The ‘Damn You’re Good’ Patsi Bale Cox Award Goes To …

By OldSeaHag, a Trail Mix Contributor

patsiPatsi Bale Cox was a talented author and renowned entertainment journalist, a devoted mother and grandmother — full of spunk, spicy humor, and a self-described original bitch for all seasons. She was also our good friend. Patsi was Trail Mix’s most fervent feminist, a devoted Hillary supporter and much like Hillary she didn’t back down in the face of a debate. It energized her.

These primaries surely would have kept Patsi busy fighting the good fight against the double standards imposed on Hillary and the rampant misogyny of the other candidates. This award won’t be restrained to an annual event, but shall be bestowed whenever we are so inspired by individuals who exemplify Patsi’s indomitable spirit.  

The first “Damn You’re Good” Patsi Bale Cox Award goes to Jamie for her dedication and persistence in battling and exposing the injustices of sexism. Damn you’re good Jamie. We thank you and surely Patsi does too.


Garth Brooks on Patsi: “Whatever was wrong right now, Patsi knew how to fix it, and I never knew her to be wrong. She gave you reason with an attitude. She gave you reason with drive. You felt like you could go out and slay a nation after talking with her because she laid it down.”

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alumni_-_cox__patsi_bale2My Take (Craig):
I will never forget the day Patsi flamed me something awful for whatever I had said on TV or written that offended her, I don’t remember what it was, but her missive was so well wriiten and forcefully put I just had to set aside bruised ego, respond and say, keep it up woman, I need your voice. (KGC, I think we had a similar experience.) And we are all so grateful Patsi obliged us for so many years until her untimely death. I feel the same way about Jamie, so I am pleased OSH wrote this post for us. — Craig


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  1. Amazing post and very timely.. Yes Patsi was terrific. I got to know her a bit better while giving her information for an upcoming book. The info she was looking for was about my years at GM and assembly line manufacturing work.. Kathleen, so spot on and a perfect remembrance of Patsi.


    You are so deserving of this award.. All the intelligence, love, passion for life, politics and keeping us together during Craig’s break is much appreciated by me..

  2. Thank you all.  There is no way I can equal Patsi’s passion, humor and talent, but I do try.  Most important I genuinely try not to be mean to anyone no matter how misguided once I finish hitting them with the nerf bat up the side of the head.

  3. thank you craig. hugs.


    “There is no way I can equal Patsi’s passion, humor and talent” , thank you jamie, but so not true- same size shoes- just different style.

  4. Bernie Sanders: From the Guys Who Brought You George W. Bush
    If the cast of celebrities and surrogates supporting Bernie Sanders looks familiar, it’s because many of them were steadfast cheerleaders for another insurgent candidate: Ralph Nader.
    By Gideon Resnick
    “The team that brought you the George W. Bush administration in 2000 has gathered behind a new candidate: Bernie Sanders.

    A host of prominent Ralph Nader backers has joined team Sanders in 2016, excited by his message discipline and aggressive fight against the establishment powers that be.

    In the Democratic socialist from Vermont, they see a flag-bearer for the same issues while the Democratic establishment views him as a persistent pest who is raking in money by the fistful without a clear and obvious path to the nomination.

    And the same way that Nader’s staunchest supporters had no kind words for the eventual nominee then-Vice President Al Gore, some of Sanders’s surrogates are spending their time bashing Hillary Clinton, making it even more difficult for the party faithful to rally around him.”

  5. oldseahag,

    Wonderful post. You write from the heart which is a lovely thing. ?

    President Clinton is coming to my area today; Secretary Clinton will be visiting in the near future. (Holy Cow – New York State matters.) This is a hoot: the first thing I thought of when hearing the news was the great support the Clintons have on the Trail. I know your spirits are with them wherever they go. That sounds syrupy, but it’s true. Certain Campaigns have an invisible presence, a confidence bolstered by those who believe. “We’re here; We exist.” Can’t buy that or fudge the numbers. I’ll give a wave to them in honor of all of you.

  6. If Patsi’s Facebook tribute page is still up, I hope someone will let folks there know about today’s T’Mix.

    After she passed, we must’ve had a nice day here because I remember rolling down the windows of my car and saying, “Come on Patsi, we’re going for a ride.”

    Yes, Patsi would’ve ripped me several times over this campaign season.  I still wouldn’t back down, of course.

    Jamie – Congratulations.  It’s a well-deserved honor.

    On, Wisconsin!

  7. OSH…   great post…  great choice!

    Congrats Jamie!

    Go Hillary…  you can handle a cranky old gnat…  you’ve fought tougher than him.

    Right now I’m reading Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right”.  Jeeeeesuuuus…  we must defeat the Koch brothers dream cuz it don’t look like anything called a democracy or a republic.

  8. blueINdallas,

    Yeah, Wisconsin! Whatever role it plays in the overall outcome, people are energized this year. Democracy is a beautiful thing.

  9. yep, good lyrics….

    On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, fight on for her fame.
    Fight, fellows, fight, fight, fight, we’ll win this game.

  10. indeed patsi i’m sure would be is very proud of you, jamie

    Jamie, just for you… and yes we really really do like you

  11. from cbs

    The two candidates will face off in Brooklyn in a debate hosted by CNN and Time Warner Cable News NY1 on April 14, five days ahead of the critical New York primary. [….]

    “We hope the debate will be worth the inconvenience for thousands of New Yorkers who were planning to attend our rally on Thursday but will have to change their schedules to accommodate Secretary Clinton’s jam-packed, high-dollar, coast-to-coast schedule of fundraisers all over the country,” Michael Briggs, Sanders’ spokesman, said in a statement.
    Briggs added, “It’s great for the people of New York that there will be a debate in Brooklyn, something that the Clinton campaign has long opposed.”
    Clinton spokesperson Brian Fallon shot back, “We had thought the Sanders campaign would have accepted our offer for a Brooklyn debate on April 14 in a New York minute, but it ended up taking a few extra days for them to agree. We are glad they did.”


    nnyah, nnyah, nnyah, so’s your ole man….  sticks ‘n stones, bern  🙂

  12. patd,

    Ha… damn the Debates 😉 Bring back rallies with endless rivers of bad whiskey & gigantic wheels of cheese.

  13. wapo editorial board on the upcoming debate:

    Just as it would be useful to hear more details from Mr. Sanders on this agenda, voters would benefit from understanding what trade-offs his health plan would entail, how he justifies his contention that the financial sector’s business model is “fraud,” and other specifics to back up his campaign slogans. Above all, if he is to be more than a protest candidate, he owes voters a richer understanding of his views on America’s role in the world.

  14. Jamie, they wapo  must be reading your comments again:

    Fact Checker
    Bernie Sanders’s false claim that he has released his full federal tax returns

  15. A fitting tribute and recipient.  I either didn’t realize (or more likely, forgot) that Patsi was only 66 when she passed away.  Much too young.

    Sanders will romp on WI: 49.3 – 49.0, with 0.5% for Obama.  I predict that the meejuh will miss the ‘Big Message’ of the WI Primary, which is : We are now one step closer to the New York Primary, and the front runners are still the front runners.

    XR, spot on. 🙂

    So I’m listening to Mika fawn over Sanders this morning – quotes are approximate – “After winning five of the last six contests, Bernie, with a win in WI will be looking to take momentum into his clash against Clinton in New York.”

    Somehow, if it’s framed this way it doesn’t seem so dramatic:  “After winning five of the last twelve contests, Bernie, with a narrow win in WI will be looking to find momentum to take into his clash against Clinton in New York. Wisconsin will be his first primary win since March 8.” 


  16. Pogo, Patsi was stubborn to a fault–she wouldn’t allow herself to be bullied into throwing away her cigarettes. 🙁


  17. Tony, et al

    I agree. The Sanderistas need to draw a distinction between supporting their own candidate and tearing down the more likely Democratic nominee. Between the Republican party chaos and the Democratic party vitriol, what I fear is that it has the overall effect of increasing the odds of a Cruz election, a truly horrible outcome, in my view. Donald Trump is never, and was never going to be elected Potus. But Cruz could put together an electoral map that could challenge a damaged Democrat.

  18. Flatus, yes, Patsi was one stubborn person – one of her more endearing traits.

    I am frankly amused at the Sanders’ camp debate debate.  They impugn Clinton for agreeing to their original debate proposal.  Dana Milbank’s comment “Sanders late Monday acquiesced to debate on the very day and in the very place he proposed two months ago.” pretty well sums it up for me.  HOW DARE SHE? And it was a Clinton supporter – Bill DeBlasio – who made it happen.  WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING?  By the way ~~~.

  19. Great piece Old Sea.   My favorite quote from Patsi   “Check please!”   I use it all the time.

    And good for Jamie for picking up the banner and charging forward

    What an amazing person!

    I still think Hillary will squeak out a victory in Wisconsin.  It won’t be pretty because it occurs because of voter suppression.





  20. I fully expect Bernie Sanders to win in Wisconsin but not enough to diminish Hillary’s lead since she only needs 38% to stay on track.  Anything over that just enlarges the lead.

    More important is that everyone needs to read the full transcript of Bernie Sanders meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board

    Basically he says that he has no programs just positions and some of the things he proposes already exist in law but he doesn’t know about it and others that he proposes are impossible i.e renegotiation of all trade agreements.

    Even giving him credit for high ideals, he has absolutely no qualifications for the Presidency.

  21. I think the Sanders campaign is  more likely where all the Hillary haters went and a few true believers.

    It’s not  a good strategy to rile them up but they are never going to help her.

  22. KC, I’m not intimately familiar with WI voter laws, but I understand from what one interviewee I saw on the tube said, the one form of gov’t issued ID WI does not accept at the polls is a student ID.  I don’t know how many of the Bernie supporters are registered and have acceptable v. unacceptable ID, so I can’t begin to prognosticate how that will affect the outcome tonight.  In 2010 WI’s minority population was 17%.  6% of the state was black and 6% was hispanic.   Not exactly what I’d call a diverse population.  No wonder Scott Walker was elected and retained his seat. With those demos, I’d expect Bernie to kick ass and take names in WI.  If he doesn’t, his support will look more like a bubble than a ball.

  23. Sorry about post. It looks like a blank page from here. Nevertheless, if this posts, all I wanted to say was, WellDone, Jamie!

  24. Circling back to the debate debate, likening it to a pillow fight, Dana Milbank’s take from today’s Post is this:
    But when Clinton said she would debate on the day Sanders had proposed, he looked like the dog that caught the car. His campaign protested that Clinton aides were being “disingenuous” because they knew Sanders “already had locked in a park permit for a major rally” that day.
    The blow landed with the weight of goose down.

  25. Yes, Patsi would’ve ripped me several times over this campaign season.  I still wouldn’t back down, of course.

    Blue…  yeah…  Patsi would have ripped on you…  but then she’d have admired the way you won’t back down.  I well remember Patsi defending the candidacy of Sarah Palin.  She said she disagreed with everything that Palin stood for politically, but admired her for being willing to put herself into the good ol’ boys club of politics.

    Even giving him credit for high ideals, he has absolutely no qualifications for the Presidency.

    Jamie… that’s why I back Clinton…   IMO, she’s qualified… and IMO, he isn’t.

    Hi eProf!

  26. Hi EProf … Thank you

    RR & Blue (and even Craig ? ) That’s pretty much how I feel.  Around here you find worthy opponents so that even when you wholeheartedly disagree, you get it with a high dose of brains, courtesy, and willingness to end a disagreement & shake hands when it ends.


  27. When I opened the door this morning to carry my meager weekly accumulation of refuse to the kerb, I was greeted by a pair of mockingbirds doing the dance celebrating their nuptials and the joyful events that will surely follow. Silly me. I was jealous of two birds.

  28. Pogo

    The strength of the Sanders campaign in Wisconsin is the student population and travelers.  In Wisconsin, there is same day registration but the change this year is the type of ID required.   You must have a Wisconsin ID with your registration address.  Student ID’s specifically do not count.

    The per centage of out of state students ranges from 22 to 27% depending on the campus.

  29. “Around here you find worthy opponents so that even when you wholeheartedly disagree, you get it with a high dose of brains, courtesy….”

    Jamie, too bad we can’t say the same about some politicians running now…  unworthy doesn’t quite do them justice and they mistake the word “courtesy” for what brits do before their queen.

  30. Flatus…  this morning when Rick dragged the barrel of our meager refuse down our long driveway, he was greeted by 6″ of freshly fallen snow.  Yesterday we had the biggest snowstorm we’ve had all winter.  Hey there weather gods…  it’s frickin’ April!

  31. One thing I don’t understand is why it was ok to vote for Obama because he is black but not ok to vote for Hillary because she is a woman.

  32. I got on the boat to go to the Boston Gift Show- drove as far as Plymouth and decided to return – too much snow on highway on April 4th.  Total bummer.

  33. I’ll leave this thread up for returns tonight. Looks like Hill could use a bit of PatsiMO

  34. Patsi,

    I think of her often.  She was the reason that i joined the trail……she reminded me of my sister Maria….she made me a cyber uncle to her granddaughter…i include the little one in my meditations from time to time….bet she is a big girl now……

    I was kinda sneaky……….I introduced my sister to Patsi……and to Sean………I sometimes laugh at the idea that pooooor ole Sean has his hands full with those two…….HA!

    Hey, Miestro…..como estas

  35. …….also miss Chloe, Coreen, and Carol………..Chloe Emma must be  a big girl by now also……and a beauty…..

  36. Well, the 14th DID NOT work for Bernie, because he already had a rally planned.

    That is why he did not agree to the date initially, but it seems it was the only way to get Clinton to debate.  I mean, her campaign knew what Bernie’s schedule was, then dileberately offered those dates. She is not going to come out of this debate very well at all.

    This Panama thing is playing right into Bernie’s hand.

  37. I s’pose Paypal rejected the idea of adding all those bathrooms :

    M, F,

    M>F, M<F,

    MB, FB,

    GM, GF,


    NONE, and


  38. He obviously made what did not work for him work for him. I can’t wait to see what new debate issues and answers arise that we didn’t already know the candidates’ positions on.  I think I can predict how many… and I won’t need all the fingers on one hand to count them. I hope I’m wrong but fear I am not.  Clinton will do fine in the debate and she’s won the debate debate.

    Yes, the Panama thing is playing right into Bernie’s hands – the resignation of Iceland’s Prime Minister is devastating news.

    Here’s what it’s about.

  39. XR, of course it only applies to public buildings, but I love it.  I guess NC will be putting porta potties outside public bldgs with labels like  BC-M, BC-F on the doors.

  40. What group or person is promoting the bathroom laws.  This is so lacking in humanity that it is hard to imagine what kind of a person would think this legislation was a good idea

  41. Will the bathroom in the governor’s office be split to accomodate other-sexuals, or is there a pop-out on that part of the NC capitol building?

  42. Wow, a NATO Prime Minister ousted in the Panama Papers scandal. How can nude grinch and dick cheney NOT be eyeball deep in it ?

  43. X,


    There will be a lot of interesting developments happening all over the world……with the wiki leaks…..they found out that many head of states have hidden bank accounts……i love it….

  44. Referring to a potential general election contest, in an RCP article Bernie said:

    So I think we can get virtually all of the Democratic vote. I think we can get a lot of the Independent vote. I think we’ve got a lot of young people’s vote, working class people’s vote. I think we’re on the way to a victory if we can win the Democratic nomination.

    Well there’s that little detail he mentions if we can win the Democratic nomination.

    Therein lies the rub.

  45. What would you give up to guarantee Dick Cheney’s name on the list

    I would give up Nilla Vanilla Wafers all sizes

  46. If you want to see a sterling example of why conservatives trip over their own tongues, this article is a good example. Clinton stated the law as it exists today, and because she called a fetus an unborn person, the Federalist believes she has faux pas’d and made a contradictory statement.  No, she didn’t.  Whether she called a fetus a fetus, a baby, an unborn person, a future citizen, or whatever, the fetus, baby, unborn person, future citizen, or whatever does not have rights until it is born.

  47. cris cillizza headline “This New York Daily News interview was pretty close to a disaster for Bernie Sanders”

    Bernie Sanders sat down with the New York Daily News editorial board on Monday, seeking their endorsement in the upcoming April 19 Empire State primary. It did not go well for the senator from Vermont.

    Time and again, when pressed to get beyond his rhetoric on the evils of corporate America and Wall Street, Sanders struggled. Often mightily.

    see for youself

    daily news: TRANSCRIPT: Bernie Sanders meets with the Daily News Editorial Board

  48. A precursor to the debate?
    Bernie Sanders sat down with the New York Daily News editorial board on Monday, seeking their endorsement in the upcoming April 19 Empire State primary. It did not go well for the senator from Vermont.
    Time and again, when pressed to get beyond his rhetoric on the evils of corporate America and Wall Street, Sanders struggled. Often mightily. (The Daily News published the full transcript of the interview so you can check it out for yourself.)

    LOL, Patd. Great minds and all that.

  49. Alabama legislature starts down the impeachment road against Robert Bentley.

    Update: On Tuesday, Alabama lawmakers took the first steps to try to impeach Bentley.“We’re looking at this governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of the people of Alabama,” state Rep. Ed Henry told NBC News. “This is about the actions and lies that have caused us some doubts about his leadership.”

    Bentley said, “I’ve done nothing immoral or illegal (although I loved it, loved it, loved it) and I vow to fight this to the bitter end.” (OK, I made the quote up 🙂 )

  50. My son knows that it is not safe to stand between me and bread pudding.

    “What would you give up to guarantee Dick Cheney’s name on the list”

    I would give up bread pudding  ….. Now I’m crying.

  51. pogo, kinda reminded me of the interview that did in ted Kennedy’s run for prez.  here’s more from cillizza:

    For Sanders’s critics — including Hillary Clinton — the Daily News interview is the “ah ha!” moment that they have been insisting will come for Sanders, a time when his pie-in-the-sky proposals are closely examined and found wanting. Sure, free college tuition sounds good, but how, exactly, do you pay for it? And, yes, breaking up the biggest banks seems appealing — particularly if you saw “The Big Short” — but (a) can you actually do it? and (b) what does it mean for all the people those banks employ?


    The Daily News interview amounts to a moment of reckoning for Sanders. Okay, let’s say you get elected — now what? And have you thought through what it might mean to the American worker and the American economy if all of the things you insist have to happen actually did happen? Judging by Sanders’s responses, he hasn’t.

  52. I ran in to my friend, the former Speaker of the WV House, at lunch today.  We have a 2 month legislative session that ended recently.  We were talking about the idiocy of the legislature passing an open carry bill (yee, haw, Texas, we’re breathing down your neck) that would allow carrying firearms into bars, (a great idea on so many levels) and he said he was the only vote against it.  Good for him for what good it did.  The WV legislature has exactly one constitutionally mandated obligation – to pass a budget. Guess what they didn’t do. But they did pass a raw milk bill – and the lot of them got violently ill after drinking samples of it in the Capitol.

  53. For Robert Bently

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    Read more: Tubes – Don’t Touch Me There Lyrics | MetroLyrics 


  54. Sounds like some of the Wisconsin voters have decided to have a good time … Democrats voting for Trump.  Republicans voting for Bernie.  Not to mention a whole lot of Vice & Versa

    This could get interesting.


    kgc & Jamie, probably no need to give up anything.  am sure his name is buried encrypted somewhere in those records. just give it time to come to the surface like the dead rising from the grave in those old horror movies.

  56. huffpo: “Charles Koch Is Privately Committed To Getting Paul Ryan Nominated In Cleveland”


    and whatever a koch wants, a koch gets…. eventually.

  57. Well, they won’t find my name there.


    Anywhat, I promise to give up 20 lbs if the cheneys’, any of the bushes’, the rumsfelds’, the limbaughs’, or the alitos,’ names are found among the Panama Papers.


  58. Yep, if they can swing it, it’s gonna be Paul Ryan and Nikki Hayley.

    I don’t feel they would put Hayley on the ticket just because she’s a woman (as McCain clearly did with Half-baked Alaska), but because she is actually a very intelligent and capable human being (despite her stance on some issues).

    I did not vote for Obama because he was black, I voted against having Palin a breath away from the OO.  If McCain had picked..,I dunno…if he had even picked Mittens, I might have voted for McCain instead of Barak-Empty-Suit.

    *Yes, and where are Tip-Toe, Priscilla, Shiela, Julia, and Corey?  Did anyone ever find out anything about Nash?

    Pogo – If I had been drinking water when I read your Bernie/Iceland comment, it would’ve shot outta my nose! ROTFLMAO!



  59. Pogo,

    Drinking raw milk in Europe in my early 20s allowed me to finally pass my Mantoux Test when I returned.

    Except for your friend, your state legislators richly deserve raw milk.

  60. Gee whiz, Esquire (a Hearst publication and Clinton Foundation donor) writes a hatchet piece about Hillary’s closest rivals.  Funny how that works.

  61. Add willard’s and mccain’s names. Plus gohmert, grassley, rubio, kasich, arpaio, perry, cornyn, david duke, huckabee, brownback, walker, scott, coulter, hannity, o’keefe, and billo.


  62. Kind of like the daily 30-minute assault on Clinton on the Bernie Sanders Now! show with Amy Goodman (formerly Democracy Now!)

  63. All this salute to Patsi has reminded me that she had another role in my life and that was as a Country Music mentor.  We were the same age and I had worked at a country radio station at the height of the Garth Brooks phenomenon.  At one point I was watching TV and saw this handsome young man I hadn’t heard before singing some innocuous song and happened to mention to Patsi that Keith Urban was exactly the pretty boy, pop style that country didn’t need.

    When I had finally taken the fire extinguisher to put out the flames issuing from my monitor, I went and did as she ordered and bought “The Ranch”.  It took a great deal of apologetic groveling  to get back in her good graces and to hear all the stories about this amazing musician who now has a prominent place on my “Guitar Gods” Playlist.


  64. Clinton not scheduled to speak tonight, their spin: Not a real state, actually part of Canada..

  65. GOP elites embracing Cruz like a dog asking a crocodile for a ride across the river.

  66. A fine and well written tribute, OSH.  Jamie is the reason many of us have stayed here.


  67. Well, once again I spend a day at work ( a very long day) and I sign on to find Jamie the celeb taking home an award.



  68. “GOP elites embracing Cruz like a dog asking a crocodile for a ride across the river.”

    They better not to hug him too tight. The Kochs want Paul Ryan. The GOP elites would love him.

  69. “Clinton not scheduled to speak tonight, their spin: Not a real state, actually part of Canada..”

    She has always done poorly with the cheese eating demographic.

  70. A win is a win I guess, but say Sanders wins by 6, hasn’t he basically just traded baskets with HRC as far as the delegate count is concerned?

  71. KC long white lines(84%).  That demo favors Bernie. BUT…55% choose Clinton to beat Trump in November. Soooo…. what knows?

  72. Not having the right ID.

    Anything to keep those college students from voting. The great untouched issue in this campaign is systematic voter suppression. Republicans won’t talk about because it favors them and  Dems. won’t talk about it because it is done on a state by state basis and there is nothing they can do about it.

  73. MSNBC just did a report on one of the college towns.  143,000 students but almost no one in line and only a couple of thousand had voted.

    Earlier in the day they were at another college town with impossibly long lines and the kids having to deal with two lines, one to pick up the special ID they needed that the colleges are issuing and then the normal voting lines.

    Who knows what all the confusion with this damned ID law will cause with the count.


  74. The demise of the voting rights act was a bad bad thing.

    And people like Scott Walker waste money on voter suppression.

    The aim was to prohibit out of state college students from voting

  75. Any returns yet

    Mr. Cracker is watching the Giants beat the Bucs






  76. KGC

    CNN has exit polls showing Sanders ahead of Clinton by 11, 55% to 44%… No projections..

  77. KGC

    Only exit poll estimates:  Sanders 56% & Clinton 44%

    Not good enough.  Anything above 38% for Hillary and she is exceeding necessary numbers.


    Admitting, this blogger is ardently anti-Bernie, but the issues is important.  Craig can probably give some insight but for the third month in a row, the FEC has found irregularities and this latest one is a $10 million mystery.


  78. So smarmy is projected to win over crazy.   By a bunch.  And Bernie is projected to win over Hillary.

  79. Okay that’s enough

    Now it’s up to NY.  No knockout for Bernie, should be an almost 50 / 50 delegate split


  80. Senator Cruz cannot talk naturally. He sounds like a judgmental Preacher.  300+ million Americans & this guy is a finalist for Leader of the Free World.

  81. Everything about Cruz is reptilian. He is one cold blooded nasty son of a bitch.

    The country and the republican party should be very very afraid of him.

    God but I hope  it turns out that he loves hookers.

  82. Cruz will never admit He Has Sinned. He’ll be more than happy to tell us when we do. Or at least accuse us.

  83. Cruz makin’ ya miss Trump a little bit? LOL.   Ted is truly vile.  The RNC doesn’t want him any more than they do Donald.

    Maybe the cheeseheads saw Cruz on the ballot and thought it said Curds.

    Does his win tonight guarantee a contested convention, giving a path to the nomination to Paul Ryan?

  84. Republicans are fond of running losers. After the Ryan flop of 2012 there is nothing I would like better than to see him as the standard bearer.

    I just love it when republicans run on privatizing Social Security. So do Democrats.

  85. The only person to come out of the 2012 campaign with a longer nose than Mitt Romney was Paul Ryan.

    If republicans nominate him, he will be a target rich environment.

    Perhaps he would like to sit down on Morning Joe  along with Vice – President Biden.

  86. Well, one team in Wisconsin lost tonight.   The Cavs crushed the Bucks. Getting ready for the playoffs.

  87. Delusion sets in at Camp Sanders

    Markos Moulitsas (Kos)

    “No one gets to create their own reality

    Bernie Sanders campaign manager insisted Tuesday that the independent Vermont senator will win the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton at the party’s convention this summer.

    “I think what this campaign is looking for and what the senator is looking for is going into the convention and coming out with the nomination,” Jeff Weaver said on CNN’s “New Day”

    “When we arrive at the convention, it will be an open convention, likely with neither candidate having a majority of pledged delegates,” Weaver told host Chris Cuomo.

    There are two candidates. No one else has delegates. By definition, someone will have a majority of pledged delegates. What that candidate won’t have is a majority of all delegates, including the supers. But who cares? The only count that matters isis pledged delegates. And if Sanders stages the biggest comeback in anything history to win a majority of pledged delegates? Kudos to him! He will have earned the nomination!
    But pretending that 1) we’re going to have a brokered convention, when the math literally says it’s impossible, and 2) pretending that the super delegates would abandon Clinton for him despite his historical and current antipathy toward the Democratic Party is simply delusional.
    His campaign can claim all it wants that it can still win the pledged delegate count. It won’t, but let it pretend. But to claim we’re going to have a brokered convention is … wait, now I’m just repeating myself.

  88. Bernie doesn’t attack Hillary in over 30 min. victory speech. Smart. H says nothing on camera, just a tweet. Dumb.

  89. And, the meaning of this exercise in WI comes down to two points :

    1. New York is where it’s at,

    2. If you are a student in WI and want to vote, have a gun identify you to the little old lady at the table in the school gym.

    “Howdy, ma’am. My name is Sam Colt. (click click) Me ‘n’ my six little friends will need ballots. Much oh-bliged,ma’am.”

  90. xrepublican,

    New York is where it’s at.”

    Listening to the local politicians today, they’re genuinely surprised at that fact. Being important has rarely happened. Kinda nice to get gussied up & be the belle of the ball.

  91. Sj, no matter what advisors advised, a candidate not stepping up to the plate on a rough night to rally their supporters is about as wimpy a choice a candidate can make. I find it disrespectful and dismissive of the people who work their hearts out for you. They deserve to hear from their candidate, whether a good night or bad. Think it belies a condescending, self-entitled arrogance in both Trump and Clinton, toward their own supporters, that has troubled me all along.

  92. Mr Crawford,

    You hit the nail on the head.

    This whole Campaign season has me thinking of the way Andrew Cuomo & Staff treated Zephyr Teachout. Apparently having a competent challenger (with a following) who wouldn’t give up was not in their game plan. How dare she. Ms Teachout was treated with disdain, as if she did not exist, literally & figuratively. I get the same who-are-these-gnats-and-make-them-go-away vibe from the Clinton Camp re: Senator Sanders & his followers. They never really expected this, did they? Wasn’t in their game plan.

  93. Phillip Bump (WashPo) runs the numbers on Sander’s “Momentum” in his column in The Fix.  He points out quite well, Bump is a numbers/stats kinda guy, that Bernie has no win at the end of the campaign.

    Momentum feels important. It feels important to win states, just as it feels important to string together a number of singles and doubles in an inning even if you’re trailing by 11 runs. It feels like you’re getting somewhere.

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