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  1. boss, you asked — rather lamented– last thread “what is gained by demonizing one of our great presidents, who truly expanded democracy as much as it could be at the time”

    lyndon baines johnson immediately came to mind.

  2. To arrive at a just estimate of a renowned man’s character one must judge it by the standards of his time, not ours.

    mark twain


  3. With great glee I listen for the scream of the racists and misogynists and bigots as they realize no matter how hard they try, they will be physically touching a 20 every now and then.   Putting on my prognosticator hat I foresee refusals to accept the “n-word money”; currency being thrown back at clerks; stern faced senators and representatives holding hearings to determine why this great travesty was allowed to happen in the administration of the Black Guy in the White House; Trump calling the bills obscene words and much more.

  4. and another from your fav philosopher mr twain:

    Unconsciously we all have a standard by which we measure other men, and if we examine closely we find that this standard is a very simple one and is this: we admire them, we envy them, for great qualities which we ourselves lack. Hero worship consists in just that. Our heroes are the men who do things which we recognize with regret and sometimes with a secret shame that we cannot do. We find not much in ourselves to admire, we are always privately wanting to be like somebody else. If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes.

  5. As a young girl I had a number of heroines I adored and would read anything about them I could possibly get a hold of.  I loved Annie, Helen, Amelia, Eleanor and Betsy too.  However the two that kept me awake at night, contemplating the realities of their lives, their courage and determination in the face of evil, were Anne and Harriet.  After all these many years I remain in awe of their strength and bravery. I am delighted with the choice of Harriet Tubman as the face of the 20 dollar bill.  The first african -american on paper currency, and a woman too! Imagine. This change is so appropriate at this time, upon the threshold of the 1st woman presidential nominee,it  is especially meaningful.  So much change to imagine and make reality..

  6. Back in my teens when hooked on historical novels, I read everything Irving Stone ever wrote.  One of the favorites was The President’s Lady  Talk about someone who got something of a raw deal by life and history!

    Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson:  The abused wife who didn’t quite do her divorce properly whose charismatic student becomes the love of her life.  End result charges of adultery and bigamy and a scandal every time Jackson’s ambition angered his many enemies.



    Well Jackson won’t be completely gone.  Harriet gets to tell him, “Kiss My Grits”

  8. Craig

    Just noticed the source of the problem with the Add Media.  When I try to upload a photo from my computer, it not only gives me the error message but images that have been used in the blog article not the new one I”m trying to use.  In today’s case the picture of Tubman.

    It may be that you need to be the administrator to add media in comments while regular commenters can only use “Choose File”.  It may be a security feature or some sort.


  9. Ironic that the push to be more inclusive with the faces on our money comes at the same time we are turning into a cashless society.

  10. sjwny so what’s new? seems always the case when the ladies join the club.

    think u.s. women’s soccer team –less salary, less prestige, less heroics


    Whatever image they use for the Suffragette women on the back of the $10, I hope they fare better than the three ladies in a tub statue now ensconced in the Smithsonian basement.


  12. The older I get people become less heroic & more inspirational. The only occupant of my hero hall is Johannes Gutenberg. Movable type, baby, changed the world. Today’s heroism is the quiet type: the parents who read to their children & understand the importance of education; the mother who takes $20 worth of groceries & turns it into a few days worth of meals; the father who scours the junkyards to find parts to keep the family’s car going. People for whom money is a day to day struggle yet never give up.

  13. hillary on good morning america today:

    When I withdrew in June of 2008, polls were showing that at least 40 percent of my supporters weren’t going to support President Obama,” Clinton said.

    She went on to say how she campaigned for her delegates to support Obama, going “from group to group, even as late as the convention.”

    “I’m hoping that the same thing will happen this time,” she said.

    When asked whether she would be calling on Sanders to drop out of the race, she said, “I would never tell anybody what to do. That has to be a very personal decision.”

  14. Latest preliminary odds, jockeys etc. should anyone want to saddle up or change mounts



    Gun Runner





    Brody’s Cause

    Patd Place

    Chris & Lani

    Mor Spirit




    Danzing Candy


    Pogo, Flatus

    Jamie – Place

    Oscar Nominated





    Tom’s Ready


    My Man Sam
    Harbor Woman



    Mo Tom

    Trojan Nation


  15. Jamie, castellano riding both destin and majesto in the derby is quite a feat for a jockey

  16. huffpo:

    The small-donor machine built by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has raised by far the most money of any candidate in the presidential race this year. The only problem: He’s spending the most by far, too.

    Sanders raised $46 million from more than 900,000 donors in March, and spent the same amount, according to a Federal Election Commission disclosure report filed Wednesday. Hillary Clinton, the leader in votes and delegates for the Democratic presidential nomination, raised $29.3 million in March and spent $32 million.

    and from wapo:

    It’s not just Bernie Sanders’s fundraising that is staggering. The senator from Vermont managed to spend roughly $46 million in March alone, the same amount he raised, based on figures released by his campaign Wednesday night.

    That means Sanders’s spending in one month was equal to more than one-third of the $122.6 million his campaign had spent in its entirety through February.

    Details of the campaign’s spending, which were due to be reported to the Federal Election Commission by midnight, were not yet available.


    btw, has he ever explained to the fec the mysteriously missing 10 million?  also any response yet on those foreign donations that fec complained to him about?


    A Children’s Treasury Of Wingnut Reactions To Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill

    Wingnut America is rather torn on how to react to Wednesday’s news that Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill. The most openly racist nutbags, like the nice volks at the Daily Stormer, are at least honest: Under a banner celebrating the Fuhrer’s birthday (and you hippies thought 4/20 was just for pot!), they’re not the least bit shy about their feelings…

    beware for what follows next as wonkette reports the garbage stinking up the internet in reaction to our new currency.



  18. Patd

    Ortiz has the same problem.  In both cases the jockeys have been the regular riders for two horses and now that both have made it to the big show, need to decide which one to give up for the Derby.


  19. Speaking of heroes, The Berry girls are a couple of mine, They were two really remarkable women. They are buried in Mt Washington cemetery where I do my daily walk and let the pup run with abandon through the old cemetery. I often pause at their graves and think about a life well lived.

    On June 1, 1897, Dr. Alice Berry Graham discovered a young, ailing girl whose mother could no longer afford to care for her. She and her sister, Dr. Katharine Berry Richardson, rented a bed and supplies at a maternity hospital where they saved the girl’s life. This event prompted Graham and Richardson to dedicate their careers to the treatment of children. In 1904, they established Children’s Mercy Hospital, which today remains one of the nation’s preeminent pediatric hospitals.



    Alice and Katharine Berry were born in Kentucky in 1852 and 1860, respectively. The sisters both completed high school, which was a somewhat unusual accomplishment at the time for men or women. More remarkably, Alice Berry used her salary as a school teacher to support Katharine’s college studies. She received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in philosophy before earning an M.D. degree at the Pennsylvania Women’s College of Philadelphia. Katharine then returned Alice’s favor by working as a teacher to pay for Alice’s dental education at the Philadelphia Dental College.


    The two sisters made their way to Kansas City in 1897, where they attempted to open a medical practice downtown. Unfortunately, almost no one would seek treatment by female doctors in the 1890s, and no hospitals would hire the sisters as a part of the staff. By then each had married and taken new names. Katharine Berry Richardson and Alice Berry Graham rescued the aforementioned girl on June 1, 1897, by renting space in a small maternity hospital so that they could provide her care at no charge. They continued this practice with donated money and eventually purchased the hospital after it went bankrupt in 1899.

    For more

    Their legacy



  20. Jamie, thanks for the catch. Turns out the plugin for that Add Media button has not been updated for the new version of WordPress we are running, but it was sort of redundant anyway since we have an image/attachment upload feature for comments. Unfortunately the plugin I removed also provided the editing tools, busy looking for another.

  21. jack, thanks for story on the berry sisters.  they were certainly pioneers considering if was only 1849 for the 1st woman doc in usa

    from pbs:

    How Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female doctor in the U.S.

    It was a cold, wintry day in upstate, western New York when a 28-year-old Elizabeth Blackwell received her diploma from the Geneva Medical College. As she accepted her sheepskin, Charles Lee, the medical school’s dean, stood up from his chair and made a courtly bow in her direction.

    Only two years earlier, in October of 1847, her medical future was not so certain. Already rejected at schools in Charleston, Philadelphia and New York, matriculating into Geneva represented her only chance of becoming a medical doctor.

    Dean Lee and his all male faculty were more than hesitant to make such a bold move as accepting a woman student. Consequently, Dr. Lee decided to put the matter up to a vote among the 150 men who made up the medical school’s student body. If one student voted “No,” Lee explained, Miss Blackwell would be barred from admission.

    Apparently, the students thought the request was little more than a silly joke and voted unanimously to let her in; they were surprised, to say the least, when she arrived at the school ready to learn how to heal.


    and this one

    Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler (1831-1895) First Negro female to earn a medical degree, 1863 – Rebecca Lee Crumpler, M.D. was born in Delaware in 1831. Dr. Crumpler is recognized frequently in history books as the first African American woman to earn a doctor of science degree. According to National Library of Medicine (NLM), she graduated in 1863 from the New England Female Medical College. Crumpler in her published writing entitled, “Book of Medical Discourses,” mentioned observing the aunt who raised her, skillfully care for the sick and credits that experience for awakening a passion for the field of medicine. Additionally, she cared for newly freed slaves after the Civil War while living in Richmond, Virginia. After several years there, she relocated to Boston with her husband, where according to Partners of the Heart, “Crumpler established a practice at 67 Joy Street dedicated to serving women and children, especially through nutrition and preventative medicine.” (SOURCE: National Medical Association)

  22. Oh no…  I just heard that one of my favorite artist has passed….

    Prince…  dead at 57

  23. Sorry tried to link the story on TMZ….  but linking function not working for me.

  24. these are some more brave pioneers in the medical field.

    A segment from the 1931, narrated B&W film produced as a fundraiser for the Frontier Nursing Service. This clip with text and narration is about the nurses setting off to vaccinate children at school in rural Kentucky.

    In 1939, Mary Breckinridge’s vision and determination lead to the creation of the Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery. Today, Frontier stands as the oldest, continuously operating midwifery school in the United States offering master’s degrees through distance education to students from all 50 states and around the globe. Because Frontier alumni come from all areas of the world and all walks of life, our circle of influence reaches out to a network prepared to carry the Frontier mission to people in underserved areas of need.

    frontier nursing university still going strong and still doing good.

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  26. Ted Cruz says he’s an outsider like Bernie.  ~Right.~


    Prince was briefly hospitalized with flu symptoms last week.

  27. Trump says use whichever toilet you wanna use.  Ted Cruz, of course, disagrees.  New York values.

  28. Blue B – I will gladly accept new $20s!  It sounds like they won’t be out for quite awile, so by that time, anything that isn’t handled by credit/debit/Apple Pay/something new we haven’t heard of yet, will be minimal.

  29. Favorite Prince songs: Diamonds & Pearls. Strollin’.

    And yours?

    He even has his own emoji.


  30. Prince dead. Too young. Dunno if I ever heard his music. That seems like an awful waste of a talented 57 year old.
    john stossel has lung cancer. I have heard him. stossel’s shown so little sympathy for poor people that I find it hard to feel any for him.

  31. ‘Ted Cruz says he’s an outsider like Bernie.  ~Right.~’ – BiD
    Of course ted’s an outsider. He’s Canadian.

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  33. So sorry to hear of Prince’s death. He was a fabulously talented musician and song writer. He was also a great producer and promoter. (Can’t wait to see how this looks)

  34. Listened to Ms Pelosi speaking to the Dem Caucus a short-while ago. Her voice sounded really rough. Hope it’s something short-term. Also listened to the Rs. They’re a mean-spirited bunch.

  35. Xrep – ???????  (They don’t want Ted, either.)

    Someone here at the office is too young to know Prince.  Asked if he was on Spotify.  Ha! Of course! My club dancing days: Prince, Morris Day & The Time.  Great stuff!


  36. Fonts–I wish the screen fonts matched the chosen font size, and I’ll have to find the way of saving the default font family/size. Rignt now it goes back to this from my previous comment.

  37. XR, You’ve heard his stuff.  Here’s a singles discography of his.

    Some of his music was magical.  I wasn’t aware that he wrote Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

    It’s hard to find a bad song on 1999 and Purple Rain.

  38. Poobah, the font family and font size buttons only work when you’re keying stuff in.  Everything displays as Times New Roman, 12 pt.  (OK with me, BTW).

  39. choose a font size or other option then start typing, or highlight text and then choose

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    When reporting issues BTW I need to know the device and operating system you are using in order to address problems


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  41. BTW…  I love the idea of Harriet Tubman on the $20.  But I don’t think our society will ever go completely cashless.  It reminds of the prediction that books would be obsolete because of Kindle….   nope…

    Books still valuable

  42. Craig…  the link is still not working for me.  Yeah… I’m on a mac and running Safari.  But it was working just fine before you started playing with stuff this morning.

  43. jamie,  love that program.  might be too graphic for some and too religious for others… but never dull imo

    btw, that’s how I heard about frontier nursing university, they’re a sponsor… here’s the commercial they run

  44. renee, a few more scary wipe-outs of money accounts, breakdowns of grid and super hacks of credit companies makes anything online seem too ephemerally here today gone tomorrow.  nothing like a good old fashioned cookie jar stuffed with cash to rely on.

  45. Rebellious, sorry but the plugin I was using for this was discontinued. I can report this issue to the new plugin developer, and they will probably address it in an update but I need to know exactly what’s not working? No pop up when you click the link button or what? Sometimes it takes a little while for new plugins to be fully adapted to Apple, which is notoriously uncooperative with third-party developers.

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  47. I’ll have to try the font thing at home.  Doesn’t work on my computer at work.

    Unless it is just not displaying here upon posting.

  48. Pogo, what browser and operating system are you using? In what way is it not working? Do changes display in comment box before posting?

  49. also in today’s boston globe opinion page “The illusions of Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz”
    Bernie Sanders is the socialist candidate for president, although he prefers the term “Democratic-Socialist,” since it makes it easier for him to sell Marxist social and economic theory to a nation brought up on free markets and rugged individualism. Sanders is a working-class champion fighting for tax fairness and against income inequality, or so we are led to believe.

    Sanders waited until late in the day on Friday to release his 2014 tax returns, obviously hoping voters would overlook the news that he and his wife, Jane, paid an effective tax rate of 13.5 percent, or $27,653 in federal taxes on an adjusted gross income of $205,271.

    When it was revealed that former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney paid 14 percent of his income in taxes in 2011, the news was greeted with howls of protest from the left. Romney’s income was mostly dividends and capital gains, which are supposed to be taxed at 15 percent. Generous charitable contributions allowed him to lower that number even further.
    Sanders’ six-figure income puts him in the 28 percent bracket for married joint filers. He cut that rate by more than half by taking more than $64,000 in deductions — all perfectly legal, but no one expected the redistributionist to redistribute less, on a percentage basis, than a prominent member of the capitalist class.
    As much as he may think of himself as “one of the poorer members of the United States Senate,” Sanders is near the top 5 percent of all Americans in terms of income. The core of the Sanders campaign is getting the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share. Such high-minded principles should also apply to socialists making more than $200,000 a year.

  50. WaPo has a Danielle Paquette Wonkblog entry that I love.  “The Irony of Putting Harriett Tubman on the $20 Bill.”


    Zoe Samudzi, a feminist writer in Oakland, promptly told her 14,300 Twitter followers Wednesday the Treasury got it wrong. Tubman, she wrote, was bought and sold as a commodity. And the government celebrates her by… putting her on money?

    “I’d imagine the Treasury aren’t masters of irony,” Samudzi told The Post in an email, “but I’m mulling over the irony of a black woman who was bought and sold being ‘commemorated’ on the $20 bill (without also taking steps for economic recompense for black folks who are descendants of enslaved peoples) and I can’t stop shaking my head.”


    Now THERE’S an understatement.

  51. compare jane&bernie’s 13.5% tax rate paid with hill&bill’s 31.6% as reported last july at bloomberg

    The Clintons paid a total of $43.9 million in federal taxes over those eight years, and their average tax rate works out to 31.6 percent. That’s mostly a function of the source of their earnings: highly taxed speech and business income, rather than investments. Their tax rate topped 35 percent in 2013 and 2014, thanks to the expiration of the George W. Bush tax cuts they opposed and the start of Obamacare taxes they supported. 

    “Families like mine that reap rewards from our economy have a responsibility to pay our fair share,” HIllary Clinton said in a statement. The Democratic presidential front-runner has called for higher tax rates on high-income Americans. 

  52. Poobah, Browser’s the new version of Chrome.  Operating system is Windows 7 Pro. (I know…)

    Changes in font type and size display in the box but don’t make it through the posting process. Bold, italics, etc do fine. and the default display when I’m keying into the box is something like Arial at about 8 pt. size (which I can’t see for shit). It displays as TNR 12 when it’s posted.

  53. I heard one commentator using Prince and Mozart in the same sentence. I’ve not heard Prince on the radio or teevee until today. It’s tragic that he died so young.

  54. Pogo, you should be able to enlarge to readable font size before typing, even if it doesn’t follow through in the post

    Looking for a way to enlarge the default comment box font size but haven’t found it yet, must be a way

    As with all necessary upgrades there will be glitches but as always we will eventually smooth them out

  55. “Warren adds the obvious benefit of providing a bridge to supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders who are wary of Clinton’s ties to Wall Street.” – boston globe article posted by pat

    jamie- Is this what you were thinking of when i voiced my disappointment with Elizabeth?  So what do you all think of that pair?

  56. Patd,

    If E. Warren is the choice….im in whole heart and soles….and feet first also…..I was hoping for her and Webb….but as i said a few weeks ago….Warren is the real deal……and she wont take any of Hilary’s bs…..

  57. Hey Spidey Gal,

    …….glad to hear that you r healthy as a………well as healthy as one of your bears….you make me want to go grrrrrrr………..

  58. Raw hemp……i have it everyday….along with quiana, chia pets…not chia pets….chia seeds….flax seeds and oats….alll organic in cereal or as oatmeal.


    Some other things that one can have that has all of the benefits of M J  in a very high %ag are Ashwaganda blk pepper, in fact it rates higher than MJ in the medicinal properties…KGC….you probably know about ashwaganda blk pepper, if you dont and read up on it….i will find the supplier for it….it took me weeks to find one……and one other thing…..Mexican oregeno has a lot of the MJ benefits also…….Hoping that Mr. Cracker is doing well……..

  59. I love the idea of Warren as 2nd on the ticket. She adds to Hillary’s message that her campaign may be in part funded by Wall Street employees and even lobbyists, but that she is not owned or controlled by them.  I wish I thought that the voting public would vote for an all female ticket.  Unfortunately I don’t think the voting public has come that far.  I fear that critical voting demos (read old people here) who support Hillary would not go so far as to vote for her with Warren on the ticket.

  60. Flatus,


    Thanks, you made me go back and start looking for a cpl of books…….one that i could not find, but did order for my kindle is “I Ching” “book of changes”  by _Toist Master ….Alfred Haung.


    The book was written thousands of years ago……Confucius at the age of 70 said that if “he could live some more years…..50….he would dedicated them to reading the book of change……then he would not be so unknowing of things……im paraphrasing but that is the essence of what he said…..i tink..


    I practice a tai chi called Kuang Ping Yang Tai-Chi…..it has 64 movements in it……representing the 64 possible movements that the universe has in it….and the book of changes and hexagrams teach them to you…….try that is………..thanks for reminding me to get back to it……I probably did not do the book justice in trying to explain it since its been a long time…..but what  i do recall had just now given me a sense of…….a few things….later

  61. Clarification……the book of i ching….was not written by Master Huang…what he did most recently was to be the only one that could translate the ancient writings…..I think, three …no make that four people actually did write this Bible of Truths…..it was so hard to translate….b/c most people wrote like i do……not so well….so they could not translate to the point of understanding what it was supposed to mean…a cpl of people came close….but this the best one…

  62. Sorry for hogging the board……..later, Jace, thanks for the Sunday Sernd…..good stuff

  63. Very poignant piece on the passing of Prince (and Bowie) from Alyssa Rosenberg.

    There are those musicians who I don’t spend much time actively listening to – they aren’t in my music files and I don’t listen to the genre stations where you hear them.  Hey, I’m a blues and classic rock and rock guitar kind of guy.  But the passing of those few incredible artists who despite their musical differences from what I normally listen to, is profound for me because they have crept into and exist in the background of my musical world.  Prince and Bowie are perfect examples of that.  Their enormous musical talent and broader cultural influences are undeniable – and are almost ubiquitous. They stand with the likes of James Brown, Sly Stone, Little Richard, George Clinton and probably a handful of others who took a different path that had broad and deep effects on the musicians and fans who heard their music and were inspired to create their own.  I hate it that they will no longer create new music to expand the musical world of those who would be listening to their new stuff.  They were not done.

  64. Yes, Elizabeth Warren is the only bridge to Bernie supporters.  But are we important enough?  I still think she goes with Castro; the Hispanic vote is bigger.

    Ted Cruz taking a tough stand on where everyone pees. Yep.  That’s what we need a prez to do.  (Where is Heidi when his daughters are in this hypothetical, public restroom?  He trots out his tots as often as he can, but they are off-limits.  Then shaddap about them.)

    Another great Prince song: Manic Monday (as sung by The Bangles.) 1999 was on the radio when I got in the car tonight.

  65. I would love to have Warren be the VP, with the economic portfolio. Maybe as Veep AND SoTreasury, simultaneously. But, I think two females on the ticket would be a tough sell. On the other fist, every guy who is scared of gals is voting for the War on Women candidate, so prolly wouldn’t have much trouble.

    On the other other mitt, Castro would be a wonderful choice, too.

    Or, maybe Judge Garland.

    By the way, there have been a zillion debates already. There is no need for any more of them. Why would Clinton want to give d.t. airtime, and a platform level with her ? That doesn’t make sense, so scrap the debates until 2020. If the networks want political entertainment, let them contribute something substantial, like a voluntary return to the fairness doctrine.

  66. My feelings about Warren are that I choose to believe the woman.  She has repeatedly said she has no interest in VP or President.  She likes and feels the most effective in the Senate.  She would be a great ally to make necessary changes in Wall Street along with Barney Frank (the fun half of Dodd Frank) who has already endorsed Hillary.

    Craig when I hit carriage return for a new paragraph, the font and size revert to standard but when it posts it looks like the first paragraph.

  67. Also when you have two strong, brilliant women they can either work together to achieve great things or they can fight tooth and nail.  I think the chances for achieving great things when talking about Warren and Clinton are better with two different spheres of influence:  Executive and Legislative should be a town big enough for both of them. Put a great woman on SCOTUS and can world dominance be far behind?


  68. If someone wanted to consider two women on the ticket, then Klobuchar would be worth considering for the midwest touch.  I still think the best bet would Hispanic or Black to cement the coalition of women (including those fleeing the GOP), cultural, and ethnic.  Might as well go for a 49 state bloodbath that leaves the GOP in shambles.



    Berkeley Breathed Says Goodbye

    Dearly beloved
    We are gathered here today
    2 get through this thing called life
    Electric word life
    It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
    But I’m here 2 tell u
    There’s something else
    The afterworld.

    – Prince Rogers Nelson

  70. The possible addition of Warren to the ticket would be great. I think that she’s amazing. Sadly all it would do is cement HRC’s numbers in the states she is going to win anyway. Two white women, one from NY and the other from Mass. is just not going to play that well in swing states.

  71. Hey Solar,


    Thanks , glad you like it. Keep posting pal always love to read your thoughts.

  72. Am enjoying the AZ Senate tussle. McCain is struggling. He has a serious challenge from a wingnut in his own party and is up against a quality candidate, Ann Kirkpatrick, should he make it to the general. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  73. Seriously doubt Elizabeth Warren would hook up with Hillary, has made it very clear she does not trust her

  74. Trump says he is ll bout vets but he insults McCains service

    Iagree with Craig that there is a danger in the dems not taking Trump seriously. The media is already making him into a real candidate. I heard several commentators say if the election is about the economy Trump could win He doesn’t know shit about anything much less the economy. She has to come out strong and get her pacs to destroy him He has given everyone plenty of ammunition

    the perfect vehicle to destroy Trump is a women’s PAC and then just endlessly pound all the ridiculous things he has said not just about women

  75. i agree with jace’s “Two white women, one from NY and the other from Mass. is just not going to play that well in swing states.” now if they could only find a female Hispanic native american from texas or florida that’s just as feisty as Elizabeth, that might do it.

    I love warren, but better that she stay in the senate where just like teddy in that same seat she can do bigger and better things then play veep and go to funerals or look adoringly on while prez announces exec orders.

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