Why Today Could Determine The Nominees

rs_1024x759-150709052426-1024.Donald-Trump-Hillary-Clinton-JR-70915_copyNPR: “Bernie Sanders has come a long way, but the Vermont independent is running out of friendly states. … If Trump has a big day — and Ted Cruz struggles again — the New York billionaire may seem inevitable. Cruz will also likely be mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on first ballot.”

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  1. Kasich and Cruz pool their desperation to force Donald Trump into a contested convention. PLUS: Trump wants you to think everything until now was merely the most intolerant performance art you’ve ever seen.

  2. Sorry Pat, I understand all about the Irish. They weren’t always welcome to the table- Irish need not apply, Irish died building the rails, canals and bridges of this country-  but they sure as fuck weren’t lynched.

    And anyone who truly believes in a white male myth is as you say-nuts. I have another word for it..

  3. Why Today Could Determine The Nominees


    Good points regarding white male privilege.. White privilege and especially straight white male privilege is so pervasive that people just refuse to see.. As i say to Grace, we all know it’s better to be a white in this country based on so many things. Whites have higher incomes, less arrests for drug offenses, better healthcare and really way to many things to list..

  4. but they sure as fuck weren’t lynched.

    OSH… my thoughts exactly.  Maybe great grandma didn’t live an ideal life…  but she sure didn’t have to lie awake at night praying that they wouldn’t come for great grandpa to string up in a tree.

    today could determine the nominees….   thank god!

  5. tony, thanks for that statistics link. a distillation of his findings was well said in his statement: This is not to suggest that other groups do not experience the same forms of discrimination, in the same areas—it is simply that in almost every instance, black people experience the harshest forms of discrimination at the highest rates.

    my point was to hear some of the truth in what bid was saying and not to pooh-pooh her comment with such a big broad black/white brush. just wanted to acknowledge that there were times and places in this country where it was worse to be a native american, an asian or merely a woman black white or purple…. some of whom were enslaved, raped, beaten, murdered….maybe not called or technically lynched but had the same effect.

  6. http://on.msnbc.com/26q1O7B
    Clinton: ‘We need to restore voting rights’
    Hillary Clinton explains how she would help families who were negatively affected by the 1994 crime bill signed by her husband, then-President Bill Clinton, and how she would help ensure that all eligible Americans are able to vote. Plus, Rachel Maddow asks Hillary Clinton whether military experience is something she is considering in a potential running mate. … more               

  7. RebelliousRenee:

    today could determine the nominees….  thank god!”

    The first thing that popped into my head as I read that was the figure of a woman on a mountain top, rolling black storm clouds moving away & blue skies, sunshine moving in. I think most of us are standing up there too.


    And as important: Respect.


    There are no subjects we discuss that are off limits. Everyone has opinions; if you didn’t, I’d check your pulse. I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again: no one here is ignorant, or nuts or misinformed… heck, I might disagree with everything you write but I respect it. And want you to remain here, for everyone is important. ?


  8. yeah, sure… group hug…   (((((((((everyone)))))))))

    patd…  I agree that lots of ethnic groups have had a hard time economically including my French Canadians.  But most assimilated and made a better life for their children.  As for Asians and Native Americans…  they are not white.  So I guess I could have said…   great grandma didn’t have to lie awake at night praying that they wouldn’t give great grandpa a blanket infected with small pox.

    And yes… today there are pockets of very poor white people who live hellish lives.  But they don’t have to tell their sons at a very early age…  “son, if you ever encounter a policeman, make sure your hands are visible to him at all times.”

  9. When you say determine the race…does that mean convince the losers to get out.

    Sanders is in until California.  Like many Easterners makes the mistake of thinking Californians vote like the state of Washington

    As in 2008 California will go big for Clinton.


    I live in Sanders country.  For the most part not bitter yet, but keep on like they are and there will have to be  new term for bitter ender

  10. So on the thread topic it looks like CT & RI may be close today for Bernie & Hillary; nothing looks close on the pugn side.  PA will be telling of the contests today. (I feel like Captain Obvious ).  I listened to a bit of the Bern & Hill town halls last night.  Sorry, but Bernie was too vague and general to convince me that I’ve been wrong about him. I think it will be academic after tonight, and hanging his last hopes on CA doesn’t seem like a good bet to me. It’s a large, very diverse state – doesn’t play to his strengths.

  11. renee and sea,

    okay, okay, black lives matter! of course they do. I was not saying otherwise. blacks suffer now and have suffered at a greater rate than whites in this country, no question about it.

    why jump on me tho’ for merely saying our friend blueindallas is not nuts in my opinion just because she remembers or has experienced things differently than some of the others of us on the trail. or for saying that groups other than blacks also have suffered in this country.

    as hillary says “love and kindness”


  12. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    If Candidate X slowly becomes irrelevant to The Press after today, does it matter if that person stays in or not? Unfair, yes, but reality has a way of weeding the also-rans out.

    “bitter ender” : Your comment may be prophetic. Perhaps we’ll see just how good the Secretary’s diplomatic & negotiating skills really are.

  13. maddow and hillary at townhall last night:

    The woman who asked the question was treated with respect by both Maddow and Clinton. It was the perfect way to handle the situation. Rachel Maddow demonstrated why she is one of the best journalists on cable news, and Hillary Clinton exhibited a temperament that was the complete opposite of the way that Republicans typically handle immigration protesters.
    It was a single moment that revealed a great deal about the professionalism and character of both Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton.

  14. Pat, wasn’t a significant portion of Hillary’s answer part of the split ruling by the Supreme Court??

  15. KGC — “When you say determine the race…does that mean convince the losers to get out.”

    Nope. Very few candidates drop out as soon as its mathematically over. Usually it’s when they run out of money. I wonder how Bernie’s finances are doing. Sure, he’s raised a lot, but at their burn rate they are spending it as fast as it comes in. For starters, those huge rallies are very expensive, and they’ve spent tons on TV ads.  If receipts dwindle as the media marginalizes him (which is beginning to happen) he won’t have much cash on hand to go forward.

  16. patd…  I wasn’t “jumping on you”…   merely took the opportunity to agree with you that Native Americans suffered too and to have my say on the topic.  And I haven’t said BlueinD was nuts…  I’ve never called her a name on this blog other than friend….  and that still applies.  I didn’t read any of the comments until this morning…  I rarely get on this machine past dinner time.

    I think it’s fine that Sanders stays in the race right through the convention.  I just wish he’d change his tone at this point.


  17. You don’t mess with Latvia’s beavers!

    Beaver attacks Latvian man, who couldn’t be helped because police thought his report was a prank call
    By Nate Scott, USA Today, April 21, 2016 9:56 AM

    In what I can only describe as a Kafkian nightmare, a Latvian man was recently attacked by a beaver in the middle of the night … and couldn’t get help because both police and a friend believed he was prank calling them.

    Inna Plavoka, editor at the local Seychas daily newspaper, told Latvian Radio 4 that the man, who was referred to only as Sergei, was walking outside late at night when a beaver ran up out of the bushes and bit him in the leg. Knocked to the ground, he tried to get up and run away, only to be bitten again.

    The beaver then stood guard, refusing to let him get up. In the words of the Latvian Public Broadcasting report: “The beaver was in effect holding Sergei hostage.”

    This is nightmarish enough, but what happens next is what makes the whole thing even more ridiculous and horrifying.

    Sergei attempted to call police for help, but was hung up on because they believed he was making a prank call. So he then tried a friend, who also believed him to be joking, until Sergei finally convinced him he was in peril.

    From there, it gets crazier.

  18. Moving on to Trump vs Clinton, is it a good, bad or meaningless thing that nearly every time I open my Google News page “Donald Trump” is the number one search term in Top Stories and US stories. This is supposed to be a pure result of the actual number of searches for a topic, but with Google can we be sure they’re not messing around?

  19. purple, thank you for the reality check.  wonder if that wasn’t really a badger in a beaver coat.  they may be small, warm and fuzzy but they are fearless


  20. blueINdallas,

    Google backs Google. It is the monster we constantly feed. Here, kitty kitty. Yowza, it has the power to influence whatever its’ creators want to. I’m not being paranoid. I’m being truthful. It tracks ever*y*thing.

    I am not a number. I am a free (wo)man!


  21. 1.a. If Candidate X slowly becomes irrelevant to The Press after today, does it matter if that person stays in or not? Unfair, yes, but reality has a way of weeding the also-rans out. – SJNY

    1.b. I am not now, and have never been a candidate for the Office of the President of the United States, a weed, an alaweed, or an also-ran.


    2.a. Badgers are bad-tempered, carnivorous, cousins of weasels. They’ll attack anything. 65 years ago a badger attacked my father’s automobile, a 1950 Kaiser Fraser. That car would fetch a small fortune today. Badgers have no respect for other folks property.

    2b. We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers.


  22. Dearest xrepublican,

    Big X-er’s risk irrelevancy. xrepublicans are always in style. And relevant. And boffo cool.

  23. The OTHER big race that comes sooner in the form of the Kentucky Derby, is still pretty well ordered.  The odds haven’t changed all the much and last minute jockey assignments haven’t been announced.  For something a little bit different, here are the best of the national handicappers with their favorites for Both the Derby and the Oaks.  For those without a horse, your input is desired soon please.



  24. SJNY and XR’s exchange reminded me of an old book from the mid 1940s by Irving Stone about the men who lost in the races for the Presidency.

    They Also Ran

    There have been dryer updates since Truman v Dewey, but Stone always had a way with a good story.


  25. OK, let’s set the record straight – In disagreeing with Webb’s comment about white privilege I told blue that there is no myth of white privilege, that it exists here, and that if she didn’t believe that it does I thought she may have lost her mind.  Patd said blue hadn’t lost her mind when she pointed out the poor treatment Irish immigrants found here, and I agree with that.  My point, poorly stated, was that white skinned folks, primarily Euros,(it would include Scandinavians, etc. who are plainly caucasian) regardless of what they initially found here, assimilated into the white culture and regardless of how they came here, their journey did not compare to blacks who came here as slaves and my sole intent was to draw the distinction between the two groups.  I do believe that white privilege exists – it was actually Jim Webb’s comment I was disagreeing with.  Blue if you took offense, I apologize.  That was not my intent.

  26. Thank you Craig

    It’s a bit of a work around to get an XL spread sheet that won’t post here into the form of a JPG that will.

    Post Position Draw will be Wednesday, May 4th, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. ET (Live on NBCSN).


  27. Nate Silver on the Groundhog Day nature of the Dem campaign.   He sums up the state of the race thusly:

    Clinton’s current lead — 235 pledged delegates — is still below her post-Ohio peak. But because there are relatively few states left to vote, she now needs only 41.6 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to clinch a pledged delegate majority, her lowest figure of the campaign to date. Sanders, conversely, will need 58.4 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to win a majority.


    Nate’s chart makes the point very well.

  28. Pogo, I’m not going to get discouraged about Destin(y). To set a track record in Tampa is a big deal. He showed he had it in his heart when it counted.

  29. RR, plug-in developer for our comment editing tools responded to my request about your issue on the link button and made some tweaks for Safari users, says they have it working in their tests. I will be curious if you see any Improvement. If not please tell me exactly what happens so that they can keep working on it. I am paying for this so I want to get it functional for everyone.

  30. If Candidate X slowly becomes irrelevant to The Press after today, does it matter if that person stays in or not?

    sjwny and xr, is this some sort of koan for us to ponder?  perhaps there are 2 more questions to also contemplate:  “is there a sound bite if there is no press to hear?” and ” if we don’t think, does he/she still exist?”

  31. Jamie, if it’s not too much trouble please put me down for mohayman to show. am going whole hog on a trifecta with exaggeration, creator and mohaymen – win, place and show respectively.

  32. patd,

    My head is spinning.

    Ha, your questions made me think (somehow) of Sunday night’s 60 Minutes & the story of our beloved Congress men & ladies being the ultimate telemarketers. Trapped in those tiny stalls, reading a script, selling their souls $1000 a pop.  Ring… ring… that is one sound bite I definitely do not want to hear.

  33. Exit polls in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland show 68 percent of Republicans think nomination should go to winner of most primaries. Suggests another big night for Trump.

  34. Truthfully all I really care about is that the population of the United States has not gotten so Faux Spews brainwashed that they might actually elect anyone the GOP could put on the ballot.

    My opinion has been sadly lowered by those who would vote for a misogynistic, foul mouthed, self-aggrandizing piece of garbage such as Donald Trump.


  35. Jamie44,

    The GOP doesn’t want Mr Trump either. Apparently he’s the fault of those pesky Primary Voters. Imagine that 😉


  36. SJWNY

    And Fans of the Apprentice.  Do we still have an educational system in this country?


  37. oldseahagsays:
    April 26, 2016 at 7:12 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Pat- last night I posted this comment on the Web article.

    oldseahagsays:April 25, 2016 at 9:11 pmWow, what an offensive post! “The myth of universal white privilege and universal disadvantage among racial minorities ”  , thats right up there with climate change deniers, birthers too.   Guessing all those young black men killed by police brutality were just in the wrong place at the wrong time- it would have happened to young white boys too.Anyways, the post sure brought all the uglies out – read some of the comments, had to stop, couldn’t continue reading the haters any more..
    Then early this am I elaboratedoldseahagsays:April 26, 2016 at 5:23 am2 and a half million Irish were allowed to die in Ireland during the Potato Famine. all of which could have been avoided if not for the English rule and their economic sanctions.  The lucky ones came to America,the land of promise, golden opportunity, proud to be here and become Yanks. And those millions came in search of a myth?My great great uncle came America as an orphaned child, yet became a Dr. by the young age of 20.  No one wanted to be his patient because he was so very young.  So they “sent him back to Ireland to age him”.  Upon his return he became the Dr. for the City of Buffalo, lead a fine life and built a small house outside the city, in Hamburg on the lake. None of that generation in my family was without work, except the one who drank too much- but he helped his mom around the house.  My great great grandfather was a Capt. on the lake, the other a conductor on the miles and miles of track at the steel mills. Whenever I complained about the stench of Lackawanna’s steel mills my grandmother always replied that she loved it “the smell of people working”.  One great uncle did open a speakeasy- the Bon Ton, where my grandmother ran the numbers for him during her days off from her office job for the city.  They all had homes, money enough to go out for fish fry on a Friday night, Crystal Beach amusement park even take vacations- back to Ireland or to NYC to see the Yankees. They came from the world renowned beauty of County Kerry; Dingle and the island of Fenit. They loved their irish roots, yet were all thankful to be Americans, and came to consider Buffalo “God’s Country”. What a grand myth they led.

  38. Very well written article on the current GOP dilemma. Worth your time.




    “The role of free trade in alienating blue-collar voters is, by now, obvious — and rocket fuel for Trump. Less widely noted is that Republican legislators squelched programs to ameliorate its effects. As Steven Rattner pointed out in the New York Times, the Republican Congress killed Obama’s proposals for larger tax credits for child care; investing in community colleges; helping make retirement plans portable; and giving tax relief to manufacturing communities.”

    “The same fate met programs to retrain workers; help them relocate when their jobs went overseas; or temporarily supplement their wages if they were compelled to take a lesser job. Ditto for payroll tax cuts and creating an infrastructure bank to fund thousands of construction jobs. The coup de grace was cutting back on food stamps. In sum, the GOP establishment — epitomized by Ryan — waged a class war against its base.”


    When you repeatedly vote against your own interests and get repeatedly screwed for your trouble, you tend to get angry.

  39. Bernie congratulates Hillary but still seeks adverse possession of a nomination he can’t win.

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