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  1. All those solid blue states voting for Donald Trump.  You would almost suspect they are trying to mess with the GOP ?

  2. “You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting… melting! Who would have thought a [expletive deleted] like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?” The Republican Party (1854-2016), after Donald J. Trump threw a big ol’ bucket of water their way.


  3. So is Bernie saying that he will run as an Independent in the General?  Or is he lying to his people by touting “national polls” that don’t mean a thing in electing a president given the Electoral College.

    Do his fan club members even know what the Electoral College is?


  4. I heard  one of the most bizarre stump speeches I believe I’ve ever heard coming from Ted Cruz in Indiana on my way home tonight. Honest to God. He was asking some guy that goes around with him on his campaign stops to get a tape measure and measure to the height of the goal in the Indiana Fieldhouse. Hell I know it’s 10 feet. And then he said something about Indianans can do anything. Not exactly sure what the hell that was supposed to mean but like I said it was one of the most bizarre speeches I’ve heard in a long time.

  5. Pogo,


    Apparently Cruz thinks he’s Gene Hackman in “Hoosiers”. I’m not sure what his point was, but I doubt that he did either.

    Good movie though.

  6. CNN projects clean sweep for Trump, in PA, MD, CT, RI, and DE. Dominating coverage. Clinton only projected for MD

  7. Hillary Clinton is being swiftboated by Republican PACS in every contest benefiting Bernie and further damaging the Clinton brand. Sanders refuses to acknowledge this even though it’s common knowledge. Will he continue to deny the facts in the general election as they beat her down? Sometimes I trust Trump more than Mr & Ms Sanders and their kool-aid swallowing followers.

  8. Rhode Island: The most politically corrupt state in the Union & where every Mayor is named Buddy.

  9. Yeah, but there’s 2.7 seconds left with Toronto up by three over Indiana, and Indiana has the ball. Now that’s exciting. And Indiana hits a 3 that doesn’t count with .0 on the clock; couldn’t have been a hundredth of a second from being a good shot.

  10. Actually I could find out by watching television, but ‘Trailmix News’ is much more reliable.

  11. Mortonie

    It is so obvious on Twitter.  Between the Bernie paid trolls from several different locations on the globe (one of the things making the FEC very unhappy), the Karl Rove paid for PAC, and just a large group of truly nasty Bernie Bros, you could spend 24 hours a day defending Hillary if you didn’t have a handy “Flee the Bern Feel the Block” button.


  12. Bernie ahead in Connecticut. Wall Streeters must have been working late screwing middle class.

  13. Pogo,

    four delegates is cheap. Judas got 30 pieces of silver. Never lived to spend it.

  14. Hillary victory speech: “most votes and most pledged delegates” 

  15. Jesus H. Christ. Corey Lewandowski is a fucking idiot. He and Trump deserve each other.

  16. Probably not wise bashing the Sanders followers: they will be needed to secure a Democratic win November 8th, especially if Mr Trump is the opponent. America’s in an “FU Establishment” mood this year & the Secretary is firmly part of The Establishment. Don’t forget the unfair aspect that some voters, if given the choice between an intelligent woman & a barely qualified man, will choose the man by default because… well… just because. I’d try to sow some good will & then reap a big harvest of voters come Fall.

  17. I am also getting the big font…

    We need to crush Trump in the greatest landslide in American history!

  18. sorry about the temporary font explosion. my fault, coding mishap. should be corrected now.

  19. nice Hillary reach out to Bernie and his followers. Time for him to reciprocate

  20. Mr Crawford, agree. Smart move by Secretary Clinton. Raise a big tent & welcome all comers. Senator Sanders is in Legacy Preservation mode now. Next move is his. Plan wisely.

  21. Interesting how new Trump team puts his podium in the middle of the crowd instead of on a stage. Wonder what that’s about?

  22. I would very much enjoy being the guy that gets to tell Ted Cruz that he just became a foot note in presidential campaign history. I really would.

  23. Hillary graciously felt the Bern in her speech tonight, then lathered on a vat of Neosporin.

  24. Hillary graciously felt the Bern in her speech tonight, then lathered on a vat of Neosporin.

  25. Oh, how Mr Trump wants Senator Sanders to run as an Independent. Pretty smart strategy, btw. Heh heh heh.

  26. Trump has owned the night, completely overshadowed Hillary’s scripted speech in an hour-long press conference.

    if she was a man, “I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote”

  27. Trump saying if Hillary a man “she’d get 5 percent of the vote” makes me wonder where he’d be if a woman?

  28. People (Democrats) need to gear up the attacks on Strumpette.  Every word out of his mouth should be challenged.

    The idea that he would be better at handling the economy is ridiculous and that needs to be pointed out.  He claims the economy is his “wheel house”    Simply ridiculous.  Once he is the nominee the media will accord him ever respect.R

    The media (Les Moonves) only cares about revenue for themselves and that means a horse race.  So they will be doing everything to pump up Trump.


    Dems should put together all the people saying they could NEVER support Trump and why…especially Republicans



  29. Jesus H. Christ. Corey Lewandowski is a fucking idiot. He and Trump deserve each other.  – Pogo, Esq. Christ H. Christie, Pogo, what an insult to poor fucking idiots. Even fucking idiots have feelings. smirk

    With d.t. playing nose guard for lewandowski, rippers can’t mount attacks on Clinton for being corrupt. Bankruptcies, lawsuits to collect unpaid wages, importation of foreign workers, mistresses, adultery, and a lust to collect foreign wives altogether preclude that.

  30. ‘course trump/lewandowsi can play the corruption riff if he/they want, but the sound of it will sound grate on John and Jane Doe’s ears.

  31. Danger Will Robinson! Trump going after Berniacs. Could work unless Clinton team gets busy, quits ridiculing them.

  32. XR, my apologies to fucking idiots everywhere.  Any offense was unintended.kind think I may have offended myself!)

    So Hillary padded her lead by @ 65 delegates tonight.  The symbolism of Bernie winning 1 state, the smallest state, can’t be lost on him…can it?  Question becomes whether he knows just how far to go before he over plays his hand.  Anyone have Kenny Rogers’ number?

  33. Bernie has broken from reality. It’s all about his trip. He IS the Messiah….promised land……kool-aid (sorry I repeat but we’re talking pathology here) or maybe the Pied Piper of Burlington. Jane winds him up and sends him out to give the schpiel.

  34. According to RCP, including super delegates,  Hillary reached 2141 delegates (it will be worse in the morning). Yeah, yeah, I know, they can change…. Well, ok, in theory.

  35. Pogo, Dem or GOP delegate counts these days about as useful as staring at our navels in the basement wearing really dark sunglasses. Ted, John, Bernie having a party down there.

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  37. poohbah, this comment of yours at 11:30 pm showed up on the previous thread and is worthy of a repost:

    Bernie congratulates Hillary but still seeks adverse possession of a nomination he can’t win.

  38. My apologies to my roiling stomach at the thought, but if I were a Republican and looking at Cruz and Kasich, I could understand voting for Trump.

  39. Pat- I responded to your calling me out by name twice and your “why jump on me..”comment.   Evidently it was too long, that is unclear., regardless it has disappeared.  So in a nutshell-
    You are the one who brought bid in the discussion-not me-  i commented twice on Web’s post- neither of which had anything to do with bid.  I did not jump on you-  you were the one doing the jumping.  Don’t presume ,don’t  put words in my mouth, or lecture me as if you you are the blog police. Your sarcasm was not lost on me either.

    And furthermore, I’ve lived in this country and Ireland, studied Irish history – am well versed in both Irish and Irish American culture.My relatives didn’t whine-they came to America knowing it wasn’t going to be easy- but better than the oppression they left behind. Then they rolled up their sleeves and got to work, without the whining. Their pride of JFK  was because it was their glass ceiling that had been shattered by his election , that of  the irish catholic.
    And surely they all knew that as hard as they worked- their lot was much easier than the blacks.

  40. I love waking up in the morning to the sound of bird songs. This morning heard one little fella singing his heart out & it was beautiful. Each new day is an opportunity for a new start: yesterday is gone. And just like that little bird, to sing a new song.

  41. good quotes in nytimes:
    “Imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, families are supported, streets are safe and communities are strong, and where love trumps hate,” Mrs. Clinton said Tuesday night, drawing applause at her play on Mr. Trump’s name.
    Mrs. Clinton is not expected to publicly pressure Mr. Sanders to quit the race. Clinton advisers say any efforts to muscle him out could backfire, angering his supporters and Mr. Sanders, both of which Mrs. Clinton praised Tuesday night “for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics.”

  42.  rachel maddow show  04/26/16

    Donald Trump is still talking about the ‘woman card’
    Republican front-runner Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that Hillary Clinton is a contender only because of her gender. Is this disenchanting women voters on the Republican side? MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams discuss this and more following five primaries in the Northeast

  43. With all of his money and his bros, Sanders is not winning.  His legacy is what matters and he cannot wait another eight years to push his agenda.  It was obvious to me last night.  As a digital economy cable user, I have two choices for watching cable news.  Faux News and CNN.  I watch both during primary coverage.  I had to stop watching CNN as they are so befuddled by politics.  In watching Faux News last night?  It was stated that Sanders campaign is talking about getting out, but not Jane and Bernie.  Maybe they will get a reality tv show…keep the Bern going. 

  44. Why are the people from MSNBC cumming all over themselves over Trump? Clinton, by my mental count of votes cast in the various states did much better in the overall count than he did and had substantial majorities over Sanders in the four states that she won.

  45. Last summer, when Trump declared his candidacy, I watched the announcement LIVE!!  I remember he was kissing his female family members and I really was confused.  Not keeping up with the Trumps, I thought his daughter Ivanka was his wife!   The embrace looked so natural.  I actually had to google the Trump family to see who was who in the family tree.  I have commented before that my ex FIL was a narcissist like Trump.  The passive incest was always mentioned in therapy….I see the same thing with Trump.  I know that the thought of incest is probably disgusting to Trump, but in reality passive pedophiles, incestuous relatives are an every day occurrence.  He would never see this….the both ways of the very wealthy narcissist.  Many times the wealthy cross the lines of moral behavior….when you have it all, what is left to conquer?   It reminds me of that other real estate mogul, Durst!  The only difference?  Trump doesn’t drink or smoke…or does he?  Never inhaled…never a victim of a spiked punch.

  46. I also assume Bill Cosby and Trump never partied together, buy maybe Trump has a thing for pills.

  47. The fear in the son, Eric(?), is palpable in every interaction that he has with dad.

  48. The Trump food taster’s wife rolled her eyes before all of NY last night…and her hubby wants to be Trump’s VP so badly he would kneel, if he could get back up!   Last night, I am sure Trump thought about Bernie as his VP choice.   He wants those votes.  I doubt HRC will get them and she doesn’t need them.  The minority vote will trounce Trump in November.  The dems better get to voter registration and quit gushing over the purity of socialism.

  49. A couple of months ago, I posted the GOP geographic heart was being ripped from Florida.  Trump won’t even attend secret meetings in Florida.  I guess Obama and the Pope killed the Cuban foil that has propelled so many GOP stars like Rubio, Cruz…Bush from Florida.  Trump and Christie have moved the center of the GOP universe to New York!!  That is the inner fight of the repugs.   As Tosh said, “Little Marco doesn’t know when to jump off.”  The same could be said for the rest of candidates including Bern.

  50. the interesting result for me is the apparent general election campaign between trump & Hillary. Can anyone see this as not being Ugly?  What strategy will Hillary use against the arrogant & obnoxious (which so many like) Trump?  Does she be aggressive & take chance of being “unladylike”?Interesting!

  51. I laugh at the GOP as they consistently attack Obama over letting the enemy know of our plans and attacks….how about their strategy with Cruzich?  Letting us know how they are going to get Trump.  In reality?  A Trump/Clinton fight is in moderate territory…the polarized Cruz and Sanders?  A fringe fight.  It appears we are in the middle ground for the election!

  52. sea, I am truly sorry and sincerely apologize for offending you and anyone else on the trail.

    I will try to be less of an asshole in the future and will endeavor to mostly limit my comments to the tasks of dumping drumpf and electing Hillary.

  53. GaWalker, what I would like hearing Hillary state, in her matter-of-fact voice:
    “This ‘Woman’ will be quite happy to haul Mr Trump’s bum to the county dump in MY trump truck!”


  54. Spur of the moment responses in politics. If you know that it’s going to feel really good, don’t say it.

  55. Timely piece in Boston Globe…Millennials outnumber Boomers.  For me, elections are about demographics…this election cycle is still the Clash of the Titan Baby Boomers.  The increase in the number of Millennials?  Immigration.  That is how Trump will lose and why he appeals to the ‘way we were crowd of white men running things.’

  56. Jamie, my copy of that article is labeled Jan 19th. The real story is the one that MSNBC et alia continue ignoring is Sanders & Sanders eager willingness to pick-up self-serving crap wherever it might be found.

  57. Imagine Donald Trump at international meetings representing you.

    Imagine what will happen in the Lincoln bedroom

    Forget about Bernie he is last year’s news

  58. GaWalker, welcome. To your point, I expect Dems are about to do what they did to Romney once he became the presumptive nomineee — a super-pac carpet bombing of attack ads in battleground states, from which he never recovered. Romney turned out to be an easy target. On paper Trump should be, but dunno if it’ll work.

  59. I think the best approach to defeating Trump is showing what a big fat hypocrite —  it has to be a micro approach

    His first project was dependent on a permanent tax abatement in NYC so he never pays his fair share.  The poor people of NYC support Trump  (where are those tax returns)

    The use of eminent domain.   He bribes local officials to take land for his personal use (in he guise of bringing in jobs etc)  there are several good case studies about Atlantic City and the damage he did there.  What about an ad — asking people do you want this happening to you and your community?

    And of course his basic morality and civility.  So many choices.


  60. The comb-over creep who hates women – and I should know: British newsreader Selina Scott reveals how Donald Trump failed to seduce her… then stalked her for 20 YEARS

    Selina Scott met tycoon Donald Trump while profiling him for ITV in 1995
    She said the experience had both ‘revealing and excruciating’ moments
    Scott gained insight into Trump’s lavish lifestyle and psyche during stint 
    She claims after programme she got mail from Trump calling her a ‘loser’ 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3424519/The-comb-creep-hates-women-know-SELINA-SCOTT-reveals-Donald-Trump-failed-seduce-stalked-20-years.html#ixzz472hNDY00
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    he’s a stalker

  61. GaWalker, please excuse my rudeness when I hastily wrote a line prompted by your comment to which Craig made mention. I’m Flatus. Welcome to the world that Craig has created for us!

    What I would like hearing Hillary state, in her matter-of-fact voice:
    “This ‘Woman’ will be quite happy to haul Mr Trump’s bum to the county dump in MY trump truck!”

  62. Trump has very bad relations with native Americans as a result of the casino competition

  63. it’s not an act if you have been doing it all your life

    He also started to get a reputation, in certain circles, for being a first-class asshole. Blair tells a story of when Trump, upon seeing Hyatt founder Jay Pritzker with a beautiful woman at a party, decided he would steal said woman and arranged a meeting—but when he found out she was just a friend of Pritzker’s and not his date, he lost interest. more http://www.vice.com/read/how-donald-trump-explains-america-806

  64. one more mistake for cruz …naming scary as his running mate

    lying ted and lying scary

  65. Trump apparently has no sense of irony…tear down that wall

    he is making the campaign about the iraq war..

    not bad…his foreign policy speech is an attack on Obama Clinton

    line by line they need to discredit this speech as utter bullshit

  66. Craig,

    Danger Will Robinson! Trump going after Berniacs. Could work unless Clinton team gets busy, quits ridiculing them.

    It would appear that Democratic primary voters are pro establishment.  Just look at the senate Democratic establishment senate primary candidates victories of Chris Van Hollen in Maryland and Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania and of course the four Hilary wins.

    Both Bernie and Trump voters don’t normally vote and they are not pro establishment.  Bernie voters may go back to not voting.  If the Republican Party could get rid of the right wing social conservatives that they picked up in the 1970s and early 1980s, Trump’s anti-establishment position would have a very good chance drawing in the Bernie voters.  I don’t know if establishment Hilary’s team can do anything to attract the Bernie voters.

    My Bernie supporting grandson, ME168, will vote this year.  I think he may vote for Hilary, but it will be with a great deal of reluctance.

    I still don’t know how I am going to vote.  I have never voted for a Clinton and I don’t see any reason to change at the present time.  I can only hope that Hilary is indicted for mishandling classified information on her personal unsecured server, but the Obama administration will not let it happen.  Former CIA Director and retired Army General David Petraeus was sentenced to two years of probation and a $100,000 fine after pleading guilty Thursday to a federal misdemeanor charge that he mishandled classified information.  Why should Hilary get off scot free when General Petraeus is punished?

  67. Let’s Roll, It’s Clinton and Trump

    Flatus, nothing new there.  With the exception of one show where after 3 or so tries by Joe to get drumpf to answer a question and Joe finally hung up on him, MSNBC has been the Trump Channel. I’d love to see the trump air time tallies for all the broadcast and cable news channels – it would have to be astounding, and I’d bet MSNBC would be at the top of the list. It’s to the point that I switch to CNN when one of trump’s calls come in.

    Let’s Roll, It’s Clinton and Trump

    GWalker,  Welcome aboard. Oh, you’re not alone – assuming things hold, and I see no reason they won’t, the Fall campaign is going to be very ugly. Trump’s insult fest will breed an environment that Hillary will ahve to struggle to operate in and appear to stay above the fray.  Don’t know how she’ll pull that off.

  68. because she didn’t do anything  ………and he literally f’d things up

  69. PiT said:

    Former CIA Director and retired Army General David Petraeus was sentenced to two years of probation and a $100,000 fine after pleading guilty Thursday to a federal misdemeanor charge that he mishandled classified information.  Why should Hilary get off scot free when General Petraeus is punished?

    PiT, it’s an apples to oranges comparison.  Because Petraeus intentionally dropped classified information on his lover, who was writing a book about him.  He intentionally disclosed that information.  Flatus can weigh in and set you straight on Petraeus. From the 3/3/16 Post:

    A former aide to Hillary Clinton has turned over to theF.B.I. computer security logs from Mrs. Clinton’s private server, records that showed no evidence of foreign hacking, according to people close to a federal investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails.
    The security logs bolster Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that her use of a personal email account to conduct State Department business while she was the secretary of state did not put American secrets into the hands of hackers or foreign governments.

    I’m pretty sure that the DoJ has no trouble drawing such fine distinctions between what Petraeus did and what Hillary did. The no harm, no foul rule probably will apply here.

  70. someone needs to ask which American values he plans to export and which Americans he is talking about

    What are American interests

  71. Pogo, KGC

    But you don’t understand, After 25 years of  investigations where those baddy Clintons slip away this time it is real.

    They got her

    (insert eye roll)



    Where is Gordo when you need him?



  72. Cruz & Carly; a match made in hell.  Ted is ‘pulling a McCain’ if he does this;  it would be the real “woman card” being played.  He won’t be the nominee, so it doesn’t matter.

    Write in Bernie, Green Party, stay home; it remains to be seen.

  73. Oh, right Jack. I forgot that THIS time is THE one.

    Pogo…   fixed your post…

  74. Jamie, she sure does do a wicked side-eye.  wonder how many times it’s gonna turn up on late night comedy.  thanks for mentioning this…

  75. fortune:  Not Even Chris Christie’s Wife Could Handle Trump’s Offensive ‘Woman Card’ Comment

    The real beautiful thing, however, was the reaction of Mary Pat Christie, wife of Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), who was standing behind Trump at the moment he said those words. Part disbelief, part exasperation, her facial expression was quickly turned into a 6-second Vine video by a user named Nick Corasaniti and has since been viewed over a million times.

    One possible reason for the Vine’s popularity? It seems likely that Christie’s expression mirrored the reactions of at least some of America’s female population, half of which dislikes Trump.

  76. 538’s nate silver:

    My original idea was that this sentiment might be moving undecided voters toward Trump — Republicans who just wanted to get the race over with and who didn’t want to go through the ordeal of a contested convention. After seeing the exit polls on Tuesday, however, I’d propose a slightly different version. According to the exit polls, Trump did not perform especially well among late-deciding voters — no better than John Kasich did. But recent turnout has been low as compared with earlier states. Whereas 25.6 percent of the voting-eligible population cast a Republican ballot in Wisconsin, according to Michael McDonald’s estimates, an average of only 9.9 percent of eligible voters have in the six northeastern states to vote over the past eight days.

    be sure to look at the chart…. wow.

  77. Is Hillary Clinton really the foreign policy super-hawk she is portrayed to be?

  78. Craig…  as is obvious from above…  the linking is still not working for me.  I copy the url…  write text in comment box… highlight the text…  hit link which shows a box for me to paste url into… which I do…   and then it won’t link when I post the comment.

    thanks so much for trying to fix this…


    Final Point Standings for the Kentucky Derby First 20 horses plus the 3 Also Eligibles.  Nyquist is second in points but is still the favorite.  Of course there will be a shakeup in the odds following post position draw.

  80. RR

    Hint.  I found I have to hit return and once it posts go in an top a space after the link wordage otherwise it disappears.


  81. renee, it confused me too. 1st click insert/edit icon. then in box that pops up click  the round gear-like thing to the right of the arrow (without pasting anything in the blank the arrow points to). once clicked the old insert/edit box comes up like we originally had and you paste the url on the top line and type in or paste  whatever you want on the 2nd line.  then punch “add link” button found at bottom right of box.  magically it shows up here in blue!

  82. pogo,

    Just because some lawyer or judge uses a basketball term in a court of law does not make it right.  Legal maybe but not right.  Remember we have a legal system in the U.S. not a justice system!

    In a past life, my departments had to work with both DOD and NSA.  I never had a top secret clearance but I had people that worked for me who did.  I sent them to D.C to deal with any NSA or DOD issues.  I had great people that I had complete trust and respect in and they like to deal with the spooks which I did not.  They would return and inform me with what we had to provide to meet their requirements.  I never knew or wanted to know why.

    As I recall, we could be arrested if we even removed classified material.  No harm but we could be arrested.  I guess the no harm rule applies to only the privileged.

    Entry from November 19, 2011
    “No harm, no foul” (“No blood, no foul”)

    “No harm, no foul,” in the game of basketball, means that a referee will ignore minor infractions off the ball, allowing rough contact between the players but keeping the game continuing with minimal stoppages.  “No harm, no foul” has been cited in print since at least 1954.

    “No blood, no foul” means that a referee really doesn’t want to call anything, unless a player is seriously hurt. “No blood, no foul” has been cited in print since at least 1968.

    Los Angeles Lakers sportscaster Chick Hearn (1916-2002) is often credited with coining “no harm, no foul,” but Hearn began calling Lakers games in 1965— over a decade after the term had first been used. It’s possible that Hearn first said “no blood, no foul,” but documentation is needed.

  83. Judging by today’s coverage, I would say that Trump was pretty shrewd in declaring himself the presumptive nominee. It leaves Cruz and Kasich having to explain why he is not. Having garnered an astonishing 8 delegates between them in five primaries they  will have a rather difficult time making the case, and make it they must. Stay tuned for tortured logic.

  84. RR, thanks to PatD for explaining the link thingie better than I did. Sorry for the confusion but that’s “progress” for you. Had no choice in “upgrading” to this new editing toolbar. The old one had become obsolete.

  85. Is there anybody here stupid enough to believe that HRC set up her email server in secret, that there weren’t protocols in place for the way she handled emails, that nobody looked  over the setup to see if it were legal, that it wasn’t approved by a very, very bureaucratic system called the State Department, people who are used to dealing with ignorant Civilian control?

    That is why I laugh when I see this sillyness.

    Jeez, HRC was so careful to follow the rules that she paid out of her pocket her share of the expenses for the setup.

    I’m feeling a Bugs moment coming on

    Whata …..


  86. So Bernies peeps are saying HRC needs to woo them with lots of sweet talk in their ears.

    In fact they are starting to get that Jesse Jackson whine to their voice, ya know the 1988 one, the one that turned Jackson into a political nobody,

    Some one needs to set Mr Sanders down and explain the facts of life. Most likely it needs to be Chuck Schumer. Cause Bernie you ain’t a Democrat and Democratic seniority rules don’t protect you. You could end up a caucus of one.



  87. Oh yeah, and someone needs to ask Trump if he still thinks Japan and others should be developing nukes as part of their diy defense program

    and if he plans to use nukes on terrorists.  This speech and the reporting on it are a perfect example of why Trump gets away with it   – no one is challenging the facts (sic) that he bases his policy on… what’s up with that

  88. Pogo

    My son and I have had long conversations about the vagaries of handling classified material at all levels. I dealt with everything other than “we shoot you at dawn if you screw up” level and he does regularly now. As far as I can tell from every description of the way Hillary and her staff dealt with the material, neither she nor they did anything wrong.

    Now as to the weird vagaries.  There seems to have been a percentage of “after the fact” classification.  This happens with frequency when one entity finds for their purposes that when it is included in whatever they are doing that it deserves to be classified.  This can result in really stupid things such as something you can find in print at your local library being held under lock and key simply because it has become a part of something more important.  If you try to extract it once this happens there can be hell to pay if someone gets a burr under their saddle.  I believe there was something Hillary did in instructing someone to “strip the headers” then fax.  That was the only thing I’ve seen that even came close to a violation.

    Use of a private server was not prohibited at the time hers was set up nor according to Dept regulations was deleting her personal material.  At worst, she could be said to have used less than perfect judgement in using a personal email address for both types of communication.  Everything she sent to the State Department had copies on the receiving end.  Everything sent from the State Department had copies at the State Dept.

    All of the FOIA requests have resulted in some questions but no violations.

    Everything else is accusation, guilt by association, and just right wing nut job nonsense simply because her last name is Clinton.


  89. sydney morning herald on ‘playing woman card’

    Clinton, who on Tuesday defeated her own primary rival, Bernie Sanders, in four of the five states, has been preparing for Trump’s line of attack. Addressing her supporters before Trump spoke, she noted that earlier Trump had “accused me of playing the, quote, woman card”. Clinton said that “if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in”.

  90. Jamie Stripping the headers out of an email message before you fax it sounds very sensible to me. I do it all the time out of politeness when I forward emails.



  91. PiT,

    Thanks – I didn’t realize No harm, No foul was a basketball term, although it makes sense.

    No harm no foul as you well know in the legal field gets applied by prosecutors regularly.  Whether the FBI will pursue Clinton’s violation of the records regulations is uncertain and will likely hinge on a great number of factors.  I think it is unlikely since while her server was not a DoS server and certainly its establishment and use did not comply, by all accounts her intent was to conduct State Department business, not to improperly disclose classified information.

    Jack is saying the same thing I’ve said – no way, no how that the DoS IT folks, and likely the IG, weren’t aware of the system she was using.

    From Yale Books:

    No harm, no foul.
    Clearly a sports metaphor, this famous phrase originated in basketball refereeing and first appeared in print in 1956 in the Hartford Courant. Simply put, it means: if an action that is against the rules has no effect on the results of the game, the referee should abstain from giving a foul. The maxim has since been applied proverbially to other matters: In 1966, the Los Angeles Times used it to describe the Christmas sales, and in 1975 it appeared in the suspense novel The Matter of Paradise (“So they quietly divorced: no harm, no foul. Mainly, no children.”).

    In 1972, the expression began to be used as a sort of legal maxim: “The delay in furnishing the bank with the second year policy, in view of the fact that there was no loss on the policy, may be compared to the call in professional basketball—‘no harm, no foul’— for a rule infraction not affecting the game.” (José O. Lizama v. Bank of America).

    According to The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs, the phrase probably originated in the term “No blood, no foul”, a relic from rough-and tumble playgrounds of the 1950s.

    Hillary was probably given carte blanche by Obama in 2009.  The reason Hilary gets into trouble, IMO, is because she does not think that the rules don’t apply to her.  G.W. Bush got a Department of Justice lawyer John Yoo to write an opinion that approved the use of enhanced interrogation techniques for what he, and/or Dick Cheney, wanted to do. Hell man HRC is privileged.  She may have had one of those DOJ lawyers write her an opinion that she could setup a separate system.  Rules are for the common folks not her.
    Example: Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Maggie Williams was seen carrying two handfuls of folders from Vince Foster’s office within hours of his suicide. I do not care about the conspiracy theories.

    Years ago I got a ticket for doing a rolling stop at a stop sign.  Could I have used no harm, no foul since there was no accident or any damage?

  94. Jack

    In the case cited it meant removing the classification off something that had already been published elsewhere so that it could be sent regular FAX because the super secret whatever wasn’t working at the time.

    The offending piece was not “classified” in its own right but by virtue of being part of something else that was.  As I said, a possible offense but only if someone really, really wanted to complain about the ridiculous.

    PIT Probably the same one that told the three previous Secretaries they could do the same thing if they wanted to.

    I can think of a whole host of reasons why folders from Foster’s office might have been a perfectly normal action except for those with a taste for tin foil chapeaux

  95. Pat, thank you.  No worries, i’m an asshole too! In fact love all these assholes here;) Been busy with Finn all day, but last i saw early this am Trump was saying that if Hillary were not a man she would have no votes- and she is not qualified. The unmitigated gaul and gross ignorance . Thought my head was going to blow off- then Finn arrived thankfully- we blew bubbles, baked brownies, practiced a jig, read books, played duplos, had a picnic, filled a treasure chest- grateful for such pleasant distractions from the total insanity of him and his ugliness.

  96. wtf? cruz and carly?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  he isn’t even the nominee?  where’s craig?  i didn’t think they did this.  i was so gld to not see her and hear her “hillary doesn’t want to run against me”  what a joke- i often wonder about these folks egos- that was a quote that still boggles me.

  97. The only good thing about today is that they stepped on each other. I can’t imagine a worst ticket than Cruz/Fiorina – it will cause people all over America to reach for their remotes.

  98. Hahahahahah. Ted Crudz picked Carly Figurina…………

    God’s sense of humor again……

  99. It’s John McCain Syndrome; thinking woman cancels out woman.  Ridiculous.  That is the real “woman card” being played.

  100. I hope god don’t get to belly-laughing so hard he knocks over a candle or something……..

  101. The Kremlin’s Candidate
    In the 2016 election, Putin’s propaganda network is picking sides.
    By Michael Crowley

    Back when he hosted a prime-time talk show on MSNBC, Ed Schultz divided the world into heroes and villains. The heroes usually included Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The villains were most Republicans, and especially Donald J. Trump. When Trump obsessed over Obama’s birth certificate and academic credentials in 2011, Schultz branded him “a racist.” When Trump flirted with running for president the next year, Schultz ridiculed him. “Who has shown any interest in Donald Trump being the next president of the United States other than Donald Trump?” he fumed. “Mr. Trump, stop embarrassing yourself!”
    Another bad guy was Russian President Vladimir Putin. Schultz delighted in ripping conservatives for what he called their “love affair” with the Russian leader and his ability to make Obama look weak on the world stage. “They hate Obama so much they will even embrace the head of the KGB … ‘Putie’ is their new hero!” Schultz said in one 2013 segment. In another, he smugly reminded conservatives about Putin’s “nasty human rights record” and the way his “reckless behavior” was “crippling” Russia. More generally, Schultz often framed GOP opposition to Obama as “anti American” or “unpatriotic.”
    Story Continued Below

    That was all before last July, when MSNBC abruptly canceled The Ed Show after a six-year run and dumped the 62-year-old prairie populist from the network. By the time Schultz resurfaced this January, he had been reincarnated in a very different journalistic form: as a prime-time host, reporter and political analyst for RT America, the U.S. branch of the global cable network formerly known as Russia Today, funded by the Russian government.
    Gone is the praise for Obama and Clinton. Gone, too, are the mocking references to “Putie.” And gone are the judgments about others’ patriotism. Schultz’s 8 p.m. RT show, The News with Ed Schultz, now features Putin-friendly discussions about the failings of U.S. policy in the Middle East, America’s “bloated” defense budget and the futility of NATO strategy.
    Even Trump is getting a new look from Schultz. Speaking at various points on RT in recent months, Schultz has said that Trump “has tapped into an anger among working people,” is “talking about things the people care about,” and even, as Schultz recently declared , that Trump “would easily be able to function” as president.

    Oh man, i never cared for Ed Schultz and his high drama scream fests.. Now a Putin tool for money, ugh..

  102. d.t. : If Clinton weren’t a woman, she wouldn’t get a single vote.

    X : If trump were a woman, rippers would call him a whore.

  103. Playing the woman card. It’s a bridge metaphor.

    d.t. ought to use the language of craps or 3 card monte. They fit his style.

  104. Ignore Trump or laugh at him.  He is the most insecure person I have ever seen run for public office.  He makes Nixon look well-adjusted.

  105. esquire:  In the end, Colbert nailed it: “To all those lawmakers out there who are so obsessed with who’s using what bathroom and what plumbing they’ve got downtown, newsflash: You’re the weirdos.”

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