Anticipating April Fool Foolery

from raw story:

When Anonymous declared “total war” on Donald Trump in early March, the hacktivist group set a countdown clock, calling on “everyone to target Trump websites” on April 1. But that may not have been its real objective.

Regardless of what, if anything, is planned for April 1, the actual attack may have already happened. That’s because the hack appears to be not of any website or technology but rather of Trump himself.
Whether or not Anonymous succeeds in dismantling – or even tries to attack – Donald Trump’s websites on April Fools’ Day is probably irrelevant. By cleverly goading Trump into calling for a law enforcement response against people who have only distributed already-public information, Anonymous has already begun to undermine his antiestablishment brand. That’s a pretty good trick.


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  1. In case anyone is wondering why I’m getting upset, it isn’t just me.  Joan Walsh is really getting the brunt of the uglier Twitter postings about Hillary.  The name calling using the B & C words are the minor end of the scale.  The $10 million Bernie spent for Twitter agitation has really gotten its money’s worth, not to mention the Rove directed PAC supporting him.  The crowd has even turned on Rachel Maddow who has supported Bernie from the beginning because she got him to say he wasn’t supporting other Democrats to help change Congress.

    Anyway as far as I’m concerned Bernie Sanders is a one trick pony with a lot in common with Elmer Gantry or maybe just St. Bernard of Clairvaux who aroused the greatest enthusiasm for the holy war among the masses of the population.  The failure of the expedition raised a great storm against the saint, but he attributed it to the sins of the Crusaders.  Of course Bernie is noble and sin free and nothing but nothing is ever his fault because of his holy vision.

  2. Jamie-he’s paying those little assholes to do that?!!!! I had to block 4, maybe more yesterday.  In response to their 1st negative tweet I reply-I am not here 2 spend my time in confrontations with you please don’t contact or include me in your tweets again.

    Then when they persist I tweet-another #berniebrat blocked. remember- he doesn’t want you.

    I stopped using berniebros- it was too gender based.  Anyways,they were out in full force- didn’t know they are being paid. Thought they were just pissed that Hillary is leading in NY.


  3. OSH

    A whole lot of them are paid interns hired by Revolution Messaging to do two things:  Promote Bernie and attack the opposition with tweets likely to produce response of multiple messages as click bait. They engage you in endless Q & A without any resolution because they don’t give a damn about information.  It’s a perfectly legal and totally disgusting propaganda machine.

    April Fool’s Day has been cancelled this year in sad recognition of the fact that absolutely nothing is implausible anymore.


  4. Faux Outrage


    Your last comment on the last thread was spot on. Hillary being authentic gets her in trouble too… In my opinion, the young women got a just response.. I have watched all those men be inappropriate and nasty at times yet their strong and opinionated.. The first woman to have a real shot at the Presidency must be this oh so perfect likeable, nurturing, trustworthy, smarter than the men creature to just somehow break the glass ceiling..


    I see what you mean about Twitter and the negative horrific comments from some of the Bernie supporters, ugh.. My friend Seth a supporter of Bernie’s says we’re just more vocal than Hillary’s people, i tell him, no just more rude and insulting, lol

  5. Anticipating April Fool Foolery


    Thanks for that link, exactly what i was looking for last night.. Another artful smear from Bernie because nobody meets his faux purity test but him.. Myself i personally want Hillary to get all the money she can because i want to win.. I want Hillary to play the system as it is today.. After Hillary is elected work hard to get money out of politics.. Even though it’s going to be a tough battle as i don’t believe most politicians want change..

  6. Jamie, thanks for that fact check link.  according to it:

    ….the oil and gas money is two-tenths of one percent of Clinton’s $159.9 million overall fundraising. It roughly equals the amount Sanders raised every 16 hours in the first quarter of 2016.
    The Sanders campaign has relied primarily on small donors although it, too, lists more than $50,000 in oil and gas-related donations.
    Behind the questions to Clinton is a pledge “to refuse money from fossil fuel interests,” which Greenpeace and other progressive groups want the candidates to sign. Sanders did so when it was announced in January.

    so is sanders reneging on his pledge?  has he returned the $50,000?  inquiring minds want to know, bernie.

  7. Trump’s Mess Has Become His Message
    His supporters are getting embarrassed by his sheer dumb grossness.
    Peggy Noonan

    “It has left me thinking about the political theory of The Mess. The Mess is something a candidate occasionally brings with him that voters can tell is going to cause trouble down the road. The Mess is a warning sign; it tells potential supporters to slow down, think twice. The Mess might be a pattern of scrapes with the law, a series of love affairs or other scandals. Voters will accept normal, flawed human beings but they don’t like patterns of bad behavior. They don’t like when they see a Mess, because they don’t want to elect trouble to high office. Donald Trump’s Mess is his mouth, his indiscipline, his refusal to be . . . serious.”
    Oh my, prim and proper Peggy just can’t take it, lol

  8. I actually feel sorry for the members of the Bernie crowd because they are believing that he can make changes that there is no way he can make for the simple reason that no one can, including Hillary. The best if we can get is a left leaning Congress, so changes for the better can happen by redirecting funds to more citizen oriented programs as opposed to just those at the top.

    There are too few jobs for the too many people and they are sitting on a planet that is going into revolt against the damage that the human race has done.  It is going to get a lot uglier before it starts getting better and the people young now are the ones who are going to pay the price.  As those problems mount, a president of the stature of a Clinton will be necessary.

    The effects of climate change and lack of jobs are being seen in the Middle East, Africa, India, China among others with the terrorism, riots, and violence against women & children.  So far the wealth of nations has protected the Western World but time is running out.



  9. Learning From Obama
    By Paul Krugman

    “Like many political junkies, I’ve been spending far too much time looking at polls and trying to understand their implications. Can Donald Trump really win his party’s nomination? (Yes.) Can Bernie Sanders? (No.) But the primaries aren’t the only things being polled; we’re still getting updates on President Obama’s overall approval. And something striking has happened on that front.
    At the end of 2015 Mr. Obama was still underwater, with significantly more Americans disapproving than approving. Since then, however, his approval has risen sharply while disapproval has plunged. He’s still only in modestly positive territory, but the net movement in polling averages has been about 11 percentage points, which is a lot.
    What’s going on?
    Well, one answer is that voters have lately been given a taste of what really bad leaders look like. But I’d like to think that the public is also starting to realize just how successful the Obama administration has been in addressing America’s problems. And there are lessons from that success for those willing to learn.”

  10. “I mean she’s beat the poor man, now is the time to move on and embrace his supporters, not insult them. Concerned about the self-defeating instincts she demonstrated in this liitle episode.”

    craig, she hasn’t beat him yet.  just a few furlongs ahead. a lot can happen if the track is muddied, if fellow jockeys squeeze out the favorite with unsportsmanlike bumps, if she’s spooked throws the rider or, heaven forbid, breaks a leg.   new york will tell the tale.  but it’s not over ’til it’s over.


  11. uk express:

    Donald Trump turned into CUCKOO of giant clock for April Fools’ Day prank

    The stop-motion video of the Republican presidential hopeful was created by on the side of a Cotwolds cottage by a street artist specialising in ‘organic’ graffiti.

    Luke Hollingworth, who works under the alias Syd, used the wall of an old cottage in his local area of Malmesbury to create the image.[….]

    “Donald Trump is all over the news at the moment and the thought came to me to turn him into the cuckoo.

    “Cuckoo is a bird that is also slang for madness.

    “What Trump is doing and saying is complete madness and if I’m honest I’m scared to the pit of my stomach about what would happen to our world if he gets voted in.”

  12. Good going for a Socialist:

    Bernie Sanders Net Worth January 2016: $2,400,000 Bernie Sanders Net Worth August 2015: $528,014 Bernie Sanders Net Worth May 2015: $440,511

  13. Jamie, your April 1, 2016 at 8:42 a.m. has to be an April fool joke, right? Saint Bernie couldn’t be personally benefiting financially by running for president could he? (Quite frankly, after doing a little research, I don’t have any problem with Bernie’s financial disclosure – he’s of pretty modest means)

  14. “I mean she’s beat the poor man, now is the time to move on and embrace his supporters, not insult them. Concerned about the self-defeating instincts she demonstrated in this liitle episode.”

    Well, if you’re right Poobah, no one’s told Sanders or his followers, errr, supporters.  Without that recognition, anything Clinton does to suggest she has won and is seeking support from the berniebots will come across as condescending and be met with the same angry vitriol and continued attacks on Clinton that we have seen even in this little corner of the blogosphere.

  15. Jamie, is there a link to the source for your 8:42 am post?  That seems to contradict the what you linked at 9:38.

  16. I think I’ll treat everything I read today as an April Fool’s Day joke

  17. April Fool’s Day has been cancelled this year in sad recognition of the fact that absolutely nothing is implausible anymore.– Jamie

    line of the day, lOL

  18. No Joke.  I hope Senator Warren keeps up her attacks on Trump.  They are quite enjoyable.

    I understand that people may feel angry and frustrated at the federal government.  I do not understand how they are so willing to give up other people’s human rights so they can have more money.

  19.  Bessie’s Boil by Robert Service

    Says I to my Missis: “Ba goom, lass! you’ve something I see, on your mind.”

    Says she: “You are right, Sam, I’ve something. It ‘appens it’s on me be’ind.A Boil as ‘ud make Job jealous. It ‘urts me no end when I sit.”Says I: “Go to ‘ospittel, Missis. They might ‘ave to coot it a bit.”Says she: “I just ‘ate to be showin’ the part of me person it’s at.”Says I: “Don’t be fussy; them doctors see sights more ‘orrid than that.”So Misses goes off togged up tasty, and there at the ‘ospittel doorThey tells ‘er to see the ‘ouse Doctor, ‘oose office is Room Thirty-four.So she ‘unts up and down till she finds it, and knocks and a voice says: “Come in,”And there is a ‘andsome young feller, in white from ‘is ‘eels to ‘is chin.”I’ve got a big boil,” says my Missis. “It ‘urts me for fair when I sit,And Sam (that’s me ‘usband) ‘as asked me to ask you to coot it a bit.”Then blushin’ she plucks up her courage, and bravely she shows ‘im the place,And ‘e gives it a proper inspection, wi’ a ‘eap o’ surprise on ‘is face.Then ‘e says wi’ an accent o’ Scotland: “Whit ye hae is a bile, Ah can feel,But ye’d better consult the heid Dockter; they caw him Professor O’Niel.He’s special for biles and carbuncles. Ye’ll find him in Room Sixty-three.No charge, Ma’am. It’s been a rare pleasure. Jist tell him ye’re comin’ from me.”So Misses she thanks ‘im politely, and ‘unts up and down as before,Till she comes to a big ‘andsome room with “Professor O’Neil” on the door.Then once more she plucks up her courage, and knocks, and a voice says: “All right.”So she enters, and sees a fat feller wi’ whiskers, all togged up in white.”I’ve got a big boil,” says my Missis, “and if ye will kindly permit,I’d like for to ‘ave you inspect it; it ‘urts me like all when I sit.”So blushin’ as red as a beet-root she ‘astens to show ‘im the spot,And ‘e says wi’ a look o’ amazement: “Sure, Ma’am, it must hurt ye a lot.”Then ‘e puts on ‘is specs to regard it, and finally says wi’ a frown:”I’ll bet it’s as sore as the divvle, especially whin ye sit down.I think it’s a case for the Surgeon; ye’d better consult Doctor Hoyle.I’ve no hisitation in sayin’ yer boil is a hill of a boil.”So Misses she thanks ‘im for sayin’ her boil is a hill of a boil,And ‘unts all around till she comes on a door that is marked: “Doctor Hoyle.”But by now she ‘as fair got the wind up, and trembles in every limb;But she thinks: “After all, ‘e’s a Doctor. Ah moosn’t be bashful wi’ ‘im.”She’s made o’ good stuff is the Missis, so she knocks and a voice says: “Oos there?””It’s me,” says ma Bessie, an’ enters a room which is spacious and bare.And a wise-lookin’ old feller greets ‘er, and ‘e too is togged up in white.”It’s the room where they coot ye,” thinks Bessie; and shakes like a jelly wi’ fright.”Ah got a big boil,” begins Missis, “and if ye are sure you don’t mind,I’d like ye to see it a moment. It ‘urts me, because it’s be’ind.”So thinkin’ she’d best get it over, she ‘astens to show ‘im the place,And ‘e stares at ‘er kindo surprised like, an’ gets very red in the face.But ‘e looks at it most conscientious, from every angle of view,Then ‘e says wi’ a shrug o’ ‘is shoulders: “Pore Lydy, I’m sorry for you.It wants to be cut, but you should ‘ave a medical bloke to do that.Sye, why don’t yer go to the ‘orsespittel, where all the Doctors is at?Ye see, Ma’am, this part o’ the buildin’ is closed on account o’ repairs;Us fellers is only the pynters, a-pyntin’ the ‘alls and the stairs.” 

    Now, Have A Happy April  Fool’s Day !

  20. Pogo

    Sanders finances are of the nailing jello to the wall type.  They have either two or three homes, a great deal of the investments are in Jane Sanders name and do not require reporting.  He has only released one year of income tax returns and is currently refusing to release any more.  The sources are cloudy at best simply because Senate reporting is done in “ranges” not specifics.

    At best people are issuing guestimates, but basically neither of the Democratic candidates are in dire financial straits.

    One thing of note, the picture going around of Bernie in a very expensive sports care are fake. He didn’t buy hot wheels with campaign funds. 🙂


  21. With a spare nod to the rule that it isn’t food until it’s been swallowed, Clinton has the nomination in the bag, barring the unthinkable re-thinking.

    Sanders is running behind Clinton’s 2008 pace, and would need big come-from-behind wins in NY, PA, & CA to nose her out. Try flipping a coin 3 times and getting heads each time. Sanders odds are nowhere near that good, because he is already way behind in the polls in 2 of those 3 states, and because to catch up he needs tremendous victories in the primaries that pick delegates proportionally.

    Finally, even if a news story that would have killed a political career a decade ago pops up, the dozens of false stories about her, ranging from murder to incapacitating head injury, have probably inoculated the Clinton campaign to a great degree.

  22. The folks who are interested in any 50 year old dirt on Sanders aren’t going to vote for him anyway.

  23. Mrs. C needs to chillax.  Has anyone ever asked her if she’s smoked pot?

  24. Ted Cruz 2016!  (April Fool!)

    Trump is proving himself to be a fool for all seasons.  The man just doesn’t know when to stop.

    Nobody is calling Bernie a saint with the exception of sarcastic Clintonistas.

    Just because it might be difficult to implement something, doesn’t mean you should settle for the status quo.

    Anyone in the media who thinks Bernie’s supporters are going to fall in line, needs to have their press credentials revoked. Go talk to his supporters.  The mood to move to Hillary just is NOT there.

  25. I don’t get all this grumblin’ about how much money Sanders has made or is making.  I don’t begrudge him one cent.  If he wants to funnel some of it to his wife….  yeah…   so.  All I care is that he’s helped Clinton stay sharp for the upcoming general election.

    patd…  great post!  Exposing Trump for the fraud he is…  is alright by me.

  26. Can’t say it enough, taking the bait from Sanders world gets the Clinton team nothing but a rusty hook in their mouths. He has no delegate path to victory unless they succeed in provoking the Clinton campaign into implosive, self-defeating overreactions. Maintain altitude and run out the clock, I say.

  27. Bernie’s Yearnings, a limited edition Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to “open joyfully” for the “revolution inside.”   (It’s mint chip, where all of the chips are only at the top, which makes a point, but isn’t the revolution about better chip distribution?) Anyway, I only do non-dairy and it’s not down here, so none for me.

    What would Trump’s and Cruz’s flavors/ice creams be named?

    Kasich is beyond vanilla.  Maybe ice milk, no butter fat.

  28. For Trump…  you open up that Ben & Jerry’s and there’s no ice cream…  it only mashed bananas.  For Cruz…  it’s only chopped nuts.

    NO…   no ice cream for youz….   😉

  29. Pogo, yes. limited features on the editing page, unfortunately no link button. Not happy about that but haven’t found a fix.

  30. Craig

    I’ll check it out, but when editing we might be able to use coding.  It is a fairly easy code to write but don’t know if it would work in the editing window.

    In edit window. I’m going to try using code: April Fools


  31. Okay it worked so it is just a matter of everyone learning the code:

    Begins <a href=

    Then you have the link in quotes “URL”

    This is followed by >wording you want to appear<

    and ends with /a>

    Had to type it this way or it doesn’t show the steps.  The only space in the whole line of code is at the beginning between the a and href

    Any questions she naively asks 🙂


  32. The only reason for looking at Sanders finances is the constant slap at Clinton for “taking money from ____” yet when you look into it, Sanders has gotten money (if not as much) from the same individual sources.  That and the constant piling on of rehashed Faux Spews news bulletins that have now reached the status of zombie myths.  No matter how often they are proven false, you can’t kill them with either a silver bullet or a stake through the heart.



  33. Jamie, thank you from someone who has to edit, reedit, edit the change  and by that time finds comment not relevant so either scraps whole thing or inserts a muppet song.

    excuse me while I edit this, find a link to link or insert said default.
    hopefully linking wapo’s re drumpf ruining april fools day

    hooo-ray! Jamie you are wonderful. now all I have to do is try to remember the damn code. [3rd reedit] scratch hooray. looks pretty but nothing linked and left with this blue line.

  34. Interesting – it works without the ending </a, displays that if I include it, and continues whatever I key in after in the link.  WTH am I doing wrong?

    Patd, your link doesn’t work.

  35. Jamie…  so what you seem to be saying is that because the Sanders people are tone deaf then Clinton people can be so too….  neener…  neener…    with tongue sticking out…

    sorry…  I’m finally seeing what Craig has been talking about…

    But hey…  if it makes both sides happy…  continue on.  I just suggest you don’t lose sight of the real children in all of this…  the Republicans.

  36. from irish independent
    Anonymous announced its ‘War on Trump’ last week when it threatened to take down the website for Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago.
    That website is currently up and operating as normal, though it was taken down earlier, but the Trump Hotel Collection website is offline instead. Visitors trying to access the website will be greeted by an error message, not ideal if you need to book a hotel room in a hurry.
    An Anonymous Twitter account posted an image, showcasing that the website is offline across the world. On an Anonymous YouTube video, a commenter noted that a variety of websites were taken down earlier today, including Trump Chicago,, Citizens for Trump, and Trump Initiative.
    Anonymous previously took down the Trump Towers NY site in December as a response to Trump’s statement that there should be a ban on Muslims entering the US. And it doesn’t look like there’s an end to this war in sight.
    Published on Mar 31, 2016
    This is a video message to Donald J Trump and to update our subscribers on the current situation of #OpTrump.
    Earlier today the original target of and others was shut down. They had weeks to prepare as well as the assistance of CloudFlare yet still managed for their websites to slip out of their control. still remains shut down for certain parts of the world. Due to timezone differences many parts of the world still wait to contribute to #OpTrump.

  37. Just catching up……and like i said a cpl of weeks ago……..nothing looks good on a sore winner.  If clinton says one more thing like she did….im voting for none of the above…..

    Blue, im with you……i have never understood why someone would donate even one cent to a candidate running for potus………they only accept them to make them look as if the real people of the world cares about them…..when in reality…..they think the they are suckers…….they can get millions with a phone call…………….

    If i were president…..this is where i would start…….campaign finance reform……… my second thing that i would do……is let anyone (like myself) re cover monies that were lost due to the neglegence of the to big to fail bankers…….they would pay for it….instead of getting more bail out money…..

    There is so many things that i would do in my first term as potus………and one of them would be water boarding tha shits in Flint with thier own heavy metals water….they would be forced to drink it…..just like those in flint Michigan did……

    Next….i would not let any corps do business with Cuba……why ruin another country………….bet that they have the  purest water on earth…..or close to it……later

  38. I kinda like this day dreaming about what I would do if potus……i would make those that Fracked for oil….live on the spot they frked up…… live by the frack- die by the frack……frack em……

    ONe of my t shirts that i work out in the gym has a pic of some Indians…..three…..and it says…….if you don’t love america……..give it back to the indians………

  39. Hey, they ain’t into Ls, Gs, Bs or Ts down there in MS.  They are ok with BLTs (white bread only).

  40. KGC,

    On the last Sat. of this month….it will be :World ti chi and qi gong day”……people in about 8o countries will be practicing “one world one breath” and sending healing vibrations all over the world……I will be part of thousands around the chicago area that participates…….and will try to harness and send as much energy to mr Cracker……..hope that you and he are out in the yard or somewhere to receive it……….will post one more time about it to let you know……..meanwhile…..look into normal breathing .com , look around……..lots on healing thru the right type of breathing techniques….

  41. This ain’t no joke.
    As many as 1 million Americans will stop receiving food stamps over the course of this year beginning on Friday, the consequence of a controversial work mandate that has been reinstated in 22 states as the economy improves.
    The 20-year-old rule — which was suspended in many states during the economic recession — requires that adults without children or disabilities must have a job in order to receive food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for more than three months, with some exceptions. Many states have begun to reimpose the federal rule as the economy recovers, with the largest group reviving it at the beginning of this year. As a result, many recipients’ three-month limit expires today, April 1.

  42. Yep, Hillary’s Wall Street-funded Super Pac is filing a complaint with the FEC to go after the nurses’ union who set up a Super Pac for Bernie.

    Campaign finance reform is sorely needed.   It just gets its stink on everything.  Will it ever happen?

    I helped someone with their citizenship test today.

    I really think the GoOperz will try to run Paul Ryan if they can get rid of (as RR has flavored them) nuts and mashed bananas.

  43. Do SNAP cuts impact the elderly, too?   Why do we allow 3rd-world conditions to exist in the country? As Rich would say, shameful.

  44. Most seniors receive around  $16 in food stamp benefits (EBT,SNAP and in California Cal/Fresh) howw much more can you cut

  45. It strikes me that you shouldn’t be able to take away food stamps unless someone has a job unless you provide them with a job to do.  This goes along with my basic idea that we need some form of the old FDR CCC.  There is so much that needs to be done that no one is willing to pay people to do.  Easy solution, tell corporations to either take a percentage of profits and hire people to do things to benefit their communities or be taxed an additional amount so the government can assign them jobs.  A base salary of some sort.

    Plant Trees, Clean up Graffiti, plant city gardens, provide after school sports, clean up litter, deliver food to shut ins, etc.  The list of things that used to be volunteer until women had to go to work now need to be paying jobs.  Not quite sure how it could be organized but it needs to be done.

  46. Paul Krugman Feel The Math

    It’s time for Sanders to engage in some citizenship. The presidency isn’t the only office on the line; down-ballot races for the Senate and even the House are going to be crucial. Clinton has been raising money for other races; Sanders hasn’t, and is still being evasive on whether he will ever do so. Not acceptable.

  47. Pogo,


    I didn’t know that taking food out of the mouths of widows and orphans was a ‘family value’

  48. Why is it that the so called red states get such a thrill out of screwing the poor?

  49. President Obama spoke well a few minutes ago, displaying insight and maturity.  He has been a very good chief executive, far surpassing what I would have expected in the past.  He looks even better in contrast to the 3 Republican candidates.

    Jamie…I have really enjoyed your posts today.  Thanks to everyone here who posts with dignity and respect!

  50. Prepare, HRC folks, for a possible loss in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Won’t matter, remain calm. Their graveyard littered with losers.

  51. You got that right, Craig…    starting with their esteamed (I spelled it that way on purpose) governor.

    Pogo….   let me guess…  all 22 states have Republican governors and legislatures.

    Plant Trees, Clean up Graffiti, plant city gardens, provide after school sports, clean up litter, deliver food to shut ins, etc.  The list of things that used to be volunteer until women had to go to work now need to be paying jobs.  Not quite sure how it could be organized but it needs to be done.

    Jamie…  really great list….  it bears repeating.

  52. Yep RR, Wisconsin a perfect storm for Bernie delusion:  open primary, overwhelming white vote, maverick tradition, hostile to free trade, and HRC lost it by 18 pts in 2008. She should skip it, let him have it, secure New York. Don’t make excuses, praise his success and get on with it.

  53. Yep, Blue. securing NY more important for HRC than wasting time in Wisconsin. Propotional delegation allocation requires 57 percent for him going forward, which he has never achieved so far. Not happening.

  54. My only interest in Wisconsin is that Dems. carry it in November and that Ron Johnson becomes known as former senator Johnson.

  55. Enough with politics.  Picture of the day:  Dinner is served

    Also there is a contest to name the eaglets

  56. Solar

    Excellent post as always! Lol, i agree with Blue, Solar 2016 in a perfect world :0)….


    You are so right about President Obama. I have come to really appreciate his steady hand and smart leadership..

    Jamie as OD reminded me, you are a complete treasure to me daily and i thank you for helping me be a smarter human being..

    “Campaign finance reform is sorely needed.   It just gets its stink on everything.  Will it ever happen?”


    i so very much agree with you here.. I have my doubts if it will ever happen as politicians know nearly

    90 something percent of the time the person who raises the most money wins..


    Thanks so much for your political commentary and everything you do..Someday i want to take

    you and David to Norwoods or The Garlic here in New Smyrna Beach:0)… Oh and anyone else who comes this way….

  57. It’s an April Fool’s Day miracle!  Tony and I agree!   Solar is a uniter, not a divider! ?

  58. Campaign finance reform, a uniform method of voting in all 50 states and a legislated length to the primary and general election campaigns

  59. Jamie, I agree with the writer of the link on Bernies net worth. If you and your wife have been earning north of $200,000 a year and you aren’t a millionaire, I don’t want you anywhere decisions on money are made.

    Renee, while Craig is right, I suspect that if you told it directly to HRC you would hear a “no shit sherlock” muttered under her breath.

    As to Wisconsin, I’m more interested in the effect of the full court press being done by the Republican establishment on Trumps support.



  60. Since this is a presidential election year, I’ve submitted names for the Eaglets to honor the Presidents of 1816 & 1916 as Madison & Wilson.

    Things I just learned today.  The female eagle is bigger than the male and has a longer beak.

  61. jack – The Clintons claimed to be broke when they left the WH. Now they are wealthy but their slush fund/foundation is under investigation.

  62. Get Off My Lawn, Bernie Kids! Why I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton
    Yes, I have a nice house—but I don’t vote my self-interest.
    Michael Tomasky

    “So I vote for other people’s interests. The kinds of interests I wrote about the other day—economic welfare, of course, but voting rights, rights for immigrants, all the rest. The things the Republican Party wants to yank away from people. And you know what? I actually just think that Hillary Clinton will do a better job of defending those interests than Bernie Sanders will. Nobody makes me say that. Chelsea isn’t sending me secret messages. I just think it.

    How can that possibly be? It is true that Clinton is too much an incrementalist and centrist for my tastes. She’s gotten a lot of things wrong—the Iraq vote, those speeches and all that lucre, way more money that any normal person needs to have. And yet, I also think two other things. She’s tough as steel; and she might turn out to be good at persuading the Republicans to deal.

    Can anyone seriously doubt the first point? For a quarter-century, she’s been called everything you can call a person. They wanted to finish her. Put her in jail. Still do. And this wasn’t because she did anything wrong. Jill Abramson got it right this week: Clinton is fundamentally not corrupt. So it wasn’t that. Rather, it was because to the hard right, she was just too aggressive for a woman. But you can’t destroy a person for that, so you have to find something else.

    But she’s endured all of it and stayed in the game. And no, it’s not because she’s power-mad, another well-worn right-wing (and seriously sexist) trope. She’s in it for mostly the right reasons—and because she doesn’t want to let the people trying to destroy her have her scalp, which is a damn good reason on its own.”

    I like Michael he’s on Stephanie Miller weekly.. Nice guy, talented writer..

  63. Blue,

    If the Clinton’s get a large donation to their foundation/slush fund it is automatically suspect, but if the Koch brothers sponsor a multi-million super pack on behalf of there chosen candidate it is just business as usual?

    The Clinton’s didn’t dream up Citizens United, but they are damn sure just as entitled to play by the rules as the GOP.

    Personally I think that it’s slimy but if I were in HRC’s shoes I would accept help from any corner. The Supreme Court has said that money is speech. Why should HRC speak less than her rivals?

  64. Since mom & pop are referred to as the prez and the 1st lady, maybe call the babies Sasha & Malia?

  65. A dark turn for the Sanders campaign
    by Michael A Cohen

    “At a rally in the South Bronx Thursday night, Sanders offered the same critique — laying out a litany of differences between him and Clinton. These attacks led to booing of Clinton’s name, something that Sanders once spoke out against but now allows to go on without reproach.

    He went after Clinton for her Wall Street speeches and implicitly made clear that she was corrupted by these contributions — and that it’s the only explanation for why she disagrees with Sanders on his policy agenda. Sanders’ warm-up speakers went even further. Actress Rosario Dawson mentioned that Clinton is under FBI investigation over her e-mails (she’s not actually under investigation) — a topic that Sanders had famously once begged off discussing.”

  66. Anticipating April Fool Foolery

    Hi Jace,

    Excellent comment.. I say the same thing.. HRC and Democrats should get all the legal money they can.. Fuck Bernie’s purity test.. Play in the system that exists to win.. Get the Supreme Court and Congress and change things.. This prim and proper attitude of some that they can not dirty themselves with corp/Wall Street money are the same people that can call themselves losers.. Do i want money out of politics and publicly financed elections, yes.. Would i like 6 weeks or limited election terms, yes.. Citizens United gone, of course but we’re a long ways away from that..

  67. The Revival of Segregation in Mississippi By Mark Joseph Stern

    “Unlike some other bills that purport to protect religious freedom, HB 1523 is startlingly explicit in its goal of legalizing LGBTQ segregation. The bill gives religious landlords a right to refuse to rent out property to gay and trans people, and to evict them on account of their identity. It gives religious employers a right to fire LGBTQ people for being gay or trans. It permits both state-run and private adoption agencies to turn away same-sex couples, effectively reviving a ban that was just struck down. It allows doctors to refuse to treat to gay and trans patients, except in emergency situations. And it affirms the legality of “gay conversion therapy” and “gender conversion therapy” for both adults and minors—brutal, medically debunked practices which several states have found to be brutal and unconscionable.
    It gets so much worse. HB 1523 also grants private businesses the ability to refuse “services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges” to same-sex couples. The company need only proclaim that providing the services or accommodations would entail recognizing the same-sex couple’s relationship. Helpfully, the bill enumerates some businesses that receive this exemption, including “photography, poetry, videography, disc-jockey services,” “wedding planning, printing, publishing or similar marriage-related goods or services,” and “floral arrangements, dress making, cake or pastry artistry, assembly-hall or other wedding-venue rentals,” “limousine or other car-service rentals, jewelry sales and services, or similar marriage-related services, accommodations, facilities or goods.”I read this stuff from here in the South and yet i’m still shocked about the inhumanity of it all..

    Oh and i know their all god fearing Christians too..

  68. Purity?  Please he is so void of it that he drops his Independent status  for the DEM money and support then acts righteous? After a career of proclaiming his Inde status it ieems like the biggest most fundamental sell out of all to me

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