Is The Pope Catholic?

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

PopeBernieSo this is how the worm turns.  A Jewish Socialist goes to Rome to visit a Catholic Pope.  Just the sentence sets off days of late night jokes.  And that is nothing to what is happening in politics.

“What the hell is he doing?  No Jewish politician will ever meet a pope!”  Overheard outside someone’s office whose initials might be HRC.  “He might as well be selling wiernerschnitzel in Bethlehem.”

And so another episode of the “Bernie Loves Hilly” program begins.  It seems they might be nearing a divorce or at least a separation.  The last show sounded like the Trump warming up in the shower radio hour.  Not that he would yell at himself in the shower, maybe just in the car and only at the hired help.

Although my time has been spent on things not politic, I have tried to find a daily diary from which to catch up on the various raging super egos.  The best I have come across is a brief read of the TrailMix.CC.  The rest of the world is filled with too much . . . let’s just say wiernerschnitzel.

Of more interest to me is my found family member.  My third cousin once removed.  Please do not ask what that means.  I have no clue.  We do know our great-great-great grandmothers were sisters.  That makes us cousins.  We found each other in the Great Salt Lake City DNA match, or one of the Great Salt Lake City ancestry companies.  That’s okay.  They will save what’s left of my sole.

It is so exciting.  We most likely met in the 1950’s or early 60’s, but did not know the significance of those meetings other than meeting another kid my age.  Iowa farm life, lots of cousins roaming around.

I wonder what the Pope got out of meeting the Bern?  A “feel the burn” T-shirt?  An offer of free college if he moves to Vermont?  Maybe a Senate gallery pass.

All I know is that whatever he did it was nothing compared to the high school debate teams refusing to go to Liberty “University”.  Those kids did something incredible and brave.  My hat is off to them and if I was ever in a position to hire one of them it would on the spot.

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Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

76 thoughts on “Is The Pope Catholic?”

  1. I almost went with that as the title.  Almost put the two together.  But, using the NC freaks as my morality guidance I stuck with the single question.

  2. Blue Bronc,

    How nice it is you & your cousin have found each other. One of the best pen pals I had was with a cousin whose great-great-grandmother was the sister of my great-great-great-grandfather. You can talk with an inborn familiarity yet without all the family baggage.

    I also have a situation on my maternal line: a Great-grandmother was born out of wedlock. I know her mother’s name but not her father’s. To never know that chapter of my history is frustrating. Oh well. Guess in a way we’re all cousins.

  3. As we now know Bernie lurked in a hallway of his hotel to catch the Pope at 4:00 AM on his way to the plane out of town and got an “out of common courtesy” handshake and a remark from the Pope that if anyone thought this was “political” should see a psychiatrist.  Now what this does on the FEC form about expensing the the private jet that swoops for 200 but was only filled with a few family and friends is anyone’s guess.  Then there is the matter of the Climate Control guy squirting an awful lot of carbon into the atmosphere for a 24 hour peregrination to speak on a 20 year issue as an excuse for the visit.  I’ll leave the judgement on that one up to his besotted voters falling for his nobility who actually believe there was an invitation to meet the Pope.

    Now Patd – I can’t always tell with your witticisms but is your Soul on the Soles of your feet?  It might get bruised down there.



  4. What gender is that bear?  May the bear deposit be in the appropriate wooded area.

  5. From the Daily Beast (it was on google news today).    The closing paragraph regarding Bern’s event follows…his pro-gun stance has surely gotten us to this point.  Babies with guns have taken out a few mommies and siblings in the past few years.

    But those young founding sons would surely be dismayed at the silence on a gun industry that has used a right to bear arms born of the fight against the British as a pretext to flood the country with so many guns that even kids in strollers have to hold out their arms to be screened.

  6. The boss’s link to my site (or sight as the case may be in homophone land) doesn’t work, I just put up a new one dedicated to all the gypsies of the world:  Rootless – Where’s Home?

    Also, everyone knows that I hate the caucus as a form and actually agree with Donald Trump about the built in lack of Democracy, but that is a solution for next year.  This year he should follow the damn rules he agreed to at the beginning instead of gaming the system.  I know that those who run the Caucuses say that it forces the candidates to listen to the needs of their states rather than just concentrating on only the big states.  This is a valid objection.  Washington has solved this problem by giving some of the delegates to the caucus and some to the primary voters. It got us a fly by from Hillary and a long visit from Chelsea.  Seattle got Bernie in all his over populated, hysterical glory.  Other states might consider this model for later use, but not this year for the theatrics of Drumpf.


  7. The Sanders campaign is not being run by democrats but rather independents.   The throwing of dollar bills at Clinton’s vehicle and callin ‘ho.’ reminds me of Runt Paul and his thugs during 2008.  BiD reminded me of the concussion they gave to a young woman who was trying to award Paul.  Total disrespect of women and the white people love Bern for it…reminds me of a mirror image of Trump.

    When Bern started touting a movement many months ago, I thought, given his age…he is like the bear.  But, his campaign has turned into a money machine that is pointing the finger at the other money machine.

  8. Sanders Dismisses the Deep South
    By Charles Blow

    “It is true that blacks in general can be just as conservative as Republicans on some moral issues. But blacks tend to be quite liberal on the question of the size and role of the government. For instance, a 2012 Pew Research Center report found that “78 percent of blacks support government guarantees of food and shelter, compared with 52 percent of whites.” That position should have meshed well with Sanders’s expansive ideas.
    As for the seven states Sanders won, four haven’t voted for the Democratic candidate in a general election since they went for Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.”

  9. To me, it is the utility companies that are killing the good old US of AA — not Wall Street.  Talk about income inequality.  But, Bern is all about the view…public relations…photo ops.  Goes to the Pope, goes to Arpaio…vacant figureheads that have nothing to do with the common man and everything to do with a photo op, sound bite…raise more money from the peeps that can’t afford it.  Meanwhile, poor Americans continue to get raped by utility companies…a cost paid monthly and really how can these humans become part of the investor class?  Bern is a phony, too.

  10. I guess this explains the enormous amount of attention to foot washing by this Pope!  The Vatican sure lets him step in it, almost on a daily basis.

  11. Also the dollar bill throwing was paid for by who have oodles of boodle  Can’t help but wonder how George Soros feels about his money being used to trash Hillary.

  12. Jamie, you have two links in the sidebar. Under Trail Boss Posts are the links to contributor posts here. Your blog link is under Blogroll

  13. Jace, sorry I didn’t get back to you about 4/13-15.  I was busy having major dental surgery and suffering.  Raincheck please.

    Still suffering.  Writing helps me ignore it while keeping the opiates to a bare minimum.


  14. Craig

    When clicked it goes to an old post rather than the main site address to access all of them including the most recent.

    As Dana Rosana Dana would say: “Never Mind” just figured out I was clicking under “Trail Boss” not Blogs

  15. Jamie,

    No problem. Cheryl and I will be joining the ranks of gypsies quite soon. I have taken a job in Belfair WA.


    Rain  check by all means. I will be in touch.

  16. I know this will upset Craig’s soul, but QEII is turning 90 and virtually all of those years from 1936 on when she became heir have been dedicated to service to her nation, and that deserves at least a photo recognition

  17. OK Jamie I will set aside my anti-royalism to at least wish her a happy birthday.

    But still ….

    “I wish I might live fifty years longer; I believe I should see the thrones of Europe selling at auction for old iron. I believe I should really see the end of what is surely the grotesquest of all the swindles ever invented by man — monarchy.” — Mark Twain (Letter to Sylvester Baxter of Boston Herald, 1889)

  18. Hey…  it looks like that bear is doing it’s business in my front yard…

    Jamie…  here’s to hoping your pain leaves soon.

    Jace…  that’ll be quite a change of scenery from Arizona.

    BlueB…  enjoy your relative.  I hear ya….  I’m sooooooo over this Hillary vs Bernie stuff.  Only talking about it a little here in order to talk to the gang.  And IF they do schedule another debate…  think I’ll take the time to trim my toenails.

  19. I’m not sure how money being thrown at a motorcade in protest is anything like a protestor being stepped on at a Rant Paul rally several years ago.

    Take the gender out of both of those events.

    The motorcade to a high-dollar/pay-for-access dinner vs a citizen protesting being physically harmed are not the same thing.

    I am a woman, but I do not see every event that involves a woman as a women’s issue. It’s divisive.

    This is about people and money and democracy.

    Have a good week.

  20. Blue

    If CNN and MSNBC actually showed the whole of Clooney’s remarks it would have aired that the money went to 32 State Democratic parties to help take over Congress, not to Clinton.  It would also show that he thought Citizens United forced him to compete against corporations bent on buying Congress mainly for Republicans.

    It’s a shame Bernie can’t get on board with actually being a Democrat even if he did grab an empty freight car for the ride.

  21. “I will set aside my anti-royalism to at least wish her a happy birthday”

    boss, just think of her as a kindly old lady who loves tailless dogs and couture with color coded hats.

    the namesake not to be confused for the original

  22. jamie, i noticed it too that none of the many who breathlessly quoted him about “obscene money” bothered to mention where he said the obscenity went.  there was a nice run down tho’ online at politifact’s headlined “George Clooney: Bulk of the money collected at Clinton fundraiser will go to down-ballot Democrats”

    here’s an excerpt:

    In the case of the California fundraisers, Schwerin said, “Because the vast majority of guests at these events had already contributed $2,700 to Hillary for America, only about 1 percent of the proceeds for these events ended up being allocated to HFA. The rest go to the DNC and 32 state parties across the country to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot, including local and statewide candidates.”

  23. Hey, QEII might have a tower with a clock, but QV has a whole school of architecture associated with her name – in fact I’ve lived in and renovated a couple houses called “Victorian.”  Thank the stars that Victorian values have largely gone the way of the queen.

  24. bw re utility companies, this is the future

    courier journal:

    BEREA, Ky. – The 4-year-old solar farm here isn’t modest. It’s tiny. Just 246 panels. Enough to power six or seven homes.

    But it was the first in Kentucky of what insiders call “community shared solar” – solar-electric systems that provide power or financial benefits to their members or participants. They’re especially useful to people who cannot or do not want to put solar panels on their roofs but still want to offset their energy use with clean power from the sun.

    More than 150 people have leased the solar panels in Berea. They paid a one-time leasing fee of $750 at an array built and run by Berea Municipal Utilities. In turn, the customers get a few bucks off their electricity bills each month for 25 years. Their return on investment will take two decades. But that wasn’t really the point.

  25. Jamie, fine with me for you to reprint any stuff I put on the trail…. but you might need george steph’s permission depending on what you intend to do with the quote from his program.

    btw, right now i’m leaning toward betting exaggerator, creator and cupid for win, place and show respectively.  something about the names of that trio in relation to one another that seems profound.

  26. Patd, Got your picks.  If anyone else wants to risk a trifecta, let me know

    Derby Horses / Update

    EXAGERATOR – Patd Win
    BRODY’S CAUSE – Renee
    CREATOR – Patd Place,
    LANI – Chris & Lani
    CUPID – Craig, Patd Show,
    MY MAN SAM – Harbor Woman

    Also Eligible

    MO TOM

  27. BTW, If you want to see a picture of your horse and his record, just go to this link and then click on the horse’s name.  It will take you to his page: a

    The Post Position Draw is afternoon of May 4. You have until then to make your choice since post location can alter the race.

  28. Poobah,

    I get where you are coming from, particularly with the Big Dawg’s comments, and to a lesser extent, Hillary’s.  You do get that Bill’s comments about shooting every 3rd person on Wall Street was not an attack on Bernie’s followers, but an attack on Bernie’s message?  I agree that the rhetoric is not helpful, and certainly it’s not going to encourage would-be voters to come out in November.  But I was kind of appalled at Bernie’s “I’m not a banker” comments when he was asked what his plan to break up the large banks was.  He went on to say he’d tell them they have to break themselves up and they would have to figure out how – wonder how that would look at the end of the day – I’d bet dollars to donuts that it would be more favorable rather than less favorable to the banks.   Hmm, I’m not sure that shooting every third person on Wall Street isn’t a better idea.

  29. Craig

    I’m writing a post for the annual KY Derby.

    How do you insert a picture into the top?


  30. And Bernie’s not immune from dismissing Hillary’s supporters.

    Why Bernie Sanders will rue his ‘deep South’ dismissal of black voters


    Talk about tone deaf (or is that color blind?)

    Nate Silver’s article on the demographics of the democratic caucus/primary electorate puts the two candidates in stark contrast.  Bernie won Michigan, the only state he won with > 20% of the electorate identified as black.  Hillary has won 4 states with < 20% of the electorate identified as black.  Although it’s not entirely statistically proper to average the black demos of each state without weighting them, Bernie’s winning states averaged 6.6% black and Hillary’s averaged 31.1.   Nate put it well:

    But overall, the math is pretty simple. Sanders is winning states that are much whiter than the Democratic electorate as a whole, Clinton is winning states that are much blacker than the Democratic electorate as a whole, and Clinton is winning most of those states that are somewhere in the middle, whether they’re in the South (like Virginia) or elsewhere (like Ohio or Nevada). That’s why she’ll probably be the Democratic nominee.

  31. Clooney’s new movie” Money Monster,” looks good.  A work of fiction, but it looks intriguing.

  32. Craig & Patd

    Thought this might happen after the Arkansas Derby, but it turns out Cupid needed minor surgery for a breathing problem and is now out of the Derby.

    This moves Also Eligible “Mo Tom” up among the runners.

  33. Lead poisoning is a national problem. If only lawmakers were as concerned as the puppets on Sesame Street.

  34. Jamie, you click Add Media and upload, insert. Just send me the pic if you have trouble and I will handle it.

    Too bad about Cupid. I’ll go with Gun Runner. (Really don’t like this year’s names).

  35. Okay Flatus & Pogo are on Destin(y) A beautiful Grey out of Dream of Summer by Giant’s Causeway

    He’s ridden by one of the best, Javier Castellano



  36. Thank you Jamie. I won’t nag Pogo unless he fails to buckle his seat belt. I’m looking forward to the ride!

  37. Disagree Pogo. Bill specifically referred to Bernie’s “young” supporters in that remark, which is my concern. Just like Hillary belittling them for not doing their own research. Keep the attacks to Bernie but don’t dismiss his supporters as idiots. Either way, the Clintons are unnecessarily insulting and thereby blowing off a big chunk of voters for the Fall. Really dumb. Suspect the damage is done now, so perhaps a moot point.

  38. Poobah, you’re right.  I read the remarks again.  And the damage may be done.  Time will tell.

  39. Where is the “Add Media” button on the dashboard page?  I know how to add for comments with the choose file, but can’t locate the button on the form.


  40. Calling RosanaDana – Found the Image upload.  I may even be able to add pictures throughout.


  41. Okay I submitted for Review but it shouldn’t go up until at least May 5, the day after the Post Position draw.


  42. I’m not sure how money being thrown at a motorcade in protest is anything like a protestor being stepped on at a Rant Paul rally several years ago.   

    You are so correct, BiD.  The  2010 election was a violent one.  I confused the supporters who were throwing $$ at the man with MS who was in the gutter with a protest sign.  My bad, but same crap…the Paul revolution..not very different from Bern.  Remember 2009 when Keith Olbermann was organizing health clinics?  Sorry for the confusion — a senior mistake. is the only thing that is the same about the 2016 event and 2010 event.

  43. Jamie, take note the Add Media edit page offers mamy options for captions, placement (left, center, right) and file size. As always with contributor posts I will have your back for any fixes.

  44. my bet is that scotus will take the easy way out on the standing issue and send it back to texas

  45. Craig

    I may be some or all combination of blind, aged, nuts, or confused, but for the life of me I cannot find an Add Media on the submission page.  I did find an Image upload that I used.  Could you point out on the Dashboard submission page where the Add Media is located?

    My Text bar on the Dashboard reads

    b  i  link b-quote  del  ins  img ul ol lik code more and close tags

    My Visual bar on Dashboard reads

    B  I  crossout  bullets numbered quotes underline left center right link broken link and three symbols  for URL



  46. A Hillary office opens in Portland Tuesday evening.  I will attend if possible.

    It was 88 degrees today…very hot for us

  47. Sorry, Jamie, I just tested the edit page as a contributor and discovered there is no Add Media button. I must work on this, find a fix. But the image button in the tool bar you are using seems to be working.

  48. Jamie — and all contributors — I just found a plugin that includes the Add Media button on your editing page. Sorry about the confusion. Didn’t realize it wasn’t there before. Thanks to Jamie for flagging the issue.

  49. For the fish camp, in case some of the fish turn out to be moo-jicians…….

    understanding band-speak.


    Brought the house down.     (Knocked a bunch of stuff off the stage which collapsed a  load bearing wall)

    Band was in high spirits.      ( began drinking shots at noon )

    Band started early.    ( only 20 minutes late )

    It was a good sized crowd.    ( we had ’em outnumbered )

    It’s a very safe place.    ( if you’re not carrying a weapon, they’ll give you one at the door)

    We knocked ’em dead.          (Played an old folks home)

    We were da bomb.      ( we bombed )

    We incorporated some olfactory stimulation technology.    (We stunk up the joint )

    It was a high energy show.    ( louder than 40 Hells )

    We played for a select few.      ( it was packed, but everyone left by the start of the second song except for those 5 or 6 drunks at the bar.)

    They fed us very well.          ( meatballs and franks  and little chunks of cheese)

    The crowd loved the interaction with the band.    ( the audience formed a posse )

  50. Omigod Sturg, you are so right. Jamie and I both must do Emily LaTella double back “never minds”  — sorry about that Gilda!

  51. Dallas- When one writes of  voting for Trump over Hillary-  they sure as hell ain’t blue. To think that the treatment of Hillary by the Sanders supporters isn’t sexist is simply being stubborn or ignorant. Whore is not gender neutral. Don’t know what happened to you, we were friends years ago,  however I really don’t care to engage with you at this point in time. Just know that with every further untruth or smear you spout about Hillary I will make another donation, tweet or call to offset it.  And just because you don’t know how to copy and paste, shouldn’t prevent you from citing sources for your claims.

  52. sea, “Whore is not gender neutral”??? hmmm, then what do you call the dick and all his oily lickspittles? prostitute is too classy a word for the old veeper..

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