Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

One of my favorite versions of a very familiar work. Conducted from the keyboard as Mozart might well have done.

Enjoy the music and enjoy your Sunday.


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  1. jace, beautiful.
    read somewhere that Iturbi introduced at open arenas and movies to the great unwashed of us many of Mozart’s and other’s piano lovelies.  can you imagine folks sitting thru stuff like that in movies nowadays?  well, maybe as background to car chases, fisticuffs and other mayhem.

    here’s a sample from a gene kelly frank sinatra oldie:

    Jose Iturbi leading 18-person ensemble: Hungarian Rhapsody #2 (Liszt)


  2. carl hiaasen:
    Psst — Got hot money to hide? We can help!
    No place to park your ill-gotten gains? We’re here for you!
    We don’t want to know where you got it. Really. We don’t want to know.
    Overseas shell corporations? That’s our specialty!

    Ask around. We’re Panama’s premier law firm for privacy-seeking movers of cash — and, don’t worry, we promise not to ask where you got it.

    Because we don’t want to know. Seriously. Do not tell us.

  3. This article has a video of the full speech.  Basic premise:  Is the U.S. heading towards a breakup.

    The Travails of Empire
    He left many in the decidedly conservative audience shocked and with much to think about. Lawrence Wilkerson pointed out that a United States break-up is a possibility as we have historically been very stable. It is not necessarily a natural state of being. If one looks at what seems like insurmountable deadlocks in Congress, one must ask if that may be the path we are on.
    He had a prescient statement for those who thus far are the most eager to entertain that possibility. He said if it weren’t for money from New York and California, the South would be Bangladesh.

  4. Jamie,

    Thanks. The fun of this particular work is the obvious joy Solti gets from performing it. His smile at the conclusion says it all.

  5. And don’t forget the poor fellers who lugged those two matching grands into the concert hall, repositioning them three times, all while the master tuner waited…until finally we can say, “Well done Jace!”

  6. This is for me at least a very interesting read. Republican doners considering sitting on the sidelines for the presidential race and working on down ballot races. I guess the republican bench wasn’t so deep after all. What is very interesting is that there is little or no talk of drafting someone more to their liking. don’t think that Paul Ryan  needs to wait by the phone.


  7. Yep, remember how Paul Ryan had no interest in being Speaker? A girl wants to be asked proper-like, guvnuh.

  8. Been away for a bit so first: Happy (Belated) Anniversary to Craig & David. How lucky you are to have each other. All the best.


    The Sheldon Adelson article was very interesting. Even bazillionaires have limits too. Of course the Republicans reap what they sowed & a mighty poor harvest it is. An acquaintance is visiting Scotland. As soon as locals know she is American they pepper her with questions about the Election & what the hell are we doing 😉

  9. Tony,

    I was unaware that Limbaugh was still relevant. Only one of our local radio stations carries him and nobody listens to it.

  10. sjwny,

    Republicans have been laying kindling for this fire for years. Now that it has ignited they don’t want to stand close enough to get warm. Go figure.

  11. tony, yes that poor man must be wishing he never started this whole kerfuffle.  now, he’s getting it from all sides about popping in to see the pope.  here’s an excerpt from a rabbi’s letter to him in the times of Israel

    It is clear that you are aware that your views overlap with much of what is known as the Judeo-Christian tradition. Indeed, you have had good reason to reach out to Christian fundamentalists and for the surprise visit to the Vatican that you announced on Friday.

    Yet when it has come to making similar moves towards your own religious community, you seem to be reticent.


    You have just accepted an invitation to go to Rome. Now I ask you to accept another invitation  this one to come to the city that gave Rome its significance to begin with. I ask you to come to Jerusalem and Israel. If you want to show you care about the Jewish community, there is no better way to send that message than by visiting Israel — now. You will see how much has changed since you spent time on kibbutz so many years ago. And you will see why — in spite of all the progress that has been made — American Jews continue to fear for the security of this country, so critical to the Jewish future. But more important, you will send a message that needs to be heard — the message that you truly care about your roots and about a community that has contributed so much to America.

    A truly fitting symbol would be to come celebrate the Festival of Freedom, Passover, here in the holy city. To that end, I am saving you and your family a place at my Seder table on Friday April 22. I look forward to a positive response.


    Rabbi Francis Nataf
    Jerusalem, Israel

    oy, kvetch, kvetch, kvetch

  12. Bill Clinton should only say nice things about his wife and other wise shut up.  He needs to watch Nancy Reagan in action and learn to gaze admiringly He should have just repeated what Mrs Clinton had already said. He could have defended himself and lef her out of it.

    He would be nothing without her. He needs to get out of her way and be a good spouse

  13. KGC,

    I think that even among people who would love to see HRC in the White House there may be some reservations about having a former president who still craves the limelight so close at hand. Their relationship has never been exactly traditional, and is likely to be even less so should she win the election.

  14. Sunday Serendipity

    Yes, Jace, kinda shocking on so many fronts.. Those states he’s talking about have large diverse voter’s, AA’s, Latino’s and he’s basically dissing them and their votes.. Not to mention Florida, critical in the General election.. It’s beginning to look like the wheels are really coming off Bernie’s campaign..

  15. Jace

    Bill needs to watch a bunch of Nancy Reagan films to learn about proper spousal behavior

    Even Laura Bush would be good  (he could never aspire to Michelle Obama)


  16. bill as 1st laddie?  I think he’ll be wonderful serving tea* in the rose garden.  he’ll love going to all those funerals and coronations. it will free up the veep to actually do some veeping.

    *spiked of course

  17. I sort of expect that Hillary would tell Bill to stay in his condo in NYC and only show up in the WH for special occasions.

    The last three hours have been spent on a DIY kit potting stand.  While I was inside the wind blew a page over.  I could not understand why I had so many parts left over.  Now I can look at another hour putting more parts on it.  It will be very nice, once completed.  This is even more exciting than putting something from IKEA together.  At least the measurements are not metric.

  18. craig, something to think about for sunday dinner: stuffed wild pigeon recipe

    6 young pigeons
    2 soaked rolls
    2 eggs, lightly beaten
    1 tbsp. melted butter
    1 tsp. chopped parsley
    1/2 c. mushrooms (optional)
    4 truffles, minced (optional)
    1/4 c. butter
    1 c. water
    1/2 c. cream
    1 tsp. salt
    1 tbsp. flour

    BTW,  an old telegraph article:  book claims “vegetarian” Hitler wolfed down baby pigeon stuffed with tongue and liver 

  19. Clinton in 1997 tried to start a National Conversation on Race

    I have always thought charges by the Obamarama of racism were suspect and now claims the Clintons are “using the black community” are just so much crap.

    But you can see why he might get annoyed.  However it is still no excuse for stepping on her stuff.

  20. So it’s post caucus Sunday – again.  Yesterday, as many might have predicted, th’ Bern walloped Clinton in Wyoming (RCP lists it as a 156-124 walloping)  So on Saturday morning th’ Bern had a 250 earned delegate deficit against Hillary.  On Sunday morning however, th’ Bern had a 250 earned delegate deficit against Hillary.

    As CNN put it:
    The Vermont senator was favored going into the caucuses. Wyoming is similar to other places he’s won with big margins: rural, Western and overwhelmingly white. The victory is Sanders’ eighth win out of the last nine contests — including a contest that counted the votes of Democrats living abroad — and a big morale booster heading into the crucial New York primary on April 19.

    Sanders, speaking at a rally in Queens, New York, when the state’s results were projected, announced the victory to his supporters after his wife, Jane, joined him on stage to say they had won.

    “News bulletin: We just won Wyoming,” Sanders said as the room exploded into cheers.

    Sanders won 55.7% of the vote to Clinton’s 44.3%, giving each candidate seven delegates. That helps Clinton maintain her pledged delegate lead over Sanders, 1,304 to 1,075.

    I’m betting there were more people at the Queens rally than were at the Wyoming caucus.  If he “won” the Wyoming caucus, it was only by number of people “voting” for him – they tied if the metric is delegates won.  By his metric, Hillary has won the primary season to date by 2,403,659.

    I’m not seeing any movement in the th’ Bern’s direction in the NY polls of late.  So let’s stay tuned and see if NY (not a western, predominately white state) follows suit.

  21. On one hand I’m writing a blog article about the early history of Presidential elections and on the other I’m watching Tannhauser, probably Wagner’s most lyric opera.  Not exactly “Be Italian” but at least not Sturm und Drang.  Maybe the Song To the Evening Star will make politics bearable.

    And just for fun … Oh go ahead .. Be Italian

    and with Fergie


    weird day.  my son wanted me to look into dual irish citizenship- found it is too late as dad died actually a year and a half tomorrow.  however i did find out that he became a registered irish artist last week.  then i found this interview- good to hear his voice again..

    jamie-  i don’t think we have this on the blog, maybe we do.   i should post as well as finish up the letters. Edward Cowley,Private First Class, WWII interview

  23. “News bulletin: We just won Wyoming,” Sanders said as the room exploded into cheers.”

    Sanders then went on to say that he had won 7 delegates and that Clinton had won an equal number. Citing this as evidence that he was narrowing her delegate lead with each new contest. He went on to assure his supporters that as long as he continued to ‘trade baskets’  with Mrs Clinton, he would arrive at the convention with the required number of delegates to secure the nomination. (Snark intended)

  24. So Bernie’s decided to become the DICK Mrs. P says he is.  Desperation does that I guess.

    And being 250 pledged and 700 total delegates behind and trading delegates will get him there at the convention?  Bernie, you NEED A NAP, BADLY.

  25. Thank You Jace

    Off the top of my head, but the lack of historical context for the season was making me a bit crazy.  🙂

  26. Pogo,

    That was just my feeble attempt at snark. Bernie said nothing of the kind. Searching madly for edit function.

  27. Jamie,

    Really excellent post. I did so enjoy that series. Aside from that, our nominating process is unusual at best, and downright frightful at worst. So glad you took time to point it out.

  28. Bernie probably didn’t see much gang violence up in Vermont so he  probably thinks it is an over blown myth.

    In 1989 I was working in juvenile detention, the old timers told us newbies that it was like nothing they had ever seen. We had some stone cold killers go through the system. People who did need to be removed from the neighborhood. At the same time I moved into  this neighborhood and watched how the police behaved as an invading army. Treating all people as if they were criminals and trying to enforce order with police violence.

    That is why when I look back at the 94 crime bill, it was a damn good bill. It paid for more police on the beat, encourage the new concept of community policing, addressed domestic violence and had the assault weapons ban. To blame the 94 crime bill for the systemic racism that lead to mass incarceration is bullshit. plain and simple.


  29. KGC, Pat

    The best model for the Big Dawg is Eleanor Roosevelt. She went out and said things that the president couldn’t say and the president could just shrug his shoulders and say “what can I do it’s Eleanor ”

    Then put the Big Dawg out on the permanent campaign trail raising big bucks for local Democratic parties. Reversing the damage of the last 25 years.



  30. I just destroyed a nest of pigeon eggs. These bastards are going to get the message, Next step tomorrow: 10 lbs of cayenne pepper dumped on their habitat.

  31. Jack,

    Great analogy. Bill Clinton was and remains a politician with few equals. He has a unique ability to make the hum drum of policy and implementation seem almost appealing and approachable. He has a tendency to be undisciplined at times, partially as a result of his passion for his wife’s campaign, and partially for his need to protect his own legacy.

    Keep the Big Dawg on the leash from now until election. After that let him improvise as he is inclined to do. Could be that we may really get two for the price of one. Given the republican alternatives, seems like a pretty good deal to me.


  32. Craig, 

    Hot pepper juice just works on mammals. Birds don’t feel the burn and would love it if you put out crushed red pepper with the seeds.

    Keep knocking down the nests, maybe a high pressure hose to knock them off their perch at night.

    Live traps then wring their little necks. encourage the eat local movement starting with pigeons.


  33. And now cometh the Night Watchman , horse, basket and shovel, bringing up the end of the celebration parade of David and Craig, just two or so days late.  Happy anniversary, fellas.  (I just watched the new “Dice” Showtime Network comedy show, S1E1…there is a hilarious gay marriage scene, not to miss.)

    Back about1979 I picked up an interesting hitchhiker on a rural Indiana road.  He told his story of easy money.   He claimed he would go to big cities, scout locations for large pigeon populations, get his gear around, and somehow net a flock of pigeons and sell them as squab to certain restaurateurs.  He said he had had a big pigeon score that week in downtown Detroit and was on another mission when his pickup truck broke down somewhere back behind him on his travels, and he was hitching rides to get back to Toledo to find another truck and get some money out of his bank.  He had a couple other whopper tales as well, and was the most interesting dude I met back in those days except for the time I sidled up to the bar in Auburn, Indiana beside Steamtrain Maury, who was crowned several times as “King of the Hoboes”.

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