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    fun and games in old ny on primary eve.
    excerpt from an email sent out late last night by Robby Mook, Hillary for America   Campaign Manager:

    I want to let you know about a development that just occurred, because it matters. The tone of this primary matters, and the condition of our party at the end of it will matter as we prepare to face Donald Trump or Ted Cruz this fall.

    Earlier today, the Sanders campaign wrote a letter to the Democratic National Committee, falsely accusing us of violating campaign finance law.

    You won’t be surprised by what happened next: 26 minutes after the letter was sent, his campaign sent a fundraising email attempting to capitalize on the phony charges.

    (Before you read any further, let’s get one thing straight: this accusation is false. They’re questioning our joint fundraising agreement with the DNC, which allows us to support Democrats running up and down the ticket — the same fundraising structure used by President Obama in 2008 and 2012.)

    This latest incident is part of a troubling pattern of behavior — occurring just as Bernie’s mathematical odds of winning the nomination dwindle toward zero — in which Sanders and his team are not just debating us on issues (which we all agree is perfectly fair), but rather attacking Hillary Clinton’s character, integrity, and motivations.

    The fact that they include the Democratic Party in these charges — an organization we want future generations of progressives to trust and support — further confirms that the Sanders campaign has let things get out of hand in its waning days. To wit:

    Over the weekend, they had protesters outside one of our fundraising events — one whose proceeds went not just to Hillary for America, but to the Democratic National Committee and 32 state Democratic Parties — throwing dollar bills at Hillary’s motorcade, as if they were at, shall we say, an adult entertainment venue. This was just days after someone introducing Bernie at a rally called Hillary a “Democratic whore.”
    In last week’s debate, Bernie questioned Hillary’s commitment to fighting climate change because a whopping 0.2% of the money given to our campaign has come from employees of oil and gas companies. Not even 2%, mind you: 0.2%.
    And of course, Sanders spent several days calling Hillary unqualified for the presidency, based on an entirely false claim that Hillary had said the same about him. She hadn’t (and still hasn’t, even after what he said).

    To be clear, we welcome a debate on the important issues facing Americans, like how to prevent gun violence, encourage tolerance, and do more to level the playing field for Americans who are counting on us.

    But it’s hard to see how anyone — other than Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — benefits from this downward spiral of irresponsible and baseless attacks. Right about now is when we ought to be talking about coming together as a progressive movement, not undermining a generation of voters’ faith in the Democratic Party and in the woman who is almost certain to be its nominee.


  2. Great fun Hillary interview on The Breakfast Club- serious moments too.  “White people need to recognize that there is systemic racism”

    Systemic sexism also needs to be recognized.

  3. oldseahag,

    “Systemic sexism also needs to be recognized.” 

    Can’t help but think of this quote from Abigail Adams: “Remember the Ladies.” Can you imagine what our sisters from the past might think of a woman being a finalist for President. Raising a glass to all who came before: Abigail, The Suffragettes, Betty Ford …. Cheers.


    I didn’t join a fan club when I was 15.  Not about to do it now for a wild haired, finger shaking misogynistic socialist  scold with ideas that didn’t work 150 years ago much less now.


  5. Jamie44,

    Sign me up for whichever horse hasn’t been chosen by Derby Day. I always feel sorry for the left-behinds. They try, anyway.

  6. sjwny-yes, cheers, slante! my nana was born in 1900 in buffalo ny. i don’t know how much she was involved with the suffragette movement there- but know her values and she definitely didn’t want anything stopping her granddaughter.  so i not only think of patsy, but my nana is also in my thoughts at this historic time.


    Could anyone but Hillary win with the deck so stacked against them. http://bluenationreview.com/could-anyone-but-hillary-win-with-the-deck-so-stacked-against-them/

  7. wonkette: Fox & Friends Terrified Of Lady On $20 Bill. What’s Next, CATS?
    Thank goodness we have Fox & Friends to let us know what our cultural anxieties should be. We already knew that it was very important to fret that those crazy feminists were going to murder the patriarchy by putting a lady on the $10 bill, but now the voices of reason and sanity have TWO things to be upset about: Not only has the Treasury Department announced that a lady face will be going on our money sometime soon, but even worse, they’ve decided to deport Andrew Jackson from the $20 and keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10, all because elitists have decided they like that hippety-hop gangter musical Hamilton. It was all too much for the Friends On Fox:

  8. sea, thanks so much for linking that breakfast club interview…. too bad she can’t be seen like that more often.  warm, funny, authentic and most of all not having to shout above the crowds or at an opponent who’s interrupting her.   now, there’s someone — that hillary in that interview– who would get the like-to-have-a-beer-with vote.

  9. So, maybe I’m supporting Hillary because I can’t manage to wrangle my vagina’s political agenda. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m voting for Hillary because no candidate in this race has done more to empower this first-generation American millennial woman, raised by a single immigrant mother, and educated in public schools, to grow up and contribute back to society — even if I needed a free lunch along the way. She believes in the potential of a girl like me. And I believe in the potential of a president like her.”

    Nice bit of writing here. I’m sure that it speaks to many more women than just the author.


  10. and now your musical interlude and today’s theme

    Floyd sings “New York State of Mind,” backed by Dr. Teeth and Zoot.

  11. patd beat me to my favorite New York Song, but I still love the Billy Joel version for the NY heroes following 9/11


  12. Then there is the upcoming Belmont Stakes which replaced it’s old song which became the theme song of a mayor of New York, Jimmy Walker with the one up above from Garland & Sinatra.  So on this very political day a tribute to The Sidewalks of New York.


  13. Today is definitely NOT the last great battle for New York.  That one took place a while ago and it was Politics at its most going 15 rounds in style featuring Walker, Smith, and Roosevelt not to mention the murder of Jewish gangster Rothstein.

    Once Upon A Time In New York

  14. alexandra petri

    The Treasury makes the right call — Keep Hamilton, dump Jackson!

    And it only took a year of indignation, a blockbuster musical about the former treasury secretary that became a national phenomenon (who saw that coming?), and lots of impassioned thinkpieces to accomplish what the #Womenon20s movement knew was the right call from the start.

  15. Dana Milbank has an interesting piece at WaPo about the chaos caused by the pugn refusal to confirm Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, exemplified by yesterday’s immigration case arguments.

    Visiting justices from Canada’s high court sat in on Monday’s immigration arguments before the Supreme Court — and after their 90-minute education in the current state of American jurisprudence, our neighbors to the north would be forgiven if they had fantasies of building a border wall of their own.

    The Senate’s refusal to confirm a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia has left the U.S. high court evenly split and increasingly paralyzed. As the justices heard arguments about President Obama’s executive actions on illegal immigration, there were really only two possible results: chaos or more chaos.


    Tossing millions from their jobs would cause chaos. But chaos is what you get when you sideline the Supreme Court.

    HMMM, think Canada will have a PM candidate propose that and say he or she will get the US to pay for it?

    BTW Poobah, don’t think i mentioned this before, but I like the new link funtion.

  16. sjw…   every horse that runs in the K derby has to qualify to run it.  Even the horse that will run last deserves to be there.  As the race gets closer, Jamie will post the odds of every horse running.  Perhaps you’d like to take the horse with the longest odds of winning.

    New York…   finally!  It felt like an eternity getting here.  I will be watching a Celtics playoff game tonight.  Everyone enjoy watching the returns.

  17. Bernie Bernie Bernie

    calm down.  There will be other fun political things to do.

    If you lose it now, your legacy will be the temper tantrums at the end not the best mobilization of the far left in long time. But a little of the anarchists are popping up.

    You have given the Occupy movement a potent political wing don’t be an ass and blow it up


  18. So the Bernie folks are demanding the affidavit forms even though they are not legal to vote.  So if you can’t actually vote, you get to screw up the procedure for everyone else with long lines and waiting.

    Thanks loads.


  19. I was going to temporarily give sjwny to MO TOM since he only made it in by the skin of his tail with the lowest score and a drop out of one of the favorites.  Now Sturgeone has claimed him so I may give sjwny to whomever lands in 17 since no horse has ever won from that spot.


  20. No odds as yet except from the handicappers.  My favorite handicapper is Jill Byrne.  Right now she has set the top 10 horses for Derby and Oaks as follows below.  Dibs on Weep No More & Go Maggie Go as exacta in the Oaks because in the singing of My Old Kentucky Home I always tear up a bit at “Weep No More my lady.  Weep no more for me” and one of my favorite relatives was Aunt Maggie.


    Mor Spirit
    Gun Runner
    My Man Sam

    and for the Oaks

    Land Over Sea
    Lewis Bay
    Rachel’s Valentina
    Weep No More
    Terra Promessa
    Carina Mia
    Cathryn Sophia
    Royal Obsession
    Go Maggie Go

  21. Nice tweet from Chelsea to her mother:

    @HillaryClinton Marc & I took Charlotte with us to vote earlier today, just like you & dad always took me! Very proud to vote for you mom!

  22. He already opted for Gun Runner.  I suppose to emphasize gun control or something 🙂

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  24. Rebellious Renee,

    I know these horses have to qualify, but there’s always a couple you have to wonder about 😉 Besides, being left behind & overlooked is the story of my life. Let the winners win! I’ll be back here enjoying my julep & making snarky remarks about the silly hats.

  25. Jamie, she’s a filly in the oaks.

    Royal Obsession sold for over $1 million last November, meaning expectations are high. Asmussen and Stonestreet Farms also campaigned the legendary Rachel Alexandra, who lives a quiet life retired from the racing and broodmare world. 

  26. Craig

    Well the emojis are nice as an additive.  Mine are easy to use.  Let me know if it slows things down.

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  27. Wow…I’d pay a million bucks to get into a time machine, don a penguin suit, and sit in the front row to watch Liza sing “New York, New York.”  That was stunning…made me think of when I left the movie house after “Cabaret” and never was the same.  I fell in love with Liza in 1970, when I saw the 1969 film “The Sterile Cuckoo” in an army movie theater.  <3

  28. craig, count me in on NOT liking “like” and it’s pal “dis”.  too apt to be used as much in support of mean snarks against our fellow travelers [ note: distinguishing he/she on the trail from the well-deserving candidate or congress critter for the rude, nasty or judgmental sentiment] as well as for rewarding ideas on the high road.

  29. The little thumbs up turns red when I push it.  Maybe I have turned commie.  Well, the Danish flag is mostly red, so…

  30. I’m with Pat on the like button, and besides if you can’t type “KGC really like that comment” how much did you really like it anyway.


  31. I don’t know about betting on a horse called Gun runner, now if it was rum runner………..
    BTW there is fresh mint coming up in the garden, (It’s a pesky weed)
    thinking of a number of ways to eradicate it. mint julip comes to mind, a Mojito is good too.


  32. Yeah…  count me in as one who dislikes the like button.

    And I see there is now a feature that will show who “likes” the comment….   really hate that one as well.   What are we…  a bunch of 5th graders that need stars on our foreheads…

  33. Sanders  lost in the 50s was just over the top remembering an era when one man with one job could support a family.  Didn’t mention that population has tripled, that technology had wiped out majority of HS level and labor intensive jobs or that the globe has recovered from WW II and gone back to work

    Sort of puts a bit of reality into the mix even if it is one of my favorite songs for old memories.



  34. pleeeeaaase. oh great grand fearless leader, please on bended knee I beg of you, spare us the humiliation and take away that wretched thumbs up and its lined up avatars of infamy!

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  36. gee…   I guess a wee bit of snark goes a long way….   Craig, thank you!

    I will give a BIG thumbs up to this here blog…

  37. RR, ha, I didn’t count the votes but you and our other super delegates were the most passionate, won the day.

    New thread around 7p tonight for election returns

  38. I kinda like like buttons – sort of like being nice to the nice (thank you, Frank).  Oh, well, all things must pass.

  39. Well, half an hour from now MSNBC is supposedly going to start broadcasting exit poll results from NY.  I figure there is some level of tension in the Clinton and Sanders Camps (as well as in the Cruz camp).  While it ain’t a make or break night for any of them, it is a pretty significant night for all of them.    Next week will be YUUUUUGE for all of them.

  40. Pogo, watching commentators on CNN, who have already seen exit polls, you can tell Trump numbers are very strong, although they cannot say so until poll closing. Harder to read what they’re saying about Dem race.

  41. Liza is great.  I have seen her twice in concert.  No person works harder on stage.


  42. While leafing through Lin Yutang’a Pleasures of a Nonconformist, I came across this:

    “…I have tried to show that Zen was the transformation of Buddhism by Chinese humor and the Taoist view of the futility of words. The Tao which can be expressed is not the eternal Tao; the Name which can be named is not the eternal Name.” All arguments are futile. “Great wisdom is generous; petty wisdom is contentious. Great speech is impassioned, small speech cantankerous.”…”

    Great truths come in small in small phrases.

  43. Great. Something orange is oozing from the Love Canal Disposal site into the Niagara River. Does this tie into the Plagues of Trump?


  44. Flatus,

    Thank you very much for reminding me to finish reading that book….hope to understand it all this time around…..

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