which we nominate Presidential candidates, voters have only a few of choices:

    Join the club and work from within for your vision of what it should be
    Start your own club
    Stay home and let others run things

    If your club gets beat, you make changes or break it up and form other parties.  In the past this has resulted in Federalists, Anti Federalists, Whigs, Republicans, Bull Moose, Democratic, Socialists, Progressives  and even wholesale trade of positions between parties as with the “Southern Strategy”.

    Bernie and his followers found out the hard way, that the political parties are highly resistant to outsiders trying to break-in to the club without filling out a membership card.  The Democrats may adopt some of his positions for later issues, but he and they can forget about a nomination.  Barring any totally unforeseen dramatics, it will be Hillary Clinton

    The Republicans are having a rougher time of it courtesy of a total assault on the ramparts backed by the torches and pitchfork crowd they have encouraged with ignorance, fear and hatred for decades.  Barring a well deserved lightening strike from on high, it will be Donald Trump.

    One of them will win the World Series.  Which one will depend on those outsiders.  Do they pick a major team and vote?  Do they pick a minor leaguer and mess up the results?  Do they stay home and do nothing until given a chance to bitch about it all in 2020.



  10. Baby Parts Fiorina is back and let us hope she doesn’t incite any more massacres like Colorado Springs.   What is most disgusting is the free press Cruz generated with his antics. These guys can’t stop…just like Bernie.  Go back to work, Senators.  

  11. voters have only a few of choices:

    Join the club and work from within for your vision of what it should be
    Start your own club
    Stay home and let others run things


    a big amen, Jamie.
    but for some there is a 4th option: brandish the pitchfork, burn the clubhouses and bring everything else down with it.

  12. In the meantime, there are a few other things barreling down the track.  That bright light is not a tunnel, it is a very, very big train:  The image above is population growth in China in just the past nine years.

    The little gem below is a comparison of the earth’s temperature most of the change happening in the past 40 years.  Thanks people.


  13. Jamie44,

    Thinking what Rod Serling would have done with the state of the earth, growing population, modern politics. Enough material for at least a hundred more Twilight Zones.

  14. BiD, EXACTLY.  And that worked out so well for McCain, too.

    Poobah, I knew, we all knew, you were feeling the Bern after Jim suspended his candidacy, but I didn’t know that Bernie knew that.  Oh, and I think I may still have a Solidarnosc T-shirt somewhere.  I’m guessing he hasn’t read your latest posts…

    Chris Cillizza has a good piece in WaPo about the Cruz-Fiorina pcik.
    Ted Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential pick in the event he becomes the GOP nominee at a campaign event in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

    So, why is Cruz picking Fiorina? And why is he announcing it now?

    The second question is easier to answer. Cruz and his team understand that after the primary votes over the past two weeks, any momentum he might have had following Wisconsin on April 5 is now gone. And all of it has gone to Donald Trump who now looks damn-near unstoppable in his quest to become the GOP’s nominee.

    Should make for entertaining clips in the evening shows.

  15. So, why is Cruz picking Fiorina? And why is he announcing it now?
    1. could be she’s there to entice the drumpf to make dumb and dumber anti-women remarks
    2. could be she’s unted’s Christie — pit bully with lipstick — to bite at drumpf’s and Hillary’s heels
    3. could be his entre’ into California goper land for votes he wouldn’t get otherwise
    4. more than likely tho’ it’s to get media coverage for himself and wrested away from drumpf
    5. could be he’s crazy?

  16. Patd “contribute $2.70”?  that won’t even buy his high-priced campaign mgr jeff a grande latte in ‘frisco.

    It certainly won’t pay for the $18 million in attack drones on Twitter or finance the bussing in of non voters for the rallies.

  17. I think Ed Rogers may have hit the nail on the head.

    I have generally been a fan of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and thought the Republican Party should’ve rallied behind him weeks ago. But I’m unimpressed with his selection for vice president. Why would he select such a novice in Carly Fiorina, someone who has proven herself to be a lackluster fundraiser, a mediocre candidate and a underachiever when the voting started? The answer to that question may be that he is more desperate than I thought. It all seems to be too little, too late.

    Patd, I think the answer to the options you posed is “All of the above.”  Otherwise, 2 & 5 strike me as most likely.

  18. and wasn’t there some carly connection re ted’s scandal…. maybe it’s more of a pay-off

  19. Compared to Trump and, um, Trump, Cruz and Fiorina have made themselves the Republican alternative for those who simply can’t stomach the Trumps. Next week’s voting will tell.

    And, the unasked questions. What is Trump going to do with his investments? How is he going to set-up blind trusts? Will they really be blind? What about his named properties in different parts of the world? Lots of questions. Is he aware that he will be term limited?

  20. his co-workers? Jamie, please. his goper colleagues in the senate and the word “workers” do not compute….let alone “co”  🙂

  21. I’m with you, Pat, sounds more like he didn’t remember his place. Who the hell sponsored him for membership, already??

  22. Pat


    It looks like Lindsey Graham is getting ready to vote for HRC. He is begging his party to do something to stop him. We will know for certain if he shows up with a bloody stump where the hand that marked the ballot was.

    My how things change in 2 days. Could Republican internationalists be migrating to Camp HRC?

    Looks like HRC maybe able to tell the Bernie Bros to kiss her A**.



  23. Pat

    It was a typo Jamie put the hyphen in the wrong  place.

    Correction it should read:

    “Ted does seem to have acquired a reputation with his cow-orkers ”



  24. Pogo, I signed up for everyone’s fundraising emails long time ago, just to monitor, not to donate. Bernie asks for that $2.71 every day.

  25. whskyjack,

    Secretary Clinton telling anyone to kiss her [  ] would be very unwise, plus I’m giving her credit she knows this 😉 Instead of building walls, set up as big a tent as possible & make everyone feel welcome. Sniping can resume November 9th, with whipped cream & a cherry on top.

  26. Clinton and Sanders Camps quietly signal resolution


    Rep Keith Ellison:  “Every Bernie supporter knows that this Supreme Court issue is looming. We’ll have party unity….everybody has a responsibility to make sure there will never be a President Trump. Bernie has been around a long time….he’s not going to hand this country over to Donald Trump.”

  27. Let me see if I have this right – people who are voting Clinton are stupid sheep and should prostrate themselves before Bernie voters who have already said they will never vote for Clinton.


    Correct me if I’m wrong

  28. Nader is calling for Trump to release his tax returns.  Maybe he should request the same of Sanders.

  29. sjwny


    she is going to build a big tent, it is going to be an internationalist one I suspect.

    Probably one that Bernie Bros are going to find uncomfortable given the isolationist nature of the group.

    For her the Bernie bros and bro-etts are as toxic as Trump is for the mainstream Republicans.

    After Trumps big isolationist /clueless foreign policy speech yesterday her need for Bernie or any of his supporters plummeted

    It is a new world and  the Bernie supporters need to adjust to it.

    I’m sure it is a bitter  pill to swallow.



  30. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    Clinton voters are smart people who have the nomination locked up but not the election. Being gracious as a winner reflects positively on the Campaign. If the Sanders folks want to go on, it’s up to them how they’ll be remembered: as inspiring a generation or for being sore losers. That decision is theirs & for future historians to return a verdict.

  31. Naive cowardly scared and not very bright and maybe it wasn’t sheep maybe it was bovine

  32. Poobah, you be a clever fella.


    Flatus,  I suspect that Trump has turned much of his business management to Ivanka and the boys, but building the wall between him and his holdings would be a monumental undertaking.  Maybe he can get the investments to pay for it.



  33. Nader got his name in the news? must be a slow news day,

    oh and because Nader ask I’m sure Trump will get right on that one.


  34. Hey, $2,71 will get you a breakfast burrito and a senior coffee at McD’s

    emails cost nothing and maybe he gets lucky and gets breakfast.



  35. Jamie, I agree with the 1st line of that article:

    The funny thing about cable news media is that they tend to cast the various presidential candidates into whatever roles they think are going to play the best for ratings – and they stick with those narratives for as long as they believably can, whether it remains accurate or whether it was ever accurate.

    but don’t agree that they will recast how they play Hillary.  drumpf in their eyes will still be the goose that lays the golden eggs of ratings, even if the eggs are rotten…. in fact, the more they stink and the more he scrambles them, drumpf  will make the headline making media job easier.  drumpf being the big braggart bully swaggering in and out of fancy venues, growling now and then before swooning crowds can more than fill the 24/7 slots without reporters lifting anything heavier than a beer.

    they have to think too hard and work too much to cover Hillary and her policy issues.

  36. Most reporters (sic) are reactionary and Clinton needs to control the storyline and that can best be achieved by showing that Trump is an ill informed blowhard

  37. Lucifer in the Flesh?  I thought he was talking about Hastert.   I know we love to get romantic about politics, but he is the perv that gave us the Hastert Rule.  All politics parties have pervs, sex maniacs and addicts, but the acts of Hastert are incredibly destructive creepy.

  38. Patd & KGC

    Once upon a time there was a profession called journalism that was actually practiced.  It was geared towards a population that actually read regularly.  These days neither group is particularly numerous.

    Covering a candidate such as Hillary requires the ability to understand historical context, nuance, and probability.  This takes work on the part of both the listener/reader and the broadcaster/reporter.

    Good luck with that.


  39. Jamie – Political parties are, indeed, a club and that becomes the problem, as George Washington knew.  They have become the “potent engines by which cunning, ambitious, and, unprincipled men (and women) will be enabled to subvert the power of the people…”

    The party machines are so powerful and so monied that you can only fix the problem if you can gain admittance to “the club” by some manner.

  40. And, by continuing to brand us  “outsiders,” why on Earth would we ever support HRC?

  41. Blue

    You are only “outsiders” by choice.  You could simply register as a Democrat, get involved with your local county organization, start working for candidates that you believe in and actually change the system by helping to put an end to alter things as weighted school boards, county commissioners, state office holders, congress critters etc.

    You don’t walk up to an organization that has been in existence since 1828 and demand that it change to suit your view of how things should be.  Even the Socialist party candidates didn’t get elected to higher offices, but their Presidential candidates eventually got the Democrats to adopt things such as 40 hour work week and Social Security courtesy of public pressure who recognized that these things were good for people.

    The Republicans used to be the more liberal party and changed to the mess it is today thanks to a 30 year from the ground up campaign by right wingers that pretty much started with the John Birch Society and a take over of the California Republican Assembly.


    Pressure is applied from the outside, but the changes are made from the inside.

    No one is asking you to love Hillary, but you don’t get to replace her just because your chosen candidate can’t become the nominee of the Democratic party when only Democrats are doing the voting.


  42. Thank you Renee

    Still Bernie Sanders has been in public office since 1981 and in Congress since 1990.  He requested to run as a Democrat for this election and was given a dispensation to do so despite his “Independent” designation as a Senator.  The man KNOWS the rules.  If it seems as if I don’t particularly respect him and Jane, it is because I don’t.  The ideals are high; the effort is not.

    There are many issues where I actually agree with him about what should happen eventually.  Unfortunately, at no point have I seen him acknowledge that Congressional action would be necessary, that States Rights would interfere all along the line, or that he would need assistance from office holders below the presidency or that cases would have to be brought before the Supreme Court.

    Most importantly he has not instructed his followers on the ins and outs of voting.  Hillary has worked toward this goal and these issues in one form or another for more than 30 years.  With Sanders, it’s as if he expects the trophy to be handed to him without actually bothering to play the game.

    Hillary is not dramatic, fun or exciting.  She’s a dedicated plodder just trying to get things done.  Bernie likes the limelight and glory.

    Hillary is like the aide worker on the ground in Africa apply anti-malarial paint to a shack.

    Bernie is the guy looking out at a sea of waving lighters pleading for you to send money for Aid to Africa that may or may not get there.

  43. I saw this dude on Faux News today regarding the Sanders campaign.  Rocha   These guys want to be paid some more!

  44. Jack, are you driving up to Omaha Saturday? I didn’t bother ordering-out tickets–too much of a gaggle. The stock is treading water on light volume; they keep a tight lip in that shop. Teevee starts at 0900 Saturday.

    GOPer: Clinton Will ‘Go Down Like Monica Lewinsky’ Debating Trump
    Sara Jerde

    “A Florida GOP official said that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would “go down like Monica Lewinsky” if she debated Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

    Bob Sutton, chairman of the Broward County GOP Executive Committee, suggested Clinton would be easy to debate in the general election.
    “I think when Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton she’s going to go down like Monica Lewinsky,” Sutton told the Post.
    Kristin Matheny, secretary of the Broward County Republican Party in Sutton’s county, told the Sun Sentinel newspaper that Sutton should apologize.
    “As a woman, as a Republican, it’s not what I would have said,” Matheny said. “I don’t endorse it in any way.”
    Matheny told the reporter that she hadn’t had time to process Sutton’s comment to assess whether anything other than an apology, such as a resignation, was warranted.
    Sutton’s comments came after Trump criticized Clinton for playing the “woman card.” Clinton hit back and said that if fighting for issues that mattered to women meant playing the “woman card,” then “deal me in.”

  46. I get a kick out of all these pundits saying that no one is excited by Hillary.  I just want to bang their know-it-all heads together.  No we aren’t
    “excited”.  We just love her.

    Every woman who has ever dealt with a couple of children 20 months apart, a full time job, a house and a cheating husband who thinks it is all “woman’s work” wants to strangle them in their comfortable news chairs.  Every woman who has ever lived on welfare while explaining why she didn’t use her non existent credit card to replace the dead auto part that made her late to work wants to skewer them with the nearest ice pick. It is a long, long list of “every woman” experiences and like the lyric in Les Miz “Just as well they never see the hate that’s in your head”

    Hillary may have been born upper middle class, gotten a great education thanks to a brilliant mind, married well, established great connections,  made a success of her life and is now reaping the rewards, but we are all looking below the surface of what it took in coins paid from her soul that it took to get there.

    Yes there is a “Woman’s Card” and a whole lot of us are pulling it out of the deck in order to Trump and take the trick.

  47. Once upon a time there was a profession called journalism that was actually practiced.  It was geared towards a population that actually read regularly.

    jamie, wow! really? you mean I didn’t just dream that that’s the way it used to be?  so there actually were things called newspapers that most folks read every day, sometimes twice a day? and every page, not just the sports section?  hard to believe it now….  shaking head walking away downcast. 🙁

    but what about santa and the tooth fairy?

  48. Well if this wapo article is any indication, Team Bernie has no incentive to deliver him bad news. As long as the money keeps rolling in…….


    The large profits stem in part from the fact that no one in Sanders’s campaign imagined he would generate such enormous financial support. So unlike Clinton, he did not cap how much his consultants could earn in commissions from what was expected to be a bare-bones operation, according to campaign officials.

    That has meant big payouts for the firm of senior strategist Tad Devine, which has produced the bulk of the campaign’s ads; Old Towne Media, a small media placement operation run by two of Devine’s longtime buyers; and Revolution Messaging, a digital firm led by veterans of President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    so Craig, you backed the wrong horse, If you had joined team Bernie  you could have hired all of us as consultants and we would have all ended up rich.


    Just my luck



  49. jack, not exactly like the folks hustling in the peanut brigade for jimmy.  staff put up over night at volunteer homes, free flights to and from small towns on Cessna 150s or if you’re lucky getting there quicker on a king air.

  50. Just watched Bernie call for a “50 State Solution”.  Could have sworn that is what Gov Howard Dean wanted and he has endorsed Hillary.  Again.  Big words, cheering crowds, no actual call to action

    You want changes?  Get off your asses and act.


  51. Flatus,

    Never been much of a groupy.

    I’m not a dead head or a parrot head either

    But  a friend of Mrs Jack has half his 401K in the stock and he tries to go as often  as his job lets him.

    The company that both of them work for  is based in Omaha.  Omaha is a nice little city, highly recomend it. I’ve been up there several time even drove by Warrens house once.



  52. If Hillary were running under the Republican Party rules, her delegate count would triple.

    yeah, but she’d have to wear ugly clothes and say stupid things.  triple count not worth the humiliation.

  53. Patd

    I hate be the bearer of bad news, but Santa Claus may be missing and in need of ransoming.  I know because I got a present from him every single year from my birth onwards.  It was always addressed:  To Jannie from Santa Claus.

    They stopped back in 1968 but I still believe

    I suppose he could be resurrected so that they will go on believing by sending a gift to someone you love addressed:  To:  ?  From:  Santa Claus



  54. Tony


    OK it is an hour later and I’m still laughing at that one. God what a maroon.

    And that poor woman saying “not how I would have put it”

    Some body needs to do a little guerrilla politics and invite her to become a democrat

    All I can think as I roll on the floor is

    “OK Patsi, get your ass back here ”



  55. Jane Sanders agrees with Trump on delegate woes

    By Nolan D. McCaskill

    “Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns agree on something: The Democratic Party hasn’t been fair to Sanders.
    In an interview with Fox Business on Thursday, Jane Sanders conceded that the Republican presidential front-runner had a point when he said Wednesday that the Vermont senator “has been very effective” against Hillary Clinton but has also “been treated very badly by the Democrats and by the Democratic Party.”
    Story Continued Below

    While she rejected the real-estate mogul’s advice this week for the senator to mount an independent bid, she did agree that the electoral process hasn’t been fair to her husband.
    “Now, Donald Trump has a point. The electoral process, the way it’s conducted now, in both parties, is not good,” she told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto. “It’s not Democratic. It’s not smart.”
    She argued that there should be more open primaries to allow independents to vote and same-day registration to boost voter participation. The Democratic primary “would be very different” if more independents could vote, she said.”

    Sorry Jane. If you want independents to vote for your husband get them to become Democrats. How hard is that? Its free. Why should Democrats bend to the will of non members? I don’t want Republican’s messing around with our primary..

  56. Clinton backers ‘feel the Bern’ of angry Sanders supporters

    by Lisa Lerer

    “WASHINGTON — Nancy Schumacher says she just wanted to do her civic duty, and so she heeded the call to become a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton. But in the year of the angry voter, not even an administrative assistant from Elk River, Minnesota, can escape the outrage.
    “Some of the (phone and email) messages called me names. Some of them called Hillary names. And others said I was a stupid bitch and something bad will happen to me,” said Schumacher, a Democratic committee member. “It’s kind of hard to take sometimes.”

  57. Craig

    I just wrote two pieces of foot stomping above that can be lifted whole if you like.  I’ll put them up with edits and you can take which ever one you like.


  58. We will not be falling in line to support Hillary.    The DNC is as wrong about that as the RNC was about Trump not being a threat.

    And that nasty attitude by the Clinton camp, paying only a little lip-service to Bernie, continues to tick off his supporters.    They don’t get it, but they will in November.

    Have a good night.



  59. We will not be falling in line to support Hillary.    The DNC is as wrong about that as the RNC was about Trump not being a threat.


    Bernie is no Obama and the Hillary Dems showed for him.. When Bernie endorses Hillary and starts campaigning for her hard all will be forgiven.. Now you of course in Texas see things differently but i have faith in the masses to see the light.. Supreme Court uppermost reason. I’m not worried at all..

  60. Blue

    Have a good night.  You still don’t get it.  No one hates the Bernie supporters.  We even believe what they believe.  We just think they have been blinded by the light of a rather selfish shyster who from the day he was thrown out of a commune forty years ago for too much talk and not enough work hasn’t changed.


  61. Sanders is biggest spending of 2016 so far. Generating millions for consultants

    By Matea Gold and Anu Narayanswamy

    The small-dollar fundraising juggernaut that has kept Bernie Sanders’s insurgent White House bid afloat far longer than anticipated has generated another unexpected impact: a financial windfall for his team of Washington consultants.
    By the end of March, the self-described democratic socialist senator from Vermont had spent nearly $166 million on his campaign — more than any other 2016 presidential contender, including rival Hillary Clinton. More than $91 million went to a small group of admakers and media buyers who produced a swarm of commercials and placed them on television, radio and online, according to a Washington Post analysis of Federal Election Commission reports.

  62. Tony, Jamie, good on you.

    Whether Bernie’s supporters will “fall in line”, vote against their own interest (and the good of the country) or not vote and take whatever outcome that yields is beyond the ability of us mere HRC supporters to sway. Some will do each of the above, but I’d like to think the young people he energized are informed enough to understand the gravity of their votes and when faced with a choice between Hillary and Trump won’t be so stupid as to cut off their noses to spite their faces.  Some of them may believe that Bernie and Trump have more in common than Hillary and Trump.  If so, they’ve bought into the biggest line of BS I’ve heard this campaign season.  Unless Bernie takes Trump’s advice and runs as an Independent (and if he does the outcome of his race is predictable – and so will the outcome of HRC’s race be in all probability) their choice will be Hillary, Donald or no one.  I do not see Bernie running Indy unless he is done with politics and wants to go out with a bang. Honest to god I hope that is not the case.

    I’m really not sure what Bernie deadenders want from Hillary to get them to vote for her.  If they take disagreements as personal affronts against them, they are operating in the emotional realm and no amount of trying to reason will do any good.  Whatever.  The campaign has been a relatively polite one until Bernie started ramping up the negative attacks against Hillary.  Even those incessant yips about her speeches to Wall Street firms and donations from lobbyists haven’t been the kind of attacks that will get much attention beyond what she would see from Trump regardless of Bernie’s words.  

    Ultimately Bernie will get a seat at the DNC table to help draft parts of the platform, but it won’t be his primary platform.  There will be a deal to retire any campaign debt he has, and the Democratic political world will turn toward November.

  63. From the Antipodean contingent:  Bill Woerlee

    The Smug Style in American Liberalism

    ” the failure of half the country to know what’s good for them.”

    This is definitely worth reading if only for the fact that guess what, we are not universally loved and admired …. fancy that.

  64. The really serious Dead-eye Dick republicans are all sequestered away together plotting feverishly about the best way forward toward stealing the election next November.


  65. Some men are such assholes


    Pretty much everyone in the US except for white men thinks the goopers suck

  66. Pogo

    He doesn’t have a campaign debt -he is like a giant cash machine.

    I think everyone from Clintonia should lay off the Bernits

    I think he should use his fund raising capability to finance Occupy projects.  Bernie owes a lot to the occupy movement

    and there is already a network of sorts that the campaign could merge into.


  67. Delusional or Deceptive?


    Wow, the things Mudcat said were disgusting. I couldn’t finish reading it. I’ve scene that straight white male bullshit all my life and i’m so over it.. Hard to believe the macho fools still rule in some parts but they do.. Guess the rest of us will have to prove the haters wrong..

  68. I think the problem with Mudcat is that he looks at his neighborhood and then tries to make it the world.

    And true enough in his neighborhood HRC won’t break 20% and If she does then it is a win for her.

    That world hasn’t voted democrat for a long time. And nothing is making it come back.

    Mean while Mudcat forgets that Trump has problems that for some strange reason his republican opponets haven’t used against him.

    Such things as the rip off school Trump U. Then there are the many bankruptcies where everyone else lost money but for some strange reason Trump didn’t. I kmow enough about dirty tricks in the construction industry to know that there were a lot of small contractors who got really hurt in those deals.

    Put those ads together with lots of working class whites getting the shaft by the great Donald, and just end it with “don’t be a fool, he doesn’t care any more for you than he did me.”



  69. more ripper Theology
    Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “miserable son of a bitch,” former House Speaker John Boehner told an audience at Stanford University last night, according to Ada Statler-Throckmorton’s write-up in the Stanford Daily.

  70. I fully support and cheer Ms Cracker’s motion regarding Bernie and Occupy Democrats. Feel the movement.

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